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Cloud Computing

  • Why Accudata Relies on Citrix Cloud
    Why Accudata Relies on Citrix Cloud Vid Sista, Director of Technology Solutions Recorded: Oct 16 2018 24 mins
    Accudata Systems isn’t just a Citrix Platinum Partner—we rely on Citrix Cloud internally to provide the agility and depth of service we need to compete in today’s business landscape. Join Accudata’s director of technology, Vid Sista, for a 30-minute webinar on October 16 at 11 a.m. CST to learn how Accudata uses Citrix Cloud to:

    •Protect sensitive data outside our corporate network.
    •Leverage Citrix’s Virtual Apps and Desktop environments to reduce resource needs.
    •Provide a consistent experience for all Accudata team members, regardless of location.
  • Next-Gen Cloud: Proving the IT and Business Value of Cloud Migration
    Next-Gen Cloud: Proving the IT and Business Value of Cloud Migration Curtis Rissi, Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services and Shreyans Parekh, Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ AppDynamics Recorded: Oct 16 2018 45 mins
    In this webinar, AWS and AppDynamics will talk about what Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) and other recent developments in cloud computing can do for you—and where and how to to use them. You’ll learn how to accelerate release cycles and empower your development teams without server or cluster management overhead. We’ll specifically highlight AWS Fargate, a compute engine for Amazon ECS and EKS.

    We’ll also help you better understand the impact of next-gen cloud capabilities on application performance and explain how to baseline application performance pre-migration. Once you have these initial insights, compare them with post-migration metrics across cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Finally, you’ll learn how to take AWS Cloudwatch insights and see those within a full-stack, end-to-end application view.

    Following this session you’ll know how to build an IT and business case for migration to the cloud, demonstrating not just agility and scalability—but revenue impact as well.
  • Demanding Workloads Demand NVMe
    Demanding Workloads Demand NVMe Andrew Grimes @ NetApp, Eric Burgener @ IDC, and Naem Saafein @ Brocade Live 50 mins
    Enterprise IT is facing huge volumes of new data that is overwhelming legacy SAN solutions. Rather than get trapped with the outcomes of an aging legacy system, learn how you can leave slower data access, increased costs, and the inflexibility of a legacy infrastructure behind. Join the webcast “Demanding Workloads Demand NVMe” and find out how moving to an end-to-end NVMe infrastructure can clear your path toward data center modernization.

    You will hear directly from three leading experts: Andrew Grimes from NetApp, Eric Burgener from IDC, and Naem Saafein from Brocade.

    They will discuss how you can:
    • Speed time to innovation by maximizing your network resources with the latest all-flash storage technologies
    • Become a key part of your company’s digital transformation and future success
    • Easily move from a siloed solution to a cloud-connected all-flash infrastructure
  • Best of BoxWorks '18 - Higher Education  
    Best of BoxWorks '18 - Higher Education   Andrew Keating, Managing Director of Higher Education @Box Recorded: Oct 16 2018 60 mins
    BoxWorks '18 comes to Europe with a Webinar focused on the new updates discussed at our annual customer conference in San Francisco, with an emphasis on how Box's innovations can help colleges and universities develop their content management strategies.

    Topics include:
    - Cloud content management for higher education
    - G Suite and Office 365 integrations
    - Security and compliance overview
    - AI & ML technologies
  • Is Your Web Security Working? How to Test and Tune Your Web Security
    Is Your Web Security Working? How to Test and Tune Your Web Security John DiTroia, Chief Architect of the Web Security Diagnostic Recorded: Oct 16 2018 40 mins
    Cyren’s Web Security Diagnostic, which in less than 30 seconds tests vulnerability to a series of threats like basic and advanced viruses, phishing URLs, botnet calls, and malware hidden in HTTPS traffic has been run by thousands of IT and security professionals and their users to assess the performance of their web gateway security. Test your web security today.
  • How to derive business value with rules
    How to derive business value with rules Fred Dri, Application Platform Sales Specialist, Red Hat. Anand Akella, Senior Middleware Solutions Architect, Red Hat. Recorded: Oct 16 2018 56 mins
    A common challenge for organizations is how to derive direct, tangible business value as a result of a cohesive rules strategy. Please join Fred and Anand to learn about successful use cases that quickly showed benefits for cost savings, business acceleration, and overall simplification of business processes with rules solutions from Red Hat.
  • Cloud Transformation: Security in the Age of Digital Disruption
    Cloud Transformation: Security in the Age of Digital Disruption Gary Marsden, Senior Director of Data Protection Services at Gemalto Recorded: Oct 16 2018 54 mins
    While the technological and commercial advances of the cloud have created significant opportunities for enterprises, service providers and IT vendors alike, this cloud-driven transformation has also undone conventional approaches to data security and created compliance challenges when it comes to data control and ownership.

    These changes have unwittingly drawn us into a realm of increasing threat vectors, poor security practices and bad actors. From reducing cost of ownership to empowering IT decision making across the value chain, it is safe to say that the cloud means that life will never be the same for anyone.

    During this webinar we will:
    - Look at the challenges facing today's IT and security teams;
    - See how this wave of disruption can be overcome using ever advancing automation, processing and intelligence technologies that can be used to build and deliver security an increasingly diverse IT landscape; and
    - Look at how security will need to evolve in the wake of digital transformation.
  • Digital Transformation in Collaboration: Why Security, AI & Cost Matter
    Digital Transformation in Collaboration: Why Security, AI & Cost Matter Yasamin Yousefi, Product Marketing @ Box Recorded: Oct 16 2018 42 mins
    Digital transformation involves connecting and enabling teams who are mobile, cross-department and even extend beyond the enterprise. So businesses are making big bets on collaboration tools to help people work better together.

    But here's the problem: There are so many services to choose from that it can be hard to figure out what solution will work best for your business.

    In this webinar, we'll walk you through key considerations to keep in mind as you select the best solution for you:

    - Usability is key in gaining adoption
    - Security is not a nice to have, it is a must have
    - You need to look beyond just cost savings
    - Collaboration and business processes need to be tightly connected
    - Artificial intelligence and Machine learning can't be ignored
  • DevOps to DevSecOps
    DevOps to DevSecOps Speaker: Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect Recorded: Oct 16 2018 38 mins
    Join us to hear how service providers are making the transition from DevOps to DevSecOps. We will explore the differences between DevOps and DevSecOps, identify security capabilities needed at each layer and how culture plays a significant role.

    You will learn:
    · Security shifting from an afterthought to critical, foundational and pervasive
    · Learn about the 'shiny things' problem - ensure that only approved components and libraries get deployed
    · Recommend processes are enabled and controlled via automation
    · Love your inner auditor
    · Tools, process and culture are fundamental, but you will need culture and executive buy-in to success
  • The Criminal Chase for Cryptocurrency
    The Criminal Chase for Cryptocurrency Tyler Moffitt | Sr. Threat Research Analyst Recorded: Oct 16 2018 47 mins
    For years, cybercriminals have been experimenting with new ways to steal and extort money from their victims. In the last few years, the biggest trend is cryptocurrency. Join our informative webinar to learn more about how it works, and how you can keep your business safe.

    Join Webroot's 30 minute webinar with Sr. Threat Research Analyst, Tyler Moffitt, as he explores:

    • The pre-cryptocurrency money mules
    • Bitcoin and Silk Road
    • The ransomware business model
    • Cryptomining in all its forms
    • How to keep your business safe from cyber-extortion
  • Nutanix Files: Simple, Scalable, and Reliable File Storage for Citrix EUC
    Nutanix Files: Simple, Scalable, and Reliable File Storage for Citrix EUC Kees Baggerman,EUC Technical Director Nutanix & Dave Brear,Enterprise Architect EMEA Professional Services Citrix UK Recorded: Oct 16 2018 50 mins
    The benefits of a modern digital workspace are well documented; but not all solution stacks are created equal.

    Join Nutanix EUC Technical Director, Kees Baggerman and Dave Brear,Enterprise Architect, Citrix Professional Services, as they discuss how Citrix EUC with Nutanix Files, which is natively integrated into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, eliminates costs and complexities at any scale to successfully deliver a modern digital workspace.

    In this webinar, attendees will learn:

    1. What is Nutanix Files?
    2. Why is Nutanix Files applicable to Citrix EUC environments and its successful deployment?
    3. Best practices to integrate and deliver Nutanix Files in Citrix EUC environments.
  • How to Integrate Cloud-Native Apps with Next-Gen Cloud Environments
    How to Integrate Cloud-Native Apps with Next-Gen Cloud Environments Simon Ratcliffe, CIO Advisor & Mentor, IT Evangelist, Ensono & Cloud Industry Forum Recorded: Oct 16 2018 33 mins
    We are already on the edge of a new paradigm in IT where developers can focus purely on their code and the applications are delivered by the cloud provider who delivers computing power as required.

    Whilst this approach works for cloud native applications, how do we integrate these next generation clouds with the legacy systems we already have? How do we create a serverless environment after years of creating servers and how do we connect seemingly un-connectable systems such as mainframes into this new paradigm?

    In this webinar we examine the tools and options now available and soon to be available in the next generation of cloud computing and seek to understand how these connect back to the current world and establish some possible journeys for the legacy applications into the next generation of cloud.
  • Maximize Availability and Cost Efficiency with Software-Defined Storage
    Maximize Availability and Cost Efficiency with Software-Defined Storage Alexander Kirov, Vladimir Porokhov, Anastasia Dobrodeeva, Recorded: Oct 16 2018 41 mins
    According to IDC, data creation will reach a total of 163 zettabytes by the year 2025. Traditional data centers are no longer able to address the need for scale, high availability and cost efficiency.

    Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about best practices for enabling maximum availability and cost efficiency of your data center. During the session we’ll discuss:
    • Typical challenges many service providers are facing
    • Key criteria to consider as you evaluate a software-defined storage
    • A variety of use cases for software-defined storage
    • Live product demo of Virtuozzo Storage
  • Cybersecurity Helden werden nicht geboren ... Sie werden gemacht!
    Cybersecurity Helden werden nicht geboren ... Sie werden gemacht! Giovanni Pascale, Associate Sales Engineer, Proofpoint Recorded: Oct 16 2018 47 mins
    Phishing ist nach wie vor eine der am schnellsten wachsenden und bösartigsten Bedrohungen für die Sicherheit von Unternehmen aller Branchen. Denn der versierte „Phisher“ von heute schafft es, selbst die ausgefeiltesten technischen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen durch sorgfältig geplante, sozial ausgerichtete E-Mails zu umgehen, die sich immer weiterentwickeln.

    Wie also Mitarbeiter und Unternehmen vor diesen gezielten Angriffen schützen?
    Das Phishing-Simulation- und Sicherheits-Awareness-Training von Proofpoint bietet Organisationen eine zusätzliche Sicherheitsebene, indem es Mitarbeiter auf die neuesten E-Mail-Sicherheitstaktiken testet und informiert. Dies hilft, das Bewusstsein zu erhöhen, die Anzahl erfolgreicher Phishing-Angriffe und Malware-Infektionen zu reduzieren und zukünftige Sicherheitsverletzungen zu verhindern.

    Erfahren Sie in unserem Live-Webcast, mehr über die marktführende Lösung für computerbasierte Security Awareness Trainings und Phishing-Simulation und informieren Sie sich über

    •E-Mail Fraud – Ein Omnipräsentes Thema
    •Proofpoint und Wombat – Eine optimale Ergänzung
    •Maturitätslevel von Security Awareness
    •Wombat Methodologe & Live Demo
  • Renforcez la sécurité tout en garantissant la disponibilité du réseau
    Renforcez la sécurité tout en garantissant la disponibilité du réseau Yann Samama, Consultant Solutions de Sécurité Recorded: Oct 16 2018 53 mins
    Votre réseau est indispensable pour vos opérations et pour cette raison, il constitue une cible de choix pour les cybermenaces, telles que les ransomwares et les violations d’accès à vos données. Que pouvez-vous faire ? Les outils de sécurité inline peuvent constituer une solution efficace, mais présentent de nombreux points de défaillance, notamment lorsque les débits réseau s’accroissent, pour la simple raison que ces outils n’arrivent pas à soutenir le rythme de cette accélération. Mais s’ils deviennent inopérants, votre réseau peut le devenir aussi.

    Afin de fournir une visibilité complète des données en mouvement et de maintenir la conformité des réseaux haut-débit, de nombreuses entreprises du secteur des services financiers se sont tournées vers des collecteurs de paquets nouvelle génération (NGNPB) offrant une protection bypass en ligne flexible. Cette fonctionnalité automatise l’accès au trafic, adapte et optimise l’infrastructure existante, et simplifie le déploiement de nouvelles technologies. Les NGNPB permettent également de :

    • Fournir une visibilité complète à travers les environnements physiques, virtuels et cloud.
    • Extraire des méta-données de façon évolutive pour une informatique réglementaire améliorée.
    • Isoler des applications pour une inspection ciblée.
    • Donner une visibilité du trafic chiffré pour la détection des menaces.

    Découvrez comment vous pouvez renforcer la sécurité tout en garantissant la disponibilité du réseau et en réduisant les coûts. Apprenez comment une architecture évolutive, résiliente et simplifiée peut :

    • Maximiser l’efficacité des outils en acheminant uniquement les bonnes données vers les bons outils et en épargnant à ces derniers, les tâches gourmandes en ressources processeur, telles que le déchiffrement SSL.
    • S’adapter au débit croissant du réseau sans avoir à extraire et remplacer l’outil rendu obsolète grâce à l’équilibrage de la charge entre plusieurs groupes d’outils.
    Et plus.
    Inscrivez-vous dès aujourd’hui!
  • Managing data with confidence
    Managing data with confidence Tim Daunch, Enterprise Technical Consultant & Michael Hetrick, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau Recorded: Oct 16 2018 27 mins
    Tableau Server has many built-in features to promote security, governance, data exploration, and collaboration. Data Server is arguably the most powerful of these tools. Discover how you can confidently manage your data while enabling ad-hoc exploration for the business.

    This webcast will teach you:

    - Tips to manage the proliferation of duplicate data sources
    - How to provide centralized metadata management
    - The key to simplifying how users access data stored in your databases
  • Successfully Migrate your Critical Workloads to AWS with Rackspace
    Successfully Migrate your Critical Workloads to AWS with Rackspace Diego Dalmolin and Eric Johnson Recorded: Oct 12 2018 56 mins
    Catch up Diego Dalmolin from AWS, and Eric Johnson, from Rackspace, who have teamed up to deliver a special introduction to the AWS migration framework. Watch now to hear all about a real customer success story and exactly what you need to achieve a successful cloud migration project.
  • How is IBN Different than SDN
    How is IBN Different than SDN Carly Stoughton, Sean Hafeez Recorded: Oct 11 2018 4 mins
    There is a lot of buzz around Intent-based networking (IBN), but there is still a lot of confusion about the difference between IBN and software-defined networking (SDN). Carly Stroughton and Sean Hafeez of Apstra discuss some of the issues with SDN and how IBN resolves them.
  • Network Troubleshooting in the Cloud: Tools, Techniques and Gotchas
    Network Troubleshooting in the Cloud: Tools, Techniques and Gotchas Aviatrix CTO Sherry Wei and Neel Kamal, head of field operations at Aviatrix Recorded: Oct 11 2018 48 mins
    When someone reports an EC2 connectivity failure, what do you do? Open your Amazon VPC Console, launch an SSH session, and start typing CLI commands in search of clues.

    Common root causes include problems related to:

    - Route table updates
    - Phantom network ACLs
    - Security policies
    - Missing BGP routes
    - Overfilling route tables or summarization mistakes

    Moreover, in many cases, networking is not an issue, but valuable time is lost eliminating the network as a cause before you can progress. Unfortunately, AWS does not natively provide the visibility and troubleshooting features needed by CloudOps and DevOps teams to identify and resolve problems quickly.

    As part of our fact-filled AWS Bootcamp series, Aviatrix CTO Sherry Wei and Neel Kamal, head of field operations at Aviatrix, show you how to get on top of these issues and achieve operational readiness. They also demo tools that give you visibility, simplify troubleshooting, and alert you when issues are detected.

    Who Should Watch?
    CloudOps, DevOps, Cloud Architects, Cloud Network Engineers, Cloud Support teams, or anyone responsible for connectivity of cloud resources.

    Slides Included
    You will also receive the file containing the presentation slides.
  • Modernize legacy applications with API and data integration
    Modernize legacy applications with API and data integration Luc Clement, Senior Director, Product Management Recorded: Oct 11 2018 29 mins
    You have cloud-first strategy and you are investing in new technologies and applications in the cloud. And you have several legacy applications that still are critical to your business. Often there are business processes that traverse across and between these applications and critical data required by a cloud app may still reside on-premises. How do you modernize your data and applications without ripping and replacing your legacy systems?

    Join this webinar to learn how you can unleash the value from your on-prem. data repositories and applications and bridge the gap between the new and old world using Informatica Cloud Application Integration.

    In this webinar, you will learn about:
    Capabilities of Informatica Cloud Data, Application, and API Integration and Informatica iPaaS Solution
    Deep-dive demo
  • Infrastructure as Code: Managing Hybrid, Multi-cloud Infrastructure at Scale
    Infrastructure as Code: Managing Hybrid, Multi-cloud Infrastructure at Scale Tom Petrocelli Recorded: Oct 11 2018 21 mins
    This webinar is a short introduction designed for IT professionals who are exploring Infrastructure as Code especially focusing on SysOps, managers (from mid-level to C-Suite), and system architects.

    As modern IT systems become more diverse and complex, managing them, especially at scale can become very difficult. Infrastructure as Code present a new way of thinking about infrastructure management that alleviates many of these challenges.

    This webinar provides discusses:

    •From Simplicity to Complexity: The evolution of IT systems that have led to increased diversity and complexity
    •Wrestling the Beast: The challenges of managing complex systems
    •Writing Infrastructure: An introduction to Infrastructure as Code and the ways it alleviates some of the problems of managing diverse, hyperscale, multi-cloud systems.
    •To Infinity and beyond: The future of Infrastructure as Code and operations automation
  • How MSPs Can Meet the AWS MSP Validation Checklist v3.3 and Grow Their Business
    How MSPs Can Meet the AWS MSP Validation Checklist v3.3 and Grow Their Business Alana Fitts, Director of Sales Strategy & Program Management Recorded: Oct 11 2018 49 mins
    As the cloud becomes part of any business’ standard operating procedure, the demands on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) has increased as well. End customers are expecting more when it comes to reporting, security, and best practices. And it’s not just customers with changing expectations; Amazon has increased their requirements when it comes to MSPs, with an updated MSP Validation Checklist. Failing an audit could be devastating; the right tools can help. CloudCheckr makes it easy for MSPs to meet their obligations—to Amazon and their clients.

    In this webcast, attendees will learn:

    - New requirements as part of Amazon’s MSP Validation Checklist 3.3
    - How CloudCheckr helps MSPs meet those checklist items
    - Areas where MSPs can increase growth and margins using CloudCheckr
  • Demonstration of SaltStack Intelligent Automation for ITOps and DevOps at Scale
    Demonstration of SaltStack Intelligent Automation for ITOps and DevOps at Scale Mark Hopper, SaltStack solutions engineer Recorded: Oct 11 2018 31 mins
    IT operators today are tasked with controlling and securing complexity at a scale never experienced before. Hybrid cloud infrastructures, heterogeneous application stacks, and sprawling software-defined networks have become the new normal.

    This webinar will demonstrate how SaltStack can be used to intelligently orchestrate, manage, and secure hybrid IT environments. Learn why SaltStack ITOps is unique in delivering intelligent, event-driven IT automation.

    Attend this webinar to witness the combined power of SaltStack orchestration, automation, and configuration at scale for use cases like autonomous control of system configuration drift, or for automation of pesky night ops tasks.

    Learn what event-driven IT automation can do to make your IT ops team more effective and your digital business more competitive.
  • Protect & Improve Your Business: Top 5 Best Practices for Connected Devices
    Protect & Improve Your Business: Top 5 Best Practices for Connected Devices Sonu Shankar, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: Oct 11 2018 30 mins
    IoT devices are increasingly connected to conventional IT infrastructures, to improve operational efficiencies and ease of remote management. IT leaders are now responsible for connecting doctors, nurses, patients, and medical devices, or enabling financial advisors on the road, to deliver services to their clients. From enabling services via remote mobile devices, to managing IP-connected cameras on-premises at the same time, running this new converged IT ecosystem, that includes Operational Technology (OT), can be a daunting task. Especially when your attack surface has now dramatically expanded.

    According to Verizon's 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, a total of 51% of data breaches affected either financial services businesses (24%), healthcare organizations (15%), or public sector entities (12%). With the rise in data breaches in these industries, and the responsibility to manage this connected ecosystem, how do you protect your business from attacks targeting connected devices? Furthermore, how do you do this without the budget to build and staff a full-fledged Security Operations Center (SOC)?

    Join us to discover:

    - The top 5 best practices you can adopt to improve your overall security posture
    - How you can equip your business with the security capabilities of a large enterprise at a fraction of their costs
  • Running Containers in Production for Dummies
    Running Containers in Production for Dummies Jorge Salamero Sanz, Eric Carter, Knox Anderson Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Given by the authors of the new book - Running Containers in Production for Dummies. Are you new to containers? Let’s quickly cover the basics to get you up to speed and started with deploying containers in production. In this 1h session we will walk through:

    Containers and orchestrators: why containers have revolutionized IT infrastructure, why do you need them and which orchestration technology is right for you.
    Setting up a CI/CD/CS delivery pipeline: how containers, continuous integration and delivery make your pipeline more agile and how it all fits together.
    Monitoring containers: why this is different and so hard. What are the different approaches and how do tools like Sysdig Monitor and Prometheus compare.
    Securing containers: security cannot be missed. What are best practices for container security, including vulnerability management with image scanning and compliance, runtime defense and forensics.
    This is plenty to cover, so be prepared to rock containers hard!
  • Secure and Successful Deployments of NSX: Extend Your Visibility with NETSCOUT
    Secure and Successful Deployments of NSX: Extend Your Visibility with NETSCOUT Ray Krug, Enterprise Solutions Architect NETSCOUT Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Making the decision to evolve to the agile NSX SDDC environment as part of your Digital Transformation initiative brings its own challenges of security design and application deployment; and is not without risk. This means that maintaining visibility to assure your business service into this new virtual, secure world is critical to migration success.

    Join Ray Krug, Enterprise Solutions Architect as he discusses how you can leverage NETSCOUT, a VMware Ready Certified Partner in Networking and Security for SDDC space, and your existing nGenusONE Service Assurance platform to extend continuous visibility of your micro-segmented environment, to assure the successful deployment and ongoing security and performance of services in your NSX environment.

    Key takeaways from this session:

    •The challenges faced by IT, DevOPs and Security in the NSX SDDC

    •How NETSCOUT can extend the visibility you already depend on with deployment in an NSX environment.

    •An example use case of application deployed in NSX being monitored by NETSCOUT

    •Demonstrate how NETSCOUT provides visibility for SDDC in NSX and beyond into the public cloud.
  • How to Prepare Your Organization for SQL Server 2008 End of Life
    How to Prepare Your Organization for SQL Server 2008 End of Life Jim Haas, Vice President of Managed Services at Ntirety Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Around July 9th, 2019 Microsoft will end all support for SQL Server 2008. How can you prepare your organization? Start by understanding your options.

    Why should you attend?
    Doing nothing is not an option this time. Data security is a risk to your organization, as all critical patches and security updates for SQL Server 2008 will end. Your Lack of compliance with industry standards and applicable regulations may lead to security breaches, data loss, litigation, and reputational risk.

    Join Jim Haas, Vice President of Managed Services at Ntirety, as he discusses how you can go about making a compelling case:

    • Upgrade Options: Migrate to Azure, Upgrade SQL Server, or Purchase Extended Security
    • The many advances since SQL 2008.
    • How to get started. What you can do yourself. Where you may need help and where to find

    Register Today!
  • Top 5 Ways Your Network Can Give Your Business a Competitive Edge
    Top 5 Ways Your Network Can Give Your Business a Competitive Edge Cherie Martin, Aruba Product Marketing Manager Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Seventy percent of today’s Midsize businesses are investing in technology to customize the user experience, improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage. But the ability to deliver amazing user experiences is dependent on high-performance, reliable connectivity. It requires a business-class network.

    Join us on October 16th, 10am PST to learn about the Top 5 business-class features your network must have for you to automate and optimize the delivery of network services to drive your business success.

    A high-level discussion will be followed by a demo of Aruba Central, network management in the Cloud.

    Attend and you could qualify to receive a free Aruba Instant access point and a 90-day trial to Aruba Central, our network management solution.
  • Getting Ready for a Multi-cloud future with Containers and Kubernetes
    Getting Ready for a Multi-cloud future with Containers and Kubernetes Ritesh Patel, Co-Founder & VP of Products at Nirmata Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    For the last few years, there has been an ongoing debate about multi-cloud/hybrid cloud vs single cloud approach. However, there is increasing evidence that the future will be multi-cloud. Data from a recent survey released by Forrester Research indicates:

    62% of public cloud adopters are using 2+ unique cloud environments/platforms

    74% of enterprises describe their strategy as hybrid/multi-cloud today

    So, the question is what does this mean for your applications? Does adopting multi-cloud increase management complexity? How can you effectively control and manage spend?

    In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of a multi-cloud approach. We will see how containers are becoming a key building block for enabling application portability and how Kubernetes is becoming the toolbox across clouds. Finally, we will discuss real-world best practices for enabling multi-cloud deployments.

    About the speaker:
    Ritesh Patel is co-founder of Nirmata and has 20+ years experience building and delivering enterprise software solutions and has led highly successful software and business development teams. Ritesh began his career in engineering for high tech firms and has since migrated to the business side of the operation. In his founding of Nirmata, Ritesh sought to bring his broad spectrum of experience to a single previously unaddressed industry problem through the creation of a new business. To Nirmata’s leadership, Ritesh brings a rare skill set incorporating experience with the entire chain of software development activities. This background has contributed to Nirmata’s commitment to empowering all employees to do the hard work required to deliver tools that solve tough problems.
  • Secret to a Successful Digital Transformation
    Secret to a Successful Digital Transformation Donna Fitzgerald, former Gartner analysts for PPM Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As digital transformation continues to disrupt businesses, and in particular IT, CIOs are finding themselves having to adapt every element of their portfolios. Whether it’s the internal products and services that support the core business customer facing solutions that drive organizational value, or the transformation initiatives that support the ability to adapt and adjust effectively and efficiently, nothing is as it used to be. Join former Gartner analyst and renowned portfolio management guru Donna Fitzgerald as she discusses the implications of digital transformation on Its work for all of these project types.
  • Understanding the Challenges of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management
    Understanding the Challenges of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management Sirish Raghuram, CEO, Platform9 and Roy Illsley, Distinguished Analyst, Ovum Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Organizations are moving to cloud to increase operational efficiencies and revenues, and most are using more than one. A hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment can help organizations advance their digital transformation strategy, but if not properly planned, it can lead to a complex environment.

    Platform9’s centralized management plane transforms your existing IT infrastructure to leverage a cloud model while making it easy to incorporate public clouds as business requirements change.

    In this webinar, you will hear Roy Illsley, Distinguished Analyst from Ovum, and Sirish Ragharum, CEO of Platform9, to learn:

    - The business drivers behind cloud adoption
    - The benefits of a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy and how it advances your business objectives
    - How to transform your existing infrastructure into a cloud and leverage public cloud, so you can seamlessly meet changing business requirements
    - Key insights from the Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Management Solution, 2018–19

    Join us on October 16th at 10 AM PDT!
  • Cloud Training for the Modern Enterprise
    Cloud Training for the Modern Enterprise Albert Qian, Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Academy Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    While cloud adoption continues to increase, enterprises are faced with an ongoing talent shortage. According to global consulting firm Capgemini, nearly 70% of organizations believe that the skills gap has a direct impact on their bottom line revenue.

    With that in mind, many organizations are exploring cloud training programs but also discovering that the traditional learning and development (L&D) system is broken. In this webinar, Albert Qian will discuss the characteristics and traits that enterprise executives should consider when investing in training, including:

    - Which elements are key in an effective and modern learning platform
    - Why leaders should embrace guided, structured training in accomplishing innovation goals
    - Why standardized learning curriculum is not enough, especially as more enterprises invest in multi-cloud
    - And much more!
  • Procurement In The Age of Cloud, AI and Blockchain
    Procurement In The Age of Cloud, AI and Blockchain Binoy Syed, Chaitra Vedullapalli (Moderator) Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In the last few years, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the procurement function as being strategically important to the business. It drives value, generates massive savings opportunity, and increases the overall operational efficiency. With cloud technology changing at a rapid pace and procurement practices being regularly updated, the trends within the procurement function are ever changing.

    In this webinar, we will focus on helping you identify Hype v/s Actionable solutions for procurement:

    1. Learn about Cloud, AI and Blockchain technologies
    2. Framework to develop a strategic business case & roadmap for smart procurement
    3. Learn about a new framework to drive supplier diversity
    4. Learn about our special offer to get you started at (no cost)

    Who should attend: Senior procurement leaders and professionals, Technology Leaders, Business Leaders who are managing strategic sourcing.

    Join us in making you and your business cloud ready company.
    We look forward to collaborating with you.
  • Keeping Secrets in the Cloud: How to Automate Sensitive Data Protection
    Keeping Secrets in the Cloud: How to Automate Sensitive Data Protection Lindsey Smith, Principal Engineering Product Manager Oct 16 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    A move to the cloud provides an opportunity — and a responsibility — to rethink existing practices and workflows, especially when it comes to security. Breaking down monolithic applications and taking advantage of cloud services necessitates new methods of protection.

    You also need the agility boost and reliability that increased automation brings. You’ll need to prepare for security breaches, auditing access to secrets, and maintaining compliance in a scalable and efficient way.

    In this talk, we’ll explore key concerns for cloud security, and how to leverage increased automation to protect secrets, keys and credentials without undue complexity.
  • Eliminate Over-provisioning in AWS
    Eliminate Over-provisioning in AWS Imran Moin, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder Oct 16 2018 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Over-provisioning in AWS can be a costly cloud computing mistake. Quite simply, DevOps teams are often purchasing too much cloud computing power. Enterprise Architects and IT professionals over-provision infrastructure, buying capacity just in case they need it, but the cloud allows you to spin up infrastructure as you go and as you need it. Another common mistake is that people are a little too slow in buying reserved instances, which is Amazon's way of lowering the hourly cost of infrastructure in exchange for a prepayment.

    Register now to learn:
    • How to downsize or terminate underutilized instances
    • How to right-sizing the nodes with a larger footprint.
    • How to make optimal RI purchases
  • Make Infrastructure Your Competitive Advantage with Packet
    Make Infrastructure Your Competitive Advantage with Packet Nathan Goulding, SVP Strategy, Packet Oct 16 2018 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The leading companies of tomorrow will be technology enabled. Whether in personalized medicine, mobility, entertainment, financial services, retail, or any other experience, their chance to "win their market" will be largely determined by an ability to leverage technology as a weapon and deploy and operate that technology-based arsenal across the global.
  • The Promise of Future-Proof Cloud
    The Promise of Future-Proof Cloud Malathi Malla, Director of Product Marketing & Ajay Chhabria, Technical Marketing Engineer, Spirent Oct 16 2018 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    You promised your customers that you would anticipate next-generation Cloud infrastructure needs. Let Spirent assure that you keep it.

    Are your applications getting enough allocated resources to perform at their best? Ability to baseline and benchmark the underlying infrastructure, and simulate any type of application workload – allows you to validate both the functionality and performance of various applications and services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) running over the virtualized infrastructure. Join us to learn how Spirent can help you fast track Cloud deployments.
  • GDPR: What you need to know now
    GDPR: What you need to know now Florin Lazurca, Technical Security Strategist, Citrix and Stephen Twynam ,Senior Sales Engineer, Citrix Oct 17 2018 5:00 am UTC 55 mins
    In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. Are you ready? In a recent Ponemon study, 67% of respondents were aware of the GDPR, but only 50% of the organisations had allocated budget and started to prepare for these new regulations. GDPR will impose new rules on businesses, government agencies, and other organisations that offer goods and services to people in the European Union.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • More about GDPR and how it will impact you
    • How you can work towards GDPR compliance
  • Mehr Sicherheit bei gleichzeitiger Sicherstellung der Netzwerk-Uptime
    Mehr Sicherheit bei gleichzeitiger Sicherstellung der Netzwerk-Uptime Daniela Fusaro, Senior Solutions Architect Oct 17 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Ihr IT Netzwerk ist von entscheidender Bedeutung für den Betrieb, und das macht es zu einem beliebten Ziel für Cyber-Bedrohungen wie Ransomware und Verstöße gegen den Datenschutz. Was können Sie dagegen tun? Inline-Sicherheitstools können eine effektive Lösung sein, stellen aber mehrere mögliche Fehlerpunkte dar, zumal die Netzwerkgeschwindigkeiten steigen, und viele Tools sich diesen nicht anpassen können. Wenn diese Tools ausfallen, dann ist auch Ihr Netzwerk betroffen.

    Um eine umfassende Transparenz über die übertragenen Daten zu erhalten und die Compliance in Hochgeschwindigkeitsnetzen aufrechtzuerhalten, haben sich viele Firmen für die Next Generation Network Packet Broker (NGNPB) entschieden, die einen flexiblen Inline-Bypass-Schutz bieten. Diese Funktion automatisiert den Zugriff auf den Datenverkehr, skaliert und optimiert die bestehende Überwachungsinfrastruktur und vereinfacht die Einführung neuer Technologien. NGNPB bieten zudem Folgendes:

    • Vollständige netzwerkweite Transparenz in physikalischen, virtuellen und Cloud-Umgebungen,
    • Skalierbare Metadatenextraktion für verbesserte Forensik,
    • Isolierung von Anwendungen zur gezielten Untersuchung,
    • Sichtbarkeit für verschlüsselten Datenverkehr zur Erkennung von Bedrohungen.

    Erfahren Sie, wie Sie die Sicherheit erhöhen und gleichzeitig die Netzwerk-Uptime sicherstellen und so Kosten senken können. Erfahren Sie, wie eine vereinfachte, belastbare und skalierbare Architektur Folgendes leistet:

    Maximierung der Tool-Effizienz durch Bereitstellung der relevanten Daten für die relevanten Tools und durch das Auslagern prozessorintensiver Aufgaben wie der SSL-Entschlüsselung.
    Und mehr.

    Finden Sie heraus, wie sowohl Netzwerk- als auch Sicherheitsteams in einer sich schnell entwickelnden Cybersicherheitslandschaft schneller und sicherer arbeiten können.

    Network-Packet-Broker der nächsten Generation (NGNPB)
  • Why bringing communications (and not just your computing) into the cloud matters
    Why bringing communications (and not just your computing) into the cloud matters Global Cloud Solutions Specialist at Mitel Oct 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The conversation about the transition to a Cloud-first world is often dominated by Cloud computing but business communications is one of the most affected areas of this transformation.

    The analyst firm MZA predicts that the value of the hosted cloud market will more than triple by 2022 to $7.2 billion worldwide with 2.5x growth in the number of Cloud users.

    IT leaders are increasingly having to do more with less while simultaneously turning their IT and communications infrastructure into something that drives growth. This is happening against a background of changing models of work and the need to continuously improve the customer experience.

    As part of a quest to make life easier for the IT leader of today we will explore why it’s important to also consider your business communications.

    - Why bringing your communications and not just your computing into the cloud matters
    - The relevance of cloud to improving the customer experience
    - How collaboration is boosted in a unified communications environment
    - What paths exist on your journey to the cloud including on-premises, hybrid and cloud

    Andy has a 25 year track record in business communications with a background in senior management roles in Marketing, Sales, and Pre-Sales consultancy. Today Andy leads Mitel Sales and Sales Engineering training initiatives throughout the EMEA and APAC regions.

    This broad experience has given Andy valuable perspectives (both technical and customer use based) for today’s IT and communications leaders and technicians.

    Andy has taken part in some major industry milestones including deploying the first high speed network for the Government and being the design authority on one of the world’s largest switch networks.
  • How to Develop a Cloud-First Strategy with a Cloud-Native Approach
    How to Develop a Cloud-First Strategy with a Cloud-Native Approach Simon Ratcliffe, CIO Advisor & Mentor, IT Evangelist, Ensono & Cloud Industry Forum Oct 17 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    There is much talk in the tech community about the best approach to adopting a cloud first strategy and which solutions best fit organisations.

    Multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud first, cloud native are all options but too many organisations miss the critical factor. Any technology strategy requires that the organisational culture and the people match the technology approach. A cloud first technology strategy requires a very different mindset to more traditional approaches and adopting a different culture and approach and leading a team of people in this world is very different. Building technology without the underpinning cultural change invariably results in less than successful cloud adoption.

    In this webinar, we will examine some of the simple changes that can be made to the culture and structure of an IT function to create a foundation for a more successful implementation of a cloud first strategy.
  • Building a Cloud-First Policy in a Hybrid Environment
    Building a Cloud-First Policy in a Hybrid Environment Mike Openshaw, Senior Enterprise Architect, 6point6 Oct 17 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cloud computing has become synonymous with the digital agenda. Looking across the 2018 IT estate, cloud is no longer conspicuous by its presence but by its absence. Gartner projects the market size and growth of the cloud service industry at nearly three times the growth of the overall IT services industry through 2022. Cloud is agnostic of industry sector, having already established a material foothold in banks, schools, governments and healthcare.

    In this webinar, we will explore what a cloud-first policy means for you no matter where you are on your cloud journey, with a focus on both where your remaining on-premise IT estate sits and how this fits into a cloud-first world.

    About the speaker:
    Mike is a TOGAF and SAFe certified architect specialising in the strategic enterprise and solutions architecture space, with a solid background in integration, application, infrastructure and data architecture.

    He has a proven track record of delivering strategic business goals through business transformation programmes (up to £30M+) with complex interdependencies across the enterprise. Mike has extensive sector experience having worked in financial services, retail banking, digital eCommerce, not for profit, utilities and FMCG organisations.

    He has a comprehensive background of technology leadership and transformation, business process re-engineering and systems integration over a wide range of heterogeneous technology environments, from hybrid cloud solutions to physical on-premise estates.
  • Re-inventing APM for the Digital Era
    Re-inventing APM for the Digital Era Mike Sargent, Riverbed; Steve Mastin, Aetna; and Stephen Elliot, IDC Oct 17 2018 1:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Join Riverbed, Aetna and guest speaker IDC for a discussion and demonstration on how we are revolutionizing application performance management (APM) for the digital era with a focus on the end-user experience.

    Traditional APM solutions aren’t designed with the end-user in mind and rely on sampling a limited set of application performance data points. This legacy approach is not adequate for delivering today’s complex digital services. In today’s digital world, a unified application performance and end-user experience monitoring solution is critical to business success.

    Register now to see the power of our user experience-centric solution, hear from Aetna about their APM journey, and take the next step to ensuring end-user experience in the digital era.

    User-centric: Ensure end-user experience and troubleshoot issues faster with an end-to-end APM solution.
    All Data: Use big data insights from all transactions to be more proactive and holistic in driving better business decisions.
    Every App: Monitor your entire enterprise application ecosystem without compromising data quality.
  • Migrating Applications to the Cloud in 5 Steps
    Migrating Applications to the Cloud in 5 Steps Pascal Geenens, Security Evangelist, Radware Oct 17 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    According to a recent report from IDC, by 2020, almost half of IT infrastructure spend will be on cloud IT infrastructure. While there are many advantages with hosting applications in the cloud to improve overall efficiency and expand business opportunities – securing your applications in the cloud is more complicated.

    As you migrate or deploy more applications in the cloud, you are facing a more distributed network that splits across multiple cloud providers and your organisation’s private network. The flexibility and the cost benefit that drives the shift to the cloud also presents challenges around business continuity and application availability.

    Migrating applications to the cloud requires careful thought and understanding of how the applications will behave in the new environment. Join our webinar to learn:

    •Trends in moving applications to the cloud
    •Cyber risks related to running applications in the cloud
    •Lift and shift legacy security tools versus leveraging cloud native security tools
    •Security of the Cloud and the Shared Responsibility Model
    •Radware’s Cloud Workload Protection and leveraging machine learning to detect abnormal behavior of applications and users
  • APM Expanded Capabilities
    APM Expanded Capabilities Andre Piotto Oct 17 2018 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Na era das aplicações e APIs as empresas devem se concentrar na experiência do usuário. Por isso, desafiamos os paradigmas de monitoramento com uma solução projetada para atender às necessidades de empresas digitais modernas em constante evolução e que priorizam o cliente. Participe dessa sessão, conheça CA Expanded Capabilities e descubra como:
    • Maximizar a experiência do usuário e o desempenho das aplicações em ambientes dinâmicos e ecossistemas digitais;
    • Testar cenários cada vez mais complexos com mais rapidez;
    • Identificar e prever com antecedência a causa raiz de problemas e anomalias nas aplicações;
    • Obter visibilidade profunda das aplicações, arquiteturas, transações e back-ends;
    • Aprimorar a experiência oferecida ao usuário final com insights orientados a dados;
    • Como a inteligência artificial e machine learning podem reduzir a complexidade operacional e acelerar a remediação.

    Esperamos por você!
    Equipe CA Technologies
  • A CISO, CIO, and Compliance Officer Grab Coffee
    A CISO, CIO, and Compliance Officer Grab Coffee Paul Chapman, Chief Information Officer | Joel De La Garza, Chief Information Security Officer | Crispen Maung, VP Compliance Oct 17 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    What are the best ways to keep your cloud stack secure, your business compliant, and your users safe? Getting straight (and useful) answers to these simple questions isn't always easy.

    Watch a candid discussion with Box CIO Paul Chapman and his counterparts in Security and Compliance as they reveal how they work together every day to tackle the complex security and compliance challenges every global business faces today. They'll share best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and answer your hardest questions.

    This isn't your typical webinar. No slides. No pitches. No filters. Just a candid discussion with the guys who are safeguarding the data for over 80,000 businesses — including 67% of the Fortune 500 — as they share best practices and insights.

    Here's what they'll discuss:
    -How to get executives and users to care about security and compliance
    -Top of mind security or compliance issues (and tackling them)
    -The toughest challenges they faced
  • Tech Demo: Key Features for Web Application Firewalls
    Tech Demo: Key Features for Web Application Firewalls Shelly Hershkovitz, Product Management at Imperva; Jon Burton, Sales Engineering at Imperva Oct 17 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join to better understand key requirements needed in a web application firewall to protect applications and critical data in this changing world of application development and security.

    This webinar includes:

    - A detailed explanation of key features
    - Security technologies needed in DevOps and hybrid models
    - A demo showcasing the use of analytics to quickly reference attack campaigns
  • Creating a Multi-Cloud Buying Strategy
    Creating a Multi-Cloud Buying Strategy Meg Ramsey, Vice President, Cloud Services Product Management, Sungard Availability Services Oct 17 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    CEOs and boards are demanding their IT departments pursue a cloud-first, or all-in cloud, strategy, but not all clouds are created equal. A multi-cloud strategy is most prudent for enterprise businesses but to do so different business, system, application and cost drivers must be considered. In this presentation we will help you create a strategic buying framework for pursuing a multi-cloud strategy that pulls in both public cloud and private cloud services.

    About the speaker:

    In her role as Vice President of Cloud Services, Meg Ramsey sets the cloud strategy and vision for Sungard AS. Leading a team of product managers dedicated to delivering cloud infrastructure services for enterprise clients, she focuses on delivering application recovery and interoperability across all cloud platforms. Her efforts directly support Sungard AS’ strategic growth initiatives and include building partnerships with AWS and VMware to expand Sungard AS’ modern service offerings. Ramsey brings extensive consulting and strategy experience within the cloud, IT infrastructure and telecommunications industries. Prior to joining Sungard AS, Ramsey held positions at Accenture and Internap. She received her BS from Georgia Institute of Technology and a MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.