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Big Data and Data Management

  • Practical Steps Every IT Department Must Take to Get Ready for GDPR
    Practical Steps Every IT Department Must Take to Get Ready for GDPR Nigel Tozer, Solutions Director, Commvault; Caragh O’Carroll, GDPR lead, Fujitsu Ireland; Jan Smets, DPO & GDPR lead, Gemalto Recorded: Dec 11 2017 45 mins
    Join experts from Commvault, Fujitsu and Gemalto in this panel-style webinar to learn more about GDPR.

    With the fast approaching May 25th deadline, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is on the mind of every IT department, as it will have a significant impact across all areas of every organisation.

    To help you get prepared, we’ve got some industry experts from leading organisations with GDPR practices, for an online panel discussion on the practical steps IT departments will have to take to get their organisation ready. The panel includes Fujitsu’s GDPR lead for Ireland, a qualified DPO and security expert from Gemalto, plus a GDPR data management expert from Commvault.

    We'll discuss:

    •Practical IT challenges related to GDPR from security and data management perspectives

    •Recommended steps to prepare for and meet GDPR requirements within the IT department

    •Key tips, and things to watch out for

    •How to get started and identify the gaps to be addressed

    This session will include a live Q&A (via chat) with the presenters.
  • Unprotected Files on a Public Cloud Server: Live Panel on the NSA Data Leak
    Unprotected Files on a Public Cloud Server: Live Panel on the NSA Data Leak Chris Vickery, George Crump, David Linthicum, Charles Goldberg, Mark Carlson Recorded: Dec 8 2017 59 mins
    Public, private and hybrid cloud are nothing new, but protecting sensitive data stored on these servers is still of the utmost concern. The NSA is no exception.

    It recently became publicized that the contents of a highly sensitive hard drive belonging to the NSA (National Security Agency) were compromised. The virtual disk containing the sensitive data came from an Army Intelligence project and was left on a public AWS (Amazon Web Services) storage server, not password-protected.

    This is one of at least 5 other leaks of NSA-related data in recent years. Not to mention the significant number of breaches and hacks we’ve experienced lately, including Yahoo!, Equifax, WannaCry, Petya, and more.

    The culprit in this case? Unprotected storage buckets. They have played a part in multiple other recent exposures, and concern is on the rise. When it comes to storing data on public cloud servers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace and more, what are the key responsibilities of Storage Architects and Engineers, CIOs and CTOs to avoid these types data leaks?

    Tune in with Chris Vickery, Director of Cyber Risk Research at UpGuard and the one who discovered the leak, along with George Crump, Chief Steward, Storage Switzerland, David Linthicum, Cloud Computing Visionary, Author & Speaker, Charles Goldberg, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Thales e-Security, and Mark Carlson, Co-Chair, SNIA Technical Council & Cloud Storage Initiative, for a live panel discussion on this ever-important topics.
  • The State of Play of FirstNet
    The State of Play of FirstNet Bill Schrier, Senior Advisor, First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) Recorded: Dec 8 2017 24 mins
    What's the status of FirstNet's state opt-in benefits and how does the network help support public safety? Also, what are the benefits of connecting first responders to IoT and Smart Cities? These are the question that Bill Schrier will answer on this LIVE PODCAST by NMG Media.
  • Are EMEA organizations behind the curve, developing their Cloud Backup Strategy?
    Are EMEA organizations behind the curve, developing their Cloud Backup Strategy? Phil Maynard, Sr. Director, Technical Sales EMEA; Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum Recorded: Dec 8 2017 45 mins
    Many organizations within EMEA are beginning to host more of their business-critical applications and data in the Cloud. However, many of these organizations are not fully aware of the risks, so are not fully protecting their Cloud-based applications or data. In addition, the majority of organizations still rely on traditional on-prem focussed Backup solutions, many of which do not enable the cloud to be used efficiently, or cost effectively.

    Join Phil Maynard, Sr. Director EMEA, Technical Sales at Barracuda and Alex Hilton, CEO at Cloud Industry Forum to discuss:

    - Findings from Barracuda research on how companies are using Backup and Cloud in EMEA
    - What’s preventing companies from moving their backups to the Cloud
    - Why moving to Office 365 could break your data protection and IT security strategy
    - Real life examples of how organisations have adopted a hybrid on-prem and Cloud Backup Strategy
  • In Search of the Golden Leads: A Discussion with Samantha Chow and LexisNexis
    In Search of the Golden Leads: A Discussion with Samantha Chow and LexisNexis Samantha Chow - Senior Analyst Aite Group and Stephen Guerra, Director Acquisition & Retention LexisNexis Risk Solutions Recorded: Dec 7 2017 56 mins
    Reaching the right insurance prospects, at the right time should be easier than ever before. However, this is not necessarily the reality. Despite increased data resources and analytic capabilities, insurance marketers continue to struggle to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to lead quality. This was just one of the findings in a recent Aite Group industry report titled ‘Lead Generation in Insurance: In Search of the Golden Leads,’ authored by Senior Analyst Samantha Chow. During this webinar Chow will uncover the findings of her report with LexisNexis Risk Solutions and discuss some of the innovative solutions available today for insurance carriers.
  • Classifying Multi-Variate Time Series at Scale
    Classifying Multi-Variate Time Series at Scale Ash Munshi Recorded: Dec 7 2017 27 mins
    Characterizing and understanding the runtime behavior of large-scale Big Data production systems is extremely important. Typical systems consist of hundreds to thousands of machines in a cluster with hundreds of terabytes of storage costing millions of dollars, solving problems that are business critical. By instrumenting each running process, and measuring their resource utilization including CPU, Memory, I/O, network etc., as time series it is possible to understand and characterize the workload on these massive clusters. Each time series is a series consisting of tens to tens of thousands of data points that must be ingested and then classified. At Pepperdata, our instrumentation of the clusters collects over three hundred metrics from each task every five seconds resulting in millions of data points per hour. At this scale the data are equivalent to the biggest IOT data sets in the world. Our objective is to classify the collection of time series into a set of classes that represent different work load types. Or phrased differently, our problem is essentially the problem of classifying multivariate time series.

    Intended for machine learning researchers and developers who use machine learning in their applications, Pepperdata CEO Ash Munshi presents a unique, off-the-shelf approach to classifying time series that achieves near best-in-class accuracy for univariate series and generalizes to multivariate time series.

    Before joining Pepperdata, Ash was executive chairman for Marianas Labs, a deep learning startup sold in December 2015. Prior to that he was CEO for Graphite Systems, a big data storage startup that was sold to EMC DSSD in August 2015. Munshi also served as CTO of Yahoo, as a CEO of both public and private companies, and is on the board of several technology startups.
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery with Databricks
    Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery with Databricks Prakash Chockalingam, Product Manager at Databricks Recorded: Dec 7 2017 45 mins
    Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) enables an organization to rapidly iterate on software changes while maintaining stability, performance, and security. Many organizations have adopted various tools to follow the best practices around CI/CD to improve developer productivity, code quality, and software delivery. However, following the best practices of CI/CD is still challenging for many big data teams.

    This webinar will highlight:
    *Key challenges in building a data pipeline for CI/CD.
    *Key integration points in a data pipeline's CI/CD cycle.
    *How Databricks facilitates iterative development, continuous integration and build.
  • Transitioning from PostgreSQL to an Advanced Analytical Database
    Transitioning from PostgreSQL to an Advanced Analytical Database William McKnight, President, McKnight Consulting Group Global Services Recorded: Dec 7 2017 55 mins
    In today’s data driven world, where effective decisions are based on a company’s ability to access information in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days, selecting the right analytical database platform is critical.

    Join us on this webcast and learn about the criteria for choosing an analytical database, the process for transitioning away from PostgreSQL, and how three leading data-driven companies successfully transitioned to Vertica for a scalable, high-performance analytics solution.
  • Analytics and Machine Learning Drives ITOA 2.0 for Better App Performance
    Analytics and Machine Learning Drives ITOA 2.0 for Better App Performance Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst at 451 Research and Kalyan Ramanathan, VP Product Marketing at Sumo Logic Recorded: Dec 7 2017 50 mins
    Today’s leading enterprises are striving to deliver high performance, highly scalable and always-on digital services. Built using a host of modern tools including microservices, multiple cloud platforms, containers and DevOps practices, these apps present new challenges for operations teams when it comes to understanding and driving performance.

    Although IT operations analytics (ITOA) tools bring visibility to IT teams, they don’t operate well in today’s complex and heterogeneous environments. A new breed of ITOA solutions (ITOA 2.0), driven by advancements in machine learning and big-data technologies are poised to better respond to the needs of IT pros responsible for the modern complex applications.

    In this webinar, we will discuss:

    •The driving factors behind the evolution of ITOA to ITOA 2.0
    •How machine learning and analytics play a central role
    •Why correlation of logs and metrics is becoming critical for monitoring tools
    •How organizations can leverage ITOA 2.0 technologies to reduce mean time to identify the source of problems and repair them
  • Baselines & Benchmarks –Making Open Source Big Data Analytics Easy
    Baselines & Benchmarks –Making Open Source Big Data Analytics Easy Arjuna Chala, Sr. Director of Special Projects for the HPCC Systems Recorded: Dec 7 2017 48 mins
    Bringing heterogeneous data into a homogenous data warehouse environment is one of the most daunting aspects of any big data implementation.

    Even though Apache Spark and HPCC Systems Thor can be thought of as complementary, there is interest in comparing their performance with data analytics-related benchmarks, specifically transformation, cleaning, normalization, and aggregation. Join us to hear how HPCC Systems Thor's performance compares to Apache Spark utilizing standard benchmarking methodologies.

    Learn how these benchmarks and HPCC Systems can help you establish new baselines that:
    •Improve the speed and accuracy of the transformation, cleaning, normalization, and aggregation processes
    •Enable efficient use of developer resources and development budgets
    •Facilitate the use of standard hardware, operating systems, and protocols
  • IIA's 2018 Predictions & Priorities
    IIA's 2018 Predictions & Priorities Tom Davenport, IIA Co-Founder and Analytics Thought Leader, Bill Franks, IIA CAO, and Bob Morison, IIA Lead Faculty Recorded: Dec 7 2017 59 mins
    The International Institute for Analytics will unveil its annual list of top predictions and priorities on December 7. Each year, IIA shares its perspective on the year ahead in the world of analytics, presenting viewpoints from leading analytics practitioners, executives and thought leaders. This year IIA has gathered feedback from more than 200 analytics executives and our broad network of unbiased analytics experts.

    Join IIA Co-Founder Tom Davenport, IIA CAO Bill Franks, and IIA Lead Faculty Bob Morison as they discuss the major trends and pressing priorities analytics professionals should pay attention to in 2018. Don't miss this compelling hour of insights to learn where to focus your time, attention and resources in the coming year.
  • HPC, Big Data and Digital Transformation: Driven by Artificial Intelligence
    HPC, Big Data and Digital Transformation: Driven by Artificial Intelligence Frederic Van Haren, Sr. Analyst and HPC Practice Lead, Evaluator Group Recorded: Dec 7 2017 60 mins
    High-Performance Computing (HPC) paradigms were born from the need to apply sophisticated analytics to large volumes of data gathered. The rise of open source and increased affordable hardware offerings helped Big Data to become an alternative approach.

    As HPC and Big Data continue their own trajectories, they borrow ideas and learn from each other. How does artificial intelligence impact this and how can these technologies benefit one another in 2018 and beyond?
  • SciVal API :: What is it & how can I use it?
    SciVal API :: What is it & how can I use it? Martin Edling Andersson (Senior SciVal Product Manager) and Joe Riess (Principal Software Engineer) Recorded: Dec 7 2017 32 mins
    The SciVal API allows you to programmatically retrieve metrics for use in your own software applications.

    Join Martin Edling Andersson (Senior SciVal Product Manager) & Joe Riess (Principal Software Engineer) for an introduction to the new SciVal API, what it is, where it can be accessed and how it can be utilized. Joe, who built the SciVal API, will give a demonstration of how you can create a small application using the SciVal API and Scopus APIs together.

    An API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it provides a way for programs to talk to one another. The SciVal API gives access to a comprehensive basket of metrics for researchers (Scopus Author profiles) and all 8,500+ institutions available in SciVal.

    The API returns data machine-readable format that enables software, rather than humans using the scival.com platform, to use the data. Consequently, this allows developers to write programs that automatically extract metrics from SciVal periodically, and use that data in their Institutional Repository systems, websites and for richer visualizations in tools like Tableau.
  • Transforming the Digital Customer Experience
    Transforming the Digital Customer Experience Danny Johnson Director of Strategic Enterprise Networks, Verizon Enterprise Solutions Product Marketing Recorded: Dec 7 2017 53 mins
    Digital transformation. It’s disrupting every industry and impacting how you deliver a great customer experience. Companies that ignore it risk their very survival; but those that embrace it can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and drive greater value. The truth is, keeping up with bandwidth demands and continuing innovation, while transitioning from manual processes to end-to-end digital processes, is extremely difficult on their own. Plus your customers have an expectation of your brand to be available 24x7 and deliver at any time of the day or night that they desire.

    Join our live webinar and learn:
    · Why digital transformation will only be successful if you begin with the customer in mind.
    · What digital technologies are being used by top companies to maximize customer satisfaction and drive revenues.
    · How to define the best approach to transforming the customer experience for your industry/organization.

    Danny Johnson
    Director of Strategic Enterprise Networks, Verizon Enterprise Solutions Product Marketing

    Tim Stevens
    Global Lead for Vertical Marketing

    Forrest Carr
    Director of Business Innovation & Digital Experience
  • Capsule Networks -- A Boon for Deep Learning or Distraction?
    Capsule Networks -- A Boon for Deep Learning or Distraction? Tarry Singh & Huadong Liao | Amsterdam & Chongqing Recorded: Dec 7 2017 63 mins
    Geoffrey Hinton et al introduced Capsules Theory a couple of years ago in his lectures and finally, a few weeks back their first research paper got published on arXiV.

    The king of the hill lately is Convolutional Neural Networks but a simple "pixel attack" can throw it in complete disarray. This may not be much of a problem in you aren't able to identify a cat or a dog but doing deep medical image scanning -- if manipulated, can lead to disastrous results.

    Furthermore, Convolutional Neural Networks, while great improvements upon older models fail in their "cognitive" capabilities of associationism when it comes to orientation and spatial relationships.

    This is where Capsule Networks or CapsNET comes in, that doa a better job in understanding spatial hierarchies between simple and complex objects, much in the same way we think we understand how our visual cortex computes / understands objects.

    This webcast will give you a gentle introduction on Capsule Networks and our work in building a rich and robust library of CapsLayer, which we will further develop in the coming months!
  • Procurement Integrity: Fraud, Waste and Abuse
    Procurement Integrity: Fraud, Waste and Abuse Jen Dunham, SAS Principal Solutions Architect and Yolande Byrd, Director, FACTS Consulting Recorded: Dec 6 2017 19 mins
    Procurement fraud is prevalent. How can you thwart an attack? How can you prevent some of the most common themes like collusion and false claims?

    Listen to our experts as they take a high-level approach to explaining the disruption to global businesses and how all industries are susceptible. You’ll learn about specific problems and how analytics provides answers.
  • Building a Big Data Stack on Kubernetes
    Building a Big Data Stack on Kubernetes Sean Suchter Recorded: Dec 6 2017 55 mins
    There is growing interest in running Apache Spark natively on Kubernetes (see https://github.com/apache-spark-on-k8s/spark).

    Intended for software engineers, developers, architects and technical leads who develop Spark applications, this session will discuss how to build a big data stack on Kubernetes. In particular, it will show how Spark scheduler can still provide HDFS data locality on Kubernetes by discovering the mapping of Kubernetes containers to physical nodes to HDFS datanode daemons. You’ll also learn how you can provide Spark with the high availability of the critical HDFS namenode service when running HDFS in Kubernetes.
  • How BrightEdge Achieves End-to-End Security Visibility with Splunk and AWS
    How BrightEdge Achieves End-to-End Security Visibility with Splunk and AWS Scott Ward, Solutions Architect, AWS, Erin Sweeney, Product Marketing, Splunk, Jae An, Head of Security, BrightEdge Recorded: Dec 6 2017 61 mins
    Security practitioners face new and evolving threats every day. BrightEdge needed to take a more proactive and efficient stance to monitor, investigate and triage threats, and maintain their security posture on the AWS Cloud. Splunk’s analytics-driven security solution made it easy for BrightEdge to gain visibility across their entire cloud environment to secure critical customer data and ensure compliance.

    In this webinar, you’ll hear how BrightEdge gained the end-to-end visibility required to respond quickly and effectively to security threats using Splunk.

    Join us to learn:

    • How to get started proactively identifying, scoping, and analyzing security threats.
    • The value of an analytics-driven security model.
    • How Splunk offers end-to-end visibility across your hybrid or AWS Cloud environment

    AWS Speaker: Scott Ward, Solutions Architect

    Splunk Speaker: Erin Sweeney, Senior Director, Product Marketing

    Customer Speaker: Jae An, Head of Security, BrightEdge
  • How John Wiley & Sons Uses Trusted Data Across the Customer Journey
    How John Wiley & Sons Uses Trusted Data Across the Customer Journey Frank Guastafeste, Associate Director of Customer Data Governance, John Wiley & Sons Recorded: Dec 6 2017 59 mins
    Established over 200 years ago, John Wiley & Sons helps people and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Through online scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly journals, combined with their digital learning, assessment and certification solutions, they help a diverse set of customers, including universities, learned societies, businesses, governments and individuals, increase the academic and professional impact of their work.

    Wiley knew that a single customer identity would facilitate relationships, transaction flows and risk management. Groups such as Sales, Marketing, Product and Customer Service could realize efficiencies and drive revenue by better understanding who the customers are as well as their relationships to each other.

    During this webinar, Frank Guastafeste, Associate Director of Customer Data Governance at John Wiley & Sons, shares:

    •How Wiley discovers a whole new level of customer insights to differentiate engagement in every phase of the customer journey
    •The processes and business roles required to implement a single customer master record within a data governance framework
    •The challenges Wiley faced and the successes it has realized from a focus on data quality and governance
  • Vertica, the industry's fastest SQL analytical database
    Vertica, the industry's fastest SQL analytical database Tim Donar and Scott Saktanaset, Vertica Recorded: Dec 6 2017 33 mins
    Wondering where to start with Vertica? Want to see it in action? Join us for this 30 minute live demo to hear more about the basics of software installation, best practices, and cluster deployment. You will learn about the Vertica Management Console used to deploy Vertica nodes and monitor and manage a database cluster through any web browser. Bring your questions!
  • The Early Adopters: Inside the latest IP-based facilities
    The Early Adopters: Inside the latest IP-based facilities IBC365 | BBC Wales | SMPTE | Rohde & Schwarz | BCE Recorded: Dec 6 2017 61 mins
    IBC365’s second webinar on IP will offer practical insights on building IP-based broadcast facilities.

    The webinar features presentations from three media firms working with IP, including case studies from broadcasters working with end-to-end IP and one systems integrator who is providing IP tools and services.

    The switch from SDI to IP-based broadcast studios is now well under way. Going fully IP will allow broadcasters unparalleled flexibility from production to workflow to playout.

    Through a series of early adopter case studies, IBC365 examines how broadcasters and suppliers are meeting this transition and what real-world benefits the IP revolution can bring broadcasters, vendors and audiences.
  • How Open Sourced Big Data is Helping to Fuel World Sustainability
    How Open Sourced Big Data is Helping to Fuel World Sustainability Jeff Bradshaw, Group CTO, Adaptris within Proagrica & Flavio Villanustre, Vice President of Technology, HPCC Systems Recorded: Dec 6 2017 48 mins
    As farmers grapple with how they will feed an increasing global population, the need to harness data and analytics has become more critical. Changing diets, demand for healthier food options, and decreasing water availability are just some of the challenges that face agriculture today. Combine that with global market volatility and rising input costs such as water, chemicals, seeds, and more and it is harder than ever for farmers to be profitable and sustainable.

    As Proagrica searched for ways to help the agriculture industry use data-driven decision making for crops and livestock production, they decided to adopt HPCC Systems® as their big data partner. HPCC Systems not only delivered a scalable, resilient and secure platform, but it also met their projected future expansion needs.

    Join Jeff Bradshaw, Group CTO for Adaptris within Proagrica and Flavio Villanustre, Vice President of Technology for HPCC Systems, as they discuss how they implemented HPCC Systems and the Adaptris enterprise service bus to incorporate massive, diverse data sets from within complex, secure environments. Jeff and Flavio will share insights on best implementation practices to deliver clean/quality data, provide data security, and deliver the real-time analytics their customers demanded.

    In this webcast, Proagrica will share their mission and their experiences with:

    · The open source, end to end big data processing platform, HPCC Systems
    · Rapid development with a growing set of real time data sources
    · Seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure to simplify deployment and management capabilities
    · Real-time data ingestion and flexible stream processing from massively diverse data sets
    · Enabling real-time analytics while providing for data security
  • Issue advocacy, redefined. Bryan Fratkin, Founder, Whistle Stop Digital
    Issue advocacy, redefined. Bryan Fratkin, Founder, Whistle Stop Digital IT Chronicles Media Recorded: Dec 6 2017 13 mins
    Bryan talks to the 10 in Tech team about SparkInfluence, a new breed of advocacy and engagement platform to quickly educate and empower stakeholders to action, identify influencers, reach decision makers and affect change.
  • Introducing a new Elsevier report: A Global Outlook on Disaster Science
    Introducing a new Elsevier report: A Global Outlook on Disaster Science Anders Karlsson, VP Academic Relations Japan & APAC and Basak Candemir, Analytical Services Product Manager Recorded: Dec 6 2017 47 mins
    Every year, disasters impact human lives and take a significant economic toll. Science plays a key role in reducing disaster risk and mitigating impact. For the report, A Global Outlook on Disaster Science, Elsevier has partnered with leading international institutions and drew upon high-quality global data including Scopus to examine the state of worldwide disaster science research. Attend this webinar with Elsevier presenters, Anders Karlsson and Basak Candemir to hear the report’s key findings and how it can support policy- and decision- makers at governments and universities on the topic of natural and man-made disasters
  • The Practical Execution of Security in the Enterprise
    The Practical Execution of Security in the Enterprise Gee Rittenhouse, SVP Security Business Group, Cisco; Mike Iwanoff, SVP/CISO/CIO, iconectiv Recorded: Dec 5 2017 28 mins
    As more of our business data will exist in the cloud and as the scale of IoT creates more weak links in the security chain, what systems in the network are designed securely that CIOs and CSOs can leverage? And will a lack of industry standards and technology architecture around the IoT makes it difficult to create security policies? Also, why do some contend that the IoT is impossible to secure?

    On this edition of NMGs podcast series, we invite Gee Rittenhouse, Senior Vice President, Security Business Group at Cisco and Mike Iwanoff, SVP/CISO/CIO at iconectiv.

    Key takeaways for listeners:

    a.Fraudsters are out in full force: Yesterday’s solution might not solve tomorrow’s problems/challenges

    b.Tips and Info: Top three things I can do to get more info/more data and improve my posture in this area
    •Threat Modeling
    •Risk Assessment
    •Risk Framework

    c.Determine whether you have the technology requirements for an acceptable risk posture:
    •Multi-cloud security
    •segmentation of the network
    •automation – allowing you to implement controls to recover from a threat, find the source and mitigate the threat from reoccurring.

    d.Communicate that risk posture to exec team and to the board - At the end, the company should know what their risks are and what
    they are willing to accept

    e.Understand the challenge and know that you don’t have to build your own security solutions.
  • Top 5 IT Trends for 2018 – An APAC Perspective
    Top 5 IT Trends for 2018 – An APAC Perspective Russell Skingsley, APAC CTO Hitachi Vantara, Greg Knieriemen, Technology Evangelist Dec 12 2017 3:00 am UTC 60 mins
    2017 has been a watershed year in terms of digital transformation. It isn’t a year for major technology breakthroughs, but a year in which we have begun to change the way we use technology. Cloud adoption has taken off and more applications are being developed for the cloud. Corporate leadership is more committed than ever to digital transformation projects and early indications are that we have stopped the decline in productivity and are on an upturn. What’s next and what are the trends to watch out for in 2018?
  • Scale Out, Not Up: Modernise and Simplify your Data Management Infrastructure
    Scale Out, Not Up: Modernise and Simplify your Data Management Infrastructure Marc Lucas, Commvault and Alex Raben, COOLSPIRiT Dec 12 2017 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Is your data protection infrastructure slowing you down? Staff and time are a limited resource. But all too often, addressing tactical matters supporting your systems consumes most, or all, of both.

    Eliminate the slowdown and consolidate the point solutions and appliances that consume your time.

    In this webinar we will introduce you to an appliance that gives you a turnkey data protection solution that’s designed, tested, built and supported entirely by Commvault. With it, you’ll save time across:

    Acquisition: you won’t have to research components and compatibilities, or manage complicated orders

    Installation and Integration: no need for your team to assemble, test, and monitor multiple components

    Administration: with a simple, intuitive graphical user interface, an IT generalist can monitor performance, set policies, and enable self-service capabilities

    Patching: a single update puts you on the latest software version, eliminating the need to track compatibility across vendors

    Support: one call is all you’ll need to resolve any issue across the entire hardware and software stack

    You can choose to scale out the appliance, or choose Commvault HyperScale™ Software with your preferred hardware vendor.

    Join us to learn more about this game-changing solution.
  • Master-Data Fueled Supplier Management with MDM – Supplier 360
    Master-Data Fueled Supplier Management with MDM – Supplier 360 Barry Wildhagen, Senior MDM Specialist, Informatica Dec 12 2017 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    If you are in supply chain management, procurement, or supplier relationship management, you are shifting from playing a tactical role to a strategic one. As trusted advisors to internal business partners, you need to fundamentally support the success of your organization’s innovation and digital transformation.

    However, quite often, supply chain, buying and sourcing teams struggle to access a single view of all supplier data so they can understand the total supplier relationship across the business.
    Does this sound familiar to you?
    Join this webinar and learn how leverage MDM – Supplier 360 to:
    - Have quick access to trusted, governed and relevant supplier data in order to make the right decisions, respond quickly, monitor supplier performance and detect anomalies, i.e. related to supplier risk and compliance
    - Standardize and automate operational processes and workflows, like supplier onboarding, reducing manual and redundant workloads
    - Accelerate time-to-market
    - Improve supplier collaboration and supplier relationship management
    - Quickly react to changing market requirements and deal with demand volatility
    - Evaluate supplier spend management

    Barry Wildhagen is a Senior MDM Specialist with strong background in master-data fueled supplier management solutions. Working closely with global enterprise customers, he understands the trends, challenges and needs of supply chain organizations and how to address them.
  • Applying Machine Learning to unstructured files and data for research
    Applying Machine Learning to unstructured files and data for research Dr Tom Parsons, Research Director and Mitchell Murphy, Data Scientist from Spotlight Data Dec 12 2017 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Researchers generate huge amounts of valuable unstructured data and articles from research every day. The potential for this information is huge: cancer and pharmaceutical breakthroughs, advances in technology and cultural research that can improve the world we live in.

    This webinar discusses how text mining and Machine Learning can be used to make connections across this broad range of files and help drive innovation and research. We discuss using Kubernetes microservices to analyse the data and then applying Machine Learning and graph databases to simplify the reuse of the data.
  • From Big Data to AI: Building Machine Learning Applications
    From Big Data to AI: Building Machine Learning Applications Maloy Manna Data engineering PM, AXA Data Innovation Lab Dec 12 2017 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The newest buzzword after Big Data is AI. From Google search to Facebook messenger bots, AI is also everywhere.

    Machine learning has gone mainstream. Organizations are trying to build competitive advantage with AI and Big Data.

    But, what does it take to build Machine Learning applications? Beyond the unicorn data scientists and PhDs, how do you build on your big data architecture and apply Machine Learning to what you do?

    This talk will discuss technical options to implement machine learning on big data architectures and how to move forward.
  • How to Unleash the Power of PIM with MDM – Product 360
    How to Unleash the Power of PIM with MDM – Product 360 Manouj Tahiliani, Sr. Director of Product Management, Informatica & Nagesh Kanumury, Director Product Management, Informatica Dec 12 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    What have Coke, PUMA, Unilever, St. Gobain, or Coop in common?  They are brands, wholesalers or retailers that are going through a data-driven digital transformation process. And they selected the Product Information Management (PIM) solution that is recommended in all key analyst reports to intelligently manage their product content.

    Join this webinar to learn from Informatica MDM and PIM experts about the latest innovations and feature highlights of Product 360, including Product 360 version 8.1 (G.A. December 7th).

    Supported by real customer use cases, we will showcase how MDM-Product 360 can help your organization unleash the power of your product data by:
    - improving product data quality and governance,
    - accessing a single trusted view of product data,
    - increasing operational efficiencies,
    - accelerating time-to-value,
    - creating unified and engaging omnichannel shopping experience,
    - streamlining internal and external collaboration on product content,
    - supporting regulatory compliance and supply chain traceability.
  • How TrueCar Gains Actionable Insights with Splunk Cloud
    How TrueCar Gains Actionable Insights with Splunk Cloud Ray Zhu, Sr. Product Manager, Amazon Kinesis, Kara Gillis, ITOA Product Marketing, Splunk, & David Giffin, SVP Technology Pl Dec 12 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The vast amount of big data that today’s companies generate makes it difficult to separate the signal from the noise. Organizations need to derive meaningful insights into operations and business to take action. TrueCar needed a better way to manage, search, and analyze their hybrid environment.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how TrueCar centralized all of their data in one place using Amazon Kinesis and Splunk Cloud, gaining deep visibility, scalability, and the ability to monitor and troubleshoot operational issues – all while migrating to AWS.

    Join us to learn how TrueCar:

    • Gained cross-functional, end-to-end visibility into both infrastructure and application logs
    • Leveraged Kinesis to capture, analyze, transform, and visualize streams of data in Splunk Cloud
    • Derived meaningful insights from Splunk dashboards across infrastructure
  • Building a Fast, Scalable & Accurate NLP Pipeline on Apache Spark
    Building a Fast, Scalable & Accurate NLP Pipeline on Apache Spark David Talby, CTO, Pacific AI Dec 12 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Natural language processing is a key component in many data science systems that must understand or reason about text. Common use cases include question answering, paraphrasing or summarization, sentiment analysis, natural language BI, language modeling, and disambiguation. Building such systems usually requires combining three types of software libraries: NLP annotation frameworks, machine learning frameworks, and deep learning frameworks.

    This talk introduces the NLP library for Apache Spark. It natively extends the Spark ML pipeline API's which enabling zero-copy, distributed, combined NLP & ML pipelines, which leverage all of Spark's built-in optimizations.

    The library implements core NLP algorithms including lemmatization, part of speech tagging, dependency parsing, named entity recognition, spell checking and sentiment detection. The talk will demonstrate using these algorithms to build commonly used pipelines, using PySpark on notebooks that will be made publicly available after the talk.

    David Talby has over a decade of experience building real-world machine learning, data mining, and NLP systems. He’s a member of the core team that built and open sourced the Spark NLP library.
  • The Data Center Market and the Standards That Drive It
    The Data Center Market and the Standards That Drive It Paul Neveux, Superior Essex Dec 12 2017 4:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    This webinar addresses the drivers behind the ever-growng data center market and the standards that support that growth.

    Attendees will earn one BICSI Continuing Education Credit.
  • Data Fabric: A New Paradigm For Self-Service Data & Data Scientists
    Data Fabric: A New Paradigm For Self-Service Data & Data Scientists Kelly Stirman, VP Strategy, Dremio Dec 12 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Data Scientists are rare and highly valued individuals, and for good reason: making sense of data, and using the machine learning libraries requires an unusual blend of advanced skills. Why is it then that Data Scientists spend the majority of their time getting data ready for models, and a fraction actually doing the high value work?

    In this talk we introduce the concept of Data Fabric, a new way to provide a self-service model for data, where data scientists can easily discover, curate, share, and accelerate data analysis using Python, R, and visualization tools, no matter where the data is managed, no matter the structure, and no matter the size.

    We will talk through the role of Apache Arrow, the in-memory columnar data standard that is accelerating analytics for GPU-based processing, as well as the role of Pandas and Arrow in providing unprecedented speed in accessing datasets from Python.
  • Shift Left: How testing early and often is best for the business and customer
    Shift Left: How testing early and often is best for the business and customer Nancy Gohring 451 Research and Steve Feloney CA Technologies Dec 12 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Organizations in most any industry are feeling increasing pressure to move fast. But at what cost? Some have learned the hard way that skipping crucial processes, like testing, damages performance and impacts customer sentiments on your brand. In this case, the fast time to market becomes meaningless.

    Smart businesses are adapting to a shift left strategy. These teams are learning how to incorporate testing early and often in the release cycle, supporting business requirements to move fast while ensuring high-performing products and quality. But getting there isn’t easy. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    •Testing tools: tool choice is important. Not all tools have been designed to support this new paradigm.
    •Integrations: to be effective, testing tools must integrate easily with the tools and processes modern teams use, including CI/CD and APM products. Further, these tools must be very easy to use, specifically for developers.
    •Organizational models: shifting left requires changes to traditional organizations and culture. We’ll share insight into the successful models we’ve seen.
  • 9 Ecommerce Tips for a Successful 2018
    9 Ecommerce Tips for a Successful 2018 Signifyd, Brightpearl and AmericanEagle.com Dec 12 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In this webinar, we are joined by Brightpearl and AmericanEagle.com in giving you, merchants, practical tips and best practices that can help your ecommerce business improve and scale in 2018.

    We'll cover:
    + What you can be doing throughout all of your marketing channels to achieve success
    + How can you make it easy for your customers to buy and get their orders right and on time.
    + How you can maximize revenue while taking less risks
  • Driving Value with Data Science
    Driving Value with Data Science Thomas W. Dinsmore, Director of Product Marketing, Cloudera Data Science Dec 12 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This is the age of data science. We have more data, computing power and software packages than ever before, and we’re driving real value with data science. But challenges remain: fragmented and dirty data, collaboration issues, and long project cycle times.

    Keys to success: a ‘data-first’ approach, enabling collaboration, and a focus on prediction. Cloudera Data Science delivers the unified platform you need for rapid time to value with the most advanced machine learning techniques, including deep learning.
  • Multi-Cloud Storage: Addressing the Need for Portability and Interoperability
    Multi-Cloud Storage: Addressing the Need for Portability and Interoperability John Webster, Senior Partner, Evaluator Group, Mark Carlson, SNIA CSI Co-Chair, Alex McDonald, SNIA CSI Chair Dec 12 2017 8:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    In a recent survey of enterprise hybrid cloud users, the Evaluator Group saw that nearly 60% of respondents indicated that lack of interoperability is a significant technology-related issue that they must overcome in order to move forward. In fact, lack of interoperability was chosen above public cloud security and network security as significant inhibitors. This webcast looks at enterprise hybrid cloud objectives and barriers with a focus on cloud interoperability within the storage domain and the SNIA’s Cloud Storage Initiative to promote interoperability and portability of data stored in the cloud.
  • Using Augmented Analytics to Gain a Competitive Business Advantage
    Using Augmented Analytics to Gain a Competitive Business Advantage AnswerRocket: Pete Reilly and Mike Finley; Dayton Freight: Ryan Cronin Dec 12 2017 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Today’s companies need approaches to analytics that are both faster and smarter than ever before. Faster, because business users can no longer afford to wait days or weeks to get questions answered by overloaded technical analysts. And smarter, because it’s no longer sufficient to only report what happened when. Augmented analytics help users understand why activities are occurring, and how to make the right adjustments moving forward.

    In this webinar, we’ll share how augmented analytics is transforming business intelligence and analytics. Hear how leading transportation company Dayton Freight reduced their analytics process from hours to seconds and gained valuable insights that weren’t evident through traditional BI methods.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - How consumer-friendly paradigms such as natural language and search allow business users to quickly create their own analytics
    - How machine learning can quickly interpret sophisticated concepts and metrics specific to your company
    - How artificial intelligence can proactively alert users to business trends and outliers
  • Natural Language Processing Exposed: The Art, the Science and the Applications
    Natural Language Processing Exposed: The Art, the Science and the Applications Sid J Reddy, Chief Scientist, Conversica Dec 12 2017 10:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In this presentation, we will discuss several applications of NLP such as information extraction, knowledge synthesis, and entity retrieval. We will discuss how these fundamental set of algorithms are applicable for a wide array of use-cases and industry verticals such as healthcare, business intelligence, life sciences, legal, e-commerce, sales, and marketing.

    Additionally, case studies from these areas will be used to provide an intuitive explanation of complex NLP topics such as distributional semantics, computational linguistics, question-answering, conversational AI, and applications of deep learning to text data.

    Dr. Sid J. Reddy's Bio: https://www.conversica.com/sid-j-reddy/
  • How to Efficiently Unlock Your Data Potential
    How to Efficiently Unlock Your Data Potential Vitezslav Zak - Senior Consultant, CloverETL Dec 13 2017 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Customers around the world are embracing the CloverETL platform to eliminate clumsy hand-coded scripts and legacy data management solutions. Learn how to leverage CloverETL to simplify and automate data integration within your enterprise.

    In our 20 minute high-level overview, discover how to efficiently develop, orchestrate and automate data transformations, from file-to-database loads to automating complex data movement between databases, files and Web Service APIs. See real-life examples of how some of our customers deploy CloverETL for reporting, migration, warehousing and BI and how your organisation could too.

    Finally, we end with a live Q&A session, offering advice on your challenges and how to deliver your use case using CloverETL.

    The live session will close with a Q&A session, where we can walk through your specific concerns and use cases.
  • AI in VR: Enabling a world of “6 DoF” Analytics
    AI in VR: Enabling a world of “6 DoF” Analytics John Cutter, Product Manager, Watson Developers Labs & AR/VR Labs, IBM Dec 13 2017 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality hold the potential to affect nearly every facet of daily business. Those implications go beyond the disruptive nature of even the mobile phone.

    Explore the business implications of AR & VR with John as he discusses trends through the lens Big Data, Analytics, and AI.

    John, IBM’s Head of AR/VR Labs, will discuss real-world examples of compelling work in these categories, draw on the lessons learned, and expand on future trends that businesses should seriously consider when using AR or VR in their company.
  • 2018 IT Trends
    2018 IT Trends Greg Knieriemen, Chief Technology Evangelist and Marketing Strategist & Paul Lewis, Chief Technology Officer, Americas Dec 13 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    2017 was a watershed year for digital transformation. Though there were no major technology breakthroughs, we began to change the way we use technology. Cloud adoption increased and more applications were developed for the cloud. Corporate leadership showed deeper commitment to digital transformation, and productivity seemed to be on an upturn. In their top IT trends for 2018, Greg Knieriemen and Paul Lewis focus more on the operational changes that affect IT instead of the changes in technologies. They will express their own thoughts and should not be considered representative of Hitachi.
  • Top Trends with Enterprise Class Data Lakes
    Top Trends with Enterprise Class Data Lakes Philip Russom, Sr. Research Director, TDWI Dec 13 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Are your data lake efforts going to take off for your enterprise or be grounded in POCs forever? Leading analysts predict over 60% of big data projects will fail to graduate from proof of concepts this year. Today, many organizations are interested in new big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and Spark Streaming - as well as secular trends towards self-service data preparation and real-time streaming. These organizations must take a transformational approach to delivering enterprise class data lakes. Dr. Philip Russom of TDWI Research has identified common success patterns that lead to enterprise class data lakes. In this webinar, learn how to:

    •Leverage Dr. Russom’s Data Lake Manifesto, based on his years of research into organizational best practices
    •Understand common patterns of successful enterprise class data lakes
    •Exploit AI-driven approaches to data management to get more trusted data assets every time

    Join Dr. Russom and Informatica experts on this webinar to learn about industry trends in how organizations maximize the value of data lakes for enterprise class success.
  • The Role of Data in XR
    The Role of Data in XR Amy Peck, Founder/CEO, EndeavorVR Dec 13 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Knowledge is power, but how do we use data for better insights and understanding? What are the benefits and perhaps more importantly, what are the risks?

    In this webinar, we will look at both sides of Data in XR:

    • Data Visualization within a virtual environment
    ⁃ Examining large data sets in 3D
    ⁃ Translating 2D into 3D
    ⁃ Interacting with data
    ⁃ Rethinking how we analyze data

    • Capturing data from virtual environments
    ⁃ Data points from within the environments
    ⁃ How companies are using captured XR Data
    ⁃ Connecting 2D & 3D data sets
    ⁃ Privacy and personal data
  • Pepperdata Application Summary Page Overview
    Pepperdata Application Summary Page Overview Alex Pierce Dec 13 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Find any application easily with a simple new application search capability. Intended for software engineers, developers, operators, architects and technical leads who develop Spark applications, Pepperdata has simplified the task of application performance management. Pepperdata Field Engineer Alex Pierce demonstrates how to identify bottlenecks and get recommendations and insights to improve the performance of your application in one place.