Accelerate Business Growth by Transforming IT to Ensure End-User Experience

Dennis Drogseth, VP, Enterprise Management Associates; Melissa Sargeant, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, CA Technologies
User experience management has an enormous impact on the business. End users expect a flawless online experience and the ability to interact with businesses at anytime, from anywhere and through any device. IT must be able to proactively identify, diagnose and resolve performance problems before they negatively impact end users and disrupt revenue-generating services. But, the lack of real-time visibility into all end-user transactions across physical, virtual, cloud and mainframe environments as well as a limited understanding of how poorly performing end-user transactions impact business outcomes work to impede IT’s ability to ensure an exceptional end-user experience.

Join us on August 21 as Dennis Drogseth, Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) discusses the end-user experience, what it means to your bottom line, and why it has become a shared concern for both IT and the business. Melissa Sargeant, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at CA Technologies, joins Dennis to discuss why IT management should strongly consider a solution that provides a complete understanding of how application, network and infrastructure components affect service quality, so that IT organizations can not only simplify IT complexity, but also improve service quality for business partners and customers.
Aug 21 2012
63 mins
Accelerate Business Growth by Transforming IT to Ensure End-User Experience
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  • Join us for a 30-minute live session every Friday, where we’ll tour the RingCentral interface, discuss the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform, and share best practices on leveraging cloud communications for your business. This session features a live demo of RingCentral Office and an open Q&A session led by a Sales Engineer. This week tune in and learn how your employees can hold multi-point HD video meetings around the world, anytime and anywhere with RingCentral Meetings.
  • 397% de ROI , c‘est ce que vous offre l’architecture Fluid Data de Dell. C’est prouvé mais comment est-ce possible ?
  • Rob Sherwood, CTO of Big Switch Networks, will present an end-to-end open source technology stack for SDN R&D, spanning switch hardware, software and SDN controllers. He will touch on the Open Compute Projects' switch design, Open Network Linux, Project Indigo, Project Floodlight and others. He will also discuss how these projects fit together, their various evolutionary paths, and how this stack fits in the landscape of emerging commercial and open source SDN products.
  • Join Mark Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation, Troy Toman, Cloud Architect at Rackspace and Das Kamhout, IT Principal Engineer at Intel, to discuss updates on Icehouse, the latest OpenStack software release, available on Thursday, April 17. OpenStack Icehouse is the ninth release of the open source software for building public, private, and hybrid clouds. Mark will also review the next OpenStack Summit agenda taking place in Atlanta, Georgia May 12-16, 2014 at the Georgia World Conference Center.

    This webinar will cover:
    - The latest features and trends from OpenStack Icehouse
    - Updated growth metrics from the OpenStack community
    - Opportunities to learn more at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta May 12-16, 2014
  • Automation is a powerful tool. It strips time and cost out of processes, minimizes errors, and frees up skilled staff to focus on higher value activities. Most IT teams have already capitalized in some part on automation, and most IT professionals can see the potential in extending automation across the enterprise. But how do you embed automation in the company IT DNA? Where do you start in the journey from script automation towards enterprise-wide process automation?

    In this session you will learn how you can scale automation to an enterprise-level through the adoption of a Center of Excellence. Our proven approach creates a cohesive framework for automation and breaks through silos, so your organization benefits from economies of scale and the advantages that automation brings.
  • In today's multi-cloud world, do you find yourself thinking, "I really need an open source private cloud that is completely compatible with leading public clouds, i.e. AWS, GCE."

    This webinar explores the anatomy of an OpenStack-powered private cloud built with hybrid computing and DevOps in mind. Join Cloudscaling’s CEO Randy Bias and Scalr CEO Sebastian Stadil as they discuss the design considerations of a hybrid cloud environment that both IT and developers will love. Mark Williams, Redapt’s CTO (former VP of zCloud Infrastructure Operations) will also share real-world experience from implementing one of the first large-scale hybrid cloud infrastructures.

    Register today and gain insight into:
    - Building OpenStack-powered private clouds
    - Private and public cloud interoperability
    - Managing your hybrid cloud with an eye to the future
    - Lessons from the field; what works and what doesn't
  • In today's multi-cloud world, do you find yourself thinking, "I really need an open source private cloud that is completely compatible with leading public clouds, i.e. AWS, GCE."

    This webinar explores the anatomy of an OpenStack-powered private cloud built with hybrid computing and DevOps in mind. Join Cloudscaling’s CEO Randy Bias and Scalr CEO Sebastian Stadil as they discuss the design considerations of a hybrid cloud environment that both IT and developers will love. Mark Williams, Redapt’s CTO (former VP of zCloud Infrastructure Operations) will also share real-world experience from implementing one of the first large-scale hybrid cloud infrastructures.

    Register today and gain insight into:
    - Building OpenStack-powered private clouds
    - Private and public cloud interoperability
    - Managing your hybrid cloud with an eye to the future
    - Lessons from the field; what works and what doesn't
  • Join customer kCura as they describe the value of having a communities platform to create frictionless service experiences with law firms, government agencies, and litigation service providers. Learn how a self-service community experience enables customers to help each other and themselves, letting service teams focus on the big issues. All of these benefits ultimately translate into a frictionless and unified experience for all their customers!

    George Orr is the VP of Client Services for kCura. He leads strategic and implementation initiatives designed to enhance the online experience of customers.
  • Everyone knows that there are risks associated with moving enterprise data to a Cloud and everyone knows the huge potential that the analytics of Big Data can bring especially when using the Cloud, but what happens when these two converge.

    The presentation will discuss some of the security and privacy challenges associated with Big Data in the Cloud and will present a number of key initiatives that the ODCA have done to support enterprises that wish to take this step.
  • Tras crear un prototipo inicial de su aplicación para una vista previa limitada ya es hora de que el equipo pase a consolidar la arquitectura haciéndola más robusta y tolerante a los fallos antes de lanzarla oficialmente al público final.

    En este capítulo se tratan conceptos de la infraestructura de AWS tales como regiones y zonas de disponibilidad; además, se explica cómo utilizar tales características para incrementar la tolerancia de la aplicación a los fallos.

    Servicios y características tratados
    •Conceptos clave sobre infraestructura (regiones y zonas de disponibilidad)
    •Equilibro de carga elástico (Elastic Load Balancing)
    •Amazon RDS

    •Creación de una AMI basada en una instancia en ejecución
    •Creación y configuración de un equilibrador de carga elástico
    •Zonas de disponibilidad múltiples con Amazon RDS
    •Alarmas con Amazon CloudWatch
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  • Are Your Global Customers and Partners Suffering Application Experience Jetlag? Apr 30 2014 4:00 am UTC 60 mins
    As your customers and partners become increasingly global, managing the end user experience all over the world becomes increasingly challenging as well. The reality is that sometimes even when your webservers, networks and SLAs are telling you everything is ok, they might be pulling their hair out at the other end!

    With a growing number of applications being SaaS based or delivered by a managed service provider, and being accessed anywhere and anytime via mobile devices, how do you truly understand what's going on outside your own datacenter and firewall when it comes to the end user experience?

    Join Simon Campbell, Senior Consultant from CA Technologies to learn how you can precisely identify how your cloud, web or mobile applications are responding for users all over the world to give you the complete 360 degree global picture so you can quickly, easily and very cost-effectively isolate end-user experience problems down to local connectivity, page or performance issues or your own service provider and prevent a severe case of customer experience jetlag!

    In addition, this session will also cover how to:
     Manage your end user experience around the world far more proactively and effectively
     Manage the "3am problem" and test performance even when there is no live traffic
     Extend your global performance monitoring to your own Datacenters or Secure FTP
  • The Power & Payback of Unified IT Monitoring Apr 29 2014 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Empowered customers and employees are driving the adoption of newer applications, processes and technologies. The resulting increased infrastructure complexity is causing IT operational teams to re-think their monitoring approaches. No longer can they afford to settle for IT monitoring tools that are not integrated, difficult to use, complex to customize and limited in both scope and scale

    Join us for this webcast to discover how you can leverage a single, modern IT monitoring platform to measure and report on the metrics that matter the most to your business, as well as adopt and manage new customer-centric applications and technologies faster than you ever thought possible. In this webcast you will learn

    • Why unified IT monitoring is a “must” right now?
    • What is the business value of adopting a unified IT monitoring solution?
    • What benefits organizations such as yours have achieved by adopting a unified IT monitoring solution?
  • Transforming IT Operations for Business Service Reliability Recorded: Mar 26 2014 62 mins
    Businesses today have high expectations that IT Operations will assure reliability of a continuous stream of new services that drive new business models, new internal processes and new customer interaction as sources of revenue. To cope with the demands, IT Operations must optimize process and staff productivity. This challenge requires IT operations teams to transform into functions that work proactively to help the business achieve its strategic objectives.

    Get three insightful perspectives about how to quickly transform IT Operations into a more efficient and business-aligned organization:
    • Sonae, a major European retailer with global reach, will provide a case study of IT Operations transformation from traditional monitoring to a business-focused “internal” service provider.
    • Ovum, a top independent research and analysis firm, will draw from its research to provide insight into how IT Operations can evolve and become a more strategic and integrated business enabler.
    • CA Technologies, a world-leading IT management software vendor, will discuss tools for enabling IT Operations transformation.

    Learn the elements and results of transformation:
    • Comprehensive infrastructure and application monitoring
    • Unified event management
    • Cross-domain (i.e., cross-silo) service modelling, monitoring and impact analysis
    • Improved Operations Levels 1, 2 & 3 processes, incident and problem management
  • A Global Enterprise’s Case Study in IT Operational Excellence Recorded: Mar 20 2014 51 mins
    The IT environment is no longer viewed as utility, but as the vehicle for delivering services that support new business models by speeding internal processes and directly interfacing with customers. But IT Operations is caught in the middle between Development, who constantly introduces new services into production, and the Lines of Business, who expect extreme reliability of those services.

    This webcast gives you real-life role model of how an IT Operations team is transforming the way they monitor their enterprise, how they handle incidents and problems and, ultimately, how they show value to departments, lines of business, executives and customers.

    See how Lexmark, known worldwide for its printer products, is currently undergoing a major transformation that will take it from a manufacturing and supply chain organization to a printing solutions and software provider. The ability to see the impact of an individual issue on critical processes is helping Lexmark improve services and even avoid incidents before they happen. In their own words, “The focus has shifted away from checking components in silos to ensuring that the end-to-end process works, which is helping improve service internally and to customers.”

    Learn the elements and results of transformation:
    • Comprehensive infrastructure and application monitoring
    • Cross-domain (i.e., cross-silo) business service modeling, monitoring and impact analysis
    • Improved Operations Levels 1 and 2 processes, incident and problem management
  • Stop Traffic Jams! Know How, What and Where Network Traffic Is Flowing Recorded: Mar 5 2014 59 mins
    Do you have visibility into all the applications running on your network, their traffic patterns and bandwidth consumption? For critical business services and applications it is essential to understand exactly how your network is being used and to effectively manage resources to meet availability and performance expectations.

    Join Wilson Leong, Sr Principal Consultant at CA Technologies on this webcast, to learn how the CA Network Flow Analysis (NFA) solution provides you the capability to understand how, what and where network traffic is flowing across your production environment to ensure you:

    • Solve performance problems faster with complete visibility of network consumption
    • Optimise the network infrastructure for application performance with effective workload scheduling and QoS policies
    • Make more-informed infrastructure investments by understanding the impact of application rollouts and future capacity requirements
  • APM: Bridging the Gap between User Expectations and IT’s Ability to Deliver Recorded: Feb 25 2014 44 mins
    In the 4th annual survey that CIO’s IDG Research Services conducted with their community members, it is not surprising to find that, consistent with previous years’ results, IT organizations are putting an ever increasing importance on the ability to meet user expectations.

    What may be surprising, however, are data that reveal a significant disconnect between those expectations and IT’s ability to actually meet them, as well as the answer to where IT organizations need to focus their efforts in order to bridge that gap.

    Please join for a review of CIO’s newest APM best practices survey and year over year comparison with Senior Editor at IDG's Custom Solutions Group, Bill Laberis, and Aruna Ravichandran, Vice President , Product Marketing at CA Technologies and learn the secrets to bridge the gap between the promise of APM and its reality today.
  • STOP Finger-Pointing! Know EXACTLY if it’s the Application, Network or Server Recorded: Feb 20 2014 60 mins
    For many IT Operations Teams, by the time you’re alerted to application performance issues, your end-users have already been impacted. And in many cases, the only performance analysis you can do is live at the very same time that the incident is happening! Even worse, sometimes you just have to wait until the incident happens again to try and really understand the cause of the problem.

    With such limited performance data available to you, it’s only a matter of time before the blame game and finger pointing starts between groups – “It’s probably the Server”… “I reckon it’s the Network”… “I bet it’s the Application” Sound familiar??!!

    Join Wilson Leong, Senior Principal Consultant from CA Technologies to learn how to troubleshoot Application Delivery problems in just minutes rather than hours (or even days!) by having the right objective data you need to quickly stop the blame game, start remediating the problem and prove the ongoing performance of your applications delivered over the enterprise network.

    In addition, this session will also cover how to:
    - Take a far more proactive “Performance First” approach to your IT Operations
    = Mitigate risks from any planned infrastructure changes or new application roll-outs
    - Validate performance before you move applications to a virtual or cloud environment
    - Validate any WAN or WAAS optimization, load balancing, or upgrade efforts
  • The Unique APAC Business Challenge - Driving cost-effective remote IT Recorded: Feb 18 2014 58 mins
    Enterprises looking to take advantage of high growth Asia Pacific markets today are faced with the complexity of managing local data sovereignty and protection laws, all whilst delivering reliable system performance to support local operations.

    With many organisations forced to operate in a dispersed APAC model; with multiple points of presence across the region; each underpinned by IT infrastructure and data centers, this invariably forces levels of inefficiency, costly overheads and unpredictability in system availability and performance.

    Join Peter Sharples and Will Barrera on this webcast for insights to overcome the unique APAC business challenge and bring together system and data center visibility to effectively manage the performance, cost and planning of dispersed IT environments.

    In addition, this session will also cover:

    • Top 3 challenges facing APAC-wide businesses
    • Benefits of remote and standardized IT management
    • Impact of local laws, available skill and staff churn on effective remote site management
    • Insights to manage data center capacity, power and communications access in developing countries
  • How Accenture Helps Its Customers Deliver Business Service Reliability Recorded: Feb 6 2014 59 mins
    In this Webcast, we’ll talk with Accenture’s application performance management experts to learn the challenges facing their clients, how Accenture helps solve the issues and share best practices for getting the most out of your APM investment. We’ll also discuss how industry trends around cloud deployments and DevOps adoption are impacting IT management from a tools, people and process perspective.
  • SaaS Versus On-Premise…Deployment Reality Recorded: Feb 5 2014 39 mins
    Webinar 2 builds upon the information presented in the Webinar 1: SaaS Versus On-Premise…What Are My Options? In Webinar 2, we take a deeper dive into the decision making process that leads to the right model for your enterprise systems or utility services.

    Some of the issues that need analysis when making a cloud/no-cloud decision include analysis of the costs, understanding the use cases, looking at security and governance, and the value of time-to-market and agility. The idea is to weigh the positives and the negatives, understand the core metrics, and then make a decision based upon the best available information.

    We’ll explore how to understand the deployment realities when considering an on-premises versus SaaS solution. We’ll suggest a decision model and step-by-step process to define the core metrics for the decision, and provide some helpful experiences from the trenches from those who have made these critical calls in the last several years.

    Topics covered include:

    •Step 1: Comparing Costs
    •Step 2: Understanding Use Cases
    •Step 3: Considering Security and Governance
    •Step 4: Considering Time-to-Market and Agility
    •Step 5: Pulling the Trigger
    •Step 6: Considering Operations
  • Fundamentals of Service Virtualization Technology Recorded: Jan 30 2014 38 mins
    Service Virtualization, a fundamentally new technique in software development, complements existing technologies and methodologies. DevOps organizations are adopting Service Virtualization to accelerate software projects, for higher quality and lower cost of development.
    Join resident expert, Akshay Rao, Principal Pre-Sales Consultant to learn how to leverage Service Virtualization to model and simulate application behavior in pre-production environments which can improve application quality, lower development risk and get applications to market faster.

    Attendees of this webcast will:
    • Understand the basics of Service Virtualization
    • Learn how to create synergies among development and operation groups
  • Become an APM Rock Star Recorded: Jan 29 2014 64 mins
    Looking to take your application performance management use to the next level? In this webcast, CA Technologies Michael Sydor, engineering services architect and author of APM Best Practices, will share numerous tips and practices to help you get the most out of your APM investment and deliver the application and service experience your customer expect. Among the topics covered:

    • How to monitor a single application in as little as 2 hours a month
    • How to efficiently expand your APM efforts to hundreds of applications and business services

    Whether you’re just getting started with APM or have been using it for years, this webcast will help you improve your efforts and get more value out of your investment.
  • SaaS Versus On-Premise…What Are My Options? Recorded: Jan 23 2014 44 mins
    The growth of cloud computing is due largely to the growth of software-as-a-service (SaaS). The SaaS consumption model, in many cases, provides more agility and cost efficiencies than traditional methods of consuming software. While SaaS is indeed a consideration, there are instances where it’s just not a fit. Recognizing when to go SaaS and when to stay on-premise is a problem that enterprises will wrestle with now and into the future, as cloud computing continues to gather momentum.

    The truth is that the SaaS model is not always a good fit, and neither are traditional approaches to software deployment and operations. You have to consider many options, requirements, and technologies to understand what’s right for your specific needs.

    In this Webinar, we’ll take the mystery out of how to select SaaS-delivered solutions or traditional on-premise approaches. We’ll explore the requirements to consider, and the types of technologies available.

    Topic covered, include:

    •Defining the options, including SaaS and on-premise
    •Understanding the technology options
    •Understanding the cost advantages
    •Understanding fit-for-purpose
    •Charting a path to the right decision
  • Are you throwing millions of dollars out the window on un-needed hardware? Recorded: Dec 18 2013 58 mins
    Today’s IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver exceptional service quality while squeezing every penny out of flat or declining budgets. Long gone are the days of purchasing additional server horsepower as an insurance policy to support peaks in workload. Today, IT has to be able to extract the most out of their existing infrastructure while ensuring that the business load can be supported reliably and with solid performance levels. Join us to learn how the CA Capacity Management solution makes it easy to evaluate the current state of capacity utilization and achieve optimization and efficiency across high-volume physical, virtual, and cloud environments. This can be achieved while simultaneously helping organizations to reduce CapEx (capital expenditures) and OpEx (operating expenditures) associated with hardware, software, power, and cooling. In addition, the solution enables IT organizations to predict the impact of workload increases, architectural changes, or new application deployments while right-sizing the resources needed to meet business demands.
  • Fact or Fiction: Traditional APM is Enough To Keep Pace with Growing Complexity Recorded: Dec 12 2013 39 mins
    Your applications aren’t getting any easier and the systems they run on aren’t getting less complicated. Growing businesses mean growing IT infrastructures and increasing complexity. To ensure business service reliability and an excellent customer experience, your application performance management tools must be able to keep pace with the changes, growth and complexity. Is traditional APM – using thresholds and baselines to alert for possible failure – enough or is more needed? In this Webcast, featured guest J.P. Garbani, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., examines what is driving complexity, why it’s making ensuring business service performance more difficult and what is required to keep pace now and into the future.
  • Streamlining IT Operations To Preserve Business Revenue Recorded: Dec 11 2013 36 mins
    Join us for a discussion with Brad Morse of Digital Globe who will present how they are solving the complex problems of IT operations through the use of proactive monitoring and automation. Learn how CA Nimsoft Monitor helps DigitalGlobe avoid system outages and proactively identify problems to help them preserve their revenue stream, reduce costs and risk to their business of providing sophisticated satellite imaging.
  • Framework for Transforming IT Customer Experience Recorded: Dec 6 2013 43 mins
    Today's business climate demands improved customer experience and nearly every customer experience is fueled by technology in some way.

    In some cases, customers’ perceptions of your company may be formed based solely on their interactions with IT systems, so IT success is critical to winning customer experience.

    During this webcast, we’ll discuss the framework, best practices and methodologies that can help IT transform from simply assuring component availability to assuring successful customer interactions.
  • A Practical Guide for IT Transformation to Next-Gen Service Operations Centers Recorded: Dec 5 2013 44 mins
    Based on “lessons learned in the field,” here’s a practical guide for transforming IT operations from a silo’d, technology alarm-driven organization to a more proactive business service-oriented organization.

    You’ll leave this session with a field-proven outline of a best-practice strategy for deploying application and infrastructure monitoring with more scope and depth -- and how to combine that data to visualize services end-to-end and manage their quality better.

    In addition to giving you monitoring advice, this Practical Guide shows you how to establish better processes and communication across your IT operations teams and levels of engineering support.

    Case studies will illustrate IT organizations’ road to higher IT maturity and their return on investments in new tools and processes.
  • Ensuring Mission and Business Critical Application Performance Recorded: Dec 5 2013 64 mins
    Learn from Harley Davidson and other industry experts how SAP® Extended Diagnostics by CA and CA APM can help you proactively monitor your SAP and non-SAP environments while enhancing the overall end-user experience and system uptime. Find out how you can perform centralized, proactive monitoring, as well as faster root-cause analysis across your entire enterprise, including SAP Business Suite, SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects software, and SAP Mobile Platform, as well as those non-SAP applications tied to your overall business processes. Speakers will include Andreas Gloege, Vice President, SAP, Mike Sydor, Sr. Architect, CA Technologies and Mike Yamaguchi, Sr. Entrerprise Architect, Harley Davidson.

    The first fifty attendees of the session will receive a complimentary copy of Mike Sydor’s book, “APM Best Practices: Realizing Application Performance Management.”
  • Business Service Reliability–Changing the Way IT Delivers Value to the Business Recorded: Nov 20 2013 62 mins
    IT organizations have traditionally focused on maintaining the availability of their technology components, measuring success by internal uptime metrics rather than the overall reliability of their business services and the related customer interactions. But today’s IT environments are complex. A simple web transaction might involve a chain of dozens or even hundreds of different systems and one break in the chain can cause a failure that translates to a painful experience for your customers.

    In today’s rapidly changing business climate of empowered consumers, commoditized products, and intense competition, painful customer experiences can mean rapid and pervasive damage to your brand. Thriving in this climate means shifting focus to providing exceptional customer experience, recognizing the critical role that IT plays in making a successful customer interaction happen.

    Join these panelists as they discuss their journey to develop a new approach to how IT provides essential business services. You’ll learn about the challenges associated with developing a vision and strategy for improving reliability and putting the supporting structure and process in place, as well as the benefits of consistently delivering service reliability to support strategic business initiatives.
Resource center to help IT professionals optimize IT performance
The ever-increasing complexity of the technology landscape, coupled with stagnant or decreasing budgets, has many organizations looking for ways to manage complexity, improve cycle times and reduce service delivery costs.

To close the gap between flat budgets and the growing demand for IT operations to support new business services, IT departments are starting to move from a technology-centric to a service-centric model to think and act more holistically about how they relate to the business.

This resource center offers information and real world examples of how organizations can transform IT to simplify and optimize service quality and reduce delivery costs to ultimately drive innovation and growth for the business.

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  • Title: Accelerate Business Growth by Transforming IT to Ensure End-User Experience
  • Live at: Aug 21 2012 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dennis Drogseth, VP, Enterprise Management Associates; Melissa Sargeant, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, CA Technologies
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