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Channel Sales

  • How To Get More Customers
    How To Get More Customers Peter Strohkorb Oct 17 2018 9:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    B2B Sales and Marketing Growth Specialist Peter Strohkorb describes why and how every business now needs to apply push and pull selling techniques in order to win more customers.
    Peter will reveal the Ten Action Items you need to have in place to be successful.
  • Being Future Ready in a Transformative Digital Economy
    Being Future Ready in a Transformative Digital Economy Doug Rybacki, Chief Product Officer, Conga & Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director, 451 Research Oct 23 2018 5:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    In today’s digital economy, companies are competing for customers like never before as price and product are no longer the only drivers of business. The value of delivering an engaging customer experience is on the rise, and businesses are increasingly turning to software and digitized processes to accommodate this trend. In fact, 80 percent of businesses are either planning or formally engaged in digital transformation initiatives to improve their overall customer experience.

    Join us to understand:

    -The importance of Digital Transformation
    -Why businesses must respond to the pace of change
    -The tools for Digital Transformation success
  • The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Sales & Marketing Alignment
    The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Sales & Marketing Alignment Peter Strohkorb Oct 24 2018 8:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    We have been talking about Sales & Marketing Alignment for for a long time, yet we STILL see THE SAME SEVEN MISTAKES being made.
    This webcast describes all 7 mistakes and offers a solution to each.
    Highly informative and engaging. RECOMMENDED !
  • Accelerate your Migration to Amazon Web Services | AWS Marketplace
    Accelerate your Migration to Amazon Web Services | AWS Marketplace Mor Hezi, Principal Business Development, AWS Marketplace | David Lowe, Sr Product Manager, AWS Marketplace Oct 30 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As companies plan the migration of different workloads to the cloud, software procurement is being challenged to meet the new demands of the business.

    AWS Marketplace provides the tools and software for each step of the migration process and post-migration to sustain a cloud operating model, increase your competitive edge, drive business value, and modernize your infrastructure.

    This live webinar will illustrate how companies can migrate existing software and identify cost savings to accelerate their migration to the cloud with the AWS Marketplace. We will also be joined by guest speaker David Lowe, Senior Product Manager of AWS Marketplace, that will provide a live demo of AWS Marketplace Migration Mapping Assistant.

    Join us to:
    + Learn about software tools through the AWS Marketplace that can accelerate your AWS cloud migration
    + Be introduced to AWS Marketplace Migration Mapping Assistant, a tool to map your on-premise software to offerings available in the AWS Marketplace
    + Learn about the procurement options available through the AWS Marketplace

    This webinar is intended for:
    + Business Decision Makers
    + Technical Decision Makers
    + Software Buyers
    + Procurement

    Attendees will have a chance to ask questions and request a follow-up consultation on optimizing their existing software usage.
  • The New World of AI - Powered Contracts
    The New World of AI - Powered Contracts Tim Cummins, IACCM President and Jason Gabbard, Head of AI, Conga Nov 6 2018 6:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    Contract management is an area that is ripe for innovation and digital transformation. Often contracting processes are bureaucratic, burdensome, and a major source of delays. Yet new technological solutions are emerging quickly, affording the opportunity for AI to manage much of the process, while freeing up people—contract management staff—to focus on more strategic tasks.

    Are you prepared for the pace of change?

    Join us live to hear from IACCM President Tim Cummins and Conga Head of AI Jason Gabbard while they chat about:

    -The essential documents and contracts to automate.
    -Driving compliance across departments and increasing collaboration.
    -Boosting efficiency by reducing errors with key AI technology and Machine Learning.
  • Why You Need to Kill the Marketing/Sales Handoff
    Why You Need to Kill the Marketing/Sales Handoff Jonathan Gladbach, Director of Marketing; Kate Gollogly, Sr. Sales Director; Molly Babbington, Director of Sales Nov 14 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Having trouble with making sure all of Marketing leads are followed up on? Do you find it hard to meet your Lead SLA? Sales leaders such as yourself often put a lot of pressure on ensuring a smooth handoff between Marketing and Sales teams. Unfortunately, this firm handoff isn't the best experience for your customer.

    Customer expectations in both B2B and B2C are evolving. They expect consistent communication and conversation at all stages in the buying cycle. Even before entering the Sales cycle, they want their questions answered and concerns addressed. At the same time, response rates for old communication channels are decreasing. Simply engaging customers with Drip emails isn't enough anymore. Both Marketing and Sales need to change the way they operate.

    Join Hustle leaders Molly Babbington, Director of Sales, Jonathan Gladbach, Director of Marketing, and Kate Gollogy, Senior Director of Sales to learn how they ran joint Marketing and Sales campaigns through text message with 85% response rates and 20% conversion rates to meetings.

    You'll Learn:

    - How to properly use SMS messaging to prospects at the very top of the funnel to quickly qualify leads and create interest.
    - Ways to avoid disjointed customer experience between marketing campaigns and sales.
    - Methods to successfully reactivate dead leads with a simple conversation.