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  • Biz Dev Done Right Biz Dev Done Right Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener Recorded: Feb 24 2017 45 mins
    When Business Development is done right, there is no limit to what can be accomplished! Caryn answers the top 4 sales questions she is asked most about sales including, “How do I get more sales? How do I meet more prospects? How do I close sooner? And, how do I find time for business development?”
  • How Content Marketing on LinkedIn can Boost your Bottom Line How Content Marketing on LinkedIn can Boost your Bottom Line Viveka von Rosen Recorded: Feb 24 2017 48 mins
    LinkedIn Publisher is like a hidden treasure for content marketing. If you have the right “map” to find the gold within! My session will be your roadmap to LinkedIn Content Marketing Success. As one of Linkedin Learning’s authors, we get special access to what LinkedIn is looking for in Publisher Posts- and I’ll share that information with you!
  • How To Get More Clients Without Being A Pushy Salesperson How To Get More Clients Without Being A Pushy Salesperson Laura Posey Recorded: Feb 23 2017 48 mins
    Here is what you will learn:
    •The five-step master formula for attracting all the business you want
    •The secrets to building a sales machine that delivers quality prospects day in and day out
    •How having fewer prospects actually leads to more profit
    •And so much more...
  • Contextual Email Makeover Webinar Contextual Email Makeover Webinar The Movable Ink team Recorded: Feb 23 2017 20 mins
    We asked brands to submit their email campaigns to win a complimentary email makeover… and now we’re doing a live webinar to walk through the results!

    Join us on Thursday, February 23 at 1pm ET for a contextual email makeover. You’ll see the email campaign before and after adding contextual elements. We’ll walk you through the steps we took to add context and give you plenty of ideas for adding contextual elements to any email campaign.

    Seats will go fast for this exclusive event. Register now! And, if you'd like to submit your campaign for consideration, please fill out this form:

  • Selling for Introverts - how to stay true to who you are and grow your sales Selling for Introverts - how to stay true to who you are and grow your sales Alen Mayer Recorded: Feb 23 2017 47 mins
    Register for this webinar and discover 5 powerful strategies to help you excel and shine as an introvert in sales, without losing yourself in the process:
    •How to promote yourself without being obnoxious
    •What strategies to use for networking and social functions
    •How to know and meet your client's REAL needs (and make them happy)
    •How to persuade your clients without being manipulative
  • How to make money off of Facebook Messenger How to make money off of Facebook Messenger Stewart Rogers, Dir. of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat Recorded: Feb 23 2017 60 mins
    With over 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is beginning to change the world for companies looking for ways to connect with, engage, and retain an unprecedented number of customers. And we’re guessing that’s probably you.

    It’s all because of Messenger’s developer tools, which have leapt on the promise of bots for customer service and native payments without ever leaving the platform--and have thoroughly delivered on it. Users stay cozily inside the Messenger platform to play games, search, shop, pay, and more, meaning they’re fully engaged with your brand in multiple ways in a single brand context.

    Facebook’s long-term plan: make Messenger the center of users’ lives. Your short-term plan: start positioning yourself to take advantage of this revolution in messenger tech innovation. Register for this free VB Live event now and learn how you can monetize Messenger.

    In this webinar, you’ll:

    * Understand the broader digital wallet strategy to connect with customers through chatbots
    * Get valuable tips to spin chatbots into gold
    * Learn the biggest mistake organizations are making with payments through Messenger

    * Laura Knapp, Managing Director, SRAX Social, Social Reality
    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • Power to the People: A Stack to Empower Every User to Make Data-Driven Decisions Power to the People: A Stack to Empower Every User to Make Data-Driven Decisions Daniel de Sybel, CTO, Infectious Media, Karol Ussher, Partnerships, Google Cloud, Zev Lebowitz, Sales Engineer, Looker Recorded: Feb 23 2017 61 mins
    Infectious Media runs on data. But, as an ad-tech company that records hundreds of thousands of web events per second, they have to deal with data at a scale not seen by most companies. You can not make decisions with data when people need to write manual SQL only for queries take 10-20 minutes to return. Infectious Media made the switch to Google BigQuery and Looker and now every member of every team can get the data they need in seconds.

    Infectious Media will share:

    - Why they chose their current stack
    - Why faster data means happier customers
    - Advantages and practical implications of storing and processing that much data
    - More!
  • How Consumer Behavior Is Shaping the Mobile Apps Market How Consumer Behavior Is Shaping the Mobile Apps Market Connie Hwong, Global Content Marketing Director, Ibrahim Elkadi, Lead Analyst, Market Insights Recorded: Feb 23 2017 34 mins
    Competing for a single consumer’s attention across an average of five screens is a daunting task. But tackling this challenge may not be so difficult if you have a nuanced understanding of how consumers behave across the devices they own and the apps, sites, and services they use.

    In this 60-minute live webinar, we'll present new research including:

    - A state of the market for consumer behavior and how behaviors are changing
    - Number of apps consumers actually use
    - Emerging behaviors around app multitasking
  • Account-Based Marketing: A Constellation of Multivendor Offerings Account-Based Marketing: A Constellation of Multivendor Offerings Keith Dawson Recorded: Feb 23 2017 45 mins
    Join 451 Research to learn how account-based marketing (ABM) is taking on new prominence in the marketing technology stack. In this webinar we’ll examine how ABM has developed into a key methodology for aligning marketing and sales teams in B2B environments. Critical to its evolution have been advances in data science and machine learning, which allow marketers to find and target leads more accurately and with better relevance. Vendors across the martech landscape are developing features that augment ABM practices; in this discussion we will talk about the practicalities of fitting ABM into existing marketing automation frameworks, and how vendors can differentiate their offerings and clarify the landscape for buyers.
  • 5 Secrets that Will Change Your Approach to LinkedIn Networking 5 Secrets that Will Change Your Approach to LinkedIn Networking Alice Heiman Recorded: Feb 22 2017 49 mins
    Thousands of people are on LinkedIn and not taking advantage of its full power. Find out how to make your connections count and get the leads flowing. Discover the 5 Secrets That Will Change Your Approach to LinkedIn Networking forever.
    Salespeople will be amazed at how they can build relationships and generate leads.
    Sales leaders will gain ideas to help their salespeople prospect.
  • Establishing and Enriching the Content Supply Chain Establishing and Enriching the Content Supply Chain Liz Miller, SVP Marketing, CMO Council Recorded: Feb 22 2017 62 mins
    In the world of marketing, these principles have been applied through the application of a marketing supply chain, effectively connecting customer and company demand for marketing materials (typically marketing consumables like printed content, promotional items, etc.) into a transparent, technology-powered network of suppliers and users to streamline processes and optimize budgets and utilization. Just as with manufacturing supply chain management, marketing supply chain optimization has led marketing leaders to realize great customer satisfaction and profitability, particularly through significant savings and the reduction in material obsolescence.

    So now, savvy CMOs are turning to the customer and asking whether these same principles of supply chain dynamics can be applied to a process that actually reaches, engages and connects with customers. The answer is surely yes…but before we take that leap, the same rigor and advancement used to establish a marketing supply chain must be paid to content itself. Now is the time to realize the state of the content supply chain.

    According to the Content Marketing Institute, 32 percent of a B2C organization’s budget and 28 percent of a B2B organization’s budget is spent on content. In a recent CMO Council study on the impact of the connected omni-channel experience, 60 percent of marketers admitted that the new connected customer has necessitated a shift in content strategies and a call for the rapid development of new content in new formats and sizes. Yet despite the clear budget priority content has taken—as well as the clear call to rapidly advance our content development and management skills to meet the demands of our customers—why is content still developed in campaign and functional team silos, often lacking effective paths for cross-functional collaboration and distribution? Are we giving content the respect and attention it deserves?
  • Discoverer Migration - Database, EBS, other apps...It's all the same to us! Discoverer Migration - Database, EBS, other apps...It's all the same to us! Kiran Pasham, and Graham Spicer Recorded: Feb 22 2017 61 mins
    As we get closer to Oracle de-supporting Discoverer, many organizations are still struggling to find the right ‘replacement’ tool that will protect your investment and minimize the impact on both IT and end users. Join our webinar, where we will cover:
    -Our approach to quickly migrate Discoverer Workbooks into dynamic SplashBI Reports -Migration Utility converts Worksheets, Columns, Parameters, Conditions, Totals, Format, Colors along with Folders and joins, keeping your workbook structure intact -Compatibility with the various Oracle Security Models -Ability to run your converted reports from Excel: a must for many Discoverer users! -Extend you reports to provide intelligent dashboards -Access your converted reports on mobile and tablet devices -Easy to learn, self-service tool means faster adoption by your users -Ability to connect other data sources
    Register now and learn about SplashBI - our on-demand, self-service business intelligence and reporting tool that WILL make your Discoverer conversion faster, easier, more affordable and complete!
  • Sales Success  - Looking through your Customer's Lens Sales Success - Looking through your Customer's Lens Janice Mars, Principal and Founder/Lisa Dennis, President and Founder and Lisa Magnuson, President Recorded: Feb 22 2017 47 mins
    If you were honest with yourself, could you say that your sales aids, value propositions, sales and forecasting processes are designed from a customer point of view, or are your tools company-centric? Join Janice Mars, Principal and Founder of SalesLatitude and Lisa Dennis, President of Knowledgence Associates for a fun and action-packed 45 minutes on not only how to see things through your customer’s lens, but also how to build it into your sales toolkit.

    Lisa Magnuson President of TopLine Sales to moderate
  • Real World IoT – Practical Advice from the Front Lines of IoT Implementation Real World IoT – Practical Advice from the Front Lines of IoT Implementation Christian Renaud Recorded: Feb 22 2017 32 mins
    Christian Renaud, Research Director, Internet of Things, discusses the vertical and horizontal approaches to the Internet of Things, the state of IoT deployments, 2016 IoT M&A, and a preview of what to expect at the upcoming Real World IoT event, 5-6 April at the Landmark London.
  • Top 5 Tips for Data Marketing Maturity Top 5 Tips for Data Marketing Maturity Pedro Rego, Consultant, BlueVenn Recorded: Feb 22 2017 35 mins
    ‘Data Marketing maturity’ can mean a different thing for different organizations but is an essential requirement for all marketing departments in the fast changing world we’re in. Data is never going to get smaller yet many organisations are being left behind not realizing that they need to upskill before it’s too late. For SMB marketing departments utilizing email marketing this could be a step towards analytics and segmentation, for enterprise organizations this could be consolidation of data sources, across multiple brands, to create a Single Customer View. Or perhaps it’s the big plunge into Big Data, Programmatic or Machine Learning.

    Whatever the steps are towards ‘data marketing maturity’ there will always be a requirement for new skills, new technology and a requirement for change and learning new processes.

    In this webinar, BlueVenn Consultant Pedro Rego will talk through the top five techniques necessary for marketing maturity success, including examples of those who are using these capabilities, and the ROI of executing them successfully.
  • How to Build a Sales Process That Drives Successful Behaviors How to Build a Sales Process That Drives Successful Behaviors George Bronten Recorded: Feb 21 2017 32 mins
    In times of change and increased competition, HOW you sell is becoming your primary differentiator. Learn how to build a sales process that makes it easy to execute your b2b sales strategy, by driving the behaviors needed to consistently achieve your targets.
  • The Experience Factor in Sales The Experience Factor in Sales Barbara Giamanco Recorded: Feb 16 2017 45 mins
    By 2020 customer experience will overtake price & product as the key brand differentiator according to the Walker 2020 Customers Report. Your focus on demonstrating value NOT selling features is how deals get closed. Learn strategies for getting buyers at hello and delivering a great sales experience at every step in the buying process.
  • The Lies Salespeople Believe That Prevent Sales Growth The Lies Salespeople Believe That Prevent Sales Growth Carole Mahoney Recorded: Feb 16 2017 40 mins
    Why do the majority of salespeople struggle to have conversations with buyers that build trust and add value? Learn what science has found are the hidden, but most common, mindsets and beliefs that the majority of salespeople struggle with and discover how they impact sales performance and growth.
  • The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 2 The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 2 HPCC Systems Community Recorded: Feb 16 2017 91 mins
    This series of workshops are specifically designed for the community by the community with the goal to share knowledge, spark innovation and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community.

    Episode 2 will include 15 minute Tech Talks featuring:

    Fujio Turner, Architect, Couchbase
    Jacob Pellock, Sr Director Software Engineering, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
    Roger Dev, Sr Architect, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
    Richard Taylor, Chief Trainer, HPCC Systems.
  • KYC in the online age KYC in the online age Panel Discussion featuring: UK Cabinet Office, CurrencyFair, IOX & Mitek Recorded: Feb 16 2017 47 mins
    Financial institutions from all over the world are facing increasingly strict regulations regarding the verification and authentication of their customers’ identity. The imminent enforcement of the 4AMLD and the publication of the 5AMLD will nothing but add pressure on the financial services industry.

    To keep a competitive edge and still be compliant with the latest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, banks, prepaid card operators, digital currency processors, exchanges, and wallets are being compelled to embrace the digitalisation of traditionally cumbersome processes such as customer due diligence and ongoing authentication.

    Aiming to simplify KYC in this ever-changing regulatory environment, and optimizing the digital channels for further security and convenience, financial institutions need to successfully achieve this change within their policies, procedures, business models, and technology infrastructures.

    During this webinar, our panel of experts will provide answers to the following questions:

    •Are the technologies to underpin digital identity verification reliable and robust enough for financial institutions to rely on them?

    •Are customers prepared to go down the digital route?

    •Can financial institutions strike the right balance between rock-solid compliance, and smooth, easy, digital customer experience?

    •How are financial institutions coping with the challenges posed by the latest regulatory updates?

    Join us for this panel discussion with our expert speakers:

    Don Thibeau, Chairman & President, The Open Identity Exchange (OIX)
    Fintan Byrne, Head of Risk & Chief Compliance Officer, CurrencyFair
    Sarah Clarke, General Manager - Identity, Mitek
    David Rennie, Identity Assurance Programme, UK Cabinet Office
  • What are the Most Important Steps to Demand Generation Success in 2017? What are the Most Important Steps to Demand Generation Success in 2017? Maurice Flynn, Altaire Recorded: Feb 16 2017 43 mins
    Demand generation is getting ever harder and more complicated across multiple channels, so what's a business to do?

    In this session we outline the most important steps to success in Demand Generation in 2017, based on the latest case studies. We will look across multiple channels including:

    - Email marketing and eCRM
    - Maximising for mobile
    - Personalisation across channels
    - Influencer outreach and experiential

    Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of these key steps to take across their most relevant channels.
  • Developing a ‘Customer Strategy’ to FIND, WIN and KEEP your Customers! Developing a ‘Customer Strategy’ to FIND, WIN and KEEP your Customers! Ian Golding, CCXP Recorded: Feb 16 2017 41 mins
    ‘So tell me – what is our strategy to KEEP the customers we WIN?’ Now that is a question. Intuitively, it sounds so obvious, but when you lift up the ‘bonnet’ or ‘hood’ of the workings of most companies, understanding how to KEEP customers is not always very clear.

    As both a customer and an employee, I have been exposed to businesses who have quite clearly never thought about it. I have always found it a sense of frustration when a business offers better deals and incentives to WINNING new customers than they do to KEEPING their loyal, long standing customers. Call it what you will, but it smacks of ‘taking customers for granted to me’ – or a clear sign of having no defined strategy to KEEP customers.

    In this webinar you will learn about the following:

    1. What Customer Experience (CX) actually is and the difference is between Customer Service, CX and Customer Centricity
    2. Why businesses have lost sight of their true purpose and are failing their customers and employees
    3. Why business strategy is a balance of what the business wants AND what the customer wants
    4. How to create a clear customer focused strategy
    5. The importance of measuring the success of your strategy through the Customer Journey
  • Leveraging the Sales Development Team to Convert your Campaigns Leveraging the Sales Development Team to Convert your Campaigns David Dulany, Founder & CEO, Tenbound Recorded: Feb 15 2017 35 mins
    Alignment between Sales and Marketing is essential to any demand generation strategy. It's pivotal to ensure you get the most out of your campaigns by being in lock-step with the SDR team.

    This discussion will focus on:
    - Goal setting
    - Internal campaign communication strategy
    - Training sessions
    - Running productive check-in meetings
    - Delivering results
  • Bricks Vs. Clicks Part 2: Analysis & Insights Bricks Vs. Clicks Part 2: Analysis & Insights Ben Conwell & Garrick Brown Recorded: Feb 15 2017 64 mins
    Hear Ben Conwell; our eCommerce Fulfillment Practice Group Expert (and former Amazon N. American Operations Real Estate Director) and Garrick Brown; our Head of Retail Research for the Americas, explore the impact of the holiday shopping season and eCommerce, and relevant trends and data points affecting what’s in store for supply chain and brick-and-mortar retail in 2017.
  • Six Core Competencies For Strategic Account Managers Six Core Competencies For Strategic Account Managers Ago Cluytens Recorded: Feb 15 2017 35 mins
    In this webinar, Ago Cluytens will take a deeper dive into the six core competencies that are required for Strategic Account Management success. Based on in-depth, current research around what high-performers do differently, Ago will give a detailed breakdown of how your organization – and you – can increase account penetration, protect your most valuable account from competitors, and generate substantially more revenue.