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  • Delivering Quality Digital Experiences in Telecommunications and Media
    Delivering Quality Digital Experiences in Telecommunications and Media
    Dr. Gareth Smith Recorded: Jan 23 2019 38 mins
    Join our webinar as we explore the unique challenges faced by telecommunications and media companies in the testing space. You'll learn how our modern approach to testing, Digital Automation Intelligence, is ideal to help you:

    - Analyze all aspects of the user experience.
    - Expand automation beyond test execution with AI, machine learning, and analytics.
    - Take a coherent approach to monitoring and testing.
  • Hybrid Cloud Analytics
    Hybrid Cloud Analytics
    Thomas Niewel, Technical Sales Director, Denodo Recorded: Jan 23 2019 45 mins
    In 2019 gibt es kaum noch ein Unternehmen, dass ohne eine Cloud Strategie auskommt. Die Cloud bringt mehr Flexibilität und Agilität und ermöglicht dadurch vor allem Kosteneinsparungen.

    Die Herausforderung besteht jedoch darin, eine Strategie zu definieren, die sämtliche Sub-Systeme eines Unternehmens berücksichtigt. Nicht selten fehlt beispielsweise eine geeignete Cloud Strategie für Mainframe Systeme und erfordert daher einen hybrider Datenzugriff.

    Basierend auf realen Anwendungsfällen zeigen wir Ihnen in diesem Webinar, welche Möglichkeiten die Datenvirtualisierung in einer hybriden Cloud Umgebung bietet.

    Key Takeaways:

    1) Die Vorteile einer Cloud Landschaft
    2) Die Herausforderungen einer ganzheitlichen Cloud Strategie
    3) Warum hybride Datenzugriffe erforderlich sind
    4) Use Cases und Best Practices der Datenvirtualisierung
  • Managing Your Content Supply Chain – What Medical Device Companies Should Know
    Managing Your Content Supply Chain – What Medical Device Companies Should Know
    Frieda Gress, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tim Paiva, Philips Healthcare, Jonathan Young, Waters Corporation Recorded: Jan 22 2019 60 mins
    Please join us for an informative panel discussion where we’ll discuss global content supply chain challenges in the medical device sector.

    Our panel includes distinguished representatives from Philips Healthcare, Thermo Fisher and Waters Corporation.

    In this session, you will learn how organizations:

    • Manage the volume and velocity of content.
    • Deal with language and translation requirements.
    • Incorporate technologies and processes to optimize the content supply chain.
    • Innovate to improve the global content supply chain.
    • Manage security and governance.

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  • Using Digital to Create Successful Customer Experiences
    Using Digital to Create Successful Customer Experiences
    Simon Chapman, Senior Solutions Architect @ Acquia Recorded: Jan 22 2019 35 mins
    Turning Technology into Digital Transformation

    Explore what digital transformation and an innovative digital experience platform can do for your business.

    You’ll learn how organisations, such as Nestle, the BBC, and The Grammys are creating and delivering successful customer experiences, and how you can follow suit to get to market faster.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    - How to combine digital activity and strong leadership to drive transformation.
    - The key touch points in customer journey mapping and planning to gain real business impact.
    - How to build, manage and optimise digital experiences to create customer moments that matter.
  • Using Technology to Power Relationships in Today's Changing World
    Using Technology to Power Relationships in Today's Changing World
    Ben Roles Recorded: Jan 22 2019 38 mins
    Today’s companies are feeling pressure like never before. Global shifts in social demographics play out against a backdrop of rapid urbanisation and digital revolution. How do firms engage with companies operating in new economic centres? What does service as a commodity actually look like?

    This webinar will explore how these global trends impact all professional service organisations, and asks how can technology enable firms to maintain the upper hand?
    Specifically, the importance of relationships will be highlighted, and the question asked if technology will become the driving force behind this most human of enterprises.

    Join this webinar to keep up-to-date on the trends likely to make an impact on your business.
  • Marketing Titans | Jeremy Wood of Hootsuite Highlights the Risks of Social Media
    Marketing Titans | Jeremy Wood of Hootsuite Highlights the Risks of Social Media
    Jeremy Wood, Vice President, Marketing at Hootsuite Recorded: Jan 21 2019 3 mins
    Hootsuite and ZeroFOX sit down and discuss the importance of social media protection and company brand values
  • The Power of Case Studies: How to Build Credibility, Trust, and Influence
    The Power of Case Studies: How to Build Credibility, Trust, and Influence
    Deborah Monfette Recorded: Jan 17 2019 52 mins
    Proving the success of your B2B products and services is the typical goal and focus of a case study. It’s been used for decades. But times have changed as B2B buyers self-educate and self-select. They anticipate case studies can help them get the information they need to make purchasing decisions.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Deborah Monfette, Chief Content Writer and Strategist at Contenttriggers LLC, for this free one-hour webinar. In this webinar, Deborah will discuss four major things B2B buyers expect from companies in their search. You’ll learn 3 tips captured from 10 hands-on technology experts. These tips will help you give buyers what they expect and build more credibility, trust, and influence with your case studies even if you’re limited in what you can tell.

    Tip #1 — This key ingredient, often missing, can derail the credibility of your case study.
    Tip #2 — A critical strategy you must implement to build your buyer’s confidence and trust.
    Tip #3 — How to be the go-to resource and help buyers find relevant case studies.


    Deborah Monfette works with B2B technology companies to create engaging content that helps people see the possibilities for change and solve problems. She is the chief content writer, strategist, and founder at Contenttriggers LLC. Her experience spans over 20 years in high tech where she’s worked directly with customers in dozens of beta programs, conducted over 1000 sales and product demonstrations, and worked in support and training to solve problems and build customer loyalty. Her recipe for content success is a combination of her love for customer experience, creative thinking, storytelling, great design, and simplifying complex ideas.
  • Using Global Content Operating Models to Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences
    Using Global Content Operating Models to Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences
    Val Swisher - Content Rules, Inc. and Philip Delaney - SDL Recorded: Jan 17 2019 49 mins
    Companies need a global content operating model (GCOM) to address the growing complexities of the content supply chain in order to deliver multilingual digital experiences.

    In this session we will walk you through the GCOM and detail how you can optimize your source content to make it global-ready: easier, cheaper and faster to translate, with better translation results.

    We will also discuss the translation and content management technologies that help enable GCOM and why they are necessary, and the phases of GCOM maturity where we see these technologies appear. And finally, the role artificial intelligence (AI) is playing in helping augment these technologies.

    Takeaways from this webinar:

    * Attendees will learn how to make their source content global-ready

    * Understand the technologies used to deliver exceptional multilingual digital experiences

    * See how AI is helping shape the digital landscape
  • The Business Value Hierarchy:A strategic approach to cure underperformance
    The Business Value Hierarchy:A strategic approach to cure underperformance
    Christopher Ryan, The B2B Revenue Growth Expert Recorded: Jan 17 2019 49 mins
    Your mission is not just to generate more awareness, leads and revenue, but also to increase the financial and brand equity value of your company. To do this, you need to rise above the noise in the marketplace and truly understand your company’s place in the customer’s widening array of expectations.
    Step one is to uncover the current value of your offerings to your customers and prospects (the existing state). Truth here is an absolute must.
    You then need to protect and enhance your marketplace value by either being a top player (perhaps “the” top player) in your value category or better yet, launching yourself into a higher-value and more profitable category. Topics include:
    How to find your current place on the Value Hierarchy Scale.
    What four value measurements to capture and track.
    How to identify and close your value gap.
    Your best options for moving up the value scale.

    You will learn how to:

    1.Measure where you are in relation to your competition.
    2.Achieve lasting competitive differentiation
    3.Increase the financial and brand-equity value of your company.
    4.Become a leader in your existing value category or catapult to the next category
  • Best Practices to Solve Sales Pipeline Problems
    Best Practices to Solve Sales Pipeline Problems
    Carole Mahoney, The Sales Coach Expert Recorded: Jan 16 2019 30 mins
    Despite the amount of money and time spent on sales technology and training, barely half of salespeople make quota.

    How can you ensure that 2019 doesn’t become another such statistic for your company growth?

    What can you do to have more predictable revenue?

    In this 30 minute talk, executives, sales managers, and small business owners will discover:

    1.A process and techniques that hold sales managers and salespeople accountable to ensure pipeline results happen.
    2.Which metrics to track and what actions to take in sales coaching and training for a more predictable pipeline.
    3.The role recruiting and hiring plays in predictable revenue and what criteria to look for in new hires.
  • The Top 3 Considerations for Modernizing Your Data Platform
    The Top 3 Considerations for Modernizing Your Data Platform
    Clark Bradley, Solutions Engineer at Zaloni Recorded: Jan 16 2019 50 mins
    How does your organization collaborate with data? Aligning data management tasks across any size organization can be a challenge. This can be attributed to a lack of transparent data access, lack of big data skills, or antiquated toolsets that do not enable shared metadata for clear lineage of the data. Regardless of the reason, the results are slow, rigid decision-making processes.

    While modernizing your data architecture for more agility can seem overwhelming, with an integrated platform that enhances collaboration, organizations can reap the benefits of quality data that is well understood. The data platform should provide users with the ability to fully understand all aspects of the data with a simple, unified user interface where the business and IT can define, transform and provision the data. All while providing right-sized governance for access, security and auditability.

    Join Clark Bradley, Solutions Engineer with Zaloni, as he tackles modernizing your data platform and explains how your organization can expand collaborative practices with the Zaloni Data Platform.

    By the end of the presentation, you’ll be able to answer these questions:
    - Why is a data catalog important?
    - What do I need to know about data quality?
    - How does self-service play a role in the data strategy?
  • How to Turn Accurate Forecasting into Faster Sales Success
    How to Turn Accurate Forecasting into Faster Sales Success
    Tim Ohai, The Solving Sales Problems Expert Recorded: Jan 16 2019 40 mins
    Do you struggle with creating accurate sales forecasts? Are deals bogging down in the pipeline? Attend this session to learn how to both create accurate forecasts and generate deal velocity.

    You will learn:

    1.The most important factor in creating an accurate sales forecast
    2.The method used by some of the top companies in the world
    3.How to diagnose what the forecast is saying – and what to do about it
  • What's Your Weird: Building Culture Through Digital Selling
    What's Your Weird: Building Culture Through Digital Selling
    Phil Gerbyshak, The Digital Sales Expert Recorded: Jan 16 2019 45 mins
    A strong sales culture starts with YOU sales leader. Before anyone works for you, they're checking YOU out on social media. If you're invisible, or worse, if you are out of touch, you'll hire people who will be invisible and out of touch. Social media for sales leaders and sales professionals isn't new - it’s been around since the days of Usenet – we just didn’t call it social media. But it’s never been so public, so easy to use and such a powerful tool to share your personal brand and attract sales professionals that embody your culture. Learn how to better understand and embrace social media, and how can you use it to shed your cloak of invisibility and help manage your team, your career, and your professional image.

    You will learn:

    1.How to brand yourself boldly and show off your personal “weirdness” or what makes you different from every other sales leader.
    2.How create personal connections and strong relationships with your ideal sales professional.
    3.How to use a few simple apps to help you show off your weird while also positioning you as the sales manager of choice
  • How to Sell at “C” Level
    How to Sell at “C” Level
    Steve Hall, The “C” Level Sales Expert Recorded: Jan 15 2019 45 mins
    One of the biggest things that impacts sales productivity is insufficient access to senior decision makers – the C Suite – and one of the key things I get asked when I’m coaching my clients to help with their sales development is “how do we get access to people at “C” Level?”
    There’s little benefit in having a pipeline filled with deals where you’re engaged with people too low in the food chain but that’s what a lot of standard prospecting creates – meetings with people who may influence the decision but don’t who sign off on it.
    One of the best ways to impact sales acceleration is to start at the top – at executive or “C” level – and retain access while also working at lower levels in the organization.
    Knowing which organizations to approach and which people in those organizations to target is aided by effective sales and marketing alignment.
    This talk covers which organizations to target, which senior executives to target, what they care about, how to reach them, how to create a message that will compel them to talk to you, what to do when you get that critical first meeting and how to follow up.

    You will learn:

    1.Why you should sell to “C” Level
    2.What “C” Level executives do and don’t care about
    3.Who to approach and how to approach them
    4.How to prepare for, conduct & follow up an initial meeting
  • Principles, Not Prescriptions: The Coming of Age of ContentOps
    Principles, Not Prescriptions: The Coming of Age of ContentOps
    Rahel Anne Bailie, Chief Knowledge Officer at Scroll Recorded: Jan 15 2019 61 mins
    Content operations, ContentOps for short, has been around for a long time, though the average content professional would be hard-pressed to define it. ContentOps means having a system for content production, day in and day out, that allows us to deliver content at scale. Processes that include copy-and-paste have limited capacity, and it's time for organizations to change their processes that have lots of administrative overhead. It's time to replace outdated production methods with streamlined operational models.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Rahel Anne Bailie, Chief Knowledge Officer at Scroll UK for this free, one-hour webinar. Come learn why ContentOps works nicely with DevOps, which helps software developers uses established processes to create and manage code efficiently, and DesignOps, which helps designers use established processes to create and manage aspects of design more efficiently. We'll talk about why organizations have been slow to adopt ContentOps, and how to move toward using content processes to be able to develop and manage great content efficiently and effectively.


    Rahel Anne Bailie is Chief Knowledge Officer at Scroll, an STC Fellow, an industry author, and a results-driven content strategist. She has a strong track record of developing successful digital content projects, tackling the complexities of managing content for clients globally. Her strength is diagnostics: calculating how to use content to deliver compelling experiences.
  • Embedded Analytics for the Agile Enterprise
    Embedded Analytics for the Agile Enterprise
    Host: Eric Kavanagh CEO The Bloor Group Analyst: Wayne Eckerson Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group Guest: Gene Arno Recorded: Jan 15 2019 60 mins
    We know that the evaluation process for choosing the right embedded BI product for your use case can be overwhelming. So here’s an easy webinar from a 3rd party that discusses:

    -Benefits and challenges of adopting embedded BI
    -Key issues with evaluating vendors
    -Top 12 evaluation criteria you need to consider
    -Live demo of one embedded BI product against the evaluation criteria

    You’ll get to hear from business intelligence expert Wayne Eckerson from the Eckerson Group. Wayne will discuss key insights from his popular report, “Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics.” He’ll cover criteria such as embedding, customization, extensibility, multi-tenancy, and vendors.

    Happy Learning!
    Your TIBCO JaspersoftⓇ Team
  • Creating A Culture For Sales Success: 3 Simple But Powerful Strategies For Sales
    Creating A Culture For Sales Success: 3 Simple But Powerful Strategies For Sales
    Meredith Messenger, The Small Business Revenue Growth Expert Recorded: Jan 15 2019 43 mins
    Successful modern selling requires fundamental changes in how we organize, measure and manage our sales teams. This requires leaders to rethink seller-focused, traditional and sometimes outdated structures and tactics in order to align how their organization sells with how their clients actually want to buy.

    In this jam-packed session learn how:

    oStrategic changes to your organization and structure that can foster a high-performing sales culture

    oFocusing on scientific and metrics, based on outcomes can fuel your growth

    oKey changes to your compensation plans that can drive culture improvements and revenue

    oTo empower sales managers to build your culture, talent pool and revenue
  • Tech Comm Trends: Providing Value as a Generalist in a Sea of Specialists
    Tech Comm Trends: Providing Value as a Generalist in a Sea of Specialists
    Tom Johnson Recorded: Jan 15 2019 62 mins
    Trends in technical communication can be hard to decipher, even when looking at data. But one underlying trend is that technology seems to be getting more specialized and complex. This trend toward specialization is driving up the value of technical knowledge, making it more prized than writing skills. At the same time, writers are often wearing multiple hats as they work on a variety of generalist writing tasks and a diversity of technical projects. The requirement to be both specialist and generalist makes tech comm a particularly challenging field to navigate.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Tom Johnson, for this free one-hour webinar. Tom will talk about the growing complexity in the technology landscape that is ratcheting up the importance of technical knowledge in organizations, and overshadowing writing skills. Creating documentation is becoming more of a collaborative effort with engineers due to the increasing level of complexity and specialization in the technology landscape.Specialized knowledge about writing and language doesn't seem to have as much weight in the workplace as technical knowledge. Join Scott and Tom for a lively discussion about these recent trends in tech comm.


    Tom Johnson is a senior technical writer for Amazon in Sunnyvale, California, who is best known for his blog “I’d Rather Be Writing,” on technical communication topics. The blog has one of the largest followings of technical communicators online. Additionally, Tom has created an extensive web API documentation course that has helped hundreds of technical writers transition into API documentation. Lately, he has been working on a series of essays around information design (http://idratherbewriting.com/simplifying-complexity) for simplifying complexity. Tom has given more than 90 presentations over the past decade at various technical communication events.
  • Building a Value-Creating Sales Culture
    Building a Value-Creating Sales Culture
    Bob Apollo, The B2B Value Selling Expert Recorded: Jan 15 2019 43 mins
    High-performance sales organizations are able to consistently create unique and tangible value for every customer. Establishing a value-creating sales culture requires that we focus as much on establishing the full value of our customer’s problems and opportunities as we do on promoting the distinctive value of our proposed solution.
    You will learn:
    1.How to identify and target the organizations that are likely to recognize the greatest need for your solutions
    2.How to systematically uncover establish the full value of your customers problems and opportunities – and how to establish their associated “cost of inaction”
    3.How to equip your entire sales organization to establish a uniquely tailored value story for every qualified sales opportunity
    4. How to ensure that every sales proposal fully and accurately reflects your unique value to their organization, each key function, and every significant stakeholder
  • Pitch Perfect Series: Selling to Legal Ops
    Pitch Perfect Series: Selling to Legal Ops
    Jill Konrath Author and Sales Speaker & Dan Huppert Director of Legal Ops | Synchronoss Recorded: Jan 10 2019 27 mins
    DiscoverOrg partnered with best-selling sales author Jill Konrath to interview Dana Huppert, Legal Operations Director for Synchronoss Technologies, to get an insider’s look at the goals and pain points of this powerful, behind-the-scenes buyer persona.
  • Sell More & Faster: B2B Sales Acceleration Techniques you can use right now!
    Sell More & Faster: B2B Sales Acceleration Techniques you can use right now!
    Peter Strohkorb Recorded: Jan 9 2019 49 mins
    This webinar is ideal for B2B Business Owners, Salespeople and Sales Leaders who want to quickly fill their sales pipeline and accelerate their sales results with field-proven techniques.

    Secure your attendance now!
  • How to Achieve a 360° View of your Data
    How to Achieve a 360° View of your Data
    Jatin Hansoty, Director of Solutions Architecture Recorded: Jan 9 2019 58 mins
    A majority of the data collected by organizations today is wasted. Whether through poor analytics, lack of resources, or because they have too much of it. So how can organizations turn this around and actually start utilizing their data for powerful results?

    More and more companies are taking their customer, product, patient, or other data and providing a 360-degree view using a governed and actionable data lake. By breaking down the silos associated with traditional data located in disjointed systems and databases, companies are finding new ways to improve loyalty programs, product development, marketing campaigns, and even find a new source of revenue from their data.

    Join Jatin Hansoty, Director of Solutions Architecture at Zaloni, as he dives into real-world use cases from several of the world’s top companies. Learn from their architecture and the results they achieved.

    Topics covered include:

    - Best practices
    - Common pitfalls to avoid
    - Real-world use cases
    - Future-proof architecture
  • Pitch Perfect Series: Selling to HR
    Pitch Perfect Series: Selling to HR
    Jill Konrath Author and Sales Speaker & David Kingsley SVP & Chief People Officer | Vlocity Recorded: Jan 9 2019 26 mins
    Sales leader Jill Konrath has some pointed questions about the buying process for HR leaders, so she interviewed L. David Kingsley, Chief People Officer at Vlocity (formerly Head of Global People & Places at MuleSoft, and Head of Global Strategy at Salesforce).
  • ABM for winning bids – your new secret weapon?
    ABM for winning bids – your new secret weapon?
    Joel Harrison - Editor-in-chief at B2B Marketing Recorded: Jan 9 2019 55 mins
    Like it or not, bid tendering and RFPs are an increasingly important part of the B2B marketer’s role – particularly for large contracts but increasingly for those of lower value.

    The stakes for bid tendering are very high – get it right, and teams responsible will be heroes in the business. Get it wrong, and you’ve potentially wasted a lot of time, effort and cash.

    So how can marketers use ABM techniques and tools to address this thorny marketing (and sales!) challenge? What’s the relevance of ABM to this unique business area, and how can it drive new thinking and new opportunities?

    In this interactive webcast, Nick Pearce and Claire Carsberg of JPC will call on real life examples to explain how you can apply ABM to improve your bid strategy and the keys to success.

    You'll learn:

    1. How to align procurement with your bid
    2. How to challenge everyone involved in the bid process
    3. How to be disruptive and make it part of your successful sales strategy
    4. How to improve your chances of winning bids
    5. How to avoid the common pitfalls, and turn failure into success


    * Joel Harrison – Editor-in-chief at B2B Marketing
    * Nick Pearce – Co-founder and strategy director at JPC
    * Claire Carsberg – Managing director at JPC

    The data we collect here will be used to manage your webinar booking and provide you with useful and relevant sources of B2B Marketing content. Your data will also be shared with B2B Marketing and JPC who we are running this webinar in association with. For more information on how we manage your personal data please see our privacy policy below:

  • CRM for Soak.com
    CRM for Soak.com
    Ilyash Dedat, Director of Customer Services Recorded: Jan 9 2019 7 mins
    See how Workbooks have helped Soak manage their customer enquiries process.
  • Les Avantages de la Data Virtualization dans une économie d’APIs
    Les Avantages de la Data Virtualization dans une économie d’APIs
    Vincent Fages-Gouyou, Product Management Director, EMEA, Denodo Jan 24 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Facilitez et accélérez l’intégration de données grâce à la Data Virtualization.

    La transformation digitale, même si elle est un cliché, est sans aucun doute en haut de la liste des initiatives stratégiques de tout décideur. Quelle que soit l'industrie ou la taille de l'entreprise, vous trouverez une stratégie API au cœur de toute transformation digitale. Les interfaces de programmation applicatives (API) sont les points de connexion entre applications et permettent le développement de nouveaux services, leurs extension ainsi que l’interconnection entre systèmes. Prises dans leur ensemble, les API représentent un écosystème florissant offert aux développeurs qui ne montre aucun signe de ralentissement.

    Rejoignez ce webinar et vous apprendrez :

    - Comment la virtualisation des données accélère considérablement le déploiement et l’exposition des APIs
    - Comment la data virtualization fonctionne en tant que container de services, source de microservices et passerelle d'APIs
    - Comment la data virtualization permet la création d’écosystèmes de services de données gérés dans une dynamique d’économie d’API
  • Enable Instant Analytics on AWS Data Lakes
    Enable Instant Analytics on AWS Data Lakes
    Florent Voignier, Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Indexima Jan 24 2019 3:00 pm UTC 21 mins
    Every day, your business is producing new data, regardless of how many employees you have or what industry you work in. That data is full of valuable information that can help you better serve your customers, discover new opportunities, and take your business to the next level.
    But to realize that business value, you need the proper tools to transform that data into actionable insight.

    Best Practices to learn:
    1. Reduce query cost and increase your Business Intelligence performance.
    2. Key factors to succeed with Business Intelligence on the cloud.
    3. Get more from your existing data cluster.

    Set Up of Indexima on AWS
  • The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 20
    The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 20
    HPCC Systems Jan 24 2019 4:00 pm UTC 120 mins
    Join us as we continue this series of webinars specifically designed for the community by the community with the goal to share knowledge, spark innovation, and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community.
    Featured speakers and topics include:

    •Rob Mansfield, Senior Data Scientist, Proagrica - Dapper - A bundle to make your ECL neater
    Have you ever written a long project for a simple column rename and thought, this should be easier? What about nicely named output statements? Yeah they bother me too. Oh, and DEDUP(SORT(DISTINCT()))? There is a better way! Learn how dapper can help!

    •Bob Foreman, Senior Software Engineer, HPCC Systems, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - ECL Tip: The Seven Faces (Forms) of Dr. LOOP (Function)
    The LOOP function has always been a powerful, yet tough ECL function to understand and use. Bob will review and examine the upcoming major changes to this documentation and showcase new examples.

    •Lorraine Chapman, Consulting Business Analyst, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - Update on Academic Collaboration
    Lorraine will share an update on recent collaboration, upcoming academic events and the 2019 HPCC Systems Internship Program.
  • 7 Factors that Get in the Way of Achieving Your Sales Goals 
    7 Factors that Get in the Way of Achieving Your Sales Goals 
    Lisa Leitch, The Sales Evolution Expert Jan 24 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In this everchanging competitive sales world, you’ll learn why buyers, price conversations and even your boss inhibits your ability to achieve bigger goals.
    Join us by registering for this online interactive webinar presented by Sales Experts Channel and hosted by Lisa Leitch, President, Sales Strategist, Trainer & Coach at Teneo Results, where you'll learn:

    You will learn:

    - Why we resist change to achieve bigger goals 
    - 7 factors that inhibit success to achieving your sales goals, including your boss!
    - The secret ingredient to slam dunking your goals in 2019 and 2022
  • Esports goes mainstream
    Esports goes mainstream
    IBC365 | Fnatic | Tata Communications | Gfinity | ESCharts.com Jan 24 2019 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    The rise of esports as the biggest new live sports and entertainment phenomenon on the planet is creating new opportunities for broadcasters, digital platforms and technology suppliers. The industry's leading participants explain how esports is transforming live content and reaching new audiences as it crosses into the mainstream and catches the attention of the biggest media businesses.

    In this webinar you'll learn about:
    •How esports is outgrowing traditional sports, reaching a global audience of 590 million by 2020, more than half of millennials
    •The growing value of esports media rights and the opportunities for broadcasts and content platforms
    •The esports ecosystem of teams, events, leagues, games publishers and platforms
    •The role of live production technology to produce esports events for a huge international audience

    Wouter Sleijffers, chief executive, Fnatic
    Dhaval Ponda, global sales head Media Services, Tata Communications
    Martin Wyatt, head of partner relationships, Gfinity
    Ivan Danishevsky, founder of ESCharts.com and ESM.one
  • Build for the future with voice search
    Build for the future with voice search
    Dustin Coates, Voice Search go-to-market lead at Algolia Jan 24 2019 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Speaking commands into actions isn’t a futuristic fantasy anymore - it’s the present. Voice as a user interface has arrived and it can elevate the search and discovery experience.

    Join Dustin Coates, Voice Search Go-to-Market Lead, to learn how voice search and its capacity to transform everyday, conversational speech into functional, relevant responses can redefine the way you interact with the world.

    In this session we will cover:

    Why your business should implement voice search
    - Where voice search is useful
    - What good voice search UX looks like
    - How relevancy differs between voice search and typed search
  • Landing Huge Accounts: Why War Room Strategy Works
    Landing Huge Accounts: Why War Room Strategy Works
    Lisa Magnuson, The Landing 7-Figure Deals Expert Jan 24 2019 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    If you want to accelerate your top opportunity development, then consider a war room approach. Your biggest prospects require a strategic mindset, planning and tools to develop and close. Sales leaders will learn how to coach account based teams to big wins and account successes.

    You will learn:

    1.What is a war room?
    2.How to get the senior leadership team to back your war room efforts.
    3.What to include in your war room strategy sessions.
    4.Best practices for setting up a successful war room strategy meeting.
    5.What results can you expect from your war room?
  • The most important cloud security trends in 2019
    The most important cloud security trends in 2019
    Nutanix Jan 24 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    By 2020, 90 percent of businesses will have moved to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, seizing both the competitive advantages of digital evolution -- and the economic and strategic benefits of maintaining legacy applications on premises. But once your data moves outside your private architecture, you're facing a new world of potential attacks and security breaches that your current security practices just can't match.

    Just for starters, not only will you need to implement effective RBAC to lower risk of unauthorized access and enforce mandatory multi-factor authentication, you'll also have to tap into the power of automation to validate security compliance baselines, detect unauthorized cloud config changes, and power self-healing infrastructure. Additionally, application-centric security is a must, with real-time visibility into application dependencies and performance metrics, plus an automatic micro-segmented security policy enforcement, and more.

    To learn more about the advantages of hybrid cloud architectures, where your security needs shoring up, and how to best protect your enterprise and data with automated and application-centric security practices, don't miss this VB Live event!

    Register for free now.

    You'll learn:
    *Why you need a single, fully tested, security-first infrastructure platform
    *How to converge storage, computing, and networking
    *A full understanding of security best practices
    *How to protect against data breaches, unauthorized access, and other threats in a multi-cloud world

    Mike Wronski, Principal Marketing Manager, Nutanix
    Niel Ashworth, Security Solutions Architect, Nutanix
    Demetrius Comes, VP of Engineering, GoDaddy

    Sponsored by Nutanix
  • In Sales, You'll Earn More If You Learn More
    In Sales, You'll Earn More If You Learn More
    Deb Calvert w/special guest, Jonathan Farrington, CEO of Top Sales World Jan 28 2019 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In sales, learners are earners! The benefits of lifelong learning and ongoing development are well-documented. In sales, curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge translate into goal-attainment and professional success.  

    But who has time for training or going back to school? Sellers are busy! 

    Maybe there's another way. 

    Join Deb Calvert, founder of The Sales Experts Channel, and special guest Jonathan Farrington, CEO of Top Sales World, as they discuss resources, options, and best practices for busy sales professionals. They'll show you how to accelerate your development, expand your knowledge base, and earn more by learning more even if:

    - you are busy or overwhelmed
    - you've never attended a single college class
    - your company doesn't provide sales or management training
    - you don't like reading 
    - you disliked school and feel intimidated by the thought of learning or changing 

    What do you have to lose? Register today so you can start learning (and earning more!) right away. 
  • What you and your Board need to know when preparing a business for sale
    What you and your Board need to know when preparing a business for sale
    Paul Herman, CEO and Founder of Bluebox Corporate Finance Jan 29 2019 12:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    What you and your Board need to know when preparing a business for sale - 'The Key Steps'

    When it comes to selling a business, preparation is key. We’d be delighted for you to join our webinar as we delve into how to prepare a business for sale to maximise value and achieve the highest possible return. Find out what you can do now to help you and your board prepare for an exit.

    Agenda includes:
    •Is your board ready to sell?
    •Why do most business sale processes collapse?
    •What will an acquirer attribute value to?
    •How will acquirers value the business?
    •What is due diligence and how can you help a board to prepare?
    •Key stages in the sale process

    The webinar will be hosted by Paul Herman, CEO and Founder of Bluebox Corporate Finance. Paul has sold over 70 private businesses during his career, with values ranging between £2m and £200m, and across a wide range of sectors. This includes a number of well-respected UK businesses such as Models Own, Gü, Princess Yachts, Mappin & Webb, Smythson, Watches of Switzerland, TXM Plant and The British Retail Consortium.
  • The Visual Analysis Journey
    The Visual Analysis Journey
    Klaus Schulte, Sarah Bartlett, Daniel Caroli - Visual Analytics Experts Jan 29 2019 1:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    Join this webinar to learn how to explore your data with the power of visual analytics, including...

    How visual analysis enables you to dig deeper into your data
    The secret process for discovering new insights
    Tableau does more than produce beautiful visualisations. See for yourself how Tableau takes you on a journey of data exploration to help you find insights that you never expected.

    You'll hear from three leading data experts about their process for visually exploring data, helping you to choose the best visualisations that unlock new questions and answers of your data.
  • Untying the Festive Season
    Untying the Festive Season
    BRC & QLIK Jan 29 2019 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The holiday period is a significant time for retailers, with sales anticipated to dramatically increase during what is typically a peak selling season. This webinar will provide a recap looking at how the retail industry fared over Black Friday and Christmas.

    With our partners at Qlik, we will be using bespoke data and visualisations to walk you through the highs, the lows and key lessons from this year’s festive season.
  • Beyond Functional Testing – three new releases that will transform your testing
    Beyond Functional Testing – three new releases that will transform your testing
    Dr. Gareth Smith, Chris Howard, Pamela Gillaspie Jan 29 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    While it’s critical to know the extent to which an application meets functional requirements, there is more to software testing than answering the question ‘does it work?'.

    You also need to know if it scales (performance testing) and if the user experience will be acceptable (usability testing). Ultimately, you need to establish that it will deliver the required business value.

    Until now, these extra steps have added layers of complexity in terms of timing, cost and expertise. As a result, they can introduce delays or get overlooked completely.

    In this webinar, we will show you how to:
    • Automate performance testing and usability testing
    • Seamlessly integrate them with functional testing, including using your functional test models to drive performance tests.

    The result: faster release cycles, less duplicated effort, and better software.

    We will also show you how to test enterprise-scale software systems more easily, with submodels allowing you to break down a large, complex system model in a way that makes it far easier to manage.
  • State of eCommerce Delivery Report - North American Insights
    State of eCommerce Delivery Report - North American Insights
    Maria Dahlqvist Canton, Global Marketing Director, MetaPack Jan 29 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Providing deep insights into what consumers want when it comes to delivery, the 2018 State of eCommerce Delivery Report: North American Insights, examines how the delivery choices shoppers encounter influence the online purchasing decisions they make.

    In this webinar, we’ll highlight the latest trends and insights from the report, taking a deep dive into key insights from North American consumers, including the growing appetite for energy-conscious delivery alternatives and a willingness to spend more money when purchasing luxury items.

    Webinar Details:

    Title: State of eCommerce Delivery (North American insights)
    Date: January 29th, 2019
    Time: 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST
    Host: Maria Dahlqvist Canton, Global Marketing Director, MetaPack

    Get the report: http://www.metapack.com/report/2018-state-of-ecommerce-delivery-report-north-american-insights/
  • Get and keep customers with killer AI-driven UX design
    Get and keep customers with killer AI-driven UX design
    Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat Jan 29 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    User experience is swiftly overtaking price as the most important competitive differentiator. That means wowing your customers at every point of interaction and engagement. And lately, new approaches fueled by AI and significant data produced by cross-platform experiences, are putting UX under a new kind of microscope and helping to drive positive results. When harnessed correctly, AI really just means ultimate personalization. And this can reward you with loyalty, affinity, and word of mouth.

    User experience design (UX) isn’t a guessing game anymore. Artificial intelligence is your superpower, and machine learning your secret weapon. AI helps you personalize the customer journey at every step dynamically, crafting unique, individual experiences that learn along the way, making them more relevant, more engaging, and more delightful.

    To learn more about why AI should be the foundation of all your user experience design, and where to start, don’t miss this VB Live event!

    Register here for free.

    Attend this webinar and learn:
    * How AI supercharges the relevancy, elegance, and engagement of modern design.
    * The ways well-known brands are creating intuitive apps with powerful UX supported by AI
    * The relationship between effective design and a strong ROI
    * Real-world successes and failures in AI-driven design

    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat
    * Dave Clark, Host, VentureBeat
    * Steph Hay, VP, Conversational AI Design & Integrated Experiences, Capital One
    *David Parmenter, Director of Engineering & Data, Adobe Document Cloud
  • Architects Guide to Scalable Technologies: Cassandra, Kafka, and Elasticsearch
    Architects Guide to Scalable Technologies: Cassandra, Kafka, and Elasticsearch
    Ben Bromhead Jan 29 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In this session, Ben Bromhead, CTO of Instaclustr will provide a base level introduction to some of the technologies and design patterns used to build out scalable and resilient applications. This webinar will be aimed at an introductory level. The technologies we will cover include:
    - Cassandra
    - Kafka
    - Spark
    - Elasticsearch

    We will cover when you should use these technologies and key considerations when choosing these technologies for your application architecture. In addition, we will touch on different architecture options when combining these leading open source technologies into an overall solution. We will also discuss how to use the technologies in a resilient and scalable way and real-world application patterns such as IoT, social apps and consumer services.
  • One Dashboard to Rule Them All: The Business Impact
    One Dashboard to Rule Them All: The Business Impact
    Greg Strickland, COO at Periscope Data Jan 29 2019 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ever wondered how Periscope Data actually uses Periscope? In this webinar, you'll get a behind the scenes look at the dashboard our executive team uses to report on all our top level KPIs. Combining data from all business units here at Periscope Data, it provides us a concise view of our single source of truth - the one dashboard to rule them all.

    Attend this webinar to hear directly from Greg Strickland, COO at Periscope Data, to learn how he:
    - Templatizes his dashboard requests to our Data team for quicker work
    - Uses data from all departments to inform the entire company
    - Partners with Data on larger strategic projects
    - And learn his #1 most important tip for visualizing data across teams
  • How to boost lead generation with employee advocacy
    How to boost lead generation with employee advocacy
    Bruno Bin, Head of Marketing at Smarp Jan 30 2019 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Companies spend lots of time, money and resources creating great content. The problem is this content often doesn't get the attention it deserves.

    Whether it's an eBook, video testimonial, blog post, webinar, new job post or even sales collateral, when information doesn't flow, engagement is low and well, you know the drill.

    Watch this webinar to learn how you can leverage employee advocacy and the power of networks to give your content the attention it deserves with increased reach, trust and content marketing ROI.
  • Gain Relevant Sales Knowledge about Very Large Account Prospects
    Gain Relevant Sales Knowledge about Very Large Account Prospects
    Barbara Weaver Smith, The Large Account Sales Expert Jan 30 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Part I in the series Your Growth Ecosystem: Don’t Think Small About Your Big Accounts. For CEO, President, Founder, Owner, Business Development, Sales VP, CMO, Sales Enablement, Key Account Manager of companies of any size, with special relevance to those with $10 million to $500 million in annual revenue. The series is a strategic, high-level approach to managing your organization to successfully sell and grow sales to multinational and global corporations. Far too often, these responsibilities become divided by territories, individual reps, product lines, historical relationships, or sales to divisions or subsidiaries. The corporate board and senior management make their most strategic business and financial decisions with their entire global footprint top of mind—unless you can see the whole as well as its parts, you operate from a position of weakness. How can your company initiate and manage long-term relationships with the many people, subsidiaries, locations and divisions of a global account in a way to provide the greatest value to that customer and you? This webinar covers your company’s knowledge base—how do you gain relevant knowledge, manage it, share it, and keep it up to date. Who should be responsible and how can you afford to do it?

    You will learn:

    1.How much does your team need to know in order to be successful?
    2.How to conduct research, synthesize what’s relevant, and keep it up to date?
    3.How to share and communicate among all who need to know?
    4.What are the relevant tools and resources to make this process easy?
    5.Who should be responsible for doing this work? How can you afford it?
  • Bridging MarTech & AdTech: DMP, DSPs & CDP Best Practice for Digital Marketers
    Bridging MarTech & AdTech: DMP, DSPs & CDP Best Practice for Digital Marketers
    Henry Li, Director of Business Development Jan 30 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In the last 10 years the digital advertising space exploded with the growth of DMPs and DSPs, giving digital marketers new ways to find and attract audiences. In the last few years, the market has shifted again with the introduction of CDPs giving marketers a new and powerful tool to augment and supercharge existing services. This webinar will walk you through what each service does, when you should consider using it, and best practices for combining them together.

    This Webinar Will Cover:
    - DMPs, DSPs and CDPs definitions and use cases
    - How to leverage/enrich 1st party data inside existing martech and adtech
    - Security and ensuring you maintain customer privacy and ethical use of data
  • Conversational Analytics for a Voice-driven World
    Conversational Analytics for a Voice-driven World
    Vishal Kasera, Director, Product, Ravi Tandon, Software Engineer & Andrew Yeung, Snr Director, Product Marketing, ThoughtSpot Jan 30 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Search & AI-driven analytics just got a whole lot smarter. ThoughtSpot 5 ushers in a new era of voice and conversational analytics with SearchIQ.
    SearchIQ lets you “talk” to ThoughtSpot using casual, forgiving, everyday language. SearchIQ will determine your analytical intent, giving you precise answers to your data questions in an instant all by simply asking a question.

    Tune in to learn about:
    * How SearchIQ lets you ask questions in voice and natural language
    * How crowd-sourced intelligence improves the quality of your searches
    * The technology behind SearchIQ and how it works under the hood
  • The Real State of Digital Business for 2019
    The Real State of Digital Business for 2019
    Seth Earley, CEO, Earley Information Science & Jennifer St. Hill, COO, Earley Information Science Jan 30 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    How far along are we when it comes to digital transformation? EIS set out to discover the answer by launching an industry-wide ‘State of Digital Business’ Survey which asked respondents to share their data readiness, planned digital projects, future goals, and more.

    This month, we’re ready to share these results with you. Join Seth Earley, Founder and CEO, Earley Information Science, and Jennifer St. Hill, COO, as they present results from our December 2018 ‘State of Digital Transformation Survey.’

    You will learn:

    **The trends your peers are experiencing that are driving digital business initiatives within your organization.
    **The challenges your peers are facing when implementing a digital business strategy, as well as the tactics they’re using to overcome those challenges.
    **Common (and not so common) digital business initiatives that are underway within your peer companies.

    We hope you'll join us on January 30th at 1:00PM ET to find out "The Real State of Digital Business for 2019."
  • Transforming the Retail Employee Experience
    Transforming the Retail Employee Experience
    BRC / Kronos Jan 31 2019 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Exploring how retailers can effectively support their staff and maximise workforce productivity as the industry undergoes rapid transformation.

    Drawing on the wealth of workforce data collected by the BRC, our experts along with our partners at Kronos will offer insights and practical tips on how we can bring staff on board and embed positive employee experience as a key part of the change process.
  • Faster, bigger, cheaper, better ? The New Challenges of Big Data
    Faster, bigger, cheaper, better ? The New Challenges of Big Data
    Nicolas Korchia, Chief Operations Officer and General Manager, Indexima Jan 31 2019 3:00 pm UTC 23 mins
    As the importance of using data is no longer in any way in question, companies are now facing a major challenge: processing more data, more rapidly and at a lower cost.

    1. How are data access projects currently managed
    2. How could this management be improved on a daily basis?
    3. How to solve the equation of instant access to data regardless of their volumes and sources?

    Duration: 30 minutes
    Language: English
    Speaker: Nicolas Korchia, Chief Operations Officer and General Manager, Indexima
  • How Kongregate is Making Their Data Pipeline Accessible and Extensible
    How Kongregate is Making Their Data Pipeline Accessible and Extensible
    Tammy Levy, VP of Insights and Analytics at Kongregate Jan 31 2019 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Building out the infrastructure for a data pipeline takes time, patience, and focus. And even after you have a system in place, new data sources, business goals, product releases, etc. can make it hard to sustain this infrastructure and difficult to spin up new dashboards and charts to visualize and analyze the data. Unless you work at Kongregate.

    Join our webinar on January 31st at 11 a.m. PT to hear Tammy Levy, VP of Insights and Analytics, discuss how Kongregate is using analytics to not only provide embedded analytics to developers that use their platform, but take it a step further and are able to easily and efficiently measure KPI’s across their portfolio of games they publish.

    In this webinar, Tammy will discuss:
    - What sort of embedded analytics they share
    - How they providing higher quality content to end users
    - What game behavior they track to get more insights out of their games
    - How they were able to standardize their naming schema to allow them to track KPIs
    - How their setup allows them to replicate dashboards nearly instantly