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SAP Promotes Virtualization Technologies for Their Production Environment

Recorded Apr 12 2012 4 mins
Presented by
Dr. Wolfgang Krips - SVP, Global Infrastructure Services for SAP
Presentation preview: SAP Promotes Virtualization Technologies for Their Production Environment
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  • Welcome to the registration page for the Livestream of the 14th Annual SAS Government Leadership Forum. By registering for the Livestream, you can view all of the action happening at the live conference in Washington, DC, all from your device.

    Today more than ever, data is interwoven in our lives. We know the positive, progressive things that big data enables. We’ve also seen the dark side, marked by cybercrime, fraud, privacy breaches and more. To make better decisions faster that lead to real change, it’s crucial that everyone involved in those decisions has access to the right information. SAS® makes this possible. Join us for this exciting forum to learn about all the innovative technologies that are transforming how we run government, our businesses and the world. You’ll see firsthand how SAS makes analytics accessible to everyone today to uncover new and exciting opportunities that effect real change, faster than ever thought possible.

    Forum Highlights:

    Keynote presentation by Alec Ross, former Senior Adviser for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and author.
    General sessions featuring government and SAS executives on fast-evolving analytical technology and how it’s changing our world.
    Breakout sessions on best practices and stories of innovation in fraud and improper payments, cyber security and more.

    Join the conversation by tweeting #SASGOV!
  • Companies everywhere are drowning in data. They are collecting more of it, and at an accelerated pace, while at the same time depending on it more than they have before. Data centers are being constructed around the world to house all this information, but research shows that more than two-thirds of what is being kept is worthless.

    That’s where Veritas comes in.

    The demand for our information management services has never been higher, as there will be more than 44 zettabytes of data in the world by 2020. Using current approaches, IT organizations will be incapable of managing that data – they don’t have the financial or human resources. At Veritas, our business is structured on addressing this issue. We are focused on helping companies harness the power of their information – wherever it resides – by driving availability and revealing insights across heterogeneous environments.

    Join this webcast to learn more about the Veritas vision, where an information-centric approach is taken over infrastructure-centric and we explain our three core beliefs;
    • More data does not deliver more value
    • Infrastructure availability does not mean application availability
    • Not all data is created equal
  • Представляем новое семейтсво гиперконвергентных систем RackScale, которые позволяют предприятиям и поставщикам услуг упростить развертывания распределенных приложений уровня 2 и новых мобильных и облачных приложений. Выбрав VCE® VxRack™, заказчики могут начинать с небольших конфигураций (десятки серверов) и затем масштабировать их до нескольких тысяч серверов с десятками петабайт емкости системы хранения, сохраняя при этом высочайшую производительность и оптимальную стоимость в расчете на операцию ввода-вывода. Узнайте больше прослушав наш вебинар.
  • Now you can get continuous, automated detection and protection against any vulnerability, anytime, with the next generation of Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM). Join us for this webcast to watch a live demonstration of the comprehensive VM solution from Qualys.
  • Einfach gesagt nutzt Social Innovation innovative Technologien und Lösungen, um übergeordnete gesellschaftliche Trends zu addressieren. Die Themen reichen hierbei von Urbanisierung, Smart & Connected Technologies bishin zu neuen Formen des Gesundheitswesens und zur Schonung natürlicher Ressourcen. HDS bietet Social Innovation Lösungen und Dienstleistungen mit dem Fokus auf dem Internet der "wichtigen" Dinge.
  • ScaleIO — это ПО для создания платформы хранения данных из физических и виртуальных серверов. Основными свойствами продукта являются эластичность, проста развертывания и уменьшение совокупной стоимости владения. Прослушайте наш вебинар, чтобы узнать о решении и его позиционировании на рынке СХД.
  • Learn how to take control of your data by using advanced encryption, centralized key management and cutting edge access controls and policies. In this session, Imam Sheikh, Dir. Product Management at Vormetric, and Tricia Pattee, HOSTING Product Manager will discuss how to proactively address PCI Compliance in the cloud, protect intellectual property and comply with data privacy and system integrity regulations. Join this informative webinar to learn about HOSTING and Vormetric data encryption security solutions and best practices that have helped leading Fortune 500 businesses protect their sensitive data across their private, public and hybrid cloud environments!

    What you'll learn:
    • How data encryption helps prevent data breaches
    • How to address PCI compliance requirements in the cloud
    • How to safeguard cardholder information that is stored in a variety of different databases and versions
    • The HOSTING and Vormetric approach to securing data in motion and at rest
  • As if you didn’t know, today’s data center is undergoing a revolution, in large part due to two new advances: software-defined storage and hyper-convergence. Combined, the two advances offer simplicity of deployment and greater flexibility, as well as new operational efficiencies, reducing the need for IT staff specialization and creating time for bigger projects. Learn the hidden secret behind an HP hyper-converged data center, and discover how these two technologies make it possible for you to set up a virtualized server environment that can handle the hyper-growth that today’s business world imposes. And that’s just a small slice of what you’ll learn in this webinar.
  • Attend this webinar to get an overview of the exclusive on-site workshop event in Toronto to develop your own prototype.

    Starting November 2nd and lasting 5 days, this workshop combines a business use case* your company designs and the knowledge from SAP’s experts. You will have the opportunity to follow the mobile development lifecycle and learn from the experts how to use the APIs and the Platform. The goal is to leave the workshop with a working prototype of your app.

    Webinar Agenda:

    - SAP Mobile Platform, and SAP HANA Cloud Platform: Partner opportunity and Go to Market options
    - Capabilities and road map
    - Overview of workshop incl. criteria for participation
    - Call to action: How to submit your use case for the workshop
    - Next steps and resources

    *The use case must include features delivered by the SAP Mobile SDK and the SAP Mobile Platform or SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services.
  • COMLINE has updated and improved its datacenter to the next generation, based on HP Cloud Service Automation and HP Operation Orchestration. COMLINE has built a secure and highly automated hybrid cloud architecture to deliver IT services to SMEs throughout Germany from an advanced data centre. Return on investment has been achieved in less than one year along with 80% company productivity gain.

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  • Title: SAP Promotes Virtualization Technologies for Their Production Environment
  • Live at: Apr 12 2012 8:25 pm
  • Presented by: Dr. Wolfgang Krips - SVP, Global Infrastructure Services for SAP
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