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Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing has exploded over the past few years, delivering a previously unimagined level of workplace mobility and flexibility. The cloud computing community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of engaged professionals learning from the latest cloud computing research and resources. Join the community to expand your cloud computing knowledge and have your questions answered in live sessions with industry experts and vendor representatives.
    • Private and Hybrid Cloud

    • Recorded: Mar 17 2015
    • Nearly all organizations today employ some type of cloud services in their day-to-day operations, shifting the conversation between executives and IT professionals from simple benefits analysis to implementation, management and optimization. And with OpenStack and other open source initiatives picking up steam, organizations are looking to enter an open, portable and interoperable world of cloud in 2015. Join this online event to hear from industry leaders on how to pick the right environment, whether private or hybrid, based on the needs of your business and ensure successful implementation to boost performance and achieve business agility.
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    • Network Management

    • Recorded: Feb 17 2015
    • In 2014, we witnessed the hyper-growth of unified communications, wireless technologies and mobility as a means to greater organizational efficiency through reliable voice and video communications, fast and secure networks and Bring-Your-Own-X implementations. In addition, application networking services and software-defined networking have created an even bigger challenge for IT professionals to ensure availability of these newest initiatives, while ensuring performance and security. In 2015, effective network management is more critical than ever in achieving and sustaining organizational growth. Join this summit to hear industry experts share their vision on the year ahead and provide best practices on preparing your network infrastructure to withstand the ever-growing needs and demands of today’s IT world.
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    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management

    • Recorded: Feb 11 2015
    • Whether it’s a natural disaster, epidemic or system outage, your organization must be prepared to withstand a disruptive event and continue operations without the loss of data, human resources or infrastructure. This can only be accomplished by thorough business continuity planning and carefully selected disaster recovery solutions. Is your organization prepared? Join this summit to evaluate your BC/DR plan and learn how you can be prepared for the unknown.
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    • Cloud Storage

    • Recorded: Oct 16 2014
    • Fifty-one percent of participants plan to move data to a cloud storage device, according to TechTarget’s IT Priorities survey. During this surge of data growth and many organizations are utilizing the cloud to help store and manage it. With dozens of options to choose from, storage professionals must ask the questions: Which is best for my company, how do I know my data is secure and can I use multiple cloud storage providers for my organization? Attend this summit to learn from thought leaders about the future of cloud storage, the challenges in managing it, and how to make sure your data is secure.
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    • Cloud Infrastructure

    • Recorded: Oct 14 2014
    • Cloud computing might be the defining technology of the decade. With so many applications and uses it has become essential to almost every business in the world. However it is nothing without the infrastructure and the people who manage that to hold it up. From applications to virtual and physical layers, from storage, data centers and communication networks to Platform-, Infrastructure- and Software-as-a-Service, it is essential to keep the cloud infrastructure up to date. So attend this full day of webinars from cloud industry experts and keep up with the cloud generation.
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    • Platform-as-a-Service

    • Recorded: Sep 10 2014
    • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) has always been in the shadow of its older brother – SaaS and IaaS – but this is about to change. PaaS spending is predicted to rise to $2.9 billion, according to Gartner. Why? Because companies are finally differentiating themselves by creating applications specific to their needs, quickly and easily. Join this summit as experts discuss this growing trend and why PaaS offers flexibility and customization necessary in a every changing technological world.
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    • Infrastructure-as-a-Service

    • Recorded: Jul 23 2014
    • It is clear that companies are moving to the cloud in droves - cloud spending will increase by 25 percent in 2014 finally topping $100 billion. But with all of the clouds out there, how do you choose which Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is right for you? Join this summit as experts, thought leaders and leading vendors discuss your choices, from AWS to OpenStack, and why the cloud should play a part of your IT strategy.
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    • Cloud Management

    • Recorded: May 21 2014
    • More and more organizations are looking to the cloud for their future. And as they begin to plan and implement, properly managing APIs, integration, SaaS applications and automation will be key to achieving all of the touted benefits of the cloud. Attend this summit to hear experts from around the world discuss the different management challenges for public, private and hybrid clouds and how to make the most of your cloud strategy.
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    • Open Source Cloud Computing

    • Recorded: Apr 16 2014
    • Open source projects have been common for years, but only with cloud computing has it become a force to be reckoned with. Whether it is OpenStack, Eucalyptus, CloudStack or other similar projects, IT departments want options for when they choose a cloud solution. Join this Summit as experts discuss everything from how to implement open source cloud computing into your architecture, the challenges that lay in store and its future in the enterprise.
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    • Cloud-based Communications

    • Recorded: Mar 19 2014
    • Cloud computing is slowly taking over every aspect of our lives with data, software and even infrastructures moving into the cloud. Is this the time for cloud communications? Attend this summit to hear experts discuss the new technologies and capabilities a cloud solution offers and hear best practices and strategies for implementing a successful and efficient move to the cloud.
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