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Business Intelligence and Analytics

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Practicing business intelligence allows your company to transform raw data into sets of insights for targeted business growth. The business intelligence and analytics community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of data scientists, database administrators, business analysts and other data professionals. Find relevant webinars and videos on business analytics, business intelligence, data analysis and more presented by recognized thought leaders. Join the conversation by participating in live webinars and round table discussions.
    • Data Science and Big Data

    • Recorded: Jan 21 2015
    • Data science is at the forefront of our data, where statistics meet business objectives. Learn how data science continues to change the current data ecosystem.
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    • BI and Big Data Analytics

    • Recorded: Dec 3 2014
    • The big data movement and philosophy is changing the way all enterprises think about their data. For many professionals, the questions are growing clearer: What do I want from my data and how do I get it? How can I leverage existing technology to get more value out of my data and where do I need to use new tools or methods? As we look toward 2014, join this summit to learn more about emerging analytic methods, data integration and visualization, and next-generation business intelligence.
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    • Hadoop Evolution

    • Recorded: Nov 5 2014
    • Hadoop grew up in the last 2 years. No longer the unwieldy but highly scalable instrument for processing big data, it has become much more with high expectations for what can be accomplished with the latest release. This summit will feature presentations on the next stage of Hadoop implementation, how Hadoop is growing up and where other technologies in the field stand.
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    • Next Generation BI and Big Data

    • Recorded: Sep 30 2014
    • BI changed rapidly in 2013, with trends including increasing mobile and cloud adoption and advanced analytics capabilities being pushed out across the enterprise. While tools have grown more sophisticated, storytelling has also become more important in order to communicate the benefit of your insights to stakeholders. In this summit, we'll examine what's next for BI and what new best practices are developing in this rapidly transforming field.
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    • Visual Data Discovery and Analytics

    • Recorded: Sep 17 2014
    • Data visualization can help make sense of the numerous signals pouring in through increasingly various data streams. However, data visualization is not a cure-all and should not be confused with data analysis nor BI. What role can information visualization play in your analytics mix? Join this summit to learn how to use visual data discovery to its full potential.
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    • Open Source Analytics

    • Recorded: Aug 20 2014
    • No longer just an alternative to proprietary software, open source has grown up and become an integral part of the big data ecosystem with projects like Hadoop, NoSQL and R forming its very backbone. In this summit, we'll feature all things open source, big data and analytics, with speakers from top companies working in the area addressing the latest in the field. Join to learn more about the movement, different open source projects, and how you can take advantage of them.
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    • Real-time Analytics

    • Recorded: Jul 22 2014
    • According to Gartner research, by 2016 seventy percent of high-performing companies will manage their business processes using real-time predictive analytics or extreme collaboration. Will you be among the top performers? In this summit, you'll be able to hear from experts on what it takes to be able to analyze data in real time, how to use these types of analytics most effectively.
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