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Mobile Commerce in Daily Life

Recorded Jul 12 2012 37 mins
Presented by
Matt Jones, Owner, Visioniz
Presentation preview: Mobile Commerce in Daily Life
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  • Beschreibung: Durch die Nutzung von Big Data wissen Sie bereits, dass Ihre Daten aus unterschiedlichen Quellen kommen, darunter CRM-Systeme, Dateien, Kalkulationstabellen, Videos, soziale Medien, Zahlungsinformationen usw. Beim Sammeln der Daten aus diesen zahlreichen Quellen muss sichergestellt werden, dass sensible Informationen geschützt sind. Die Frage ist: Wie gewährleisten Sie den umfassenden Schutz Ihrer Big-Data-Umgebung, nachdem fast täglich von einem weiteren verheerenden Sicherheitsvorfall bei einer Organisation berichtet wird?

    Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil und erhalten Sie praktische Informationen darüber, wie Sie Hortonworks und Vormetrics optimal dazu nutzen können, Ihre Big-Data-Umgebung umfassend zu schützen, Compliance-Probleme zu lösen und die Auswirkungen auf Ihre Systeme zu minimieren.
  • In this webinar, learn about the new capabilities in the Informatica PowerCenter 10 editions and how they will increase your development agility.

    Through the eyes and daily routine of typical developers and business analysts you will discover how this new release:
    . Enhances the collaboration between IT developers and business analysts
    . Delivers more powerful visualization for data profiling
    . Delivers a new monitoring dashboard to view service health and system usage
    . Increases your productivity with up to 50X faster data lineage rendering
    . Enhances your project reach with new connectors and real time capabilities
    . Includes new capabilities for parsing semi-structured and unstructured data

    Watch this webinar to accelerate your deliver of data integration-based value to your organization.
  • In 2015, it goes without saying that Banking is an increasingly complex as well as a global business. Leading Banks now generate a large amount of revenue in Global markets and this is generally true of all major worldwide banks. Financial crime is a huge concern for banking institutions given the complexity of the products they offer their millions of customers, large global branch networks and operations spanning the spectrum of financial services. The BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) requires U.S. financial institutions to assist U.S. government agencies to detect and prevent money laundering. Specifically, the act requires financial institutions to keep records of cash purchases of negotiable instruments, to file reports of cash transactions exceeding $10,000 (daily aggregate amount), and to report suspicious activity that might signify money laundering, tax evasion, or other criminal activities. After the terrorist attacks of 2001, the US Patriot Act was passed into law by Congress. The Patriot Act augments the BSA with Know Your Customer (KYC) legislation which mandates that Banking institutions be completely aware of their customer’s identities and transaction patterns with a view of monitoring account activity. This webinar discusses the key business issues and technology considerations in moving your AML regime to a Hadoop based infrastructure and the key benefits in doing so.
  • Are you ready to transform healthcare with predictive analytics? Are you ready to turn Data into Insights and Insights into Practice? Predictive Analytics is about making better healthcare decisions. Is your organization Future Ready?
  • Gli strumenti Command Line Interface (CLI) di AWS forniscono un’interfaccia a riga di commando semplice da utilizzare che permette di creare potenti script di automazione. In questo Webinar, scopirari techiche avanzate che aprono nuovi scenari nell’utilizzo della CLI AWS. Ti mostreremo come filtrare e trasformare le risposte dei servizi via JMESPath, come concatenare script e comandi per ottenere automazioni complesse, ed esplorare le nuove caratteristiche e funzionalità.
  • Apache Spark brings fast, in-memory data processing to Hadoop. Elegant and expressive development APIs in Scala, Java, R, and Python allow data workers to efficiently execute streaming, machine learning or SQL workloads for fast iterative access to datasets. Apache Spark’s momentum continues to grow and throughout 2015 we saw customers across all industries get real value from using it with the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

    In this webinar on November 23, 2015, you will gain insight on how to unlock a fully integrated Spark experience within your enterprise Hadoop environment that is manageable, secure and deployable anywhere.
  • In recent days we have heard from CEO’s about the challenges they face when a breach occurs in determining what data has been lost. Was it sensitive customer data? If so, how many customers are impacted? Not knowing this information immediately causes further damage to customer confidence and significantly increases the cost of dealing with the breach itself.

    In this webinar Informatica will introduce a new generation of Data Security Intelligence capabilities which will provide insight into exactly where company and customer sensitive data resides, how it is moving through the organization and what security measures are in place to protect it. We will also look at some of the proactive measures that can be quickly put in place at the database layer to prevent even authorized staff credentials from making unusual data requests, which are often the precursor to a costly breach.

    We hope you can join us for what promises to be an informative and highly topical webinar.
  • Improper and inadequate management of a major kind of financial risk – liquidity risk, was a major factor in the series of events in 2007 and2008 which resulted in the failure of major investment banks including Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns etc resulting in a full blown liquidity crisis. Inadequate IT systems in terms of data management, reporting and agile methodologies are widely blamed for this lack of transparency into risk accounting – that critical function – which makes all the difference between well & poorly managed banking conglomerates. Indeed, Risk management is not just a defensive business imperative but the best managed banks can understand their holistic risks much better to deploy their capital to obtain the best possible business outcomes. Since 2008, a raft of regulation has been passed by global banking regulators like the BCBS, the US Fed and others. These include the Basel III committee regulations, BCBS 239 principles on Risk Data Aggregation, Dodd Frank Act, the Volcker Rule,CCAR etc. Leading Global Banks are now leveraging Apache Hadoop and it’s ecosystem of projects to create holistic data management and governance architectures in support of efficient risk management across all the above areas. This webinar will discuss the business issues, technology architectures and best practices from an industry insiders perspective.
  • Trinity Health is an 86-hospital system that recently completed a large merger with Catholic Health East. With demand for analytics across the enterprise growing faster than ever before, Trinity Health was in urgent need for gaining easy access to high quality, trusted data. One of the most pressing challenges for Trinity Health was to manage the inconsistent data from variety of applications as it was being moved in and out of different data warehouse systems. In order to extend their analytics platform beyond financials to include clinical, operational, and third party data, they needed to deliver connected, safe, and clean data. This meant adding data quality and master data management capabilities to their architecture. In addition to technology, Trinity Health relied on an enterprise-wide, comprehensive data governance and data investigation program to ensure the overall success of the analytics initiative.

    This webinar will cover how the Trinity Health team achieved consensus for this program, collaborated with business and technical colleagues, and advanced data governance as a best practice to support advanced analytic initiatives.

    During this webinar, you'll learn how to:

    • Implement the best health information management technology
    • Boost your agility to gain insight from healthcare data for better patient outcomes
    • Facilitate patient data centricity for reduced costs with clean, safe data
  • Today’s businesses are agile and data reliant, they need their data to be flexible. Data governance is different for sandbox and production environments – the key is finding a balance between security and innovation. How can we guarantee our data is secure, yet accessible by everyone that needs it? Join Tableau’s IT leaders as they share firsthand experience in managing data at a modern data-driven organization.

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  • Title: Mobile Commerce in Daily Life
  • Live at: Jul 12 2012 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Matt Jones, Owner, Visioniz
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