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Cloud Computing

  • Death to Traffic: How Smart Cities are Changing Transportation
    Death to Traffic: How Smart Cities are Changing Transportation Laura Schewel, CEO, StreetLight Data Recorded: Jun 23 2017 45 mins
    From automated vehicles to ride hailing apps, transportation as we know it is changing - and fast. But new technologies alone won't help communities build the efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation networks communities want. In fact, these innovative technologies could do just the opposite, especially if they are not deployed wisely. Cities must collect the right data and enact the right policies to ensure they do not exacerbate problems like inequity and traffic, and to hold themselves accountable to the promise of new mobility technologies.

    In this webinar, you will find out why - and how - the smartest cities of tomorrow will be those that adopt data-driven transportation strategies today. Join for Laura Schewel's presentation to gain insights into:

    • Why the status quo for transportation data collection is no longer good enough
    • The types of Massive Mobile Data that are useful for transportation and urban planning
    • Algorithmic processing techniques that are critical for making this data useful
    • Case studies from California and Virginia that demonstrate why Massive Mobile Data drives more effective transportation planning
    • A forward-looking blueprint for using Massive Mobile Data to maximize the potential benefits of new transportation technologies - and minimize negative impacts

    Laura Schewel founded StreetLight Data, a mobility analytics provider, after spending more than a decade as an advanced transportation researcher and statistician at the Rocky Mountain Institute and FERC. She has particular expertise in transportation systems, sustainability and safety, and vehicle/system modeling and analysis.
  • How IoT Will Make Healthcare Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise
    How IoT Will Make Healthcare Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Jarie Bolander, COO, Lab Sensor Solutions Recorded: Jun 23 2017 46 mins
    IoT is a technology that has the potential to make us healthy, wealthy, and wise especially in healthcare. Healthcare is just now adopting IoT to improve patient outcomes and decrease the cost of care.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - How to identify if an IoT solution will work for your use case.
    - What others in healthcare are using IoT for.
    - The challenges of IoT in healthcare
  • NetWorker i Backup VMware – Możliwości, ceny, architektura
    NetWorker i Backup VMware – Możliwości, ceny, architektura Daniel Olkowski, Dell EMC Recorded: Jun 23 2017 50 mins
    Ostatnie wersje NetWorkera to dużo nowości w obszarze backupu środowisk wirtualnych.
    Zapraszam na krótką 30 minutową sesję w trakcie której poruszymy wszystkie możliwości NetWorkera dotyczące backupu/odtwarzania infrastruktury VMware:
    Nie zabraknie demo!

    Piątek, 23 czerwca, 10:00, 30 minut

    Daniel Olowski
  • Breach Prevention Week: High-Performance, Intelligent, Centralized Management
    Breach Prevention Week: High-Performance, Intelligent, Centralized Management Navneet Singh from Palo alto Networks Recorded: Jun 23 2017 23 mins
    Greater Visibility, Faster Access, Workflow Automation

    The most innovative, advanced technology loses value if not managed effectively. We will discuss how to get access to the richest, most comprehensive set of actionable data from the network as well as from the endpoints or other third-party sources. Combined with complete network visibility and increased automation, organizations are able to streamline management workflows and focus on the issues that matter most.
  • The Power of Open Source Apache Cassandra Managed by Instaclustr
    The Power of Open Source Apache Cassandra Managed by Instaclustr Ben Bromhead, CTO and Co-Founder, Instaclustr Recorded: Jun 22 2017 37 mins
    This webinar provides a detailed comparison between open source Apache Cassandra managed by Instaclustr and proprietary technologies such as DataStax Enterprise. The aim is to highlight the operational and cost benefits associated with deploying open source Apache Cassandra and other data management technologies including Apache Spark. This webinar will also discuss the modern business approach to open source and enterprise software deployment and the pitfalls associated with technology lock in.
  • Lessons Learned using Ceph for Cloud Infrastructure
    Lessons Learned using Ceph for Cloud Infrastructure Daniel Messer, Storage Business & Philip Williams, Principal Architect, Rackspace Recorded: Jun 22 2017 67 mins
    No matter what level of modernization you are evaluating, any effort should start with a solid foundation. A standardized environment based on enterprise-ready, open-source operating system—Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®—and a hardware platform based on Intel ® is key to the modern data center.

    Learn how organizations like yours approached server consolidation projects and migrations from proprietary systems to Linux® to improve efficiency, and create a consistent foundation across current and cloud-future IT environments.
  • 10-Minutes to Cloud: How to Quickly Shift Big Data Processing
    10-Minutes to Cloud: How to Quickly Shift Big Data Processing Storage Switzerland, Avere Systems Recorded: Jun 22 2017 61 mins
    Enterprises aren't the only organizations that can benefit from big data. Medium and large businesses can too. The challenge is, can these businesses build the same big data infrastructure enterprises do? The short answer is, they can't. But the secret is, they don’t have to.

    In this webinar, join Storage Switzerland and Avere Systems as they show you how to shift large workload compute processing into the cloud in just 10 minutes. This quick onramp to unlimited cores can level the playing field and improve your ability to compete with the global giants.
  • MSPs: Give customers the cloud (without letting them float away).
    MSPs: Give customers the cloud (without letting them float away). Marc Keating, Director of Technology & Alliance Strategy; Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance Recorded: Jun 22 2017 37 mins
    The cloud has upended the way your customers want to adopt applications and underlying infrastructures. It’s important that your business stays ahead of this transformation. Your customers are looking to you as their trusted managed services advisor to “make it work.” Join us to learn best practices for transitioning your customers to the cloud.
  • Tectonic 1.6.4
    Tectonic 1.6.4 Rob Szumski Recorded: Jun 22 2017 21 mins
    Tectonic 1.6.4 continues the push to breaking open the cloud market. The features included in this release increase the portability of applications across hybrid cloud environments. CoreOS is providing an enterprise ready Kubernetes solution with automated operations that enable a cloud "as a service" operational model regardless of the underlying infrastructure, whether bare-metal, private IaaS, or public IaaS.

    Rob Szumski, Tectonic product manager at CoreOS, leads this webinar through the changes in the Tectonic 1.6.4 release. He'll go over the features included from Kubernetes 1.6.4 and how Tectonic is including operators for etcd other tools.
  • Threat Intelligence: Actionable Insights to Global Attack Trends
    Threat Intelligence: Actionable Insights to Global Attack Trends Dean Suzuki, Technical Architect, Microsoft; Anton Sarkisov, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft Recorded: Jun 22 2017 32 mins
    The average cost of a data breach has risen to $4 million, with costs incurred for litigation, brand or reputation damage, lost sales—and in some cases—complete business closure.*

    Your organization can stay ahead of threats with Office 365 Threat Intelligence, which leverages the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to analyze billions of data points from Microsoft global data centers, Office clients, email, user authentications, signals from our Windows and Azure ecosystems and other incidents that impact the Office 365 ecosystem. It provides information about malware families, including breach information with details down to the actual lines of code that are used for certain types of malware.

    Join this webinar to understand how your organization can become more secure through the powerful new features of Office 365 Threat Intelligence, including:

    - Interactive and intuitive tools to analyze prevalence and severity of threats in near real-time
    - Real-time and customizable threat alert notifications
    - Remediation capabilities for suspicious content

    * Source: The Ponemon Institute study
  • Mega Breaches: How To Mitigate Your Risks Using Data-Centric Security
    Mega Breaches: How To Mitigate Your Risks Using Data-Centric Security Heidi Shey - Senior Analyst at Forrester and Nico Popp - SVP Engineering, Information Protection at Symantec Recorded: Jun 22 2017 57 mins
    Keeping data safe pays dividends for protecting your reputation and retaining trust. No-one wants to suffer a breach, let alone a mega breach, but how should you invest time and resources to prevent this?

    In this webinar, guest speaker Heidi Shey (Senior Analyst at Forrester) will join Nico Popp (SVP Engineering, Information Protection at Symantec) as they guide you through the evolving world of data protection and explain how a holistic approach to data security and identity puts you back in control.

    Such a data centric approach combines data discovery, protection and identity and delivers two key benefits:

    •Ensures data is only available to the right users, irrespective of location (including cloud), organization or device

    •Provides protection throughout the data lifecycle

    The webcast will include a review of best practices to help you understand how a proactive, data-centric approach makes best use of your resources, and safeguards your – and your customers’ – critical data.
  • Security Practices for a More Secure Cloud
    Security Practices for a More Secure Cloud Kurt Hagerman, CISO, Armor; Raj Goel, CTO, Brainlink; Keith Young, Security Official, Montgomery Cty Govt. Brandon Dunlap Recorded: Jun 22 2017 60 mins
    The cloud is full of potential – but also unwanted risks and guests. Threat actors of all skill levels and intentions seek to disrupt, destroy and derail your utilization of cloud hosting for your critical data workloads. How do you defend against this menace? Join Armor and (ISC)2 on June 22, 2017 at 1:00PM Eastern for a discussion on securing and maximizing your cloud investment. We’ll examine the expertise needed, the need to share responsibilities, leveraging proven and emerging technologies and the role integration and automation plays.
  • CEO Series featuring Cohesity
    CEO Series featuring Cohesity Arun Taneja, Taneja Group; Mohit Aron, Cohesity Recorded: Jun 22 2017 46 mins
    Cohesity is one of the rising stars in the world of data management. They have flipped the data protection market on its ear. In this CEO Series webcast, Arun Taneja, Founder and Consulting Analyst of Taneja Group will interview Mohit Aron, CEO of Cohesity, to understand the concept of Hyperconverged Secondary Storage and why it matters to the industry. We will explore the advantages it provides for your data protection, test/dev, and data analytics workloads and how Cohesity is different from other solutions on the market. It is time to say goodbye to the old, staid methods of protecting data. The traditional methods simply don’t make sense in the new world of Big Data, Multi and Hybrid cloud and web-scale applications. Join the webcast for a whirlwind tour of new ideas and methods in this space.

    Arun Taneja, Founder & Consulting Analyst, Taneja Group
    Mohit Aron, Founder & CEO, Cohesity
  • Clearing the Fog Around IoT Analytics
    Clearing the Fog Around IoT Analytics Jason Stamper, Data Platforms and Analytics Analyst, 451 Research Recorded: Jun 22 2017 38 mins
    In this webinar, Jason Stamper, analyst for Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research, will look at some of the latest trends that are being seen in IoT and specifically analytics at the edge of the network — in other words close to where the data is generated.

    He will also identify a number of data platform and analytics themes that are becoming more critical in the IoT era: security and data governance; infrastructure including edge analytics and server less computing; data processing; data integration and messaging.
  • Introducing the Future of CI: A New FlexPod Solution from NetApp & Cisco
    Introducing the Future of CI: A New FlexPod Solution from NetApp & Cisco Lee Howard, FlexPod CTO and Nitin Garg, Cisco Product Manager Recorded: Jun 22 2017 59 mins
    Be the first to hear about Cisco and NetApp’s exciting new FlexPod solution. This revolutionary design couples operational simplicity, guaranteed QoS, and granular scale-out with FlexPod’s proven architecture. The new solution will appeal to Infrastructure buyers, as well as, Cloud and Virtualization buyers who are building next generation data centers.
    •Learn how the solution can provide you with proven performance, agility and value through the latest NetApp and Cisco technologies
    • Experience how FlexPod converged infrastructure can reduce risk, deliver faster time to market and improve business outcomes
    • See how NetApp technology simplifies storage management and scales on demand
  • Automating for Agility, Control and Consistency in a Multi-Cloud Environment
    Automating for Agility, Control and Consistency in a Multi-Cloud Environment Alex Heneveld - Co-Founder & CTO - Cloudsoft, James Weir - CTO - UShareSoft, William Fellows - Research Vice President - 451 Recorded: Jun 22 2017 59 mins
    William Fellows, 451 Research Vice President will be hosting the webinar with UShareSoft CTO James Weir, as well as Cloudsoft's Co-founder & CTO, Alex Heneveld on the topic of Automating for Agility, Control and Consistency in a Multi-Cloud Environment.

    Wif will present insights into the use of cloud and digital transformation setting the scene for James and Alex to drill down into the role of DevOps in delivering effectively.

    The DevOps culture shift is amplified with tools that give each stakeholder immediate value with the combined power of UForge and Cloudsoft AMP delivering:
    oRepeatable, reliable deployments of any system anywhere
    oQuantify what works. Test in hybrid cloud and multiple locations. Record performance.
    oModels of stacks and blueprints that everyone can understand, share, source control, reproduce, test and audit.
    Find out more about 451 Research, Cloudsoft and UShareSoft.
  • Cloud Foundry Road Map in 2017
    Cloud Foundry Road Map in 2017 Cloud Standards Customer Council Recorded: Jun 22 2017 48 mins
    Cloud Foundry is an open source platform for deploying and managing cloud applications. Cloud Foundry CTO, Chip Childers, will provide an overview of the Cloud Foundry platform, its various use cases, and core project updates. Chip will discuss the technical benefits of the platform, highlight the technical direction of the project, explain focus areas for 2017, and provide highlights from the Cloud Foundry Summit, June 13-15 in Santa Clara, CA.
  • Tableau in the Cloud: A Netflix Original
    Tableau in the Cloud: A Netflix Original Albert Wong - Reporting Platform Manager, Netflix Recorded: Jun 22 2017 65 mins
    See how Netflix built its analytics in the cloud with Tableau and Amazon Web Services

    Building out a data platform doesn't have to be like building a House of Cards, and our friends at Netflix know this better than anyone else. With 86 million members and counting, and more than 700 billion events per day, Netflix has had to expand their data capabilities by developing a scalable and flexible analytics platform built on Tableau and AWS.

    Attend this webinar to hear from Albert Wong, analytics expert at Netflix, to see how they simplified their data stack by building a data lake/data warehouse strategy which allows Netflix to collect and store massive amounts of data, supporting thousands of Tableau users with managed data.

    You'll learn about:

    How to set up effective analytics on top of enormous data sets
    How Netflix serves large groups of people with governed data
    The details of Netflix's data lake/data warehouse strategy
    How Netflix manages Hadoop with Tableau
  • Hybrid IT: How to create the right multi-cloud strategy.
    Hybrid IT: How to create the right multi-cloud strategy. William Fellowes, Founder, 451 Research, Neville Roberts, CEO, Planixs, James Griffin, Cloud Evangelist, Vodafone Recorded: Jun 22 2017 60 mins
    How can you better embrace multiple cloud and non-cloud IT environments in order to accelerate your digital business?
    How can you succeed in a multi-cloud world? We’ve gathered a range of experts opinions including the analyst perspective, the Vodafone view and a Vodafone customer CEO’s outlook.

    William Fellowes, Analyst, 451 Research
    Neville Roberts, CEO, Planixs
    James Griffin, Cloud Evangelist, Vodafone

    Key talking points:
    -Common challenges of managing IT environments
    -What challenges enterprises face in different countries
    -How to select the right cloud for the right application
    -Choosing the right cloud vendors
    -How to manage these environments simply and securely

    Hear from Vodafone’s key customer Planixs (http://www.planixs.com) on:
    - How they manage multi cloud environments
    - The key things they consider when selecting vendors
  • How to Enable Personalized Learning Through Accessible Technology
    How to Enable Personalized Learning Through Accessible Technology Dominique Dennihy-Bailey, Lead Trainer, BrainStorm, Inc. Recorded: Jun 21 2017 41 mins
    Institutions today are faced with the challenge of integrating technology into the classroom while teaching students of all learning styles and abilities—including students with disabilities. The Office 365 suite provides students and educators with tools to adapt course work, problem solve from different perspectives, and create a more equitable space for learning in the era of digital transformation.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Discover the built-in accessibility functionality of Office 365
    - Learn how to accommodate impairments in vision, learning, mobility and dexterity, hearing and deafness, and language
    - Empower all your students to achieve more

    This webcast is part of our Microsoft in education virtual productivity webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Data Center Network Operations: Extensible Telemetry
    Data Center Network Operations: Extensible Telemetry Derick Winkworth Recorded: Jun 21 2017 58 mins
    Apstra Operating System (AOS) 1.2 marks a significant milestone for network operations. New operational tooling -- out-of-the-box as well as user-created in Python -- means network engineers will get more done while making fewer mistakes.

    Join us for this AOS demonstration.
  • 5 Steps To The Perfect Storage Refresh
    5 Steps To The Perfect Storage Refresh Storage Switzerland, Virtual Instruments Recorded: Jun 21 2017 60 mins
    In this live webinar, Storage Switzerland and Virtual Instruments will give you a 5 step, independent process for moving through a storage refresh project.

    In this webinar you will learn about the five key steps to success:

    1. Storage Technology Evaluation: (flash, hybrid, OpenStack, Ceph, etc)
    2. Product Evaluation: Determine which storage system meets your requirements
    3. Storage Configuration Optimization: Determine optimal storage configuration
    4. Production Management: Determine how to assure performance and rapidly resolve the inevitable problems
    5. Change Impact Analysis: Determine how future changes will impact performance
  • Bitglass Webinar Express: Securing the Cloud for Financial Services
    Bitglass Webinar Express: Securing the Cloud for Financial Services Jacob Serpa, Product Marketing Manager, Bitglass Recorded: Jun 21 2017 28 mins
    Financial services firms face a unique set of challenges. Not only do they store large amounts of sensitive personal data, but they face heavier regulations than many other enterprises. As cloud adoption continues to spread within the industry, financial services firms must be particularly focused on ensuring cybersecurity. However, this means that they can no longer rely on traditional, on-premises security solutions. In this webinar, we will discuss cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and how they can help financial services firms solve their security, compliance, and deployment concerns.

    What you’ll learn:
    - Understand the specifics of how a CASB can provide comprehensive security for financial institutions that use cloud apps.
    - Find out how to select a security solution that can solve the compliance problems faced by financials.
    - Learn about what is needed for smooth security solution deployment (and employee buy-in).