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Cloud Computing

  • I tuoi dati su Office 365 sono protetti?
    I tuoi dati su Office 365 sono protetti? Tristano Ermini, Systems Engineer Recorded: Jul 20 2018 41 mins
    Applicazioni SaaS come Microsoft® Office 365® sono molto apprezzate e sempre più diffuse nelle aziende, ma lo stesso può dirsi delle minacce che si nascondono in queste offerte:

    • Esposizione accidentale dei dati con SharePoint®
    • Uso non controllato di account personali di OneDrive®
    • Violazioni alla sicurezza dei dati in Exchange

    Sì, anche applicazioni SaaS affidabili come Office 365 possono far crescere il rischio di violazioni e problemi di conformità.

    La nostra Security Operating Platform può offrirti supporto. Registrati al webinar e scopri come soddisfare le tue esigenze CASB e proteggere i dati sul cloud da malware ed esposizione accidentale.

    Scopri anche come ottenere visibilità completa e reporting, classificazione dei dati e controllo granulare delle attività per utente, cartella e file, per una protezione efficace dei dati business-critical su Office 365.
  • Sysdig & SANS Institute: Forensics and Incident Response in Containers
    Sysdig & SANS Institute: Forensics and Incident Response in Containers Knox Anderson, Sysdig and Jake Williams, SANS Analyst Recorded: Jul 20 2018 61 mins
    Almost 5 years, 48,000+ github stars, and tens of thousand of production deployments later we can safely say containers are a technology that is a here to stay. They’re developer friendly, easy to operationalize, and allow organizations to provide stable and secure services to their customers.

    While there are clear best practices for what it takes to build and run containers, there isn't as much knowledge around the performing forensic analysis of incidents that occur inside your containers.

    In this webinar we'll cover:
    - How containers change incident response and forensics
    - Best practices around forensic data collection in container environments
    - Compare opensource and commercial forensics options
    - A live demo of multiple forensics investigations using Sysdig Inspect: an opensource container forensics tool
  • Blockchain Part 2 — Cryptocurrency and Scalability
    Blockchain Part 2 — Cryptocurrency and Scalability Dr. Shiva Kintali, Founder & CEO, TrueCerts.co Recorded: Jul 19 2018 50 mins
    In Part 1, we discussed the algorithms and data structures used in a blockchain. In Part 2, we will use them to build a cryptocurrency and discuss the Consensus, Proof of Work, Applications, and Scalability.

    Dr. Shiva Kintali is the Founder & CEO of TrueCerts, a blockchain powered digital certificates platform. Before starting TrueCerts, he taught in the Computer Science department of Princeton University. He is a frequent public speaker on AI, Blockchain, Cryptography and Game theory and their socio-economic and cultural impact. He is doing Blockchain research since 2012.
  • Las experiencias increíbles dependen de la inteligencia operativa del Mainframe
    Las experiencias increíbles dependen de la inteligencia operativa del Mainframe Teodoro Novo Recorded: Jul 19 2018 40 mins
    La próxima generación de la era de la máquina está más cerca de lo que usted se imagina. Cada vez todo es más inteligente. El análisis de datos forma parte de nuestra experiencia de compras diaria. Netflix aprende nuestras preferencias y hace sugerencias en tiempo real. Los autos están al borde de conducirse solos, y eso es sólo el comienzo. El aprendizaje de máquina (Machine Learning) es el último avance tecnológico, y CA está explorando esto en el Mainframe con inteligencia operacional integrada para ayudarle a ofrecer excelentes experiencias al usuario, mejorar la eficiencia y reducir los costos generales de TI. Acompáñenos en nuestro Webinar junto a Teodoro Novo, Presales Consultant en CA Technologies el próximo 19 de Julio y descubra cómo adoptar el machine learning y utilizar más inteligencia y automatización para sus operaciones de mainframe.

    ¡Lo esperamos!

    CA Technologies
  • Three Reasons Why NAS is No Good for AI and Machine Learning
    Three Reasons Why NAS is No Good for AI and Machine Learning Storage Switzerland, WekaIO Recorded: Jul 19 2018 61 mins
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are becoming mainstream initiatives at many organizations. Data is at the heart of AI and ML. Immediate access to large data sets is pivotal to successful ML outcomes. Without data, there is no learning. The goal of AI and ML is to try to simulate human thinking and understanding. AI and ML initiatives cannot however be realized unless the data processing layer has immediate access to, and a constant supply of, data.
  • Master DNS Security for a Bulletproof, Tier One Network
    Master DNS Security for a Bulletproof, Tier One Network Tony Scott, DJ Goldsworthy, D.J. Long, Cricket Liu, Victor Danevich Recorded: Jul 19 2018 97 mins
    You're charged with building a bulletproof, tier one secure network. If your Domain Name System (DNS) goes down, nothing else matters. And, DNS is the leading attack vector for cyber villains. Say “Hack no! ” to DNS threats.

    Join guest speaker Tony Scott, former CIO of the United States, Microsoft, and the Walt Disney Company, alongside leading practitioners from Aflac and McAfee in this live panel discussion. This unique gathering of industry experts will discuss their perspectives on building a safe, secure network and actionable best practices in this era of cloud and mobile. Moderated by Infoblox Chief DNS Architect Cricket Liu, this discussion will give you an opportunity to hear from the experts and ask questions about.

    - What leading organizations are doing to secure their DNS
    - When to best utilize DNS data, network context, and threat intelligence in your security operations
    - How to integrate DNS data with your security ecosystem to accelerate threat mitigation and remediation
    - How Aflac blocked nearly 37 million threat connections with < 100 false positives

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  • Kubernetes is the Platform. Now what?
    Kubernetes is the Platform. Now what? Brian Gracely, Director of Product Strategy, Red Hat Recorded: Jul 19 2018 63 mins
    In 2017, the industry standardized on Kubernetes on the defacto container scheduler. So what does Kubernetes deliver, and how much more is needed to operate and maintain a container application platform? Learn from Red Hat’s leadership in the Kubernetes community, and many years of OpenShift customer deployments, how to enable an application platform that is built to optimize developer productivity, security and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Containers At-Risk: A Review of 21,000 Cloud Environments
    Containers At-Risk: A Review of 21,000 Cloud Environments Dan Hubbard, Chief Security Architect | Lacework Recorded: Jul 19 2018 40 mins
    Securing workloads in public clouds requires a different approach than that used for traditional data centers. The need to operate security at cloud speed, respond to continuous change, and adapt at scale all require a dramatic shift in the type of security solution required by today’s operation.

    This webcast will deliver a detailed analysis of the threats and risks discovered by recent research done by Lacework when it comes to deploying containers and orchestration services like Kubernetes running on AWS.
  • Digital Transformation: Opportunity, Threat, or Hype?
    Digital Transformation: Opportunity, Threat, or Hype? Karyn Price, Frost & Sullivan; Dan Gallivan, VMware; David McKenny, TierPoint Recorded: Jul 19 2018 39 mins
    You're hearing all about "digital transformation," but is it real? What does your business really need to compete? As IT leaders, digital transformation puts more pressure on your cloud strategy – expectations to achieve more, faster. Is the public cloud the answer to all your needs? How could a hosted private cloud help advance your cloud strategy? Is your hybrid cloud implementation falling short of expectations?

    Join Frost & Sullivan, TierPoint, and VMware for straight talk about digital transformation. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the digital era, and offer tips on how your business can succeed.
  • 3 Challenges of Distributed Agile Retrospectives & How to Solve Them
    3 Challenges of Distributed Agile Retrospectives & How to Solve Them Michael Ball-Marian, Agile Expert at CA Technologies Recorded: Jul 19 2018 58 mins
    Of all the Agile practices, none is more foundational than the inspect & adapt cycle of the retrospective. Even if you struggle with every other aspect of Agile, if you consistently engage in productive retrospectives, you will get better.

    Industry surveys and studies suggest that 80% or more of Agile organizations have at least some distributed teams. Most of the traditional retrospective methods assume that all team members are co-located.

    Running effective retrospectives for distributed teams presents unique challenges, but also, potentially, some great advantages. In this webinar, Agile coach and Instant Agenda co-founder Michael Ball-Marian will discuss the three greatest challenges to running distributed Agile retrospectives and how to solve them. Michael will share a variety of tips and techniques that you can use in any retrospective, co-located or distributed. Finally, he’ll present a few ways in which a distributed retrospective can actually be better than a co-located one.
  • Bringing Microservices to .NET: Modernizing Windows Applications as Cloud-Native
    Bringing Microservices to .NET: Modernizing Windows Applications as Cloud-Native Robert Sirchia, Magenic and Chris Umbel, Pivotal Recorded: Jul 19 2018 40 mins
    Building a new application with the latest and greatest methodologies and frameworks? Sounds like fun! Modernizing the legacy .NET applications that have been driving your business for years? Sounds…painful.

    Fortunately, a number of new technologies have emerged for the .NET ecosystem to support cloud-native .NET applications, and the processes for analyzing and modernizing them have matured.

    In this webinar, join Magenic's Robert Sirchia and Pivotal's Chris Umbel to learn about modernizing .NET applications from a legacy Windows environment. The session will cover topics like:

    - How can I determine which .NET applications from my portfolio to modernize?
    - How do I decompose a monolithic .NET application into logical business domains?
    - Which technologies, like Steeltoe, are available to adopt modern microservices architectures for .NET applications?
    - How do I analyze the cloud-suitability of a portfolio of applications and prioritize it for modernization?

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    This webinar:
  • Culture Club: Developing a Culture of Security at an Organization
    Culture Club: Developing a Culture of Security at an Organization Erich Kron, KnowBe4, Keri Pearlson, M.I.T.; Spencer Wilcox; Brandon Dunlap (Moderator) Recorded: Jul 19 2018 57 mins
    Human error. Unintentional security incident. It’s going to happen at every organization. Sooner or later, someone will click on a rogue link or open an attachment they shouldn’t, exposing your organization to malware, phishing and ransomware. Old-school training, testing and policies can only go so far. Actions need to replace rhetoric. Join KnowBe4 and (ISC)2 on July 19, 2018 at 1:00PM Eastern for a discussion on how to build a security-centric culture than can benefit any size organization. We’ll examine how to establish a solid foundation, making sure everyone is on the same page and leveraging leadership to help with accountability.
  • Solving the Jevons Paradox of Performance with Lenovo and Intel Optane
    Solving the Jevons Paradox of Performance with Lenovo and Intel Optane Tony Harvey, Sr. Product Mgr, Lenovo; Vivek Sarathy, Enterprise Architect, Intel; Ori Broit, Sr. Product Mktg Mgr, VMware Recorded: Jul 19 2018 51 mins
    Jevons paradox states that when a resource is used more efficiently, the consumption of that resource actually rises due to the lower prices and/or increased availability of the product. Nowhere in the data center is that more true than when you look at server performance. Storage has always been a bottleneck in compute systems because of the vast performance difference between the storage subsystem and CPU and memory. Together Lenovo, Intel and VMware address the bottleneck of storage performance in Hyperconverged systems with the introduction of Intel Optane technology to Lenovo vSAN ReadyNodes. Join us to hear how these new ReadyNodes from Lenovo will help you to increase the performance of your applications, increase VM density and still improve end-user response times.
  • Introducing the OMG Cloud Working Group
    Introducing the OMG Cloud Working Group Cloud Standards Customer Council Recorded: Jul 19 2018 55 mins
    This presentation is intended for members of the Cloud Standards Customer Council™ (CSCC™) and will explain the transition of the CSCC to the newly formed OMG® Cloud Working Group in July 2018.

    The Object Management Group® (OMG®) is an IT standards development organization headquartered in Needham, MA, USA with a longstanding history (nearly 30 years!) of supporting software standards and communities of practice. The OMG launched the Cloud Standards Customer Council in 2011 to serve as a source of vendor-neutral guidance on cloud computing best practices, standards and opportunities for standardization. Contributing members of the CSCC published 28 whitepapers and reference architectures to highlight customer requirements and advance the successful adoption of cloud computing.

    The OMG is transitioning this program to a Cloud Working Group. The Cloud Working Group will maintain and update the deliverables published by the CSCC over the course of 2011-2018, and initiate new projects under the OMG Cloud Working Group umbrella.

    This webinar will –
    • introduce the OMG and its structure for developing standards and discussion papers
    • explain the operations of the Cloud Working Group and how to get involved
    • facilitate Q&A with CSCC members
  • Enforcing Immutability & Least Privilege to Secure Containers: Red Hat OpenShift
    Enforcing Immutability & Least Privilege to Secure Containers: Red Hat OpenShift Tsvi Korren - Chief Solutions Architect at Aqua Security Recorded: Jul 19 2018 48 mins
    One of the benefits of using containers, especially in microservices-based applications, is they make it easier to secure applications via runtime immutability—or never-changing—and applying least-privilege principles that limit what a container can do.

    With immutability, every attempt to change the runtime environment is interpreted as an anomaly. And, thanks to containers’ simplicity, it is easier to predict their behavior in the application context and create a tight security envelope, allowing them to perform only their required function and preventing behaviors outside that scope.

    In this webinar, Tsvi Korren, Chief Solutions Architect at Aqua Security, will explain and demonstrate how an approach that enforces immutability and least privilege can secure applications in an active container environment.
  • SEC Guidance - Cyber Security Disclosures
    SEC Guidance - Cyber Security Disclosures Aseem Rastogi CEO & Founder - CloudOptics Recorded: Jul 19 2018 32 mins
    Information / Discussion on SEC Guidance On Public Company Cyber Security Disclosures

    The Securities & Exchange Commission, in Feb-2018 has published a guidance to assist public companies in handling Cyber Security Risks and Incidents. In this webinar, participants will learn about -
    - Context Of SEC Guidance
    - Purpose Of SEC Guidance
    - Disclosure Approach
    - Steps to Adhere to Guidelines
    - Technology & Operational Considerations
  • The Public Sector Guide to FISMA Accreditation
    The Public Sector Guide to FISMA Accreditation Jeff Valentine, Chief Product Officer, CloudCheckr, and Matt Jordan, VP Corporate Development, JHC Technology Recorded: Jul 19 2018 47 mins
    FISMA is the all-embracing legislative framework for protecting the security, integrity, and availability of federal information and information systems. To meet FISMA compliance requirements, governmental agencies and private contractors that handle federal data must maintain full visibility over their information system inventory.

    Attendees will learn:
    - How to leverage existing documentation
    - Shared responsibility
    - Gaining an ATO without FedRAMP assessed infrastructure
  • HPE and Scality: Business Value of Scalable Object Storage, an IDC White Paper
    HPE and Scality: Business Value of Scalable Object Storage, an IDC White Paper Paul Speciale, CPO, Scality; Stephen Bacon, Director Scale-Out Storage, HPE; Special Guest: Amita Potnis, IDC Recorded: Jul 19 2018 48 mins
    Enterprises worldwide are contending with an accelerated pace of digital transformation where reliable and flexible information technology infrastructure can have a significant impact on revenue and profitability. As data volumes grow, so does the complexity and cost of storing and managing the data, with added complications for data governance and compliance. As businesses move toward petabyte-scale data storage, object storage solutions are emerging as superior alternatives for balancing scale, complexity, and costs. IDC interviewed organizations that have moved key workloads to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING to understand the impact of the solution on storage costs and business operations. Senior IT leaders and line-of-business executives will come away with perspectives from these companies that have successfully managed the digital transformation challenges.
  • Incremente la eficiencia del SOC mientras reduce el costo de operaciones
    Incremente la eficiencia del SOC mientras reduce el costo de operaciones Luis Guzman, Security Engineer, Securonix Recorded: Jul 19 2018 55 mins
    Más del 60% de las alertas en su SOC demandan tiempo de investigación y no constituyen un riesgo alto para su organización. SIEM 2.0 puede automatizar sus procesos de investigación para que los analistas se enfoquen en lo que realmente es una amenaza. Lo invitamos a un webinar donde nuestros expertos en UEBA de Securonix presentarán las ventajas técnicas y económicas al tener una solución de Seguridad Analítica Avanzada en su SOC
  • Can computers be creative? Integrating AI in media content workflows
    Can computers be creative? Integrating AI in media content workflows IBC365 | Adobe | GrayMeta | Channel 4 | EBU Recorded: Jul 19 2018 63 mins
    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are starting to transform the way content is created, managed and delivered.

    New cognitive-computing tools are enhancing creativity, eliminating mundane repetitive work and unlocking new value from content.

    AI is suddenly everywhere: the ready availability of powerful AI services from all the major cloud providers means hundreds of media technology products are plugging into AI and offering new ways of working.

    This webinar cuts through the hype to reveal how media companies are actually using AI tools throughout the content supply chain - from aiding craft and creative work in post-production, automating metadata extraction and compliance, to making smart content recommendations to audiences. Our speakers will explain how best to use AI, what we can and can't do, and how it will continue to change workflows into the future.

    Michael Gamböck, Senior Strategy Relations EMEA, Creative Cloud Video, Adobe
    Josh Wiggins, Chief Commercial Officer, GrayMeta
    Neil Taylor, Lead Data Strategist for Commercial Innovations, Channel 4
    Jean-Pierre Evain, Principal Project Manager, EBU Artificial Intelligence Committee
  • Tales from the SOC: Live Simulated Hack
    Tales from the SOC: Live Simulated Hack Graeme McMillan, Solutions Architect, Alert Logic Recorded: Jul 19 2018 26 mins
    Watch this 3-stages Live Simulated Hack Demo from Alert Logic's Cloud Security Summit as we show you the impact of reconnaissance tactics to identify vulnerable systems. We also demonstrate how easy it is for cyber criminals to gain foothold in remote environments, the latest tricks attackers are using, and what you should focus on to keep data and systems secure. An exciting and very important demonstration for anyone who develops applications, manages websites or is interested in security.

    Join Graeme McMillan, Alert Logic’s Sales Engineer, as e demonstrated the importance of understanding the risk and your attack surface of your business-critical applications. Make sure to identify high risk areas, before the cyber criminals get there first.
  • Experiências incríveis dependem da inteligência operacional do mainframe
    Experiências incríveis dependem da inteligência operacional do mainframe Teodoro Novo Recorded: Jul 19 2018 49 mins
    A próxima geração da era da máquina está mais perto do que você imagina. Tudo está ficando mais inteligente. A análise de dados faz parte da nossa experiência de compras diária. O Netflix aprende nossas preferências e faz sugestões em tempo real. Os carros estão à beira de dirigirem sozinhos. E isso é apenas o começo.
    O aprendizado de máquina (Machine Learning) é o mais recente avanço tecnológico, e a CA está explorando isso no Mainframe com inteligência operacional incorporada para ajudá-lo a oferecer excelentes experiências ao cliente, melhorar a eficiência e reduzir os custos gerais de TI.

    Junte-se a nós em nosso proximo Webinar e descubra como adotar o machine learning e trazer mais inteligência e automação para suas operações de mainframe.

    Esperamos por você!


    CA Technologies
  • Extending Data Protector  & HPE StoreOnce into the Cloud
    Extending Data Protector & HPE StoreOnce into the Cloud Nigel Blake, Presales Consultant, Micro Focus & Brynn Harrison, Storage Consultant, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Recorded: Jul 19 2018 59 mins
    Attend our informative 50-minute webinar to learn how Data Protector and HPE StoreOnce can utilise Cloud storage from AWS and Azure.
  • Help us Close the Digital Skills Gap with AWS re:Start
    Help us Close the Digital Skills Gap with AWS re:Start Robbie Carroll, Account Manager, AWS Recorded: Jul 19 2018 42 mins
    Recently, the Government found that 72% of large companies and 49% of SMEs have experienced skills gaps when attempting to hire digital talent into their business. Do you fit into this category?
    We’ve created AWS re:Start, a training and job placement programme, in an attempt to help close the digital skills gap. By training and placing groups that have been left behind in the digital revolution, we hope to help you from both a skills and CSR perspective. Join us for this webinar to find out all about the program and hear about how your company can get involved and start placing ex-military personnel with AWS skills.
  • Observation of Trifles - Sherlock Holmes' Lessons on Machine Learning & Security
    Observation of Trifles - Sherlock Holmes' Lessons on Machine Learning & Security Ben Banks, Global Director of Cybersecurity, Ensono Recorded: Jul 19 2018 28 mins
    Join Ensono Global Director of Cybersecurity Ben Banks for a timely and informative session on machine learning and security.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - Making correct inferences and deductions from small indicators combined with larger datasets (should we start to correlate data about our clients share prices and related news items).
    - The importance of the reveal (integrability) i.e. "Holmes....how the devil did you know?"
    - The importance of people-centric analysis and 'profiling' i.e. motive
    - Moriarty i.e. expect your enemy to be as good as - if not better - than you
  • Обзор решений Dell EMC VMware Validated Design
    Обзор решений Dell EMC VMware Validated Design Андрей Николаев, специалист Dell EMC по облачным платформам Jul 24 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Построение программно-определяемого ЦОД на базе гиперконвергентных платформ Dell EMC и технологий VMware. Обзор решения Dell EMC VMware Validated Design.
    Вебинар проводится при поддержке компании Intel®
  • Your Office 365 data & apps secured
    Your Office 365 data & apps secured Jason Montgomery, SaaS Security Expert Jul 24 2018 8:30 am UTC 60 mins
    SaaS applications like Microsoft® Office 365® are wildly popular, and adoption across enterprises continues to grow, but so do the hidden threats lying within these offerings, such as:

    • Accidental data exposure with SharePoint®
    • Uncontrolled use of personal OneDrive® accounts
    • Data security violations in Exchange

    Yes, even trusted SaaS applications like Office 365 can increase your risk of breaches and noncompliance.

    Our Security Operating Platform can help. Sign up for our webinar and learn what you need to meet your CASB needs as well as secure your cloud-based data against malware and accidental exposure.

    You’ll also find out how to achieve complete visibility and reporting, data classification, and fine-grained enforcement across users, folders and file activities to protect your business-critical data in Office 365.
  • Repenser la sécurité
    Repenser la sécurité Yann Samama, Consutlant Solutions de Sécurité Jul 24 2018 8:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Les évolutions technologiques, les nouvelles normes, l’augmentation constante du trafic, la complexité des infrastructures réseau au sein desquelles l’information est de moins en moins visible, ainsi que les cyber-menaces de plus en plus sophistiquées ont un impact majeur sur les entreprise et les obligent à repenser l’architecture de sécurité.

    Yann Samama discutera des défis actuels en matière de sécurité et comment ils peuvent être surmontés en abordant les sujets majeurs tels que :

    * Augmenter la disponibilité du réseau tout en simplifiant la  connectivité des outils grâce à une solution de module bypass
    * Disposer d’une visibilité en tout point réseau afin d’améliorer de l’efficacité de l’ensemble des outils connectés  tout en réduisant la complexité de leur exploitation
    * Diminuer les coûts OPEX et CAPEX via un  ROI très court-termisme

    Découvrez les raisons pour lesquelles Gigamon propose la solution la plus complète et efficace pour la connectivité des outils en mode « inline et Out of band » au sein des environnements physiques, virtuels et de cloud public.
  • Phishing – Sensibilisez vos utilisateurs par la simulation et la formation
    Phishing – Sensibilisez vos utilisateurs par la simulation et la formation Mickael Omer, Sales Engineer Jul 24 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Le phishing reste l’une des plus grandes menaces pour les entreprises. Ce type d’attaque ciblée exploite le facteur humain plutôt que la technologie, ce qui la rend plus difficile à détecter par les solutions de sécurité traditionnelles. Nous vous ferons découvrir comment réduire le risque d’hameçonnage en permettant la simulation de phishing et la formation pour aider vos utilisateurs finaux à détecter, signaler et se prémunir de cette menace.

    Durant cette session, nous couvrirons les sujets suivants :

    • Comment évaluer la vulnérabilité de vos utilisateurs aux attaques de phishing et de spear phishing
    • Sensibiliser et former vos utilisateurs pour qu’ils reconnaissent et évitent les attaques de phishing et autres escroqueries d'ingénierie sociale
    • Comment permettre à vos employés de signaler les messages suspects en un seul clic.
  • How to Deploy Your Service Desk Your Way - Seamlessly, Flexibly and Quickly
    How to Deploy Your Service Desk Your Way - Seamlessly, Flexibly and Quickly Nev Ward and Noel Hopkinson, Senior Solutions Architects Jul 24 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    While ITSM is often delivered via software as a service (SaaS), businesses today are looking for different deployment options. The world is in flux, and strategies evolve. Businesses using SaaS today may need to migrate to a private cloud in the future. Similarly, some companies have strict security and compliance policies around data sovereignty, making on-premises deployment mandatory. That’s why it’s important to factor deployment flexibility into your evaluation of modern ITSM solutions.

    This webinar will cover:
    1.How Flexible Container Technology provides Portability, Faster Time to Value, and Lower TCO
    2.How seamless upgrades can be achieved in conjunction with Codeless Configuration
    3.How you can now consume new and innovative capabilities with equal speed, whether the solution is on premise, in a SaaS model, or in the public cloud.
  • The Three Reasons Cloud Backup is Broken and How to Fix It
    The Three Reasons Cloud Backup is Broken and How to Fix It Storage Switzerland, Microsoft Azure Jul 24 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The cloud was supposed to be the answer to IT’s backup dilemma; instead, it in some ways has made the situation worse.

    Join Storage Switzerland’s Founder and Lead Analyst, George Crump and Microsoft Azure's Principal Group Program Manager of Azure Backup for a roundtable discussion on what’s gone wrong with cloud backup and how to fix it. In this webinar we’ll cover the three problems with cloud backup.
  • Applying AI to Unstructured Content
    Applying AI to Unstructured Content Anthony Tate, Head of Product Marketing EMEA Box & Mike Schwartz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Box Jul 24 2018 2:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    AI and machine learning technologies are rapidly maturing and becoming more enterprise ready — but 83% of organisations don't yet know how to leverage AI/ML in their business.

    Join us to learn how the new Box Skills makes all your business-critical unstructured content easier to find, organise, manage and protect by automating mundane processes to get to your most impactful work faster.

    During this live webinar you'll learn how you can:
    - Use Box Skills to manage and tap the potential inside unstructured content like videos, photos, audio and more
    - Reap the value from your unstructured content — without recruiting a team of data scientists to build AI/ML from scratch
    - Apply ML to your content to increase employee productivity, improve customer experience, accelerate or automate business processes, and mitigate risks
  • What It Means to be a Container-Native SQL Database
    What It Means to be a Container-Native SQL Database Jim Curtis of 451 Research and Ariff Kassam of NuoDB Jul 24 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    No matter the industry – telco, financial services, medical devices – companies depend on applications to deliver services and/or to connect with customers. In this digital age, companies must accelerate application delivery to keep up with ever-changing customer demands and market pressures.

    Modern application architectures and infrastructure - including microservices and containers - have emerged to deliver the application agility needed to propel digital transformation projects forward. However, traditional database architectures are guilty of anchoring both data and applications, forcing organizations to contend with heavyweight processes and development models. Monolithic relational databases simply weren’t meant to scale dynamically and can’t deliver the agility businesses and applications need. NoSQL databases scale, but force existing applications to go through a redesign process that is time intensive, expensive, and risky - requiring new technology training and support.

    What is needed is a modern container-native SQL database - a flexible, distributed system that delivers the benefits of a typical SQL database (transactional consistency and ACID compliance) and is built to address the data and application demands of an agile, rapid development container environment.

    In this webinar we will:
    • Discuss the drivers for Digital Transformation initiatives
    • Review how microservices and containers provide development agility
    • Describe database options and what it means to be "container-native"
    • Provide an overview and benefits of NuoDB's container-native SQL database
  • [US/UK] Network security at the speed of DevOps
    [US/UK] Network security at the speed of DevOps Anner Kushnir, VP Technology Jul 24 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    DevOps methodologies have become extremely popular to enable agile application development and delivery.
    Unfortunately, when it comes to the associated network connectivity, such as whenever a new application needs to connect to an external resource, the process breaks. The application developer then needs to open change requests and wait for approvals which effectively breaks the continuous delivery cycle. As a result security is in the uncomfortable position of being a bottleneck and an impediment to innovation.

    In this webinar, Anner Kushnir, AlgoSec’s VP of Technology will describe how the innovative 'Connectivity as Code' approach can be implemented to overcome these challenges, and seamlessly weave network security into the existing CI/CD pipeline in order to fully automate the application delivery process end-to-end.

    Attend this webinar to learn how to:
    •Seamlessly manage network connectivity as part of the DevOps process for faster, more agile and problem-free application delivery
    •Avoid external out-of-band network connectivity problems that require separate and manual handling
    •Ensure continuous compliance and auditability throughout the application delivery process
    •Get clearly documented application connectivity requirements which help prevent disruptions to the business
    •Bridge the gap between application developers and network security throughout the entire application lifecycle
  • The Evolving Market for Primary Storage
    The Evolving Market for Primary Storage Eric Burgener, IDC and Caitlin Gordon,Dell EMC Jul 24 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    One of the defining characteristics of the IT and Digital Transformations is the tremendous drive to put that data to work. The need for insights from data is reshaping IT, from the data center to the cloud. At the heart of the matter, so to speak: how that data is stored, accessed and managed. Tune in to this webcast to hear the latest from IDC’s Eric Burgener and Dell EMC’s Caitlin Gordon. You’ll get insights on the storage market; how storage is transforming, and a dive into Dell EMC’s PowerMax technology powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.
  • Improve Data Center Efficiency With AI Operations
    Improve Data Center Efficiency With AI Operations Richard Jew, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, AI Operations & Tim Lofink, Sr Director, Software Product Hitachi Vantara Jul 24 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Is your data center running efficiently to accelerate your business efforts? Do you have a siloed view into the infrastructure, limiting the improvement and automation of your management operations? With advanced analytics and orchestration, Hitachi’s AI operations help you begin your journey to the autonomous data center.

    In this webcast, you will learn how to:
    •Analyze data across your data center infrastructure to improve IT operational efficiency.
    •Automate management workflows to customize and deploy new application environments quickly.
    •Streamline operations to improve IT responsiveness.
  • Five Key Cloud Migration Success Factors
    Five Key Cloud Migration Success Factors Justin Vaughan-Brown, Director, Technology Strategy, AppDynamics Jul 24 2018 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    The more you understand the numerous cloud migration considerations, the more likely your enterprise will take advantage of its scalability, agility, and cost reduction benefits.

    Register for this 30-minute webinar to learn how to minimize the risks and set yourself up for success.

    You’ll also learn:

    - Which applications to migrate first
    - How to monitor and minimize the impact on users before, during, and after
    - What training your IT staff needs to effectively build and operate cloud environments
  • How John Muir Health is Securing a Growing Base Of Cloud Applications
    How John Muir Health is Securing a Growing Base Of Cloud Applications Rich Campagna, CMO & VP of Product Management at Bitglass. Bill Hudson, VP IT at John Muir Health. Thomas August, CISO, JMH Jul 24 2018 4:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    For John Muir Health (JMH) and other leading healthcare firms, Office 365 is often IT's first foray into the public cloud and the start of a broader initiative to migrate from premises-based applications to cloud. Most are now looking to deploy cloud messaging, file sharing, collaboration apps, and more. Deploying this "long-tail" of SaaS applications shares a great deal with platforms like Office 365, but some considerations are different.

    In this webinar, learn how John Muir Health journeys to secure these lesser known cloud applications and gain actionable advice that you can bring to your organization to protect data in Office 365 and beyond.
  • Moving to Continuous Deployment in Government
    Moving to Continuous Deployment in Government Jonny Sywulak, Stelligent Principal Architect Jul 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    While more commercial enterprises are applying DevOps practices to increase their feedback loops by deploying changes to production multiple times per day, can these practices also be employed at government agencies? What are the unique challenges in government organizations to overcome? Hear from Stelligent Principal Architect, Jonny Sywulak, on some of the organization, process, culture, and tooling changes that product teams can make to get software confidently and securely deployed to production multiple times per day.

    Who Should Attend? Federal, state, and local government IT managers who are considering moving to continuous deployment on the AWS or who have already started their transition, application developers and solutions architects.

    What you’ll learn:
    • How the benefits of CI/CD can help advance your agency’s mission
    • What the biggest hurdles are for adopting DevOps approaches in a government agency
    • Lessons learned from implementing modern DevOps approaches at federal government agencies (as well as large commercial enterprises)

    About our speaker: Jonny Sywulak has been with Stelligent for six years, helping customers move from traditional development techniques to modern devops approaches. During much of that time he’s worked in the Stelligent Public Sector division, helping federal agencies achieve continuous deployment to production. Jonny holds numerous AWS certifications including the AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional. He has been invited to present as a DevOps subject matter expert at AWS re:Invent, AWS webinar and several MeetUps.

    About Stelligent: Stelligent provides DevOps automation professional services on AWS, enabling engineering teams to focus on creating software users love. Our goal is to work closely with customers to develop fundamentally secure infrastructure automation code, deployment pipelines, and feedback mechanisms for faster, more consistent software and infrastructure deployments.
  • 10 Questions on ServiceNow with Acorio Experts
    10 Questions on ServiceNow with Acorio Experts Ajay Gautam, Damian Broccoli, Jared Romaine, Juliet Acuff, Meghan Lockwood, Ryan Dinwiddie, Sean Duhaime Jul 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This panel discussion will feature leading experts from various departments inside Acorio, bringing tactical experience and strategic vision to help you guide your ServiceNow journey today. Learn from Acorio’s hundreds and hundreds of successful go-live’s – and pick the experts’ brains about their experiences in the ServiceNow trenches.
  • 2018 Security Congress Preview – Cloud Security
    2018 Security Congress Preview – Cloud Security Mike Brannon, Dir, Infrastructure & Security, National Gypsum; Tim Sills,Accudata; Tyler Smith, IT Analyst, John Deere Jul 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    (ISC)2 will hold its Security Congress 2018 in New Orleans, LA, October 8th – 10th. This conference will bring together 2000+ attendees and over 100 educational sessions. One of the 13 tracks that are being offered with focus on Cloud Security and challenges practitioners face when dealing with all things cloud. On July 24, 2018 at 1:00PM Eastern, join (ISC)2 and several of the speakers who’ll be presenting in the Cloud track as we preview their sessions, get an idea of what will be discussed and discuss the state of cloud security today.
  • Your Secure Hybrid Cloud Simplified. Too good to be true?
    Your Secure Hybrid Cloud Simplified. Too good to be true? Henry Baltazar of 451 Research & Clint Wyckoff of Datrium Jul 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Gone are the days that IT was focused on configuring, managing or troubleshooting infrastructure. The lines between "Clouds" are continuing to become blurred more and more. IT now demands simplicity; the business demands that all applications run fast and perform reliably. In this session, our experts will discuss the evolution of the datacenter focuses on a few core tenants: Simple. Scalable. Reliable. Secure.
  • SD-WAN – The Lynchpin in a Transforming Virtual Cloud Network
    SD-WAN – The Lynchpin in a Transforming Virtual Cloud Network Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst & Founder, ZK Research Jul 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Networking is in a constant state of change, but the with the advent of cloud and virtualization, the current evolution is altering the way we’ve traditionally understood it. The Virtual Cloud Network is about virtualization, connecting data centers and branches and cloud to each other in a seamless and flexible manner that supports this evolution for the next several decades. The lynchpin to this new architecture is SD-WAN, with its pervasive, scalable, and adaptable framework.

    In this webinar, Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research, discusses how SD-WAN is transforming networking and enabling the adoption of Virtual Cloud Network to occur.
  • Open source Kubernetes run-time security with Falco
    Open source Kubernetes run-time security with Falco Michael Ducy Jul 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Effective security requires a layered approach. If one layer is comprised, the additional layers will (hopefully) stop an attacker from going further. Much of container security has focused on the image build process and providing providence for the artifacts in a container image, and restricting kernel level tunables in the container runtime (seccomp, SELinux, capabilities, etc). What if we can detect abnormal behavior in the application and the container runtime environment as well? In this talk, we’ll present Falco - an open source project for runtime security - and discuss how it provides application and container runtime security. We will show how Falco taps Linux system calls to provide low level insight into application behavior, and how to write Falco rules to detect abnormal behavior. Finally we will show how Falco can trigger notifications to stop abnormal behavior, notify humans, and isolate the compromised application for forensics. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the container security landscape, what problems runtime security solves, & how Falco can provide runtime security and incident response.
  • Get Started: Security and Compliance in the Cloud
    Get Started: Security and Compliance in the Cloud Todd Bernhard, CloudCheckr Product Marketing Manager Jul 24 2018 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    When choosing a Cloud Management Platform (CMP), enterprises should be looking for Security and Compliance capabilities in addition to Cost Management and Cloud Governance. CloudCheckr is a full-service CMP that delivers "all of the above".

    Additionally, enterprises need to understand their role in the Shared Responsibility Model, in order to fully meet security standards like FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI and more. CloudCheckr's new Total Compliance module can now automatically and continuously monitor your infrastructure for compliance with 37 different standards, such as HIPAA, PCI, and NIST 800-53.

    Join us for a hands-on demonstration of some of the popular security and compliance features CloudCheckr offers.

    Attendees will learn:
    - Best Practice Checks as it relates to cloud usage
    - Our *New* Total Compliance module
    - Automated "Fix Now" capabilities that can save time and effort
  • Windows 10 & Office 365 Migration and Optimization Strategies
    Windows 10 & Office 365 Migration and Optimization Strategies Matt Crawford, Citrix Dir. Solutions Marketing and Matt Brooks, Citrix Sr. Technical Product Marketing Mgr. Jul 24 2018 6:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Learn how to manage the top migration challenges and improve user productivity, security and IT management flexibility.

    With the shift to the Cloud, more companies are moving to Office 365 and Windows 10. Before you make your move, you’ll want to attend this webinar to learn how to manage the top migration challenges with Citrix Workspace and improve user productivity, security and IT management flexibility.

    For a sneak preview, here are few of the top challenges that you’ll learn how to solve by attending the webinar:

    •Managing a mixed environment of Windows 10 and Windows 7 devices with legacy PC management tools
    •Windows 10 application incompatibilities
    •Mobile security risks with running Exchange on-prem
    •Network latency from running O365 in the cloud
    •Managing multiple file hosting services including OneDrive
  • Защищены ли ваши данные в Office 365?
    Защищены ли ваши данные в Office 365? Denis Batrankov, Systems Engineer Jul 25 2018 7:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Приложения SaaS, например Microsoft® Office 365®, набирают популярность. Всё больше компаний используют их в своей работе. Однако такая модель предоставления приложений таит в себе определенные угрозы:

    • случайное раскрытие данных через SharePoint®
    • неконтролируемое использование личных учетных записей OneDrive®
    • нарушение безопасности данных в Exchange

    Даже надежные приложения SaaS, такие как Office 365, повышают риск нарушения безопасности и несоблюдения нормативных требований.

    Наша платформа Security Operating Platform поможет избежать таких проблем. Зарегистрируйтесь для участия в вебинаре и узнайте, как обеспечить соответствие требованиям брокеров CASB и защитить облачные данные от вредоносного ПО и случайного раскрытия.

    Вы также узнаете, как обеспечить полную визуализацию, создание отчетов, систематизацию данных и гибкое применение правил для всех пользователей, папок и действий с файлами, чтобы защитить важные для бизнеса данные в Office 365.
  • ¿Están a salvo sus datos en Office 365?
    ¿Están a salvo sus datos en Office 365? Carlos Corbacho, Systems Engineer Jul 25 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Las aplicaciones de software como servicio (SaaS), como Microsoft® Office 365®, tienen mucho éxito y cada vez más empresas las utilizan. Sin embargo, también están aumentando los peligros que conllevan, como los siguientes:

    • Revelación accidental de datos con SharePoint®
    • Uso descontrolado de cuentas personales de OneDrive®
    • Violación de la seguridad de la información en Exchange

    Sí, incluso las aplicaciones SaaS de confianza como Office 365 pueden hacer que aumente el riesgo de sufrir fugas de datos y de incumplir las normativas de seguridad.

    Nuestra solución, Security Operating Platform, ayuda a combatir estos peligros. Inscríbase en nuestro seminario web e infórmese sobre el CASB que necesita para proteger sus datos en la nube frente al código dañino y las fugas fortuitas.

    Descubrirá cómo disfrutar de plena visibilidad y completas funciones de elaboración de informes y clasificación de datos, junto con la posibilidad de realizar ajustes detallados a nivel de usuarios, carpetas y operaciones de archivo, todo ello con el objetivo de proteger los datos cruciales alojados en Office 365.
  • PLM and Great Data Make Product Portfolios Profitable
    PLM and Great Data Make Product Portfolios Profitable Chris Knerr, Global Big Data & Analytics Leader, BackOffice Associates Jul 25 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today's PLM programs are helping companies build new capabilities to improve product portfolio management, sku-level profitability, customer service levels, and regulatory compliance. Data management, migration, and governance are a critical foundation for success, but have added complexity for PLM since much of the data is in "unstructured" sources like PDFs.

    Please join this webinar to hear Chris Knerr, BackOffice Associate's Global Big Data & Analytics Leader, share Life Sciences and CPG best practices for PLM programs.