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CA Application Performance Management: Succeed in the App Economy

Applications are rewriting the world in which we live. They are the very heart and soul of your business. They are how employees connect, how consumers share, learn and make purchases; how partners and suppliers interact; how we separate our business from our competitors. Every business, every industry, is becoming a software business.

In today’s application economy, you can’t afford to have problems that bring that app down. And in our world of socially connected users, cloud and mobile technologies, and complex composite applications, the pressure to ensure a positive end-user experience with mission-critical applications, and to identify, diagnose, and fix applications issues quickly is at a boiling point.

Learn how to demand the absolute best in processes and technology for monitoring the applications you rely upon to drive revenue and strengthen your brand reputation. Build, deploy, and manage applications so every user transaction becomes a loyalty-building interaction.

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What’s new in APM 10.0: Everything changes from here... Chris Kline, VP Product Management, CA Technologies Thriving in today’s Application Economy requires a new approach to APM

On Tuesday, August 18th at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT,  join Chris Kline, VP Product Management in an online webinar to learn about our philosophy and the relentless focus we have to accelerate innovation, execution and speed in the APM product line.  As a proof point, in our recent releases, we delivered 3X more features than our previous three releases combined!  And we’re doing it 3X faster than any other CA APM release window.   

This new investment and focus has one goal – to better serve our customers and users enabling you to provide a better experience for your customers.
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Aug 18 2015 4:00 pm
60 mins
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  • In the application economy, applications are the face of your business. Poorly performing applications and outages cost time and money. Just as importantly, bad applications can negatively impact user satisfaction and hurt an organization’s brand image. It is more important than ever to address performance and availability issues early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). CA Application Performance Management (APM) can uniquely go wide (end to end) and at the same time provide deep visibility with low overhead. By making CA APM part of every phase of the SDLC organizations can achieve the goal of “Catch Early and Fix Early” and avoid bad applications from going into production.

    In this webcast you will learn:
    • Why it is important to catch and fix performance problems early
    • How teams can leverage CA APM to enhance team productivity
    • How CA APM enables collaboration that breaks down barriers between dev and ops
  • In the Age of the Customer, constant application updates are the norm and DevOps practices help companies not only deliver, but gain competitive advantage through differentiated user experiences. These DevOps practices specialize in the deployment, operations and ongoing support of digital services and applications that are created in agile development and continuous delivery environments. But how can IT Operations keep up? Application Performance Management (APM) enables Ops to collaborate with Dev across continuous delivery cycles to deliver a differentiated user experience, again and again.

    What you’ll learn:
    •How DevOps is changing the way applications are delivered
    •What DevOps means to IT Operations
    •How APM can help IT Operations put the Ops back in DevOps
  • Demanding customers and speedy competitors force many companies to rethink their ability to deliver new applications. Faster application release cadences demand lean processes and automation. Application release automation (ARA) tools help companies achieve this new cadence while also boosting reliability. But what features and functionality will launch your company’s ability to reach faster release speeds? Guest speaker, Senior Forrester Analyst Amy DeMartine will share the key current and future criteria for a choosing a strong release automation tool, together with CA Technologies’ Director of Marketing Allison Cramer who will highlight CA’s offerings.
  • Le niveau d’exigence des Utilisateurs et leur comportement changent. Les nouvelles technologies se développent à grande vitesse et permettent à l’Utilisateur d’accéder aux applications à travers différents moyens : agence, borne automatique, ordinateur, SMS, Smartphone, Tablette…

    Face à ces bouleversements les entreprises doivent investir dans le multicanal et s’assurer de la meilleure expérience de leurs Utilisateurs. Pour savoir comment, CA Technologies vous propose d’assister à un webcast de 45 minutes.
  • Confused by Big Data? Have applications ideally suited for Big Data but not sure how to manage the infrastructure? Facebook1 ingests 500 terabytes of new data every day; a Boeing2 737 will generate 240 terabytes of flight data during a single flight across the US; the proliferation of smart phones, the data they create and consume; sensors embedded into everyday objects will soon result in billions of new, constantly-updated data feeds containing environmental, location, and other information, including video3.

    The chances are that you are or at some point will be dealing with Big Data driven applications and managing the performance of those applications. In this webcast you will learn about MongoDB and its role in the Big Data universe and the role of APM with Big Data. CA Technologies and MongoDB have teamed to provide database performance insight with CA Application Performance Management to help quickly identify the source of degraded application performance and assure a flawless customer experience.

  • Listen in as Jonathan Lindo, Vice President of Enterprise Mobility, talks about how enterprises cope with deploying large scale mobile apps.

    Learn about Mobile DevOps
    . integration with test automation
    . direct from app to service desk and zoom into "user of one" experience
    . obtaining a combined view of developer analytics, business analytics, operations analytics

    Speaker: Jonathan Lindo was the recipient of the 2014 Annual Worldwide Invention & Innovation Award, awarded for 'Smart Containerization of Mobile Device Resources'.
  • CA Mobile App Analytics (MAA) gives you visibility into performance, crash, and user metrics. And that's not all, it extends your APM investments to bring "true end-to-end mobile transaction" visibility from mobile to mainframe.

    The 50-minute demonstration will provide an overview on the following:

    - Explain how Mobile Application Analytics is critical in order to provide a 5-Star mobile app experience
    - Highlight the Integration between CA Mobile Application Analytics and CA Application Performance Management
    - Demonstrate how easy it is to tool an existing or new mobile application with CA Mobile Application Analytics to see the capabilities that help you gain visibility into your mobile app health and end-user experience.

    Also, feel free to share with your colleagues: Developer and Business Analysts to this webinar. CA MAA also covers mobile app crash and usage analytics critical for them.
  • In a time when businesses are literally being re-coded by software, applications have now become the face of your business. In the age of rapid adoption and rapid rejection, you have mere seconds to impress your app users. This is the reality of the App Economy. Despite the enormous complexity of today’s application delivery chain, your end-users expect a flawless app experience, regardless of how, when or where they access your app. This means app issues aren’t IT issues, they’re customer satisfaction and retention issues.
    With the APM 9.7 release, CA introduces its E.P.I.C. APM strategy, a solution that creates a competitive advantage in the App Economy by proactively managing the user experience. E.P.I.C. APM delivers a solution that is Easy, Proactive, Intelligent and Collaborative (E.P.I.C.) across the application lifecycle. CA APM 9.7 is the first proof point in our E.P.I.C. APM Strategy, starting an E.P.I.C. trend that will build with each new release.
  • Many IT Operations teams and key stakeholders have visibility into the performance and availability of important infrastructure – networks, servers, databases and more - that all support their business critical applications. But very few have a good “Outside-In” view of the real world application performance – that is, what their customers and employees are actually experiencing on a web or mobile device.

    Join Steve Perich - Senior Consultant, CA Technologies, for this session to learn why an “Outside-In” view of application performance is so critical to improving service quality, and how replicating every step of your user experience with cloud-based, always-on monitoring can give you a huge advantage in proactively ensuring a great end user experience 24x7 for your customers. You’ll also learn how you can verify that your SaaS vendors and managed service providers are meeting agreed SLAs that support your business and customer goals.
  • Big things are happening at CA World! Whether you’re joining us in Las Vegas or back at the office, we’re collecting the best of CA World news and highlights to share with you on Wednesday morning 8 am PST. We will discuss the best of the event so far and what we expect to see over the remainder of the show. ANZ Bank will join us to share their story. Hear how ANZ’s mantra to become Customer Obsessed led to a complete change in culture and communication across Dev and Ops, and how using APM in both production and pre-production eliminated 10-15 high severity issues, saving them four weeks of time and greatly increasing app roll-out quality.

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