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Channel Sales

  • Sponsored by The TAS Group

    Sales managers spend hours analyzing reports, crunching numbers and meeting with sales reps to discuss deals. Yet we know from studies that most deals will not close on the predicted date, or even at all. So what are they doing wrong and is there a better way to manage sales performance?

    Join sales expert Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group, along with Mike Weinberg, Consultant, Speaker & Best Selling Author, and Nancy Nardin, President, Smart Selling Tools in this educational sales performance focused webinar.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Learn the secrets of unlocking sales insights to make better decisions
    * Spend more time providing leadership & accountability
    * Drive increased productivity & performance.

    Donal Daly, CEO, The TAS Group
    Mike Weinberg, Consultant, The New Business Sales Coach
    Nancy Nardin, President, Smart Selling Tools
    David Brierley, VP EMEA & APJ, Pyramid Analytics
    Wendy Schuchart, moderator, VentureBeat
  • By all indications, there is a ground swell of momentum for selling though the channel as companies increasingly turn to indirect sales to ramp their revenue. What then, are the trends that marketers and channel chiefs alike need to navigate to make sure their companies are best positioned to ride the wave and maximize their return on channel investment? In this webinar, join Impartner CMO Dave R Taylor as he crystalizes the company's top 7 predictions on what will drive channel sales this year - and what to do about them.

    Impartner is the world-leading provider of SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions and for nearly 20 years, has helped some of the world's top corporations from National Instruments, to Workfront to SGI bring their channel programs to life.
  • Do you spend your Sundays manually consolidating, tweaking and fixing your sales forecast? So did the VP of Sales Operations at Zuora, until he found a forecast management platform that changed everything. Join Ben Kwon, as he talks about how to effectively manage a forecast and exceed plan even with a constantly evolving sales process and team.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:
    - How to forecast with an ever-changing sales structure and cadence
    - What to look for in a forecast management tool
    - How to gain insights around performance at the rep and deal level