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Cloud computing has exploded over the past few years, delivering a previously unimagined level of workplace mobility and flexibility. The cloud computing community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of engaged professionals learning from the latest cloud computing research and resources. Join the community to expand your cloud computing knowledge and have your questions answered in live sessions with industry experts and vendor representatives.
  • Le débat sur l’explosion – voire la prolifération des données – est un sujet pour toutes les entreprises, quelle que soit leur taille. C’est aussi une problématique qui semble sans fin pour tous les services informatiques : quelles solutions apporter à l’augmentation exponentielle de l’information ?
    Il faut mesurer le risque induit par une mauvaise protection pouvant occasionner des violations de données : risque financier bien sûr, impact sur la réputation, mais aussi et surtout, risque juridique. Les entreprises ont en effet soumises à des temps et des termes de conservation de données. Découvrez comment Symantec peut vous aider à mettre en place une bonne gouvernance de l’information dans votre entreprise. Au programme :
    -Qu’est-ce que la gouvernance de l’information?
    -Mettre en place une politique adaptée à votre entreprise
    -Cas concrets : comment répondre aux problématiques business relatifs à la conservation et la gestion des données
  • So many companies drown in spreadsheets and duplicate diagrams when trying to document IT infrastructure, but there are better ways. This webinar will cover simple methods and techniques to reduce effort and improve quality of network, data centre and systems documentation. The aim is to achieve a baseline of complex environments which is updated and maintained by change processes.
  • Join us for a fast-paced and informative 60-minute roundtable as we discuss one of the hottest topics in the datacenter: VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVOLs). VVOLs is the industry's first solution to enable native virtual machine-awareness across a broad range of SAN/NAS arrays. VVOLs will be packaged as a feature in VMware vSphere Standard Edition and above as well as in VMware vSphere ROBO editions, and is seeing a groundswell of interest from IT professionals, especially those involved in datacenter operations. The panel includes VVOL experts from four major vendors that have announced they will be implementing VVOLs into their storage. Some of the questions we will be asking them include: What immediate impact will VVOLs have on the datacenter? What should the early adopters look for in a VVOL-based storage solution? Should datacenters start to implement VVOLs right away or wait for

    David Glynn, Technical Solutions Engineer, Dell
    Eric Siebert, Worldwide Solutions Marketing Manager; HP
    Joel Kaufman, VMware Technical Director; NetApp
    Ben Bolles, VP Products; NexGen Storage
  • In today's Healthcare industry, government reform, value-based reimbursements, and growing competition are placing intense pressure on provider organizations to be ever more responsive to patient needs.

    Salesforce's Patient Success Platform allows healthcare organizations to connect patients with the right agent at the right time to enhance their customer experience. Every touch point influences patient satisfaction. Salesforce allows you to:

    -Help more patients faster, with tools like skills-based routing or automatic call logging
    -Provide better patient service with a screen pop of patient details
    -Drive call center efficiency by tracking agent performance, issue volume, and more

    Kim Arnold, Healthcare Market Leader, will share Salesforce’s vision for the Patient Success Platform: Connecting Providers and Patients in a Whole New Way to Deliver Patient-Centered Care. Immediately following the vision, see a live demonstration of the Salesforce Patient Contact Center capabilities.
  • There is no doubt that we’re in the midst of a huge sea change when it comes to consumer behavior. New technologies have completely transformed consumer expectations and buying behavior.

    Contact centers are at the forefront of the shifting battleground when it comes to competitive differentiation; the Deloitte 2013 survey of contact centers found that 62% of organizations view customer experience provided through contact centers as a competitive differentiator. This has put a lot of pressure on contact centers around the world, as they struggle to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape and consumer expectations.

    Here are 7 of the top trends that are shaping the future of the contact center:

    1. Cloud Contact Center technology will make companies more competitive
    2. OmniChannel (aka Cross Channel) capabilities will be expected
    3. Multi channel, intelligent self service will expand
    4. The number of live calls will decline, while complexity of transactions will increase
    5. The work at home agent trend will continue to strong growth
    6. Regulatory compliance will be the new normal
    7. Social engagement will be used to drive leads in addition to servicing customers

    Join Liz Osborn, VP of Product and Solution Marketing at Five9 for this informative webinar that addresses trends that are shaping the future of contact centers and provides useful advice for businesses that want to maximize on these evolving trends.

    If you run a local business and want to learn how to acquire more new customers you will benefit by attending this webinar!
  • Would you ever consider leaving your house for the day without locking your door? Of course not!!
    It is as important to protect and control front-door access of your databases as it is to lock the front door of your house. That is why we use a suite of database discovery and activity monitoring tools to control the front door access of our databases. Yet hackers and miscreant insiders know that the back door of databases are all too often left wide open—and it is the path of least resistance to steal valuable data.

    Vormetric has partnered with Intel Security to integrate with McAfee Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) to extend data-security coverage. Vormetric adds another layer of security to McAfee DAM by preventing unauthorized users and processes from accessing or viewing the database files through transparent encryption.

    In this presentation, Vormetric will demonstrate:
    • How to complete database security, to assure that back door entry is as locked down as the front door
    • How to protect the database, and its associated files such as configuration, logs and reports, from not only physical theft, but also from insider threats and hackers
  • Have you heard? The Salesforce Spring ’15 release includes a highly anticipated new capability, Duplicate Alerts and Blocking. Provided by as a standard CRM feature, you can now keep duplicate records from getting into Salesforce to improve your data quality.

    In this 45-minute session, you will learn how to quickly get started using this new capability, along with how to take advantage of advanced duplicate management features. Also, this session will cover other ways can improve your customer data quality, helping you get better sales and marketing results.

    Register now to attend this helpful upcoming webinar.
  • Join us this week for a special 30-minute live session on how RingCentral integrates with Zendesk for improved workflow and increased productivity.

    Tune in every Friday for RingCentral Live. We’ll tour the RingCentral interface, discuss the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform, and share best practices on leveraging cloud communications for your business. This session also features a live demo of RingCentral Office and an open Q&A session led by a Sales Engineer.
  • When organizations are looking at a phone system, they have two paths they can take — upgrading their entire on-premise equipment in each office or evaluate a cloud-based system. Marty Piombo, VP of Partnership Development at RingCentral, discusses what it takes to transition to a phone system in the cloud and the benefits it can provide.
  • Like many large universities, the University of New Brunswick (UNB) found itself increasingly targeted by a vast array of Internet threats. Originally designed to give large numbers of users broad access to data of all kinds, university IT systems like UNB’s are easy targets for cyber criminals.

    Join David Shipley from UNB for this live, interactive webinar, as he describes the ambitious process that he and his colleagues undertook to implement a proactive, intelligence-based cyber security strategy that gives them real-time visibility into attacks in progress, along with actionable insights to respond quickly and effectively.

    In less than an hour, David will tell you:
    • Why simply reinforcing perimeter defenses was not the right approach for UNB
    • How they were able to gain better security visibility and intelligence—and use it effectively
    • Which solutions combined to dramatically improve UNB’s cyber security without greatly increasing resource demands
    • And more…

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an accomplished peer, and to discover how you too can create and implement an effective, intelligence-based security strategy for your organization.
  • As enterprises struggle to control and secure their assets across internal file stores, an ever-increasing universe of mobile devices, and a plethora of non-secure cloud storage services, they are searching for solutions that allow them to quickly identify and isolate noncompliant data sharing and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

    Intel Security and Topia Technology have partnered to develop an integrated product for organizations to store, analyze and share documents from a mobile device or a cloud computing platform.

    Learn how:
    •Secrata deployed with McAfee provides a unified file sync and share experience with military-grade security, to address this need.
    •McAfee Enterprise Security Manager enables businesses with true, real-time situational awareness and the speed and scale required to identify critical threats, respond intelligently, and ensure continuous compliance monitoring.
  • Osterman Research and (ISC)2 recently conducted a survey of individuals in mid-sized and large organizations on how they choose off-the-shelf applications, how they develop custom applications, and how they select third-party application developers. Join (ISC)², Michael Osterman and a panel of experts for a discussion about the findings from the survey and the state of software development quality on Tuesday, April 7th at 1:00pm Eastern. Attendees will also have the opportunity to download the entire survey report.
  • Companies that have a solid marketing and sales team alliance to leverage in go-to-market efforts have a great advantage. Shared insight into how campaigns are performing, identification of content that is relevant to your audience, and marketing and sales messaging alignment are paramount in supporting this advantage.

    Join Phil Simpson, Sales Manager with Pardot, in this upcoming webinar as he walks us through a short demo and takes a look at how Pardot marketing automation can support your marketing and sales team alliance efforts with valuable shared insight into campaign management, lead gen efforts, ROI and more!
  • Sayers and House of Brick are hosting a webinar reviewing successful processes for virtualizing SQL and Oracle databases.
  • The proliferation of data on mobile devices has created huge headaches for CIOs as they attempt to protect data, stay in compliance and move workloads to the cloud. How IT approaches data protection for mobile devices can support or hinder these high level efforts. Endpoint backup, traditionally viewed as a functional requirement below the radar of CIOs, is evolving to offer not just data backup and restore, but also a modern way to address costly data governance challenges such as compliance and eDiscovery. This webcast will cover real-world case studies of Fortune 1000 companies leveraging endpoint backup solutions to gain significant business advantages including cost control, compliance and embracing the cloud.
  • Learn how the HP StoreVirtual VSA solution enables OpenStack workload deployment within HP Helion OpenStack in a faster, cost-effective, scalable and flexible way.
    Topics include:
    •Transforming your server's internal or direct-attached storage into a fully featured shared storage array for OpenStack Cinder Service to provide block storage and volumes to the OpenStack workloads—without the cost and complexity associated with dedicated storage
    •Learning how HP StoreVirtual VSA uses scale-out, distributed clustering to provide a pool of storage for your OpenStack cloud with enterprise storage features and simple management
  • ESET security researcher Lysa Myers discusses developments in healthcare IT system security that you may see at the HIMSS conference in Chicago next week. Find out what is being done to better protect patient data privacy and more.
  • En este webcast usted aprenderá sobre nuestro próximo evento de Rackspace::SOLVE que llega a la Ciudad de México.

    Recibirá todos los detalles de participación y se explicará la temática de este evento sobre cómo resolver las dificultades de TI en su negocio, por medio de presentaciones, sesiones de trabajo, e interacción uno a uno con expertos que entienden los retos que enfrenta la industria – y las soluciones que funcionan.

    También introduciremos nuestras sesiones de trabajo para conocer mejores prácticas de seguridad, virtualización, comercio electrónico, nube hibrida, y más.
  • More than 75% of organizations in the U.S. and U.K. have experienced at least one DNS attack according to SC Magazine. DNS Attacks are increasing in frequency and evolving constantly. They range from common amplification, reflection, and flood attacks to more sophisticated and stealthier types. These might have fancy names like random subdomain, phantom domain, and domain lock-up, but their effects on DNS are far from pretty. Join this webinar as we reveal the top 10 attacks on external and internal DNS servers; and the impact they have on your operations.
  • It's been said that defensive driving is about "driving for the other cars on the road." The same can be said for setting your organization's security strategy and "to think like your enemy". It's a sound practice which focuses on infosecurity practitioners putting themselves in the shoes of their attackers and anticipating where the next threat may be coming from. Using advanced analytics to compile simplified reporting can help to streamline your these efforts, enabling you to more clearly see the threats the attackers may be using and helping you to react faster. Join (ISC)2and NopSec on April 9, 2015 at 1:00PM for a discussion on vulnerability and threat analytics to better secure an organization.
  • Na Rackspace, definimos Transformação de TI como uma forma de ajudar a possibilitar mudança no TI central. Isso inclui coisas como: dinamizar operações, afastar-se da manutenção e passar para inovação, e manter o controle e a padronização em unidades de negócios.