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Business Management

  • Powering Big Data Success in the Cloud
    Powering Big Data Success in the Cloud Anna Yong, Hortonworks and Paul Codding, Hortonworks Recorded: Jun 27 2017 30 mins
    Find out how Hortonworks support subscriptions enable IT agility and success in the cloud.
  • The Myth of Price
    The Myth of Price Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic™ Recorded: Jun 27 2017 49 mins
    Stop throwing your profits away! You can make a lot more money by simply discounting less and charging more. Don’t think you can? Just wait—immediately after this revealing presentation you’ll be raising your prices and reaping the rewards!
  • Anticipated Health Reform Changes: How to Prep Your Employee Benefit Plans
    Anticipated Health Reform Changes: How to Prep Your Employee Benefit Plans Sibyl Bogardus, JD, Compliance Key Accounts, Hub International Recorded: Jun 27 2017 56 mins
    Are you aware of some of the anticipated health reform changes? Gain valuable insight on what “repeal and replace” means — from proposed changes to the employer mandate to affected health plan costs and funding to employee expectations to future government reporting requirements. Anticipating which rules are changing will be crucial to form a long-term strategic plan, create specific action steps and manage your health plan cost and compliance in 2017 and beyond.

    To make sense of these potential changes, CareerBuilder has partnered with Sibyl Bogardus, J.D. — compliance key accounts at Hub International — for a new webinar titled “Anticipated Health Reform Changes: How to Prep Your Employee Benefit Plans in 2017 and Beyond” on Tuesday, June 27 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

    You will learn about:
    • The current state of health reform changes affecting employer costs, advance planning and all-important plan administration
    • What federal changes are likely, the impact on your plan as well as decision points to anticipate
    • Trends in benefits administration and integrated human capital management software
    • What you need to do now to assure compliance, smooth operational processes and seamless transitions
  • Data-Centric Security for GDPR Compliance
    Data-Centric Security for GDPR Compliance Moderated by Mark Chaplin, ISF; with panelists: Carole Murphy, HPE; Les McMonagle, Blue Talon; Cheryl Tang, Imperva. Recorded: Jun 27 2017 74 mins
    In today’s threat landscape, traditional approaches to securing data are falling short. Since 2015 we have seen some of the largest data breaches ever and it is clear that no industry or organization is immune from cyber attacks. The threat landscape is increasingly dangerous, while new technologies are distributing sensitive data farther across locations, devices and repositories. Starting in May 2018, enforcement will kick in on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a move that could have a stronger privacy/security standardization effect than any technological effort has to date. Globalization efforts will make GDPR compliance essential for global companies wherever they are located.

    The development of a comprehensive data-centric security program, including data discovery, classification, encryption, and file protection, can uniquely position your organization to protect what matters most, and make security move with your data to comply with global regulations such as GDPR. On this webinar our panel of experts will discuss the key points that you should consider when developing such a program for your organization.
  • The 2017 State of Enterprise Analytics – from Insight to Foresight
    The 2017 State of Enterprise Analytics – from Insight to Foresight Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer of Forbes Recorded: Jun 27 2017 29 mins
    Join Dun & Bradstreet for a webinar led by Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer of Forbes, to hear the results of our latest research on the state of enterprise analytics. We surveyed a cross-section of CEOs, CMOs, CPOs, CFOs and CAOs to understand the trends powering today’s insight-driven organizations.

    Bruce will be discussing the findings to give you a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing companies across North America and UK.
  • Scaling Security Workflows for Enterprise
    Scaling Security Workflows for Enterprise Scott Jeschonek & Keith Ober, Avere Systems Recorded: Jun 27 2017 45 mins
    For most enterprises dealing with increased security threats, limiting machine data collection is not an option. But with finite IT budgets, few organizations can continue to absorb the high costs of scaling high-end Network Attached Storage (NAS) or moving to and expanding a block-based storage footprint. Join this webinar to discover options for more cost-effective solutions that enable large-scale machine data ingestion and fast data access for security analytics.

    You’ll learn:
    - The common challenges companies see when scaling security workflows
    - Why a high-performance cache works to solve these issues
    - How to integrate cloud into processing and storage for additional scalability and efficiencies

    Presenters will build an actionable framework in just thirty minutes and then take questions.
  • HPE Data Center Automation suite release: containers, compliance, ChatOps
    HPE Data Center Automation suite release: containers, compliance, ChatOps Sibel Satiroglu, Sr Product Marketing Manager, HPE and Nisarg Shah, Director of Product Management, HPE Recorded: Jun 27 2017 58 mins
    The latest version of Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite version is now available. DCA is an end-to-end lifecycle management solution for servers, databases and middleware. Now, DCA comes with new features—container-based deployment, unified compliance, and ChatOps collaboration.

    Join Nisarg Shah, Director Product Management, as he discusses the latest release, answers your questions, and shares the new DCA UI.
    • See the DCA Suite—provisioning, patching, compliance, open API orchestration
    • Learn how container-based deployment delivers quick time-to-value
    • Discover why automated compliance and remediation matters
    • Hear about unified compliance—not just for servers, but across applications
    • Understand how ChatOps helps collaboration in the enterprise
    • See a demo: DCA compliance in action—PCI compliance scan, auto-remediation, visual compliance dashboard
  • Mastering Operational Risk. Theory and Practice in a single package.
    Mastering Operational Risk. Theory and Practice in a single package. Boris Agranovich, Calvin Lee Recorded: Jun 27 2017 62 mins
    Join me and our guest, Calvin Lee, Operations Director at RISKID, for a lively discussion as we aim to dispel confusion surrounding many of the elements of the Operational Risk framework.

    Operational risk is perhaps the most significant risk organizations face. Virtually every major loss that has taken place during the past 30 years, from Enron, Worldcom and Baring's Bank to the unauthorized trading incident at Société Générale and the subprime credit crisis, has been driven by operational failures.

    Many financial institutions have spent millions of dollars trying to develop a robust framework for measuring and managing operational risk. Yet, in spite of this huge investment, for many firms developing a viable operational risk management (ORM) program remains an elusive goal.

    This webinar is designed for both current students of the “Mastering Operational Risk” - http://www.globalriskacademy.com/p/orm online course and for other busy risk professionals who are interested in studying both theoretical and practical application of ORM but don’t have time to attend in-person classes.

    The goal is three-fold:

    1. Existing students will be able to understand more on how to work with the RISKID tool and get an opportunity to ask questions about the subject matter.
    2. People who are planning to join the course will get some explanation in what is the course about, how the e-learning system works.
    3. People who are just interested to know more about ORM

    During the webinar we will cover:

    1. 3 things most organizations are focusing on right now.
    2. What are the major steps to take control of operational risks.
    3. How to use Collaborative Risk Management tools to conduct your ORM operations and why traditional risk management practices involving risk registers and Excel are not effective anymore.
  • New GHG ICT Sector Guidance, SAT-S Ready to Use & Data Centres Standards
    New GHG ICT Sector Guidance, SAT-S Ready to Use & Data Centres Standards Alex Bardell, Silvana Muscella, Andie Stephens Recorded: Jun 27 2017 61 mins
    27 June 2017, 12:00 CEST webinar on how to improve ICT energy efficiency in your business. Want to become more sustainable in ICT?

    Great line-up of experts on ICT sustainability

    Alex Bardell, Member of Executive Board at Sustainability for London, will focus his presentation on Data Centres standards, reviewing them in relation to energy efficiency and sustainability. His insights will help you understand what standards are and how they can help you reduce energy and carbon consumption.

    Silvana Muscella, founder/CEO of Trust-IT Services and Project Coordinator of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu, will introduce the Self-Assessment Tool for ICT Services (SAT-S). SAT-S is a useful, free, quick and easy-to-use tool to calculate the carbon footprint of ICT services. It is a practical tool for ICT-intensive organisations to position their ICT services footprint. Silvana is the driver behind the development of useful digital tools and services for smaller companies, in several ICT areas, such as energy efficiency, and especially useful for helping novices make their ICT more sustainable. The final version of SAT-S is planned for June 2017.

    Andie Stephens, Senior Customer/Project Manager at Carbon Trust and member of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu External Advisory Group, will share insights from ICT Sector Guidance for the GHG Protocol Product Standard, which provides detailed guidance for the foot-printing of ICT products and services in the following areas: Telecommunications Network Services, Desktop Managed Services, Cloud and Data Center Services, Hardware, and Software. Andie’s presentation will provide an overview of the structure and applicability of the ICT Sector Guidance.
  • Manager or Leader? What's the Real Difference in Practice vs. Theory?
    Manager or Leader? What's the Real Difference in Practice vs. Theory? Deb Calvert, Executive Coach and President of People First Productivity Solutions Recorded: Jun 26 2017 38 mins
    Managers manage work while leaders lead people. That may sound good, but what does it really mean in the day-to-day work that management-level employees do? Join me to talk about the differences and what they mean to your organization. Whether you're a titled leader, an HR business partner or an emerging leader, this workshop will give you some food for thought about how you are approaching your work.
  • Scaling Fraud Management Like The World's Best Ecommerce Companies
    Scaling Fraud Management Like The World's Best Ecommerce Companies Skye Spear, VP of Partnerships at Signifyd Recorded: Jun 26 2017 30 mins
    As ecommerce merchants scale their business to meet rising demand, the manner in which they manage fraud changes dramatically. Join Skye Spear as he walks through real-world examples of ecommerce pioneers who have grown rapidly while reducing fraud losses.

    Skye Spear is the Vice President of Partnerships at Signifyd, the world's largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection. Signifyd eliminates fraud losses with a 100% financial guarantee against fraud, allowing merchants to enter new markets and accept significantly more orders. Skye manages Signifyd's strategic relationships with partners and key ecommerce players. Prior to joining Signifyd, Skye held key positions at Silver Tail Systems and RSA Security.
  • Death to Traffic: How Smart Cities are Changing Transportation
    Death to Traffic: How Smart Cities are Changing Transportation Laura Schewel, CEO, StreetLight Data Recorded: Jun 23 2017 45 mins
    From automated vehicles to ride hailing apps, transportation as we know it is changing - and fast. But new technologies alone won't help communities build the efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation networks communities want. In fact, these innovative technologies could do just the opposite, especially if they are not deployed wisely. Cities must collect the right data and enact the right policies to ensure they do not exacerbate problems like inequity and traffic, and to hold themselves accountable to the promise of new mobility technologies.

    In this webinar, you will find out why - and how - the smartest cities of tomorrow will be those that adopt data-driven transportation strategies today. Join for Laura Schewel's presentation to gain insights into:

    • Why the status quo for transportation data collection is no longer good enough
    • The types of Massive Mobile Data that are useful for transportation and urban planning
    • Algorithmic processing techniques that are critical for making this data useful
    • Case studies from California and Virginia that demonstrate why Massive Mobile Data drives more effective transportation planning
    • A forward-looking blueprint for using Massive Mobile Data to maximize the potential benefits of new transportation technologies - and minimize negative impacts

    Laura Schewel founded StreetLight Data, a mobility analytics provider, after spending more than a decade as an advanced transportation researcher and statistician at the Rocky Mountain Institute and FERC. She has particular expertise in transportation systems, sustainability and safety, and vehicle/system modeling and analysis.
  • How IoT Will Make Healthcare Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise
    How IoT Will Make Healthcare Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Jarie Bolander, COO, Lab Sensor Solutions Recorded: Jun 23 2017 46 mins
    IoT is a technology that has the potential to make us healthy, wealthy, and wise especially in healthcare. Healthcare is just now adopting IoT to improve patient outcomes and decrease the cost of care.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - How to identify if an IoT solution will work for your use case.
    - What others in healthcare are using IoT for.
    - The challenges of IoT in healthcare
  • GDPR Mini-Webinar Series - Episode 8 - Working with Third-Parties
    GDPR Mini-Webinar Series - Episode 8 - Working with Third-Parties Amar Singh & Chris Payne Recorded: Jun 23 2017 13 mins
    Our eight-part mini-webinar series aims to get you up to speed with the main articles of the GDPR with short, no nonsense and informative webinars. In this webinar we will discuss working with third-parties
  • Life after Discoverer: Where to go and how to get there!
    Life after Discoverer: Where to go and how to get there! Michael Armstrong-Smith and Katie Fair Recorded: Jun 23 2017 56 mins
    As Oracle de-supports Discoverer, many companies are struggling to find the right ‘replacement’ tool that will protect their investment and will minimize the impact on IT staff and end users.

    Join Michael Armstrong-Smith, an Oracle ACE, author of all three editions of the "Oracle Press, Oracle BI Discoverer Handbook", and leading expert on all things Discoverer as he discusses:

    - His experience with Discoverer, past, present and future
    - The opportunity for better reporting
    - What to look for in a new reporting solution
    - What he is recommending to his clients
    - Plus much more
  • Definitive Incident Resolution Lifecycle for Modern Ops
    Definitive Incident Resolution Lifecycle for Modern Ops Dave Cliffe, Group Product Manager & Sean Higgins, Product Manager Recorded: Jun 23 2017 39 mins
    The stakes of managing complex infrastructure continue to increase alongside the ever-increasing costs of outages. And while many IT Operations teams are investing in monitoring and ITSM tools to detect issues, they are often forced to react to high volumes of event data without context and without any consistent, well-defined processes. This leads to costly operational inefficiencies, employee burnout, and extended customer downtime.

    Join us as we share newly PagerDuty product capabilities specifically designed for modern IT Operations teams. These capabilities take the chaos out of the incident resolution lifecycle — from assess, to resolve, to learn. Learn from the collective wisdom of thousands of the best IT operations teams how to make the unpredictable predictable, so you can spend more time on innovation.

    You’ll discover how to:

    •Optimize your ITSM toolsets by integrating people, data, and processes
    •Maximize cross-functional transparency and consistency
    •Prioritize incidents with well-defined rules
    •Automate troubleshooting and remediation
    •Ensure continuous learning and improvements across your team
  • The Power of Open Source Apache Cassandra Managed by Instaclustr
    The Power of Open Source Apache Cassandra Managed by Instaclustr Ben Bromhead, CTO and Co-Founder, Instaclustr Recorded: Jun 22 2017 37 mins
    This webinar provides a detailed comparison between open source Apache Cassandra managed by Instaclustr and proprietary technologies such as DataStax Enterprise. The aim is to highlight the operational and cost benefits associated with deploying open source Apache Cassandra and other data management technologies including Apache Spark. This webinar will also discuss the modern business approach to open source and enterprise software deployment and the pitfalls associated with technology lock in.
  • Digital Transformation: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service
    Digital Transformation: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service Rafael Izquierdo, Executive Vice President - Seguros Universal, Juan Manuel Mogollon, VP LATAM - Bizagi Recorded: Jun 22 2017 28 mins
    The insurance industry is facing increasing competition with the rise of technology and challenger brands. To continuously thrive in this competition, established players need to deliver exceptional service in order to attract and retain customers.

    Register for this webinar to hear how Seguros Universal, an vehicle insurance provider based in the Dominican Republic, defends its market share with exceptional services, and how the company automates claims process to provide comprehensive and robust case management and analytics.

    Rafael Izquierdo, Executive Vice President of Administration, Risk, Legal and Compliance will discuss how the company:

    -Defended its market share with service excellence
    -Delivered faster, more productive and error-free processes
    -Reduced vehicle part returns by 30%

    Who should attend: Digital Technology Leaders, Application Development Leaders, IT and Business Process Professionals.
  • Transforming Healthcare using Artificial Intelligence and Micro-Learning
    Transforming Healthcare using Artificial Intelligence and Micro-Learning Morgan Porter, CTO Mentis Neuro & Barbara North, CDO Mentis Neuro Recorded: Jun 22 2017 33 mins
    In healthcare digitalization holds huge potential for improving and saving lives. Mentis Neuro, a leading US based neuro-rehabilitation provider, is pioneering cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform staff efficiency and the patient experience.

    Join Morgan Porter (CTO) and Barbara North (CDO) as they discuss how AI and contextualized micro-learning are:

    -Transforming the patient experience for the digital age
    -Providing real-time training information to staff exactly when they need it
    -Ensuring Mentis Neuro Health meets important healthcare regulations

    Who should attend: Digital Technology leaders, Application Development Leaders, IT and Business Process Professionals
  • Personalized Benefits Communication: How Viacom Tailored Their Benefit Programs
    Personalized Benefits Communication: How Viacom Tailored Their Benefit Programs Adam Entenberg - VP of Employee Benefits, Viacom and Seth Cohen - VP of Sales and Alliances, Castligh Recorded: Jun 22 2017 53 mins
    Viacom, a 12.5 billion dollar company, is home to many of the world’s most premier entertainment brands, including: Bet, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Paramount, Nickelodeon, and more.

    In an effort to help their people make the most of their benefits and enable more informed healthcare decisions, Viacom launched a comprehensive benefits platform in 2015. Powered by Castlight Health, this platform was designed to simplify the benefits experience for employees, while providing real-time reporting and actionable insights for administrators.

    In this webinar, Viacom Vice President of Employee Benefits, Adam Entenberg, and Castlight Vice President of Sales and Alliances, Seth Cohen, co-present on the foundations of the program and to-date results.

    Key areas of focus will include:

    • Personalized Outreach: How tailored communications and recommendations can help drive engagement.

    • Actionable Insights: How Viacom mined user data to trigger highly personalized and targeted campaigns.

    • Integrated Platform: What an integrated platform can do to simplify benefits administration and utilization.
  • Objective Based Selling: Sell More to More People
    Objective Based Selling: Sell More to More People Tibor Shanto Recorded: Jun 22 2017 46 mins
    Most sales people spend a disproportionate time selling to narrow segment of their market, while ignoring or struggling to engage with over 50% of potential buyers. Objective Based Selling presents a different way to look, engage and sell to often ignored segments, leaving money and success on the table.
  • Digital Transformation: How to Model Human Behavior in Digitization
    Digital Transformation: How to Model Human Behavior in Digitization Frank Beyer, Former Senior Business Process Management at Kyocera Document Solutions Europe Recorded: Jun 22 2017 27 mins
    Digital transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. For businesses, it is about creating a competitive edge by digitizing operations for greater efficiency, intelligence and agility.

    One main challenge of digitization is modelling human behavior and cognitive processes into logical expressions that can be digitized and automated. How do we translate complex human behavior and thinking into digital processes?

    Frank Beyer, a business process management expert will share how approvals of various kind and pricing calculations can be automated thereby drawing on his experience with a pilot project at former employer Kyocera , a Japanese multinational electronics and ceramics manufacturer, automates its pricing calculation and approvals.

    Register and hear Frank Beyer and Bizagi discuss:

    •How to model human activities into digital processes
    •How to break the cognitive barrier to embark on RPA
    •The impact and hidden benefits of digitizing human activities

    Who should attend: Digital Technology Leaders, Application Development Leaders, IT and Business Process Professionals
  • Digitizing legacy POS for Omni-channel Integration
    Digitizing legacy POS for Omni-channel Integration Hariharan Ganesh - Head of Enterprise Integration, Aspire Systems Recorded: Jun 22 2017 55 mins
    Since its advent in 1974, POS has managed almost 100% of transaction processing with utmost efficiency. Even though modern Cloud POS helps to establish digital experience, traditional legacy POS systems cannot meet digital requirements and diminish the customer experience, online reachability as it lacks real-time access, inventory management & Omni-channel capabilities.

    Learn how you can make your existing legacy POS more powerful & connected with your digital strategy to meet modern customers.
  • Panel: Smart Fog and Transaction Management for Cities and Maritime
    Panel: Smart Fog and Transaction Management for Cities and Maritime Moderator: Katalin Walcott (Intel) Panel: Jeff Fedders (OpenFog), Mark Dixon (IBM), Matthew Bailey (Powering IoT) Recorded: Jun 22 2017 61 mins
    Fog computing represents a tectonic shift for the future of transaction management, distributed supply chain and overall experience. It blurs the lines between the edge and the cloud and puts the focus on the systems which manage and balance the delivery of coherent, end-to-end sessions and associated transaction level agreements. As a result, this new technology is pervasive in several industries.

    Join this panel of experts as they discuss solutions with specific industry use cases from smart fog for Cities, Buildings, Ports, and Maritime.

    Moderator: Katalin Walcott, Work Group Chair Manageability at OpenFog Consortium & Principal Engineer - IoT/Fog Computing Orchestration Architecture at Intel

    - Jeff Fedders, President at OpenFog Consortium & Chief Strategist, IoTG Strategy and Technology Office at Intel
    - Mark Dixon, Senior Architect for Smarter Cities at IBM
    - Matthew Bailey, President, Powering IoT - Smart City advisor and strategist to governments, technology corporations, and economic development agencies
  • Digital Transformation: How to Deliver Scalable Core Banking Solutions
    Digital Transformation: How to Deliver Scalable Core Banking Solutions Alexei Fey, Data Action - CTO/General Manager Technology Recorded: Jun 22 2017 21 mins
    Data Action is a leading software and services provider for the Australian mutual banking industry. The company provides a full suite of banking solutions, from core banking right through to custom digital experiences based on the latest technologies and industry requirements - optimized to align with client needs.

    For Data Action, the ability to deliver flexible and scalable operations to 30 banks is a differentiating advantage. How does the company achieve it?

    Register and hear Alexei Fey, CTO of Data Action, as he discusses:

    •What does lending look like from a customer’s experience
    •How to focus on retaining existing customers
    •How to manage the expectation of digital customers
    •How to deliver ROI quickly

    Who should attend: Digital Technology Leaders, Application Development Leaders, IT and Business Process Professionals