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Benefits and Compensation

  • A look into 2020
    A look into 2020
    Tim Middleton, Director of Policy and External Affairs, Pensions Management Institute Recorded: Dec 13 2019 6 mins
    Tim Middleton, Director of Policy and External Affairs, Pensions Management Institute takes a look at the key issues for pensions going into 2020, such as when we will see the next pensions bill, as well as developments for auto-enrolment & trustees.
  • GMP Equalisation
    GMP Equalisation
    Judith Fish, Dalriada Professional Trustee Recorded: Dec 13 2019 6 mins
    Judith Fish, Dalriada Professional Trustee tells us why GMP Equalisation is so important & how it might develop over the next few months.
  • Form I-9: Are you compliant?
    Form I-9: Are you compliant?
    Dave Basham Recorded: Dec 4 2019 64 mins
    Need to dive into the details of Form I-9? Sterling—a global leader in background and identity services—presents Dave Basham, an expert from the division of the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) that houses both Form I-9 and E-Verify. We will discuss the current status of Form I-9 and cover a number of important topics, including common mistakes made, how you can complete an I-9 on a new hire before they start working for pay, how to avoid work-related discrimination with your Form I-9 compliance program, copying documents, and what to do if you are missing an I-9.

    This will not be a high-level overview—we will roll up our sleeves and dive into critical details. This webinar will enable participants to:
    • Conduct employment eligibility verifications correctly
    • Avoid committing unfair work-related discriminatory employment practices
    • Locate a host of resources to assist in their employment eligibility verification process
    • Eliminate “well, I hear I could….” procedures

    Even the most seasoned I-9 professionals will walk from this high-energy conversation saying, “I didn’t know that”!
  • Managing Investments: Five Informed Decisions Every Investor Needs to Make
    Managing Investments: Five Informed Decisions Every Investor Needs to Make
    Nick Economos and Miaciah Manuel Recorded: Dec 3 2019 44 mins
    It feels like we are bombarded with information about capital markets every day. Our news feeds are clogged with stories about IPOs, trade wars and the Federal Reserve. Should we be buying or selling? Is the market on the verge of collapse or another all-time high? With all this noise, it’s hard to know how to invest our hard-earned dollars.

    Please join us for a live educational webinar on managing your investments. We’ll discuss the five informed decisions every investor needs to make.
  • Engagement 2020
    Engagement 2020
    James Marsh, HRr: Richard Doherty, Workday; Jon Lester, IBM Recorded: Nov 28 2019 64 mins
    How can businesses rise to the challenge of engaging an ever-more diverse and disparate workforce?

    The last 20 years have been a time of enormous change for many workplaces, with evolving cultural pressures, legal frameworks and working practices. These changes to our working environments, with the help of technology, are accelerating. So how does a business navigate these challenges and still keep their workforce engaged, happy and productive?

    In this webinar we will take a look at the key building blocks for creating and maintaining an environment of engagement for all employees, including:

    • Employee experience

    • Organisational Agility

    • The use of technology / AI

    • The benefits of a data driven approach

    Register now to reserve your place.
  • The changing DB transfer market
    The changing DB transfer market
    Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director, WEALTH at work Recorded: Nov 19 2019 5 mins
    Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director, WEALTH at work sat down with us to discuss recent changes in the DB transfer market. Jonathan touches upon high transfer values in the market & signs of a cool down as well as how the FCA's ban on contingent pricing may impact things.
  • Connecting the Distributed Workforce to the State of Georgia’s HR Programs
    Connecting the Distributed Workforce to the State of Georgia’s HR Programs
    Carla Gracen, Georgia Department of Administrative Services - HR Recorded: Nov 7 2019 27 mins
    The Human Resources (HR) function within the State of Georgia operates using a decentralized model. Some HR programs are managed centrally by the Department of Administrative Services - Human Resources Administration (HRA). For these reasons, the workforce target audience for each program varies by program type, which requires various tools and communication methods to be utilized. There are approximately 78,000 employees working in 103 state agencies/entities. HRA works with the HR Community to connect with the distributed workforce.

    In this session you will learn how HRA collaborates to enable workforce innovation for:

    - HRA programs
    - Digital transformation projects
    - Strategic plan initiative to become an “Employer of Choice"

    About the speaker:

    Carla Gracen, MEd, SHRM-SCP
    Director - Policy, Compensation and Benefits
    Georgia Department of Administrative Services – Human Resources Administration

    An enterprise HR leader providing consulting, partnerships and tools for State of Georgia entities. Provides value by driving complex initiatives that leverage excellent team collaboration and domain experience. Directs productivity gains that improve processes, empower people, and leverage technology. Focuses on achieving quality and high stakeholder satisfaction using design thinking for innovation to meet strategic objectives. Leverages expertise in product management and the domain to prioritize and define requirements to support key processes.
  • Career Management: The Next Generation
    Career Management: The Next Generation
    Tina Vaitkus, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Sr. Manager, Human Resources, (ISC)², Inc. Recorded: Nov 7 2019 31 mins
    More experiences, less loyalty. Less stability, more flexibility. Career management for the next generation is a frequent conversation in HR circles. Companies need to take charge of planning career opportunities for the next generation if they want to attract and retain top talent. HR practices and resources need to match the drive and highly creative minds of the next generation – it’s about developing the individual, not necessarily the next leader.

    In this session, we will explore three key elements to help HR teams lead career management strategies that will encourage all generations to own their own destiny, increase engagement the workplace, and build stronger intergenerational cultures:

    - Build your network at work through self-advocacy
    - Create meaning behind the metrics
    - Focus on flexibility
  • 21st Century Work+Family: Where do we go from here?
    21st Century Work+Family: Where do we go from here?
    James Marsh,HRr; Jennifer Liston-Smith, MFC; Dr. Gonzalo Shoobridge, Great Place to Work; Marc McKenna-Coles, Lloyd's Recorded: Nov 7 2019 63 mins
    Technology, demographics, cultural, social and generational changes mean that why and how we work has changed almost beyond recognition in the last decade. There’s now a five generational workplace, fewer of us to do the work, increased care responsibilities and a fundamental shift in how younger generations want to work and how they value the components of work, life and family.

    The pace of that change continues unabated and it demands that we all start thinking in a different way when it comes to the way we work and live, especially when it comes to ‘managing the balance’.

    In this lively, future-gazing webinar, James Marsh will be discussing the trends, challenges and possible solutions with leading global employers and thought leaders. The panel line-up includes:

    •Dr. Gonzalo Shoobridge, Head of Action Consultancy (Employee Engagement/HR Organisational Development Solutions) at Great Place to Work.Gonzalo’s expertise comprises of 20+ years in diverse international business development and HR consulting experience.
    •Marc McKenna-Coles, Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Lloyd's and key supporter of Dive In, the international & award-winning festival for diversity & inclusion in insurance.
    •Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership at Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions brings her deep insight and experience of working with leading employers to shape programmes to engage and retain talented parents and carers.
  • Growth Requires Connected Employees
    Growth Requires Connected Employees
    Melanie Turek, Fellow and VP of Research, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Nov 6 2019 48 mins
    As Digital Transformation continues to reshape how work gets done, smart companies are looking at the best ways to engage their employees to drive productivity and improve outcomes.

    This session will discuss the communications technologies that can help your business stay competitive in an increasingly virtual workplace.

    About the speaker:

    Melanie Turek, Fellow and VP of Research, Frost & Sullivan

    As a Fellow and VP of Research for Connected Work at Frost & Sullivan, Melanie covers a broad range of markets, leveraging long-standing relationships with senior executives and customer organizations. Melanie has more than 25 years' experience covering conferencing, social networking, unified communications, voice, IP communications, and instant messaging and presence, as well as a wide range of business software and services. Melanie brings deep technical expertise and in-depth understanding of the ways in which technology can impact business processes and performance. She studied social anthropology at Harvard and views technology transformation through that lens.
  • Curiosity: How It Can Save Your Job, Career, and Company
    Curiosity: How It Can Save Your Job, Career, and Company
    Ira Wolfe, President and Chief Googlization Officer, Success Performance Solutions Recorded: Nov 6 2019 56 mins
    Curiosity is the spark that ignites innovation, growth, success.Curiosity is so important in our future success that you might say that curiosity lies behind the FATE of humanity. We simply can’t perform well, grow our skills, or stay relevant in the race between man and machine without - you guessed it, curiosity. And yet parents, business leaders, and our current education system teach the curiosity out of us! Join Ira S Wolfe on this webinar when he shares the secrets behind cracking the curious code.

    What You’ll Learn:
    - Why a lack of curiosity may be your organization’s biggest problem
    - Why curiosity will protect your job from a machine
    - 4 factors that hold people back

    About the speaker:
    Ira S Wolfe is a “Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body” and the world’s first Chief Googlization Officer. He is president of Poised for the Future Company and founder of Success Performance Solutions. Fueled by his fierce passion for technology and its impact on people, Ira S. Wolfe has emerged as one of HR’s most visionary thinkers and influencers on the future of work, jobs, and talent acquisition. Ira is an accomplished speaker/author and President of Success Performance Solutions. He has presented on the prestigious red carpet of TEDx and stages of DisruptHR. Ira is a frequent presenter at events including SHRM Talent, SHRM Annual Conference, HR Southwest and many regional events. He is the author of several books including the most recent Recruiting in the Age of Googlization which was selected by Book Authority as one of the all-time best HR and Recruiting books. In his “spare” time, Ira is the host of the The Geeks Geezers and Googlization Show broadcast weekly on W4CY.com and podcasts. He is a blogger for CornerstoneOnDemand’s ReWork, ServiceMax’s Field Service Digital, and a frequent guest and contributor for other blogs and media.
  • How to Use AI to Measure & Assess Applicant Cultural Alignment
    How to Use AI to Measure & Assess Applicant Cultural Alignment
    Erin Michelson, Founder & CEO, Summery Recorded: Nov 6 2019 46 mins
    An introduction into how HR and recruiting professionals can attract and retain top talent by showcasing their company’s unique culture. The discussion focuses on leveraging AI applications to measure, re-engineer, and monitor applicant values and to score each individual’s alignment with the company’s culture—before the hire.

    Participants will learn how engineering value-cultural alignment can benefit:

    · HR Executives: Differentiating your company in a tight labor market and attracting top talent based on value profiles

    · Recruiting Managers: Maximizing the pool of diverse candidates and using AI-based social impact values matching to close open positions faster

    · Engagement Professionals: Offering the highest level of personalization for onboarding activities and communications that reflect individual employee values

    About the speaker:
    Erin Michelson is Founder & CEO of Summery (www.summery.ai) a data analytics company that harnesses AI applications to help companies better recruit, retain, and engage high performing talent. Erin has been profiled in @BBCTech, @Entrepreneur, @NPR, @NatGeoTraveler, @FoxNews, and @HuffPost. Follow her @ErinMichelson
  • How technology is turbocharging everything
    How technology is turbocharging everything
    Sophie Hackford, Futurist Recorded: Nov 5 2019 38 mins
    A fast-paced overview of the technologies that are shaping the future.
  • Career Pathing Is Your Best Employee Retention Strategy
    Career Pathing Is Your Best Employee Retention Strategy
    James Marsh, HRreview; Amanda Wellborne, SumTotal Systems Recorded: Oct 24 2019 63 mins
    Five generations now work alongside each other. Accommodating the different expectations and demands from each group is no small task.

    As the demographics shift and millennials and Gen Z together begin to outnumber the other groups, it is increasingly evident that companies need to restructure their learning opportunities to better align to this disparate group. The themes that we will discuss are;

    -The shape of the new career path
    -Self-directed career pathing
    -Define your organisational needs and areas of future growth
    -Digital tools to support your process
    -How to measure organizational progress
  • The Top 5 issues in DC Governance
    The Top 5 issues in DC Governance
    Laura Andrikopoulos, Head of Governance, Hymans Robertson Recorded: Oct 22 2019 8 mins
    Laura Andrikopoulos, Head of Governance, Hymans Robertson joins us to talk the latest developments in DC pensions, whether having a professional trustee on the board should be mandatory & more.
  • 6 Keys to Successful Workplace Cultures
    6 Keys to Successful Workplace Cultures
    Kevin Ames, Director of the O.C. Tanner Institute Recorded: Oct 8 2019 54 mins
    The most successful organizations have workplace cultures where employees can thrive. Global research shows that there are 6 keys to great workplace cultures, and companies that excel in these 6 areas are:

    • 4X more likely to have highly engaged employees

    • 4X more likely to have employees that are NPS (Net Promoter Score) Promoters

    • 11X less likely to have experienced layoffs

    • 74% more likely to have increased revenue

    Join Kevin Ames, Director of the O.C. Tanner Institute, as he reveals the 6 keys to unlocking amazing workplace cultures. Kevin will show the latest research around each of the keys and share examples of how the world’s top companies leverage them.

    Join us to learn:

    • The 6 keys to workplace culture

    • How to create an environment where people thrive at work

    • How to build successful leaders who inspire and connect employees

    • Best practices on building successful workplace cultures from some of the world’s top companies
  • Paternity Leave, Families and the Government’s Good Work Plan
    Paternity Leave, Families and the Government’s Good Work Plan
    James Marsh,HRr; Jennifer Liston-Smith, MFC; Debbi Jackson, BEIS; Carolanne Minashi, UBS Recorded: Sep 26 2019 62 mins
    There has been an explosion of interest in extended paternity leave recently, further propelled to national news headlines by Theresa May’s focus on this topic during her last days in post as Prime Minister. No doubt your employees are asking about your stance on paternity leave vs shared parental leave and the Government is now asking for opinions as part of a wider consultation on proposals to support families.

    Government consultations on transparency regarding flexible working and Parental Leave and pay close on 11th October and 29th November.

    In this timely webinar in partnership with My Family Care / Bright Horizons we’ll give you the inside track on the topics, how best to respond as well as how to communicate your position as an employer externally and internally while the consultation is ongoing. Crucially, what are the immediate and future implications for employers for attracting and retaining talent?

    We’re delighted to be joined by Debbi Jackson - Assistant Director - Family Related Leave and Pay at Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), who’ll be providing an overview of the consultations. Carolanne Minashi, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at UBS, will be sharing her thoughts and in depth experience from an employer’s POV.

    To complete the panel, Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership at My Family Care / Bright Horizons, will be contributing her broad experience of working with award-winning employers as a sought-after consultant on family-friendly best practice.
  • Your Top Talent and You: The Value of a Career Mobility Strategy
    Your Top Talent and You: The Value of a Career Mobility Strategy
    Lindsay Witcher VP, Practice Strategy, RiseSmart, Zachary Chertok Research Analyst, Human Capital Management, Aberdeen Recorded: Sep 10 2019 50 mins
    HR departments are facing the perfect storm: Attracting top talent has not only become a battle; it’s become costly, too, as companies hire externally to find the right people at the right time. Employee turnover is also rising just as baby boomers are retiring, leading to skills gaps that can damage market competitiveness. Meanwhile, three-quarters of HR departments face calls to reduce labor costs. Today’s reality: Shrinking tenure, increasing front-end talent acquisition spend, and comparatively long initial training periods compared to average employee tenure leave organizations at increasing risk of not breaking even on their employee onboarding investment. The average company’s talent acquisition spend outpaces its internal performance management by a factor of up to 2 to 1.

    There is a way to navigate out of the storm: Redeployment. To do this correctly, HR needs the right tools to reconcile cost management, employee tenure, and organizational skills development. In this webinar, find out how you can shift to a long-term talent employability through career mobility strategies that incorporate the overall value that existing employees bring.

    Key takeaways:
    - How Best-in-Class HR and talent acquisition teams are embracing redeployment strategies
    - How these strategies are improving key metrics, such as employee tenure, the likelihood of sourcing and hiring top talent, labor productivity, and new revenue generation
    - Strategies and tactics to institute a redeployment program in your organization
  • How to Develop Young Talent and Bridge the Skills Gap
    How to Develop Young Talent and Bridge the Skills Gap
    Julie Olson and Lauren Price of Talent Path, David Bloom of Sterling Recorded: Sep 5 2019 55 mins
    Young people just graduating from college need relevant entry-level jobs, and employers are hungry for talent, but a skills gap stands between them. How can your business tap into this talent pool without risk, and provide young talent with an escape from the employment catch-22 “you need experience to get experience”? Join us on Thursday, July 25th as David Bloom, General Manager of the SMB and Gig teams at Sterling, talks with Julie Olson, Head of Talent Path, and Lauren Price, a recent college graduate, about the skills new graduates need—and how to bridge the divide.

    Julie Olson is head of Talent Path, a leading provider of last-mile education for early career talent. Talent Path is a division of Genuent, one of the nation’s leading technology staffing and solutions firms. Julie was a 2018 winner of the Staffing Industry Analysts’ 40 Under 40 Awards, recognizing industry trailblazers.

    Lauren Price is a Business Analyst Consultant from Talent Path Houston’s most recent track. She is skilled in data visualization, project implementation, and process improvements with experience in the manufacturing and semi-conductor industry. As an ex-collegiate athlete, communication and teamwork are a couple of Lauren’s best attributes. She is excited to begin consulting and is currently in the interviewing phase.

    David Bloom is General Manager of the SMB and Gig teams at Sterling, a global leader in employment background screening solutions. David was included in Entrepreneur Magazine's Brilliant 100 and on Business Insider’s list of 100 most interesting people in the NYC tech scene.
  • Self-managed buy-in: buy-ins take you further away from buy-out
    Self-managed buy-in: buy-ins take you further away from buy-out
    Ren Lin, Head of Client Strategy, Insight Investment Recorded: Sep 4 2019 28 mins
    At first glance a buy-in may appear attractive. However, when considering the whole scheme, a buy-in will make it more difficult to achieve a buy-out in the majority of cases.

    In this webinar, Ren Lin, Head of Client Strategy at Insight Investment, explains why this is the case using an objective framework for comparing different de-risking options.
  • Team Culture in the Age of Gig: How to Build a Happy Workforce, Near and Far
    Team Culture in the Age of Gig: How to Build a Happy Workforce, Near and Far
    Amy A. Anger, Independent Worker Advocate and Principal of Atrip Consulting Recorded: Aug 28 2019 42 mins
    How do you know if you have a culture that is attractive to talent...all talent (gig and remote workers, project-based contractors and full-time employees)? There are ways to create a work environment where every employee feels connected to your company's mission and to each other, regardless of where and how they work.

    Tune in to learn how to optimize your workforce and specific actions you can take that will keep employees inspired and committed to the corporate vision, with our next guest, Amy A. Anger, former Chief Culture Officer at Kelly Services, Independent Worker Advocate and Principal of Atrip Consulting.

    Presenter Bio: Amy Anger has always believed that adaptability is her most valuable trait. Whether as an in-house lawyer, life-long learner, daughter, wife, or mother, in anything and everything she has ever done, she needed to adapt. In her final corporate role she focused on the freelance economy and the business need to create fluid workforce models. That work ignited her passion for coaching and helping people and companies adapt to our more fluid and mobile lives.
  • From Campaign to Culture: Why Doing Good Looks Different
    From Campaign to Culture: Why Doing Good Looks Different
    Brianne V.L., Success Marketing Specialist; Anusha S., VP of Client Success; Nicole C., Principal of Goodness Consulting Recorded: Aug 23 2019 35 mins
    We’ve seen a big trend this year with leading CSR programs shifting their approach to doing good by putting their people at the center—and they’re driving more employee engagement and social impact as a result. Learn how these companies are maximizing their impact by leveraging three key ingredients: responsiveness, democratization and inclusivity.
  • Creating Fiduciary Financial Plans
    Creating Fiduciary Financial Plans
    Nick Economos, Miaciah Manuel Recorded: Aug 22 2019 45 mins
    Please join us for a live, hands-on webcast on creating fiduciary financial plans. We’ll discuss the steps we take to help clients put their needs first, and share some tools we use to help.
  • 6 Key Strategies to Boost Engagement in Your Workplace Giving Program
    6 Key Strategies to Boost Engagement in Your Workplace Giving Program
    Nicole Campbell, Principal of Goodness Consulting at Benevity Recorded: Aug 21 2019 58 mins
    How do you get more people excited about your workplace giving and volunteering programs, especially when you have such a diverse workforce? We’ve taken exclusive data from our Fortune 1000 clients and outlined 6 actionable ways to create a compelling program that will make your people feel connected and purpose-driven. In other words, the program they’ve been waiting for!
  • See How Nike is Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility For A Global Workforce
    See How Nike is Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility For A Global Workforce
    Michael Mathison, Employee Engagement Manager, Global Community Impact, Nike Recorded: Aug 14 2019 20 mins
    Nike had developed a custom, sophisticated in-house corporate social responsibility (CSR) software platform, but as the company grew it became costly to maintain and challenging to scale. With employees working in hundreds of retail locations across the globe, Nike needed a technology partner to alleviate the administrative burden and provide their dispersed workforce with localized giving and volunteering experiences.

    But could they find a partner capable of providing the functionality of their custom, homegrown platform while enabling them to evolve their program?

    Listen as Michael Mathison, Employee Engagement Manager, Global Community Impact at Nike shares about the experience of finding the right tech partner to power their CSR program—and several key lessons learned along the way—in this webinar hosted by Maryann Fiala of the ACCP (Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals).
  • Proposed changes to RPI
    Proposed changes to RPI
    Jos Vermeulen, Head of Solution Design, Insight Investment Jan 22 2020 10:30 am UTC 30 mins
    •The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, announced on 4 September 2019 that there will be consultation to align the retail price index (RPI) with CPIH (consumer price inflation including owner-occupied housing). The consultation will open on 11 March 2020.
    •Replacing RPI with CPIH without compensation would cut pensioners’ future income and could cost holders of index-linked gilts and other RPI-linked assets in excess of £100bn.
    •Jos Vermeulen, Head of Solution Design, will discuss the impact of such a move and highlight the action stakeholders can take ahead of the UK government’s consultation.
  • Driving engagement with L&D: Lakeland’s story with Fuse
    Driving engagement with L&D: Lakeland’s story with Fuse
    James Marsh, HRreview; Suzanne Allen, People Project Manager, Lakeland; Sam Lawton, Customer Success Manager, Fuse Universal Jan 30 2020 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Forward-looking businesses are increasingly recognising the vital importance of an equally forward-looking learning strategy. It’s no longer a luxury; L&D is rapidly being recognised as a major driver that can boost engagement, staff retention, and business results.

    This is certainly the case for Kitchen and homeware business Lakeland, who wanted to bring their whole business together in one space and help drive communication between their teams . After adopting Fuse’s mobile-first Integrated Learning Platform, Lakeland saw their engagement rate soar to 75.8%.

    This major shift from creating resources instead of courses has been a winning strategy for Lakeland. But how did they do it?

    That’s just what they’ll be sharing. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • How Lakeland have brought their community and people together by opening up communications
    • Their sharing of best practices – how a great idea in one store is shared quickly across their retail network to maximise opportunities for increasing sales
    • The power and value of user-generated content from Lakeland’s own passionate experts
    • How better product knowledge and content lets Lakeland sell products through stories rather than features

    In fact, webinar is probably the wrong term for this – in reality, this will be a live interactive case study about how Lakeland are working to deliver real behavioural changes and break down the barriers to digital adoption. Their employees had always wanted to share knowledge; now they can and do.
  • 2020 Hiring: 7 Top Trends You Can't Ignore
    2020 Hiring: 7 Top Trends You Can't Ignore
    Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist at Glassdoor Jan 30 2020 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    What will 2020 hold for hiring? Find out in this virtual event with Glassdoor’s Chief Economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain!
    You'll learn what's coming in the year ahead – and how to get ahead of the curve – with specific tactics including:
    - How to stand out in a culture-first decade
    - How to manage politics as they relate to employer identity
    - How to embrace AI in small doses at every level to win
  • What’s the Big Deal About Candidate Experience Anyway?
    What’s the Big Deal About Candidate Experience Anyway?
    Christine Rowe, Head of Human Resources at Vault Consulting LLC Feb 4 2020 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    There are so many buzzwords that are floating around the HR/Recruitment world. War on Talent, Candidate Experience, Employee Experience, that is can be tough to understand and sift through what really counts.

    So, what about Candidate Experience? Does it really matter? In short yes, it is a critical part of how a company can recruit and yes, retain talent. From the moment you connect with a candidate you are building a life long relationship with that person, whether you hire them or not. Candidates do not expect to get every job they apply or connect to; however, they are quick to remember a poor experience. Creating a strong candidate experience (i.e. it’s not the 90’s or even the 2010’s anymore) is critical to a strong recruitment or talent acquisition strategy.

    In this webinar you will understand what it means to have a strong candidate experience, how to up your candidate experience (and believe it or not – it’s not as difficult or expensive as you think) and be aware of some of the pitfalls you can avoid that can inadvertently be giving your company a bad reputation.
  • Family-Friendly Business Practice on a Global Scale?
    Family-Friendly Business Practice on a Global Scale?
    James Marsh,HRr; Jennifer Liston-Smith, Bright Horizons; Andrea Wicks-Bowles, Bright Horizons Feb 6 2020 2:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Increasingly employers want a joined-up global approach to supporting employees in combining work and family. Driven by the competition for talent, greater transparency on gender pay gaps and new gender-neutral expectations around parental leave, we need to ‘think globally and act locally’ working with differing cultural considerations, circumstances and expectations.

    In this lively and practical webinar, James Marsh will be discussing emerging global family-friendly trends and solutions with leading global employers along with Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Coaching, Consultancy & Thought Leadership at Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions as well as Andrea Wicks-Bowles, Senior Consultant, Director Global Initiatives at Bright Horizons. We’ll place particular emphasis on what the UK can learn from, and offer to, other global regions.

    Since Bright Horizons acquired My Family Care in February 2019, the combined business serves over 1,100 client organisations globally, bringing deep insights into best practice on policy and on provision from workplace nurseries and backup care to coaching for parents and carers, training for line managers and online resources such as the Parental Leave Toolkit.
  • Case study: How AI is transforming recruitment at Ocado Group
    Case study: How AI is transforming recruitment at Ocado Group
    James Marsh, HRreview; Amber Harris, AON; Sarah Kenehan, AON; Henry Clendon, Ocado Group Feb 27 2020 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Organisations are implementing talent assessments to find future focused behaviours and introducing artificial intelligence in recruitment to make better decisions, enhance quality of hire and for efficiency savings.

    Find out how Aon’s Assessment Solutions and Ocado Group have created a winning formula to spot future focused emerging talent in a free webinar where we will discuss:

    - How AI has sped up hiring processes and decision making
    - How AI has removed unconscious bias from a hiring process
    - How to ensure a candidate friendly experience using AI
    - How the role of the recruiter has changed forever and will your next job interview be with a robot?

    Ensure you keep up to speed on all things talent assessment and join the interactive discussions on our webinar,

    Look forward to seeing you on February 27th at 11am.
  • Childcare & the Gender Pay Gap – Baby Steps or a Giant Leap?
    Childcare & the Gender Pay Gap – Baby Steps or a Giant Leap?
    James Marsh, HRreview; Denise Priest, Director of Employer and Strategic Partnerships at Bright Horizons Apr 30 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Research (published by LSE, London School of Economics) suggests there is stronger evidence for the impact of childcare and in-work benefits on closing the gender pay gap, than there is for parental leave and pay policies. OECD evidence also suggests affordable quality childcare is the main driver in achieving better female labour market participation outcomes.

    What are leading employers doing to make it easier for talented and experienced working parents to ‘have it all’? How do you keep career on track and yet be the parent you want to be? And is helping with childcare the glaringly obvious solution that employers might be overlooking?

    By April 2020, we’ll have data from three rounds of Gender Pay Gap reporting. It’s clear that truly closing the gap will take decades to achieve and there are some home truths in the data: it’s not an homogenous picture. The gender pay gap among all full-time employees stands at 8.9%, little changed from 2018 while for age groups under 30 years, the gender pay gap for full-time employees is now close to zero. It is at childbearing years that the gap sets in and never closes.

    At 72% the female employment rate in 2019 was the highest seen since comparable records began in 1971 (52.8%) and yet, as the recent Government Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy consultation document on Family Support summed it up: ‘Women who have children are more likely to: leave employment; reduce their hours of work; move into lower paid roles; and move into roles which are not commensurate with their qualifications and experience. In short, it appears that mothers are trading-off pay and career progression for increased flexibility.’

    Join James Marsh, our panel of employers and thought leaders including Denise Priest, Director of Employer and Strategic Partnerships at Bright Horizons, for an insightful and lively discussion.
  • What You Can Do to Improve the Employee Experience in Your Workplace
    What You Can Do to Improve the Employee Experience in Your Workplace
    Deb Calvert Oct 6 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The war for talent is heating up. Employees have options, and they just aren't as loyal as they used to be. But there is something you can do, something that will improve your rates of retention and stabilize your workforce.

    It's all about creating a better employee experience. It doesn't have to be outrageously expensive or terribly time-consuming. You just need the secret sauce that will help you to:

    -- Boost employee engagement
    -- Create a workplace culture that fosters a sense of belonging
    -- Ennoble and enable employees

    That may sound like an elusive fantasy. But it's not. Tune in to find out how you (yes, YOU) can improve the employee experience in your workplace.