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PPM & Agile: Redefining Planning & Execution

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  • The Secret to Connecting PPM Strategy to Agile Execution The Secret to Connecting PPM Strategy to Agile Execution James Chan, Director at CA Technologies Recorded: Jul 19 2016 38 mins
    You’re already using CA Agile Central at the team level and possibly into the program level. But to effectively increase your speed to market you need to link your team-level work with the business strategy.

    Join us on Tuesday, July 19, 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET, for our webinar: “Igniting Business Agility - The Secret to Connecting PPM Strategy to Agile Execution”. You’ll discover how to:

    · Identify and sequence the right investments for the desired business outcomes
    · Align agile delivery teams to deliver on those investments
    · Leverage a rapid, predictable, high-quality delivery engine to empower nimble business decisions
  • The Secret to Making PPM Work (with Agile) The Secret to Making PPM Work (with Agile) Brent Chalker, Director Recorded: Jul 19 2016 38 mins
    You’re already using CA Project & Portfolio Management to manage your innovation lifecycle and make better strategic decisions. What if you could take that up a notch by adopting agile and connecting your development work to your company’s most important business initiatives?

    Join our experts on Tuesday, July 19 at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET for an insightful webinar, “The Secret to Making PPM Work (with Agile).” You’ll discover how to:

    - Prioritize and select the right investments
    - Coordinate agile teams to deliver on those investments
    - Provide visibility into a fast, predictable, high-quality delivery engine.
  • EMEA: Get Ready for SAFe 4.0 EMEA: Get Ready for SAFe 4.0 CA Technologies, joined by Dean Leffingwell Recorded: Jun 7 2016 59 mins
    Listen to Dean Leffingwell, creator of the Scaled Agile Framework, to learn about the enhanced features of SAFe 4.0 and how SAFe 4.0 and CA can help you better organize around value delivery and improve your development, coordination, and delivery of large scale systems.
  • Big Room Planning Big Room Planning Andy Carlson, Sr Principal Consultant Recorded: Jun 7 2016 59 mins
    Do you want faster time to market, improved quality, strategic alignment between IT and the business, and predictable delivery of features that customers actually want?

    The secret to preventing and overcoming roadblocks is big room planning: realtime, collaborative release planning where you identify risks early, untangle dependencies, and effectively scope your work so you can prioritize and deliver value faster. If you have multiple development teams collaborating on time-sensitive projects, watch CA Agile Central Solutions Architect Andy Carlson discuss:

    • How big room planning works: who participates, what you do, and why it’s worthwhile
    • How you go from waterfall to agile with a 100+ person engineering group
    • How to break down departmental silos and increase cross-functional collaboration
    • How CA Agile Central customers have used it to improve the results of their agile execution
  • Scale Your Agile Delivery Engine Scale Your Agile Delivery Engine Eric Willeke, Business Unit Strategy Advisor and Shannah Van Winkle, Sr Director Product Management Recorded: Jun 7 2016 62 mins
    You want faster time to market, predictable delivery, and confirmation that you’re building the products and features customers actually want. Easier said than done, right?

    With the right combination of software and services, you can actually launch and execute scaled Agile programs in as little as three months. Using an approach like the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) helps you coordinate work across teams and ensures you’re building the right things. Once you’re proficient, you’ll be positioned to establish a dependable, value-delivery engine that can transform your entire organization.

    Whether you’re looking to implement your first Agile program or scaling to add several more, CA Agile Central has a proven platform and approach to accelerating software value delivery.
  • Business Agility - Why, What, and How Business Agility - Why, What, and How Craig LeClair, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Recorded: Jun 7 2016 61 mins
    Business agility is a means for organizations to respond and adapt to the new pace of change. Achieving it means transforming your organization for speed and opportunity capture. It involves changing your mindset, how you make trade-off decisions, and how you deliver products and IT services.

    Forrester has surveyed hundreds of companies about the success factors and dimensions of business agility. Through expert coaching and by transferring critical knowledge to company leaders, CA has helped hundreds of customers increase their agility organization-wide.

    Watch our webinar featuring Forrester — “Business Agility: Why, What, and How”. Guest Speaker Craig LeClair, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, and Angela Tucci, General Manager, share lessons learned and key takeaways from successful transformations.
  • How is Agile Working for You? How is Agile Working for You? Kathryn Kuhn, Director of Services at CA Technologies Recorded: Jun 6 2016 60 mins
    When you talk about Agile, executives always want to know if their investments are paying off for the organization. Can you measure and prove that being Agile provides faster time to market, helps cut costs, and drives revenue?

    It's not uncommon to hear about organizations struggling with Agile. Many are a year or more in and just aren't seeing the amazing results they expected. Some are even seriously questioning whether the investment has been worth it.

    Watch Kathryn Kuhn, Director of Services discuss common failures and highlight real-world Agile success stories. You'll leave this webinar knowing how you can achieve amazing business outcomes with Agile.
  • Scale Agile SAFely with CA Scale Agile SAFely with CA CA Technologies, Steve Wolfe and Stephanie Tanner Recorded: Jun 3 2016 63 mins
    Take advantage of SAFe 4.0. Find out how our software and services support the latest SAFe 4.0 guidance.

    • See how the new capacity planning and release tracking tools in Agile Central help agile release trains deliver on-time and with maximum value.
    • Experience how Flowdock helps you better communicate and collaborate in real-time and across teams, trains and communities of practice.
    • Learn how you can launch an Agile Release Train in as little as three months and get to market 2X faster, using our Ready > Sync > Go approach.
    • Visualize the new SAFe concepts—like values streams, multi-level kanban and milestones—in our enterprise platform.
  • Simplify Application Modernization with Portfolio Management Simplify Application Modernization with Portfolio Management Dave Guevara, Global Enterprise Strategy & Architecture Portfolio Solutions Leader, Ciber Recorded: May 17 2016 52 mins
    Today, business is fast-paced with more moving parts than ever before. Companies that adapt their systems quickly in responding to business needs have a distinct competitive advantage. But organizations that are saddled with legacy systems not only struggle to keep up, but they’re also likely to find themselves on the fringe of relevance. Learn how to extend CA PPM to solve these complex modernization challenges.

    Which of these modernization challenges are you dealing with now?

    •Modernization initiatives exist for our major systems, but we need “the plan” for what else must change too.

    •Our systems are highly customized so we are “stuck”! How do we get unstuck without disrupting the business and get to our target state?

    •There are a few hundred applications, many are too expensive to maintain and take too long to change, but how?

    •Groups of large applications (e.g. mainframe, ERP, custom suites) need to be modernized to meet current business needs, but big bang will take too long, cost too much and “temporary” business solutions will just keep adding to today’s complexity and cost.

    •Our best talent, who should be innovating, are stuck maintaining what we have and fixing it as best they can to meet business needs.

    Join us for a BrightTalk webinar on Tuesday, May 17th at 10am PT where CA’s alliance partner Ciber will discuss how organizations are using portfolio management methods to solve these difficult and complex application modernization and rationalization challenges.

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  • Expand Agile Beyond Teams - 1 PDU Expand Agile Beyond Teams - 1 PDU Dan Rice Advisor, Agile Management, Americas & EMEA Recorded: May 10 2016 60 mins
    Many companies implement Scrum and other agile practices at the team level expecting to solve key problems and often end up asking more questions. Are our teams building the right things the right way? Are we working on projects that deliver the highest value? Are we delivering what we promised, on time?

    In this webinar, we’ll take you beyond agile processes and ceremonies to agile at the business level, so you can experience what delivering with speed and satisfying customers looks like. You’ll come away understanding:

    •How to build the features customers actually want, and see a return on investment
    •How to build things right to become a fast, predictable, high-quality delivery engine
    •How to coordinate work effectively and efficiently across all levels in the organization
    •How to become a responsive, dependable partner to the business

    If it’s time for a consistent, strategic approach to work across multiple departments in your organization—from your portfolio group to your team—then you won’t want to miss this webinar.

    This event qualifies for 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU credit).

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