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Business Management

  • Why Is Operational Data Important for IT?
    Why Is Operational Data Important for IT? Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing Recorded: Apr 28 2017 4 mins
    Each day, with every customer transaction, employee task and business process, companies generate vast amounts of operational data that provides leaders and managers with insight into what is working well and what requires attention. Operational data is particularly important to those responsible for stewarding the information and technology assets of their organization.
    In this context, operational data is particularly important to IT, which is why it is so critical to understand the three different types of operational data on which IT leaders rely.
    Business operational data is all about the business processes and user experiences, which IT enables with the technology and services it provides. The reason organizations invest in technology is to improve the productivity and effectiveness of business operations. Process and user-related data evaluated over time provides a contextual picture into how effectively the technology is achieving that goal.
    IT operational data is concerned with the content of “what” technology components are operating and being used. IT operational data is important as a part of the IT planning process to understand capacity utilization and determine where scalability constraints exist, as well as to understand the cost of services provided to users and to assess security and risk considerations of the business-technology ecosystem. Within IT service management processes, operational data is critical to ensure performance and availability Service Levels Agreements (SLAs) are honored, and to drive technology cost reduction through infrastructure optimization.
    Operational data provides IT with the critical picture it needs to understand and optimize the role it plays in the context of the company.
  • Make Troubleshooting Smarter and Collaborative With Intelligence
    Make Troubleshooting Smarter and Collaborative With Intelligence David Millis, Staff Architect of IT Markets, Splunk Recorded: Apr 28 2017 61 mins
    For decades, your operations center has been trapped by “insights” from the wall of charts. Meanwhile, your operations teams are flooded with alerts that lack context and a problem is emerging. You soon find yourself sitting in war rooms, watching siloed tools, navigating event storms and running scripts to extract “relevant” logs for triage. This just does not scale.

    Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) brings a unique approach to monitoring and troubleshooting with detailed swim lanes, logical drill-downs and meaningful and contextual insights into events.

    Watch this webcast to learn how to:

    -Speed up investigations by organizing and correlating relevant metrics and events
    -Analyze real-time performance in relation to past trends
    -Identify and alert on notable events by creating predefined correlation searches
    -Navigate through event storms easily and quickly and make informed decisions to focus your attention on what matters

    Speaker: David Millis, Staff Architect of IT Markets, Splunk

    15 min - Key Concepts of Splunk ITSI
    30 min - Demo: Deep Dives, Multi-KPI Alerts and Notable Events
    15 min - Q&A
  • Don’t Let Your Legacy SIEM Be Your Kryptonite
    Don’t Let Your Legacy SIEM Be Your Kryptonite Girish Bhat,Director of Security Product Marketing at Splunk, Risi Avila, Security Professional Services Consultant at Splunk Recorded: Apr 27 2017 59 mins
    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s just your legacy SIEM. Did you know your SIEM might be weakening your security powers? Your legacy SIEM could be:

    • Limiting your ability to collect, store and use security-relevant unstructured and structured data
    • Making it difficult to maintain your SIEM and requiring skilled staff to work around the clock just to keep the lights on
    • Burdening your security operations team by forcing them to chase false alarms while missing critical alerts
    • Failing to detect modern threats and putting your entire business at risk

    But have no fear, Splunk’s security experts are here to make you a security super hero again. Put on your cape and join us for this webinar to learn how Splunk can be used as a modern SIEM to solve a range of security use cases and more.

    Splunk’s security experts will share common SIEM replacement and migration scenarios and discuss how a department store, a financial services firm and a luxury retailer successfully migrated from their legacy SIEM to Splunk.

    Girish Bhat, Splunk director of security product marketing
    Risi Avila, Security professional services consultant

    10 mins – The challenges of having a legacy SIEM
    15 mins – The options to migrate
    15 mins – Customer success stories
    5 mins – Resources to guide and help you
    10mins – Q&A
  • Embedded Analytics: A New Approach for Getting Value From Your Data
    Embedded Analytics: A New Approach for Getting Value From Your Data Alex Woodie, Editor at Datanami, Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist at Looker Recorded: Apr 27 2017 50 mins
    Embedded analytics is not new, but the technology for integrating charts, reports, dashboards, and self-service exploration has evolved considerably in the past 5 years. Today, companies in every industry are strengthening relations with customers and suppliers by productizing their data to make it accessible where people need it, when people need it.

    In this webinar you'll learn about:

    - The evolution of embedded analytics
    - Applications and use cases for embedded analytics
    - Whether to build or buy analytics to embed in applications
    - Technology today that is making it possible to monetize data
  • Breaking L2 Barriers for Storage Clusters
    Breaking L2 Barriers for Storage Clusters Jacob Smith, SVP, Engagement at Packet and Ashok Rajagopalan, Head of Product at Datera Recorded: Apr 27 2017 40 mins
    Discover how to create flexible, API-focused scale-out storage that supports today’s demanding enterprise applications. Join the live webinar from Datera and Packet.net for an advanced customer case study and technical deep dive.

    Viewers will get insights on how elastic block storage is evolving in on-premises clouds, challenges with current storage solutions scaling beyond a rack, and data center alternatives for service providers and cloud builders. Learn about Datera’s unique solution to scale easily across the data center and hear from Packet.net on how they are operationalizing Datera Elastic Block Storage.

    This insightful webinar is designed for service providers and data center professionals chartered with providing a high performance, consistent and profitable elastic block storage.
  • 6 Best Practices to Leverage Data as a Competitive Advantage
    6 Best Practices to Leverage Data as a Competitive Advantage Doug Bordonaro, Chief Customer Evangelist & Lisa Kant, Product Marketing Director, ThoughtSpot Recorded: Apr 27 2017 54 mins
    Data is an organization’s most valuable asset. But capturing that value is impossible if data is locked away from the frontline business users. Join ThoughtSpot’s Chief Customer Evangelist and former Director of BI at Disney, Doug Bordonaro, for an in-depth discussion of best practices, and top pitfalls, BI teams are deploying to deliver governed self-service analytics company-wide and improve their competitive advantage.

    In this webinar we will cover:
    * Best practices for driving analytics adoption company-wide within a governed environment
    * Top analytics use cases for building your organization’s competitive advantage
    * Live demo of ThoughtSpot’s search-driven analytics
  • The Connected Marketer | What It Is and Why You Must Become One
    The Connected Marketer | What It Is and Why You Must Become One Michael Becker Co-founder, mCordis, Inc. & The Connected Marketer & Alison Murdock, SVP Marketing, Verto Analytics Recorded: Apr 27 2017 30 mins
    Status Quo Marketers hold on to a bygone era of advertising by flooding the market with cross-channel promotions and messaging in the hopes of grabbing an individual’s attention. They struggle to absorb, and maybe, ignore critical facts about how consumer behavior has changed. Connected Marketers, on the other hand, understand that grabbing a person's attention involves a value exchange. These marketers use insights and data to learn when and where to reach the individual and how to meet her needs, on her terms.

    In this live Q&A, we’ll discuss what it means to be a Connected Marketer and why it’s critical to make that shift now. We’ll explore:

    - Attributes of the Connected Individual and the Connected Marketer
    - How marketers use data and insights to engage with consumers
    - Shining examples of companies who embrace connected marketing
    - How to make the shift now
  • Is Hybrid Cloud Right for You? Closing the Gap from On-Premise to Cloud
    Is Hybrid Cloud Right for You? Closing the Gap from On-Premise to Cloud Imad Birouty and Brian Wood, Directors at Teradata and Jack Phillips, CEO of IIA Recorded: Apr 27 2017 58 mins
    The worlds of cloud computing and on-premises computing continue to grow and mature in their own ways.  Cloud has built a strong reputation for flexibility and elastic scale while on-premises systems remain the mainstay for high-performance and secure business-critical computing.
    The days of "either/or" are gone.  Companies today must learn to be successful with a hybrid environment comprised of on-premises and cloud systems.  Companies do not need to cross the chasm, but to bridge the chasm to innovate, grow and gain competitive advantage.
    Join this webinar to hear from Imad Birouty, Director of Product Marketing at Teradata, who will discuss how companies are leveraging Hybrid Cloud to build an analytics everywhere mentality.
  • Enterprise Software in 2017: Why your CRM Matters More than Ever
    Enterprise Software in 2017: Why your CRM Matters More than Ever Jon P. Elliott, Dynamics Technical Specialist, Microsoft Recorded: Apr 27 2017 61 mins
    Today's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sales tools and software are aiding enterprise business solutions and resource planning more than ever.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX helps enterprise organizations increase the speed of doing business by enabling people to make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster, and fuel business success. When you can make smarter decisions more quickly, from anywhere, you can redesign business processes faster and grow business at your pace.

    Join this webcast to learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you:
    - Accelerate product introductions
    - Make shop floor execution more agile
    - Introduce and maintain intelligent order fulfillment
  • Cybersecurity for Independent Healthcare Providers
    Cybersecurity for Independent Healthcare Providers Emory Simmons, President of CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte Recorded: Apr 27 2017 49 mins
    The American Medical Association recently reported that 4 out of 5 healthcare providers and payer executives say their health IT systems have been compromised by cyberattacks.

    On April 27, CMIT Solutions is hosting a free webinar to educate healthcare providers on how to manage cybersecurity risk. The webinar is hosted by CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte President Emory Simmons, who has over 30 years of risk management experience.

    Join us on April 27 as we cover the following topics:

    · The current cyber threats facing medical practices
    · Case study of a recent cyber attack
    · The framework your practice can follow to manage cybersecurity risk
    · Actionable steps you can start taking immediately to protect your practice
  • Skype for Business: Monitoring Performance
    Skype for Business: Monitoring Performance David Branscome, Microsoft | John Hand, IR | Dave Bottomley, IR Recorded: Apr 27 2017 60 mins
    Skype for Business deployments can be complex, particularly in a multi-vendor environment. This session will look at how organizations can best monitor the performance of a Skype for Business deployment, what the out-of-the-box solution can manage and how it works in with Prognosis. Co-hosted with Microsoft, this promises to be a fantastic session.
  • Best Practices for Reinventing Your Data Protection Strategy in the Digital Era
    Best Practices for Reinventing Your Data Protection Strategy in the Digital Era Nick Sundby, IDC, Consulting Director and Julita Kussmaul, HPE, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Apr 27 2017 47 mins
    Are you prepared to tackle the challenges of the new digital economy? Many organizations have underinvested in backup, running legacy solutions that are unable to keep pace with business demands. An explosive growth of data, increasingly demanding SLAs, new regulations and emerging security threats such as ransomware are putting pressure on businesses to reinvent current backup systems.

    The new digital economy demands an adaptive approach to backup and recovery that addresses the dynamic nature of today’s 24x7 data center.
    Join IDC’s Nick Sundby and Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Julita Kussmaul to discuss best practices for designing data protection to support the era of digital transformation.

    • Learn why legacy data protection solutions and store-everything practices are no longer sustainable
    • Gain key insights that will shape information protection and management in the future
    • Get a step-by-step strategy for rethinking your current data protection process
    • Learn how an adaptive analytics-driven approach to backup and recovery can help you meet the demands of your business
  • The 5 Planks of Door Opening Success
    The 5 Planks of Door Opening Success Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener Recorded: Apr 27 2017 38 mins
    The first step in closing a sale is the initial meeting. Do you want more of those? Learn:

    -What motivates the right decision makers
    -How to find the ideal prospects
    -The secret to creating compelling messaging
    -Objection responses which work
    -Secrets to hiring the right hunter
    -Techniques for creating urgency
  • Combating Phishing Attacks: How Big Data Helps Detect Impersonators
    Combating Phishing Attacks: How Big Data Helps Detect Impersonators James Sirota, Apache Metron committer and Director of Security Solutions at Hortonworks and Simon Elliston Ball, Cybersecurit Recorded: Apr 27 2017 57 mins
    Join us to learn how big data and data science teams can help information security teams improve threat detection with machine learning and real-time streaming analytics.
  • Self-Driving Expenses
    Self-Driving Expenses Unit4 Business Software Recorded: Apr 27 2017 2 mins
    Never waste a second submitting or approving expenses with self-driving Unit4 Travel and Expenses.
  • Design as Strategy: Thoughts on User Experience and Virtual Reality
    Design as Strategy: Thoughts on User Experience and Virtual Reality David Mullett, VR Thought Leader Recorded: Apr 27 2017 49 mins
    As the digital experience proliferates in everyday life and we begin to migrate into the new virtual reality medium, how do we create the most human and organic digital experience?

    Moving forward, digital devices not only grow smaller and closer to the body, but daily use time explodes. The challenge is using design strategies around user experience to mitigate consumer pain points to allow for seamless immersion in your experience or VR product.

    We will talk about how about how design must be incorporated as a process and strategy in VR builds for success.
  • EMEA Software Customer Forums 2017 – Preview
    EMEA Software Customer Forums 2017 – Preview Toby Marsden, Kevin Leslie, Danny Cavion and Gopal Ramachandra, EMEA Directors, ADM and ITOM Portfolios, HPE Recorded: Apr 27 2017 31 mins
    Join the hosts of the EMEA Software Customer Forums 2017 for a sneak peek of the exciting customer presentations and product news from our strategy and best practice-sharing event.

    The EMEA Software Customer Forums are a great opportunity for IT Operations Management and Application Delivery Management practitioners to learn how their peers are utilizing HPE solutions to successfully reach technology and business objectives. Delegates will also get a preview of some new product developments from HPE Product Management and executives.

    Don’t miss out – join us on this webinar for a preview of the great content we’ll be sharing in-depth at the EMEA Customer Forum in Dublin from 15-19 May, more info and registration at www.hpe-customerforums2017.com.
  • How understanding personality can benefit your business
    How understanding personality can benefit your business Ben Vernazza, Senior Consultant, and Paul Wilson, Lead Consultant, OPP Recorded: Apr 27 2017 31 mins
    Have you ever wondered why so many organisations around the world embrace the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) for individual, team and leadership development? In this 30-minute webcast, OPP’s senior consultants will reveal the power of understanding personality difference, exploring the impact it can have on engaging individuals and driving improvements in performance. Suitable for those who have no knowledge of the MBTI tool, as well as those who want to refresh their understanding of the benefits of knowing and applying your personality type at work.
  • From Incident Response to a Continuous Monitoring & Active Threat Hunting
    From Incident Response to a Continuous Monitoring & Active Threat Hunting Stuart Davis, Director, Mandiant & David Grout, Systems Engineering Director, FireEye Recorded: Apr 27 2017 49 mins
    With over 13 years of front-line experience dealing with advanced threat actors from around the globe, our Mandiant team know how the bad guys think and can help you win the battle against cyber attackers.

    In this webinar, Stuart Davis and David Grout will cover:
    - Best practices in regards to Security as a Service
    - How organisations can move from an alert-led security to an intelligence-led security
    - How FireEye can provide the adequate tools, processes and expertise required to build a next generation security program
  • [Live Panel] How to Put the Human First When Creating for Virtual Reality
    [Live Panel] How to Put the Human First When Creating for Virtual Reality Amandine Flachs, Realities Centre; Tom Evans, Trojan VR; Komal Sable, Tengio & Doug North Cook, Decoder Recorded: Apr 27 2017 60 mins
    Join us April 27th for a panel discussion on how to put the human first while creating for Virtual Reality. Part of the VR/AR BrightTALK Summit, our panelists will exchange on how to take user and audience in consideration during the Virtual Reality creation process.

    As Virtual Reality is getting more and more exposure, it is time to highlight the right practices of designing a Virtual Reality project and see what we can do to put the human first.

    - Do Virtual Reality creators consider the audience they address before/while developing their projects? Why is this crucial? How and when to do so?

    - Are we more careful today to offer more accessible VR experiences than a year ago?

    - How is this evolving? Do studios and creators tend to integrate more the human in the creation process?

    The panel will be led by Amandine Flachs, Events and Communication manager at the Realities Centre. She will be joined by a variety of Virtual Reality leaders, including creators, game developers, agency and B/B professionals.



    - Amandine Flachs, Events & Comms Manager, Realities Centre

    - Tom Evans - CEO and co-founder at Trojan VR

    - Komal Sable - COO at Tengio

    - Doug North Cook - Creative director and co-founder at Decoder.
  • Solutions for Energy Management and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the ICT field
    Solutions for Energy Management and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the ICT field Jean-Marc Alberola, Fadri Casty & Tereza Lévová, Berina Delalic Recorded: Apr 27 2017 61 mins
    ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is organising its 5th webinar on 27th April 2017, 12:00 CEST to help you manage the energy consumed by ICT and know how Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can guide you to make your ICT more sustainable. All those who want to become more sustainable in ICT are welcome to join us in this exciting webinar.

    Jean-Marc Alberola, Group Energy Strategy leader at Airbus & Vice Chairman of ETSI ISG OEU (Industry Specification Group Operational Energy Efficiency For Users). Jean-Marc will speak about the work developed by ETSI ISG-OEU, operative KPIs that enable the monitoring of the energy management performance in data centres and ICT sites. After a short description of the global KPI DCEM, the presentation will focus on the implementation of these KPI’s in an industrial area of corporate ICT sites.

    Fadri Casty & Tereza Lévová, both from EcoInvent, , the world's most consistent & transparent Life Cycle Inventory database. The ecoinvent database provides well documented process data for thousands of products, helping you make truly informed decisions about their environmental impact. Fadri and Tereza will demonstrate the value of doing LCA on ICT equipment.

    Berina Delalic, from multEE will introduce the Monitoring & Verification Platform (MVP), a web based tool developed to calculate and store data about energy and CO2 savings resulting from implemented energy efficiency measures. Having in mind central role of ICT especially in the commercial sector, some methods are developed for improving ICT’s energy efficiency, and therefore achieving CO2 emission reduction. The presentation will show how MVP can be used for measuring results from the activities that enable more efficient use of energy for ICT in commercial buildings.

    The webinar will be moderated by Silvana Muscella (Project Coordinator of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu and CEO of Trust-IT Services) who has broad experience in stimulating topics in the ICT sector.
  • BPI Alternative Fund - Iberian Equities Long/Short 1st Quarter 2017
    BPI Alternative Fund - Iberian Equities Long/Short 1st Quarter 2017 Paulo Oliveira Recorded: Apr 27 2017 32 mins
    BPI Alternative Fund is a long/short equity fund investing in listed Portuguese and Spanish equities or equity related assets.

    The main concerns are to keep a low volatility, reduced drawdown and a low correlation with equity markets.
  • Entrez dans l'analytique en temps réel sur Hadoop grâce à Tableau et Hortonworks
    Entrez dans l'analytique en temps réel sur Hadoop grâce à Tableau et Hortonworks Matthieu Lamairesse, Hortonworks; Nicolas Lerose, Tableau Recorded: Apr 27 2017 61 mins
    Vous pensez qu’Hive rime avec batch et latence ? Vous pensez devoir systématiquement extraire vos données de votre datalake pour pouvoir les analyser avec un outil de BI agile ?

    Alors ce webinar est fait pour vous !
    Plongez avec nous dans le monde de l’analyse interactive sur Hadoop
    Nous couvrirons :

    • Les principales fonctionnalités de Hortonworks Data Platform et Tableau.
    • Où Tableau s'intègre à la plate-forme de données Hortonworks dans le cadre d'une architecture de données moderne
    • Comment utiliser Tableau avec Hortonworks pour l'exploration et la visualisation de données lors d’une démonstration à couper le souffle.
  • Influencers to Brand Advocates
    Influencers to Brand Advocates Guy Kawasaki, Alltop; Don Bulmer, SAP; Michael Fauscette, IDC and moderated by Barbara French Recorded: Apr 26 2017 60 mins
    Social media has enabled business professionals to quickly grow large spheres of influence in targeted industries. These power users hold the key for marketers trying to gain access to their niche audiences. The question is how to identify who the key B2B influencers are, how do you rise above the noise to capture their attention, and how do you encourage them to become advocates for your brand. Hear from these influencers themselves as they present live from the BrightTALK San Francisco office sharing what attracts them and learn how you can influence the influencer to become a brand advocate.
  • Accelerating NFV, SD-WAN, and SDN adoption for Telcos and Service Providers
    Accelerating NFV, SD-WAN, and SDN adoption for Telcos and Service Providers Jim Pfleger, Architect at Verizon; Pascal Joly, Director at Quali; Aaron Edwards, Dir. TME at CloudGenix Recorded: Apr 26 2017 60 mins
    This educational webinar will include:

    > Verizon’s perspectives on trends in software-defined architectures and NFV
    > CloudGenix's thoughts on SD-WAN trends
    > Quali's cloud sandboxes for NFV and SDN/SD-WAN compliance
    > Demo - NFV certification in action!
  • BPI Africa - Equity Fund 1st Quarter 2017 Review
    BPI Africa - Equity Fund 1st Quarter 2017 Review Teresa Pinto Coelho May 2 2017 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    BPI Africa is an Equity UCIT III fund that invests in companies with significant operations located in Africa, without any country or sector restrictions.

    The fund aims to provide the investor with direct access to markets with high growth potential and that are not directly reachable to most of them, in the African continent.
  • Cloud Data Warehouse with PowerCenter and Amazon Redshift – Deep Dive & Demo
    Cloud Data Warehouse with PowerCenter and Amazon Redshift – Deep Dive & Demo Meera Srinivasan, Prateek Shrivastava, Andrew McIntyre, Product Management May 2 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In this technical session we will discuss the reasons many customers are extending PowerCenter to support cloud data warehouses on AWS with Amazon Redshift and review common patterns for Amazon Redshift adoption. We will overview the Amazon Redshift architecture and discuss available options from Informatica for extending PowerCenter to support Amazon Redshift. We will share details about using prebuilt Informatica connectors for Amazon Redshift and other AWS services such as Amazon S3, and overview advanced scaling features such as grid, partitioning and pushdown optimization.

    Key webinar learnings:
    • AWS journey and Amazon Redshift: Key benefits and capabilities.
    • Key use cases for extending PowerCenter with Amazon Redshift.
    • Extending with PowerCenter Redshift connector vs extending with Informatica Cloud Redshift connector.
    • Scalability features like grid, partioning and pushdown optimization to maximize the power of Amazon Redshift
    • AWS deployment options: Single-click deployment of PowerCenter on AWS EC2 and Informatica Cloud ‘Pay as You Go’ via AWS Marketplace
    • Demos of key use cases
  • Knowledge17 Sneak Peek: Our Best of ServiceNow
    Knowledge17 Sneak Peek: Our Best of ServiceNow Ellen Daley, Adam Mason, Carleen Carter, Meghan Lockwood May 2 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Knowledge17, ServiceNow's biggest event of the year, is just three weeks away. Join Acorio's Leadership Team on a panel discussion of what to expect at the fastest-growing enterprise cloud company's annual conference.

    We will fill you in with highlights of our Customer's center stage presentations, new technology and innovations, key success stories since last year, and the main themes they expect ServiceNow leadership share.

    This year's K17 theme is experiencing IT, Customer Service, HR & Security at Lightspeed. Get a head start on your competition by getting the inside scoop before you even reach the plane.

    - Preview main stage presentations by Acorio and clients
    - Sneak Peek at our new demo
    - Five tips to get the most out of your K17 experience

    And be sure to visit us at Booth #419
  • Meet DataCore: Data Infrastructure for Next-Generation Data Centers
    Meet DataCore: Data Infrastructure for Next-Generation Data Centers Haluk Ulubay, Senior Director of Marketing, DataCore Software May 2 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    We think differently. We innovate through software and challenge the IT status quo.

    We pioneered software-based storage virtualization. Now, we are leading the Software-defined and Parallel Processing revolution. Our Application-adaptive software exploits the full potential of servers and storage to solve data infrastructure challenges and elevate IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

    DataCore parallel I/O and virtualization technologies deliver the advantages of next generation enterprise data centers – today – by harnessing the untapped power of multicore servers. DataCore software solutions revolutionize performance, cost-savings, and productivity gains businesses can achieve from their servers and data storage.

    Join this webinar to meet DataCore, learn about what we do and how we can help your business.
  • Tirez-vous le meilleur de votre programme de gestion des vulnérabilités?
    Tirez-vous le meilleur de votre programme de gestion des vulnérabilités? Stéphane Barbier et François Maufrais, Senior Solution Engineers chez Flexera Software. May 3 2017 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    La gestion des vulnérabilités est nécessaire pour réduire les failles et les risques de sécurité dans votre environnement.

    Beaucoup d’organisations luttent encore pour mettre en place une solution efficace de gestion des vulnérabilités et des processus inhérents, et ce, en accord avec les contraintes de conformité de sécurité et réglementaire.

    Dans la plupart des cas, le contrôle des trois fonctions essentielles du cycle de gestion des vulnérabilités reste un challenge: découverte, analyse et prioritisation, et correction.

    Dans ce webinaire, vous allez découvrir comment:

    *Tirer le meilleur parti de votre solution de gestion des vulnérabilités avec les outils Flexera Software
    *Associer gestion des vulnérabilités de sécurité avec vos processus ITSM en place
    *Améliorer efficacement votre sécurité informatique
  • The secrets of excellent B2B CX
    The secrets of excellent B2B CX Joel Harrison, Editor-in-chief, B2B Marketing May 3 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    CX is widely recognised as the key battleground for B2B companies in the increasingly digitally-enabled buyer environment. But what does great CX look like for B2B brands? And, more to the point, what role can B2B marketers play in getting it right?

    Leveraging primary research conducted with B2B buyers, this webinar will examine the cornerstones of how to get CX right in a B2B environment, and look at the provide practical tips and actionable strategies for marketers looking to raise their CX game.

    It will be presented by B2B Marketing’s Editor-in-chief Joel Harrison, who will be joined by David Hicks of specialist CX consultancy, and marketing trainer and consultant Shane Redding.

    In this session, you’ll learn:
    • Marketing’s role in delivering excellent CX
    • The role of influencers in CX
    • How to measure and report CX, and to whom.
    • How to create a company-wide approach to CX
  • Social in financial services: opportunity to engage or regulatory nightmare?
    Social in financial services: opportunity to engage or regulatory nightmare? Patrick Barnert, Qumram, Joy Macknight, The Banker, David Bruno, UBS, Courtney McQuade May 3 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    There is no doubt that social media is a valuable engagement platform for any business. So why have financial services firms been so slow to engage with customers via this channel?

    In this webinar we will discuss:
    * What is the truth about social media in financial services: do customers really want it, and if so, what for?

    * How are banks and other financial institutions reacting?

    * Is the use of social media for two-way communication in financial services a reality today?

    * What are the compliance and risk challenges associated with social media usage; how can they be mitigated?

    * Which financial institutions are leading the way?

    * Should banks build their own social platforms to avoid compliance and control issues?
  • Keeping Talented Women in the Workforce: A Product Strategy Approach
    Keeping Talented Women in the Workforce: A Product Strategy Approach Kirsten Liston, Managing Partner at Rethink Compliance May 3 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Research shows that 43% of highly qualified women with children are leaving careers or off-ramping for a period of time, and those who want to return often struggle with re-rentry. In this presentation, we’ll review a creative way to approach the issue using product strategy thinking — one that our own business has used.

    About the Presenter:
    Kirsten Liston has played a founding role in three different start-ups since 2000. She developed products and set product strategy for Integrity Interactive and Threat Ready Resources, both learning and technology companies selling to Fortune 500 customers. Today, she runs Rethink Compliance, which specializes in developing compelling content and online learning for compliance programs.
  • Purpose-built In-Memory NoSQL Database for IoT – GridDB
    Purpose-built In-Memory NoSQL Database for IoT – GridDB Basavaraj Soppannavar, Sr. Strategist IoT, Toshiba America Research Inc. May 3 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Toshiba's GridDB is an open source specialized data store purpose-built for handling enormous amounts of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT). GridDB offers in-memory processing to boost performance, time-series functionalities for IoT data, excellent scale-out on commodity hardware for increasing data needs and great reliability for mission-critical applications.

    Toshiba has been building large scale IoT projects even before IoT was known as IoT. GridDB was conceived at Toshiba in 2013 to solve growing data needs and time-series data related problems that its customers faced. Since 2014 Toshiba’s customers in Japan spanning industries such as utilities, manufacturing, building management etc. have been harnessing the power of GridDB.

    Join us to know more about:
    1. Properties of IoT data and database requirements for handling it
    2. Overview of GridDB
    3. Technical details of GridDB including data models, performance, scalability, and reliability
    4. Real world IoT use cases powered by GridDB
    5. Programming Demo - modeling sample Wind Mill farm data using GridDB
  • Accelerate Business Outcomes With A Connected Data Strategy
    Accelerate Business Outcomes With A Connected Data Strategy Noel Yuhanna, Forrester, Piet Loubser and Wei Wang, Hortonworks May 3 2017 5:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join experts from Forrester and Hortonworks to learn how a next-gen connected data architecture can help accelerate time to value for your big data initiatives. On this webinar:-

    - Get an overview of the Big Data Fabric and results from recent research
    - Learn about connected data architecture with key customer use cases

    All registrants will get a copy of the on-demand recording/ slides
  • HR Analytics Made Simple: A Quick Start Guide
    HR Analytics Made Simple: A Quick Start Guide Culture Amp May 3 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    People Analytics is a buzzing topic, but how exactly do you apply it to your role in HR and where do you get started?

    In this webinar, we'll be simplifying the core components of People Analytics to demystify how HR Leaders can use data to make better employee and business-related decisions.

    Whether you're a small company with limited people data or a large organization with an integrated people analytics team, we'll discuss how to think through your data strategy with examples of how other companies have evolved through their journey.

    We'll cover:
    1. The connection between employee feedback & people analytics
    2. The four stages of the people analytics journey
    3. The core competencies of an exceptional people analytics function
    4. How to use people data to make better business decisions
    5. Best practices for success & common pitfalls to avoid

    You'll walk away better equipped to evaluate where you are on the employee feedback and analytics roadmap and identify what you need to enhance your team's impact.
  • BPI Brasil Fund - 1st Quarter 2017
    BPI Brasil Fund - 1st Quarter 2017 João Caro Sousa May 4 2017 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    BPI Brasil is a long only Fund investing in listed Brazilian equities and fixed income.

    The Fund aims to provide the investor with direct access to a market with high growth potential and to offer a sustainable return over a reasonable time frame through an active management approach.
  • The Age of the Digital Insurance Customer and Importance of the Analytical 360
    The Age of the Digital Insurance Customer and Importance of the Analytical 360 Karen Pauli, Strategy Meets Action, Bill Whittemore - Kevin Claybon at Clarity Insights, Cindy Maike, Hortonworks May 4 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Every insurance company regardless of line of business is focused on enabling the digital customer experience with the goal of enhanced profitability, lowering costs and creating stronger customer loyalty. However, many are struggling to achieve this goal challenged a history policy and/or product based business models. Additionally, many continue to use a traditional MDM based approach to solve the customer data. During this roundtable-based webinar we will discuss how to look at your customer operational data, big data and third-party customer data differently. The panel will discuss the differences between an analytical approach vs. an operational approach; how best to account for the differences in dynamic vs. static customer data; and what approaches have been most successful in the insurance industry.


    Karen Pauli, Principal at Strategy Meets Action
    Bill Whittemore, Associate Partner – Insurance and Financial Services at Clarity Insights
    Kevin Claybon Principal Consultant at Clarity Insights
    Cindy Maike, GM of Insurance Solutions at Hortonworks.
  • Analytics Meets Machine Learning: Next Steps to Data-Driven Decisions
    Analytics Meets Machine Learning: Next Steps to Data-Driven Decisions Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc and Jeff Healey, Dir of Product Marketing, HPE Vertica May 4 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the talk of the tech industry this year, but nine times out of ten what's really under the hood is machine learning. What's behind this new generation of “predictive” and "smart" analytics and why are we hearing about it now?

    Join us for this webcast as we explore the emergence (or reemergence) of machine learning and "A.I.," and how data-management practices are evolving to keep up with the new speed and scale of business through continuous, streaming applications and real-time predictive capabilities.

    What You Will Learn:
    • How analytics are evolving from descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics.
    • Why data, compute capacity, analytic prowess and development time are crucial to machine learning success.
    • Why micro-services and APIs will be crucial enablers of embedded analytics and next-generation smart apps.
    • How leading firms are overcoming data science talent shortages through adoption of new technology and organizational structures.
  • 5 Prescriptions to Help Close Deals Faster
    5 Prescriptions to Help Close Deals Faster Jared Fuller, VP of Sales, PandaDoc | Kyle Bastien, Senior Sales Trainer, ProsperWorks May 4 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jared Fuller, VP of Sales of PandaDoc and Kyle Bastien, Senior Sales Trainer of ProsperWorks are delivering the 5 prescriptions every sales team needs to alleviate the pain points of their prospects.

    They'll break down how to perform effective disco calls, effective pain mapping prior to the demo, and how to provide valuable takeaways that will have your prospect turned to a customer in no time.
  • How Cylance Prevents Ransomware Attacks
    How Cylance Prevents Ransomware Attacks Brian Robison, Senior Director, Technical Marketing at Cylance® May 4 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Many of our customers sought out Cylance because it is highly effective in preventing ransomware attacks. We have learned firsthand how ransomware is affecting organizations of all sizes, and across all industries. In this live demonstration, Brian Robison, Senior Director, Technical Marketing at Cylance® will show how ransomware works. He will launch several attacks on unprotected machines to deliver a real-world view into how ransomware compromises systems, and how Cylance prevents ransomware attacks.

    Brian will provide a live demonstration of CylancePROTECT® blocking attacks, and will discuss:

    •Different ransomware types
    •Delivery methods, including drive-by downloads and fileless malware
    •Why launching attacks is cheap and easy with ransomware-as-a service
    •How Cylance prevents both file-level and disk-level encryption
  • Can Business Process Management and Master Data Management work together?
    Can Business Process Management and Master Data Management work together? Featuring Guest Speaker Ramesh Dontha May 5 2017 3:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Master Data Management (MDM) and Business Process Management (BPM) are two significant investments that enterprises usually undertake to realize tangible business benefits by streamlining business processes and leveraging data as an asset. Wouldn't it be great if both these programs can align on people (stakeholders), processes, and technologies so MDM-enabled processes become simpler? Yes, it is possible by focusing on Data Governance and stewardship for the benefit of MDM and BPM. This webinar will cover basic aspects of MDM and BPM, potential conflicts in implementing both, and identify possible solutions to align BPM and MDM. The webinar will also cover how data governance and stewardship can play a pivotal role in facilitating the implementation of BPM and MDM.

    Webinar Contents
    - Overview of Business Process Management (BPM)
    - Overview of Master Data Management (MDM)
    - Potential conflicts in BPM and MDM implementation with respect to
    people, processes, and technologies
    - Options for aligning BPM and MDM
    - Role of Data Governance in aligning BPM and MDM
  • Mobile commerce + AI: Not just a nice-to-have
    Mobile commerce + AI: Not just a nice-to-have Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat May 9 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    AI ain't a maybe anymore. New payments and mobile commerce conversion strategies are erupting, all in the wake of the impact that AI and bots are having. More than 2.5 billion people worldwide use instant messaging services, and you need to be where your customers are – it's where AI and commerce meet.

    Indeed, messaging platforms are revving up to let businesses dive face-first into the buffet of expanded commerce opportunities, letting businesses leverage customized communications like receipts, shipping notifications, and even direct conversations with customer service.

    In this interactive VB Live event, we'll dive deep into the latest Bot Insight consumer study to show you why you need to get on board, and take you on a deep dive into how to take a running start, with full C-suite support.

    Don't miss out!

    In this webinar you'll:
    * Dive into the current AI landscape, from free tools to enterprise-class options
    * Learn how conversational UI and AI will transform your mobile commerce
    * Understand which new platforms are right for your own commerce strategy
    * Get the key points to convince your CEO and CFO to put these master class tools in your hands

    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Jonathan Jarvis, CEO, Token
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • Hybrid cloud and DevOps: What problems do Ops teams need to solve?
    Hybrid cloud and DevOps: What problems do Ops teams need to solve? Sandeep Parmar, Dir of Consulting Services, J9 Technologies, Inc and Neil Miles, Product Marketing Manager, HPE May 9 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Every operations team is on a journey. But is the goal becoming a ‘Digital Enterprise’, or is it ‘Hybrid IT’ or ‘DevOps’? What if it is all three?

    IT operations can no longer afford to solve only one problem at a time.

    This webinar will examine the challenges Ops teams face in meeting interrelated business requirements. We will speak to the automation requirements that are needed to satisfy these challenges. Then we’ll dive into the benefits of using hybrid cloud management together with application delivery automation in moving Ops closer to all these end goals. Ops teams need more powerful tool sets to deliver complex cloud services faster and to be successful in DevOps oriented organizations.

    J9 will share their experiences in working on cloud management projects and HPE will provide an overview of the HPE Hybrid Cloud Management solution suite for unifying hybrid IT management and accelerating application delivery.
  • Maximizing Outcomes: The Candidate Experience and Background Checks
    Maximizing Outcomes: The Candidate Experience and Background Checks Mary Poquette, Owner and Principal Consultant, Poquette Screening Solution, LLC. May 9 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Candidate experience continues to be top of mind as employers compete to attract and retain top talent. Background checks play an important role in candidate experience, but they are often overlooked or placed in the “necessary evil” category. As a result, candidates may have a negative background screening experience, which may give them a bad impression of the company – or may even cause them to reject the job offer.

    Join Mary Poquette, a 20-year veteran of the background screening industry, as she shares the eight essential elements you need to know to properly procure and use a background check, keep your candidate informed throughout the process, successfully navigate potential landmines, and create positive outcomes.
  • Seeding America's Technological Future Forward
    Seeding America's Technological Future Forward Nagesh Rao, Chief Technologist, Office of Investment and Innovation | SBIR/STTR | SBIR Road Tour | SBA May 9 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Small businesses often have difficulty competing with larger technology companies due to lack of capital for their research and development (R&D) work which is crucial for getting from planning to deployment stages. The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is a highly competitive program that encourages domestic small businesses to engage in Federal Research/Research and Development (R/R&D) that has the potential for commercialization.

    Through a competitive awards-based program, SBIR enables small businesses to explore their technological potential and provides the incentive to profit from its commercialization. By including qualified small businesses in the nation's R&D arena, high-tech innovation is stimulated and the United States gains entrepreneurial spirit as it meets its specific research and development needs.

    The mission of the SBIR program is to support scientific excellence and technological innovation through the investment of Federal research funds in critical American priorities to build a strong national economy.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Learn about the SBIR/STTR programs and how they work
    - Learn how to qualify for America’s largest seed fund for small technology firms and innovators
    - Learn where to get more information, the support you need, and how to take next steps
  • 3 Ways to Build a Data-Driven Business
    3 Ways to Build a Data-Driven Business Snehal Antani, CTO, Splunk Inc. May 10 2017 1:00 am UTC 60 mins
    This video, presented by Splunk's CTO Snehal Antani, discusses how data is leveraged to solve critical problems, improve efficiencies, and optimize security in real time. Attend to learn:

    • How to successfully implement a data-focused approach to ensuring cybersecurity across departments
    • How to reduce organizational risk, while balancing emerging digital trends and directions that are catalysts for disruption
    • How continuous insights brings data to the fingertips of key stakeholders, shifting the culture from being reactive to proactive
  • Aktuelle Trends bei Sicherheitsverletzungen und Cyberangriffen in D/A/CH
    Aktuelle Trends bei Sicherheitsverletzungen und Cyberangriffen in D/A/CH Sven Schriewer, Director, FireEye May 10 2017 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Cyberkriminelle entwickeln ihre Taktiken, Techniken und Prozesse stets weiter und sind dabei häufig schneller als die Sicherheitsteams. Die Angreifer sind bestens organisiert und ihre Methoden werden von Jahr zu Jahr raffinierter – 2016 war da keine Ausnahme.

    In diesem Live-Webinar stellt Sven Schriewer, Director, FireEye, die Beobachtungen und Schlussfolgerungen der Experten von Mandiant aus der Untersuchung einiger der schwerwiegendsten Cyberangriffe und Sicherheitsverletzungen des vergangenen Jahres vor.

    Melden Sie sich noch heute an, um sich über die folgenden Themen zu informieren:
    •Neue Trends bei Phishing-Angriffen auf Unternehmen
    •Neue Entwicklungen in der Angriffstelemetrie und -methodologie
    •Datengestützter Überblick über neue Bedrohungen weltweit
    •Moderne Abwehrstrategien zum besseren Schutz von Unternehmen und Institutionen
    •Auswirkungen der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung auf Unternehmen in EMEA
    •Trends in EMEA, Nordamerika und APAC im Vergleich
    Neben den Untersuchungsergebnissen in der Regionen EMEA mit Schwerpunkt auf Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz, enthalten Sie in diesem Webinar auch Informationen wie Sie eine proaktive Strategie zur Stärkung Ihrer Sicherheitsinfrastruktur entwickeln.
  • Software Vulnerabilities verstehen
    Software Vulnerabilities verstehen Thomas Todt, Senior Sales Engineer, DACH, MEA & Eastern Europe May 10 2017 12:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Nehmen Sie an dem Webinar teil, um einen Überblick über Software Vulnerabilities und Handlungsfelder für Unternehmen zu gewinnen.