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Ready for Cloud Storage? Key Considerations & Lessons Learned

Kingman Tang, SNIA; Nathan McBride, IT AMAG Pharmaceuticals; Ajay Chandramouly, IT@Intel; Kipp Bertke, Ohio Dept of Dev. Dis.
Kingman Tang of the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative will moderate a panel of end-users discussing their experiences with cloud storage. The panel will open with five minutes of data based on a recent research report looking at adoption trends amongst IT shops. It will then dive into a lively panel discussion focused on overcoming barriers to adoption and looking at key considerations for companies weighing pros and cons of the cloud. Audience questions are welcome so invite your team and bring your toughest questions.
Jun 9 2011
58 mins
Ready for Cloud Storage? Key Considerations & Lessons Learned
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  • L’ambiente dei tuoi clienti è sempre più complesso, Backup Exec 15 permette loro di esguire backup e recovery in modo semplice ed efficace, sempre e ovunque.
    Segui questo webinar e scopri come Backup Exec 15 può semplificare e rispondere alle esigenze delle diverse infrastrutture.
  • If your organization is reliant on a rapidly aging version of SQL Server, you need to join SQL Server experts Michael McCracken from HOSTING and Rodney Landrum, a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, from Ntirety for this in-depth discussion of the hows, whys and whats of upgrading from Microsoft SQL Server 200X to SQL Server 2014. The interactive webinar will cover:
    •The benefits of upgrading
    •Considerations to understand
    •How to smooth the transition
    •Q & A
  • The Fastest, Easiest Way to Backup and Store Data—so You Can Do More Important Things

    Are you still spending too much time backing up and storing data rather than using that information to drive business innovation? If so, it just might be time to consider an all-in-one backup target appliance (BTA).

    Join us as Seagate appliance experts Anne Haggar and Samuel Nagalingam will help you answer these important questions:

    1. Why are backup target appliances gaining steam in the market?
    2. How do you know if a BTA is right for you?
    3. How can Seagate’s BTA solve the problems you have managing your information and backing up enterprise applications?

    After taking a high-level look at the latest trends in BTA technology, Anne and Samuel will introduce you to the powerful, all-new Seagate Backup Target Appliance—an all-in-one solution that provides an onsite backup point for your most important information, let’s you optionally run the EVault Director Backup and Recovery Software, and allows you to replicate to another BTA or to the cloud.

    Find out how you can protect the information that matters most—wherever it resides—freeing you to use the information to drive innovation.
  • Software defined architectures are all the buzz, helping to start conversations about transforming customer data centers from cost centers into competitive advantages. But in today’s economy, no business can afford to stand still. And a business is only as agile as its IT organization allows. An agile data center and IT department can:

    •Protect the infrastructure and easily recover if faults are found or predicted
    •Control access to data while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
    •Deliver services quickly, resiliently, and cost-effectively

    Join us on at 10am GMT on 16th April 2015 and learn how Symantec’s view of the “Agile Data Center” covers delivering the right resources in the right way to the users. Whilst bringing a broader view on how you can introduce critical solutions and new revenues around disruptive customer events.
  • For years ClearCase was the standard for enterprise SCM. If you had a large number of developers and lots of projects ClearCase was a great choice, while ClearCase MultiSite provided basic support for distributed teams. Now industry trends are converging toward a new generation of development tools and processes. Today, continuous delivery brings agile development and DevOps together, promising much shorter development cycles and higher quality.

    Learn how moving from ClearCase to Subversion can improve your development processes and significantly reduce deployment cost and complexity. You'll also learn practical ClearCase to Subversion migration techniques.

    Topics Covered:
    • Differences and similarities between Subversion and ClearCase
    • How to merge in Subversion
    • Continuous delivery using Subversion: bringing agile and DevOps together for faster delivery and higher quality
    • ClearCase vs. Subversion in a distributed development environment
    • Migrating from ClearCase to Subversion
  • File sync has become commonplace in business environments, due in large part to the technology’s ease of use. But despite the potential for file sync to address many of today’s common business challenges, most file sync deployments aren’t used beyond basic file sharing.

    In this BrightTALK exclusive webinar, eFolder explores five unique file sync and share deployments and shares how real organizations such as yours are deploying business-grade file sync solutions to dramatically improve employee productivity and transform their businesses.
  • How can you migrate critical data, applications and servers without the risk of downtime and decreased productivity in the business? This short video shows how you can solve this dilemma - migrating 10s to 1000s of servers with a platform independent solution.
  • Join Ntirety, a division of HOSTING and the leading data services organization in the country, in this discussion of the impact that database administration can have on individuals, organizations and — most importantly — bottom line revenue. This interactive webinar will cover:
    •DBA Burnout and Retention
    •The DBA’s Role in Major Platform Shifts and Regulatory Compliance
    •The Accidental DBA Due to Staff and Skills Shortages
    •The “Half a DBA” Problem -- When You Don’t Need a Full-time DBA
    •The IT Budget Crunch
    •Q & A
  • More than 75% of organizations in the U.S. and U.K. have experienced at least one DNS attack according to SC Magazine. DNS Attacks are increasing in frequency and evolving constantly. They range from common amplification, reflection, and flood attacks to more sophisticated and stealthier types. These might have fancy names like random subdomain, phantom domain, and domain lock-up, but their effects on DNS are far from pretty. Join this webinar as we reveal the top 10 attacks on external and internal DNS servers; and the impact they have on your operations.
  • GitLab provides streamlined social coding and collaboration for Git development teams. But under the hood it's a powerful enterprise Git management platform. In this webinar we'll present best practices for managing permissions and users with LDAP and Active Directory, working with large binary files, code reviews and workflows, and clustering and replication. From security to performance and disaster recovery planning, this webinar will guide you to a rock-solid GitLab deployment.
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  • Transforming the Data Center with Dell Storage Recorded: Dec 8 2011 45 mins
    Sheryl Koenigsberg, Senior Manager: Storage Solutions Marketing. Dell
    When organizations look to streamline datacenter operations, they often discover that acquiring, managing, and maintaining storage can make up nearly 20% of the IT budget. Recognizing the opportunity to reduce that cost, Dell has built a game-changing portfolio of solutions that enable enterprises to better manage data growth, reduce storage costs, and simplify the management of their IT infrastructure. Those solutions are built on the Fluid Data architecture, which automates and optimized business growth and delivers the efficiency, agility and resiliency enterprises need to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. See how several customers, including Dell IT, have leveraged this portfolio to transform their datacenter.
  • Optimize VDI with Fluid Data Storage Recorded: Nov 10 2011 49 mins
    Tony Holland, Virtualization Product Specialist
    Balancing performance and cost are critical to a successful VDI project. A key component in this effort is architecting an efficient storage infrastructure, which can help reduce storage capacity requirements and simplify provisioning and management. This webinar will highlight recent advances and best practices in optimizing the storage infrastructure specifically for VDI environments.

    Join us to learn how you can:
    •Reduce the required storage footprint for large scale deployment
    •Minimize infrastructure costs
    •Automate data placement across multiple storage tiers for optimal performance and cost efficiency
    •Achieve the best combination of performance and space utilization
  • Architecting Storage Infrastructure for the Private Cloud Recorded: Oct 11 2011 49 mins
    Tim Sherbak - Director, Storage Solutions Marketing Enterprise Solutions Group at Dell
    Virtualization and the emergence of private cloud solutions are providing organizations with the computing and infrastructure resources they need more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. Yet managing these virtual resources presents new challenges for today's IT departments. To overcome these challenges, Dell Storage and VMware have been working together to create infrastructure to enable the private cloud. A central element of that infrastructure is virtualized shared storage. Please join us for an informational webinar where we'll explore questions such as:

    - What is private cloud computing?

    - What are the specific technologies needed to support the private cloud?

    - How do I identify key storage architecture attributes to optimize VMware environments?

    - How can I evolve my current infrastructure toward a private cloud model?

    - How does virtualized shared storage enable private cloud computing?
  • Interoperability Challenges for Virtualization Management Recorded: Sep 8 2011 55 mins
    Winston Bumpus, DMTF; Scott DesBles, Dell; Steffen Grarup, VMware; John Parchem, Microsoft; Shishir Pardikar, Citrix
    This session will look at the needs of customers for interoperable virtualization management standards. Virtualization which is an important cloud computing enabling technology, is driving customer requirements for management standards to improve their agility while reducing their TCO. The goal of virtualization management standards is to improve IT consumer agility and define a set of architectural semantics that unify the interoperable management of workloads and resources between enterprises of all sizes and cloud computing infrastructures.
  • Optimizing Storage Tiering & Replication in a VMware Environment Recorded: Sep 8 2011 43 mins
    Nick Sweere, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Dell Compellent
    Server virtualization enhances IT flexibility while reducing costs. Your storage should do the same. Join this session to explore best practices for implementing enterprise storage virtualization in a VMware environment. Understand how to enhance manageability, accelerate provisioning and streamline disaster recovery with the vSphere client plug-in, bundled Site Recovery Manager 5 and support for vCenter server integration. See these technologies in action and get peer feedback on best practices in real-world implementations. The practical advice in this session will help you:

    • Understand best practices for implementing tiered storage in a VMware environment
    • Learn how to leverage thin provisioning to support VDI implementations
    • Learn how to establish automated recovery with storage replication and SRM
  • Four Strategies for Growing Towards the Cloud Recorded: Jun 9 2011 44 mins
    Scott DesBles, Storage Evangelist
    Many IT managers are looking to separate hype from reality when it comes to cloud computing strategy. Often times expert advice for getting to the cloud can be miles above the real-world reality. Follow alongside an expert from Dell Compellent as he outlines the four Fluid Data technologies that will help you optimize your Microsoft environment and expand your virtual architecture towards the cloud.
  • Ready for Cloud Storage? Key Considerations & Lessons Learned Recorded: Jun 9 2011 58 mins
    Kingman Tang, SNIA; Nathan McBride, IT AMAG Pharmaceuticals; Ajay Chandramouly, IT@Intel; Kipp Bertke, Ohio Dept of Dev. Dis.
    Kingman Tang of the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative will moderate a panel of end-users discussing their experiences with cloud storage. The panel will open with five minutes of data based on a recent research report looking at adoption trends amongst IT shops. It will then dive into a lively panel discussion focused on overcoming barriers to adoption and looking at key considerations for companies weighing pros and cons of the cloud. Audience questions are welcome so invite your team and bring your toughest questions.
  • Live Volume Demo Recorded: May 19 2011 21 mins
    Josh Raw, Senior Virtualization Product Specialist
    Compellent has long been recognized for its best-in-class data movement capabilities. Fluid Data technology moves data within the volume, among different disks and RAID types and between storage arrays. In this demo, Senior Virtualization Product Specialist Josh Raw demonstrates Live Volume, the next generation of the Compellent data movement engine. Learn how Live Volume frees organizations to share volumes between data centers, a key enabler for virtualization and IT clouds.
  • Dell Compellent Storage Center Demo Recorded: May 19 2011 49 mins
    Scott DesBles, Director of Technical Solutions & Principal Storage Archtect
    Watch the Dell Compellent Storage Center Demo to learn how we can support the growth and continuity of your business. Our innovative Storage Center offers automated tiered storage, perpetual licensing, and scales on a single platform that will grow with your business. Learn how to manage your data more efficiently while protecting your data against downtown and disaster.
  • Virtual Storage for Virtual Servers Recorded: May 19 2011 40 mins
    Tony Holland, VMware Product Specialist
    The Storage Center SAN is a smart, virtual storage platform that speeds storage provisioning for virtual machines, minimizes disk capacity, automates disaster recovery, fine-tunes data placement for virtual applications and provides a shared storage pool available to all VMs all the time. Watch this webcast to see why Dell Compellent storage is the perfect complement to VMware server environments.
Fluid Data redefines your data center
Dell delivers an all-in-one enterprise storage array that always puts the right data in the right place at the right time –automatically and continually. By always, we mean in real-time, again and again, automatically placing, storing, optimizing, protecting and dynamically adapting based on granular block-level intelligence and automated data movement. Our Fluid Data technology anticipates how your business will change and dynamically adjusts to optimize the price, performance and protection your organization needs.

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  • Title: Ready for Cloud Storage? Key Considerations & Lessons Learned
  • Live at: Jun 9 2011 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Kingman Tang, SNIA; Nathan McBride, IT AMAG Pharmaceuticals; Ajay Chandramouly, IT@Intel; Kipp Bertke, Ohio Dept of Dev. Dis.
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