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In order to react swiftly to rapidly changing business environments, organizations need to perpetually plan and communicate strategic objectives and priorities. The goal is to manage a balanced portfolio of innovation and enterprise growth with ongoing maintenance efforts. Both IT and the business benefit from having dynamic business plans that drive clear initiatives designed to achieve optimal return on investment throughout project execution and product delivery.

Join us for one of our many insightful webcasts featuring customers, analysts, partners and evangelists as they talk about how to bring business and technology executives together to create the strategic playbooks, balance investment portfolios, communicate actionable plans, and coordinate program managers and project execution teams to react quickly to demand and accelerate the delivery of initiatives and maximize resource utilization.

Some sessions will be approved for Personal Development Credits.

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Simplifying Resource Management in CA PPM with Add-Ins from itdesign Joerg Leute, CEO, itdesign GmbH Resource management is one of the most trending topics in Project Portfolio Management. The itd Assignment Editor allows users to plan assignments directly via the CA PPM web interface without connecting to Open Workbench or Microsoft Project.

Requesting capacity for projects is now simpler and easier than ever.

Joerg Leute will demonstrate and explain in this webcast how to use CA PPM and the itd assignment Editor to improve the resource management process.
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Sep 10 2015 4:00 pm
45 mins
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  • Digital initiatives are very cross-functional by nature. Gaining and maintaining alignment on priorities can be quite difficult, particularly given the fast pace of retail and siloed nature of most retail organizations. Thus, the drive to achieve business benefits from digital initiatives can be elusive. In this webinar, we will discuss importance of governance and managing digital initiatives as a portfolio.

    Attendees will learn:
    •Leading practices for driving alignment on digital priorities
    •How to ensure digital efforts meet changing business needs and lead to business benefits (both near-term and longer term).

    This event qualifies for Project Management Institute (PMI) 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU).

    In accordance with its Privacy Policy, CA Technologies may disclose your registration information with its partner(s) which assist with this presentation. For more information about CA’s disclosure practices, please visit the CA Privacy Notice here http://www.ca.com/us/privacy.aspx.
  • The application economy has fundamentally changed the relationship between the enterprise and its customers. The trends of this new business world—the cloud, mobile and social—mean that software is now the predominant choice for consumers to experience companies and their brands. Have you ever considered how you differentiate your products and applications for success in this fast paced application economy?

    In this webinar, Andy Jordan discusses innovative ways to deliver intuitive, engaging products and applications in this fast moving, highly competitive environment. He will explore how organizations are selecting the right products, applications and prioritizing feature requests while staying in alignment with business strategies. You will also learn about:

    •Efficient and effective resource investment – how to get the most return from your people in the fast paced modern environment
    •The need to focus on net benefits, not project constraints
    •The need for clear, consistent top down guidance
    •The need to effectively respond to (and predict) shifting strategic needs

    Don’t miss this thought provoking webinar that’s guaranteed to make you rethink how to deliver the products and features that will deliver real results.

    This event qualifies for 1 Project Management Institute Professional Development Unit (PDU) credit.
  • Does your organization have a reliable way to intake project ideas? Do you struggle with how to determine whether project requests align with business strategy? How do you know if the costs will outweigh the benefits?

    Join us for a webinar, where we will explore these topics and more. We’ll discuss:

    •Providing a standardized idea Input form, making it easier to evaluate potential projects
    •How to determine whether ideas align with strategic objectives
    •How to determine relative priority across ideas
    •The best way to evaluate costs and benefits of high priority ideas
    •How to use Idea portfolios for what-if scenarios
    •Converting ideas to projects
    •Using workflows for Approvals, Action Items and Governance

    After discussing these best practices, we’ll use CA PPM show how they can be implemented as a real world, practical solution!

    Register today!

    This event is approved for 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) credit.

    In accordance with its Privacy Policy, CA Technologies may disclose your registration information with its partner(s) which assist with this presentation. For more information about CA’s disclosure practices, please visit the CA Privacy Notice here http://www.ca.com/us/privacy.aspx.
  • Today it is generally recognized that projects must deliver value. But what is value, how do we ensure that it is delivered, and how do we group the set of investments into our portfolio to deliver the most value?

    Industry established standards and practices should form the basis for the approach to implementing portfolio management. These will guide us in the steps to prioritize and select the highest value investments.

    This presentation very simply walks through the steps to create and maintain portfolios within these best practice standards and practices.

    In accordance with its Privacy Policy, CA Technologies may disclose your registration information with its partner(s) which assist with this presentation. For more information about CA’s disclosure practices, please visit the CA Privacy Notice here http://www.ca.com/us/privacy.aspx.

    This event qualifies for Project Management Institute (PMI) 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU).
  • Too many businesses are relying on the heroics of their people to accomplish business transformations mistakenly treating them as little more than operational changes. In fact, business transformations have all the hallmarks of the most complex projects and programs and the challenges can be just as overwhelming. Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) can save they day by providing the foundation and means to:

    •Identify and select the initiatives to create desired changes to the business

    •Enable the oversight necessary to monitor and adjust projects and programs to ensure successful execution

    •Provide the ability to measure results and realize maximum business value

    Join us for a webcast focusing on how PPM can be used to assure the transformation of your enterprise.

    All attendees are eligible to earn 1 Project Management Institute (PMI) Professional Development Unit (PDU).
  • Le processus de pilotage de vos projets est complexe, dépassé, pas assez aligné sur les besoins et attentes de vos équipes, ou peut-être les trois ?
    Pour y remédier, CA Technologies et ISPA Consulting vous invitent à découvrir lors d’un webcast de 40 minutes, comment BNP Paribas-Banque de Détail France (BDDF) a boosté son système de pilotage et amélioré les leviers de gestion opérationnelle et budgétaire de ses projets et portefeuilles avec la solution CA PPM et l'accompagnement d'ISPA Consulting.
  • There are many myths that project managers and executives simply accept about project management. Dates are mandated. Project managers own the project. Resources are unlimited. On the other side, there are many excuses such as things will never change here. You don’t understand our corporate culture. Our organization can’t work like that. If you have heard any of this or believe any of this, than this session is perfect for you. Come hear world renowned speaker Rick A. Morris, President of R2 Consulting, LLC Mythbust Project Management for you! Rick is an expert in down to earth delivery of simple and executable tips and tricks to get you on a path of powerful change! In a quick hour, walk away with some simple facts and stories that can change the way you think about project management.
  • CA Technologies has just released CA PPM 14.2, the latest version of the industry-leading Project & Portfolio Management solution. In this live webcast, David Werner from CA Technologies will discuss the exciting new features and functionality in the 14.2 release. Joining David in this webcast will be Lonnie Haire of VersionOne to discuss the available integration of VersionOne’s industry-leading Agile solution with CA PPM. Both speakers will answer questions from audience.
  • Ineffective new product development (NPD) pipeline management is a condition that affects many organizations looking for sustainable results from their new product efforts. In most cases, organizations struggle to understand what the symptoms they experience are telling them about their pipeline, and how to focus their energy on initiatives that will make the most impact. In this webcast, CA and Kalypso will review the most common indicators of a faulty NPD process and help diagnose the causes.

    Attendees will learn:
    - The common pain points and symptoms that indicate poor NPD pipeline management
    - Why organizations experience these symptoms, and the underlying causes that produce these pains
    - How to tailor portfolio management principles to treat the symptoms of poor NPD pipeline management, including example that illustrates how portfolio management can drive sustainable results
  • A recent analyst study found that 88% of organizations are “doing Project and Portfolio Management (PPM).” This finding could lead many to believe all is well with this critical business process so essential to strategic success. This is hardly the case as studies also show PPM is still generally immature in enterprises today. The lack of maturity is largely due to the fact that most organizations are addressing only a subset of PPM capabilities. So though almost every organization can lay claim to doing PPM, few are actually doing PPM for all its worth. Many of these organizations will continue to miss out on the incredible possibility and promise of this essential business capability until they grasp and appreciate the full scope and potential of PPM.

    One of the greatest barriers to realizing the full potential of PPM is an enterprise-wide awareness of the span of PPM and the likely gap that must be overcome to achieve it. There is a plethora of great PPM insight contained in the numerous books, methodologies, and frameworks available today, but using this volume of information to get everyone on the same page is a daunting challenge. The key is to use a simple approach and model to quickly establish a common understanding of this critical business discipline and to easily foster the conversations and discussions to drive the endeavor to raise PPM proficiency.

    This brief webcast will present a PPM model that is easy to remember, easy to communicate, and proven to quickly illuminate the gap between existing immature PPM processes and the full scope and potential of comprehensive Project and Portfolio Management.

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