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Cloud Computing

  • Although we shall witness many strides in cybersecurity in 2016, there will still be a narrow margin between these and the threats we’re foreseeing. Advancements in existing technologies—both for crimeware and for everyday use—will bring forth new attack scenarios. It’s best for the security industry as well as the public, to be forewarned to avoid future abuse or any monetary or even lethal consequences.
  • Gli strumenti Command Line Interface (CLI) di AWS forniscono un’interfaccia a riga di commando semplice da utilizzare che permette di creare potenti script di automazione. In questo Webinar, scopirari techiche avanzate che aprono nuovi scenari nell’utilizzo della CLI AWS. Ti mostreremo come filtrare e trasformare le risposte dei servizi via JMESPath, come concatenare script e comandi per ottenere automazioni complesse, ed esplorare le nuove caratteristiche e funzionalità.
  • IT organizations today are under constant pressure to deliver better services more quickly and with lower cost. Traditional approaches are being rapidly replaced with enabling technologies such as virtualization, software-defined architectures, and cloud computing, introducing more complexity while the relentless growth of data pushes the limits of scalability. As IT undergoes this transformation, backup and recovery services must transform with it, and together can enable a greater transformation for your business.

    Join our upcoming webcast to:
    •Identify three ways NetBackup 7.7 reduces the complexity of enterprise data protection
    •Understand three ways NetBackup 7.7 helps you scale with growth
    •Realize three ways in which NetBackup 7.7 can make your organization more agile
    •Learn about the latest capabilities added in the 7.7.1 release.

    Find out how you can improve enterprise backup and recovery and ultimately move faster and take bigger risks trusting that your information is safe.
  • Descubra los beneficios de nuestra plataforma EMC Isilon, el líder en arquitecturas Scale-Out Nas que proporciona sencillez, escalabilidad, eficiencia y flexibilidad así como innumerables beneficios a su negocio: elimina las islas de NAS y las migraciones manuales de usuarios y datos, redefine la eficiencia en la administración, hace predecibles las actualizaciones sin agregar complejidad y cuenta con una organización en niveñes automatizada simple y eficaz. Accede ahora al contenido completo.
    Cesar Tapias, Isilon Regional Territory Manager de EMC, cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia en el sector de las tecnologías de la información. Durante su trayectoria profesional ha desarrollado distintos puestos de responsabilidad relacionados con el desarrollo de negocio participando en proyectos estratégicos para la compañía en España. En los últimos 4 años Tapias ha liderado la división de Isilon en España, uno de los pilares de la visión Big Data definida por EMC.
    The webcasts are on demand.
  • Решайте любые задачи с помощью унифицированных гибридных флэш-массивов VNX.Выберите подходящее сочетание цены, производительности и емкости. Вы сможете работать с широчайшим диапазоном смешанных рабочих нагрузок и будете готовы к реализации модели "ИТ как услуга".
  • La transformación de su centro de datos puede transformar completamente su negocio, y el almacenamiento es la clave para la aceleración de todo el proceso. Bases de datos y analítica. Aplicaciones del negocio. Nube híbrida. Cargas de trabajo combinadas. Todo. La consolidación y la optimización totales de TI impulsan la agilidad en toda su organización. Tiene la capacidad de responder, reaccionar y tener éxito en formas que hasta el momento parecían imposibles. ¿Cómo? Con XtremIO. Acceda al webcast y libere a la bestia.
    David Peña, Senior Specialist EMSD y Flash Business Developer de EMC España, compañía a la que se unió en 2005 como Tecnology Consultant. Cuenta con más de 17 años de experiencia en los mundos de IT y en especial, en el mundo de EMC.
    The webcasts are on demand.
  • ¿Necesita actualizar su solución de almacenamiento? Ha llegado el momento de plantearse un enfoque diferente. Acceda a la webcast del programa EMC 4U sobre la familia de almacenamiento EMC VNX diseñada para ofrecer eficiencia y sencillez de almacenamiento y transforme su negocio en cuanto a rendimiento, simplicidad y costes.
    Jose Manuel Álvarez, Senior Specialist CTD de EMC España, compañía a la que se unió en 1998 como Implementation Specialist. Cuenta con más de 20 años de experiencia en los mundos de IT de ellos 15, en el mundo de EMC.
    The webcasts are on demand.
  • B2B marketing and sales teams are on a constant quest to improve upon their revenue-generating efforts, and the tasks involved — seeking out new business, creating a seamless buyer experience, building and tracking campaign efforts — all require significant time and effort.

    What if there was a way marketers and sales teams could save time and effort and increase revenue generation at the same time?

    Enter, your technology solution. With Pardot, B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce, marketing and sales teams can maximize campaign efforts, boost productivity, and shorten sales cycles — yielding consequential benefits both marketing and sales teams. Join us for a quick 30-minute look at how Pardot can:

    - Provide the insight sales needs to lead the conversation
    - Allow marketing to effortlessly nurture leads to a sales-ready state
    - Identify target buyers and key stakeholders, and more.
  • Is your healthcare organization taking advantage of Cloud benefits? Cloud can help you simplify IT management and drive down the cost of IT operations. Dell secure healthcare cloud gives you access to industry leading security to reduce of burden of industry regulatory requirements and get the flexibility to adapt to the future. Is your organization Future Ready?
  • Productivity matters to everyone, but the pressure’s really on if you carry a quarterly sales quota. This demo shows new, more efficient ways to communicate with enterprise-class cloud communications integrated into Salesforce and Desk.

    Learn how users can initiate PSTN calls and SMS, host meetings and video conferences, view screen pops with relevant information, and more, without leaving Salesforce or Desk.

    Our Sales Engineer will demo this integrated communications solution from RingCentral that is simple for end-users to adopt and use, and for IT to deploy and manage. See how to:
    - Make and receive calls through the RingCentral phone system
    - See business SMS messages as conversations
    - Schedule Meetings & Conferences from Your Calendar
    - View your complete communications history, including Calls, SMS messages, Faxes, Voicemail
  • Join us for our webinar to learn the insights into effective McAfee Email Security migration and improving protection effectiveness.

    Email-based attacks have become more targeted—and harder to detect with conventional tools. That’s why today’s email security does so much more than filter spam and bulk email. Modern businesses need a solution that helps them stop threats, protect information, and respond to security events quickly and effectively. As Intel Security retires its email products, Proofpoint Enterprise Protection can help keep your organization secure.

    Join us for a live discussion on November 19, at 1:00 pm PT, and learn why Proofpoint is Intel Security’s exclusive McAfee Email Protection transition partner and the recognized market leader in stopping advanced threats.
  • SD-WAN has captured the attention of analysts, press and enterprises worldwide. Promising unrivaled performance, flexibility, visibility and control, this market disruptor will dramatically revolutionize traditional WANs. Is this obtainable, while saving infrastructure costs of up to 90%?
    Hear from Ethan Banks, industry expert and co-founder of Packet Pushers, as he discusses why SD-WANs have moved beyond hype and are taking the industry by storm.
    On this live webinar you will learn:
    •What is an SD-WAN and its benefits
    •Key feature requirements for SD-WANs
    •How to adopt this technology without disturbing the network
    •Ways an SD-WAN can reduce or eliminate your dependency on MPLS
    •Other market observations from this leading industry expert
  • Working with limited marketing resources? Well, you’re not alone! Juggling what often feels like hundreds of marketing responsibilities on a high-growth team can make it difficult to focus on your day-to-day lead- and revenue-driving efforts.

    Fortunately, with the the perfect blend of marketing technology and strategy, you help optimize your marketing efforts and get more out of your programs! In this upcoming webinar, we will share best practices and let you in on the secrets of some of the most successful tactics to boost pipeline!

    We’ll take a look at how to:
    - Maximize lead management efforts
    - Keep your content strategy optimized
    - Identify and use your team’s skills for revenue-generating results
  • Modern enterprise archiving is no longer about the long-term storage of data you’re required to keep and serves limited utility to the business. New cloud architectures are transforming what once was simply a means to protect corporate data to a more valuable information resource that helps address corporate compliance and litigation support needs.

    Join analysts from Blue Hill Research for this live event and learn how progressive organizations are gaining greater value from their archive of user data, converging data availability, archiving and governance to increasingly meet their wider corporate needs. During this webinar, the panel will review real life use cases and discuss:

    • The risks of decentralized and dispersed enterprise data
    • How unifying data availability and governance is bringing increased utility to organizations
    • Key considerations for designing a modern enterprise archive strategy

    Registrants will receive a complimentary copy of the full Blue Hill Research white paper on the subject.

    David Houlihan researches enterprise risk management, compliance and policy management, and legal technology. He is an experienced advisor in legal and technology fields with a unique understanding of complex information environments and business legal needs. As an attorney, he has held roles in the United States Attorney’s Office and more.
    For more: http://bluehillresearch.com/author/david-houlihan/

    James Haight focuses on analytics and emerging enterprise technologies, including exploring the business case development and solution assessment for data warehousing, data integration, advanced analytics and business intelligence applications.
    For more: http://bluehillresearch.com/author/james-haight/
  • How can you make it easier to manage users in GAFE and integrate with your on-premises AD? Join us and learn how Azure AD Premium creates and manages identity in GAFE. We'll use the same easy-to-use tools that Office 365 uses for AD integration and give your users a friendly web portal for all of their applications, both in the cloud and on premises.
  • Register now for this live webinar to hear how mortgage lending firms like United Shore, one of the nation's premier wholesale lenders, are leveraging Salesforce to coach and measure their sales people, and helping them create personalized, 1 to 1 experiences for their valued customers. Whether you are a pure-play mortgage bank or the mortgage line of business in a retail bank, Salesforce will help make your customers love you.

    Learn how you can:
    -Make your loan officers significantly more productive and successful with tools on any device
    -Provide visibility to management so they can measure and coach, so they can do more with less
    -Develop data driven prospecting and calling routines, so your reps spend the most time on prospects with the most potential
    -Leverage CTI and marketing automation with Salesforce to generate more business, and gain a more complete picture of your customer, leading to a personalized selling experience
    -Having a single view of the customer for sales, marketing, and service ensures faster turnaround time and helps everyone understand the customer, so clients are more satisfied, leading to more referrals.
  • To respond to business needs for continuous availability and high performance, IT teams benefit from the capture, correlation, analysis, and visualization of their machine data in real time. Hitachi Data Systems and Sumo Logic have strategically aligned to deliver a SaaS solution that transforms big data into big business value. Attend this webcast and gain actionable insight with Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations. You’ll discover how to:
    •Reduce mean time to remediate IT outages in minutes, not hours.
    •Increase visibility across your entire IT infrastructure.
    •Turn big data into big business value.
  • The holiday season is approaching and for cyber criminals, this period is typically a feeding frenzy to hunt and exploit vulnerable businesses and employees. The statistics are staggering:

    – 64% of organizations report an increase in cyber-crime on cyber Monday*
    – 30 million malicious tweets are sent daily*
    – Phishing links skyrocket by around 336% during Thanksgiving**
    – Organizations get hit with losses of about $500k per hour when compromised***

    The overall cost to an organization, including damages to reputation and brand, can be as high as $3.4M per hour. And yet, only 70% of companies take extra precautions in anticipation of these higher risks.*** How confident are you that your employees will not be used as a Trojan horse to compromise more sensitive company information?

    Join Patrick Foxhoven, VP & CTO of Emerging Technologies, Zscaler, Inc., for a compelling webcast that will address:

    – 5 key ways cyber criminals will target your employees and infiltrate your organization
    – Key insights into holiday activity from Zscaler’s Security-as-Service platform
    – Tell-tale signs that you have been compromised
    – Guidelines and best practices to stay safe this holiday period

    *Inc. - How Hackers Will Attack on Cyber Monday
    **Huffington Post Tech - Five Ways You'll Be Hacked on Cyber Monday
    ***Computer Business Review - Cyber Monday attacks could cost organizations up to $3.4m per hour
  • Across industries, companies are turning to the cloud to be more agile and create unique customer value. As a result, they put more sensitive customer data into the cloud, creating new challenges for data security, governance, and compliance.

    Join the specialists from Salesforce and PwC to learn how you can up your security and compliance game in the cloud leveraging core trust services of Salesforce as well as the additional controls from the newly introduced Salesforce Shield suite of products.
  • Join this interactive webinar to learn:

    • The enterprise app landscape – what trends are we seeing, and what changes are coming

    • Impact of the IoT and wearables on enterprise apps – what are they being used for?

    • The role of apps in the enterprise of the future, and considerations that need to be addressed in the present

    • Where to begin with enterprise apps, and how to continue to make sure they’re a success in the enterprise
  • ECC ist der modernste Verschlüsselungsalgorithmus, der beim Schlüsselaustausch und der Authentifizierung mit den Protokollen SSL und TLS zum Einsatz kommt.
    ECC wird RSA voraussichtlich ablösen, da der explosionsartige Anstieg der Mobilgerätenutzung und der Kommunikation zwischen Maschinen (M2M) sowie die Entwicklung des Internet der Dinge die Grenzen der Skalierbarkeit des derzeitigen Standardalgorithmus RSA übersteigen.

    Die Zuverlässigkeit und Leistung von ECC sind inzwischen klar erwiesen. Die größte Hürde für den Einsatz des Algorithmus ist mangelnde Kompatibilität mit vorhandener Technik. Deshalb hat Symantec Hybrid-SSL-Zertifikate mit ECC und RSA entwickelt. Mit diesen Zertifikaten können Sie Ihre bisherigen Infrastrukturinvestitionen weiterhin nutzen und gleichzeitig Kompatibilitätsprobleme vermeiden.

    In diesem Webcast erfahren Sie,

    welche Vorteile ECC in puncto Sicherheit, Zuverlässigkeit und Kapazität bietet,
    wie die Zertifikatskette eines Hybrid-SSL-Zertifikats mit ECC und RSA aussieht und
    wie Sie ein solches Zertifikat beantragen.
  • Although we shall witness many strides in cybersecurity in 2016, there will still be a narrow margin between these and the threats we’re foreseeing. Advancements in existing technologies—both for crimeware and for everyday use—will bring forth new attack scenarios. It’s best for the security industry as well as the public, to be forewarned to avoid future abuse or any monetary or even lethal consequences.