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Enabling Cloud Computing

Doug Smith-NetApp, Tom Weisenberger-IIS, Rob Cotter-IIS
Private clouds are about IT flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings. Maximize the benefits by building your private cloud with advanced storage and data management technologies from NetApp and Insight Integrated Systems.

BONUS: Join this webinar to also learn about 2 cloud leading technologies. Panzura! enabling dynamic, file sharing and global project collaboration and Nirvanix! External enterprise cloud storage.
May 24 2012
53 mins
Enabling Cloud Computing
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Business Intelligence and Analytics

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  • An overview of how businesses can gain visibility into B2B transactions to speed decision-making, respond to changing customer and market demands, and optimize business processes.
  • With more than 100 applications in production, a leading bank needed to reduce the time required to deploy and update its apps. By implementing an automation solution from HP, the bank reduced the application time-to-deploy by nearly 8X. Now the bank follows a seamless and standardized approach for deployment.
  • Die neue Version von IBM SPSS Modeler unterstützt Sie dabei, typische Predictive Analytics Fragen und Themen anzugehen, z.B.:

    • Kundensegmentierung: Welche Kundengruppen gibt es und welche Kunden sind für ein bestimmtes Produkt/Serviceangebot affin?
    • Kundenabwanderung: Welche Kunden sind abwanderungsgefährdet?
    • Next best action: Kundenindividuelle Interaktion bzw. Handlungsempfehlungen in Echtzeit am PoS!
    • Vorausschauende Instandhaltung und Ausschussminimierung im Produktionsprozess
    • Wie erkenne ich Versicherungs- oder Subventionsbetrug?
    • Justizwesen: Qualitätsmanagement, Sozialtherapien und kriminologische Forschung

    Einige der neuen Features im Überblick
    • Verbesserte Algorithmen für die Analyse von extrem großen Datenmengen erlauben es, kausale Zusammenhänge zwischen tausenden von Datenreihen herzustellen.
    • Geodaten und zeitbezogene Datenreihen lassen sich in die Analyse einbinden und in Form von Visualisierungen (z.B. Heatmaps) anschaulich aufbereiten. Beispiel:
    • Wo wird demnächst ein Verbrechen geschehen?
    • Wo wird sich eine Krankheit oder Epidemie im Zeitablauf ausbreiten?
    • Wie werden sich meine Filialen wo, wie und im Zeitablauf entwickeln?
    • Vorhandene Funktionen für die Datenanalyse werden noch enger in die bestehenden Geschäftsprozesse und IT-Systeme integriert.

    Neu: SPSS Modeler Personal Edition. 'Stand-Alone-Version für den Ein-Mann-Data-Miner' zum kleinen Preis.

    Neu: SPSS Modeler Gold on Cloud. Ein webbasierter Service mit Subskription auf monatlicher Basis. Zahlen sie nur das, was Sie benötigen, ohne die IT-Abteilung einbinden zu müssen.
  • Join us on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST for a webinar titled "Hyperscaling Your SaaS Infrastructure" featuring InsideBIGDATA Managing Editor, Daniel Gutierrez and GridGain co-founder and EVP of Engineering, Dmitriy Setrakyan.

    In this 50 minute webinar we'll explore how modern SaaS, PaaS and IaaS systems are achieving unprecedented levels of scale and performance by implementing In-Memory Computing (IMC) technologies. We'll cover which types of services will benefit most from IMC, how IMC compares to alternative technologies, and how to get started evaluating this game-changing technology.

    This webinar is a must-see for technology leaders in the transition to high-speed, low-latency Saas, PaaS or IaaS services. Register Now.
  • Great Data – data that is precisely accurate, complete and delivered “in time” delivers the following benefits to the Data-Centric Warfighter. It…

    • Hones the effectiveness of the warfighter to a razor’s edge
    • Improves warfighter focus in the field
    • Can off-load a multitude of distracting tasks from the warfighter
    • Enhances the warfighter’s agility and adaptability

    But, how much of your data is “Decision Ready”?

    In this webinar, Doug Orman, President of THOR International, will discuss how a strategic approach to enterprise data management can help you to exploit the power of your data to the benefit of the warfighter.

    Register now to learn how to ensure your organization has the Great Data required to enhance, protect, sustain and care for the warfighters of today and tomorrow.
  • This is the second in a series of webinars describing the Information Management disciplines as defined within the DAMA DMBoK.
    Webinar #2 looks at the Information Management discipline “Master & Reference Data Management”.
    Topics addressed include:
    •What Master Data and Master Data Management
    •The difference between Master and Reference Data & why it matters.
    •Different types of MDM Architectures ranging from a full central hub, through hybrid to virtualised
    •Why identifying the correct architecture for your types of Master Data is important.
    •A MDM reference architecture, the typical components in the reference architecture and how to identify & select the right tooling for your environment and MD business needs.
    •Single domain and Multi domain MDM solutions, the advantages & disadvantages and how to determine what's appropriate for you.
    •Issues encountered when building the case for MDM.
  • Apache Ambari is the only 100% open source management and provisioning tool for Apache Hadoop. Recent innovations of Apache Ambari have focused on opening Apache Ambari into a pluggable management platform that can automate cluster provisioning, deploy 3rd party software and provide custom operational and developers views to the end user. In this session we will cover 3 key integration points of Apache Ambari including Stacks, Views and Blueprints and deliver working examples of each.
  • Everything your enterprise does, from marketing, supply chain, it operations, human resources, security and compliance and finance, is impacted by data. If you can instantly connect and analyze the multiple data floods from inside and outside your organization, you can transform your business models. Learn how to see the big picture in Big Data by exploiting 100% of relevant information – human information, machine data and business data.
  • By using an Issue--Solution--Impact diagram, three Tableau power analysts from Deloitte's analytics team will discuss actual problems organisations have faced and will share practical techniques for interpreting and communicating tonnes of heavy data into digestible content and visuals. Be ready for some amazing tips to take your dashboards to the next level!

    This presentation aims to answer the following:

    -How can data visualization and agile analytics be used to turn a mess of data into a clear, visual masterpiece?
    -Where is the organisation spending too much money, and what can you do about it?
    -Where is the business performing well, not well, and why?
    -How can you automate many of the reporting processes to make everything simpler and quicker?
  • With Microsoft Lync - soon to be Skype for Business - predicted to become a top-three global telephony provider by 2016 (Gartner), it is no surprise many organizations are either deploying, or evaluating a deployment, of Skype for Business. But how do you measure the success of such an initiative?

    In this exclusive presentation Eric Bauer, Global Product Director UC, will be joined by John Hand, a former Microsoft employee of 25+ years who is now IR’s Global Microsoft Alliance Director, to detail the 4 Measures for Success in a Lync/Skype for Business deployment.

    Following the presentation there will be an opportunity for Q&A.
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  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions w/ VMware & NetApp Recorded: May 16 2014 26 mins
    Todd Gaske & Dave Evans
    Learn how a VMware and Netapp integrated BC/DR solution from Red8 can provide your
    business with maximum up time while protecting it's data from any scenario.

    Attend this webcast and learn how to:
    •Deploy virtual disaster recovery plans with VMware Site Recovery Manager
    •Integrate Storage Replication tools from VMware and NetApp with your BC/DR plans
    •Perform Data Center or Application Migrations with VMware and NetApp solutions
  • EMC Drives Your Data Recorded: Mar 27 2014 47 mins
    John Baxter, Roberto Covarrubias, Dan Critchett
    Introducing the EMC Data Protection & Availability Division (DPAD) Portfolio. Formerly named Backup and Recovery Solutions (BRS), the DPAD Family is built around the goals of ensuring recoverability, improving overall efficiency and increasing agility.

    The blue print for customers to drive their data protection transformation with the three needed steps to move to the future.

    •Consolidated storage built for protection – storage of last resort
    •Integration to optimize performance and allow new user interfaces of choice
    •Overarching management services to add value and the oversight the business needs

    It’s a unique differentiator for EMC… a game changer!
  • Transform your Business with Big Data Storage Recorded: May 3 2013 57 mins
    CTO - Rob Peglar - EMC/Isilon and Dave Carpenter IIS
    The worlds of Big Data and Enterprise IT are converging, creating new challenges and opportunities for businesses across all industry segments. This session will explore how scale-out storage architecture can help you manage data more effectively and accelerate your business transformation, leveraging the opportunity provided by Big Data and its analysis.

    Big Data storage needs a highly automated, scale-out architecture. Add capacity up to 20 petabytes—without adding people. Boost storage utilization and performance, while simplifying management and protecting your data. Achieve this all with EMC storage technology.
  • VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite Recorded: Mar 27 2013 43 mins
    Chris Kang - IIS and Dave Carpenter - IIS
    VMware vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™ provides automated operations management using patented analytics and an integrated approach to performance, capacity and configuration
    management. vCenter Operations Management Suite enables IT organizations to get better visibility and actionable intelligence to proactively ensure service levels, optimum resource usage and
    configuration compliance in dynamic virtual and cloud environments.

    We will review all 5 areas of the suite:

    - vCenter Operations Manager
    - vCenter Configuration Manager
    - vFabric Hyperic
    - vCenter Infrastructure Navigator
    - vCenter Chargeback Manager
  • Dell Active Infrastructure & VDI Explained Webinar Recorded: Feb 21 2013 59 mins
    Eric Skelton - Dell / Seth Bertram - Dell & Dave Carpenter
    The Dell difference

    IT organizations evaluating converged infrastructure
    solutions today are stuck choosing from undesirable
    closed, complex, incomplete and/or expensive options.
    Dell fills a gap in the market for advanced data center
    infrastructure platforms that are simple, flexible and

    Dell’s framework is compatible with existing data center
    architectures while allowing flexibility for the future, and
    doesn’t lock our customers into a proprietary model like
    some offerings. Some competitive solutions are built to
    operate in a single way, may not support customer needs
    over time and require complex integration with existing
    management offerings.

    VDI is a significant feature of the Dell Active Infrastructure. VDI and VDS (Virtualization Desktop Services) will be EXPLAINED! Join us for this informative WEBINAR.
  • Accelerate your journey to the cloud with EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure Recorded: Dec 12 2012 42 mins
    Chad Dunn - EMC and David Carpenter - IIS
    VSPEX is a set of complete virtualization solutions, proven by EMC and delivered to you by your trusted reseller. Designed for flexibility and validated to ensure interoperability and fast deployment, VSPEX gives you the power to choose the technology in your solution while removing the complexity and risk that typically comes with designing, integrating and deploying a best-of-breed solution. With VSPEX, private cloud computing is more accessible than ever.
  • NetApp clustered Data ONTAP Has Arrived Recorded: Nov 28 2012 60 mins
    Mike McNamara-NetApp and Andre Clark-IIS
    Monumental data growth presents opportunities for enhanced services but can also strain data center resources. NetApp’s agile data infrastructure optimizes data management at scale and enables immediate response to organizational opportunities. In this webcast, learn more about how clustered Data ONTAP, the #1 storage operating system and other NetApp technologies can help you get there.
  • THE BEST IN VDI TECHNOLOGY HAS ARRIVED Recorded: Oct 18 2012 51 mins
    Randy Parker - Atlantis Computing and Sharon Branchen - Dell Wyse
    Join Insight Integrated Systems, Atlantis Computing and Dell Wyse as we review recent announcements from VMworld and explore the true value and opportunity for your organization in VDI Technology! Two "Best in Class" companies will be featured during this webinar; Atlantis Computing with their ILIO Diskless VDI Solution and Dell Wyse with their latest Solutions in the market today.

    During this webinar you will also learn about:

    Improved security and reliability, along with an exceptional user experience and extremely low energy consumption
    Management simplicity that allows IT resources to focus on stategic projects, instead of constant desktop maintenance
    Support for any of the leading virtualization vendors such as VMware
  • The Data Center Fabric Promise! Recorded: Jun 27 2012 51 mins
    Jon Toor - Xsigo & Dave Carpenter - IIS
    Data Center Fabrics promise a more efficient approach to networking, with greater simplicity, agility and performance. But what is a fabric and how do you know if the technology is right for you?

    Its open, elegantly simple architecture lets you dynamically connect servers, networks, and storage. You create networks and connections entirely in software to enable secure, isolated services that support your business processes and priorities. During this webinar we will discuss:

    - What is a data center fabric?
    - What problems do they solve?
    - How do they work?
    - Are they disruptive to implement?

    With the Xsigo Data Center Fabric, all traffic types, including Ethernet and Fibre Channel, traverse a converged infrastructure, resulting in a dramatically simpler, more efficient, wire-once environment and the industry's most flexible connectivity.
  • The Future of Tape Recorded: Jun 26 2012 61 mins
    Fred Moore and Dave Carpenter
    Join us for an exclusive Spectra partner webinar featuring veteran industry analyst Fred Moore. Fred will be our special guest as he discusses the future of tape and the storage industry. Highlights include significant improvements in tape technology, tape vs. disk in today’s market and perception vs. reality in the debate between tape and disk.

    We are excited to offer this educational opportunity to our partners at no cost. We also encourage you to invite your customers and prospects to this webinar to help them make informed decisions when considering a backup solution. When you register today you will receive a complimentary copy of Fred's latest white paper entitled The Future of Tape, we hope you can join us!
  • FireScope and Insight Integrated Systems Recorded: Jun 19 2012 59 mins
    Eric Walters - FireScope / David Carpenter - Insight Integrated Systems
    FireScope is the leader in aligning customers' technology performance to their business and customer experiences through highly innovative, on-demand solutions. FireScope's suite of products includes three primary enterprise offerings: FireScope Stratis™ – The only Cloud-Era enterprise management solution; FireScope Unify™ Business Service Management (BSM) - your dashboard for enterprise IT strategy; FireScope Orchestrate™ Configuration Management Database (CMDB) - your playbook for IT Operations.

    We recognize that businesses invest in technology for a reason; growing revenue, improving efficiency throughout the business and enhancing customer satisfaction. Therefore, we continually immerse ourselves in our customers' business to drive purposeful innovation that solves the real problems our customers face as their business and technology evolves.
  • Enabling Cloud Computing Recorded: May 24 2012 53 mins
    Doug Smith-NetApp, Tom Weisenberger-IIS, Rob Cotter-IIS
    Private clouds are about IT flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings. Maximize the benefits by building your private cloud with advanced storage and data management technologies from NetApp and Insight Integrated Systems.

    BONUS: Join this webinar to also learn about 2 cloud leading technologies. Panzura! enabling dynamic, file sharing and global project collaboration and Nirvanix! External enterprise cloud storage.
  • NetApp & CommVault Save Money and Improve your Backup's! Recorded: Apr 24 2012 52 mins
    Glen Speer - CommVault and Chris Blackwood - NetApp and Dave Carpenter - IIS
    Significant Cost Reduction and Dramatic Operational Improvements

    - Spend less to operate the IT Department by lowering operational, labor, and infrastructure costs
    - Maximize primary storage assets
    - Reduce spend on internal/external searches

    And... much more. Join our NetApp and CommVault webinar to learn how your company can effectively improve your backup window and save money while performing these tasks.

    Leverage NetApp SnapProtect to:
    - Accelerate backup and recovery
    - Reduce costs and increase efficiency
    - Simplify data protection processes
  • Backup is Broken Recorded: Apr 12 2012 56 mins
    Peter Eicher-Syncsort & Dave Carpenter-IIS
    Traditional backup technologies are failing. Rising data growth rates and increased server virtualization have overwhelmed conventional solutions. How can you make sure your data is properly protected?
    Join us on this live webinar to learn how NetApp and Syncsort deliver a simple, integrated and proven data protection solution that dramatically changes the way you do backup and recovery.
    With NetApp Syncsort Backup, you can
    •Backup applications in only minutes per day
    •Eliminate the need for point solutions
    •Restore any size data volume in minutes
    •Consolidate your data protection and DR to a single solution, no matter what primary storage you are using
  • World's Largest Single File System for BIG DATA Recorded: Mar 14 2012 59 mins
    Vimal Kaneria - Isilon Systems Dave Carpenter - IIS
    By attending this webinar you’ll learn the Big Data applications and IT advantages of deploying a scale-out NAS architecture. You’ll learn how to eliminate painful data migrations in the future, how to utilize more of the storage capacity you’re paying for, and how to always run at optimal performance without moving data or load balancing, and reduce Operational costs with time consuming performance tuning. You’ll also learn how to buy only what you need today and avoid overbuying based on future growth projections.
  • Your cloud doesn't have to be confusing Recorded: Mar 1 2012 79 mins
    George Peck, Dave Carpenter,
    While 51% of enterprise IT organizations are experimenting with cloud through specific projects or low-risk business applications, our latest research shows that 39% of companies are getting started with IT infrastructure transformation initiatives including implementing service catalogs or establishing reference architectures. No matter which entry point you choose, it's important to track results and give your management team visibility into how cloud computing is making a difference to your organization.
  • IIS and Paragon Software Recorded: Jan 31 2012 60 mins
    Daniel Eickhoff, Francisco Gillett & Dave Carpenter
    Insight Integrated Systems & Paragon Software Group invites you to join us in learning how we have been providing cost effective solutions for hard drive management, storage management and data protection since the company's inception in 1994. Known internationally for our innovative Partition Manager, we provide proven, full featured solutions for storage lifecycle management. Paragon enables midrange & enterprise companies to effectively and efficiently manage, deploy and protect server and desktop storage resources.

    Join this webinar today and learn how the solutions that IIS offers have grown by partnering with Paragon Software.
  • New Technologies in a Virtual Environment Recorded: Dec 6 2011 50 mins
    Xsigo - Bruce Fingles / Insight Integrated Systems - Dave Carpenter
    Join this webcast to learn about new technologies that connect virtual machines in your cloud infrastructure to networks and storage with more flexability and with higher bandwidth than ever before.

    Imagine 10X to 30X more performance in your I/O-intensive apps, 19X faster vMotion, 12X faster database queries, and backups done in minutes, not hours.

    Attend this webcast to learn how to:

    - Manage VM connectivity without the pain of traditional network management
    - Dramatically increase data throughput in your virtualized environments
    - Establish isolated connections across the data center in seconds

    Eliminate the pain of legacy network management and get up to 40X more throughput. Attend this webcast to learn about exciting new solutions from Insight Integrated Systems and Xsigo.
  • Cutting IT Costs Have Never Been Easier Recorded: Nov 29 2011 54 mins
    George Peck - VMware & Dave Carpenter - IIS
    The average enterprise uses 70% of its IT budget to maintain its physical infrastructure. As the industry's leading virtualization software, VMware vSphere™ can cut overall IT costs by up to 70%—allowing more resources to be allocated toward innovation and improving business operations.

    In addition to having a low total cost of ownership, VMware vSphere also simplifies operations, delivers improved performance and ensures high availability of services. VMware is fundamentally changing how enterprises manage, deploy and deliver IT.

    Webinar Details:

    Maximize your current resources
    Consolidating your servers allows you to combine infrastructure resources and break the traditional model of only having one application per server.

    Increase availability of hardware and applications
    Securely back up and migrate entire virtual environments without interruptions in service. This improves business continuity by eliminating planned downtime and immediately recovering from unplanned issues.

    Improve operational flexibility and responsiveness
    Dynamically scale to respond to unpredictable market changes and user demands. The ability to provision servers faster allows administrators to spend more time focusing on business needs.

    Take the first step on the path to cloud computing
    Virtualizing your infrastructure is the beginning of the journey to the cloud. Cloud computing provides additional cost savings and results in a zero-touch infrastructure with full automation across the board.
  • RealCloud Ready Assessment Survey Benchmarking Results Recorded: Nov 10 2011 44 mins
    Cole Sandau - The Optera Group / Dave Carpenter - IIS

    RealCloud defines a core set of capabilities that your organization needs to take advantage of cloud. By understanding these capabilities and your current environment you can define a rational cloud strategy.

    - RealCloud creates a map for implementing cloud
    - Allows you to focus on the right projects
    - Thinks beyond just technology to people and process to enable the organization

    RealCloud progresses through fives stages. Traditional IT begins the journey and builds toward cloud as virtualization is implemented. A stage approach starts with the reality of today and moves toward cloud.

    Why the 5 stages are important:
    Change does not happen overnight. A progressive approach to change is manageable and enables key investments over time.

    - Foundations in today’s realities allow for better planning of next steps
    - Roadmap to the future allows for better planning of current projects
    - Maturity builds over time
    - Incremental value is generated with each project

    In this final webinar we will expolore the results and reporting deliverables provided to individuals and organziations who take 20 minutes from thier schedules to participate in this FREE survey.
Secure and Optimize your IT Assets
The Storage Management channel from Insight Integrated Systems delivering insights, strategies and best practices to secure and optimize your IT assets. We will cover topics which include: archiving & compliance, business continuity, eDiscovery, encryption, virtualization and WAN optimization. These presentations will help IT professionals identify the right products and services to add to their end-to-end solutions as they adapt to ever-increasing needs for flexibility, scalability and performance with reduced risk and complexity.

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  • Title: Enabling Cloud Computing
  • Live at: May 24 2012 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Doug Smith-NetApp, Tom Weisenberger-IIS, Rob Cotter-IIS
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