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Cloud Computing

  • Game Over Ransomware, Wie Malwarebytes Ihren Tag rettet
    Game Over Ransomware, Wie Malwarebytes Ihren Tag rettet Helge Husemann Recorded: Sep 25 2017 62 mins
    Unternehmensendpunkte stehen unter ständigem Angriff. Eine erfolgreiche Malware-Infektion bietet den festen Cyber-Kriminellen, die die sensiblen Daten einer Organisation stehlen müssen. Obwohl Ransomware selbst weit von einer neuen Bedrohung entfernt ist, mit einem beispiellosen Wachstum von 267% im letzten Jahr allein, ist es eindeutig schnell zu den Cyber-Kriminellen aktuelle Waffe der Wahl.
  • Fireside Chat: Lessons Learned from Facebook
    Fireside Chat: Lessons Learned from Facebook Ashish Thusoo, CEO/Co-Founder, Qubole & Horia Margarit, Resident Data Scientist, Qubole Recorded: Sep 22 2017 48 mins
    In the final session of Data Platforms Online 2017, Ashish Thusoo will offer some of his highlights from the week’s sessions, pick out some emerging themes and trends, and answer questions from the audience. Ashish built the original data team at Facebook, is a co-author of Apache Hive, co-author of “Building a Data Driven Enterprise with DataOps” and CEO of Qubole. He’ll be moderated by Horia Margarit, resident Data Scientist at Qubole. Get your questions ready for what will be a lively and entertaining discussion!
  • Big Data Trends with Oracle Bare Metal Cloud
    Big Data Trends with Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Andrew Reichman, Sr. Director of Cloud Strategy, Oracle Recorded: Sep 22 2017 36 mins
    Cloud has changed the game when it comes to data analytics. Previously, organizations had to lock themselves into a particular architecture and level of capacity for three to seven years and do all the lifting themselves. Cloud on the other hand allows them to experiment with different hardware and software options, get more of the solution as a service and scale up and down to meet project spikes and accelerate busy jobs at will. This makes it much more viable for any company to get the advantages of advanced analytics against large data sets, without an oversize IT staff or huge capital investments.

    Oracle cloud is specifically designed to help enterprises take advantage of cloud for data analytics—it offers massive non-variable performance, predictable low cost and broad choice of deployment and software options. Oracle and Qubole work together to deliver a new breed of data platform—capable of taming the scale, performance, cost and complexity issues associated with gaining business insight from data of all types.

    Watch this webinar to understand:
    - Summary of industry trends for big data on the cloud
    - How Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is optimized for big data workloads from a cost, performance and flexibility perspective
    - How Oracle Cloud Big Data solutions compare with on-premises and competing cloud options
  • Untangling the Cloud Services Hairball
    Untangling the Cloud Services Hairball James Curtis, Senior Analyst - Data Platforms & Analytics, 451 Research Recorded: Sep 22 2017 25 mins
    The question is not much whether to migrate to the cloud or not. That question has likely already been answered by many organizations and the answer is a resounding full steam ahead. But the start of the journey can be daunting especially with a lot of ‘as-a-service’ terminology floating around. Please join James Curtis, senior analyst at 451 Research, as he discusses not only some industry trends and what many organizations are doing but also a simplified approach to understanding cloud services and how that might best fit your organization. Because it’s not so much buyer beware; it’s more about buyer understand.
  • 10 inTech interview with Dominic Wellington, Chief Evangelist at Moogsoft
    10 inTech interview with Dominic Wellington, Chief Evangelist at Moogsoft IT Chronicles Media Recorded: Sep 22 2017 14 mins
    Dominic chats to the Ten in Tech team about the ever increasing pace of IT proliferation, how AI Ops can help system administrators to keep pace with the change in IT operations and how to integrate new IT management techniques into existing enterprise environments.
  • BS-free Data Science
    BS-free Data Science Aman Naimat, Senior Vice President, Technology, Demandbase Recorded: Sep 22 2017 45 mins
    There is a surge in hype around Artificial Intelligence. Startups are raising hundreds of millions of dollars by bedazzling investors with Deep Learning, word embeddings, and reinforcement learning. This is a distraction from the very real problems that data and AI can solve if done right. By working across dozens of machine learning problems that are live in the real world, I’ve worked out the most common problems encountered and recurring design patterns on how to solve real-world problems using AI as a tool. This talk will arm you with a perspective on how to get pragmatic solutions with AI today.
  • Get "Datopia": Transforming to an Agile Data Culture
    Get "Datopia": Transforming to an Agile Data Culture Tripp Smith, Chief Technical Officer, Clarity Recorded: Sep 22 2017 35 mins
    This webinar is focused on:
    - Increasing collaborative friction between engineers, analysts, and business
    - Process-driven iteration i.e. balancing agility with discipline
    - Making the quantitative business case for moving from big bang to continuous enhancement (convincing your CFO/CIO to shift from CapEx to OpEx)
    - Case studies and outcomes from our clients
  • Modern Data Architecture with AWS
    Modern Data Architecture with AWS Pratap Ramamurthy, Partner Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services Recorded: Sep 21 2017 29 mins
    Today’s organizations are tasked with managing multiple data types, coming from a wide variety of sources. Faced with massive volumes and heterogeneous types of data, organizations are finding that in order to deliver insights in a timely manner, they need a data storage and analytics solution that offers more agility and flexibility than traditional data management systems. Every use case might be different and different use cases might need different tools. AWS provides a variety of options for your needs from RDS, EMR, Redshift, Athena and Quicksight. In this talk we will discuss the different technologies available on AWS and its application.
  • Amplifying Retail with Big Data and The Cloud
    Amplifying Retail with Big Data and The Cloud Carter Bradford, Senior Vice President, Precocity Recorded: Sep 21 2017 29 mins
    Once considered the "black magic" of digitally-born retailers like Amazon, personalizing the customer experience has now become table stakes for any retailer interested in surviving in the era of digital transformation. the techniques, tools and scalable platforms necessary to optimize customer interactions are now available and accessible for use by companies of any shape or size. We'll discuss how the use of big data technology in the cloud eases the implementation of common retail use cases as well as how it helps to avoid typical pitfalls.
  • Using data analytics to drive your business ahead of the competition
    Using data analytics to drive your business ahead of the competition Cory Minton, Dell EMC; Steven Totman, Cloudera; Parviz Peiravi, Intel; and Nick Curcuru, Mastercard Recorded: Sep 21 2017 57 mins
    The most important topics in business today are focused on data analytics, security, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
    How can leveraging data analytics to enable these strategic technology trends to drive your digital transformation and elevate your business? Where are you in adopting and implementing key strategies for driving your business ahead of the competition?
    Join industry leaders in data analytics including MasterCard, Cloudera, Dell EMC and Intel for a candid panel discussion on ways to drive success in business today. Examine the economic value of data and how you can use that data to build and protect your organization. Hear how data analytics strategies drive entirely new revenue streams, how security supports strategies, how data consolidation enables growth, and how insights from data elevate customer interactions.
  • Bringing DevOps to the World of Data Science
    Bringing DevOps to the World of Data Science Sridhar Alla, Big Data Architect, Comcast Recorded: Sep 21 2017 38 mins
    We will look at how DevOps is making Data Science more mainstream with automation, release trains, agility and operational readiness. In this talk, we will look at the various tools and techniques in building a successful Data Science practice and how DevOps can be introduced to provide Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment of Data Science Models.
  • Real-time Analytics on Streaming Data with Azure Stream Analytics
    Real-time Analytics on Streaming Data with Azure Stream Analytics Krishna Mamidipaka, Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft Azure Recorded: Sep 21 2017 43 mins
    Continuous streams of data are generated in every industry from sensors, manufacturing IoT devices, business transactions, social media, network devices, clickstream logs, and more. Found within these streams of data are critical business insights that are waiting to be unlocked. Attend this session and learn how customers are creating solutions for fleet monitoring, smart grid, network monitoring, recommendations, and other real-time solutions to analyze multiple concurrent streams of data-in-motion into insights and actions for competitive advantage.

    In this session you will see demos and learn how services like Azure Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, Machine Learning, and other Azure services work seamlessly together to create your end to end real-time analytics solutions.
  • 4 Hybrid data storage strategies for healthcare providers.
    4 Hybrid data storage strategies for healthcare providers. Marc Keating, Director of Technology & Alliance Strategy; Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance Recorded: Sep 21 2017 54 mins
    Healthcare providers have specific and unique requirements around storing and accessing sensitive patient data and meeting HIPAA compliance. But this shouldn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the cost and scalability benefits of the cloud. In this webinar, we’ll discuss four common questions healthcare providers ask when they’re thinking of moving to the cloud and the corresponding strategies to employ a hybrid cloud approach.
  • Protection of ePHI Not Making the Grade?   Automate Risk and Compliance
    Protection of ePHI Not Making the Grade? Automate Risk and Compliance Anupam Sahai, Vice President Product Management, Cavirin Systems Recorded: Sep 21 2017 29 mins
    Is your cybersecurity protection making the grade? Healthcare rates a 'C' in security, almost half of US residents have been compromised, and the end-user impact is tens of billions of dollars a year.

    An easy first step is understanding the attack vectors and automating HIPAA technical controls. This automation lets you quickly understand your baseline security posture both on-premise and within the public cloud, where you have gaps, and how to remediate them.
  • Azure Machine Learning and R to Speed-up Data Science Projects
    Azure Machine Learning and R to Speed-up Data Science Projects Scott Donohoo, Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft, & Erik Zwiefel, Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft Recorded: Sep 21 2017 34 mins
    This session will cover how Azure Machine Learning and R can help data scientists overcome the following challenges:
    - Development Time - Dramatically reduce the time of running initial ML experiment validations.
    - Performance - Option for best in class performance.

    For deeper data science needs the session will explore how hard core data scientists can leverage R to attack the most complex scenarios.
  • How CardinalCommerce Significantly Improved Data Pipeline Speeds by 200%
    How CardinalCommerce Significantly Improved Data Pipeline Speeds by 200% Christopher Baird from CardinalCommerce Recorded: Sep 21 2017 61 mins
    CardinalCommerce was acquired by Visa earlier this year for its critical role in payments authentication. Through predictive analytics and machine learning, Cardinal measures performance and behavior of the entire authentication process across checkout, issuing and ecosystem partners to recommend actions, reduce fraud and drive frictionless digital commerce.

    With Databricks, CardinalCommerce simplified data engineering to improve the performance of their ETL pipeline by 200% while reducing operational costs significantly via automation, seamless integration with key technologies, and improved process efficiencies.

    Join this webinar to learn how CardinalCommerce was able to:
    -Simplify access to data across the organization
    -Accelerate data processing by 200%
    -Reduce EC2 costs through faster performance and automated infrastructure
    -Visualize performance metrics to customers and stakeholders
  • The Four Requirements of a Cloud-Era File System
    The Four Requirements of a Cloud-Era File System Storage Switzerland, Nasuni Recorded: Sep 21 2017 63 mins
    File systems are the heart of most organizations. They’re how critical unstructured data assets are stored, organized, and shared. But with files exploding in size and quantity as well as the cloud offering potentially cheaper and more scalable storage than traditional NAS, a new set of requirements is needed. Is your file system ready? Find out in this live webinar.
  • Investigation or Exasperation? The State of Security Operations
    Investigation or Exasperation? The State of Security Operations Duncan Brown, Associate Vice President, Security Practice, IDC & Jae Lee, Security Product Marketing, Splunk Recorded: Sep 21 2017 45 mins
    Cyberattacks are top of mind for organizations across the globe. In fact, 62 percent* of firms are being attacked at least weekly and 145 percent are experiencing a rise in the number of security threats. But do organizations have the processes in place to investigate and effectively respond to these incidents? IDC recently surveyed security decision makers at 600 organizations to understand the state of security operations today.

    Join this webinar to hear from guest speaker Duncan Brown, associate vice president, security practice, IDC, and Jae Lee, security product marketing, Splunk, and discover:

    ● The time and associated cost security teams spend on incident response and how you compare to your peers
    ● How organizations are coping with an average of 40 actionable security incidents per week
    ● Where teams are focusing their security efforts
    ● Why an analytics-driven approach can make security investigation more efficient and effective, reducing costs and improving security posture
  • Data Governance, Discovery, & Lineage in a Heterogeneous Streaming Platform
    Data Governance, Discovery, & Lineage in a Heterogeneous Streaming Platform Barbara Eckman, Principal Data Architect, Comcast Recorded: Sep 21 2017 42 mins
    Data governance, discovery and lineage help data scientists find and integrate data of interest to uncover otherwise hidden trends, anomalies, and powerful predictors of business successes and failures. Comcast’s Streaming Data Platform comprises a wide variety of ingest, transformation, and storage services. Peer-reviewed Apache Avro schemas support end-to-end data governance. Apache Atlas is our metadata repository for data discovery and lineage. We have extended Atlas with custom data and process types, eg.: avro schemas; AWS S3 buckets and prefixes; kafka topics; and kinesis streams. Custom asynchronous messaging libraries notify Atlas of new data and schema entities and lineage links as they are created.
  • Accelerate the BusDevOps Cycle with Storyteller and HPE ALM
    Accelerate the BusDevOps Cycle with Storyteller and HPE ALM Susan D'Angelo Recorded: Sep 21 2017 52 mins
    Agile works well for small, co-located teams that can hover around sticky notes on a Kanban board, and collaborate on-demand. But as initiatives become more complex, and teams become dispersed, Agile can be difficult to scale across the enterprise.

    What’s missing in Agile practices today is the ability to see the whole picture. With user stories as the source of record for an application, it’s hard to connect all the dots to see the complete functionality of a feature or capability. Think about the new team who will be developing additional features on that capability - where can they learn everything it does today? How will they know the impact their changes will have on that capability or potentially other capabilities? How will they collaborate on those changes and get them reviewed in a timely manner? How will your business stakeholder understand the impact of new those changes to the overall business process? Storyteller provides a centralized reusable searchable repository of exiting business and technical process models and requirements (business, non-functional and regulatory). In addition we also offer rich visualization, collaboration and review functionalities. These base capabilities are being used today to address the questions above. And - we do it in a way that everyone can understand from Business Stakeholders down to developers and testers.

    Storyteller is a key player in Enterprise Agile. We bridge the business gaps in the current agile process. For companies struggling with Agile Transformation, we providing guardrails around writing user stories and feature decomposition. Project teams can save time and effort by using our user story and test plan generation which can them be automatically synched over to ALM tools. We are also a key player in the BizDevOps chain by providing that upfront business alignment so what is produced though “Dev” and delivered and maintained by “Ops” is exactly what “Biz” wanted.
  • CIS Checklist: How to Secure macOS like a Pro
    CIS Checklist: How to Secure macOS like a Pro Nick Thompson, Product Manager, Jamf Recorded: Sep 21 2017 30 mins
    The Center for Internet Security (CIS), a well-known independent organization, provides a recommended checklist for best securing macOS. Widely considered the standard in the security industry, organizations that adhere to the CIS checklist reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and maximize the protection of their computers and infrastructure. So how do organizations ensure they are implementing the guidelines correctly?

    In our webinar, CIS Checklist: How to Secure macOS like a Pro, we’ll explain how organizations can leverage and put to use the CIS checklist recommendations — in conjunction with Jamf Pro — to meet industry regulations and keep their Mac environment secure.

    We’ll cover:

    •An overview of the CIS checklist and why it’s important
    •Ways to accomplish specific tasks outlined in the security checklist
    •The impact on users when Macs are properly secured
    •Other security standards in the industry and how to meet them

    About the Presenter:

    Nick Thompson is on the product team at Jamf, an Apple device management solution for IT professionals. Nick is passionate about technology in the enterprise and closely follows the enterprise mobility management industry. He previously worked at Apple helping companies implement Mac and iOS deployments.
  • Architecting your Software: How Cloud & Containers Impact Data Center Networks
    Architecting your Software: How Cloud & Containers Impact Data Center Networks Andre Kindness, Forrester analyst and Brian O'Sullivan, Cumulus Networks Recorded: Sep 21 2017 47 mins
    Join Cumulus Networks and guest speaker Andre Kindness from Forrester as we explore the latest technology shifts in data centers today. As cloud, containers, microservices and other technologies become more and more mainstream, software must be architected in new ways to address these smaller components.

    All of this is impacting the the data center network, and we will talk through some of the ways that organizations can address the changes in the ever more complex data center. If you are an I&O professional, watch this webinar to see how you can simplify deployment and maintenance in the modern data center.
  • Adding intelligence to your Digital Transformation process
    Adding intelligence to your Digital Transformation process Brent Leary, Co-founder and partner of CRM Essentials LLC; Co-presenter: Matt Tharp, Chief Evangelist at bpm’online Recorded: Sep 21 2017 63 mins
    Bpm'online invites you to a free webinar “Adding intelligence to your Digital Transformation process: driving innovation and flexibility” with Brent Leary, one of the most influential CRM industry experts, as a guest speaker.

    Today 87% of businesses treat Digital Transformation as their competitive opportunity, however, only 10% of companies describe themselves as fully digital.

    Bpm’online has invited Brent Leary, one of the most regarded industry experts, to share his expertise on how to tackle the challenges of Digital Transformation and how intelligent technology impacts the future business landscape.

    • Best practices in strategy execution: how to upgrade your Digital Transformation strategy with Artificial Intelligence.
    • How companies will have to adjust and adopt new ways of thinking to stay connected with customers and serve them moving forward.
    • Why AI is destined to change how businesses engage with customers forever and how to respond to this change.
    • How intelligent technology can enrich your customer engagement strategy by providing profound insights and better workflow visibility.
    • How today’s intelligent CRM solutions are driving growth for organizations from various industries.

    Featured Guest Speaker: BRENT LEARY, Co-founder and partner of CRM Essentials LLC
    Co-presenter: MATT THARP, Chief Evangelist at bpm’online

    Don’t miss out the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge on how to accelerate your time-to-strategy execution with intelligent technology powered by AI from one of the most regarded industry experts!
  • Cloud Security in 30 Minutes
    Cloud Security in 30 Minutes Michael Landewe, Cofounder Avanan Recorded: Sep 21 2017 25 mins
    If you are considering a CASB or email MTA gateway, you should see this video first. Securing Office 365, GSuite, Amazon and every other SaaS and IaaS has never been easier. Protect your data from malware, data leakage and malicious users.

    In this webinar, we will describe the next generation Security-as-a-Service platform that makes it easy to protect your data with the industry's highest rated technology for anti-phishing, sandboxing, antivirus, file sanitization, data leak prevention, compliance and more.

    About Avanan: Any SaaS | Any Security | One Click
    Avanan, The Cloud Security Platform, protects data in any SaaS. Partnering with the industry's most trusted security vendors, Avanan offers cloud-native versions of the most advanced technology to protect against malware, phishing, ransomware, data leakage, insider threats and more. The cloud-based platform is completely out-of-band and can be deployed in one click.
  • 10 inTech with Rob Akershoek, Solution Architect IT4IT
    10 inTech with Rob Akershoek, Solution Architect IT4IT IT Chronicles Media Recorded: Sep 21 2017 13 mins
    Rob talks to the Ten in Tech team about the Open Group, their mandates and why IT4IT is needed as a standard to enable the digital enterprise and manage digital disruption.
  • Shifting sands: buyers are changing the rules of buying – adapt now or die!
    Shifting sands: buyers are changing the rules of buying – adapt now or die! Dr Lucy Green CEO and Melanie Foster from Larato Sep 25 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Four in ten planned technology purchases don’t happen. Buyers struggle to buy in the way they want to. The result? They choose not to purchase and that’s a lose-lose for buyer and supplier.
    Buyers say they don’t feel they have been guided well enough for them to be confident in making a purchase. The ground simply isn’t solid enough.
    Join Dr Lucy Green and Melanie Foster from Larato and our guest technology buyer to learn what buyers want their technology suppliers to do to help them buy. Want to secure more sales? This is the webinar to attend!
  • Defending your endpoints from attacks starts with effective patch management
    Defending your endpoints from attacks starts with effective patch management Thomas Hemker, CISSP, CISM, CISA Director Security Strategy, CTO Office Symantec Sep 26 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Like many other attacks, the high-profile cyberattacks this year (Wannacrry, NotPetya) have exploited vulnerabilities for which patches and updates already existed.

    Register for this short webinar for an overview on the biggest attacks of the year and learn more about how Symantec Patch Management provides visibility and compliance across today’s heterogenous environments to protect against similar attacks in the future.
  • The Blockchain Bubble: Identifying viable  opportunities for blockchain
    The Blockchain Bubble: Identifying viable opportunities for blockchain Joe Pindar, CTO Office Director of Strategy Sep 26 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Blockchain technology is popping up everywhere from the currency market to smart contracts. The growth in the technology is evident from the investments being made, for example, PwC estimated that in the last nine last nine months of 2016, $1.4 billion had been invested globally in blockchain startups. This stems from its potential to enable efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities based on moving to a decentralized approach and away from the current centralized systems. With all the hype around blockchain, companies need to cut through the hype and ask the question - when does blockchain actually make business sense?

    Blockchain is not a silver bullet and cannot solve every problem. There is also the added complexity of managing the security of many distributed nodes can only be justified by gaining business benefits from using blockchain. In this webinar, we will look at a business qualifying approach to blockchain to help you evaluate valid blockchain use cases and identify the security needs surrounding blockchain operations. Join us to learn more on:
    •Securing blockchain from the edge to the core
    •The operational benefits and pitfalls of blockchain technology
    •Our 4 step qualification process for blockchain business opportunities:
    1.Is there an established business process?
    2.Are there more 3 parties involved – i.e. is it a distributed problem?
    3.Is it important that the data being exchanged is trusted and considered to be factually accurate?
    4.Would automation improve the performance of the process?
  • Evaluating CASB - Five Use Cases to Consider
    Evaluating CASB - Five Use Cases to Consider Aaron Smith, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Security, Forcepoint Sep 26 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Your organization has a cloud-first imperative. You know that traditional, perimeter defenses will not protect employees using cloud applications. This webcast discusses five emerging use cases and how to address them while keeping employees, partners, and clients productive.

    - Discovery of Shadow IT
    - Managing any vs. all cloud applications
    - Securing users anywhere
    - Protecting the data, wherever it flows
    - UEBA in the cloud - it's more important than you think
  • Hitting Your Data Protection Sweet Spot
    Hitting Your Data Protection Sweet Spot Storage Switzerland, Carbonite Sep 26 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The data protection process sometimes has objectives that seem to be in opposition to one another. On one side, the organization needs rapid and frequent data captures so that RPOs and RTOs are met. On the other side, there is a need for cost effective long term retention so that the organization is protected from ransomware. Finding the right balance between these extremes is called hitting the data protection sweet spot. In this live webinar, experts from Storage Switzerland and Carbonite will help you get there.
  • Making the Digital Transformation a Reality
    Making the Digital Transformation a Reality Laura DuBois, IDC & Ashvin Naik, Dell EMC Sep 26 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Making Digital transformation real is a tough challenge for most businesses. A successful strategy is to start with a data platform that simplifies data collection, consolidation, protection and preservation which further drives insights, and services at scale. Laura Dubois, Group Vice President of Storage, Servers, and Infrastructure at IDC joins us to discuss why organizations should be prioritizing the data platform as they embark on their digital transformation journey.
    In this webinar you will learn about industry trends that are reshaping how IT is used as a strategic asset extracting the value of your data effectively. You will also learn about how Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) can build on insights to modernize and build cloud native applications accelerating your move to the third platform and beyond.
  • Running a Database on Cloud Infrastructure with MariaDB and 451 Research
    Running a Database on Cloud Infrastructure with MariaDB and 451 Research Matt Aslett, Research Director at 451 Research & Shane Johnson, Dr Dir Product Marketing at MariaDB Sep 26 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Are you ready for data in the cloud?

    There are a lot of benefits to running databases on cloud infrastructure – reduced costs, fewer capital expenses and better agility. It’s easier, faster and less expensive to deploy and/or scale databases on cloud infrastructure. However, there are important considerations to understand when it comes to databases in the cloud, public or private.

    MariaDB TX (OLTP) and MariaDB AX (OLAP) are great database solutions for cloud infrastructure. In fact, according to the most recent OpenStack User Survey (April 2017), MariaDB is the most widely deployed database on OpenStack.

    In this webinar, MariaDB and 451 Research will discuss why companies are moving to cloud infrastructure, what you need to know in order to be successful and why MariaDB database solutions are a great fit for the cloud.

    Join us to learn about:

    •The benefits of cloud infrastructure
    •Key considerations before moving to the cloud
    •Getting started on AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • WannaCry & Petya - Where do we go from here?
    WannaCry & Petya - Where do we go from here? Carl Leonard, Principal Security Analyst, Forcepoint Security Labs & Neil Addleton, Security Advisor, South Australia Health Sep 26 2017 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    One of the most frustrating threat innovations of the last decade has been ‘ransomware’ malware. Initially considered just a consumer threat, financial, government and commercial enterprise networks can now be listed among its victims. Our security experts examine the technical and business threats that ransomware continues to pose to organizations for which IT security teams must be prepared to address and overcome.

    During the session, Carl Leonard and Neil Addleton will discuss the latest on WannaCry, Petya, Jaff and Cradlecore as well as examining the concept of “have-a-go” cybercrime. Highlights include:

    - Which ransomware should you defend against?
    - Should you pay the ransom?
    - What can you do to protect your data and network? (research-based)
    - How is your organization using the Cloud in a risky way, putting your data more at risk?
  • Machine Learning, Design Thinking, & the Role-Based Expert Enhancement Platform
    Machine Learning, Design Thinking, & the Role-Based Expert Enhancement Platform Hyoun Park Sep 26 2017 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Note: Moved to Tuesday, September 26th

    Role-Based Expert Enhancement Platforms (REEPs) are the future of embedded Artificial Intelligence.

    Amalgam Insights believes that the key to success for artificial intelligence is embedded AI aligned to role-specific and industry-specific challenges. The goal is to provide focused outputs that enhance the best judgment of subject matter experts. This leads to a core mission of Amalgam Insights: improving the consumption of enterprise technology.

    Based on interviews with dozens of enterprise application platform users, application vendors, and machine learning providers, Amalgam Insights described how lessons from embedded BI and application analytics can be used to create the next-generation of embedded AI and embedded machine learning applications.
  • Cloud Object Storage and the Use of Gateways
    Cloud Object Storage and the Use of Gateways Dan Albright, Cloud Object Storage Program Manager, IBM, Alex McDonald, SNIA Cloud Storage Chair, NetApp Sep 26 2017 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    The use of cloud object storage is ramping up sharply, especially in the public cloud, to reduce capital budgets and operating expenses. However, enterprises are challenged with legacy applications that do not support standard protocols to move data to and from the cloud.

    Enterprises have developed strategies specific to the public cloud for Data Protection, Archive, Application development, DevOps, Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Artificial Intelligence. However, these same organizations have legacy applications and infrastructure that are not cloud friendly.

    Object storage is a secure, simple, scalable, and cost-effective means of managing the explosive growth of unstructured data enterprises generate every day. Gateways enable SMB and NFS data transfers to be converted to Amazon’s S3 protocol while optimizing data with deduplication and providing QoS efficiency on the data path to the cloud.

    This webcast will highlight the market trends toward the adoption of object storage and the use of gateways to execute a cloud strategy, the benefits of object storage when gateways are deployed, and the use cases that are best suited to leverage this solution.

    Join this webcast to learn:
    •The benefits of object storage when gateways are deployed
    •Primary use cases for using object storage and gateways in private, public or hybrid cloud
    •How gateways can help achieve the goals of your cloud strategy without
    retooling your on-premise infrastructure and applications
  • A Predictive "PreCrime" Approach Requires a Human Focus
    A Predictive "PreCrime" Approach Requires a Human Focus Dr. Richard Ford, Chief Scientist, Forcepoint Sep 26 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In Philip K. Dick's 1956 "The Minority Report," murder ceased to occur due to the work of the "Precrime Division," that anticipated and prevented killings before they happened. Today, we are only beginning to see the impact of predictive analytics upon cybersecurity – especially for insider threat detection and prevention. Based on user interaction with data, CISOs and their teams emerge as the IT equivalent of a Precrime Division, empowered to intervene before a violation is ever committed.

    In this webcast, we will examine the technologies which make predictive analytics valuable, along with ethically minded guidance to strike the balance between vigilance and privacy.
  • Next-Generation (SOC) Security Operation Center
    Next-Generation (SOC) Security Operation Center Rinki Sethi, Sr. Director, Information Security and Matt Mellen, Security Architect, Palo Alto Networks Sep 26 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Security Operations Centers, or SOCs, were invented to enable ease of collaboration among security personnel across different technologies and location, providing a full view of an attack. Most traditional SOC practices and tools, where established in a time when cyberattacks were primarily manual in nature. Nowadays, machine-based automated cyberattacks, with multi-steps approach leveraging variety of entry points are the norm and are challenging enterprises to ‘re-think’ their SOC and InfoSec team’s strategy.

    Join Matt Mellen from our PMM team, and Rinki Sethi, who leads our InfoSec team, for an educational webinar on defining and building your Next-Generation SOC, sharing insights and providing best practice from our own experiences.

    Join this information session to understand:

    •Why traditional SOCs fail.
    •What defines a Next-Gen SOC.
    •How to shift in focus from detection to prevention
    •The business value of building a Next-Gen SOC in your organization.
  • Why and How to Secure Cloud Apps While Keeping Employees Productive
    Why and How to Secure Cloud Apps While Keeping Employees Productive Shan Zhou, Sr. Director, CASB Engineering, Forcepoint Sep 26 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Cloud apps such as Dropbox, Box, Salesforce, Office 365 and Google Apps enhance productivity and collaboration between teams, but IT professionals have difficulty taking away access to these apps once users start relying on them. Taking them away is not the solution; instead, you should understand how to leverage the cloud’s operational benefits and cost advantages while simultaneously providing your IT team with visibility into cloud app usage.

    Using CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) technology, organizations gain visibility into cloud app usage, identify high-risk activities and enforce policy and controls for cloud apps to prevent account-centric threats, meet compliance requirements and protect data.

    Join Shan Zhou, Sr. Director of CASB Engineering at Forcepoint, for an overview on CASB and as he addresses:

    • What are the gaps in cloud app security and how does CASB address them?
    • How do you identify the risky applications your employees are using?
    • What are the key CASB features to consider when implementing it into your environment?
  • Is Your Institution Cyber Ready?
    Is Your Institution Cyber Ready? Tim Gallo, Symantec Cyber Security Engineer and Author Sep 26 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The goal of higher education is “to create prepared minds”. But recently, universities and colleges are finding that they have to defend themselves from cyber-attacks that put everything at risk— their brand, reputation, and intellectual property.

    The ability to respond quickly and effectively is incredibly important, especially for higher education organizations that need to protect a huge amount of confidential data which ranges from proprietary research projects to personally identifiable information. Adding to the complexity is the fact that many end users are accessing networks with personally owned devices, which are not managed by the IT/security teams.

    How prepared is your team to prevent detect and respond to these cyber threats?

    In this webcast you will hear from Tim Gallo, a sales engineer on the Cyber Security Services team, who works with organizations to strengthen their cyber defense.

    Register for this webcast to:

    • Hear about the threats and challenges facing higher education

    • Learn about the stages of the attack lifecycle and how to prepare for each stage

    • Understand how to increase your resiliency and train your team

    • Discover how to optimize your cyber security operations with expertise and threat intelligence
  • The Total Economic Impact of Forcepoint Web Security And Email Security Cloud
    The Total Economic Impact of Forcepoint Web Security And Email Security Cloud Bob Hansmann, Director, Security Technologies, Forcepoint & Jon Erickson, VP, TEI, Forrester Sep 26 2017 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Today’s technology decisions require “next-level” business case justification. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ framework identifies all factors that affect a significant technology investment decision. For this commissioned study, Forrester Consulting recently examined inputs from a Forcepoint Web Security Cloud and Email Security Cloud client to determine the benefits, costs, flexibility and risks. The results are notable.

    This webcast outlines a three-year impact, including:
    • 122% ROI
    • $895,000 benefits
    • $492,000 NPV
    • 6 month payback

    Join this webcast to understand the framework and how Forcepoint delivers value.
  • Data Security & Office 365—Stop Chasing Data
    Data Security & Office 365—Stop Chasing Data Brian Moran, Director, Data & Insider Threat, Forcepoint Sep 26 2017 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Data security is a never-ending battle to keep up with the latest regulations and protect intellectual property from targeted attacks and accidental exposure—all while adapting to evolving IT environments of cloud applications. Understandably, most enterprises want to meet their compliance demands and data protection needs with integrated, built-in DLP features that come with cloud applications like Office 365. Most take the seemingly logical approach to chase the data in your Office 365, other cloud apps and IT systems—find it, catalogue it, control it. But this ignores the biggest threat to data security—your people. By ignoring how your people interact with the data, who touches it and who has access to it, data protection teams limit their perspective to IT systems and don’t actually reduce the risk of data loss. Data security shouldn’t start and stop with the data. By focusing on your people and how they interact with the data, data security teams can deliver actual data protection that eases the burden of compliance, identifies risk based on user behavior and stops data loss by applying the appropriate control based on user risk and sensitivity of the data.
  • Your Data Lives Forever (Beijing Time)
    Your Data Lives Forever (Beijing Time) HGST Sep 27 2017 2:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Big Data insights enable Fast Data applications. Your data can generate value when it’s aggregated, analyzed, and applied to business decisions.
    We live for long-term data preservation, and we’re
    changing the economics of data. Find out how on Sept. 27. Don’t miss our announcement!
  • 了解安全威胁态势和凭证盗用(撞库)攻击
    了解安全威胁态势和凭证盗用(撞库)攻击 演講人: 李文涛, 阿卡迈(Akamai)大中华区解决方案部门总经理, 萧锦明, Akamai亚太高级企业安全系统架构师; 主持人: 阎光,(ISC)² 上海分会主席,德勤风险咨询副总监 Sep 27 2017 6:00 am UTC 60 mins

    在今天的会议当中,Akamai 将基于已发布的《2017 年第二季度互联网安全现状》报告,与大家分享有关安全威胁态势的深度见解。

    近些年来,凭据滥用(撞库)攻击已成为一种普遍的威胁,而且复杂性正日益增加。我们也将对此进行详细介绍。凭据滥用(撞库)攻击活动一旦成功,用户将遭受无法访问、数据泄露或欺诈性交易等损失。Akamai 将揭示这些攻击活动中使用的技术以及难以检测出这些活动的原因。我们还将展示抵御此类攻击的方法和解决方案,从而使您的组织不再遭受此类攻击的影响。

    参加Akamai 和 (ISC)² 在09月27日下午2:00至3:00的在线论坛《了解安全威胁趋势和凭证盗用(撞库)攻击》,聆听专家对时下安全威胁的解读,还等什么?赶紧加入我们吧。
  • Your Data Lives Forever (London Time)
    Your Data Lives Forever (London Time) HGST Sep 27 2017 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Big Data insights enable Fast Data applications. Your data can generate value when it’s aggregated, analyzed, and applied to business decisions.
    We live for long-term data preservation, and we’re
    changing the economics of data. Find out how on Sept. 27. Don’t miss our announcement!
  • Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage
    Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage Boyan Ivanov, CEO, StorPool Storage Sep 27 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Building or running a cloud?
    Attend this webinar to explore the great impact which an outstanding storage solution can have on your entire public or private cloud. Intel and StorPool have created a production tested solution, which you can use to build faster, safer and more efficient clouds.

    Join us to learn how:
    •an outstanding storage solution can improve your entire cloud;
    •reduce costs and eliminate vendor lock-in by using software-defined infrastructure on standard hardware;
    •solve IOPS or latency issues of your applications;
    •get a storage solution capable of delivering 450,000+ IOPS and 0.25 ms latency at less than $40,000;
    •boost your business' margins and agility.
  • Are you Ready for DFARS?
    Are you Ready for DFARS? Eric Avigdor, Director of Product Management at Gemalto Sep 27 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With the deadline for DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) quickly approaching, many business are scrambling to meeting compliance requirements. An important part of DFARS addresses the need for strong, two-factor authentication, as well as physical access controls to organizational information systems, equipment, and the respective operating environments to authorized individuals.
    Are you prepared? If you’re like many other government contractors and subcontractors, a little advice may be needed to navigate the waters of physical and user access controls.
    Gemalto’s Identity and Protection expert, Eric Avigdor, will be present and informative look at DFARS and what options are available to ensure compliance. What Eric will discuss:
    •Overview of DFARS mandate
    •Use cases – our experience from the field
    •Comprehensive solutions that meet the multi-factor authentication and physical access controls required by the DFARS mandate
    •Mapping solutions to the needs of your department
  • Virtualizing Media Broadcast: TV Transformed
    Virtualizing Media Broadcast: TV Transformed Steve Smith, Limor Schafman Sep 27 2017 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Broadcast media is undergoing wholesale change due to demands from consumers, competitors, and creative opportunity for new types of content. Virtualization at multiple points of the distribution and delivery network is recognized as the only way to meet these demands. This webcast will review in detail the technologies involved in the virtualization of broadcast media, from network, to master control centers, to edge device delivery.

    Steve Smith, CTO, Cloud, Imagine Communications
    Stephen Smith is the CTO, Cloud, for Imagine Communications, where he leads the transformation of solutions to support media and entertainment markets in a future defined by IP, software, virtualization and cloud. Previously, Smith was the Executive Director of Media Systems at Starz Entertainment in Colorado, where he was responsible for the technology, implementation and operation of their Media Asset Management and Content Processing platforms. With 20+ years in the industry, Stephen has extensive experience in architecting, deploying, owning and operating complex media processing, origination and distributions systems.

    Host: Limor Schafman, Content Development Director, TIA