Prosper Business Development Corp.

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Strategic Alliances ~ Application Development ~ Consumer Research

Prosper is an international business acceleration firm based in the USA.
Since 1990, Prosper has helped its clients reduce costs & grow revenues.

PROSPER BRANDS: BIGresearch® (Syndicated & Custom Consumer Research); Prosper ChinaTM (China Marketing Services & Market Information); Prosper TechnologiesTM (Develops Software as a Service (SaaS) applications including ForecastIQTM and MediaPlanIQTM); Prosper Foundation (Not-for-Profit Supporting Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

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BIG Call - July 2012 Pam Goodfellow, Ellen Davis Consumer insights and analysis in less than 20 minutes, plus a special look at Back-to-School spending Read more >
Jul 25 2012
27 mins
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