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(ISC)2 hosts a monthly panel discussion around different thought engaging topics within the information security sector.

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Coin of the Realm: Managing Identity Economics in the Age of Hyperconnectivity Jim Taylor, Oracle; Darin Reynolds, John Carnes, Brandon Dunlap, Moderator By 2020, more than 7bn inhabitants of Earth will be using over 35bn devices to communicate, collaborate, negotiate and perform transactions.

To put it into perspective, there are only about 8.7bn connected devices now.

The surge will come quickly and organizations will scramble to take advantage of monetizing this digitally connected world. Identities are at the forefront as the digital passport to an online world of goods and services because a single view of an individual customer is the key to knowing that person better and building a deeper personal and business relationship with them. Join Oracle and (ISC)² on October 8, 2015 at 1:00PM Eastern to learn about the new identity economy.
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Oct 8 2015
63 mins
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