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Increasing expectations for good governance, effective risk management and complex demands for legislative and regulatory compliance are presenting a growing challenge for organizations of all sizes. Tune in to live and recorded presentations by respected luminaries in the fields of governance, risk and compliance. Their thought leadership will provide you with practical advice on how to implement successful GRC strategies and processes for your organization.

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Large Scale, High Performance Visibility Plane for Cloud and Web Service Gordon Beith, Director of Product Management This webinar will describe the challenges faced by cloud and web service providers when attempting to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot across large data centers and networks, whether fully owned or hosted. It will describe the benefits of using a unified visibility plane as the solution to address these challenges, in a cost-effective and streamlined manner, whether it is for security, performance, and/or troubleshooting purposes. Read more >
May 21 2015
48 mins
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