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Practicing business intelligence allows your company to transform raw data into sets of insights for targeted business growth. The business intelligence and analytics community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of data scientists, database administrators, business analysts and other data professionals. Find relevant webinars and videos on business analytics, business intelligence, data analysis and more presented by recognized thought leaders. Join the conversation by participating in live webinars and round table discussions.
  • Join us on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST for this follow-up webinar to the Introduction to Apache Ignite(TM) (incubating) webinar, in which GridGain co-founder and EVP of Engineering and Ignite PMC Chair, Dmitriy Setrakyan will take a deep dive into several coding examples.
  • Ingesting raw data into Hadoop is easy, but extracting business value leveraging exploration tools is not. Hadoop is a file system without a data model, data quality, or data governance, making it difficult to find, understand and govern data.

    In this webinar, Tony Baer, Principal Analyst of Ovum Research, will address the gaps and offer best practices in the end-to-end process of discovering, wrangling, and governing data in a data lake. Tony Baer will be followed by Oliver Claude who will explain how Waterline Data Inventory automates the discovery of technical, business, and compliance metadata, and provides a solution to find, understand, and govern data.

    Attend this webinar if you are:
    --A big data architect who wants to inventory all data assets at the field level automatically while providing secure self-service to business users
    --A data engineer or data scientist who wants to accelerate data prep by finding and understanding the best suited and most trusted data
    --A Chief Data Officer or data steward who wants to be able to audit data lineage, protect sensitive data, and identify compliance issues
  • Here’s the good news. While the number of data sources organizations face is rapidly increasing, the cost to store data has never been cheaper. This trend – as well as big data technologies like Hadoop – has led to more valuable insights for organizations.

    But it’s also led to IT departments overburdened with requests from the business users they support. So where do we go from here?

    View this webinar that discusses data federation, a type of data virtualization that:

    • Provides a centralized governance and security layer.
    • Speeds the creation of virtual data views.
    • Makes it easier for business users to access the data they need.

    We’ll also demonstrate technologies like big data virtualization, federated data-as-a-service and data masking.
  • SAS® In-Memory Analytics is built for speed. It enables you to access unstructured and structured data and tackle complex analytical computations blazingly fast. But it doesn’t end there.

    SAS In-Memory Analytics also delivers incremental value from big data so that you can find more lucrative opportunities, detect risks and improve targeted marketing.

    View this webinar to learn why SAS In-Memory Analytics can help you:

    • Tackle problems never before considered due to computing constraints.
    • Draw timely insights from Hadoop.
    • Perform self-service data discovery.
    • Run iterative and interactive analytics scenarios.
  • Your business is extremely competitive – a loyal customer can be lost with the click of a mouse, the wrong product mix erodes sales, and supply chain inefficiencies eat into profit margins. Have you begun transforming your business using Big Data to engage individually with customers, optimize your merchandising and logistics, and re-gain competitive advantage? If not, then it’s time to start your Big Data journey!

    In this webinar you will learn:
    •Big Data use-cases and market trends in Retail and CPG
    •Informatica’s Big Data solution for Retail and CPG
    •Real-world customer examples and case studies

    The wealth of data available to Retail and CPG companies often goes untapped, even though it can provide tremendous business value when managed as an asset. Using Informatica to access, transform, cleanse, and master Big Data can turn data captured from POS systems, social media, sales & marketing campaigns, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) feeds, supplier catalogs, clickstreams, mobile devices, and more into Great Data. Delivering great data to business, consumers, and suppliers lets you put the right products in front of the right customers at the right time.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to use Informatica for Big Data use-cases specific to the Retail and CPG industry such as omni-channel marketing campaign and supply chain optimization. Real-world examples and customer case studies will illustrate how other companies are achieving amazing results by fully leveraging their Big Data.
  • Speakers:
    Stewart Rogers: Director of Marketing Technology; VB Insight
    Ujjwal Dhoot: CMO;
    Talia Wolf: Founder & CEO; Conversioner
    Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré: Community Growth for at HubSpot Labs


    In an increasingly competitive marketplace, conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools, techniques, and tactics can be the difference between becoming a market leader or an ‘also ran.’

    The practice of gaining as much as possible from existing traffic, visits, reads, and views is becoming a serious business, and a raft of tools are carving out their place in the field.

    We’ll analyze the top solutions, revealing what techniques CRO practitioners use them for, how they are priced, how satisfied users are with them, how they score for each major feature, and what types of business use each product.

    Check out VB Insight to access Stewart's Conversion Rate Optimization report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology:
  • Join this webinar to learn how Informatica and X15 Software have teamed up to:

    -Provide an end-to-end machine and log data management solution on Hadoop
    -Dramatically simplify and accelerate machine data collection, indexing, storage, analysis and visualization
    -Scale to handle massive volumes of streaming data
    -Gain insights into user activities, product utilization, security threats and many other operational metrics
    -Help you leverage your existing investment in analytic resources and BI technologies
  • Kurze Darstellung des IBM SPSS Portfolios. Detailliertere Vorstellung von IBM SPSS Modeler und dem Cross Industry Standard für Data Mining.
  • In this Webinar we will walk you through some key topics related to the art and the science of data visualization and data discovery. We will provide a viewpoint on whether completeness of your data is important to get started. We will share some key considerations in choosing a visualization type. We will also discuss the importance of story telling and what we believe is required in data discovery to increase your chances for a surprise-ending that will give you the competitive advantage you need.

    In this webcast you will learn about:

    - Valuable and current options to consider when creating visualisations

    - How to gain a competitive edge with a powerful visual business story

    - Examples of companies successfully democratising their data
  • An overview of how businesses can gain visibility into B2B transactions to speed decision-making, respond to changing customer and market demands, and optimize business processes.
  • LearnFlex Learning Management Solution (LMS) enables your organization to create and share knowledge in a simple, automated, and integrated way. LearnFlex makes the process of automating, tracking, managing, and reporting on all aspects of your enterprise-level learning initiatives easier—all while demonstrating a clear return on investment.
  • Opportunities and risks abound for IT organizations. At each digital step, the diverse data that organizations need to manage and analyze continues to grow.

    Is IT ready for the “Era of Abundance”? Or is it constantly stuck in the vicious cycle of the “Era of Scarcity”?

    Hosted by Gary Spakes of SAS, this on-demand webinar will prescribe an optimal set of information architecture options involving Hadoop for data management, data discovery and analytics.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Embrace analytics by looking beyond technology and existing organizational mindsets.
    • Modernize your analytics architecture to integrate with what you have.
    • Meet current and future needs around different types of users, workloads and scalability.
    • Make the most intelligent decisions when building a big data architecture.
  • Email exchange is the biggest source of content production in any enterprise and its management is usually left in the hands of the senders and receivers as to what to save, archive, or delete. From an IT perspective operating this way is unsustainable as email volumes continue to grow. OpenText eDOCS experts explain how integrating email with your eDOCS content repository will speed up your discovery process and ease the burden on your IT resources.
  • If you want to make the best decisions from diverse data, you need to consistently ask the right questions.

    That's where visual statistics shines.

    This on-demand webinar will show how it can help you:

    • Explore how top-performing companies use big data and predictive analytics.
    • Introduce visual statistics and describe what it can do for you.
    • Offer a demonstration of two supervised learning techniques using SAS Visual Statistics: data exploration and prediction, and stratified modeling.
  • Two thirds of B2B companies Forrester surveyed said the way they interact with customers has fundamentally changed as a result of B2C. The majority of B2B customers are using mobile devices to research and buy products online. Do you have a strategy for this?

    Join industry leaders to learn:
    * How B2C expectations are fueling the new B2B buyer behavior
    * Crossover threats from B2C titans
    * What you need to be doing differently to stand out
  • Whether you are a retail or commercial bank, mortgage lender or diversified financial services company; everything you do is based on analytics. From branch operations to risk management to compliance and customer service, all business operations are driven by advanced and intelligent analytics.

    But is your data ready? Are you an "Analytics Ready" bank? Great analytics starts with great data management. In this webinar replay, sponsored by Source Media, watch as industry experts from Informatica and Tableau share industry trends and best practices to being an Analytics Ready financial services firm.

    During this session, you will:
    •Learn how great data and analytics can help reduce capital risk
    •Hear about how data quality impacts customer service and operations
    •Understand where big data fits into your data management plans
    •Review the steps you can take to be Data Ready today
  • The Big Data market in 2013 was worth $12.5B+ and is projected to grow to $32.4B in 2017 when Big Data will be a component of mainstream IT. This is your opportunity to redefine traditional data architectures characterized by rigid, difficult-to-scale, proprietary configurations to a modern “Data Lake” characterized by agile, scale-out, and open architectures via on-premises or cloud delivery models.

    Learn about the following:
    •How to get started with EMC Data Lake Foundation solutions
    •Building your Data Lake skills
    •Starting the conversation with your customers
  • During this webinar, Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo, will introduce you to some of the key features that the Openbravo Web POS solution provides, allowing associates and customers to enjoy a great in-store shopping experience. Web and mobile POS with assisted sale and inventory visibility capabilities. Empowered associates and delighted consumers in today’s omnichannel reality.

    What Will You Learn?
    - 6 key features a web POS solution should have for great in-store shopping experiences.
    - Latest new capabilities included in the Openbravo Commerce Platform web POS module.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • Accurate, complete, secure — these are the hallmarks of enterprise data at world-class organizations. In healthcare, the importance of these metrics carries even more importance. That’s why CHRISTUS Health takes a systematic approach to managing its information assets. Operating in more than 60 U.S. cities and half a dozen states in Central and South America, CHRISTUS understands the challenges of building information systems that respect privacy, while enabling the kind of analysis that leads to better patient outcomes.

    During this Health Data Management webcast, learn how CHRISTUS Health assembled a comprehensive data strategy for delivering an advanced analytics infrastructure. You’ll hear how a combination of Data Management tools and Data Governance process addressed core challenges of working with multiple systems across the spectrum of healthcare domains. An in-depth Q&A session will let attendees learn about the best practices that enable operational and clinical efficiencies through this next-generation analytical solution.
  • Between rapidly growing data volume and stricter protection requirements, you might be finding that your tape archives are simply too slow to keep up. Fortunately, a solution has emerged: the Virtual Tape Library (VTL).

    Before you choose a VTL, however, it’s vital that you know all the major considerations. See what they are in a live webcast led by acclaimed IT technologist Mel Beckman and Dell’s Marc Mombourquette. Don’t miss out on your chance to hear them demystify VTL technology and explain its inner workings. Sign up today and discover:

    • How VTL works and why it's so good
    • Secrets of reduplication
    • The importance of encryption at rest and key management
    • VTL interconnect technologies
    • Shopping for feeds, speeds, and features
    • Backend archival strategies
    • Real-world solutions
  • Learn how Birst and SAP HANA deliver instant analytics by automatically unifying data from ERP and CRM systems, organizing it into a user-ready data store, and presenting it via reports, dashboards and visual discovery.
  • With more than 100 applications in production, a leading bank needed to reduce the time required to deploy and update its apps. By implementing an automation solution from HP, the bank reduced the application time-to-deploy by nearly 8X. Now the bank follows a seamless and standardized approach for deployment.
  • Die neue Version von IBM SPSS Modeler unterstützt Sie dabei, typische Predictive Analytics Fragen und Themen anzugehen, z.B.:

    • Kundensegmentierung: Welche Kundengruppen gibt es und welche Kunden sind für ein bestimmtes Produkt/Serviceangebot affin?
    • Kundenabwanderung: Welche Kunden sind abwanderungsgefährdet?
    • Next best action: Kundenindividuelle Interaktion bzw. Handlungsempfehlungen in Echtzeit am PoS!
    • Vorausschauende Instandhaltung und Ausschussminimierung im Produktionsprozess
    • Wie erkenne ich Versicherungs- oder Subventionsbetrug?
    • Justizwesen: Qualitätsmanagement, Sozialtherapien und kriminologische Forschung

    Einige der neuen Features im Überblick
    • Verbesserte Algorithmen für die Analyse von extrem großen Datenmengen erlauben es, kausale Zusammenhänge zwischen tausenden von Datenreihen herzustellen.
    • Geodaten und zeitbezogene Datenreihen lassen sich in die Analyse einbinden und in Form von Visualisierungen (z.B. Heatmaps) anschaulich aufbereiten. Beispiel:
    • Wo wird demnächst ein Verbrechen geschehen?
    • Wo wird sich eine Krankheit oder Epidemie im Zeitablauf ausbreiten?
    • Wie werden sich meine Filialen wo, wie und im Zeitablauf entwickeln?
    • Vorhandene Funktionen für die Datenanalyse werden noch enger in die bestehenden Geschäftsprozesse und IT-Systeme integriert.

    Neu: SPSS Modeler Personal Edition. 'Stand-Alone-Version für den Ein-Mann-Data-Miner' zum kleinen Preis.

    Neu: SPSS Modeler Gold on Cloud. Ein webbasierter Service mit Subskription auf monatlicher Basis. Zahlen sie nur das, was Sie benötigen, ohne die IT-Abteilung einbinden zu müssen.
  • Join us on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST for a webinar titled "Hyperscaling Your SaaS Infrastructure" featuring InsideBIGDATA Managing Editor, Daniel Gutierrez and GridGain co-founder and EVP of Engineering, Dmitriy Setrakyan.

    In this 50 minute webinar we'll explore how modern SaaS, PaaS and IaaS systems are achieving unprecedented levels of scale and performance by implementing In-Memory Computing (IMC) technologies. We'll cover which types of services will benefit most from IMC, how IMC compares to alternative technologies, and how to get started evaluating this game-changing technology.

    This webinar is a must-see for technology leaders in the transition to high-speed, low-latency Saas, PaaS or IaaS services. Register Now.
  • Great Data – data that is precisely accurate, complete and delivered “in time” delivers the following benefits to the Data-Centric Warfighter. It…

    • Hones the effectiveness of the warfighter to a razor’s edge
    • Improves warfighter focus in the field
    • Can off-load a multitude of distracting tasks from the warfighter
    • Enhances the warfighter’s agility and adaptability

    But, how much of your data is “Decision Ready”?

    In this webinar, Doug Orman, President of THOR International, will discuss how a strategic approach to enterprise data management can help you to exploit the power of your data to the benefit of the warfighter.

    Register now to learn how to ensure your organization has the Great Data required to enhance, protect, sustain and care for the warfighters of today and tomorrow.
  • During this webinar, Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo, and Victor Gaspar, Project Manager at GMV (Openbravo Certified Partner), will explain how retailers can help enable their stores to be smarter and which technologies are helping them today to make this happen.

    What Will You Learn?
    - The concept of smarter stores and how it is related with the convergence of technologies like mobility and the Internet of Things.
    - The importance of physical smarter stores in today's omnichannel reality.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • You have tons of data, but how useful is it? Explosive data volumes and expanding data footprints are a reality for every data services team today. This is why so many enterprises are turning to big data platforms like Hadoop. But could your data consumers get even more value from your big data investments? Big data can be useful but great data that is clean and trusted is better.

    Refining big data into great data offers many benefits:
    - Faster deployment and repeatable delivery of big data projects
    - More comprehensive data for better contextual understanding of information by consumers
    - More trusted information for higher quality business insights

    Join this webinar, with host David Lyle of Informatica and guest speaker Mark Madsen, Research Analyst and CEO from Third Nature, to learn about the differences between what we're used to doing to manage data and how the new big data architecture changes what we do. Mark will review what's different with the data we're adding, how and when to prepare it (or ignore it), how new data changes our data architecture, and how to govern data so that you can expedite and amplify the return on your investments in Hadoop.

    David will discuss how Informatica’s customers have successfully extracted more value from Hadoop for all sorts of applications like targeted marketing and fraud reduction by quickly ingesting, parsing, profiling, transforming, and cleansing big data into great data.
  • HDFS Transparent Data Encryption has been added to HDFS 2.6, and it finally provides with a solution to data encryption on a higher level than the OS one whilst remaining native and transparent to Hadoop. It aims cover the gap that existed for privacy and security regulations that many industries require, without having to introduce a third-party solution into the mix. This way, having encryption at HDFS level gives an optimal context for policy definition that is relevant to the industry, while remaining transparent to the applications running on Hadoop.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    -where HDFS Transparent Encryption sits within the Hadoop security framework
    - an introduction to the technical details including how to create Encryption Keys and Encryption Zones
    - Interaction with the Apache Key Management System (KMS) and the encryption/decryption data flow
    - Future work in the space of Hadoop security in general, and encryption in particular
  • In this presentation, Lee Carter, VP EMEA at Bright Computing, will talk about Hadoop in the cloud, and how to leverage Hadoop without necessarily having to invest in on-premise infrastructure. Lee will explore the challenges faced when setting up, operating, using and managing Hadoop clusters. He will discuss user demand for Hadoop to be easier, and look at how the shortage of skilled Hadoop resources is impacting the industry. Lee will investigate the idea that better management tools can solve these challenges.
  • Processing data from social media streams and sensors devices alike, in real-time, is becoming increasingly prevalent and there are plenty open source solutions to choose from.

    In this Webinar we will help practitioners decide what to use for which use case by comparing three popular ASF open source stream processing frameworks: Apache Storm, Apache Samza and Apache Spark Streaming.Last but not least, we will discuss best practices and review real-world customer use cases from the stream processing domain.
  • Using real life examples drawn from his work with enterprise clients, Maciej Zawadziński, CEO of Piwik PRO, will outline possible uses of open source analytics platforms in Enterprise-level environments, also indicating potential opportunities and challenges. A must-attend for anyone serious about enterprise sector and curious about business applications of open source software!
  • Being customer-ready means staying engaged with your customers with reliable communication that reaches its audience. Customer email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses are at the heart of being customer-ready. Cleansing and verifying customer contact records reduces your costs, increases customer satisfaction, and helps improve your sales and marketing outreach. Informatica Data as a Service just announced new capabilities for its Phone Validation and Contact Record Verification products through new features that are helping enterprises reach customers while improving their overall data quality. Attend this webinar to be among the first to learn about new features of Informatica Data as a Service products, including a valuable global scope added to these products so you can validate contact data no matter where your customers are in the world. Register now to see the latest about Data as a Service’s industry-leading data quality services.
  • Amazon Redshift enables customers to innovate quickly using its fully managed and immensely scalable data warehousing solution. Tableau’s ability to connect directly to Redshift and leverage its massive computing power means even the most non-technical business user can quickly discover business insights with easy to use drag and drop visual analytics against mammoth data sets. Join Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mixpo and Tableau Software, an AWS Technology Partner, to learn how customers are leveraging both Tableau and AWS to tackle big data exploration projects and recognize business benefits in record time.
  • NTT Communications in collaboration with Capacity is hosting an exclusive webinar exploring effective strategies for carriers on the path to SDN.

    Tighter margins, tougher competition and the insatiable demand for bandwidth in the telecoms market are all conspiring to force the pace of innovation at breakneck speed.

    SDN seems to be the answer to most of these challenges, but as the concept continues to gain fervent adepts (and critics), it is becoming increasingly difficult to get unbiased information to make informed decisions.

    This webinar will deliver a thorough analysis of SDN, discussing the technology behind the concept and where SDN sits in a carrier network, as well as key topics including:

    •The impact on organisational and operational cultures
    •Should your organisation buy or build?
    •The impact on equipment selection
  • The maturity of Hadoop as a technology framework suitable for organizations, large and small, to economically store and process vast amounts of data is no longer a prediction, but rather a reality every IT leader understands. But that doesn’t mean Hadoop is done disrupting the data and analytics landscape.

    Self-service analytics solutions capable of leveraging the massive processing and data discovery potential of distributed Hadoop clusters are ushering in a new era of data freedom for business users who are hungry to put data at the heart of their decision making process. With programming and query languages no longer a prerequisite skill for exploring Hadoop environments, organizations everywhere are waking up to the reality that even non-technical users can quickly and easily find insights in even the biggest of Hadoop data sets.

    Attend this webinar to hear how IT groups are adjusting to this new breed of bold and curious data user and learn:
    - How IT is shifting from data protector to data mentor
    - Why business users are so data hungry and so un-afraid of Big Data
    - What true self-service analytics can look like when paired with Hadoop
  • Being customer-ready means staying engaged with your customers with reliable communication that reaches its audience. Customer email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses are at the heart of being customer-ready. Cleansing and verifying customer contact records reduces your costs, increases customer satisfaction, and helps improve your sales and marketing outreach. Informatica Data as a Service just announced new capabilities for its Phone Validation and Contact Record Verification products through new features that are helping enterprises reach customers while improving their overall data quality. Attend this webinar to be among the first to learn about new features of Informatica Data as a Service products, including a valuable global scope added to these products so you can validate contact data no matter where your customers are in the world. Register now to see the latest about Data as a Service’s industry-leading data quality services.
  • TDWI recognizes that Hadoop usage is a minority practice today, but assumes that mainstream usage of Hadoop within business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) applications will become common across many industries within a few years. This Webinar provides an overview of Hadoop products and best practices in the context of BI/DW applications so that user organizations can prepare to integrate Hadoop into their BI/DW technology stacks and software portfolios successfully.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    What Hadoop technologies are and can do for BI/DW
    Common types of analytic applications that Hadoop technologies enable
    Adjustments that Hadoop-based analytics with big data requires of practices in data integration, metadata management, query optimization, data warehouse architecture, and so on
  • Part 2 of 2: Join Dave Simpson, 451 Research Sr. Storage Analyst, and Sean Derrington, Exablox Sr. Director of Product Management in a follow-up session about:
    1) Data protection trends and pain points
    2) How virtualization changes the game
    3) Array-based snapshots and replication for data protection
    4) Backup targets shift
    5) Cloud-based backup and recovery
    6) Why object-based storage?

    Did you miss Part 1: The Future of Enterprise Storage with Simon Robinson, VP of Storage at 451 Research?
  • When Apache Hadoop hit the market eight years ago, it rattled the cages of traditional BI and data warehousing professionals. Many speculated whether Hadoop would replace existing infrastructures, complement them, or become just the latest technology fad.

    We now know Hadoop is not a fad and driving topic of discussion today is around how best to utilize Hadoop - even if you don't have big data.

    If you're a technically savvy business professional who is still trying to understand how big data - and Hadoop in specific - impacts the enterprise data game, this webinar is for you. We'll highlight six common ways Hadoop is being used to support and extend the enterprise data warehouse ecosystem, with or without "big" data.
  • Today’s enterprises are challenged with capturing large amounts of data from a number of sources in a variety of formats, and then storing it in a cost-effective, timely manner. With your current data warehouse, this may seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. With a Hadoop-based modern data warehouse, you can overcome these challenges and get meaningful insights from real-time data.

    Want to learn how?

    Join experts from Attunity, Hortonworks, and RCG Global Services for a live webinar - where we will be discussing enterprise data warehouse optimization. You will learn how to:

    •Rebalance your data warehouse by identifying unused data and resource-intensive workloads that can be moved to Hadoop.
    •Seamlessly integrate your current enterprise data warehouse with a Modern Data Architecture.
    •Better utilize data assets to reduce costs while realizing more value from your data.
    •Develop a roadmap for implementing the Hadoop-based Modern Data Architecture and Data Lake.
  • Sometimes one cloud isn’t enough. In a recent study by IDC, more than 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud technologies before 2016. In this webinar we will walk you through a case study on a large enterprise customer who optimized their cloud strategy for performance, capabilities, and costs by using a multi-cloud approach. The results were outstanding - $1.5 million in annual savings from examining only 15 apps out of 500 app portfolio. Join Ilyas Iyoob, Director of Advanced Analytics and Lani Dame, Sr. Product Marketing Manager as they walk through this customer success.
  • Storage performance handcuffs performance of many applications — especially applications built on SQL Server. Using FlashSoft® software to cache I/O with a server-attached flash memory device lowers latency and improves IOPs. This means better application performance, and less strain on your primary storage. It might also mean that you can run more virtual machines on the same hardware — saving server costs and software licensing fees. Learn the highlights of FlashSoft for Windows and Hyper-V and how it can help you.
  • A recent, global poll identified the key concern in deploying Skype for Business was how to deliver an outstanding end-user experience, across an environment with multiple vendors.
    This webcast will show you the key insights of how to not only oversee a successful Skype for Business deployment but how to make it work seamlessly with your existing unified communications environment, in turn, delivering an outstanding experience.
  • Join this webinar with Hortonworks and Skytree and learn how Communications Service Providers can enhance their customers experience by:

    - Creating a Data Lake for a 360 degree customer view.
    - Building dynamic customer profiles.
    - Leveraging a next-best-action streaming engine.

    You will learn more about how Hortonworks Hadoop Distribution Platform and Skytree Machine Learning Solution can help you do so.
  • These days consumers interact with companies across multiple channels—from walking into a physical location to engaging with your website or even calling to make a complaint. Is your customer experience consistent across these channels? Or do these multiple touch points mean multiple consumer experiences?

    Join our webinar to learn how you can create a truly seamless omnichannel experience and gain better insights from a single customer view, all through unlocking the power of your data.

    Attend this webinar to find out:
    • Where the omnichannel dream falls flat
    • What role data and its quality plays in omnichannel and the single customer view
    • How to address common data collection challenges, through every channel you interact with customers
    • How to achieve omnichannel success through better data quality
  • Join us on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST for a webinar focused on critical importance of In-Memory Computing in turning Big Data into Fast Data. Featuring Jason Stamper, Data Platforms & Analytics Analyst for 451 Research and Nikita Ivanov, co-founder and CTO at GridGain Systems.
  • In this webinar you will learn more about the AddressDoctor spring release 5.7.0:

    •Improved Coverage of Business Names and Addresses in the United Kingdom
    •Building-Level Rooftop Geocoding for United Kingdom
    •Ability to Retrieve UPRN as Enrichment for United Kingdom Addresses
    •Ability to Retrieve Province ISO Codes in Batch, Interactive, and Fast Completion Results
    •Multi-Language support for localities in Switzerland
    •Ability to Retrieve NIS Code as Enrichment for Belgium Addresses
    •New point geocoding feature for Australia
    •Ability to Remove Locality and Province Descriptors from China and Japan Addresses
    •Improved Parsing and Validation of India Addresses
    •Ability to Retrieve FIAS ID as Enrichment for Russia Addresses
    •Introduction of Cyrillic Script for Bulgaria Addresses
    •Ability to Validate Slovakia Addresses that Contain Street Name Abbreviations
  • Data breaches of all sorts, affecting credit card providers, retailers and health care providers, suggest that such breaches will continue and grow as a major risk to all organizations and their IT, security, and compliance departments. At the same time, Big Data solutions are gradually becoming more prevalent, connecting many new sources of data and thus potentially increasing both the vulnerability and the magnitude of a data breach. It is no wonder that Stratecast survey data suggest that one of IT managers’ primary concerns with Big Data is security, yet the advantages of Big Data in enabling revenue creation make it very attractive to the business. This panel discussion will explore the security issues around Big Data.

    In particular, the panel will discuss:
    •Whether Big Data necessarily increases the risk of a security breach
    •How to assess the risks associated with different types of Big Data solutions
    •How to avoid data breaches in a Big Data environment
  • April 30th 10am PST / 1pm EST

    John Koetsier: VP Research; VentureBeat
    Andrew Laffoon: CEO & Co-Founder; Mixbook


    Is Mobile Marketing Automation the silver bullet to your apps success? How do you successfully leverage mobile marketing automation solutions to meet your business needs? With an increasingly complex market landscape, which solutions are tailored to your business?

    We surveyed 375 mobile developers with over 900 million monthly average users, analyzed 1.8 million apps in Google Play and the iOS app store, conducted 17 live interviews, and surveyed 19 MMA providers to find answers to these questions.

    Join us to learn how to successfully leverage mobile marketing automation to your advantage.

    Sponsored by: Swrve