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The channel sales community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of sales professionals specializing in channel sales strategy, reseller sales and channel opportunities. Find relevant content on demand or engage with peers and industry leaders in live channel sales webinars and round table discussions.

Webinars and videos

  • Do you know why some of your sales people always hit target, while others don’t?

    Join this session to learn how to uncover what makes the difference between your top salespeople and the others, how to improve it in your existing team, and how to identify it when you’re hiring.

    This webinar will look at issues such as:

    · What makes the difference between the very best sales performers
    and the rest?

    · Why do they get results so much better than their average peers?

    · What do they do differently?

    · What effect does this have on your bottom line?

    · How can you hire more like your top performers

    · How can you have everyone producing as much as your top

    Whether your organisation is a large corporate or SME, if you’re really serious about driving sales in your business, this webinar is for you.