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What it means, why it matters, how you get there. Sponsored by NetApp.

Like cloud computing, cloud storage can provide massive economies of scale. You get more IT capacity for less money because the infrastructure is being shared across multiple clients or business units. Additionally, sharing resources enables agility, which translates into faster time to market.

If you are an enterprise, cloud computing sounds great in theory, but you are probably thinking “how do I get started?”

In this channel, we will feature industry thought leaders as well as NetApp speakers to explore moving enterprises to the cloud. Hint: It’s not a sprint, it’s a journey.

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Navigating Hybrid IT Transformation & Building a Data Fabric George Kurian, NetApp Executive Vice President, Product Operations Hybrid cloud is the defining architecture for today’s enterprises. Yet traditional hybrid cloud approaches can result in cloud silos, operational complexity, and barriers to extracting value from data. What if you could have a unified view of data throughout your enterprise? Or the ability to store, access, share and protect data across multiple private and public clouds? You can.

Join NetApp EVP George Kurian on Wednesday, May 20th at 10amPT to learn the latest thought leadership around hybrid cloud for critical enterprise workloads.
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May 20 2015
59 mins
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