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Big Data and Data Management

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Community Update
    Business Intelligence & Analytics Community Update
    Erin Junio, BI & Analytics Content Strategist, BrightTALK Recorded: Apr 24 2019 16 mins
    Find out what's trending in BrightTALK's BI & Analytics community and what BI audiences care about in 2019!

    Join Erin Junio, BI & Analytics Content Strategist at BrightTALK for a session to learn more about:

    - Topic Trends & Key Insights
    - What BI & Analytics Professionals Care About
    - Events in the Community
    - What to expect in Q2 2019 and beyond
  • Cloud Migration: Opportunities and Risks for the Business Unit
    Cloud Migration: Opportunities and Risks for the Business Unit
    John Armstrong, Head of Product Marketing Recorded: Apr 24 2019 31 mins
    The business case for cloud migration is compelling: cost reductions, ease of growth and
    expansion, outsourcing of infrastructure and maintenance, and improved access to the latest
    technologies. However, many organizations that are migrating to the cloud focus on technical factors and overlook the broader business implications of their projects. As a best practice, assessing the opportunities and risks for the organization should be a joint effort led by the IT and business unit teams. At the highest level, a business justification focuses on the return on investment (ROI) associated with a proposed technical change. However, many supporting data points are required to populate the formula and achieve a realistic calculation.

    In this webinar, we will address these and other critical questions:

    What are the key business expectations associated with a cloud migration?
    What are the implications if the cloud migration doesn’t go as planned?
    What business considerations should be included in any cloud migration plan?

    And always, this webinar will be followed by a short Q and A session with the audience. Please join us!
  • Discovery Isn’t Just for Litigation Anymore
    Discovery Isn’t Just for Litigation Anymore
    Doug Austin and Tom O'Connor Recorded: Apr 24 2019 65 mins
    In today’s era of growing data privacy concerns with GDPR and CCPA, increase in harassment claims with #MeToo and rising corporate malfeasance concerns, there are a lot of potential compliance and investigations needs with regard to discovery that organizations have today whether or not they ever lead to litigation. This CLE-approved webcast* will discuss the drivers and challenges facing organizations today to be more proactive in understanding their data to identify issues before they lead to litigation and address them proactively. Topics include:

    + Timeframes to Act After the Case is Filed
    + Challenges Posed by BIG Data and Variety of Data Sources
    + Data Privacy Trends and Challenges
    + Challenges from #metoo and Corporate Malfeasance
    + Key Stats and Challenges Regarding Data Breaches
    + Will Information Governance Bail Us Out of This Mess?
    + Data Discovery vs. Legal Discovery
    + Where the Technology is Heading
    + Recommendations for Addressing Data Discovery Challenges

    Presentation Leaders:

    Doug Austin is the Vice President of Products and Services for CloudNine. Doug has over 30 years of experience providing legal technology consulting, technical project management and software development services to numerous commercial and government clients. Doug is also the editor of the CloudNine sponsored eDiscovery Daily blog, which is a trusted resource for eDiscovery news and analysis, and has received a JD Supra Readers Choice Award as the Top eDiscovery Author each year since 2017.

    Tom O’Connor is a nationally known consultant, speaker, and writer in the field of computerized litigation support systems. Tom’s consulting experience is primarily in complex litigation matters.
  • Get to "Why" Faster with AI-Driven Analytics
    Get to "Why" Faster with AI-Driven Analytics
    Sanjay Agrawal, Co-Founder & VP of Engineering & Sean Zinsmeister, Head of Product Marketing, ThoughtSpot Recorded: Apr 24 2019 62 mins
    For years, analytics vendors have helped enterprises understand what’s happening in their business, yet often failed at answering the more valuable question of why it’s happening.

    Everyone expects to have data to understand what’s happening it their business. When it comes to understanding why that’s happening, it’s a completely different story. People don’t even know what questions to ask to begin answering that question, slowing down decisions and stifling business growth.

    With AI-driven analytics, that’s all about to change. SpotIQ, the AI engine from ThoughtSpot, asks thousands of questions and automatically shares relevant, customized insights buried in your data. Business users can get to the heart of why changes are happening to make decisions with confidence.
  • Secrets of Fintech Startup Success: A Formula for Disruption
    Secrets of Fintech Startup Success: A Formula for Disruption
    Yodlee Recorded: Apr 24 2019 60 mins
    Every founder starts with a big idea, but only 1 out of 10 see their idea succeed. So what’s the difference between the fintech startups that get off the ground and those that don’t make it out of the gate? What are the secrets of the startups that disrupt entire industries? This is your chance to find out how founders and VCs look at creating successful startups first-hand.

    Our panel of industry experts will cover a range of topics, from getting started building your team, to the importance of finding an impactful mentor, and more. They’ll also answer questions from future startup founders in a Q&A. It’s everything you need to travel the path from big idea to successful startup.

    Register for the webinar to discover:

    • What successful fintech startups have in common
    • The differences between being a solopreneur vs. being a co-founder
    • Tips for finding and growing your dream team
    • How to go from killer idea to disruptive startup


    • Evan Schuman, Moderator, VB
    • Jeff Cain, Senior Director, Envestnet | Yodlee Incubator, Envestnet | Yodlee
    • Pierre Wolff, SVP Business Development, InCountry
    • Ken Kruszka, CEO, SnapCheck
    • Kathleen Utecht, Managing Partner, Core Innovation Capital
  • Four Steps to Transform Your IT Monitoring Mission
    Four Steps to Transform Your IT Monitoring Mission
    Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate, Splunk, Inc. and Pankaj Prasad, Sr Principal Analyst, Gartner Recorded: Apr 24 2019 75 mins
    IT Ops teams are now critical to an organization’s success and require a strategy that aligns with the organization’s objectives and its external stakeholders. Most infrastructure monitoring solutions haven’t caught up to meet these new requirements, forcing IT teams to resort to traditional monitoring strategies that don’t allow for innovation and growth.

    Join Gartner analyst Pankaj Prasad and Splunk’s Chief Technology Advocate, Andi Mann, as we discuss new trends in IT monitoring strategy, best practices, and new IT models to implement in your organization.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:
    •How to effectively approach your IT monitoring strategy in this new world of IT
    •Build a successful IT infrastructure operating model to get to market faster, innovate, and respond in real-time
    •Best practices for integrating LOB owners, application developers and external stakeholders into your strategy
  • Insights on Top Challenges from 100+ Data Professionals
    Insights on Top Challenges from 100+ Data Professionals
    Larry Orimoloye, Applied Statistician & Data Advisor Recorded: Apr 24 2019 39 mins
    As more companies make the leap into Enterprise AI, learning best practices from others who have been there before becomes even more critical.

    We surveyed more than 100 data professionals to find out more about:

    - The challenges they are currently facing
    - How their larger organization approaches data science and machine learning
    - How these approaches ultimately affect ability to execute (as an individual, as part of a team, and as a company).

    This webinar will walk through some of the trends and insights from the survey paired with expert suggestions for addressing the particular challenges.
  • The 5 Ws of Office 365 Backup and Recovery
    The 5 Ws of Office 365 Backup and Recovery
    Penny Gralewski and Mary Ellen Cavanaugh - Commvault Recorded: Apr 24 2019 232 mins
    You have questions about Office 365 backup and recovery – we have answers. Learn what you need to know about Office 365 data protection.

    One big question: do I need Office 365 backup and restore? Answer: yes, yes you do.

    We’ll explain the details and provide tips to help your Office 365 data strategy.

    Learn the answers to these common questions:

    Who is responsible for Office 365 data protection?
    What should I know about Exchange Online backup and restore?
    Where can I store SharePoint Online backups?
    When should I plan OneDrive for Business backups?
    Why is backup important for Office 365 data migration?
    Join Commvault for this new and informative webinar.
  • Proactive Preparation: Disaster-Proofing your Data
    Proactive Preparation: Disaster-Proofing your Data
    Seyi Verma, Director of Product Marketing, Druva Recorded: Apr 24 2019 56 mins
    Imagine that you're responsible for a massive construction project and you just lost your data due to a disaster. Blueprints? Gone. Timelines? Gone. Drinks? Might be time for one!

    Losing your data is a reality that every company faces—construction is no exception. That's why Egan Company—a leading specialty trades contractor in Minnesota, unsatisfied with their previous backup products)—turned to Druva Phoenix to ensure their critical data was backed up and fully accessible in the event of a disaster.

    Join this informative webinar with experts from Egan Company and Druva, and learn about:

    - The flexibility, security and value of data protection delivered as-a-service in the cloud
    - How Egan Company enjoys fast, reliable restores, including large-scale VM volumes
    - How Druva Phoenix offers the go-to solution for backup, archival, and disaster recovery
  • Why Visual Analytics?
    Why Visual Analytics?
    Grant Lawrence Recorded: Apr 24 2019 38 mins
    When you are trying to understand and find key insights from your data, where do you begin?

    There are two popular approaches to visual data exploration-data visualisation and visual analytics. Both methods can help you to better understand your data, and this webinar will show you why.

    You'll discover how visual analysis makes it easy for you to deconstruct your data, quickly identify trends and correlations, get to the bottom of all sticky questions, and improve your reporting efficiency. By doing ad hoc analysis faster, you can put more energy into driving business impact.​

    Join us to learn about:

    The advantages of visual analysis over traditional analysis
    How to take the first step in visual data exploration - answering the 'what' questions
    How visual analytics lets you dig deeper into your data - the power of asking 'why'
  • An Introduction to KSQL & Kafka Streams Processing with Ticketmaster
    An Introduction to KSQL & Kafka Streams Processing with Ticketmaster
    Dani Traphagen, Sr. Systems Engineer, Confluent + Chris Smith, VP Engineering Data Science, Ticketmaster Recorded: Apr 23 2019 64 mins
    In this all too fabulous talk with Ticketmaster, we will be addressing the wonderful and new wonders of KSQL vs. KStreams.

    If you are new-ish to Apache Kafka® you may ask yourself, “What is a large Apache Kafka deployment?” And you may tell yourself, “This is not my beautiful KSQL use case!” And you may tell yourself, “This is not my beautiful KStreams use case!” And you may ask yourself, “What is a beautiful Apache Kafka use case?” And you may ask yourself, “Am I right about this architecture? Am I wrong?” And you may say to yourself, “My God! What have I done?”

    In this session, we’re going to delve into all these issues and more with Chris Smith, VP of Engineering Data Science at Ticketmaster.

    Watch now to learn:
    -Ticketmaster Apache Kafka Architecture
    -KSQL Architecture and Use Cases
    -KSQL Performance Considerations
    -When to KSQL and When to Live the KStream
    -How Ticketmaster uses KSQL and KStreams in production to reduce development friction in machine learning products
  • Tech Tuesday: Measuring Performance of Object Storage
    Tech Tuesday: Measuring Performance of Object Storage
    Ryan Meek, Principal Solution Architect & Michael "Q" Brame, Quality Engineering Lead Recorded: Apr 23 2019 17 mins
    Object protocols and file translations present performance testing challenges that are different from standard file systems. In this webinar, we will identify the relevant performance benchmarks for object storage software testing and discuss best practices for measuring and evaluating performance in object storage systems.
  • Immersive Technology-The New Retail Reality
    Immersive Technology-The New Retail Reality
    Hamaad Chippa, Director, Industry Consulting, Retail Recorded: Apr 23 2019 33 mins
    In fact, 8 of 10 retail leaders believe that immersive technologies are a key component of any digital transformation opportunities but have struggled to get much traction from them to date. This must change, and fast as customers have reported that 61% of them prefer stores which offer augmented reality experiences, 71% would return more often and 40% would pay more for a product if they could experience it in AR.

    How can these technologies be considered something more than just gimmicks or games? We’ll explore how important information about customers and products can be used to give these technologies staying power.
  • CCPA: How Startups and SMBs Can Prepare Without Panicking
    CCPA: How Startups and SMBs Can Prepare Without Panicking
    Jill Reber, CEO, Primitive Logic; Kevin Moos, President, Primitive Logic; David Jarzabek, Attorney, Royse Law Recorded: Apr 23 2019 59 mins
    The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) impacts companies of all sizes, including startups and SMBs. CCPA will expand the privacy obligations of all organizations far beyond those required by current state privacy legislation (CalOPPA, etc.), and all organizations who gather and process personal data of California residents must be prepared. Fortunately, the right strategies can make this process easier than you may have thought.

    Join Primitive Logic and Royse Law to learn
    - Why CCPA readiness doesn’t have to “break the bank”
    - How to develop a cost-effective plan to get ready for CCPA
    - How to prepare for private right of action under CCPA and potential amendments
    - How data privacy is becoming part of standard M&A due diligence practices
  • ServiceNow Knowledge19 Sneak Peek: How to Conquer the Conference
    ServiceNow Knowledge19 Sneak Peek: How to Conquer the Conference
    Ellen Daley, Grant Pulver, Dana Canavan, James Hamilton, Ryan Dinwiddie, Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Apr 23 2019 61 mins
    Learn how to maximize your ServiceNow Knowledge 2019 experience. This team of ServiceNow experts (and Knowledge veterans) will cover everything A-Z K19. Join this webinar to...

    - Learn tips to maximize your experience
    - Uncover the questions our clients ask us the most
    - Find out the three things you absolutely must do to ensure it's the most successful Knowledge conference yet
    - Get a preview of two of Acorio's Presentations at K19
  • Advancing Analytics Maturity with an Intelligent Data Catalog
    Advancing Analytics Maturity with an Intelligent Data Catalog
    Michael Lock, Aberdeen; Niraj Revankar, Mattel; Dharma Kuthanur, Informatica Recorded: Apr 23 2019 48 mins
    As data becomes the new currency, it’s never been more important to understand your data landscape. At this upcoming webinar, join Michael Lock from Aberdeen, Niraj Revankar from Mattel, and Dharma Kuthanur from Informatica to learn about the value of data cataloging as a foundational capability for any business looking to deliver insights from data.

    You’ll learn:
    -What new research from Aberdeen reveals about companies using data catalogs and where they lead their non-catalog peers
    -How Mattel, a multinational toy manufacturing company, uses an intelligent data catalog to advance its data-driven transformation
    -How intelligent data catalog capabilities provide the foundation for any data-driven business objective
  • Introducing: Customer 360 Insights (formerly AllSight)
    Introducing: Customer 360 Insights (formerly AllSight)
    Monica Mullen, Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, MDM - Oliver Soans, Director, Product Management Recorded: Apr 23 2019 16 mins
    Uniquely delivering a Customer Intelligence system

    Take a closer look at Informatica Customer 360 Insights to learn how it can help deliver the perspective you need to personalize customer experience and take the next best action across sales, marketing, and service. Join Oliver Soans, product management, and Monica Mullen, portfolio marketing, in this follow-up discussion to the review and demo covered during our Spring Launch event.
  • Radically reduce troubleshooting & downtime with Blue Medora
    Radically reduce troubleshooting & downtime with Blue Medora
    Chuck Petrie & Peter Haagenson Recorded: Apr 23 2019 37 mins
    Learn how you can increase productivity up to 67% by extending the capabilities of your custom dashboards in vRealize Operations with Blue Medora's True Visibility Suite. Reclaim control and visibility in your whole stack by unlocking your dimensional data.
  • The Next Level of Cloud Security: Taming Complexity
    The Next Level of Cloud Security: Taming Complexity
    Richard Turner, Dir. Public Cloud Marketing, Barracuda; Vinayak Shastri, Sr. Product Manager, Barracuda Recorded: Apr 23 2019 40 mins
    Organizations know that cloud security is different than what they were used to doing on-premises...but what many don’t realize is that cloud introduces new vulnerabilities that their on-premises world never needed to account for.

    In the future, 80% of cloud breaches will be due to misconfiguration, credentials mismanagement, or insider theft – not the cloud itself. Just what do organizations need to worry about in the cloud, and how can they remediate these new vulnerabilities?

    Join us to discuss these new challenges and what organizations can do to better protect themselves in the Public Cloud.
  • The use of Big Data in Real Time Government – The Andhra Pradesh Case Study
    The use of Big Data in Real Time Government – The Andhra Pradesh Case Study
    Mark Bouldin, Subject Matter Expert, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: Apr 23 2019 17 mins
    Smart spaces improve customer outcomes by blending, existing and new data sources from the physical and digital worlds. It helps you make, real-time, predictive, data-driven decisions.
  • Poor Data Quality - Do it better with Data Engineering with Pentaho from Hitachi
    Poor Data Quality - Do it better with Data Engineering with Pentaho from Hitachi
    Kim Øystein Næss, Lead Architect Analytics EMEA, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: Apr 23 2019 26 mins
    Watch this session to get insights on:

    - The value of an easy to use interface with advanced capabilities for data engineering
    - How to correctly process data engineering.
    - The collaboration between business analysts, data scientists and data engineers
  • Get Smart – IoT, AI & Drive to Innovate
    Get Smart – IoT, AI & Drive to Innovate
    Wael Elrifai, Global VP of Solution Engineering / Pre-Sales, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: Apr 23 2019 21 mins
    Competition drives innovation. It lowers prices, improves quality and with the rise of “free information”, generates entirely new products. As Paul Collier writes in The Bottom Billion, small savings in the basic necessities of life can mark the difference between prosperity and suffering.

    Join us to hear how IoT and AI drive new efficiencies in energy production, agricultural output, and medical care, and how these key technologies will help us transform the lives of billions of people.
  • The Big Data Challenge
    The Big Data Challenge
    Jonathan Bowl, VP and General Manager Big Data, IOT & AI, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: Apr 23 2019 22 mins
    Are you looking to derive more value from one of your most important assets, data? To modernize your business, it’s important to unlock your data while overcoming common challenges at the same time.

    Real-world examples show you how to overcome these issues so that you can deliver meaningful business outcomes.
  • Embed Analytics to Give Your Customers Better Value
    Embed Analytics to Give Your Customers Better Value
    Debarun Dasgupta, Technical Lead, Big Data and IoT Analytics, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: Apr 23 2019 44 mins
    To get competitive edge, you need insights from data. As your customers become increasingly data-driven, you have the opportunity to add analytics capabilities to your offerings to bring them additional value.

    Join us in our upcoming webinar where we discuss how embedding analytics into your product can help you:
    •Increase product differentiation
    •Drive new software revenue
    •Drive greater product engagement among your customers
  • Connect any health app, device and data with Salesforce and MuleSoft to reach in
    Connect any health app, device and data with Salesforce and MuleSoft to reach in
    Sean Kennedy, Senior Director, Industry Solutions and Architecture, Salesforce, Matt Serna, Industry Marketing, MuleSoft Recorded: Apr 19 2019 45 mins
    The healthcare industry is witnessing an explosion of medical data from EHRs, fitness trackers, mobile health applications, and more.

    To provide compelling patient experiences, the entire healthcare continuum must think beyond just driving interoperability across clinical data stores and consider how to extend interoperability across all partners and non-clinical applications. Doing so requires a new integrated healthcare strategy that extends beyond those traditionally offered by HL7 interface engines.

    Learn how NYU Langone Health implemented a new integrated approach to provide their call service agents with a one-stop comprehensive patient view, leveraging MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to surface real-time data from EHRs and other internal systems into Salesforce Health Cloud.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    - How healthcare organizations can drive integration to transform their IT delivery model.
    - How modern APIs can enable connectivity across clinical and non-clinical systems.
    - How Salesforce and MuleSoft are tackling EHR interoperability challenges.
  • Qualité des données : reprenez confiance dans vos prises de décision
    Qualité des données : reprenez confiance dans vos prises de décision
    Anass Bezzari, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant Apr 25 2019 12:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Selon une étude de la Harvard Business Review, en moyenne 47% des nouvelles données ont, au moins, une erreur importante.

    Que vos données soient structurées, non structurées, stockées sur site ou dans le Cloud, vous devez pouvoir vous fier à leur exactitude. Vous concrétiserez leur valeur métier en veillant à ce que tous les projets et les processus importants soient alimentés en données fiables et pertinentes.

    Avec les produits de qualité et de gouvernance des données d'Informatica, vous avez la possibilité d'accroître la valeur métier en veillant à ce que tous les projets et les processus importants soient alimentés en données fiables et pertinentes.

    Participez à ce webinar jeudi 25 avril à 14h30.
  • Enable Instant Analytics On Azure Data Lakes
    Enable Instant Analytics On Azure Data Lakes
    Florent Voignier, Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Indexima Apr 25 2019 2:00 pm UTC 22 mins
    Every day, your business is producing new data, regardless of how many employees you have or what industry you work in.
    That data is full of valuable information that can help you better serve your customers, discover new opportunities, and take your business to the next level.
    But to realize that business value, you need the proper tools to transform that data into actionable insight.

    Best Practices to learn:
    1. Reduce query cost and increase your BI performance.
    2. Key factors to succeed with BI on the cloud.
    3. Get more from your existing data cluster.

    Set Up of Indexima on Azure

    Duration: 30 minutes
    Language: English
    Speaker: Florent Voignier, Co-founder and CTO – Indexima
  • Transforming creative workflows: Making great content in the cloud
    Transforming creative workflows: Making great content in the cloud
    IBC365 | Jellyfish Pictures | More speakers announced soon... Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Join IBC365 on Thursday 25 April at 4pm BST to explore why creators are turning to cloud to transform the way they make great content and how virtualised workflows are unlocking the ability to work in new ways: faster, more collaborative, more efficient and more creative.

    This webinar goes inside some of the world's leading content creators, production and post-production operations to hear how they are embracing cloud technology to transform the creative processes used to make, produce and deliver video.

    We'll get hands-on with practical lessons on how cloud is enabling more collaboration, access to more talent, round-the-clock working, more content security, and slicker workflows. There's also a dose of reality, as we understand the human and technology challenges and the potential pitfalls of virtualising creative workflows.

    Case studies focus on using cloud for:
    •Streamlining content creation in the field
    •Transforming production and post-production processes
    •Efficient content delivery and backhaul
  • How to Classify and Protect Your Data in One Easy Step
    How to Classify and Protect Your Data in One Easy Step
    Bill Belcher, Amit Kharat, Kristina Scott Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Recent innovations have made data security achievable for organizations of all sizes and industries. It’s now possible to quickly and effectively reduce the risk of data breaches and leaks.
    Get up to speed with the 5 innovations every Security and IT professional should be aware of – to gain the confidence that their organization’s most sensitive information stays secure, these include:

    1. Classification-driven protection
    2. DLP-driven protection
    3. Email auto-protection
    4. Automated protection with enterprise applications
    5. Orchestrated policy management, identity federation, and data tracking for compliance

    Join this webinar to learn how integrated data classification and data protection from two industry leaders, Boldon James and Seclore, makes data security as straightforward as 1-2-3.
  • Embedded Analytics: Unleashing Insights Everywhere
    Embedded Analytics: Unleashing Insights Everywhere
    Fern Halper, VP and Senior Director, TDWI Advanced Analytics; David Menninger, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    When you’re using data to drive competitive edge, you want to get analytics into the hands of as many teams as possible. That’s what embedded analytics does so well: It brings the results of an analysis to your decision-makers and to the applications, workflows, and portals that run your business.

    In fact, a 2019 TDWI study reports that two thirds of respondents cited embedding analytics as a top strategy. And Ventana Research finds that 72% of research participants say it’s important to embed analytics in other applications or systems.

    Join industry experts David Menninger from Ventana Research and Fern Halper from TDWI as they discuss:
    - Why embedded analytics are such a proven strategy for analytics success
    - Whether your organisation should build or buy
    - New business models for leveraging embedded analytics
  • Meet the Experts: Enterprise Data Preparation (formerly EDL) 10.2.2 Deep-Dive
    Meet the Experts: Enterprise Data Preparation (formerly EDL) 10.2.2 Deep-Dive
    Abhiram Gujjewar, Product Management, John Haddad, VP Product & Technical Marketing Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Get a deep dive of the new Enterprise Data Preparation product (formerly known as Enterprise Data Lake) innovations: 50+ advanced data prep functions across various categories such as statistical, windowing, cleansing, transformation, and matching to help data analysts turn raw data into insights.
    Other key capabilities we will showcase from the 10.2.2 release to help you drive your data lake management initiative include: AI-driven data set recommendations and join & recipe step suggestions as well as increased collaboration among data users in which data analysts add comments, create & save mappings for recipes so then IT can review & operationalize.
  • The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 23
    The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 23
    HPCC Systems Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 120 mins
    Join us as we continue this series of webinars specifically designed for the community by the community with the goal to share knowledge, spark innovation, and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community.

    Featured speakers include:
    Jeremy Meier and David Noh, both Undergraduate Students at Clemson University - An Investigation into Time Series Analysis
    Over the past several months, our team has worked closely with a dataset having roughly 16,000 total observations, recording both the date and balance in financial data. Focusing on individual accounts with a size of around 400 observations, our first goal was to compare statistical metrics and techniques used commonly in time series analysis on the given data sets. We dove deep into two major industry standard methods for understanding and predicting on a dataset. Using insights learned from these observations, we hope to better predict future balances in the dataset, as well as find any anomalies or misbehavior in the data in order to provide business value.

    Roger Dev, Sr Architect, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - TextVectors - Machine Learning for Textual Data
    Text Vectorization allows for the mathematical treatment of textual information. Words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs can be organized as points in high-dimensional space such that closeness in space implies closeness of meaning. HPCC Systems' new TextVectors module supports vectorization for words, phrases, or sentences in a parallelized, high-performance, and user-friendly package.

    Allan Wrobel, Consulting Software Engineer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - ECL Tips and Tricks: Leveraging the power of HPCC Systems. Using AGGREGATE.
    The ECL built-in function AGGREGATE has been seen by many in the community as ‘complex’ and as such has been underused. However in using AGGREGATE you can be sure you’re playing to the strengths of HPCC Systems.
  • Introducing Actian Avalanche Cloud Data Warehouse Service
    Introducing Actian Avalanche Cloud Data Warehouse Service
    Emma McGrattan - SVP of Engineering and Pradeep Bhanot - Director of Product Marketing, at Actian Apr 25 2019 4:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    This TechTALK introduces Actian's new cloud data warehouse service. Attend to learn more about the fastest analytical database technology as a managed service with multi-cloud deployment flexibility with support for AWS and Azure.
    More information and free trial at https://www.actian.com/analytic-database/avalanche/
  • Take the Offensive: Unlock Your Siloed Content
    Take the Offensive: Unlock Your Siloed Content
    Tom DiRusso, ASG & Steve Studer, Zia Consulting Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Are you one of the many organizations with content in a variety of silos? You probably are – and you’re not alone - most organizations today are also siloed. It’s clear that this siloed approach creates a huge challenge for companies in meeting stringent compliance regulations. Sound familiar? Now, imagine if your Teams had the ability to search and action content as though it resided in one location – with easy access and usability. Get the picture?

    Join ASG & Zia to discover how you can gather and understand your content across various silos to ensure you are on the ‘Offensive’ with compliance regulations.

    During this session, we’ll discuss:
    - Why some of the largest financial institutions have taken an ‘Offensive Approach’ to managing static and streaming content to comply with laws and regulations
    - How you can federate, migrate and manage records in one place
    - New ways to identify, classify and dispose of records
    - Why it’s critical to have a records management solution that has a repository of records that is auditable and defendable
  • Creating compelling customer experiences through MDM with Stibo Systems
    Creating compelling customer experiences through MDM with Stibo Systems
    Rob Long, Head of IoT & Senior Director Applied Technology at Stibo & Vishnu Samavedula, Senior Solution Engineer at MuleSoft Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    Did you know that each retail customer transaction takes an average of 39 different backend systems to complete? Overlapping systems, complex backend integrations, and constant maintenance needs are crippling IT teams as they work to drive the innovation necessary to meet growing consumer expectations.

    This webinar examines how retailers are leveraging MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and Stibo Systems Master Data Management platform to bridge online and offline channels, resulting in deeper customer insights, simplified operations, and exceptional customer experiences. Retailers leveraging this approach are seeing an average of a 6% increase in profitability and a 6x increase in customer retention

    In this webinar, you will learn how to:
    - Streamline product lifecycle management processes with your eCommerce systems.
    - Leverage Master Data Management to gain visibility across inventory and customer data.
    - Deliver personalized customer experiences based on past behaviors and purchases.
  • Buying Down Risk in the New World of App Development - Imperva Part 2
    Buying Down Risk in the New World of App Development - Imperva Part 2
    Kim Lambert, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Imperva; Tim Garon (Moderator) Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In this era of rapid modern application development, organizations often deploy code into production with critical vulnerabilities that often lead to exploitation by cybercriminals. These bad actors are on the look-out, scanning for vulnerabilities that will allow them to establish a silent foothold into your environment. Join Imperva and (ISC)2 on April 25, 2019 at 1:00PM Eastern and discover a defense in depth security strategy to protect your most valuable web applications and your business from damaging cyber-attacks.
  • Microsoft Data Platform 2017 New Features and Why to Upgrade
    Microsoft Data Platform 2017 New Features and Why to Upgrade
    Warner Chaves, Pythian Consultant and Microsoft MVP; and Vitor Fava, Pythian Consultant and Microsoft MVP Apr 29 2019 3:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    Microsoft Data Platform 2017 is the latest, most up-to-date version of Microsoft’s Azure and SQL Server platforms, with many new features to discover. But where do you start?

    Listen to this webinar to learn:
    1. What improvements did Microsoft focus on in this upgrade?
    2. Are you being too cautious when upgrading?
    3. What are the differences between on-premise and cloud with this release?
  • Enabling Self-Service Analytics with Logical Data Warehouse (APAC)
    Enabling Self-Service Analytics with Logical Data Warehouse (APAC)
    Paul Moxon, VP of Data Architectures and Chief Evangelist & Michael Dickson, Senior Sales Engineer, Denodo Apr 30 2019 1:30 am UTC 59 mins
    What makes data scientists happy? Of course data. They want it fast and flexible, and they want to do it themselves. But most classic data warehouses (DW) and data lakes are not easy to deal with for agile data access. A more practical solution is the logical data warehouse (LDW), which has shown to be a more agile foundation for delivering and transforming data and makes it easy to quickly plug in new data sources.

    Attend this webinar to learn:

    * How easily new data sources can be made available for analytics and data science
    * How your organization can successfully migrate to a flexible LDW architecture in a step-by-step fashion
    * How LDWs help integrate self-service analytics with classic forms of business intelligence
  • Key Performance Indicators to Accelerate Your IT Modernization
    Key Performance Indicators to Accelerate Your IT Modernization
    Don Mahler, Director, IT Performance Management, Leidos & Taylor Crump, Product Marketing, Splunk Apr 30 2019 3:00 am UTC 46 mins
    Determining the right metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) between the business and IT is only half of the picture need when getting modern IT to operate effectively. You need all the right data to be looked at too.

    Join us to learn about the right data types in conjunction with the right KPIs that you need to look at, from Leidos, a FORTUNE 500® global science and technology solutions leader, who has successfully transformed their business to be able to make data-driven decision based on their IT data and health information.
  • Introducing Cloudera Data Science Workbench for HDP
    Introducing Cloudera Data Science Workbench for HDP
    Saumitra Buragohain - Vice President, Product Management, Vidya Raman - Director Product Management, Data Science Apr 30 2019 8:00 am UTC 62 mins
    Accelerate Open Data Science and Machine Learning for Business

    Since its introduction in 2017, Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) has enabled hundreds of enterprise customers to adopt and scale the modern machine learning workflow, accelerating the delivery of new machine learning capabilities for business, from research to production.

    Now that Cloudera and Hortonworks have merged, Cloudera is rapidly delivering CDSW for use with HDP clusters in order to make secure, collaborative data science at scale a reality for our new customers.

    This webinar will provide an introductory tour of CDSW that demonstrates:
    ●How data scientists use CDSW for collaborative data exploration, visualisation, model development and deployment, with their favourite open source tools including Python, R, and Spark and on-demand access to data and compute in HDP or data anywhere
    ●How IT teams support self-service data science at scale with CDSW’s enterprise-grade management, security and governance features.

    We’ll include a live demonstration of a machine learning workflow using CDSW for HDP.

    ●Saumitra Buragohain - Vice President, Product Management
    ●Vidya Raman - Director Product Management, Data Science
  • Evaluating a Modern Business Intelligence Platform
    Evaluating a Modern Business Intelligence Platform
    Jurgen Hoogerboord Apr 30 2019 12:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    When moving from a Traditional to a Modern Business Intelligence platform, giving business users access to data whilst maintaining data governance may seem like an either/or choice. With Tableau, it's not.

    In this webinar, discover the most important details that IT must consider when evaluating and selecting a modern analytics platform.

    Join analytics expert Jurgen Hoogerboord to learn:

    Why moving from Traditional to Modern analytics is needed in today’s business landscape
    What to consider when evaluating Modern Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms
    How shifting to enterprise self-service analytics tools empowers both the business and IT
  • Disrupting the Payment Sector
    Disrupting the Payment Sector
    Rob Parker-Cole, Dr. Heiko Klarl Apr 30 2019 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Payment Service Directive 2 was inured in 2018 by the European Commission to enable a competitive, regulated environment for banking and non-banking organizations within the European Union. Competitive markets such as China’s fast growing mobile payment market, Australia’s New Payment Platform, and evolving FinTech Start-ups strongly impact the disintermediation of payment transactions, disrupting the banking sector globally. The need for fulfilling future customer needs by providing convenient payment solutions demand for faster adoption, agile methods and MVP (Minimal Viable Product) approaches that must lead to cultural changes in the banking sector to keep up with the market. How can one bank bear up to the competing environment by investing in digital payment solutions without losing control over regulation and cost?
  • Rethinking the Human Factor in Security
    Rethinking the Human Factor in Security
    Bruce Hallas, Founder Marmalade Box and Martin Sugden CEO Boldon James Apr 30 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today’s world of data protection and governance is awash with talk of machine learning and automation. But what about the role of the human in security, isn’t this being overlooked?

    Join this interesting and insightful webinar with recognised speaker and author Bruce Hallas and data security expert Martin Sugden, CEO at Boldon James, who will explore how organisations need to empower the user and go beyond training and education to ensure human behaviours are positively influenced to deliver real security and business value.

    Watch this webinar to learn:
    • Learnings from research into the impact of human behaviour on user trust and security posture
    • How to design a security approach that empowers humans
    • The challenges associated with implementing security automation (e.g. AI/ML)
    • Practical ways to engage the user to influence positive security behaviour
  • The State of Artificial Intelligence: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed?
    The State of Artificial Intelligence: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed?
    Artem Golubev, CEO, Test Rigor & Aleksey Malyshev, Machine Learning Engineer, Test Rigor Apr 30 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join Artem Golubev, CEO of TestRigor and Aleksey Malyshev, Machine Learning Engineer at TestRigor as they discuss the current state of artificial intelligence from an engineering & business perspective.

    What is AI for the enterprise truly capable of and how much of the conversation surrounding AI is just hype? Tune in to find out!
  • Activate your Cloud Data Lake for Analytics & Machine Learning Project
    Activate your Cloud Data Lake for Analytics & Machine Learning Project
    Vamshi Sriperumbudur -Informatica, Sumeet Agrawal- Informatica, Jorge Villamariona - Qubole, Vivek Sharma - Qubole Apr 30 2019 5:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    Increasingly, your advanced analytics projects depend on having big data platforms in the cloud. Discover how you can activate a cloud data lake so you can gain transformative insights—faster.

    Informatica and Qubole have partnered for a joint solution that accelerates your big data pipeline for cloud data lakes.
    You’ll learn how to:
    - Reduce data ingestion times while ingesting from multiple data sources
    - Increase administrator efficiency up to 10x
    - Leverage a no-code experience to drive developer productivity up to 5x
  • Top 5 Data Protection Gaps in Office 365
    Top 5 Data Protection Gaps in Office 365
    W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technical Architect, Druva May 1 2019 10:00 am UTC 54 mins
    Do you think Office 365 is enough to protect your business data? Would you bet your career on it? Hear from industry expert, Michael Osterman of Osterman Research on how to step up your data protection game.

    Join this session to learn how to:

    - Protect against ransomware, accidental deletion, or corruption
    - Better align and respond faster to compliance and legal inquiries
    - More efficiently manage departing employee and long term archiving of data
  • 4 Digital Experience Tools That Drive Real Results
    4 Digital Experience Tools That Drive Real Results
    Matthew Clark, VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Premier Farnell May 1 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    EXECUTIVE SPOTLIGHT with Matthew Clark, VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Premier Farnell

    What does it take to successfully deliver a digital experience for the B2B market?

    While, the whole enterprise needs to be aimed at driving a digital experience, there are 4 key areas which, if overlooked, will cause your B2B digital experience to suffer or fail, no matter how good your digital platforms or your core products are. Digital experiences are made of content, knowledge and data.

    In this one-on-one conversation with Matthew Clark, Premier Farnell's VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, EIS's Dino Eliopulos will explore what companies need to do to ensure that their product information, content, and know-how combine with insights that they have about their customers to elevate their digital experiences to the top of the industry.

    The must-haves include:

    • Robust, shoppable product catalogue.
    • Rich, well-structured content.
    • Optimized site-search, chatbots, and product recommendations.
    • Real value for shared customer information.
  • Bioverativ’s Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization with Informatica's iPaaS
    Bioverativ’s Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization with Informatica's iPaaS
    Sebastian Samuel, Bioverativ a Sanofi Company, ETL Architect & Nassir Khan, Informatica, Principal Product Marketing Manager May 1 2019 5:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    iPaaS can solve a myriad of integration challenges you’re confronted with when building out a cloud data warehouse. However, traditional iPaaS solutions on the market today can’t address the growing complexity of data management and the multiple integration patterns required for multi-cloud and hybrid data architectures.

    Join Sebastian Samuel and Nassir Khan as they discuss how Informatica Cloud Data Integration and next-gen iPaaS enabled Bioverativ to create script-free data integrations and syncs between cloud applications and their cloud data warehouse.
  • Simpli.fi delivers advertising insights on billions of streaming bid messages
    Simpli.fi delivers advertising insights on billions of streaming bid messages
    Jeff Swanner, Data Engineer, Simpli.fi and Ben Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Vertica May 1 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Simpli.fi is a leading programmatic advertiser trusted by the largest ad buyers to localize ad targeting and content, deliver performance on high volumes of localized campaigns, and provide deep insights on their dynamic audiences. To deliver these insights, Simpli.fi developed a data analytics platform capable of handling hundreds of millions, to billions of bid messages streaming in each hour and transforming that data into timely, dynamic information available through their customer application.

    Join our latest Data Disruptors webcast to hear Jeff Swanner, Data Engineer at Simpli.fi, describe how his organization is using Vertica alongside Kafka, Spark, Looker and other tools to effectively manage the flow of real-time data needed to target ad impressions across numerous audience dimensions and advertising exchanges. The webcast will cover:
    • The role data plays in delivering data-driven advertising insights to Simpli.fi’s customers
    • The platforms and tools contributing to Simpli.fi’s data stack and data warehouse implementation
    • How Kafka, Spark, Vertica and Looker are integrated to manage the flow of data from initial data streaming, to transformation, analysis and dashboard visualization
    • The advantages of using Vertica for highly scalable data loading, tuning and querying
  • NVMe-oF 101 - Understanding NVMe-oF and How it Drives Business Value
    NVMe-oF 101 - Understanding NVMe-oF and How it Drives Business Value
    Dave Montgomery, Director, Storage Platforms Marketing, Western Digital May 1 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Every IT shop is trying to balance two different objectives: 1) increase capacity; 2) deliver the requisite performance against a variety of workloads. Indiscriminately spending money that doesn’t align capacity and storage performance with the workloads’ needs, is wasteful. However, connecting storage capacity and performance across the network with workloads is an easy way to allocate storage resources cost effectively, as needed.

    To address today’s dynamic data requirements, we must consider that end users need a next-generation infrastructure that aligns storage resources with workloads without jeopardizing performance, capacity, or incurring unwarranted expense. Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) is a storage protocol that aims to simplify the interconnection of computer memory, storage, and networking, while improving performance of the storage infrastructure and related applications, to meet IT departments’ objectives and drive business value.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    • What is NVMe-oF
    • The business value of NVMe-oF
    • The role that NVMe-oF will play in transforming data centers of the future