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Practicing business intelligence allows your company to transform raw data into sets of insights for targeted business growth. The business intelligence and analytics community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of data scientists, database administrators, business analysts and other data professionals. Find relevant webinars and videos on business analytics, business intelligence, data analysis and more presented by recognized thought leaders. Join the conversation by participating in live webinars and round table discussions.
  • How contact centers can deliver great customer experience with remote agents.
    Ken Cook, Contact Center Solution Specialist, will share Avaya's expertise and solution for managing remote agents.
    Following this Brad Bleek, will show how contact centers are able to ensure the quality of service (QoS) for remote agents can be managed in real time.
    Following the presentation there will be an opportunity for Q&A.
  • Data Virtualization is adopted as a critical information management capability by leading firms such as AAA and Biogen Idec to address the most pressing data and process integration challenges facing organizations today. Industry experts and analysts affirm its strategic role in enterprise architecture for increasing agility and flexibility in the delivery of information.

    Discover how data virtualization enables organizations to access, manage, and integrate data from a wide variety of data sources (Cloud, Web, Social, Big Data, the “Internet of Things”, etc.). Seamless integration incorporates data ranging from structured to unstructured and everything in between, opening up new opportunities for firms to leverage their most valuable asset, their data, whenever and wherever it’s needed – quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

    Things you will learn:

    • What Data Virtualization is and key data integration challenges solved.
    • How it both complements and leverages existing enterprise architectures.
    • The Denodo Data Virtualization platform, its capabilities and an overview of common usage patterns, eg Agile BI, etc
  • Hybrid IT is fast becoming the new normal across organizations in Asia-Pacific. With the increasing utilization of data centers and cloud services across the Asia Pacific region, companies have gradually updated or upgraded their existing IT systems, giving rise to the Hybrid IT environment. Besides helping enterprises to drive digital disruption, the latest Hybrid IT environment is also enhancing the customer experience and encouraging business model innovation. As a result, there is greater acceleration in the adoption of a multi-vendor multi-cloud environment or Hybrid IT.Together with the Cloud, Hybrid IT is enabling the accelerated adoption of new technologies such as Big Data, the Internet of Things and Connected Industries. 

    Mayank Kapoor, Industry Principal, ICT - Data Center and Cloud Computing, Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific discusses these and key insights on how these new technologies are driving industry transformation not just across the ICT industry but also the Manufacturing, Automotive and Healthcare industries.
  • Thriving in today’s Application Economy requires a new approach to APM

    On Tuesday, September 8th at 2:00 pm BST / 3:00 am CEST, join Chris Kline, VP Product Management in an online webinar to learn about our philosophy and the relentless focus we have to accelerate innovation, execution and speed in the APM product line. As a proof point, in our recent releases, we delivered 3X more features than our previous three releases combined! And we’re doing it 3X faster than any other CA APM release window.

    This new investment and focus has one goal – to better serve our customers and users enabling you to provide a better experience for your customers.
  • VHA (Voluntary Hospitals of America: is the largest member-owned health care company in the US delivering industry-leading supply chain management services and clinical improvement services to its members. At VHA, product, supplier, and member information, among other data, is siloed across multiple sources. VHA sees value in consolidating the disparate data into a Data Lake, supported by the Hortonworks Data Platform, to enable the business users to discover the related data and provide services to their members. Because of their previous success with data virtualization, powered by Denodo, VHA decided to use data virtualization to enable their business users to discover data using the familiar SQL, and thus abstract their access directly to Hadoop.

    During this webinar, you will learn:

    · The role, use, and benefits of Hadoop in the Modern Data Architecture.
    · How Hadoop and data virtualization simplified data management and enabled faster data discovery.
    · What data virtualization is and how it can simplify big data projects.​
    · Lessons learned from and best practices for deploying data lake and data virtualization


    - Ben Blakeney, Architecture and Engineering Services, VHA -
    - Ravi Shankar, CMO, Denodo
    - Richard Proctor, General Manager, Global Healthcare at Hortonworks
  • Analyzing data to generate insights ranks as a top priority among enterprises. Organizations are streamlining data access and broad adoption of analytics – and of course, it needs to be available on the go.

    In this 45-minute webinar, learn about:

    -- Data availability, behind and outside the firewall
    -- Cloud analytics empowering decisions on the fly
    -- How data exploration is shifting across industries

    Join Surya Mukherjee, Lead Analyst, Technology at Ovum, and discover how modern cloud analytics providers have dispelled user anxieties around cloud and enabled exploration of their data, from anywhere.
  • Vicky Brock, Director Emeritus of the Digital Analytics Association and Everywoman In technology Innovator of the year presents a session to help those working with data in their working life to get more commercial impact from their work. Following an overview of emerging analytics trends, she’ll cover techniques for uncovering meaningful insight and ways to ensure those insights are acted on. She’ll present a case study on how her multi-award winning company, Clear Returns, uses predictive analytics to help shoppers keep more of what they buy.

    You will learn:
    -Why commercial context and business goal matters more than ever
    -Steps you can take to ensure you’re measuring what matters
    -Tried and tested techniques for ensuring your analytics is commercially impactful (not just interesting)
    -Ways to ensure internal stakeholders & senior management act on your insights
    -How Europe’s top tech startup uses data and predictive analytics to tackle the costly challenge of retail returns
  • Analytics clearly remains one of the fastest growing markets in enterprise software and Ovum forecasts continuing growth in 2016 and beyond. In Ovum's opinion, this growth is being driven by two factors. First, it is from expanding the reach of BI and analytics to encompass the growing volume and variety of data, driving significant adoption of Big Data technologies and the interest of investors in vendors offering these solutions. Second is the changing dynamic of interaction between users and technology. The consumerization of analytic technologies – best evidenced by advances in self-service capabilities – is likely to bring in the next (multi?) million users to BI.

    Consumerization is not, however, without challenges; issues arising from unleashing non-expert users on data and the resulting impact on data governance and compliance continue to be hot-button topics for enterprises. Challenges abound for vendors on both sides of the governance spectrum, and the market is yet to discover a magic bullet for delivering the right level of governance that neither impedes business users nor pushes them towards analytic silos and data anarchy.

    In this webinar, we will talk about the trends that we see impacting the analytics market in 2016.
  • Whatever society we live in, and however open-minded we like to think we are, when it comes to our sex lives we all like to keep a few secrets. But this makes the jobs of sexologists – professionals who study sexual behaviour – pretty difficult.

    David Spiegelhalter, Professor of Risk at Cambridge University, has tried to unravel the web of exaggerations, misdirections and downright lies that surround sex in modern society. Drawing on the Natsal survey, the widest survey of sexual behaviour since the Kinsey Report, and a huge range of other sources he answers crucial questions such as what are we all doing? How often? And how has it changed? And crucially, which numbers can we believe?
  • Join this webcast to see how to make the most from your BI and analytics in a world transformed by the mega-trends of mobile, social, cloud, advanced analytics, and big data. Michael Corcoran, Information Builders’ Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer will discuss the hottest trends in BI and also cover his key predictions for 2016.
  • Join INETCO® as we unveil the “fan favorite” data visualization dashboards as ranked by ATM channel managers, regional managers and operations teams around the globe. Learn how these various teams are utilizing transaction data and on-demand data visualization techniques to improve internal processes such as:

    ATM placement and profitability

    Managing regional performance and customer experience

    Cash management and utilization

    Your opinion matters! During this interactive session, you will also have the opportunity to vote for your favorite dashboard. Register now, and help recognize the “People’s Choice” in transaction data visualization.
  • Data visualization tools empower Business Analysts to synthesize millions of variables and piles of spreadsheets into functional dashboards. Unfortunately, in many companies, the need for better data is not part of the drive for better dashboards.

    The reality is, today’s data visualization tools are only as good as the data they reflect. Helping users consolidate, transform and deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information is critical to leveraging your dashboards and the data behind them. In this live webinar, you’ll learn:

    •Ÿ actionable steps to improving data prep for data visualization
    •Ÿ why agile data governance and management is key to data visualization success
    •Ÿ strategies for adopting an agile, self-service approach to data access, analytics and visualization.

    Lyndsay Wise joined EMA in 2015 as Research Director for Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing, focusing on data integration, data governance, cloud technologies, data visualization, analytics, and collaboration. In 2007, Lyndsay founded WiseAnalytics, a boutique analyst and consulting firm focused on business intelligence for small and mid-sized organizations. She has over 10 years experience in software research, BI consulting, and strategy development, specializing in software evaluation and best-fit solution selection. Lyndsay is also the author of Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence: Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize ROI.
  • How well is sensitive data understood and protected in organizations? Are you protecting what should be protected? In this session, you will hear the details of how and why sensitive data risk and protection should be the foundation of modern information security strategies and tactics. Given the eventuality of network breaches, organizations must do all they can to ensure that their data is understood and protected to reduce the magnitude and scope of data loss. We will reference a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Informatica on what organizations know about their sensitive data, how data security controls are used, and the key issues and challenges of securing sensitive and private data. While security and privacy professionals have enumerable tools for information security, what they should target and protect is not clearly understood. Better data protection comes from understanding the risks of sensitive data and precisely applying controls to mitigate sensitive data loss.

    This data-centric approach to security provides numerous and immediate value for organizations to improve their data security and privacy profile, including:

    • Uncovering the unknowns of data risk as mobile, cloud & big data create exponential growth by identifying how sensitive data is growing and spreading across organizations and its associated risk
    • Targeting risks and data controls to focus security investments on the systems where sensitive data is created, shared and at risk
    • Improving security efficiencies, automating sensitive data risk analysis, and providing on-demand risk audit for regulatory compliance

    Please join us at this webinar to hear Adrian Lane, Security Analyst at Securosis, and Bill Burns, CISO at Informatica, discuss best practices and strategies for data-centric security. Josh Alpern, VP Business Development at Informatica, will also share his hands-on efforts in helping Informatica customers reduce sensitive data risk and improved breach resiliency.
  • Join us to hear how telecommunications service providers, retailers, and other consumer-centric organizations can leverage Hadoop to gain access to predictive analytics, form a single view of their customer's journey across channels, and get a 360 degree voice of their customers. In this webinar, you will also learn how to dramatically enhance your customers’ overall experience incorporating data from multiple sources, both structured and unstructured, from internal and external sources.
  • The Cloud provider market is crowded and offerings vary greatly from provider to provider. How do you ensure that a Cloud product meets the particular needs of your business? Assistant General Counsel Dennis Garcia discusses how one goes about choosing a Cloud provider and provides tips and tricks as to how to approach the move to the Cloud within your organization to ensure a successful transition.