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Cloud Computing

  • Améliorer la productivité de vos équipes avec les Workstation Dell!
    Améliorer la productivité de vos équipes avec les Workstation Dell! Siham Ouardi (Client Product Technologist ) Live 60 mins
    Les grands esprits ont besoin de systèmes à la hauteur de leur imagination, Dell Precision Workstation met des outils ultra puissants à disposition des experts les plus talentueux pour donner vie à leurs idées.
  • Optimizing Hadoop environments with HGST SSD and HDDs
    Optimizing Hadoop environments with HGST SSD and HDDs Esther Spanjer, Director, Enterprise Business Development EMEA, HGST Recorded: Oct 24 2017 45 mins
    Join Esther Spanjer, Director, Enterprise Business Development EMEA, for this webinar where she will discuss how SanDisk branded SSDs and HGST branded HDDs and SSDs are ideal for environments that run Hadoop databases. This webinar will look at cases where, SanDisk and HGST devices, can dramatically reduce query response times and minimize server sprawl by tuning compute and storage separately. Optimizing your Hadoop environment that suffer from queries that take too long to return data or in which applications are not meeting their SLAs, will enable you to reduce your server footprint at massively increased query performance.
  • Enable Security and Grow Your Business with the Industry’s leading connect UTM
    Enable Security and Grow Your Business with the Industry’s leading connect UTM Peter Newton, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Fortinet Recorded: Oct 24 2017 40 mins
    Join this webinar to understand the benefits of a unified view of your infrastructure and comprehensive security that keeps up with changing network requirements and technologies like cloud services and smart devices.
  • Modernizing Data Management with Converged Infrastructure and Intel® Processors
    Modernizing Data Management with Converged Infrastructure and Intel® Processors Lee Howard, CTO Cisco Alliance Recorded: Oct 23 2017 50 mins
    The new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors created an Intel-driven inflection point for data management.  Now’s the time to explore what this new architecture means for your current and future storage environments.  NetApp, a data management industry leader, shares how Intel Xeon Scalable processors coupled with a converged systems strategy is proven to help you perform at full capacity, do more with less, and optimize your full stack.  Tune in to learn about:
    • The opportunity with converged systems based on early Intel Xeon Scalable processor results
    • NetApp’s multi-cloud strategy with respect to convergence
    • Specific workloads that will benefit from enhanced processor power and a converged infrastructure
  • Vea la experiencia de su usuario en una nueva dimensión.
    Vea la experiencia de su usuario en una nueva dimensión. Adriana Ríos Recorded: Oct 20 2017 49 mins
    Facilite la gestión automatizada de los servicios y proporcione un soporte ágil en la entrega, con base en las expectativas modernas de analistas, usuarios y clientes de negocio.
    Participe de este webcast y entienda cuál es el camino que estamos emprendiendo con los nuevos cambios.
    Descubra aquí cómo mejorar la productividad de la fuerza de trabajo, controlar los costos y acompañar el crecimiento del negocio.
  • Simplifying Data Integration for the Cloud
    Simplifying Data Integration for the Cloud Jill Reber, CEO, JayJay Zheng, Technical Director & Eric Greenfeder, Chief Architect, Primitive Logic Recorded: Oct 19 2017 54 mins
    The rapid adoption of enterprise cloud-based solutions brings data integration as one of the greatest challenges. The challenge grows on increasingly numerous SaaS applications with lack of suitable connectors that fit your business needs. Join this webinar led by Primitive Logic team to see how data integration can be simplified for your cloud. This talk introduces the generic declarative zero-coding approach using Informatica Cloud Rest Connector as an example and illustrates its practical features, as well as best practices and hidden gems.

    Moderator: Jill Reber, CEO, Primitive Logic
    Panelists: JayJay Zheng, Technical Director & Eric Greenfeder, Chief Architect, Primitive Logic
  • Keep C.A.L.M. and Integrate DevOps into Azure
    Keep C.A.L.M. and Integrate DevOps into Azure Glenn Mate, Solution Architect, 10th Magnitude & Ryan Lee, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, 10th Magnitude Recorded: Oct 19 2017 50 mins
    Companies that embrace DevOps in the cloud develop apps faster, reduce overhead and can decrease downtime by 60% or even more. In this webinar, Glenn Mate, Solution Architect at 10th Magnitude & Ryan Lee, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, 10th Magnitude will share several use cases around how to integrate your DevOps processes into Azure. They will also emphasize CALMS:

    * The framework that integrates the DevOps teams
    * Functions and systems within an organization around culture
    * Automation, lean, metrics, and sharing.

    By distilling the philosophy behind DevOps in the cloud, you’ll find automation and optimization at the core.
  • Transitioning Load Balancing to the Cloud
    Transitioning Load Balancing to the Cloud Ethan Banks, Co-Founder, Packet Pushers, Chiradeep Vittal, Distinguished Engineer, Citrix & Derek Yee, Sr. Product Mgr,Citrix Recorded: Oct 19 2017 66 mins
    ADCs have largely become commoditized, and the services they provide are fairly indistinguishable from the sea of competitors on the market today. With many data center architects faced with modernizing their infrastructure, what are the considerations when transitioning applications to new automation frameworks and topologies in the cloud?

    This webinar will focus on key challenges faced by the enterprise when transitioning their load balancers to the cloud.

    What you will learn:

    •The shift to cloud native, software and service-based offerings
    •Support for new application architectures
    •Operational complexities and scale at production
    •Flexibility and support for hybrid topologies in transition
  • How to Make Network Analytics Useful for the Whole Business
    How to Make Network Analytics Useful for the Whole Business Kentik Co-founder & CEO Avi Freedman and Forrester Analyst Andre Kindness Recorded: Oct 19 2017 60 mins
    In the new enterprise network reality, boundaries have blurred: the internet is central and out of your control. A modern approach to network analytics is now more important than ever. The good news is that it’s possible to get vastly better insights from network traffic data than ever before, due to the power of cloud and big data systems. The key is to link that network traffic data and show the benefit to the broader business. In this webinar guest speaker Forrester analyst Andre Kindness and Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman will help you understand:

    - The changes in enterprise networks that make modern network analytics a must-have
    - Why it’s so important to combine network data with business context
    - Examples of business intelligence driven by network data in IT organizations today
    - How you can gain the business advantage that modern network analytics offers
  • Defending Your Workloads with a Distributed Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    Defending Your Workloads with a Distributed Web Application Firewall (WAF) Guru Chahal Recorded: Oct 19 2017 57 mins
    Avi Networks has launched a new intelligent web application firewall (iWAF) that performs 50X faster than legacy appliances, processing hundreds of Gbps of throughput and over a million transactions per second. As a software-only solution, iWAF operates as a centrally managed fabric across data centers, private clouds, and public clouds. Register for this webinar to learn about the unique capabilities of Avi Networks’ iWAF include:

    Highest-performance web application security
    ● Elastic, automatic scale-out across data centers and clouds
    ● Scalable per-application deployments allow each mission-critical app to get its own WAF

    Analytics-driven, accurate security policies
    ● Real-time security insights eliminate false positives
    ● Visual policy checks prior to enforcement

    Central, simplified policy management
    ● Central management and automation of all distributed iWAF instances
    ● Point-and-click policy configurations, with pre-defined templates for OWASP Core Rule Set
  • How to Put Cluster Management on Autopilot
    How to Put Cluster Management on Autopilot Prakash Chockalingam, Product Manager at Databricks Recorded: Oct 19 2017 49 mins
    A key obstacle for doing data engineering at scale is having a robust distributed infrastructure on which frameworks like Apache Spark can run efficiently. On top of building the infrastructure, having proper automatic functioning of the infrastructure is another critical piece for running production workloads.

    Join this webinar to learn how Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform can help simplify your data engineering problems by configuring your distributed infrastructure to be in autopilot mode. Learn how:
    -Databricks’ automated infrastructure will allow you to autoscale compute and storage independently.
    -To significantly reduce cloud costs through cutting edge cluster management features.
    -To control certain features in the cluster management and balance between ease of use and manual control.
  • Cloud Security & Integration: Protecting your Applications & Data
    Cloud Security & Integration: Protecting your Applications & Data Ulf Mattsson, David Morris, Juanita Koilpillai Recorded: Oct 19 2017 62 mins
    Cloud Security Protection is improving, but how can we protect against Evolving Security Threats? How can we win?

    In this session we will delve into some of the security risks associated with cloud environments and what can be done to protect your applications and data that reside in the cloud by utilizing a new technology known as Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) as well as encryption and tokenization.

    Join Ulf Mattsson, CTO of Atlantic BT, and his special guests David Morris, Security Scorecard, and Juanita Koilpillai, CEO, Waverley Labs, in this dynamic panel discussion and live Q&A.
  • Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business
    Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business Rinki Sethi, Senior Director, Information Security and Brian Tokuyoshi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Oct 19 2017 50 mins
    Creating a culture of cybersecurity is critical for all organizations. Join the conversation with our own security pros to learn how they keep employees ahead of phishing attacks, share best practices for phishing education and explain how to use innovative technologies to strengthen cyber resilience.
  • Remote Endpoint Management and PCoIP Management Console
    Remote Endpoint Management and PCoIP Management Console Paul Barrett, Systems Specialist, Teradici Recorded: Oct 19 2017 32 mins
    Are your users tired of having to login to the corporate network via VPN? Do you wish you could manage at-home devices remotely? In our latest release of PCoIP Management Console, we’ve added the ability to manage both office-based and at-home PCoIP Zero Clients.

    During this 30-minute webinar you’ll learn the best ways how to set up PCoIP Zero Clients so your employees or external consultants can be productive from wherever they happen to be.

    The demonstration will cover how to:
    •Configure PCoIP Zero Clients for off-site employees or contractors
    •Determine the best WAN settings to recognize out-of-office devices
  • Learn how Proxy Plays a Critical Role in Protecting Your Enterprise
    Learn how Proxy Plays a Critical Role in Protecting Your Enterprise Timothy Chiu - Senior Director of Product Marketing, Symantec Recorded: Oct 19 2017 32 mins
    Solving the most sophisticated security challenges requires an advanced approach that is built upon a proxy-based architecture. This approach allows you to leverage best of breed security technologies to provide a safe and confident cloud and network experience.

    Symantec secure web gateway solutions deliver strong proxy-based security in the form factor your organization needs: on-premises appliance, virtual appliance, in the cloud, or in a unified hybrid combination of these solutions.

    The solution’s unique proxy architecture allows it to effectively monitor, control, and secure traffic to ensure a safe web and cloud experience.

    In this webinar learn:
    • Why Proxy architecture is more important than ever as a critical security component of your network
    • How a web proxy can serve as a platform for advanced threat detection and data protection
    • Why pre-filtering your sandbox with proxy architecture is a smart move for both your SOC and your bottom line.

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  • Learn How Syncplicity by Axway & Dell EMC Drive Digital Transformation
    Learn How Syncplicity by Axway & Dell EMC Drive Digital Transformation Frank Murphy, Syncplicity by Axway; Vivek Mody, Syncplicity by Axway; Robert McNeal, Dell EMC Recorded: Oct 19 2017 62 mins
    Join Syncplicity by Axway and Dell EMC to hear how we’ve partnered to provide you with an end-to- end solution that accelerates digital transformation strategies to power a digital workplace. The combination of Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage and Syncplicity gives you the benefits of a public-cloud – the power, cost savings and a seamless user experience for anywhere, anytime access to the files so your users can improve productivity and collaboration. During the webinar we will walk through how Siemens AG has used Dell EMC ECS and Syncplicity to power their digital transformation strategy “SmartStorage” that enables 330k worldwide users, the consolidation of 5 data centers and cost savings company wide.
  • 451 Research & Gemalto Present "Alphabet Soup: Deciphering Multi-Cloud Security
    451 Research & Gemalto Present "Alphabet Soup: Deciphering Multi-Cloud Security Eric Hanselman, Chief Analyst at 451 Research and Michael Gardiner, Security Lead for CTO office, Gemalto Recorded: Oct 19 2017 57 mins
    The cloud provides organizations with elasticity and speed and by 2018 60% of an enterprises’ workloads will run in the cloud says 451 Research. The amount of business operations running in the cloud means organizations have more cloud computing service providers, with a typical enterprise having roughly six. This requires companies to develop and implement a multi-cloud strategy, especially when it comes to security. But each CSP has its own security offerings and integrations sometimes making the process confusing and complex. Even prior to the cloud, encryption and key management have presented challenges for many organizations, but with encryption becoming ubiquitous – a strong key management strategy is key. This is especially important with industry mandates and government regulations like European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and U.S state data breach disclosure laws.

    In this joint webinar with 451 Research, we will cover topics including:

    -Building a multi-cloud security strategy for encryption and key management
    -Best practices, benefits and pitfalls of managing your own security
    -Impact of regulations on data protection in the next few years
    -Understanding the different CSP requirements for key management:
    oCustomer-Supplied Encryption Key (CSEK)
    oBring Your Own Key (BYOK)
    oHold Your own Key (HYOK)
    oGeneral cloud service provider key management services overview
  • Adopting & Integrating the Cloud: Core Concepts & Strategies for iPaaS
    Adopting & Integrating the Cloud: Core Concepts & Strategies for iPaaS Bala Kalavala, Founder & CIO, Adiya, Inc. Recorded: Oct 19 2017 56 mins
    What's next in the minds of organizations today after embarking on the Cloud hype?

    Join this webinar to learn about Cloud Integration core concepts, strategies, evolution and adoption. We will review software-defined functional architecture, what's available in the marketplace, considerations, and where to start.

    Cloud Integration is the process of configuring multiple cloud applications in a network enterprise and third party software. Adoption of such integrations have become critical in defining the success of organizations of all shapes and types.

    Adoption to Cloud Integration allows businesses to unify functions in building unique understandings and capabilities creating opportunities in realizing value. Cloud Integration that’s offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) model is a thriving marketplace with connectors for APIs, data, security, monitoring, performance and business process management functions to name a few.

    This presentation reviews core concepts around integration, Strategies, the iPaaS (integration platform as a service) buzz, how evolution of adoption is mashed by marketplace and provide an approach to defining value of integration for efficiency and business alignments.
  • IT transformation : Vos équipes sont-elles outillées pour les enjeux de demain ?
    IT transformation : Vos équipes sont-elles outillées pour les enjeux de demain ? Adil Yata Fernandez, CS Product Manager – Commercial NWA & CEA Recorded: Oct 19 2017 61 mins
    Notre monde et notre travail sont de plus en plus immersifs, plus collaboratifs et plus mobiles. Les changements s’accélèrent- et les progrès de la technologie se multiplient par 10 tous les 5 ans!

    Ces progrès technologiques en matière de capacité, de bande passante et de mobilité ont changé à jamais notre façon de travailler - entraînant une transformation de notre collaboration au sein des utilisateurs informatiques.

    Mais, en dépit de tous ces changements, une chose reste certaine et cohérente: nous avons toujours besoin d'être informatisé et les PC restent notre principal interface dans le monde du travail.
  • [Live Panel] Cloud - what's the point?
    [Live Panel] Cloud - what's the point? Richard Slater, Simon Ratcliffe, Ronan McCurtin Recorded: Oct 19 2017 61 mins
    Cloud has been on the top of everyone's mind for quite a while already. But is this a good thing? Cloud has many undeniable benefits, but if used inappropriately it could produce more harm than good. In this panel discussion our group of experts will analyse the good, the bad and the ugly of cloud.

    Among questions covered will be:
    - Why are businesses attracted by cloud?
    - What cloud gives you that you can't get from any other infrastructure
    - How does cloud help speed up legacy integration?
    - How does devops support cloud computing?
    - How does agile methodology support accountability in the cloud?
  • How automated security can deal with insider threats
    How automated security can deal with insider threats Luca Martelli - Senior Director, Identity & Security Solutions EMEA, Oracle Recorded: Oct 19 2017 47 mins
    While 74% of organisations feel they are vulnerable to insider attacks, only 42% feel they can deal with them. In fact, it is insiders, hidden in plain sight, who are the real issue for security rather than external threats. But the cloud brings great opportunities to minimize this risk. For example, a CASB with built-in User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) can automatically detect and prioritise internal threats. This provides cost-effective risk mitigation that enables you to simplify security and realise the full value of the benefits of the cloud.

    Watch this webinar to hear from Oracle’s EMEA Senior Director of Identity & Security, Luca Martelli, on how automated security can deal with insider threats.

    Responsible for Oracle’s Identity and Security portfolio in Europe Middle East and Africa, Luca has spent the majority of his time in security, most recently as Identity & Security Lead for the Italian cluster at Novell and before as project manager for Cambridge Technology Partner delivering and managing the very first projects in the Identity Management space. Luca is continuously supporting organizations that are embracing their journey to the cloud, making sure security by design and security by default are the key cornerstones to improve their digital security posture.
  • What you need to consider in going cloud-native
    What you need to consider in going cloud-native James Allerton-Austin – Senior Director, Product Management Recorded: Oct 19 2017 30 mins
    From how to organise developers to transforming operations and prioritising workloads, running highly scalable cloud-native applications doesn’t have to be done alone. The flexibility and freedom of the Oracle Cloud can help accelerate the journey to agile development.

    Watch this webinar to hear from Oracle’s EMEA Senior Director of Product Management, James Allerton-Austin, on what you need to consider in going cloud-native.

    Responsible for AppDev, Containers, Blockchain, Mobile and Integration, James serves as the primary representative for Product Development in these areas for EMEA. As part of Oracle's Development team, he is responsible for driving strategy and adoption, as well as implementation and customer success.
  • A model driven approach for cloud integration
    A model driven approach for cloud integration Omar Alassil, Kalayanjeet Gogoi, Sachin Chickballpur Venkatrao Recorded: Oct 19 2017 54 mins
    The “cloudification” or the “softwareization” of Telco networks are revolutionizing the products & solutions in more ways than we could have ever planned for. The impending arrival of IoT with its reliance on the cloud further exacerbates these challenges. With it come increasing opportunities not only for products but services.

    Data centers got virtualized with Compute virtualization by way of hypervisors, Storage by way of Software Defined Storage & network by way of Software Defined Networking. Telco networks are following suit with the advent of NFV but the professional services associated with it remain manual & labour intensive. The services ecosystem need to go through a disruptive innovation as well, leveraging on aspects such as automate & reuse (adopt design ONCE deploy MANY times paradigm)
    This notion of treating Professional Services (PS) as an entity which can be built once, refined many times & can be shared across projects as though they were “code” is what we are calling as Programmable Professional Services or Software Defined Services.

    This webinar focusses on the following aspects:
    - Outline the challenges faced by external customers and internal organization in the realm of Telco & Converged Cloud Data Centers
    - Provide an overview of our new Data Center services portfolio driven by centralized tools and automation, catering to all phases during the lifespan of Telco data centers such as design, build, operate, optimize & maintain
    - Provide an overview of a new way of adopting the DevOps methodology in the professional services realm to provide industrialized service development and delivery by way of templatization of work packages, automating the execution of these templates on Telco data center components.
  • The evolution of ransomware and how to protect your organisation
    The evolution of ransomware and how to protect your organisation Rik Ferguson | Vice President Security Research | Trend Micro Oct 24 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ransomware has been a huge talking point over the last year or so with the large scale Wannacry and Petya outbreaks that caused significant damage worldwide. The strains that are now being seen show that cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in order to try and bypass security controls in order to encrypt files and extort organisations for financial gain.

    Unfortunately, Ransomware can enter an organisation through many vectors; including via email spam, phishing attacks, or malicious web downloads making it difficult to defend against. There is no silver bullet when it comes to Ransomware so you need a multi-layered approach, prioritised for the best risk mitigation.

    Join this webinar to find out more on the history and evolution of ransomware, new ransomware techniques such as “rotating” ransomware but importantly to understand how and why threat actors utilise ransomware and what you can do to mitigate against it.
  • ThinkAgile VX Series: The World of HCI Just Got Easier
    ThinkAgile VX Series: The World of HCI Just Got Easier Tony Harvey, Sr Product Manager, vSAN Hyperconvergence, Lenovo; Robert Campbell, Technical Alliance Marketing Manager, Vmware Oct 24 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Imagine you went to a restaurant and ordered fish and your server came back with a Patagonian Toothfish, a pile of random spices and vegetables, a knife and a frying pan and told you to cook it yourself. Hhhmmm, you thought. So you asked for help. The response: a badly photocopied sheet of paper with a website URL to learn the ingredients for a “Chilean Sea Bass” and a few recipes to boot. This is how we build infrastructure today.

    VMware vSAN based hyperconverged solutions from Lenovo revolutionize how you can deliver your datacenter infrastructure. The set-up is simpler, it costs less and easier to use than traditional IT solution. It allows you to focus on running your business rather than on building your infrastructure. Join this webinar as VMware and Lenovo introduce the new ThinkAgile VX Series. The result of this offering: ability to focus on the true business value of hyperconvergence. You will see how vSAN ReadyNodes and ThinkAgile VX will help re-engineer Enterprise IT to be flexible and responsive, enabling more time delivering business value rather than integrating IT infrastructure.
  • Addressing The Security Challenges of the Cloud Generation
    Addressing The Security Challenges of the Cloud Generation Gerry Grealish, Head of Product Marketing, Network and Cloud Security Products Oct 24 2017 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Welcome to the Cloud Generation, where employees demand flexibility and access wherever they are, but can expose your most sensitive data to risk.

    Distributed environments—like mobile and distributed workforces—introduce new attack surfaces that must be protected and increased use of SaaS Cloud Apps are driving the need for new compliance and security controls. The result? Security and IT teams are being forced to rethink network designs to better answer questions like:

    - How do we effectively govern access to data, apps and systems?

    - How can we combat advanced threats targeting our business through the web, cloud and e-mail?

    - How should we secure information that is moving between our network, endpoints and the cloud?

    Join Gerry as he discusses the key Cloud Generation security challenges facing Symantec’s enterprise customers and learn how Symantec’s Cloud-delivered security solutions can be used to protect users, devices and corporate data, wherever it resides.
  • Securing the IoT Device Ecosystem
    Securing the IoT Device Ecosystem Robert Westervelt and Srinivasa Padmanabha Oct 24 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    According to some analysts, 25 billion connected devices will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) by the year 2020. Every one of these devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem may be malicious or a threat vector. What are enterprises and manufacturers doing to make IoT a safe place?

    Attend this webcast to:
    -Find out about the latest trends and challenges in securing IoT devices
    -Discover best practice and solutions to mitigate security risks
    -Learn about industry use cases on securing IoT

    Our presenters for this session:
    -Robert Westervelt, Research Manager, IoT Security, Data Security
    -Srinivasa Padmanabha, Senior Product Manager, Symantec Website Security
  • Human Centric Cloud Security
    Human Centric Cloud Security Shan Zhou, VP Security Engineering, Forcepoint CASB Oct 24 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As traditional cybersecurity perimeters dissolve, the HUMAN POINT – the intersection of users, data & networks, and where your data is BEST protected – is what remains.

    Most of your employees have adopted the cloud. And while your BYOD policy has increased productivity and lowered operating costs, cloud-based apps like Office 365, Dropbox and Salesforce need protection to prevent account-centric threats, meet compliance requirements and protect critical data. How can companies maintain their productive pace while maintaining regulatory and security controls?

    Join Shan Zhou, Sr. Director of CASB Sales Engineering at Forcepoint,, as he shares with you an overview and tool that help answer:
    • What are the gaps in cloud app security and how does CASB address them?
    • How do you understand the normal rhythm of users’ behavior?
    • How do you respond to risks in real-time?
    • Are there assessments currently in place that can help me identify individuals within my organization that pose the most risk, security incidents and overall risk?
  • Can Your Network Survive the Miercom Torture Test?
    Can Your Network Survive the Miercom Torture Test? Robert Smithers, CEO at Miercom and Derek Granath, VP Product Marketing at Silver Peak Oct 24 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join leading independent product assessment group, Miercom and technical experts from Silver Peak as they discuss the performance expectations of today’s networks and how the right SD-WAN solution can improve application availability across the WAN using any type of transport. They will disclose how Silver Peak’s SD-WAN solution, Unity EdgeConnect fared in their aggressive stress test environment and provide a live demo on its performance capabilities.
  • SD-WAN: Enabling the Enterprise to Overcome Barriers to Digital Transformation
    SD-WAN: Enabling the Enterprise to Overcome Barriers to Digital Transformation Ghassan Abdo Research VP IDC and Jeff Lewis VP Product Management Comcast Business Oct 24 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    It’s no surprise that digital transformation is on the minds of enterprise businesses. In fact, according to a recent IDC survey of IT professionals, 94 percent of respondents indicate they are planning or have digital transformation initiatives under way. Connectivity is key to this transformation, and SD-WAN can help maximize that connectivity.

    Join us on Tuesday, October 24th at 1:00 p.m. ET as expert panelists discuss the foundations of SD-WAN, its role in digital transformation, and how it can be adopted for your enterprise.

    During this interactive discussion, you will:
    •Understand SD-WAN and how it helps businesses think “Digital First”
    •Recognize the key benefits of SD-WAN
    •Learn adoption considerations and pain points
    •Explore which deployment models work best

    Our panelists for this interactive webinar and discussion will be:
    •Ghassan Abdo, research vice president in IDC’s Telecommunications group, covers the evolution of the Telco Cloud Ecosystem as well as the emerging Virtualized Enterprise Networking services.
    •Jeff Lewis, vice president of product management for Comcast Business focused on next-generation networking, cloud, data center, Wi-Fi, and Internet solutions for business.
  • How to Bridge the Gap between Citizen Developers and Corporate IT
    How to Bridge the Gap between Citizen Developers and Corporate IT Stephen Terlizzi Oct 24 2017 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Not everyone can write code – but nearly anyone can solve a problem. Today's businesses are facing an ever increasing set of problems that require innovative digital solutions. Learn how to safely enable a new army of application developers: the citizen developer.

    This webinar will examine the use of citizen developers to meet the ever increasing demand for new applications. We will discuss:

    • The current challenges with citizen developers and the gap between them and corporate IT

    • An new approach to the application development lifecycle to reduce the complexity of software development and empower this new army of developers

    • The concept of gadgets and their role in providing functionality in a secure and compliant manner

    • Potential areas where citizen developers can quickly build their own applications
  • First Impressions are Everything with the Employee Experience
    First Impressions are Everything with the Employee Experience Adam Mason, Tom Sweeney, Meghan Lockwood Oct 24 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dealing with Employee Onboarding, Tracking, and Provisioning in the Digital Revolution - or Something Better...

    What if you could consumerize the Employee Service experience?

    Making onbaording a breeze for new employees, perhaps even increasing your employee satisfaction score? It's a no brainer right?

    There are a lot of platforms who promise they have the "right recipe" when it comes to HR delivery. Finding out the truth behind a platform can be just as scary as implementing one!

    That's why on Tuesday, October 24th, you should join Adam Mason, VP of Solutions and Innovation, and Tom Sweeney, Bussiness Process Consultant, of Acorio for our October webinar. They'll cover ServiceNow's new product, HR Service Delivery, and help you understand the platform's onboarding experience and what success it can bring to your company's future (and current) employees.

    Find out if your onboarding experience is working.
  • Propel the Future of Retail with SD-WAN
    Propel the Future of Retail with SD-WAN Rachna Srivistava, Sr. Director Product Marketing Oct 24 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Delivering an exceptional user experience to a retail customer is more than just having the right product on-hand. An omni-channel environment will become commonplace and retail organizations must deliver or be replaced by competitors who will. Having the right network to support growth and expansion, while keeping costs under check, is critical.

    In the second session of our Retail Revolution webinar series, VeloCloud will dive deeper with a take on how Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN can help retailers ensure security at each touch point with segmentation and PCI compliance, enhancing the customer engagement anytime, anywhere, and using real-world examples of how customers have used SD-WAN to improve their retail organizations.

    Key takeaways include:

    - Best practices on delivering an exceptional retail customer experience with Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN.
    - Guidance on how to stay secure with a range of features from VeloCloud, along with PCI
    - Optimizing your retail environment to ensure bottlenecks are removed and performance is optimized
    - Simplifying the PCI audit process with the VeloCloud PCI Certified Solution
  • Minimize Cyber Exposure in a World of Cloud, Containers and Other Modern Assets
    Minimize Cyber Exposure in a World of Cloud, Containers and Other Modern Assets Corey Bodzin, Vice President of Product Operations, Tenable Oct 24 2017 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    As your organization embraces cloud infrastructure, DevOps technologies, and other modern assets, you have new risks coming from a broader attack surface. Vulnerability management designed for traditional assets is not enough. To improve security you need to rethink how you do things. For example, containers have become the defacto standard in cloud architectures today, which means that security needs to move into developers’ build processes while complementing existing solutions.

    Attend this webinar to discover how DevOps and modern assets have turned the six steps of the vulnerability management life cycle on their head. During this webinar we’ll cover:
    - Where vulnerability management for today’s assets needs to start (and it’s not where it used to)
    - Why prioritization should not be based on scan results
    - Why assessments and network scans are no longer synonymous
    - Why reports and PDFs are no longer the answer
    - What the new face of remediation looks like
    - How DevOps can be convinced to incorporate security (without name calling and threatening!)
  • What AI and the Cloud Revolution Mean for Business Communications
    What AI and the Cloud Revolution Mean for Business Communications Curtis Peterson, SVP of Operations at RingCentral Oct 24 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Are you concerned about the advancement of AI and cloud technology and how they will impact your business communications? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to get your business communications AI ready? If you answered yes to either of these, then save your spot at this webinar now.
    The hype surrounding AI and its imminent take-over of the business world is creating a sense of panic. But whereas AI, just like cloud technology, is sure to become a driving force as we look to the future of business communications, there is no need to jump in at the deep end and throw all your resources at it just yet.
    Join us for this webinar in which we’ll explain the current state of play for AI (spoiler alert: humans are not going anywhere for a while) and cloud technology and impart some useful ways you can prepare your business communications.

    Chris Peterson, SVP of Operations at RingCentral, will talk you through:
    - Key trends in cloud communications
    - The importance of cloud communications
    - Team collaboration
    - Open platforms
    - AI hype vs. reality
    - How your business can create value with AI
  • Best Monitoring Strategies for Containers
    Best Monitoring Strategies for Containers Nancy Gohring, 451 Research, Senior Analyst | Craig Lee, Blue Medora, Chief Systems Architect Oct 24 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Like everyone else undergoing digital transformation, large, established organizations know cloud and DevOps adoption are critical to delivering the immediate, personalized, data-driven user experience customers demand. But often these companies have existing investments that limit their ability to monitor a DevOps toolset without fracturing their ability to see critical performance and availability metrics across their entire organization.

    In addition, containers provide some unique monitoring challenges. Containers come and go so frequently, and change so rapidly, that they can be an order of magnitude more difficult to monitor and understand than physical or virtual hosts.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:
    •How traditional IT operations teams are adapting to monitor the DevOps toolset
    •Ways to fill the container monitoring gap between hosts and applications
  • Rev Up Your Cloud Integrations with Big Data Technology
    Rev Up Your Cloud Integrations with Big Data Technology Eric Greenfeder, Chief Architect, Primitive Logic Oct 24 2017 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This presentation details how to leverage technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig and Sqoop to massively scale cloud integrations to services such as Salesforce.com. Attendees will learn how to overcome API limitations, throughput latency and infrastructure scaling challenges to significantly increase integration performance.
  • Why Native Security Features in AWS and Office365 aren't Enough
    Why Native Security Features in AWS and Office365 aren't Enough Narayan Makaram - Senior Director of Product Marketing & Louis Evans - Product Marketing Manager Oct 24 2017 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Most businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud to be fast and nimble, reduce their cost structure, and reach more customers anywhere, anytime. These new architectures have powerful new capabilities—but also expose businesses to a new universe of risk.

    When dealing with outsourced infrastructure like AWS, or a SaaS solution like Office365, it is easy for IT managers to assume that security is out of their hands, for better or worse. But, this assumption may not always be true. Businesses must develop an active cloud security strategy as they pursue their migrations, and become a proactive security partner with their cloud providers—or they will find themselves vulnerable to attack.

    In this upcoming webinar, hear from security experts at Arctic Wolf Network (AWN), on:

    - The top cybersecurity risks and best practices for securing cloud deployments
    - How AWN security monitoring compliments the native security features in AWS and Office365
    - The role of AWN cloud security in integrating observations from cloud and on-premise systems

    To see how AWN CyberSOC™ can secure your cloud, register now.

    About our speakers:

    Narayan Makaram is a Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) company that provides SOC-as-a-service. Narayan has over 15 years of information security experience, with in-depthexpertise in application security, malware detection, SIEM, vulnerability management and network security, in leading cyber security companies – Imperva, FireEye, ArcSight, Tenable, and Hewlett-Packard.

    Louis Evans is a new member of the Arctic Wolf team. He’s passionate about cybersecurity, defeating the next generation of threats, and Alan Turing.
  • A Day in the Life of a GDPR Breach
    A Day in the Life of a GDPR Breach Splunk’s Data Privacy Officer, Elizabeth Davies and Splunk’s Security Ninja, Matthias Maier Oct 25 2017 12:00 am UTC 60 mins
    You’re a CIO, CISO or DPO - and you’ve been woken up in the middle of
    the night because personal data held by your organization has been
    discovered for sale on the dark web. This disclosure puts the privacy of
    your customers at risk. What do you do next?
    Join this session to learn about the impact of GDPR and go through a
    breach investigation and response scenario as it would be after GDPR
    comes into effect in May 2018. You’ll hear from Splunk’s Data Privacy
    Officer Elizabeth Davies and Splunk’s Security Ninja Matthias Maier.

    What you'll learn:
    ● What breach response will look like under the GDPR
    ● What tools and processes a data privacy officer will rely on in
    case of a breach
    ● What departments and entities will be involved beyond IT
    ● What activities are currently happening within organizations to
    prepare for the GDPR
    ● What the consequences of the breach could be
  • Intel's Data Center Game Changer
    Intel's Data Center Game Changer Noel John BDM & Eric Xie, Sr. Application Engineer, Intel Data Center Management Solutions Oct 25 2017 6:00 am UTC 60 mins
    A rapid rate of change complicates every facet of datacenter management, and server-centric compute models are too cumbersome for today’s highly variable workloads. Is it possible to optimize resources and operations in such dynamic environments? In this presentation, learn how to replace manual, hardware-defined application provisioning and management with a highly automated, software-defined resource model and orchestration layer that enables flexibility, simplified on-demand capital efficiency, and lower TCO. Find out how to compose more agile pools of datacenter resources, and simultaneously drive up IT efficiency, optimize energy requirements, increase datacenter resilience, and strengthen disaster recovery plans.
  • Cloud Interconnection: A Faster, More Secure Road to the Cloud
    Cloud Interconnection: A Faster, More Secure Road to the Cloud Carlos Arévalo, Global Solutions Architect, Equinix | David Maclean, Systems Engineer, F5 Networks Oct 25 2017 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Organisations are rapidly adopting cloud interconnection at colocation facilities. It is an ideal place to provide services that need to be shared by multiple cloud locations, run legacy applications, or deliver application and security services. By deploying application delivery with cloud interconnection services, businesses get the flexibility and scale of the public cloud without sacrificing security, availability, and performance of their applications.

    Join Equinix and F5 experts for an informative webinar where you will learn how to:

    - Benefit from cloud interconnection services
    - Deliver advanced security services: Single sign-on, Cloud federation, Web application firewall, SSL inspection, DDoS protection, DNS, and more
    - Leverage cloud gateway services as a central point of control between legacy data centers, colocation, and public, private, or hybrid cloud
    - Avoid cloud provider lock-in through direct, private access to multiple public clouds
  • Next Generation Cloud Security – Addressing the Threats to Enable Adoption
    Next Generation Cloud Security – Addressing the Threats to Enable Adoption Richard Walters, Chief Security Strategist, CensorNet Oct 25 2017 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Web and cloud application security exposures and email-based attacks continue to plague enterprises of all sizes, industries, and geographies. To tackle the threat, organisations have typically relied on multiple single purpose solutions to address each channel of risk. They’ve ended up with a proliferation of products, which complicates security and compliance, rather than simplifying it.

    By unifying email, web, and cloud security with multi-factor authentication, CensorNet offers the freedom, visibility and protection that businesses need to navigate the threat landscape while unlocking the benefits of the cloud by enabling safe adoption of a wide range of apps.
  • Data Fabric @ Scale: Breaking through legacy data architectures
    Data Fabric @ Scale: Breaking through legacy data architectures Jack Norris - Senior Vice President, Data and Applications, MapR Oct 25 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The use of an emerging data fabric, offers enterprises a number of benefits and advantages including the ability to break through the gravitational pull of legacy data architectures and capture the full potential of all your data.

    This webinar will detail how the deployment of a data fabric can enable enterprises to more quickly and easily scale across data volumes, data types and locations. The session will also provide an overview on how a data fabric reduces storage costs and increases application agility and reliability – with the underpinning to support the successful pursuit of:

    * IoT through a data fabric’s capability of handling data flows from the edge to the cloud, centralizing learning, and distributing intelligence back to the edge for real-time responsiveness.

    * Machine Learning/AI with the fabric able to handle the complex data flows and logistics to support the rapid deployment and coordination across machine learning models, algorithms and analytic tools

    * Microservices and containers with the underlying data fabric able to support intelligent streams and support the mobility and flexibility for elastic stateful applications and analytic processes relying on shared data.
  • Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations
    Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations Matt Keil, Director of Product Marketing, Public Cloud Oct 25 2017 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Offering organizations of all sizes the benefits of agility and scalability, the adoption of public cloud continues at a pace rivalled only by that of the early days of the Internet era. As was the case then, the speed of adoption often means that “good enough” security is viewed as acceptable.

    With the underlying premise that the public cloud is someone else’s computer, and an extension of your network this session will cover public cloud security concerns, what the shared security responsibility model really means and recommendations for protecting your public cloud workloads and data.
  • Digital business in 2018: a year of change ahead
    Digital business in 2018: a year of change ahead Ettienne Reinecke, Chief Technology Officer, & Scott Gibson, Group Executive, Digital Practice, Dimension Data Oct 25 2017 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Digital technologies like AI, automation and blockchain have gone from concept to mainstream over the past 12 months, and in 2018 businesses will start looking at how they can use these to innovate and differentiate themselves.

    In this webinar, our experts will outline the forces that will re-shape digital business in 2018. They’ll also reflect on major trends and milestones from the past 12 months that have set the stage for a year of change ahead.
  • Overcoming PCI DSS Challenges While Driving Innovation
    Overcoming PCI DSS Challenges While Driving Innovation Cindy Stanton, VP of Commercial Product Management, Alert Logic, and Mike Santimaw, VP of Information Security, Rent-A-Center Oct 25 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Out of nearly 300 payment card data breaches investigated by Verizon between 2010 and 2016, not one of the organizations was fully PCI DSS compliant at the time of their breach. When organizations start with a robust security program, the PCI DSS compliance they achieve is supported by a program that allows them to maintain that compliance and be in the best position to secure their customers’ information. Without the proper security tools and expertise in place, businesses expose themselves to the risks of damage to their reputation, brand, and financial health. So how do you stay on top of PCI compliance?

    We sit down with Mike Santimaw, Vice President of Information Security, Innovation Labs & Corporate Solutions at Rent-A-Center, as he discusses the PCI challenges faced when making the business transition to a cloud-first approach. You’ll gain first-hand experience on the steps taken to maintain compliance for their digital presence and in over 3,000 stores across North America, while enabling customer experience innovation.

    Claim your spot and learn about:
    • The business consequences and impact when not PCI DSS compliant
    • The key steps for maintaining an effective security program and PCI compliance in a hybrid environment
    • The benefits to leveraging managed security for compliance mandates
  • Power your Big Data Infrastructure with Data Intelligence for Analytics and Data
    Power your Big Data Infrastructure with Data Intelligence for Analytics and Data Balaji Mohanam, Senior Product Manager, Qubole Oct 25 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Discover the newly launched features in Qubole, powered by Data Intelligence, that automates mundane Data Model performance appraisal and simplifies Data Ops. This session will provide a detailed walkthrough of Qubole’s latest offering in Data Intelligence that includes Data Model insights and Recommendations including Partitioning, Formatting, and Sorting that helps optimize data models for improved performance and computing resources. In addition, learn about Qubole’s latest offering in self-service analytics and how it can improve analysts productivity by making data discovery easy through column and table name auto-suggestion and completion, and insights preview.
  • Customer Insight: Future-Proof your Colocation Data Center
    Customer Insight: Future-Proof your Colocation Data Center Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director at 451 Research; Greg Jones, VP Strategy - Cloud & SP segment, Schneider Electric Oct 25 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Against the ever-changing and complex hybrid IT landscape, 451 Research surveyed more than 450 colocation customers globally – to understand the changing facets driving colocation demand and how colocation providers can be positioned for success today, and in the future. This research shows that the role of the colocation provider has never been more important – but the threats and challenges will intensify, and the opportunities will be uneven. Led by 451 Research’s Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director – Data Centers, and hosted by Greg Jones, VP Strategy – Cloud & Service Provider segment, Schneider Electric, this webinar will reveal the findings of this research along with actionable guidance colocation providers can use to plan for the future.