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Benefits and Compensation

  • So what has been the impact of Shared Parental Leave? Is it a revolution that’s finally taken the gender issue out of parenting, or still a small ripple among a few daring pioneers?

    One year on from the legislation coming into effect, this webinar will look at the following areas:

    • How employers have changed their parental pay and policies.
    • Take-up, strategic impact and the factors that have influenced it
    • What challenges and successes employers have experienced since implementing changes.
    • What employers have learnt and how it has affected their broader approach to working parents
  • Essentially, employer awards are a great way of building employer brand both internally and externally.

    They provide a 'short form' way of getting a company's message and culture out both internally, and to potential external talent.

    And in a marketplace where more of the talent than ever before has work and family commitments, some employers are leading the field!
    We’re joined by two organisations running key award schemes, Working Families and workingmums.co.uk, to discuss the trends in making work+family work and what they look for when it comes to award entries.

    We’ll also be hearing from multi award winning employers who’ll be sharing their stories.
  • Employees going through the transition to parenthood can be lost from the most demanding roles in the workforce and/or from the talent pipeline, unless we pay attention to this area.
    Coaching that acknowledges the challenges of new parenthood, and focuses on communicating, prioritising, being influential and proactive at work can make the difference between employees returning long term, or leaving again. And equipping line managers for effective, timely communication as well as tips on avoiding pitfalls makes a huge difference.
    In this webinar we examine the business case and hear first-hand from employers who are reaping the benefits.
  • It’s the HR issue that’s here to stay. The Office for National Statistics predicts that by 2017, 30% of the UK workforce will be over 50. This percentage is only going to increase. The implications are obviously far reaching and employers now more than ever need to consider the potential impact and how they’ll address the issues and opportunities for their older workers and wider workforce.

    Employer(s) leading the field share their experience, challenges and successes on the key issues for the over 50’s including caring for older loved ones, flexibility, health and wellbeing, and multigenerational working.
  • It will have been 2 years since the right to request flexible working was opened up to
    all employees with 26 weeks’ service, and not just parents and carers.

    We’re joined by a panel from leading employers who embraced the concept even ahead of the legislation and built flexible working into the heart of their businesses achieving a win:win for all.

    We’ll also share our latest agile working survey that gets to the heart of the challenges, needs, wants and successes of those who work (or want to work) flexibly and why and how they do so, or what barriers prevent them. What really makes it work from the point of view of employees, and has much changed in the last 2 years?