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Practicing business intelligence allows your company to transform raw data into sets of insights for targeted business growth. The business intelligence and analytics community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of data scientists, database administrators, business analysts and other data professionals. Find relevant webinars and videos on business analytics, business intelligence, data analysis and more presented by recognized thought leaders. Join the conversation by participating in live webinars and round table discussions.
  • Michael DePetro, Sr. Technical Delivery Manager, Americas PIM Practice, Informatica, brings 15+ years’ experience to the table in successful Master Data Management projects. Implementing a Product Information Management solution is not just installing an IT tool. PIM is a program enabler for information transformation in the enterprise for both Business and IT.

    In this webinar, Michael will share his expertise on key agilities when implementing PIM in order to drive business goals like omnichannel ready experience, faster time to market, operational efficiencies or regulation ready data.

    - Expectations
    - Change Management
    - PIM Enterprise Approach
    - Time Lines
    - Core Team Utilization
    - Partners in Implementation
  • Payments industry participants in the USA are currently finalizing their plans for the first EMV liability shift, schedule for October 15, 2015.

    Significant investments will be made by merchants, acquirers and processors just to get ready to accept EMV cards at the point of sale.

    During this session, the team from IR will help you understand the cost of non-compliance.

    We’ll show you how Prognosis can give you the real-time transaction level visibility you need to monitor and manage a successful EMV roll-out.

    We’ll also show you how this additional insight can help you manage your business more effectively in the future.
  • When you hear someone say, “that is a nice infographic” or “check out this sweet dashboard,” many people infer that they are “well-designed.” Creating accessible (or for the cynical, “pretty”) content is only part of what makes good design powerful. The human-centered design process is geared toward solving specific problems. This process has been formalized in many ways (e.g., IDEO’s Human Centered Design, Marc Hassenzahl’s User Experience Design, or Braden Kowitz’s Story-Centered Design), but the basic idea is that you have to explore the breadth of the possible before you can isolate truly innovative ideas.

    In this talk, I'll share some lessons we've learned from the human-centered design process and how those lessons can be used by other data science practitioners.
  • In this webinar you'll learn how Pivotal HAWQ, one of the world’s most advanced enterprise SQL on Hadoop technology, coupled with the Hortonworks Data Platform, the only 100% open source Apache Hadoop data platform, can turbocharge your Data Science efforts.

    Together, Pivotal HAWQ and the Hortonworks Data Platform provide businesses with a Modern Data Architecture for IT transformation.
  • One of the most unique and critical feature of Cloud is it’s “Elasticity”. The very nature of SaaS applications being delivered over cloud (internet) enforces a natural requirement for these applications to be elastic as well in order to leverage the cloud benefits. However, one of the common myths in SaaS is Cloud will take care of scalability and application need not worry about it. Many SaaS providers realize this when their applications are put for a true scalability test – which can span across all the layers of your application. While the cloud facilitates elasticity the application should have been architected to make use of it. In this webinar we are going focus on the best practices involved in building a true scalable SaaS application.

    Key Takeaways:
    • Scalability considerations in a layered architecture
    • Scalability design patterns
    • Techniques for database scalability
    • Balancing cost vs. scalability in AWS cloud
    • Key services in AWS for SaaS applications to leverage scalability
  • Join us on Wednesday, May 27 at 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT for an original webinar that reveals how In-Memory Computing technology will play a critical role in the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon. Jason Stamper, Data Platforms & Analytics Analyst for 451 Research and Nikita Ivanov, co-founder and CTO at GridGain Systems and Ilya Sterin, Senior Director of Engineering at ChronoTrack will approach the topic from the expert perspectives of the analyst, technology provider and solution implementer respectively.
  • Learn How to leverage Digital Transformation & Customer Capital Management (CCM) to improve your Customers Experience

    Join us for a complimentary webinar and discover how you can transform your company’s Customer Experience effectiveness.

    Did you know…
    •50% of top executives see Customer Experience Management as their #1 investment for the next five years
    •A 5% increase in customer retention impacts profitability from 25%-100%
    •You risk up to a 25% potential revenue loss without a Master Customer Data Management strategy
    •CXM leaders have customers with greater loyalty who are:
    o17.5% more likely to buy more
    o13.3% more likely to forgive a mistake

    Learn from the experts! Join us on Wednesday, May 27th at 3pm EDT and discover how you can Digitally Transform your Customer Experience effectiveness with the latest strategies, tools, and applications to leverage the return on investment through return on information.
  • Imagine knowing today what tomorrow will bring. Now you can.

    Predictive analytics, known for its ability to predict future business outcomes and provide deeper insights, was once thought to only benefit data scientists. However, modern technologies are putting the value of predictive analytics into the hands of business users like sales, operations, customer service, and supply chain personnel.

    Join Ana Costa e Silva, Senior Data Scientist at TIBCO Analytics for a live webcast event and learn:
    - The critical factors that influence a successful enterprise deployment of advanced analytics
    - How to harness the power of predictive insights within a visual data discovery environment, supporting data scientists, analysts, and business users alike
    - How to use guided analytics to maximize the impact of data scientists’ expertise
    - How to overcome the internal barriers to advanced analytic deployments
    - About the depth and breadth of advanced analytic capabilities within Spotfire
  • From Insight to Action - Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics from IBM

    Predictive analytics has become an imperative for organizations as they strive to incorporate data-driven decision making into their processes by understanding potential future outcomes. Prescriptive analytics can then build on this foundation by answering the eternal question "What should we do about this?"

    Attend this webinar to learn how IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics can help you uncover patterns and trends in your data and how IBM Decision Optimization can be leveraged to incorporate those insights into optimal decisions. See how IBM analytics lets your understand your data with ease and speed and translate that understanding into value.
  • According to Gartner, “through 2019, more than 50% of data migration projects will exceed budget and/or result in some form of business disruption due to flawed execution."(1) Furthermore, 1 in 6 large IT projects go over budget by 200%, according to a Harvard Business Review article. It is widely recognized that application migration and consolidation projects are “risky business” – high-ticket items for the corporation, with a scary chance of failing. If you are undertaking any IT modernization or rationalization project, such as consolidating applications or migrating applications to the cloud or ‘on-prem’ application, such as SAP, this webinar is a must-see.

    The webinar is going to shine the light on the critical role that data plays in the success or failure of these projects. Application data consolidation and migration is typically 30% to 40% of the application go-live effort. There is a multitude of data issues that can plague a project like this and lead to its doom, and these are not always recognized and understood early on, which is the biggest problem.

    In this webinar, Philip Russom of TDWI will walk us through the potential data pitfalls a corporation should consider when undertaking an application consolidation or migration project. Philip will share best practices for managing data in order to minimize risks and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of these projects. Rob will discuss Informatica’s unique methodology and solution to support these best practices. Rob will also share real-life examples on how Informatica is helping customers reduce risks and complete application consolidation and migration projects on budget and on schedule.

    1) Gartner report titled "Best Practices Mitigate Data Migration Risks and Challenges" published on December 9, 2014
  • Do you spend days on data science projects, only to struggle building them into presentations that management can understand? Do you spend more time exploring and understanding your data, before even beginning to write one line of a model? Do you have a hard time working through other departments to get to your data in the first place?

    Tableau is a visual reporting application that connects directly to R. It’s designed for you, the domain expert who understands the data. Its drag-and-drop interface allows you effortlessly connect to libraries and packages, import saved models, or write new ones directly into calculations, visualizing them in seconds.

    This webinar will show you how to:
    - Effortlessly connect your R scripts to a wide variety of data files and databases
    - Build interactive slideshows and presentations of your data in minutes
    - Use dashboards as a front end for R code, allowing viewers to intuitively interact with R models

    Join us to see how you can use drag and drop data visualization alongside R to speed up your data science projects and get them in front of more eyes, leading to smarter, data-driven business decisions.
  • We do not want Big Data! We want the right data to answer the right questions!

    Data is changing our world. Predictions using massive data not only have improved many products. At the same time, they have, in some industries, disrupted business models and created new ones.

    What does an organization need to do to generate a new competitive advantage out of data? The answer might be surprising. “Change the state of mind.”

    Companies often do not need big data. They essentially want small and actionable advice. Some predictions will need big data to surface relevant information, but not all. The key to success for many companies, however, is to enable “data­driven” decision making. Lutz will discuss the steps he has used in starting and developing his own company (later sold to WPP), as well as how he leads LinkedIn’s data science team.

    A) Change the state of mind!
    Enable everyone in the company to ask “data driven” questions. Lutz will show how this is the hardest part of the on­going exercise, but why most businesses actually can achieve this with their current strategic abilities. Using examples we will learn what is the best way to formulate the “Ask”.

    B) What data?
    Data can be a source of disruption & innovation. Business models change because new data sources and enhanced computational power allows new services or improve old services. But which data to use? Domain knowledge is often more important than having “Big Data". Lutz will introduce a framework on how to think about data.

    C) How to build a Data Team?
    How can organizations build up data capabilities within your team. Contrary to the common discussion that a data scientist are not ‘hard to find’. Lutz will explain how every company can create a data science organization by just mixing the right skillets.
  • The ability of software to recognize patterns in usage, data or other inputs to improve a user’s experience & productivity is an expected attribute of modern software. In this webinar, Will Davis and Tye Rattenbury discuss how Trifacta is building intelligent software that incorporates learning to make the process of wrangling data more intuitive and efficient.
  • May 28th, 10 am PST/1 pm EST


    If you think MMA is just a toy for small hip startup game companies -- you'd be wrong. From car companies like Kia and Land Rover to banking companies like ING and retailers like Starbucks, Walgreens and Macy's, enterprises are leading the charge in this space -- and winning the fight for marketshare in their verticals. When it comes to mobile marketing automation, the enterprise has a unique problem -- many MMA solutions are built for small app dev houses and don't have a feature set equipped to tackle enterprise-grade demands.

    VB Insight surveyed 375 mobile developers and 1.8 million apps to uncover the hottest MMA solutions. We also figured out the best bets for the big guys and some best practices from industry leaders.

    What you'll learn

    •How top enterprises are using mobile marketing automation to reach their audience
    •How to MMA can be the x-factor for achieving value back to the organization
    •VB Insight’s best bets for mobile marketing automation solutions for the enterprise

    John Koetsier: VP Research; VentureBeat
    Scott Carlis; VP Digital, Social Media and Marketing, AEG Global Partnership

    More speakers TBD

    Moderator: Wendy Schuchart, analyst; VentureBeat

    Sponsored by: FollowAnalytics
  • The human brain makes it look easy. What our eyes see, we decode immediately and effortlessly. But is it that simple? In truth, how we process images is staggeringly complex. Inspired in part by our remarkable neurons, deep learning is a fast-growing area in machine learning research that shows promising breakthroughs in speech, text and image recognition. It’s based on endowing a neural network with many hidden layers, enabling a computer to learn tasks, organize information and find patterns on its own.

    Recently, SAS took on a classical problem in machine learning research, the MNIST database, a data set containing thousands of handwritten digit images. Learn how we did – and what it reveals about the future of deep learning.
  • In the Age of the Customer, constant application updates are the norm and DevOps practices help companies not only deliver, but gain competitive advantage through differentiated user experiences. These DevOps practices specialize in the deployment, operations and ongoing support of digital services and applications that are created in agile development and continuous delivery environments. But how can IT Operations keep up? Application Performance Management (APM) enables Ops to collaborate with Dev across continuous delivery cycles to deliver a differentiated user experience, again and again.

    What you’ll learn:
    •How DevOps is changing the way applications are delivered
    •What DevOps means to IT Operations
    •How APM can help IT Operations put the Ops back in DevOps
  • Depuis de nombreuses années, les entreprises ont investi dans la solution SAP afin de soutenir leur activité.
    Aujourd’hui, elles mettent en œuvre des architectures IT traditionnelles qui sont souvent figées et onéreuses. Pourtant, il est aujourd’hui possible d’utiliser le cloud comme une extension de votre infrastructure existante. En effet, Amazon Web Services (AWS) vous propose de créer un Cloud Privé Virtuel (Amazon VPC) qui vous permettra de profiter des nombreux avantages du cloud qu’un datacenter classique ne pourrait pas vous offrir. Le cloud AWS redéfinit la manière de penser l’IT en termes de vitesse, d’agilité et de coût d’exploitation des solutions SAP. Au cours de cette présentation avec le partenaire APN N3XT, spécialisé SAP sur AWS, vous découvrirez les avantages, les cas clients ainsi que la démarche de mise œuvre SAP sur le cloud Amazon Web Services.
  • In order to make data-driven decisions about risks and threats to facilities, assets and employees, Oil and Gas companies need a solution that can acquire, manage, integrate, analyze and explore your data more efficiently across a diverse set of data sources. During this webinar, you will learn how Hortonworks HDP and Novetta Entity Analytics can help Oil and Gas companies construct complete, integrated, and clear global profiles of suspicious individuals, terrorists and criminal threats. Learn how to provide security analysts with rich, contextual reporting of the risks posed to its global operations.
  • During this webinar, Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo, will explain how the renewed Openbravo Commerce Suite addresses the demands of retailers and customers as well as the latest industry trends through its powerful and modern store solution. In addition, she will showcase some of the new features included in the latest product release from Q2, which includes loyalty management, price breakdown in cost and margin, discount coupons and several fraud control features.

    What Will You Learn?
    - How to address the retail industry trends as well as retailers' and customers' demands with a modern store solution.
    - Examples of specific features included in the latest product release from Q2.

    Who Should Attend?
    - Business Areas Directors
    - CIOs
    - IT Administrators
    - Consultants
  • IBM SPSS Modeler extends the value of Big Data through algorithms purpose-built for massive scale analytics, introduces geospatial analytics and continues to expand accessibility to and usability of advanced analytics.

    Join our Technical Solutions expert, Dusan Magula, for a demonstration with live Q&A and learn about:

    * SPSS Modeler Personal Edition that puts predictive power in the hands of an individual user
    * New algorithms for Big Data and Geospatial analysis
    * Predictive Extensions that bring the flexibility and power of R to SPSS Modeler users “code-free”
  • These days, every aspect of educational development creates digital data. Students, faculty, and staff are continually creating files for assignments, lectures and lesson plans, lab and field research, plus the administrative “paper trail”, challenging you, the IT manager, to secure, protect, and manage the growing data sprawl. Schools are just as susceptible to security breaches as other organizations and must comply with stringent data privacy regulations, all while supporting a diverse and constantly changing user base.

    Join guest Mark Lamson, Director of IT at the Westerly, RI public school system, and David Stevens, Technical Marketing Manager at DataGravity, as they explore ways that local school districts, colleges and universities can use automated file and data analysis to reduce complexity and better serve their constituents. You’ll learn strategies to:

    •Enhance data compliance and security
    •Increase visibility and understanding of your data sets
    •Rein in data growth and storage utilization
  • Whether ensuring financial solvency, securing personal client information or ensuring consistent business definitions, data is an integral part of being “Regulation Ready” and data governance requires focus on all aspects of your enterprise data.

    Understanding how secure your data is, is a common requirement of most data-related regulations and creating a data governance framework keeps you from reinventing the wheel with every new regulation. This framework requires industry leading data management, security and metadata technology.

    Informatica specializes in making customers Regulation Ready through robust data solutions; helping financial institutions and insurers secure their data, understand definitions and comply with ever-changing regulations.

    Join us for a special demonstration webinar to see Informatica in action and understand how our solutions allow you to:
    •Deliver seamless data reporting to regulators
    •Secure sensitive information
    •Provide regulatory transparency of data definitions
    •Securely manage the information lifecycle
    •Improve solvency reporting
  • Although it may sound like an oxymoron, the key to scaling a MySQL platform truly lies in consolidation of the physical storage layer. Whether you are running a dozen or a thousand MySQL instances, SolidFire provides a pathway to horizontally scale the storage layer, enabling capital and operational cost reductions, while virtually eliminating maintenance and replica deployment windows.

    Attend the Webinar to Learn

    - How SolidFire can guarantee storage performance, dynamically adjust storage resources on the fly, and linearly and non-disruptively scale your MySQL database storage infrastructure.
    - How you can reduce deployment times for MySQL replication slaves and reporting copies from hours to seconds.

    Join us in the discussion on the benefits of consolidating MySQL workloads on the storage industry’s only all-flash, scale-out, QoS-enabled storage system. With SolidFire you can provision, manage and clone production, reporting, dev/test and QA environments safely, all on the same array.