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Secure the Hybrid Enterprise

Application security & analytics software that help enable the Hybrid Enterprise model where data and apps are deployed across on-prem and cloud environments. Transform how services & sensitive data are exposed as APIs to developers/mobile, aggregate and analyze corporate data for new insights, and ensure data level security and compliance.

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Exposing the Beast- Custom API Management for the Enterprise Randy Heffner, Forrester Research, Blake Dournaee, Intel Sr Product Manager At the Enterprise level, API initiatives must serve a diverse range of
needs: IT’s hybrid data center, traffic management & security concerns,
complex multi-org internal dev communities, partner SLAs, public API
programs, and legacy system integration. API Management in this context is not a “one solution fits all” approach- it requires a loose coupling of connected systems and development processes to manage APIs at Enterprisescale. In this webinar, Intel’s guest speaker, Randy Heffner of Forrester Research, outlines the key Enterprise categories for B2B, internal, & open Web API models and presents sample use cases to highlight how an API platform layer simplifies API delivery and management across teams. Intel reveals new twists on API Management including API payload data protection, incorporating SOA repository & registries, and utilizing API Portal Engines for customized deployment models. Join this expert webinar, to learn how to leverage APIs as the universal tunnel into the Enterprise.
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Oct 22 2013
64 mins
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