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  • What Sales Can Learn From an FBI CounterIntelligence Expert
    What Sales Can Learn From an FBI CounterIntelligence Expert
    Carole Mahoney with special guest, Robin Dreeke Recorded: Jun 17 2019 39 mins
    Join host Carole Mahoney ask she talks with Robin Dreeke, an FBI Special Agent Behaviorist, whose advanced training and experience in the area of social psychology and the practical application of the science behind relationship development and trust, ultimately lead him to head up the FBI's elite Behavioral Analysis Program.

    In this 25 minute interview, you will learn:

    - What the most distrusted profession- sales- can do to evoke and communicate trust.
    - A proven formula for being trustworthy.
    - How to quickly build rapport with anyone.
    - The difference this can make in sales and leadership.
  • Evolving your Hadoop Investment to the Cloud - Part 1
    Evolving your Hadoop Investment to the Cloud - Part 1
    Presenter : Chris Presley, Director of Consulting; Dani Zburivsky, Director of Big Data; Bjoern Rost, Principal Consultant Recorded: Jun 14 2019 29 mins
    Is your data in Hadoop? Should you migrate to the cloud?

    This webinar will cover how to: 1. overcome scalability limits of the on-premise Hadoop deployment by using cloud; 2. reduce time to value by eliminating provisioning and deployment time by using automation inherent with cloud deployments; 3. reduce development efforts by replacing parts of Hadoop workload with cloud-native services
  • Move From One Bot to Many
    Move From One Bot to Many
    Steve Walker, Roger Arias Recorded: Jun 13 2019 28 mins
    Robotic process automation, or RPA, can speed up and improve many rote business processes. Learn how to scale up or expand into other areas of your business with tips to accelerate your success, from technologies to processes, in a center of excellence framework.
  • How We Do Finance Analytics
    How We Do Finance Analytics
    Eugene Hillery | Senior Director, Int. Operation at Tableau Recorded: Jun 13 2019 50 mins
    Learn how Tableau's entire finance department use Tableau to understand all of our data.

    Here at Tableau, we rely on data and visual analytics to unlock new financial insights and oversee the fiscal health of the entire company.

    Watch this webinar with Eugene Hillery and Marcel Bickert, Tableau's Finance & Operations leaders, to discover how they use Tableau to quickly and easily report financial information, enabling them to better advise the c-suite and board on risks, strategy, and business ventures.

    We'll even share and discuss our favourite financial dashboards including:

    *Purchasing. Dig deeper into your purchasing data
    *Cost Control. See how visual analytics can reduce costs
    *Accounts Receivable. Analyse your data regionally or by account
    *Executive Dashboard. Your groups financial health in one dashboard
    *Financial Planning. Provide previously unknown insights to business leaders
  • How We Do Sales Analytics
    How We Do Sales Analytics
    Toni Farrell | UKI Sales Manager at Tableau Recorded: Jun 13 2019 28 mins
    Learn how Tableau's entire sales organisation use Tableau to understand all of our data.

    Here at Tableau, we rely on analytics to empower every salesperson to better understand their accounts, identify promising prospects, forecast accurately and ultimately close more deals.

    Watch this webinar with Tableau's UK Sales Manager, Toni Farrell, to discover how we put actionable sales data in the hands of our analysts, sellers and sales leaders. We’ll show you dashboards on quota attainment, territory creation, forecasting, account strategy, call-down lists and much more.

    You'll learn about:

    *The value data brings to the entire sales organisation
    *How to solve common sales challenges with analytics
    *Our most popular and effective dashboards for sales teams
  • How We Do Marketing Analytics
    How We Do Marketing Analytics
    John-Paul Rantac | EMEA Marketing Campaigns at Tableau Recorded: Jun 13 2019 43 mins
    Learn how Tableau's entire marketing organisation use Tableau to understand all of our data.

    Here at Tableau, we rely on data and analytics to empower every marketer to better understand campaign performance, web analytics, lead activity, social media influence and ROI.

    Watch this webinar to discover exactly how we use marketing data to drive more traffic, leads and likes. We’ll show you dashboards on website goal conversion, Google Ads and digital marketing performance, lead activity, Eloqua email insights, marketing activity calendar and much more.

    Learn how visually analysing you marketing data can help you in these five key areas.

    *Marketing Leadership KPI's. Get a 360 view of performance
    *Campaign Performance. Improve your ROI
    *Digital Marketing. Enhanced Google Analytics and Social Media analysis
    *Lead Generation. Easily see which leads are 'hot'
    *Marketing Ops & Analytics. Combine all of your data sources
  • Navigating the insurtech maze
    Navigating the insurtech maze
    Claire Churchard - Deputy Editor - Intelligent Insurer Recorded: Jun 13 2019 60 mins
    Against a backdrop of massive investment in technology designed to improve and transform the insurance industry, many executives are struggling with their strategic priorities in this sphere. How do they make the right strategic decisions for the long-term betterment of their companies?

    The webinar will examine:

    - Choosing the right insurtech partner
    Our panel of experts will discuss how to assess a partner, considerations around the best operational and strategic fit, and the level of innovation that is best for your business. They will also look at what type of partnership might work best: investment, client-vendor relationship or acquisition.

    - Integration: systems and culture
    The panel will talk about the value insurtech adds, from improving productivity and reducing data processing errors to optimising customer service and marketing. But, critically, how to get the best from any new technology both in terms of integration into legacy systems and getting buy-in from your organisation overall.

    - Future-proof insurtech
    How will different forms of insurtech develop in the next five to ten years and how should insurers think about technology to help them get ahead of the curve? Is the process discussed so far something that will simply be an ongoing process for the industry or is there an end point? Finally, what are the risks of not embracing insurtech now?

    Ed Gaze
    Senior manager at Lloyd's Lab

    Silvi Wompa Sinclair
    Independent insurtech expert

    Madeline Bailey
    Strategic change & technology consultant

    Steven Jones
    Global InsurTech Client Services Lead at Guy Carpenter

    Webinar run in conjunction with Appian.

    Appian provides a low-code development platform that accelerates the creation of high-impact business applications.

    Many of the world’s largest organisations use Appian applications to improve customer experience, achieve operational excellence, and simplify global risk management and compliance.
  • Keys to Powerful Visualizations
    Keys to Powerful Visualizations
    Maire Newton, Data Visualization Expert, Looker Recorded: Jun 12 2019 32 mins
    In the age of big data, visualization is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Visualizations enable you to understand vast amounts of data quickly and to identify new patterns and relationships that might not otherwise be evident.

    Get it right and you supercharge your efficiency, your ability to draw connections, and your communication. In this session, we will explain the science behind data visualization and provide tips for creating beautiful, powerful visualizations.

    Key takeaways:

    - The importance of data visualization
    - Factors that influencing graphical perception
    - Visualization best practices
  • Data as a Feature: Build Answer-generating Apps with UX-driven Development
    Data as a Feature: Build Answer-generating Apps with UX-driven Development
    Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manger, TIBCO Jaspersoft Recorded: Jun 12 2019 64 mins
    Your end users don’t want to use another “BI tool" — they want fast answers. Start with Embedded BI

    Instead of offering a standalone dashboard, the new trend is to embed analytics into applications that are already used every day. This session will feature a brand-new demo application—created by TIBCO Jaspersoft and Projekt202—that illustrates and teaches you how to create answer-generating applications of your own.
  • The Rise of the Data Role
    The Rise of the Data Role
    Caroline Carruthers (Carruthers & Jackson), Alvin Chan (AVORA) & James Adams (Eden Smith) Recorded: Jun 12 2019 57 mins
    The prominence of data roles within organisations has increased in recent years. Driven by the explosion in the quantity and complexity of data generated by organisations, Chief Data Officers (CDO) and their teams are increasingly taking centre stage. They need to empower other teams in the organisation to answer questions and transition to a more data-informed culture. But these outcomes do not come without growing pains and challenges.

    In this exclusive webinar, hear from Caroline Carruthers, Director at Carruthers and Jackson and Co Author of The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook, Alvin Chan, Head of Product & Data Science at AVORA, and James Adams, Head of Workforce Planning at Eden Smith about how CDOs can create an environment of enablement. You will find out:

    - What is behind the rise of the CDO and why organisations need to incorporate them into their strategy and operations.
    - The roles that support CDOs – beyond Data Scientists, there are other roles and functions that are necessary for success.
    - What it takes to succeed in the data role – how to overcome challenges and create an environment of empowerment.
  • Introducing Certified Apache Cassandra
    Introducing Certified Apache Cassandra
    Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer, Instaclustr Recorded: Jun 11 2019 28 mins
    Gain confidence to build on open source Apache Cassandra

    Introducing the Instaclustr Open Source Certification Framework and Certified Apache Cassandra. Learn about Instaclustr's new Open Source Certification Framework and first certified product, Apache Cassandra. The certification framework aims to build on Instaclustr’s extensive open source experience to provide additional assurance to companies that the open source software they are building on is robust and well supported. This webinar will explain the details of the framework and the certification process for Apache Cassandra.

    Bio: Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer at Instaclustr. As Chief Product Officer, Ben is charged with steering Instaclustr’s development roadmap and overseeing the product engineering, production support, open source and consulting teams. Ben has over 20 years experience in systems development including previously as lead architect for the product that is now Oracle Policy Automation and over 10 years as a solution architect and project manager for Accenture. He has extensive experience in managing development teams and implementing quality controlled engineering practices.
  • Real World Applications of AI in FinServ Customer Data Strategy
    Real World Applications of AI in FinServ Customer Data Strategy
    Peter Ku, VP Informatica, Chris Cingrani, Informatica, Glenn Riedel, Informatica, Bryan Weinman, Informatica Recorded: Jun 11 2019 36 mins
    There are hidden insights in your data that can help you improve experiences and reduce risk. During this webinar, Informatica experts will share several examples of how Financial Services organizations are improving experiences and reducing risk by leveraging a Customer 360 view to get a better understanding of the individuals they interact with. We will also share how those insights can be confidently linked to individuals and key relationships identified so that timely action can be taken.
  • Here's what to consider when adding or switching your CRM
    Here's what to consider when adding or switching your CRM
    George Brontén, The B2B Sales Effectiveness Expert Recorded: Jun 11 2019 42 mins
    You will learn:

    1.What is a CRM? Which one is right for your company?
    2.Pitfalls when selecting a CRM?
    3.Benefits of CRM?
    4.CRM & Sales Enablement?
  • Planning for the Personalization Journey: From Empathy to Engagement
    Planning for the Personalization Journey: From Empathy to Engagement
    Eric Fullerton - Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Jun 11 2019 55 mins
    Today's organizations are investing in personalization to deliver improved experiences to their users. But building a personalization practice from scratch isn't easy, especially for organizations doing so for the first time.

    In this webinar, Dave Sawyer, lead optimization strategist at FFW, and Kasia Sinczak, lead content strategist and user researcher at FFW, and Eric Fullerton, product marketing manager at Acquia, will outline the steps necessary to deploy a successful personalization strategy.

    Content creation, storage, and access are easier and cheaper than ever before. Organizations are beginning to compete on delivering multi-message and multi-channel strategies to the right prospects at the right time.

    Behind the scenes, this involves a coordinated effort between a complex set of variables including marketing technology tools, content, the right mix of talent, and a willingness to experiment. None of these variables are as important or complicated as the human being ultimately responsible for the purchase decision.

    The most impressive technology stack, biggest data warehouse, and well-planned content calendar are useless if they lack the empathic understanding to give users what they need to take action.

    Whether thinking about personalization for the first time or looking to improve your approach, join our panel to learn about ways you can start converting prospects to customers with personalization.
  • Brewing better beer with Tableau
    Brewing better beer with Tableau
    Jon Meneses, Brewing and Supply Chain Manager, Coopers Brewery Recorded: Jun 11 2019 24 mins
    Brewing beer is as much about art as science but Coopers Brewery has focussed more recently on the scientific basis of what makes a good quality beer. The application of Tableau as an analytical tool has helped Coopers Brewery transform process data into meaningful and valuable knowledge that would otherwise have been left undiscovered. “Eureka” moments of discovery help drive the motivation for further continuous improvement through the use of Tableau. An outline will be shown on how Coopers Brewery created the atmosphere of data driven innovation which enabled Eureka moments to be achieved. In order to provide a perspective around Coopers’ path of Tableau adoption, the challenges and future plans will also be outlined.
  • Pathways to Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization
    Pathways to Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization
    David Loshin, TDWI Deepa Sanker, Informatica Recorded: Jun 9 2019 61 mins
    As the volume of data across enterprises continues to grow exponentially, organizations are looking to cloud data warehouses for scalability, flexibility at lower costs. But moving to a cloud data warehouse requires planning and a strategic approach.

    In this upcoming webinar, join David Loshin from TDWI along with Deepa Sankar and Nassir Khan from Informatica for a discussion of best practices to achieve faster time-to-value from cloud data warehousing.

    You’ll learn:
    - Economic benefits of cloud data warehousing
    - Core capabilities for modernizing your data warehouse in the cloud
    - Why a comprehensive integration platform as a service (iPaaS) plays a key role in success
  • Digital Twins for Yield
    Digital Twins for Yield
    Mike Alperin, Manufacturing Industry Consultant, Steven Hillion, Sr. Director Data Science Recorded: Jun 6 2019 24 mins
    Digital twins are virtual representations of physical systems. The current interest in them is fueled by the convergence of IoT, machine learning and big data technology. As process complexity increases, they are becoming key to efficient operations and high product yields.

    There is now a demand for ‘wide-and-big data’ analytic solutions that detect associations between product quality metrics and thousands to millions of process variables. These cutting edge solutions can support root-cause and predictive analyses. Further, the results must be available close to "real-time" to enable useful process interventions — for example to identify subtle equipment changes, process shift or drift, or to predict and remedy substandard yield for a lot in the line.

    This webinar focuses on the implementation of a semiconductor manufacturing digital twin for yield that detects associations between product quality metrics and up to millions of predictor process.

    What you will see via demos and learn about:

    -How hybrid big-data plus in-memory systems are being utilized to address the various new analytic and IT-architecture problems associated with this challenge
    -How to combine large-scale distributed analytics capabilities with comprehensive server- and in-memory-based advanced analytics
    -How to deliver actionable interactive results through intelligent visualizations.
  • Assess, Align and Accelerate - 3 Steps to Power Revenue Growth
    Assess, Align and Accelerate - 3 Steps to Power Revenue Growth
    Christopher Ryan, The B2B Revenue Growth Expert Recorded: Jun 6 2019 44 mins
    In our third event in the Revenue Growth Series, Chris Ryan and special guest expert Ron Friedman will share a powerful 3-step process for accelerating revenue growth. Drawing upon the speakers’ extensive experience as business builders, corporate executives, and sales and marketing experts, Ron and Chris will share strategies and tactics that have led to consistent revenue acceleration, company turnarounds and improved company valuations.
    Starting with five specific ways you can assess the strength of your existing sales and marketing performance, we will then cover eight action items you can take to align your marketing and sales teams. We will close with three important things you can do to accelerate revenue growth as well as an example of a B2B company that vastly improved its performance by following this three-step methodology. As a bonus, all attendees will receive a free copy Chris Ryan’s bestselling book, The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook: Actionable Strategies to Make Your Business Soar.
    By attending this event, you will:
    1.Learn the best ways to accurately assess your existing marketing and sales performance.
    2.Recognize the factors that lead most quickly to revenue growth.
    3.Know how to align every part of your lead-to-revenue process for maximum results.
    4.Establish the right metrics to manage performance.
    5.Understand how to accelerate your revenue growth and gain competitive advantage.
  • Intelligent Translation Era
    Intelligent Translation Era
    Andrew Thomas, Senior Director Marketing Recorded: Jun 6 2019 37 mins
    What does 'going global' mean when everything from cars to content creation and translation is driven by machines?

    In the autonomous content future, globalization must scale to meet new ambitions and strategies to win and retain your customers.

    Register for our webinar “Intelligent Translation Era” where Andrew Thomas will share the impact Linguistic AI will have on localization departments and translators in the future.

    Learn how the Intelligent Translation Era will redefine globalization and what you need to do to prepare your organization for these massive shifts.
  • Reach Your Target Audience: Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies for Cannabis
    Reach Your Target Audience: Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies for Cannabis
    Taylor Wheeler, Director of Digital Sales for V Digital Services Recorded: Jun 5 2019 58 mins
    For any industry, navigating the complicated world of digital marketing can be a daunting task. That task becomes twice as hard when we consider the Cannabis Industry.

    Due to stringent regulations from Google, Facebook and other leading digital platforms, the marketing options available to the Cannabis industry are extremely limited.

    On Wednesday June 5th, join BrightTALK and V Digital Services’ Director of Digital Sales, Taylor Wheeler, to learn more about the unique marketing platforms that ARE available to the Cannabis industry, and how to utilize these platforms to reach your exact target customer. Specifically, Taylor will cover:

    - Organic and Local Search (SEO)
    - Hyper-targeted Device ID technology
    - Website Development in the Cannabis space

    You will also be able to review some case studies that showcase each of these platforms.

    Speaker: Taylor Wheeler, Director of Digital Sales for V Digital Services
    Taylor is an accomplished sales leader, presenter and trainer with over 15 years of success in marketing and advertising. Taylor has been a specialist in the digital marketing realm since 2008, with an emphasis on Organic SEO. Based in Denver, he has worked with Cannabis-related companies there locally, and across North America, since 2009.
  • The Grocery Revolution: How Does Your Digital Customer Experience Stack Up?
    The Grocery Revolution: How Does Your Digital Customer Experience Stack Up?
    Tim Madigan, VP, eCommerce at Tyson Foods & Alex Murray, Digital Director at Lidl UK Recorded: Jun 5 2019 51 mins
    Whereas most Retailers have already made the leap to a digital paradigm, Grocery has lagged behind. And now, as major digital players jump into the fray (Amazon, Whole Foods,) it’s now officially ‘game on’ for the industry at large.

    In this lively roundtable discussion, experts from Earley Information Science, Lidi UK, and Tyson Foods discuss the ever-changing digital landscape in Grocery, and identify key areas where differentiation can mean prosper or perish. You will learn:

    •The confluence of trends, new players and events fueling this revolution
    •How customer journey “shopping modes” are critically different in grocery
    •How to provide customized digital experiences based on customer shopping mode (Commodity, Quick Eats, Meal Planning)
    •Creative digital and in-store product merchandizing through in-depth understanding of your assortment, partners, region, and customers
    •How to shift from stocking-centric to customer-centric in category management, “ways to shop” and new concierge “ways to serve”
  • The Weaponization of Social Media
    The Weaponization of Social Media
    James C. Foster, CEO, ZeroFOX & P.W. Singer, Author of LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media Recorded: Jun 5 2019 44 mins
    Is your organization prepared for the newest cyber threat to have hit business and government alike: attacks targeting not the networks, but the people and their beliefs on them? P.W. Singer's new book LikeWar outlines a radical new paradigm for understanding and defending against the unprecedented threats of our connected world. Modern businesses need to prepare and protect themselves against digital threats in our new social spaces that have hit everything from elections to corporate brands. Learn about this new battlespace and how organizations can better protect their executives, brand and people.

    Key Takeaways:

    -Explore the collision of social media, war & politics
    -Understand the social media based attacks targeting your brand and business
    -Learn top tactics to protect yourself and your organization on social & digital channels
  • What Sales Can Learn from Improv Comedy
    What Sales Can Learn from Improv Comedy
    Julie Hansen, The Sales Presentation Expert Recorded: Jun 5 2019 42 mins
    How is sales like improv? Both require the ability to adapt quickly to change, connect with a variety of players, and move the conversation forward. Sales Coach, Actor and Improv Performer Julie Hansen shares proven improv techniques from Improv Comedy that can help salespeople and sales leaders successfully collaborate with customers, overcome objections and move the sale forward.

    You will learn how to:
    1.Quickly pick up on buyer cues
    2.Make your customer look (and feel) good
    3.Easily overcome objections
    4.Avoid this “conversation killer”
    5.Move the sale forward
  • Pension Accounting Deficit or Surplus? Why it's irrelevant?
    Pension Accounting Deficit or Surplus? Why it's irrelevant?
    Richard Farr - Managing Director, Lincoln Pensions Jun 18 2019 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The calculation of the true pension deficit is not straightforward and is certainly not the one that regularly appears in the accounts. There are a number of different approaches and whichever approach you choose will give you a different pension risk perspective. What we can say, with regard to pensions, is that your company accounts, do not give a true and fair view.

    Warning: This is not an accounting webinar. We will demonstrate why corporate accounts are misleading and what the real question to ask should be - Is the covenant strong enough to underwrite the risk? By listening to this webinar and understanding the integration between covenant, funding and investment, companies may better prepare themselves for inevitable storms ahead.

    Who should attend?
    Senior Executives of businesses that have defined benefit pension schemes.

    What are the benefits:
    1. To better understand your actual defined benefit (DB) pension risk
    2. To be able to challenge your current pension advisors
    3. To be able to ask for more relevant information and ask the right questions
    4. Drive forward a better pension risk management agenda from a C suite perspective.
  • How to create a web performance budget for third-party tags
    How to create a web performance budget for third-party tags
    James Carter, Senior Sales Engineer Jun 18 2019 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    More than half the content on modern websites comes from third-party services. While this enables businesses to easily leverage personalization, tracking, and other advanced functionality like live chat — this also means that a website must rely on performance and security of third parties.

    Finding a way to manage and monitor these services is critical to ensuring the performance and reliability of your website. However, many organizations struggle since multiple teams can add new third-party services which exist outside of your dedicated monitoring and control systems.
  • Incentives – following the money and growing profits
    Incentives – following the money and growing profits
    Christian Atherton and Sam Oliver-Welsh: Simon - Kucher & Partners Jun 18 2019 9:45 am UTC 75 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Incentives can be a powerful lever to drive sales, but it can be a challenge to get them right.

    Questions like:

    What metrics should we use? Sales? Gross Margin?
    Should we keep it simple or should we drive better outcomes more elements in a balanced scorecard?
    How much of the reward should be variable?
    Should we cap incentives?

    We think that we are rational about incentives, but actually, we all share some innate biases that could be leading to sub-optimal sales outcomes. Join us for our “Incentives - following the money” webinar to see how you can counter or even take advantage of sales biases to drive better sales performance.

    Key Takeaways

    •Insight on what metrics tend to work best
    •How thinking of incentives as a cost can lead to sub-optimal decisions
    •Learn whether incentive caps tend to be a good idea or not
    •The place and relative value of penalties vs. positive incentives
    •How to maximise the impact incentives
  • Power UP your Value Prop for ABM
    Power UP your Value Prop for ABM
    Lisa Dennis, The Buyer-Focused Value Propositions Expert Jun 18 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Revenue forecasts in 2098 are betting on “account based” marketing and sales strategies to drive deeper relationships that will result in pipeline growth and deeper account penetration. But not all ABM efforts are truly “account based.” Many companies are simply doing the same targeted or vertical marketing they have always done. For true ABM, a key focus area is developing a deep understanding of the account’s external drivers and translating that into relevant, buyer-focused messaging that increases engagement. What does it take to create an “ABM” value proposition?

    You will learn:

    1.How to identify external business drivers that are the seeds of buyer relevance
    2.Translating the drivers into truly differentiated offerings and messaging
    3.The components of an ABM-ready Value Proposition
    4.Building a sales-ready value proposition from the outside-in
  • Global Supply Chain Risk Report: Insights and Findings from Q1 2019
    Global Supply Chain Risk Report: Insights and Findings from Q1 2019
    Dr Heather Skipworth and Dr Emel Aktas, Cranfield School of Management Jun 19 2019 12:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    Join this webinar, led by experts from Cranfield School of Management to hear the results of the Q1 2019 Global Supply Chain Risk Report.

    The Global Supply Chain Risk Report is a joint study by Cranfield School of Management’s Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Dun & Bradstreet, which investigates the level of supply chain risk faced by European companies with international supplier relationships.

    Analysis has been carried out using data supplied by Dun & Bradstreet, which included around 200,000 anonymous transactions between European buyers and their suppliers who were located in more than 150 countries worldwide.

    During the webinar, we will focus on the Q1 2019 report, published in June 2019. We will cover the background, the key findings and practical implications for procurement professionals.

    Register now to learn:

    - The level of supply risk in Q1 2019
    - The differences across key industry sectors and how this should be considered in procurement decisions
    - How dependency on key suppliers changed compares with the previous quarter

    Presented by Dr Heather Skipworth and Dr Emel Aktas, Cranfield School of Management
  • Using LinkedIn to Drive Lead Gen (ScaledUp Ep. 4)
    Using LinkedIn to Drive Lead Gen (ScaledUp Ep. 4)
    Lloyd Yip, The Startup Sales Expert Jun 19 2019 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Linkedin is the most powerful, yet under-utilized channel for business development out there. If you are in B2B, your clients are on LinkedIn, so why not capitalize on it?

    In this session, we’ll discuss how to leverage LinkedIn so you can build your brand and generate more pipeline for your business. Long gone will be the days where LinkedIn is just an online resume

    You Will Learn:

    1.How LinkedIn differs from other channels
    2.Using LinkedIn to identify your ideal clients
    3.A step by step process for building an outbound prospecting process on LinkedIn
    4.BONUS: How to become a thought leader on LinkedIn to drive pipeline
  • How to Integrate Sales and Marketing for Large Account Success
    How to Integrate Sales and Marketing for Large Account Success
    Barbara Weaver Smith, The Large Account Sales Expert Jun 19 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Program #6 in the series Your Growth Ecosystem: Don’t Think Small About Your Big Accounts. For CEOs, Presidents, Founders/Owners, Business Development Heads, Sales VPs, and Key Account Managers of companies of any size, with special relevance to those with $10 million to $500 million in annual revenue. The series is a strategic, high-level approach to managing your organization to successfully sell and grow sales to multinational and global corporations.

    The most successful large account sales operations fully integrate their marketing and sales functions in an approach usually called Account-Based Marketing and Sales. Although the term typically refers to technology solutions, the technology is an enabler—not the fundamental approach. Failing to capture the lifetime value of a large account customer is where most companies of all sizes miss the mark. Close alignment of sales with marketing markedly increases the likelihood of major account growth.

    You will learn:
    1.What is marketing’s role in the integrated process?
    2.How to integrate two units that are hostile or disinterested.
    3.What options you have for managing an integrated unit or closely aligned divisions.
    4.Where Sales Enablement may fit into an integrated process.
    5.How and why you should treat a large account as a “Market of One.”
  • Achieving the Promise of Data for the Many with Embedded Analytics
    Achieving the Promise of Data for the Many with Embedded Analytics
    Tom Pringle, Head of Technology Research, Ovum & Jiří Tůma, Principal Product Manager, GoodData Jun 19 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The case for data-driven insights driving everyday decision-making – analytics for the many – is as strong today as it was when first conceived. Standing in the way of achieving this goal has been a technology that has never quite been able to serve the vision. That has changed.

    Embedded analytics – powered by evolved technology including simplified data management, consolidated platforms that integrate critical capabilities, and new means to serve analysis, at scale, to any type of business person – provides new opportunity.

    Enterprises looking to meet complex business use cases for analytics more simply and democratically and independent software vendors (ISVs) striving to better serve their customers with analytics-differentiated solutions need to explore the embedded analytics of today.

    In this webinar, you will hear about the benefits of serving data consumers rather than technology users with contextual, personalized, scalable and enterprise-friendly embedded analytics. You will also learn about the major challenges and how organizations overcome them with GoodData platform that connects the data journey from source to insight.
  • Values Based Sales Leadership
    Values Based Sales Leadership
    Jeffey Lipsius, The Customer Awareness Expert Jun 19 2019 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Are you tired of constantly being the one who keeps your sales team motivated? Wouldn’t it be great if your salespeople learned to motivate themselves? True motivation comes from within. Secure your salespeople’s inner-motivation by creating a selling culture that promotes it. Culture is shaped by values. This webinar introduces seven values sales leaders can implement to create a high performance selling culture.

    You will learn:

    1.The seven values for securing a high performance sales force
    2.How to motivate salespeople from within
    3.The root cause of interference to sales performance
    4.To ignite a perpetuating cycle of ongoing sales learning and improvement
    5.How to perpetuate your sales team’s continuous learning and improvement
  • Growing sales with unified digital platform
    Growing sales with unified digital platform
    Jim Preston, Sales Director, Showpad Jun 20 2019 10:00 am UTC 90 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Today’s B2B buyers are more savvy and demanding than ever. They want a high quality, personalised and interactive content in real-time that will enable them to make informed buying decisions.

    Learn how a relatively new discipline, sales enablement, empowers teams with the tools, content, knowledge and skills to boost engagement with buyers resulting in improved returns. Furthermore, understand how digital alignment from CRM to marketing automation and sales tools, is essential for success empowering real-time activity and reporting through AI.

    Key Takeaways

    Understand how ‘Sales Enablement’ together with Digital Transformation help your organisation to:

    - Boost Sales and ROI through a centralised end-to-end platform that aligns Sales and Marketing.
    - Adopt a buyer-first approach by creating personalised, buyer-driven content in real-time to boost engagements and results.
    - Reduce cost and drive efficiency with AI-driven search, recommendations and integrated IT infrastructure.
  • New goals for innovating live sports production
    New goals for innovating live sports production
    IBC365 | Tedial | Kiswe Jun 20 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Emerging technology and innovative workflows are transforming live sports production. Join IBC365 on Thursday 20 June to explore how it's impacting the way sport is shown on every screen, unlocking the potential to cover more games more efficiently, and reaching a new generation of audiences who are being left behind by traditional sports coverage.

    From AI-enabled operations to remote production, virtualisation and data analytics, sport is at the sharp end of the most cutting-edge production processes in the industry.

    Leading sports broadcasters and technology providers share the very latest tools and techniques that are essential for everyone working in live production.

    Jérôme Wauthoz, vice president products, Tedial
    Francis Zane, chief technology officer, Kiswe Mobile
    Mike Ruddell, sports production innovation consultant
  • Event Execution - Get Your ROI and More
    Event Execution - Get Your ROI and More
    Expert Marketing Advisors Jun 20 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    End-to-End Event Execution: Elevate Physical Events to Digital Success

    Events are a handy tool in a marketer’s toolbox. At the surface, they serve as a great opportunity to get in front of the right target audience, interact with potential and current customers, spread brand awareness, and lead generation. Most businesses focus on the booth look, SWAG, table arrangement, etc. Though those are all important things to focus on, we are here to urge you- Don’t be like most businesses! Take your event beyond!

    In this webinar we will teach you how to extend the life of your event and the depth of your marketing arsenal. Get more leads and better leads than your competitors through our proven end-to-end event execution strategy.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - Pre-Event, During Event and Post-Event Best Practices
    - How to leverage the event to supplement your Digital Footprint, SEO, SEM
    - Capturing Onsite Event Value to make an impact online for months after the event has ended

    At the end of the day, events are expensive $$$ and though they are a valuable vehicle in generating quality leads, there is more that you can do to get extreme ROI for your business. Join us as we cover big picture event strategies and day-of tactics that will make a big difference in growing your marketing reach.

    About Expert Marketing Advisors: With over 20+ years experience in B2B marketing, we have proven success in the market and in the tech industry. Our team of highly-seasoned experts reach all areas of marketing and bring companies to the next level at a pace your competitors will not be able to match.
  • Simplify The Data Workflow For Your Favorite Data Apps
    Simplify The Data Workflow For Your Favorite Data Apps
    Nicolas Korchia, Co-Founder and COO, Indexima Jun 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 22 mins
    As the importance of using data is no longer in any way in question, companies are now facing a major challenge: processing more data, more rapidly and with more data applications.
    How to unlock the power of your favorite data reporting, discovery or BI applications to run live reports and dashboards on big data?

    Best Practices to learn:
    1. What is the current state of play of managing data with the various apps?
    2. How could this management be improved on a daily basis?
    3. How to simplify the data workflow with Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, MicroStrategy and others?

    Instant Analytics with 3 data apps on 17 billion rows

    Duration: 30 minutes
    Language: English
    Speaker: Nicolas Korchia, Co-Founder and COO, Indexima
  • Unlocking the Value in Conversational Data
    Unlocking the Value in Conversational Data
    Tim Bartz and Yelena Kasianova Jun 25 2019 3:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Data is widely recognized as one of the most valuable assets a company owns. Conversational data is, without doubt, the most valuable. The challenge is to understand what this data means and what effective actions to take as a result. Recognizing new or unexpected trends while staying in tune with customer behavior and sentiment is a competitive advantage, and key in building successful customer relationships, maintaining loyalty and increasing repeat business.

    Join Tim Bartz, EMEA Presales Consultant at Artificial Solutions as he demos Teneo's data capabilities.


    Introducing Teneo Developers, a new comprehensive resource to allow enterprise developers and partners fast access to experience the power of Teneo. Visit www.teneo.ai to get started for free.
  • Precision Content Structured Authoring Training Workshop: Writing Microcontent
    Precision Content Structured Authoring Training Workshop: Writing Microcontent
    Rob Hanna Jun 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In an omnichannel world, people want information they can easily use. To do that, you need content that is designed and structured for user-intent and optimized for today’s technologies. It needs to be microcontent. However, when it comes to creating content, most organizations are stuck with outdated processes and old-school tools. Your organization needs to have the right information flowing to the right people so your business can thrive.

    Structuring your content is a critical first step. Structured Authoring Training is a standardized, methodological approach to content creation based on decades of research into how the human brain reads and understands information and modern content creation best-practices.

    Join Scott Abel and his special guest, Rob Hanna and attend this webinar to learn about the three-day Precision Content® Structured Authoring training course and receive a $300 discount for the upcoming three-day public course in San Jose CA, August 14-16, 2019.

    By the end of this webinar you will have learned:

    1) What structured authoring is and why it’s important when considering omnichannel digital transformation
    2) Why we need to write differently and focus on user-intent
    3) How the five information types will help you align your writing for microcontent delivery
  • Blockchain & Manufacturing
    Blockchain & Manufacturing
    Nelson Petracek, Chief Technology Officer TIBCO Software Inc. Jun 25 2019 6:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    A Smarter Way to Drive Efficiency in the Semiconductor and Electronic Supply Chains

    For years, manufacturers have been trying to streamline processes and associated supply chains by building marketplaces, standardized exchanges, and monolithic systems. In many cases, these solutions missed the mark, resulting in fragmented and brittle processes without easy data sharing.

    Blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, can potentially solve these problems. Sharing information via a trusted distributed network with embedded business logic offers many benefits for manufacturing, especially when combined with the IoT and AI communities.

    Watch this webinar: Blockchain & Manufacturing: A Smarter Way to Drive Efficiency in the Semiconductor and Electronics Supply Chains, with speaker Nelson Petracek, chief technology officer, TIBCO Software.

    Topics addressed:

    -Enterprise blockchains
    -Associated manufacturing use cases
    -Considerations & myths behind successful blockchain implementation

    With over 20 years’ experience, Nelson works to deliver solutions for the next stage of digital business, drawing upon his deep knowledge of cloud, blockchain, low­-code applications, microservices, and event -driven applications.
  • Industrial Data 4.0: Observations from the Frontlines
    Industrial Data 4.0: Observations from the Frontlines
    Stephan Zoder, Informatica Sr Dir Industry Consulting and Malik Azeez, Paradigm Technology Dir of PIM Jun 25 2019 6:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    In far too many manufacturing organizations, data is treated as overhead instead of a strategic advantage. In this webinar, Informatica and Paradigm Technology will explore the convergence of Operational and Information Technology and how data management plays an integral part in realizing key benefits from business-transformational projects. In order to support an Industry 4.0 world, a Data 4.0 precursor is a must-have requirement.
  • Kafka, Cassandra and Kubernetes: Real-time Anomaly Detection at Scale
    Kafka, Cassandra and Kubernetes: Real-time Anomaly Detection at Scale
    Paul Brebner Jun 25 2019 10:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra and Kubernetes are open source big data technologies enabling applications and business operations to scale massively and rapidly. While Kafka and Cassandra underpins the data layer of the stack providing capability to stream, disseminate, store and retrieve data at very low latency, Kubernetes is a container orchestration technology that helps in automated application deployment and scaling of application clusters. In this webinar, we will discuss how we architected a massive scale deployment of a streaming data pipeline with Kafka and Cassandra to cater to an example Anomaly detection application running on a Kubernetes cluster and generating and processing massive amount of events. Anomaly detection is a method used to detect unusual events in an event stream. It is widely used in a range of applications such as financial fraud detection, security, threat detection, website user analytics, sensors, IoT, system health monitoring, etc. When such applications operate at massive scale generating millions or billions of events, they impose significant computational, performance and scalability challenges to anomaly detection algorithms and data layer technologies. We will demonstrate the scalability, performance and cost effectiveness of Kafka and Cassandra, with results from our experiments allowing the Anomaly detection application to scale to 19 Billion anomaly checks per day.
  • The financial impact of a cyber-attack
    The financial impact of a cyber-attack
    James Martin, Crime and Security Advisor, BRC & Giles Taylor, Head of Data & Cyber Security, Data Services, Lloyds Bank Jun 26 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In a world of increasing digitalisation, where homes, businesses and wider infrastructure are more connected than ever, the impact associated with cyber-attacks is growing.

    Cyber threat to business should be taken seriously, The BRC Crime Survey 2019 reported that between 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 the combined cost of spending on crime prevention and losses from crime to the industry was £1.9 billion, and although retailers are spending 17% more on cybersecurity than last year, nearly 80% of the retailers surveyed have seen an increase in the number of attacks and/or breaches.

    BRC and Lloyds are coming together to support BRC members to understand and manage their financial exposure to potential cyber-attacks.

    This webinar will discuss the evolution of the cyber threat and will help prepare retailers on the steps they can take not only to prepare but how to both respond and recover financially and operationally from an attack.
  • 3 ways to navigate your way to Business Transformation enabled by digital
    3 ways to navigate your way to Business Transformation enabled by digital
    Arun Trivedi Jun 26 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Digital Transformation is dead! As you plan your journey, one of the first steps is to think about what needs to be done, why and how. The webinar presents 3 ways to navigate your way without losing track of your goal(s).

    Each path has its own set of focus areas. Irrespective of he approach you take, their are 6 dimensions of transformation that you must plan around to be successful.
  • Proven Relationship Mapping = More Enterprise Contacts
    Proven Relationship Mapping = More Enterprise Contacts
    Lisa Magnuson, The Landing 7-Figure Deals Expert Jun 26 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Do you know what relationships are needed to land your largest prospect? Is each relationship mapped to a primary and secondary person in your organization? Have you analyzed each of these relationships to set appropriate relationship goals?

    You will learn:

    1.Why is relationship mapping a fundamental element for all large prospect development?
    2.What are the most important aspects to a winning relationship map?
    3.How to determine if you are on the right track and set up for success.
  • Drive Analytics Adoption And Value By Delivering Solutions Not Just Tools
    Drive Analytics Adoption And Value By Delivering Solutions Not Just Tools
    Boris Evelson, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester & Roman Stanek, CEO, GoodData Jun 27 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Modern, agile, cloud-based analytics platforms and end user-self service
    were a step in the right direction. They helped increase adoption and value
    of analytics over the last decade as compared to older generation IT
    centric on premise technologies. But we are still just scratching the
    surface. Adoption levels are still quite low in absolute terms and tangible
    analytics ROI is perpetually elusive. Ad-hoc data analysis and end-user
    self service are great but have taken us only so far. Going forward mass
    adoption of analytics will depend on delivering solutions, not just tools,
    finely tuned to solve specific business problems and help businesses
    achieve well defined goals and objectives. In this webinar you will learn:

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    - What are the differences between data-driven and insights-driven
    business capabilities
    - What are the differences between bottom-up analytics (data and tool
    centric) and top-down (solution centric) approaches
    - What role do embedded analytics and analytical applications play in
    delivering impactful solutions
    - What analytics platform functionality should you look for to ensure that
    you've got the right platform to build effective solutions
  • Can your Board Survive the Future?
    Can your Board Survive the Future?
    Vicky Reddington. Board Effectiveness Advisor. Jun 27 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The pace of change is increasing at an exponential rate which will change the face of business. It is the responsibility of the board to ensure survival. Boards are effective only if they are diverse in thought, collaborative and accountable. They must be aligned in purpose and set the tone from the top. Find out the steps you need to take to futureproof your board.

    Who should attend:
    Board members who recognise the need to thrive in today’s challenging business climate.

    What are the benefits:
    Turn talented individuals into an exceptional board, equipped to keep ahead of the speed of change.

    What is the opportunity:
    To redefine your board’s collaboration and effectiveness.

    Who is the speaker:
    Vicky Reddington has 20 years experience at the forefront of change within the IT industry, she has a reputation of driving change and delivering results.

    Vicky believes in getting people to work together to deliver extraordinary results, VS wasting their energy in different and sometimes opposing directions, often causing silos, and to the long term detriment of the business.

    A board that wants to thrive in today’s fast paced world, needs an operating system and she is delighted to say she has cracked the code on the installation guide, and is ready to share. Helping you build a motivated, aligned and agile organisation.
  • Turning your Documentation into Answers Using Taxonomy
    Turning your Documentation into Answers Using Taxonomy
    Lawrence Orin Jun 27 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In today's world, like it or not, your documentation is part of your company's overall digital experience. The goal of your content must be to provide relevant answers to technical questions about your product as quickly as possible. In most tech-related businesses, technical content resources make up the large majority of content assets across your web presence, providing potential for the greatest impact on the overall digital experience and customer satisfaction. In this session we will demonstrate how taxonomy helps you to facilitate that excellence in personalized content delivery.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Lawrence Orin, Product Evangelist and Customer Implementation Expert for Zoomin Software for this free, one-hour webinar.
  • Driving Growth as a Bank CEO
    Driving Growth as a Bank CEO
    Michael Dalis, The Drive-Sales Expert Jun 27 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    You are a Senior Leader at your bank, you want to accelerate revenue growth.  You spend a lot on marketing and business development, so why aren’t your sales with qualified clients growing at the pace you need?  While you have had success in your own new client pursuits, it is less clear what role you and your Leadership team play in enabling a stronger BD effort. Michael Dalis — a recognized leader on the subject of B2B selling, a former banker, sales leader and author of Sell Like a Team - How to Win Big at High Stakes Meetings — invites you to join him in this webinar to enable you to:

    -identify the likely root causes of your organization’s slow revenue growth,
    -avoid the common failure points in business development initiatives, and
    -pick your spots where strong Leadership and Coaching accelerate sales growth.

    Following this webinar, it will be clear what you can do as a banking leader to drive faster Business Development growth by making the right adjustments to your Business Development investment.

    You will learn:

    1.Why the responsibility for growth cannot be fully delegated.
    2.What roles senior leadership plays in growth
    3.How to play those roles effectively