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Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • The Power of Open Source Apache Cassandra Managed by Instaclustr
    The Power of Open Source Apache Cassandra Managed by Instaclustr Ben Bromhead, CTO and Co-Founder, Instaclustr Recorded: Jun 22 2017 37 mins
    This webinar provides a detailed comparison between open source Apache Cassandra managed by Instaclustr and proprietary technologies such as DataStax Enterprise. The aim is to highlight the operational and cost benefits associated with deploying open source Apache Cassandra and other data management technologies including Apache Spark. This webinar will also discuss the modern business approach to open source and enterprise software deployment and the pitfalls associated with technology lock in.
  • Panel: Smart Fog and Transaction Management for Cities and Maritime
    Panel: Smart Fog and Transaction Management for Cities and Maritime Moderator: Katalin Walcott (Intel) Panel: Jeff Fedders (OpenFog), Mark Dixon (IBM), Matthew Bailey (Powering IoT) Recorded: Jun 22 2017 61 mins
    Fog computing represents a tectonic shift for the future of transaction management, distributed supply chain and overall experience. It blurs the lines between the edge and the cloud and puts the focus on the systems which manage and balance the delivery of coherent, end-to-end sessions and associated transaction level agreements. As a result, this new technology is pervasive in several industries.

    Join this panel of experts as they discuss solutions with specific industry use cases from smart fog for Cities, Buildings, Ports, and Maritime.

    Moderator: Katalin Walcott, Work Group Chair Manageability at OpenFog Consortium & Principal Engineer - IoT/Fog Computing Orchestration Architecture at Intel

    - Jeff Fedders, President at OpenFog Consortium & Chief Strategist, IoTG Strategy and Technology Office at Intel
    - Mark Dixon, Senior Architect for Smarter Cities at IBM
    - Matthew Bailey, President, Powering IoT - Smart City advisor and strategist to governments, technology corporations, and economic development agencies
  • The Customer Journey Has Changed: Are You Ready?
    The Customer Journey Has Changed: Are You Ready? Felipe Walker, Sr. Director and Ian Griffin, Manager LexisNexis Risk Solutions Recorded: Jun 22 2017 26 mins
    Insurers are missing key points within their policyholders lives that can impact risk and retention. There is a way to close that knowledge gap. To gain insight and take action on important changes within your policyholders’ lives. An Active Risk Management program. Join us as we discuss
    - Current statistics and trends that trigger your policyholders to shop and how you can get ahead of it
    - Events that can indicate your customer’s life and risk level is changing
    - Best practices for integrating an Active Risk Management program into your current workflow to continually monitor your book of business and alert you to key events
  • Automating Your Corporate Mobility Management
    Automating Your Corporate Mobility Management Michele Pelino, Principal Analyst at Forrester & Pallavi Vanacharla, Head of Prod. Mktg Mobility at Cisco Jasper Recorded: Jun 22 2017 55 mins
    The increasing mobile workforce is impacting corporate mobility management needs and costs.

    Speaker Michele Pelino, Principal Analyst at Forrester, will share Forrester’s research on how enterprises are addressing this challenge.

    Joining her will be Pallavi Vanacharla, product marketing at Cisco Jasper, will share how their new platform – Control Center for Mobile Enterprise - puts the control back in the hands of enterprise.

    What you’ll learn:
    *Real examples of mobility challenges faced by enterprise IT teams
    *Forrester data on the top mobility management tools and services in use today
    *How Cisco Jasper automates mobility management

    Presented by
    Michele Pelino, Principal Analyst at Forrester & Pallavi Vanacharla, Head of Prod. Mktg Mobility at Cisco Jasper
  • 10-Minutes to Cloud: How to Quickly Shift Big Data Processing
    10-Minutes to Cloud: How to Quickly Shift Big Data Processing Storage Switzerland, Avere Systems Recorded: Jun 22 2017 61 mins
    Enterprises aren't the only organizations that can benefit from big data. Medium and large businesses can too. The challenge is, can these businesses build the same big data infrastructure enterprises do? The short answer is, they can't. But the secret is, they don’t have to.

    In this webinar, join Storage Switzerland and Avere Systems as they show you how to shift large workload compute processing into the cloud in just 10 minutes. This quick onramp to unlimited cores can level the playing field and improve your ability to compete with the global giants.
  • Threat Intelligence: Actionable Insights to Global Attack Trends
    Threat Intelligence: Actionable Insights to Global Attack Trends Dean Suzuki, Technical Architect, Microsoft; Anton Sarkisov, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft Recorded: Jun 22 2017 32 mins
    The average cost of a data breach has risen to $4 million, with costs incurred for litigation, brand or reputation damage, lost sales—and in some cases—complete business closure.*

    Your organization can stay ahead of threats with Office 365 Threat Intelligence, which leverages the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to analyze billions of data points from Microsoft global data centers, Office clients, email, user authentications, signals from our Windows and Azure ecosystems and other incidents that impact the Office 365 ecosystem. It provides information about malware families, including breach information with details down to the actual lines of code that are used for certain types of malware.

    Join this webinar to understand how your organization can become more secure through the powerful new features of Office 365 Threat Intelligence, including:

    - Interactive and intuitive tools to analyze prevalence and severity of threats in near real-time
    - Real-time and customizable threat alert notifications
    - Remediation capabilities for suspicious content

    * Source: The Ponemon Institute study
  • Modern Scale-Out Storage: Achieving Petabyte Scale with HPE & Qumulo
    Modern Scale-Out Storage: Achieving Petabyte Scale with HPE & Qumulo Paul Merrifield, Business Unit Storage CTO, North America, HPE & Joel Groen, Product Manager, Qumulo Recorded: Jun 22 2017 38 mins
    As data footprints continue to grow, so do the demands on enterprise storage. Scale-out NAS could be seen as a perfect solution. However, the demands of today's data-intensive file-based workloads have revealed the limitations of scale, performance, and visibility and control of legacy scale-out architectures.

    To help their customers with this challenge, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), one of the world’s premiere enterprise technology companies, has partnered with Qumulo. The modern design of the Qumulo Core filesystem matched the best-of-breed HPE Apollo Servers, provide customers with a truly modern scale-out storage solution.

    Join HPE and Qumulo as we discuss the attributes of our joint solution and what it means for the modern enterprise technology consumer.


    Joel Groen is a seasoned Product Manager at Qumulo with over 15 years of experience building enterprise, cloud, and mobile technology products. At Qumulo, he is focused on driving technical alignments within the storage industry to help companies grow into petabyte scale infrastructures.

    Paul Merrifield is the Business Unit Storage CTO for North America at HPE. He is responsible for studying and understanding the broad industry changes impacting information technology, the business implications associated with an industry in transition, and the translation of those challenges into HPE’s technology strategy and point-of-view.
  • How Can Analytics Help Detect and Deter Corruption?
    How Can Analytics Help Detect and Deter Corruption? Rich Lanza, Analytics Fraud Expert Recorded: Jun 22 2017 60 mins
    Corruption dates back to the start of business but has come under greater focus in the last decade with enhanced enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. What has changed over time are the tools and more precisely, analytics, which can be used to detect bribery and other corruption schemes.  

    In this webinar, Fraud Analytics expert, Rich Lanza will explore this important topic and provide a roadmap for taking an analytic approach to root out organizational corruption.

    You’ll learn:
    • The top internal and external data sources to interrogate for corruption schemes
    • How to identify the key red flags leading to corrupt behavior and how they present themselves in data
    • The best ways to bolster any compliance program with data-driven prediction and decision making analytics
    • The steps to complete a who, what, when, and where set of analytics to hone in on the specific corruption and bribery within your business processes
    • The benefits of integrating and managing a continuous review of data sets to identify corrupt behavior

    Join us Thursday, June 22 at 12pm EDT/9am PDT and learn how best to apply analytics to detect corruption and safeguard your organization.
  • CEO Series featuring Cohesity
    CEO Series featuring Cohesity Arun Taneja, Taneja Group; Mohit Aron, Cohesity Recorded: Jun 22 2017 46 mins
    Cohesity is one of the rising stars in the world of data management. They have flipped the data protection market on its ear. In this CEO Series webcast, Arun Taneja, Founder and Consulting Analyst of Taneja Group will interview Mohit Aron, CEO of Cohesity, to understand the concept of Hyperconverged Secondary Storage and why it matters to the industry. We will explore the advantages it provides for your data protection, test/dev, and data analytics workloads and how Cohesity is different from other solutions on the market. It is time to say goodbye to the old, staid methods of protecting data. The traditional methods simply don’t make sense in the new world of Big Data, Multi and Hybrid cloud and web-scale applications. Join the webcast for a whirlwind tour of new ideas and methods in this space.

    Arun Taneja, Founder & Consulting Analyst, Taneja Group
    Mohit Aron, Founder & CEO, Cohesity
  • Clearing the Fog Around IoT Analytics
    Clearing the Fog Around IoT Analytics Jason Stamper, Data Platforms and Analytics Analyst, 451 Research Recorded: Jun 22 2017 38 mins
    In this webinar, Jason Stamper, analyst for Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research, will look at some of the latest trends that are being seen in IoT and specifically analytics at the edge of the network — in other words close to where the data is generated.

    He will also identify a number of data platform and analytics themes that are becoming more critical in the IoT era: security and data governance; infrastructure including edge analytics and server less computing; data processing; data integration and messaging.
  • Demo: Introducción a Openbravo para una gestión avanzada de almacenes
    Demo: Introducción a Openbravo para una gestión avanzada de almacenes Maarten Tromp, Director de Product Management, Openbravo Recorded: Jun 22 2017 59 mins
    Las funcionalidades de Openbravo para una gestión avanzada de las operaciones de almacén han sido diseñadas para ayudar a los minoristas a administrar mejor sus almacenes. En esta demostración práctica, la segunda de nuestra serie de webinars sobre gestión de inventario y almacén, mostraremos algunas de las nuevas funciones de Openbravo para la gestión avanzada de almacenes que ayudan a los minoristas a optimizar el stock, el espacio y el personal en sus almacenes, incluyendo características como cross-docking, wave picking, inspecciones de calidad, prioridades dinámicas y secuencias de movimiento en el almacén.
  • The business of R&D: How intellectual property can reduce your tax bill
    The business of R&D: How intellectual property can reduce your tax bill Brian Williamson, Managing Director of Jumpstart | hosted by Ruta Sudmantaite at patsnap.com Recorded: Jun 22 2017 53 mins
    R&D is an expensive business – Last year alone, UK companies invested £16.5 billion into research and development, which accounted for 4% of the total global spend.

    While 25% of R&D spend came from the higher education sector and 7% from Government and Research Councils, the majority - a massive 66% of this investment, was made by businesses. But there are easy ways that these companies could be accessing even more money to invest in R&D.

    Of course R&D delivers benefits in the form of process efficiencies, new products, intellectual property which can be protected and monetized, and is a is source of long term competitive advantage. But the UK government also encourages R&D through significant tax benefits – so why are so many businesses still not claiming enough tax relief for R&D?

    Brian Williamson, Managing Director at Jumpstart, the UK’s leading tax credit specialists, joins us for this webinar where he will discuss:

    - Why the government cares about R&D investment
    - The common “white coat” misconception companies have about R&D
    - How to get your accountant or auditor to think like a scientist
    - Why companies ranging from startups to multinational companies are leaving money on the table and the options available for claiming it back.

    This webinar is essential for any R&D leaders wanting to know more about how to manage their R&D budgets more effectively.
  • Just in Time Automation
    Just in Time Automation Jeff Kunzelman, Chief Technology Officer at POPin Recorded: Jun 22 2017 22 mins
    The classic way of identifying, developing, testing and rolling out new technology relies on management to identify a bottleneck and set a deadline, product management to scope the issue and develop the requirements and then the development time “sprints” through an agile process to deliver the goods. Once the solution was rolled out, the employees suddenly had another process with which they had to comply.

    Now, however, there is a better way. IT and development leaders can crowdsource roadblocks from their audience as well as their teams instead of guessing what to address, which will tell them exactly where technology can automate processes and solutions in order to make it easier for their employees. The result? Solutions employees actually need that are built the best for your organization.

    Join Jeff Kunzelman, Chief Technology Officer at POPin, as he discusses how crowdsolving and automation can revolutionize your business. Specifically, expect to takeaway:

    •Examination of past and current ways of handling development
    •Identification of ways to avoid bottlenecks
    •Examples of successful crowdsourcing
    •Best practices for technology automation
    •Solutions for employee-driven initiatives
    •And more…
  • Embedding Pyramid Analytics into Apps and Processes
    Embedding Pyramid Analytics into Apps and Processes Jen Underwood, Founder & Principal Consultant of Impact Analytix Recorded: Jun 22 2017 49 mins
    Organizations across the business spectrum are awakening to the transformative power of data and analytics. To truly become a data-driven organization and increase analytics adoption, explore embedding analytics into apps and business processes your users already love. It is easier to bring analytics to the user than to change a user. In this session we will share “how to” embed Pyramid Analytics intelligence into your apps, lessons learned, and best practices to deliver insights when and where decisions are made.
  • Tableau in the Cloud: A Netflix Original
    Tableau in the Cloud: A Netflix Original Albert Wong - Reporting Platform Manager, Netflix Recorded: Jun 22 2017 65 mins
    See how Netflix built its analytics in the cloud with Tableau and Amazon Web Services

    Building out a data platform doesn't have to be like building a House of Cards, and our friends at Netflix know this better than anyone else. With 86 million members and counting, and more than 700 billion events per day, Netflix has had to expand their data capabilities by developing a scalable and flexible analytics platform built on Tableau and AWS.

    Attend this webinar to hear from Albert Wong, analytics expert at Netflix, to see how they simplified their data stack by building a data lake/data warehouse strategy which allows Netflix to collect and store massive amounts of data, supporting thousands of Tableau users with managed data.

    You'll learn about:

    How to set up effective analytics on top of enormous data sets
    How Netflix serves large groups of people with governed data
    The details of Netflix's data lake/data warehouse strategy
    How Netflix manages Hadoop with Tableau
  • How Customers are Optimizing their EDW for Fast, Secure, and Effective Insights
    How Customers are Optimizing their EDW for Fast, Secure, and Effective Insights Dave Russell, Hortonworks and Paige Roberts, Syncsort Recorded: Jun 22 2017 49 mins
    As organisations worldwide develop strategies to gain competitive advantage through Big Data Analytics, the role of the Enterprise Data Warehouse has never been more crucial. The front-runners in the “Big Data Gold Rush” are now leveraging the power of Hadoop to extend and optimise their EDW infrastructure.
    Hortonworks, in partnership with Syncsort, are helping enterprises to dramatically lower EDW storage and processing costs whilst extending capacity and capabilities.
    Join us at this live webcast to learn how Hortonwork’s Hadoop Powered EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) Optimization Solution with Syncsort DMX-h enables you to liberate data from across the enterprise, quickly create and populate your Big Data lake, and deliver powerful, actionable insights.
    Customer case studies across a variety of industries will bring to life how organizations are using this solution to gain bigger insights from their enterprise data – securely and cost-effectively – with faster time to value.
  • Practical Demo: Introduction to Openbravo for Advanced Warehouse Management
    Practical Demo: Introduction to Openbravo for Advanced Warehouse Management Maarten Tromp, Product Management Director, Openbravo Recorded: Jun 22 2017 57 mins
    Effective inventory management begins with getting better visibility of what comes into your warehouse and what goes out. In this hands-on demonstration, the second in our series of webinars on inventory management, we will show some of the new Advanced Warehouse Operations features in Openbravo software that help retailers optimise stock, space and staff use in warehouses. The features include cross-docking, wave picking, cycle counts, quality inspection, dynamic priorities and travel sequences.
  • Fog Computing in Mobile Network
    Fog Computing in Mobile Network Adnyesh Dalpati, Director Solutions Architect at Alef Mobitech Recorded: Jun 22 2017 43 mins
    Fog computing has the potential to resolve the issues with network latency since the media rich content can be delivered through such nodes directly.

    Fog Computing inside the mobile network providers opens up a window of revenue opportunities for MNO's and creates a innovative space in content & application delivery platform.

    Join this webinar to learn how to tackle the different challenges with fog computing and its role in the IoT cycle.
  • BI on Big Data, Keys to Success for BI on Hadoop
    BI on Big Data, Keys to Success for BI on Hadoop Josh Klahr, VP of Product, Atscale, Inc. Recorded: Jun 21 2017 59 mins
    If you think Hadoop is not in your future, think again. According to a recent survey, 97% of organizations working with Hadoop, anticipate that they will onboard Analytics and BI workloads to Hadoop. When this happens, the companies that have disregarded the Big Data opportunity, may be left behind.

    The good news is that onboarding your Business Intelligence workloads to Hadoop is not as complicated as it used to be just a few short years ago. If you understand some key concepts, the transition can be a lot simpler and more successful - allowing you to recycle current skillsets, while avoiding both a rip and replace of your technical stack or replacement of business analysts with data scientists.

    In this interactive session, Josh Klahr, VP of Product at AtScale, will take you through real-life examples of company successes with BI on Hadoop. He will dissect lessons and learnings gathered along the Hadoop journey. Some of these include:

    *Don’t move and copy data
    *Don’t have multiple definitions of reality
    *Don’t scale up with proprietary hardware
    *Don’t lock yourself in proprietary stacks

    This session will also offer best practices on what to ‘DO’’ and a good set of rules in what Klahr calls the “Do’s and Don’ts of BI on Hadoop”.
  • [Webinar] Cyber ranges: Because you don't #wannacry
    [Webinar] Cyber ranges: Because you don't #wannacry Amritam Putatunda,Technical Product,Ixia, Alex Handy,Tech Journalist,THENEWSTACK,Pascal Joly,Tech Partnerships ,Quali Recorded: Jun 21 2017 58 mins
    Despite billions of dollars invested in cyber security measures, companies are still falling behind when it comes to cyber attack prevention. Case in point, The recent malware campaign “WannaCry” that was able to infect more than 300 thousand systems in short duration of time. This is a testimony to the fact that investments in proactive, rather than reactive defense strategy is acutely needed. Current cyber range solutions are often siloed efforts that takes weeks to set up and cover limited scenarios.
    Addressing these problems requires a new approach with on demand self-service environments to train incident response teams in a holistic manner across the entire organization and simulate a comprehensive set of attacks on IT infrastructure.
    In this webinar you will learn how you can use the power of Quali sandboxes and Ixia Breaking Point solution in creation of a Cyber Range training environment to
    -Rapidly provision full-stack, real-world cyber threat environments
    -Generate thousands of unique attacks mixed with a large variety of real life traffic profiles
    -Reports and grades that measures trainees abilities to neutralize attacks while maintaining traffic continuity.
  • Modernize Your Data Architecture with Google BigQuery and Informatica
    Modernize Your Data Architecture with Google BigQuery and Informatica Google and Informatica Recorded: Jun 21 2017 60 mins
    Building and scaling new business models to gain insights from disparate data faster, while reducing IT costs, requires an architecture that can go from prototype to petabyte scale as your needs evolve. Google BigQuery’s serverless architecture can help ensure that your enterprise data warehouse withstands growth at any scale. Informatica helps you unlock the power of hybrid data with high performance, highly scalable data management solutions that efficiently move and manage large volumes of data to Google BigQuery. Join us to get a peek under the hood and see what makes Informatica and Google BigQuery the best combination for modernizing your data architecture.
  • The Future of Planning, budgeting and forecasting
    The Future of Planning, budgeting and forecasting Mark Nittler, VP Enterprise Strategy - Workday; Gary Simon, FSN Modern Finance Forum Leader - FSN Recorded: Jun 21 2017 32 mins
    As modern finance professionals, we are facing the most challenging FinTech conditions for decades as we strive to be better business partners.

    In this 30 minute webinar replay will explore the 2016 FSN "The Future of Financial Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting"" global research findings, and reveal:

    The critical challenges facing everyone from the CFO to FP&A managers across the globe.
    A better understanding of the changing financial landscape around audit and compliance, cloud ERP and procurement.
    Why we need to transition to a culture of continuous financial planning.
    How the finance function can transform into a more strategic business partner.

    Watch now and learn how you can lead your organization into the future.
  • Real-time IoT Analytics: 4.5 Million Telco Devices Managed at Scale
    Real-time IoT Analytics: 4.5 Million Telco Devices Managed at Scale Eric Tran-Le, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Logtrust Recorded: Jun 21 2017 60 mins
    With more than 4.5 million digital devices in the field, delivering billions of data streams for TV and Video On-Demand services, this Fortune Global 500 Telco needed to improve Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) – in real-time. Because every second counts and time-to-insight matters, managing the volume, variety and velocity of data streaming in real-time, and analyzing against historical data needed to be effortless, seamless and lightning fast. Using Logtrust’s Big Data-in-Motion technology, Tran-Le will showcase how the Telco giant analyzes in real-time billions of data for 20 million customers each day, and has reduced call volume, improved QoE/S, and saved millions of dollars a year.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Understanding current IoT data management challenges
    • Overcoming the technology and data scalability wall
    • Analyzing past and present “events of interest” across millions of IoT devices
    • Making sense out of chaos for time-sensitive IoT/Big Data applications for rapid time-to-insight and value

    Eric Tran-le is the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Logtrust, a Big Data-in-Motion as-a-Service solution provider for fast data, big data analytics. He has more than 20+ years’ experience in both product management and operational system engineering for managing private and native cloud applications at scale. Tran-Le is leading real-time threat hunting, security and IoT analytics initiatives at Logtrust. Formerly, Tran-Le was VP Oracle Management Cloud Services, VP Enterprise Cloud Management, and VP Product Management at Oracle, as well as Network Business Unit Manager at Microsoft.