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Big Data and Data Management

  • Claves de una Gestión de Datos Eficiente con Commvault y Microsoft Azure
    Claves de una Gestión de Datos Eficiente con Commvault y Microsoft Azure Alberto González Ocaña – Commvault & Francisco Javier Castilla Luque - Microsoft Recorded: May 18 2018 42 mins
    ¿Sabes cuantos datos tienes en Cloud? ¿Cómo de rápido crecen? ¿Quién tiene acceso a ellos? ¿Estás preparado para las nuevas regulaciones como GDPR?

    Mover cargas a Cloud requiere de una estrategia integral de protección de datos y de recuperación ante desastres que cubra toda su infraestructura independientemente del origen. Commvault ofrece una plataforma de gestión de datos exhaustiva con automatización y orquestación para acelerar las migraciones a Microsoft Azure y Office 365 mientras realiza todas las tareas de gestión de los datos (backup, recuperación, gestión de políticas, e-discovery, etc.).

    Únete a nuestro webinar y conoce cómo la integración de Commvault con Microsoft Azure y O365 para la protección de datos te permite:
    •Mover, gestionar y usar datos desde una única plataforma independientemente de si estos residen on-premise o en Microsoft Azure.
    •Reducir tiempo, coste y esfuerzo aprovechando la automatización, orquestación y flexibilidad para reducir las tareas administrativas y manuales.
    •Simplificar la gestión de los datos y la recuperación ante desastres
    •Una eficiente integración en O365 para garantizar protección y recuperación granulares, cumplimiento de políticas de archivado y gobierno de información así como búsqueda avanzada de contenidos.
    •Backup consistente de Sharepoint (Base de datos y objetos).
  • Nowy pakiet licencyjny DPS DDVE - Zawartość, możliwości, ceny.
    Nowy pakiet licencyjny DPS DDVE - Zawartość, możliwości, ceny. Daniel Olkowski, Dell EMC Recorded: May 18 2018 52 mins
    DPS DDVE to nowy pakiet licencyjny Dell EMC.
    W atrakcyjnej cenie oraz korzystnym licencjonowaniu otrzymujemy zarówno oprogramowanie backupowe jak również medium backupowe.

    Zapraszam na 30-minutową dyskusje dotyczącą:
    •Jakie rozwiązania zawiera pakiet
    •Jakie środowiska zabezpiecza?
    •Jakie rozwiązania wprowadza?
    •Dla kogo jest przeznaczony?
    •Jakie są ceny?
    Piątek, 18 maja, 10:00, 30 minut.
    Całość informacji w trakcie porannej kawy!

    Daniel Olkowski
  • How AI is Changing Marketing
    How AI is Changing Marketing Gil Allouche, CEO, Metadata.io Recorded: May 17 2018 43 mins
    In this webinar, Metadata.io CEO Gil Allouche will talk about the different ways AI is being used by marketers. From analyzing data to orchestrating new marketing campaigns, AI is powering marketing activities in new and exciting ways and affecting interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. As an example of how AI can have a tremendous impact on marketing practices, Gil will focus on its role in lead generation. Webinar attendees will learn:

    - What Machine Learning is in relation to AI and how it connects your data to find patterns
    - Examples of how machine learning can identify target audiences, including the 20 percent that creates 80 percent of your revenue
    - How AI technology can help marketers prioritize their budgets to focus on the most effective programs
    - Starting with small, iterative uses of AI in marketing can be the most effective way to understand what will yield the most ROI

    Gil Allouche founded Metadata.io to make demand generation easy for non-technical marketers. The Metadata.io platform and AI Operator evolved from Gil's experiences hacking various marketing and CRM systems to get the solutions he needed.
  • Introducing Instaclustr Managed Kafka
    Introducing Instaclustr Managed Kafka Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer, Instaclustr Recorded: May 17 2018 45 mins
    Instaclustr has recently extended its managed service for Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark and Elassandra to include support for Apache Kafka. This webinar will walk through the key features and benefits of Instaclustr’s Managed Kafka. Discover how Instaclustr have applied our over 20 million node-hours of experience running distributed systems to deliver the most reliable Kafka managed service available.
  • The Algorithmic Retail Bank - How to be a leader
    The Algorithmic Retail Bank - How to be a leader David Rosen, Digital Transformation Technologist & Strategist & Shawn Rogers, Sr. Director-Analytic Strategy, TIBCO Software Recorded: May 17 2018 60 mins
    Depth and complexity of regional and global banks places an even higher level of urgency on algorithmic enablement than on other financial institutions.

    Join TIBCO’s strategy leaders David Rosen and Shawn Rogers for a discussion of the latest trends and capabilities required for financial services leadership. Four major themes define the algorithmic imperative:

    - Customer differences highlight the importance of deep and nuanced understanding of segments, propensities for action, engagement preferences and sensitivities to pricing
    - Channel and evolution forces banks to think analytically with respect to the investments they make in reshaping their distribution networks
    - Customer expectations with regard to experience require smarter processes both at the point of engagement and at the back-end decision systems that power the journeys
    - Wide product breadth forces banks to take individual approaches to design, recommendation and pricing

    Learn how each theme is affected by organizational leadership, strategic business initiatives and the underlying data science that enables the transformation towards becoming an Algorithmic Bank.

    Register now to learn how TIBCO’s solutions can help you become an Algorithmic Retail Bank!
  • Containers on AWS
    Containers on AWS Tolga Tarhan, CTO at Onica Recorded: May 17 2018 22 mins
    Join us to learn about the benefits of containers on AWS and how they can help you create consistency, gain operational efficiency, and improve productivity. We'll cover Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, Amazon EKS and Fargate.

    Containers on AWS are a major resource for developers looking to improve infrastructure efficiency. Watch our webinar to learn several techniques for deploying containers on AWS. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of differing approaches, and explore a live demo.
  • Preparing Organizations for an Intelligent Future: Interview w/ Sam Adams (IBM)
    Preparing Organizations for an Intelligent Future: Interview w/ Sam Adams (IBM) Sam Adams, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Research; Jim Redden, Innovation Advisor, RTI International Recorded: May 17 2018 59 mins
    Emerging trends in AI and Machine Learning will impact nearly every aspect of the way organizations create and capture value in the years to come. A new set of opportunities and threats will emerge and change the landscape of many industries.

    Join IRI and RTI as we interview Sam Adams, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Research, to learn more about emerging trends in the fields of AI and Machine Learning and the ways organizations can prepare for an Intelligent Future.
  • Big Data Fabric: A Necessity For Any Successful Big Data Initiative
    Big Data Fabric: A Necessity For Any Successful Big Data Initiative Paul Moxon, VP Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist, Denodo and Naren, Sales Engineer Recorded: May 17 2018 44 mins
    While big data initiatives have become necessary for any business to generate actionable insights, big data fabric has become a necessity for any successful big data initiative. The best of breed big data fabrics should deliver actionable insights to the business users with minimal effort, provide end-to-end security to the entire enterprise data platform and provide real-time data integration, while delivering self-service data platform to business users. Attend this session to learn how big data fabric enabled by data virtualization:

    * Provides lightning fast self-service data access to business users
    * Centralizes data security, governance and data privacy
    * Fulfills the promise of data lakes to provide actionable insights
  • iSpeak Business:  Expanding Digital Capabilities for Transformation
    iSpeak Business: Expanding Digital Capabilities for Transformation Trista Bridges Jeanne Morain Recorded: May 17 2018 33 mins
    Join Jeanne Morain and special guests Trista Bridges from CapSys as they provide the top 5 Challenges and Solutions for building out Capability driven Digital Transformation for Global Companies across the US, Europe and APAC. Trista brings a wealth of knowledge as an American-French dual national currently based in Japan that has specialized in bridging the digital divide from the business capability perspective
  • Audit Ex Machina: Digital Learning Systems and Transactional Data
    Audit Ex Machina: Digital Learning Systems and Transactional Data Erik McBain, Strategic Account Manager, MindBridge Ai, Recorded: May 17 2018 44 mins
    How are financial service firms around the world using machine learning systems today to identify and address risk in transactional datasets?

    This webinar will look at a new approach to transaction analysis and illustrate how the combination of traditional rules-based approaches can be augmented with next-generation machine learning systems to uncover more in the data, faster and more efficiently.

    We will span the various applications in banking, payments, trading, and compliance; looking at a variety of use cases from bank branch transaction analysis to trading data validation.

    Anyone interested in financial technology, next-generation machine learning systems and the future of the financial services industry will find this webinar of specific interest.

    About the speaker:
    Erik McBain, CFA is a Strategic Account Manager for MindBridge Ai, where he specializes in the deployment of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning systems in global financial institutions and corporations. Over his 10-year career in banking and financial services(Deutsche Bank, CIBCWM, Central Banking), Erik has been immersed in the trading, analysis, and sale of financial instruments and the deployment of new payment, banking and intelligent technologies. Erik's focus is identifying the various opportunities created through technological disruption, creating partnerships, and applying a client-centered innovation process to create transformative experiences, products, and services for his clients.
  • Looking to the Future with CloudNine, Concordance and LAW PreDiscovery
    Looking to the Future with CloudNine, Concordance and LAW PreDiscovery Doug Austin Recorded: May 17 2018 66 mins
    This webcast provides an overview of CloudNine, the vision for our new robust suite of products and how they will extend and enhance your data and legal discovery efforts.

    Webcast Overview:

    CloudNine recently acquired the Concordance, LAW PreDiscovery and Early Data Analyzer platforms. So, who is CloudNine, why did they acquire these products and what is their vision for them going forward? This presentation and technology demonstration led by CloudNine Vice President and eDiscovery Daily Blog author Doug Austin will provide attendees an overview of CloudNine and its capabilities and how the newly acquired products fit into the vision for the future of eDiscovery technology at CloudNine.

    Presentation Highlights:

    + Who is CloudNine?
    + What We Do and How We Solve the Problems
    + Considerations for On-Premise, Off-Premise and Hybrid Approaches
    + What the Acquisition Means for Current On-Premise Customers
    + Looking to the Future with CloudNine Off-Premise and On-Premise Products

    Demonstration Highlights:

    + CloudNine Automated Legal Hold
    + CloudNine eDiscovery Platform (Upload/Process/Review/Produce)
    + CloudNine Automated Data Preservation and Collection

    Expected Duration: 60 Minutes Presentation + Q&A (As Required)

    CloudNine Software Showcase Presenter: Doug Austin

    Doug is the VP of Products and Professional Services for CloudNine. At CloudNine, Doug manages professional services consulting projects for CloudNine clients. Doug has over 25 years of experience providing legal technology consulting, technical project management and software development services to numerous commercial and government clients.
  • Facilitating Information Governance for Rapidly Scaling Datasets
    Facilitating Information Governance for Rapidly Scaling Datasets Jacques Sauvé, Director, NetGovern Partner Enablement & Ben Canter, Caringo Global Sales Director Recorded: May 17 2018 47 mins
    No organization wants to lose data or waste precious time searching for it when it is needed. And, we all know the costly ramifications of failing to comply with governmental regulations: HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, Freedom of Information Act, GDPR, and many more. Join Jacques Sauvé, IGP of NetGovern, a leader in Information Governance software, and Ben Canter of Caringo, secure scale-out storage, to learn how compliance with current, large rapidly scaling data sets requires tighter integration between information governance and underlying storage infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Data Analytics Live TechTALK
    Hybrid Data Analytics Live TechTALK Paul Micke - Software Architect at Actian Recorded: May 17 2018 36 mins
    An interactive webinar featuring Actian Vector analytics database. Paul will provide a product overview and demo. Submit your question during the event for the live Q & A. Download the Evaluation Edition at https://www.actian.com/lp/try-vector/
  • Key Performance Indicators to Accelerate Your IT Modernization
    Key Performance Indicators to Accelerate Your IT Modernization Don Mahler, Director, IT Performance Management, Leidos & Taylor Crump, Product Marketing, Splunk Recorded: May 17 2018 47 mins
    Determining the right metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) between the business and IT is only half of the picture need when getting modern IT to operate effectively. You need all the right data to be looked at too.

    Join us to learn about the right data types in conjunction with the right KPIs that you need to look at, from Leidos, a FORTUNE 500® global science and technology solutions leader, who has successfully transformed their business to be able to make data-driven decision based on their IT data and health information.
  • AI – Warriors and Weapons
    AI – Warriors and Weapons Dr. Umesh Hodeghatta Rao, CTO, and Umesha Nayak, CEO, Nu-Sigma Analytics Labs Recorded: May 17 2018 53 mins
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning are the buzz words across the globe today. Businesses, as well as people, are trying to make out if it is simply hype or not. While there is hope there is also gloom somewhere, as far as AI is concerned. There is a lot of work to be done to ensure effective and valid deployment of AI solutions.

    Today’s AI concern is Frameworks and toolsets to manage the entire lifecycle in an integrated manner to ensure dependable results - which is the burgeoning need for AI to move forward. In this discussion, we will be focussing on some of the important challenges faced with respect to resources, frameworks, tools, and techniques for implementing AI and also the direction it is trending towards.
  • Streaming Analytics Use Cases on Apache Spark™
    Streaming Analytics Use Cases on Apache Spark™ Deepsha Menghani, Prod Mktg Mgr at Microsoft; Dhruv Kumar, Solutions Architect; Brian Dirking, Sr. Dir of Partner Mktg Recorded: May 17 2018 60 mins
    Real time analytics are crucial to many use cases. Apache Spark™ provides the framework and high volume analytics to provide answers from your streaming data. Join us in this webinar and see a demonstration of how to build IoT and Clickstream Analytics Notebooks in Azure Databricks. These Notebooks will use Python and SQL code to capture data from Azure Events Hub and Azure IoT Hub, parse the data, and make it available to run in machine learning models. See how your organization can start taking advantage of your streaming data.
  • Accudata's White-Hat Files | May 2018 Edition
    Accudata's White-Hat Files | May 2018 Edition Josh Berry, CISSP & OSCP, Principal Consultant for Risk & Compliance Recorded: May 17 2018 16 mins
    Welcome to the White Hat Files – a monthly series where the best white hat hackers give you what you need to know about the threat landscape.

    Our first White Hat File comes from Josh Berry, who holds OSCP, CISSP, and GIAC certifications.
    In this 15-minute webinar, he’ll give you the rundown on Accudata’s most-seen vulnerabilities, as well as best practices you can use to defeat attackers looking to dissect and destroy your business.

    Join us for our next edition in June! Register here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/16347/322209?utm_source=Accudata+Systems&utm_medium=brighttalk&utm_campaign=322209
  • Verizon Risk Report - Streamline Security with Actionable Insights
    Verizon Risk Report - Streamline Security with Actionable Insights Katie Crammer, Director, Verizon Global Security Solutions Recorded: May 17 2018 39 mins
    Please join Katie Crammer, Director of Global Security Solutions as she provides an in-depth conversation about a new powerful tool to help enterprises quantify cyber risk and ROI.

    Enterprises routinely struggle to correlate security-related costs with cyber risks and have difficulty determining their security ROI and measuring their security posture. The Verizon Risk Report provides a comprehensive, automated, 360-degree security risk posture assessment, updated daily. The report provides a security score by measuring outside security posture against peers, evaluates control effectiveness, exposes gaps, weaknesses and associated risks, yielding actionable recommendations for mitigating real and likely risks.
  • Technology Trends & Use Case in AI
    Technology Trends & Use Case in AI Camberley Bates, Evaluator Group; Frederic Van Haren, Evaluator Group; Keith Kirkpatrick, Tractica Recorded: May 17 2018 58 mins
    What are the top use cases in AI? Or should we say, what will be the top use cases in the next 5-10 years? How are companies using the disciplines of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and HPC? What is needed to enable faster adoption? What technology changes are expected or required? Evaluator Group and Tractica, leading analyst firms on the topic of Artificial Intelligence come together to discuss these topics of market adoption and technology requirements.

    This is an INTERACTIVE session. We will start with short presentations then open up the Fireside chat. The audience is invited to submit their questions and participate in what will be a lively discussion.
  • The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 14
    The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 14 HPCC Systems Recorded: May 17 2018 88 mins
    Join us as we continue this series of webinars specifically designed for the community by the community with the goal to share knowledge, spark innovation and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community. This episode will feature three speakers on the following topics:

    Tai Donovan, Robotics Director, American Heritage School - High School Autonomous Agricultural Project
    A group of 5-6 students are working on an autonomous agricultural project with the goal of providing time sensitive data to the owner-operator/farmer/grower of a production farm. Tai will discuss their challenges and how he is using HPCC Systems.

    Lorraine Chapman, Consulting Business Analyst, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - Meet Our Summer Interns
    By the end of 2018, ten students will have completed projects as part of the HPCC Systems intern program. Find out about these students, including where and what they are studying, the projects they will be working on and the intern experience we provide to help them feel part of the team. Lorraine will also speak about how you can get involved with the program by being a mentor, or contributing a project idea for a new feature or enhancement to the HPCC Systems platform and/or Machine Learning Library.

    Richard Taylor, Chief Trainer, HPCC Systems, LexisNexis Risk Solutions – Current/Longest Event Sequence by Month
    Richard will discuss processing event dates to discover for each event within a given time frame: the current number of sequential months the event occurred, and the longest contiguous month-by-month sequence. This topic is based on questions from one of our Statistical Modelers (new to ECL) regarding how to approach the problem in a non-procedural manner. The example code will make use of the GROUP and HAVING functions.
  • Address Verification 5.13 – What’s New?
    Address Verification 5.13 – What’s New? Amarpal Sohi, Donal Dunne Recorded: May 17 2018 31 mins
    The Spring release of Address Verification will be available in May. Come and learn about the new capabilities available in Address Verification 5.13, which will add value to your organization and help you make more informed decisions.
  • LAN Standards, News & Trends: 2018 Update
    LAN Standards, News & Trends: 2018 Update Cindy Montstream, Legrand Recorded: May 17 2018 77 mins
    Join FOTC Standards Chair Cindy Montstream for an update on structured cabling standards.

    Attendees will earn one BICSI CEC.