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Cloud Computing

  • Understanding the Business Value of a Modern WAN Architecture (SD-WAN)
    Understanding the Business Value of a Modern WAN Architecture (SD-WAN)
    Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst at ESG Inc. Recorded: Apr 24 2019 56 mins
    For many organizations, the wide area network (WAN) infrastructure that connects an enterprise’s remote and branch offices has not changed for decades. However, as application are rapidly moving to the cloud ( SaaS and IaaS), the WAN needs to evolve in response.

    Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst with ESG, Inc., will explore the challenges many organizations face with legacy WAN environments, illustrate why a new solution is needed and highlight the business value of rearchitecting with SD-WAN. This will include reviewing customer examples and a TCO model to demonstrate the value to your business. Organizations will learn how SD-WAN provides a combination of pure economic benefits as well as agility and flexibility to help organizations be successful.
  • Accelerate Your Innovation Journey By Leveraging Containers
    Accelerate Your Innovation Journey By Leveraging Containers
    Dave Bartoletti, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Recorded: Apr 24 2019 47 mins
    Accelerate your innovation journey using containers.

    Firms have become more comfortable with containers in the last 3 years and container usage is expected to continue to grow. With growth comes more sophisticated requirements. Containers support configuration management and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes by offering improved flexibility, performance, and security. Open source software has been key in unlocking container and container platform innovation. Firms have learned to use and contribute to open source to reap the rewards of communities.

    In this webinar, Forrester research analyst Dave Bartoletti will share new insights from a March 2018 study into how organizations are using containers, container platforms, and open source to quicken adoption of more enterprise apps. He'll cover:

    How container usage has improved in recent years.
    What the future of containers and container platforms looks like.
    Navigating the performance and security challenges of containers and container platforms.
    How containers can improve customer experience and lower costs.
    How open source can accelerate innovation in your organization.
  • How Pivotal Training and Certification Can Make a Difference for You
    How Pivotal Training and Certification Can Make a Difference for You
    Tyson Gern, Director, Pivotal Education & Dylan Ham, Lead, Pivotal Education Recorded: Apr 24 2019 32 mins
    Pivotal Education enables you to continuously deliver business value in a rapidly evolving market by providing the modern software expertise you need to excel in a cloud-native world.

    In this webinar, we will discuss the breadth of training, certification and the Platform Acceleration Lab (PAL) options available for Spring and Cloud Foundry developers, architects, and operators.

    We'll also show you how Pivotal Education makes it easy create a custom Spring or Cloud Foundry training plan specific to your learning needs and schedule, using in-person and online content and tools.
  • Fight the good fight against the bad bots!
    Fight the good fight against the bad bots!
    Brian McHenry and Graham Alderson Recorded: Apr 24 2019 35 mins
    Distinguishing between good bots, bad bots, and humans is a major challenge. Today, over 50% of online traffic is generated by bots and they are involved in nearly every attack. Identifying malicious bots and safeguarding against them is now a top priority for organisations developing a sustainable security strategy.

    Join us for this webinar to learn:
    - How bots infect, propagate, and attack applications
    - What types of application attacks are commonly performed by bots
    - How you can defend against bad bots without disrupting the good ones
  • Why Container Security Has Become a Top Challenge for Enterprises
    Why Container Security Has Become a Top Challenge for Enterprises
    Rani Osnat, Aqua Security and Mark Bouchard, CyberEdge Recorded: Apr 24 2019 53 mins
    A joint presentation by Aqua Security and CyberEdge

    Based on findings published in CyberEdge’s 6th annual 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report*, containers are highlighted as one of this year’s “weakest links” in IT security given the lowest overall security posture score.

    Mostly this can be attributed to the challenges enterprises face as they transition their containerized applications from the Dev/Test environment into production. Containers require a new approach to security as the traditional security infrastructure is not applicable to cloud native and serverless deployments. Rather they must leverage the cloud-native principles of immutability, microservices and portability using machine-learned behavioral whitelisting, integrity controls and nano-segmentation.

    We will discuss :
    •Key findings from the 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report
    •The unique security challenges (and benefits) of containers
    •What leading enterprises are doing to automate their container security
    •What you should look for in a container security solution
  • Secrets of Fintech Startup Success: A Formula for Disruption
    Secrets of Fintech Startup Success: A Formula for Disruption
    Yodlee Recorded: Apr 24 2019 60 mins
    Every founder starts with a big idea, but only 1 out of 10 see their idea succeed. So what’s the difference between the fintech startups that get off the ground and those that don’t make it out of the gate? What are the secrets of the startups that disrupt entire industries? This is your chance to find out how founders and VCs look at creating successful startups first-hand.

    Our panel of industry experts will cover a range of topics, from getting started building your team, to the importance of finding an impactful mentor, and more. They’ll also answer questions from future startup founders in a Q&A. It’s everything you need to travel the path from big idea to successful startup.

    Register for the webinar to discover:

    • What successful fintech startups have in common
    • The differences between being a solopreneur vs. being a co-founder
    • Tips for finding and growing your dream team
    • How to go from killer idea to disruptive startup


    • Evan Schuman, Moderator, VB
    • Jeff Cain, Senior Director, Envestnet | Yodlee Incubator, Envestnet | Yodlee
    • Pierre Wolff, SVP Business Development, InCountry
    • Ken Kruszka, CEO, SnapCheck
    • Kathleen Utecht, Managing Partner, Core Innovation Capital
  • 3rd-party Database Visibility in GCP with Deep Telemetry in Stackdriver
    3rd-party Database Visibility in GCP with Deep Telemetry in Stackdriver
    Cameron Jones Recorded: Apr 24 2019 46 mins
    Persistent data management is challenging, especially for companies experiencing fast growth or volatility in data proliferation. Performance telemetry is vital for operating databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SAP HANA. Viewing third-party database telemetry in the context of a full Google Cloud environment allows you to understand impact and relationships. Attendees will learn how to use Stackdriver to monitor third-party databases along with Google Cloud resources at a depth that allows them to tune database performance and solve application problems more quickly.
  • What's new in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
    What's new in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
    Carisa Stringer, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix and Nitin Sharma, Product Marketing Recorded: Apr 24 2019 44 mins
    Citrix continues to innovate our industry-leading Virtual Apps and Desktops platform. Join us to experience the latest updates to see how we are enhancing the user experience, improving environment management and making your move to the cloud easier than ever.

    In this webinar, we’ll share the latest capabilities of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops including:

    Key enhancements from the latest Cloud, Current and Long Term Service releases
    - How to make your journey to the cloud seamless
    - Administrative flexibility and security enhancements
    - Industry-first user experience innovations around graphics, video and more
    - Don’t miss this exciting product update! In addition to seeing the new features in action, you’ll hear what’s coming next and be able to ask questions of our product experts.
  • How Charmed OpenStack is decreasing common security concerns
    How Charmed OpenStack is decreasing common security concerns
    Stephan Fabel, Ubuntu Product Director & James Page, Ubuntu Technical Architect Recorded: Apr 24 2019 35 mins
    This webinar presents an introduction to Charmed Openstack whilst discussing the common security issues and scenarios faced with O7k in production, the impact it has on LCM and the importance of full automation.

    Learn how Canonical's approach to O7k allows implementation of advanced security features while not impacting the ability to upgrade and LCM the underlying codebase.
  • Solutions that Hit the Bullseye
    Solutions that Hit the Bullseye
    Jeff Merck, NetApp Sr Account Executive & John Lavelle, Palo Alto District Manager Public Cloud Security Sales Recorded: Apr 24 2019 59 mins
    Join us to hear how NetApp and Palo Alto Networks can securely accelerate your cloud deployment with advanced security for workloads, infrastructure, hosts, apps and data.
  • Gartner analyst covers all things security, risk and governance
    Gartner analyst covers all things security, risk and governance
    Brian Iverson, Gartner Recorded: Apr 24 2019 61 mins
    This informative webcast contains great insights from Gartner analyst Brian Iverson, which begins with a simple and pragmatic definition for “what is governance?”

    Brian also discusses challenges, pitfalls and recommendations on:

    - How organizations can mitigate the risk of a breach
    - How to prepare for hackers
    - Ways to ensure the right people have the right access
    - Overcoming governance challenges with apps, unstructured data, the cloud and personal devices
    - Breaches that bypass the perimeter
    - Creating a holistic security approach: What are the risks of doing things and not doing things

    It can be a difficult task to achieve governance if you don’t have the right solutions. That’s why the second part of this webcast focuses on solutions to help you enhance your identity governance capabilities.
  • Firewall Rule Recertification with Application Connectivity
    Firewall Rule Recertification with Application Connectivity
    Asher Benbenisty, Director of Product Marketing Recorded: Apr 24 2019 20 mins
    Firewall rules must be reviewed and recertified regularly for an organization to stay secure, ensure continuous compliance and gain the optimal firewall performance. Firewall rules which are out of date, unused or unnecessary should be removed, as firewall bloat creates gaps in your security posture, causes compliance violations, and decreases firewall performance.

    However, manual firewall rule recertification is complex, time-consuming and prone to errors.

    Join Asher Benbenisty, AlgoSec’s Director of Product Marketing, on a special webinar introducing an application-centric approach to firewall recertification.

    In this webinar Asher will cover:
    • Why it is important to regularly review and recertify your firewall rules
    • How to use application connectivity for firewall rule recertification
    • How to automatically manage the rule-recertification process
  • Dimension Data – Connecting the world to the Cape Epic
    Dimension Data – Connecting the world to the Cape Epic
    Kevin Vermaak: Cape Epic Race Founder and Wolf Stinnes: Dimension Data Chief Solutions Architect Recorded: Apr 24 2019 48 mins
    Connecting the Cape Epic across all terrains is no small feat. Dimension Data's technology solution delivers a world class digital solution to the public, the riders, the fans and the event organisers, in some of the most remote, rugged and beautiful parts of the world. We’ll be joined by the founder of the Cape Epic, Kevin Vermaak and Dimension Data’s Chief Solutions Architect as we delve into exactly how this incredible race all comes together.
  • How to Build a Security Visibility Strategy in the Cloud
    How to Build a Security Visibility Strategy in the Cloud
    Dave Shackleford, SANS | David Aiken, AWS Marketplace Recorded: Apr 24 2019 60 mins
    True accountability for the security of cloud-based assets requires visibility into the events and behaviors that move into and through your cloud environment. Security today relies on visibility in several areas: networks, systems, storage and applications.

    In this recorded webcast, SANS Analyst and cloud security expert Dave Shackleford explains how visibility in the cloud differs from more traditional security visibility and suggests how organizations can move toward establishing a cloud visibility strategy, using practical examples to illustrate the process.

    Attendees will learn about:
    - Types of visibility needed today
    - Event data and information available in the cloud
    - Cloud-native controls offered by services providers
    - Third-party options to enhance monitoring and visibility strategies
    - How to tie event monitoring, vulnerability scanning and control planes together to enhance visibility

    Register for this webcast to be among the first to receive the associated whitepaper written by Dave Shackleford.

    Speaker Bios

    Dave Shackleford, a SANS analyst, instructor, course author, GIAC technical director and member of the board of directors for the SANS Technology Institute, is the founder and principal consultant with Voodoo Security. He has consulted with hundreds of organizations in the areas of security, regulatory compliance, and network architecture and engineering. A VMware vExpert, Dave has extensive experience designing and configuring secure virtualized infrastructures. He previously worked as chief security officer for Configuresoft and CTO for the Center for Internet Security.

    David Aiken is a Solutions Architect Manager at AWS Marketplace and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. He leads a team of specialist SA's that help customers implement security and governance best practices. His skills include cloud computing, enterprise architecture, agile methodologies, web services, and software design and development.
  • Proactive Preparation: Disaster-Proofing your Data
    Proactive Preparation: Disaster-Proofing your Data
    Seyi Verma, Director of Product Marketing, Druva Recorded: Apr 24 2019 56 mins
    Imagine that you're responsible for a massive construction project and you just lost your data due to a disaster. Blueprints? Gone. Timelines? Gone. Drinks? Might be time for one!

    Losing your data is a reality that every company faces—construction is no exception. That's why Egan Company—a leading specialty trades contractor in Minnesota, unsatisfied with their previous backup products)—turned to Druva Phoenix to ensure their critical data was backed up and fully accessible in the event of a disaster.

    Join this informative webinar with experts from Egan Company and Druva, and learn about:

    - The flexibility, security and value of data protection delivered as-a-service in the cloud
    - How Egan Company enjoys fast, reliable restores, including large-scale VM volumes
    - How Druva Phoenix offers the go-to solution for backup, archival, and disaster recovery
  • Why Visual Analytics?
    Why Visual Analytics?
    Grant Lawrence Recorded: Apr 24 2019 38 mins
    When you are trying to understand and find key insights from your data, where do you begin?

    There are two popular approaches to visual data exploration-data visualisation and visual analytics. Both methods can help you to better understand your data, and this webinar will show you why.

    You'll discover how visual analysis makes it easy for you to deconstruct your data, quickly identify trends and correlations, get to the bottom of all sticky questions, and improve your reporting efficiency. By doing ad hoc analysis faster, you can put more energy into driving business impact.​

    Join us to learn about:

    The advantages of visual analysis over traditional analysis
    How to take the first step in visual data exploration - answering the 'what' questions
    How visual analytics lets you dig deeper into your data - the power of asking 'why'
  • 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report
    2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report
    Mark Bouchard, Co-Founder and COO, CyberEdge Group Ian Farquhar, Distinguished Consultant Sales Engineer, Worldwide Security Recorded: Apr 23 2019 59 mins
    New research from CyberEdge’s 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report shows that in spite of increasing cybersecurity budgets, organizations are dealing with ongoing cyberattacks, challenges finding and properly utilizing both human and financial resources, and obstacles to threat hunting within their environments. Sign up for this webinar to learn how to:

    •Gain pervasive visibility into your network for better threat hunting
    •Deal with inevitable cyberattacks, including malware, phishing and ransomware, including those that enter the organization via the supply channel
    •Become more effective by delivering optimized traffic to tools
    •Overcome skills shortages and retain key staff through efficiency, automation and orchestration
    •Accelerate deployment and integration of new security tools

    Learn how IT security pros plan to protect themselves against cyberthreats in 2019.
    Register now!
  • Application platforms as a central component in digital transformation journey
    Application platforms as a central component in digital transformation journey
    Larry Carvalho, Research Director, PaaS, IDC. Tyler Britten, Technical Marketing Manager, OpenShift, Red Hat. Recorded: Apr 23 2019 40 mins
    As businesses in all types of industries are being disrupted by startups, organizations are being challenged to digitally transform themselves. Technology is playing a central role in this transformation, and the demand for applications is increasing to meet transformation goals. Application platforms, which are undergoing a transformation of their own, are playing a central role in accelerating application development.

    Join this webinar to learn about:

    -The evolution of application platforms.
    -How containers are becoming the destination of choice for workloads.
    -How companies are transforming a broad set of existing and new applications.
    -Evolving a culture of greater agility.


    Larry Carvalho, research director, PaaS, IDC

    Larry Carvalho is research director of IDC's worldwide Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) research practice. He focuses on the Cloud Applications Platform (CAP)-as-a-Service aspect of PaaS and directs research into the component competitive markets of PaaS, including business process management (BPM) PaaS, database PaaS, cloud testing, and integration PaaS. Larry has extensive experience in systems integration and the enterprise software business.

    Tyler Britten, technical marketing manager, OpenShift, Red Hat

    Tyler Britten is a technical marketing manager for Red Hat® OpenShift® and has spent the last 15 years working with container, cloud, virtualization, and infrastructure technologies. Prior to joining Red Hat, he was a technical advocate for Blue Box, an IBM Company, and principal technical marketing manager and vSpecialist at EMC. Tyler has also been a technical consultant for a small infrastructure reseller, a network engineer for a Fortune 1000 company, and a freelance IT consultant for small businesses.
  • Live Tutorial: Stay Secure and Compliant in the Cloud with CloudCheckr
    Live Tutorial: Stay Secure and Compliant in the Cloud with CloudCheckr
    Todd Bernhard, CloudCheckr Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Apr 23 2019 29 mins
    Unlike in the Data Center, where an enterprise had complete responsibility for security, the Cloud is different. There is a Shared Responsibility Model. Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud take responsibility for items under their control, but customers must secure their data and applications. Fortunately, there are hundreds of Best Practice Checks provided by CloudCheckr, that can help automate this. Additionally, those checks are mapped to compliance standards and CloudCheckr's Total Compliance scores an organization according to 35 distinct regulations including CIS, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST and more.

    Just because an enterprise achieves a level of compliance, that doesn't guarantee it will stay there. CloucCheckr's Change Monitoring, combined with Custom Alerts, can help keep a cloud secure. Attendees will learn how CloudCheckr's 550+ Best Practice Checks can help, including automation via Fix Now, Always Fix and Request Fix.

    CloudCheckr is a robust Cloud Management Platform that, in addition to Security & Compliance, delivers Cost Optimization, Automation, and Invoicing capabilities. Look for our other tutorials on those topics.
  • ESG Research: The Hybrid Cloud Tipping Point
    ESG Research: The Hybrid Cloud Tipping Point
    Scott Sinclair, ESG; Michelle Tidwell, IBM, Mike Jochimsen, Kaminario; Eric Lakin, Univ. of Michigan; Alex McDonald, NetApp Recorded: Apr 23 2019 61 mins
    Has hybrid cloud reached a tipping point? According to research from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), IT organizations today are struggling to strike the right balance between public cloud and their on-premises infrastructure. In this SNIA webcast, ESG senior analyst, Scott Sinclair, will share research on current cloud trends, covering:

    •Key drivers behind IT complexity
    •IT spending priorities
    •Multi-cloud & hybrid cloud adoption drivers
    •When businesses are moving workloads from the cloud back on-premises
    •Top security and cost challenges
    •Future cloud projections

    The research will be followed by a panel discussion with Scott Sinclair and SNIA cloud experts Alex McDonald, Michelle Tidwell, Mike Jochimsen and Eric Lakin.
  • Operationalize Kubernetes on Azure with Avi Networks
    Operationalize Kubernetes on Azure with Avi Networks
    Pavan Kaushik and Lei Yang Recorded: Apr 23 2019 52 mins
    Microsoft Azure provides the option of a fully-managed Kubernetes orchestration service - Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in addition to user-managed Kubernetes running on Azure instances. Avi integrates natively and deeply into both of these deployments in Azure to help autoscale your applications to meet growing demands.
  • How to Keep Your Cyber Defenders Sharp: Do You have the right people?
    How to Keep Your Cyber Defenders Sharp: Do You have the right people?
    David Morris and Brian Markus Recorded: Apr 23 2019 62 mins
    Tune into this session to learn how to determine if you have the right people with the sharpest skills defending your organization through the use of a Cyber Training Range.

    Learn what are Persistent Cyber Training Range Environments, the benefits and value of a Cyber Training Range and how they help you answer the question ARE WE READY TO DEFEND AGAINST THE NEXT ATTACK?".
  • ServiceNow Knowledge19 Sneak Peek: How to Conquer the Conference
    ServiceNow Knowledge19 Sneak Peek: How to Conquer the Conference
    Ellen Daley, Grant Pulver, Dana Canavan, James Hamilton, Ryan Dinwiddie, Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Apr 23 2019 61 mins
    Learn how to maximize your ServiceNow Knowledge 2019 experience. This team of ServiceNow experts (and Knowledge veterans) will cover everything A-Z K19. Join this webinar to...

    - Learn tips to maximize your experience
    - Uncover the questions our clients ask us the most
    - Find out the three things you absolutely must do to ensure it's the most successful Knowledge conference yet
    - Get a preview of two of Acorio's Presentations at K19
  • 「ゼロトラスト」のホントのところ~騙される前に全容を知っておく~
    髙岡 隆佳, エバンジェリスト 株式会社シマンテック Apr 25 2019 6:00 am UTC 60 mins

  • News von der SUSECON
    News von der SUSECON
    Jörg Bunse, SUSE Linux GmbH Apr 25 2019 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Unter dem Motto „My kind of open" fand die SUSECON vom 1. bis 5. April 2019 statt. Sie hatten nicht die Möglichkeit, zur SUSECON nach Nashville zu reisen und möchten Ihr Wissen auf den neuesten Stand bringen?

    In unserem Webinar präsentieren wir Ihnen alle wichtigen Produktankündigungen und Neuigkeiten von der SUSECON.
  • Основные обновления в линии продуктов Dell Latitude
    Основные обновления в линии продуктов Dell Latitude
    Артур Антонов, продукт-менеджер по клиентским решениям Dell Apr 25 2019 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    •Персональные компьютеры Dell OptiPlex.
    •Обновленная линейка Dell Latitude.
    •Дисплеи, док-станции.
  • Introduction to Managed SD-WAN
    Introduction to Managed SD-WAN
    Ashwath Nagaraj (Founder & CTO, Aryaka) Apr 25 2019 9:00 am UTC 47 mins
    As the hype cycle around SD-WAN reduces and enterprises continue to deploy hundreds of boxes across different sites, scalability is emerging as the primary challenge for growing global organizations. Network managers have to juggle multiple vendors while managing configuration, patches and security loopholes, complicating and slowing down SD-WAN adoption. Managed SD-WAN solutions are growing rapidly, but not all vendors are created equal. Some vendors offer cloud, but don’t own the network. Other service providers offer managed WANs, and yet others offer professional management. How do you differentiate between the options and pick the right managed SD-WAN for your organization?

    In this webinar you will join industry experts to learn:

    - Fundamental building blocks of a managed SD-WAN architecture
    - Pros and cons for each of the different management and operational models
    - Total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits of a 100% managed SD-WAN for a global deployment
  • AWS Webinar: Why should you use Kubernetes Containers, and how to run them?
    AWS Webinar: Why should you use Kubernetes Containers, and how to run them?
    Steve Drew and Sriram Rajan Apr 25 2019 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Kubernetes Containers can help modernise applications which is especially important for businesses. Using them means you can deploy code in small batches allowing your development teams to release software quickly increasing agility. But running large and stable clusters of Containers presents its own challenges.

    Join Rackspace Principal Architect, Sriram Rajan and AWS Specialist Architect, Steve Drew on 25th April at 10am as they explain:

    • How to adopt a microservices architecture using Containers
    • The benefits and architectural recommendations for using Kubernetes on AWS
    • An end to end approach to adopting Kubernetes from architecture to operations

    A well-thought out strategy leads to success and we’ll explain exactly what a Kubernetes Containers strategy looks like.

    A $100 credit voucher allowing you to test the AWS platform for a few hours will be available for all attendees that fill in our email survey. Please be aware that promo codes will be distributed only to verified company email addresses in EMEA, after completing the survey. The survey will be shared to all verified attendees following the webinar.

    We’re an AWS-audited Managed Service Partner with 1,000+ certifications and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and have all the expertise you’ll ever need.

    Be strategic by booking now.
  • Live Demo: Email Fraud Defense
    Live Demo: Email Fraud Defense
    Ash Valeski, Director Product Management, Proofpoint Apr 25 2019 9:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Email fraud often doesn’t use malware attachments or malicious URLs, making it invisible to even “next-generation” email defenses.

    Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense provides a comprehensive solution that stops all forms of email fraud, no matter the tactic used or the person being targeted.

    Join us for a live demo of the Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense and learn how to:

    •Block malicious emails spoofing your domains before they reach your VAPs, or Very Attacked People

    •Monitor all inbound impostor threats from your domains and those of third parties

    •Accurately distinguish between legitimate emails and fraudulent emails
  • Cybersecurity in Financial Services: No one can afford a cyber attack
    Cybersecurity in Financial Services: No one can afford a cyber attack
    Dan Pitman, Principal Security Architect Apr 25 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Financial organisations fall victim to cyber-attacks more frequently than any other industries. The growth in volume and sophistication of cyber-threats, combined with regulatory changes, mean that financial institutions are having to improve their IT security postures notably.

    Facing modern cyber-threats head-on requires organisations to follow well-defined processes and mature IT security tools that need to be closely monitored and managed. Additionally, financial businesses handle highly confidential data that must be stored in a compliant manner and managed securely. A seamless combination of platform, threat intelligence, and expert services can provide a simpler, most cost-effective approach to security for all infrastructure and workloads across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

    Get the inside scoop on a new approach to threat management that gives financial organisations the right level of coverage for the right resources. Join our Principal Security Architect, Dan Pitman, to learn more about this more effective approach to cybersecurity and threat management in the financial world.

    Highlights Include:
    • The state of cybersecurity at financial institutions
    • Integrating security and compliance within Financial Services
    • Understand how today’s vulnerabilities are being exploited
    • Find out how to achieve the right level of leverage for the optimal level of investment
  • 5 Steps to Delivering Many Sites, Lowering Costs, and Improving Governance
    5 Steps to Delivering Many Sites, Lowering Costs, and Improving Governance
    Jenni Lee, Product Marketing Manager, Acquia Apr 25 2019 10:00 am UTC 28 mins
    In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

    - How to transform your IT digital team from a “bottleneck” to a trusted service provider
    - How to implement a site-governance strategy across your organization
    - Best practices for expediting website development and delivery
  • Quoi de neuf chez Box? 
    Quoi de neuf chez Box? 
    Vincent Lieffroy, Senior Lead Engineer Apr 25 2019 12:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Les entreprises doivent agir plus rapidement que jamais dans un monde caractérisé par une hyper-concurrence et par les attentes grandissantes des clients.
    C'est pourquoi nous avons conçu le Cloud Content Management (CCM) - une plate-forme unique pour accélérer vos processus métier, augmenter la satisfaction de vos employés et protéger vos informations les plus précieuses. Découvrez les nouveautés du cloud content management (CCM) en assistant à ce webinaire:

    - Collaboration aisée et sécurisée dans Google Docs, Sheets et Slides, grâce à notre nouvelle intégration avec G-Suite
    - Productivité permanente avec Mark for Offline - emportez vos fichiers Box avec vous lorsque vous n'êtes pas en ligne (vos modifications sont automatiquement enregistrées dans Box lorsque vous vous reconnectez)
    - Des workflows de contenus fiabilisés avec Box pour ServiceNow Integration Hub
    - Des cycles de développement d'applications accélérés avec Box Elements
  • Are e-Signatures Legal in Europe? Understanding eIDAS
    Are e-Signatures Legal in Europe? Understanding eIDAS
    John Jolliffe, Strategic Engagement, Adobe Document Cloud. Apr 25 2019 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    When it comes to conducting business with paperless documents, organisations have embraced electronic and digital signatures. The Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) clarifies and simplifies the legal framework for e-signatures across Europe, but how should organisations decide which type of e-signature is appropriate to their needs? And how are new technologies helping to make electronic signatures relevant for the multi-device, highly mobile workspace of today?

    Join our webinar, to learn:

    • Why e-signatures are essential to your company's success now and in the future.
    • Which three signature types are legal under eIDAS.
    • How to select the right approach for your business.
    • Next-gen e-Signatures and The Cloud Signature Consortium.
  • New Attack Vectors: How Threats Have Changed and How to Combat Them
    New Attack Vectors: How Threats Have Changed and How to Combat Them
    Tom McNash, Senior Solutions Engineer, Cyren Apr 25 2019 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In this webinar, Senior Solutions Engineer Tom McNash will review how new threat attack vectors are working, how cyber criminals are building threats in new ways today—whether for malware, phishing or denial-of-service attacks--and what security approach businesses need to be adapting to defend against these attacks. He will also explain how the profile of attackers targeting businesses is changing, and how one traditional form of defence against sophisticated attacks—the appliance sandbox—has itself become the object of attacks.
  • The Journey to Microsoft Teams - Part II
    The Journey to Microsoft Teams - Part II
    Jason Schwendinger, Global Head of IT | Richard Smith, Global Microsoft Alliance Director Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    We've discussed the planning phase, now it is time to run through the deployment phase.
  • [Panel] Harnessing Knowledge: The State of Enterprise Application Security
    [Panel] Harnessing Knowledge: The State of Enterprise Application Security
    Daniel Blander, Virtual Clarity (Moderator), Joseph Feiman, CSO, WhiteHat Security & Paul Farrington, CTO, Veracode EMEA Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As organizations strive to transform themselves for the digital economy, application development is moving further into the spotlight - and right behind it is application security.

    So in 2019, AppSec can make or break a business. Instead of being overwhelmed by this pressure, there are tools and processes on the market that can help your application both meet and exceed business and security demands.

    From infrastructure-as-code models to API security and DevOps, learn from this panel of global experts how to harness knowledge and accelerate application release cycles, improve security and transform your business.

    Moderator: Daniel Blander, Virtual Clarity
    Joseph Feiman, Chief Strategy Officer, WhiteHat Security
    Paul Farrington, CTO, Veracode EMEA
  • Deliver Azure Services from Your On-Premises Data Center
    Deliver Azure Services from Your On-Premises Data Center
    Lakshmi Kanthan, International Product Mktg, Fujitsu; Christophe Le Roux, Azure Stack Partner Lead EMEA, Microsoft Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Microsoft Azure Stack enables you to deliver Azure Cloud Services from your on-premises data center, ensuring consistent service delivery across on-premises and public cloud. Fujitsu developed PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack which is an integrated system that includes all the hardware, software and support to simplify procurement, deployment, operation and maintenance of your Microsoft-based hybrid cloud infrastructure. Join us to learn more!
  • Transforming creative workflows: Making great content in the cloud
    Transforming creative workflows: Making great content in the cloud
    IBC365 | Jellyfish Pictures | More speakers announced soon... Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Join IBC365 on Thursday 25 April at 4pm BST to explore why creators are turning to cloud to transform the way they make great content and how virtualised workflows are unlocking the ability to work in new ways: faster, more collaborative, more efficient and more creative.

    This webinar goes inside some of the world's leading content creators, production and post-production operations to hear how they are embracing cloud technology to transform the creative processes used to make, produce and deliver video.

    We'll get hands-on with practical lessons on how cloud is enabling more collaboration, access to more talent, round-the-clock working, more content security, and slicker workflows. There's also a dose of reality, as we understand the human and technology challenges and the potential pitfalls of virtualising creative workflows.

    Case studies focus on using cloud for:
    •Streamlining content creation in the field
    •Transforming production and post-production processes
    •Efficient content delivery and backhaul
  • Email Security.cloud: A walkthrough of the latest product enhancements
    Email Security.cloud: A walkthrough of the latest product enhancements
    Jimmy Lin, Sr. Product Manager, Symantec Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    On 29 March 2019, we further extended the capabilities of Symantec Email Security.cloud. As a SaaS security service, it undergoes many upgrades throughout the year, allowing us to make improvements and add new capabilities. We have always understood the importance of ensuring our products are designed around the user’s needs. This is critical as our customers rely on Symantec to provide a highly practical solution.

    In this webinar, we’ll do a deep dive into some of the recent enhancements of our Email Security.cloud solution:

    Indicators of Compromise Blacklisting
    Service Configuration Health
    Symantec Email Security.cloud App for QRadar
    And more
  • Model-based API Testing
    Model-based API Testing
    Ben Johnson Ward Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Traditional API Testing offers well-known benefits like speed, robustness, and ease of automation as compared to testing via the UI. While testing an API as exhaustively as possible is often the most effective way to know if each component is behaving the way it should, this is still dependent on the extent of test coverage provided.

    Shackled by slow incomplete manual test designs, API Testing is missing key metrics to help optimize test plans. Testers have difficulty prioritizing what needs to be tested, while developers are unable to shorten test runs and fail fast for more immediate feedback. So how do we compliment API Testing with the power of Model-based Testing (MBT) for maximum testing coverage and efficiency by optimizing our test design?

    Join MBT expert Ben Johnson Ward as he dives into a fully integrated end-to-end API testing framework/pipeline to rapidly test a live webservice. Using a powerful MBT test generation solution, he will show how to generate executable REST-assured API tests with enriched reporting, as well as manage requirements changes in the application and their impact on testing.

    You'll learn:
    - Automate test design/creation with Model-based Testing tool Agile Requirements Designer (ARD)
    - Creating REST-assured API tests utilizing ARD and executing with Java
    - How to quickly generate tests for any scenario or coverage goal
    - How to react efficiently to changing requirements to keep our automated testing in-sprint
    - How to generate enriched test result reports

    The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session
  • Managing Colo to Cloud and Beyond in the TierPoint Portal
    Managing Colo to Cloud and Beyond in the TierPoint Portal
    Dale Levesque, Director – Product Management | TierPoint Apr 25 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    More organizations are adopting a hybrid approach to IT and are seeking a partner to help integrate both outsourced and in-house IT services, ideally managed through a single interface.

    Designed to meet the needs of our customers, the TierPoint Portal is a streamlined console that provides a comprehensive user-friendly dashboard of critical information immediately upon logging in.

    From data center and managed services performance dashboards to trouble ticketing support, the TierPoint Portal is your dependable, always-on visibility tool to help manage your TierPoint IT infrastructure environment.

    Join us to learn how the TierPoint Portal makes it easy to view, protect and access management tools for all facets of your environment.
  • The Patient Experience Imperative: Simplifying The Healthcare System
    The Patient Experience Imperative: Simplifying The Healthcare System
    Colette Balaam, CEO, Hive / Karl Hampson, Director of AI, Solstice / Steve Prewitt, Chief Analytics Officer, Healthfirst Apr 25 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join Colette Balaam, CEO at Hive, Karl Hampson, Director of AI at Solstice, and Steve Prewitt, Chief Analytics Officer at Healthfirst, as they explore how enterprises should leverage advanced analytics and data platforms to improve health outcomes for their patients and members.
  • Take the Offensive: Unlock Your Siloed Content
    Take the Offensive: Unlock Your Siloed Content
    Tom DiRusso, ASG & Steve Studer, Zia Consulting Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Are you one of the many organizations with content in a variety of silos? You probably are – and you’re not alone - most organizations today are also siloed. It’s clear that this siloed approach creates a huge challenge for companies in meeting stringent compliance regulations. Sound familiar? Now, imagine if your Teams had the ability to search and action content as though it resided in one location – with easy access and usability. Get the picture?

    Join ASG & Zia to discover how you can gather and understand your content across various silos to ensure you are on the ‘Offensive’ with compliance regulations.

    During this session, we’ll discuss:
    - Why some of the largest financial institutions have taken an ‘Offensive Approach’ to managing static and streaming content to comply with laws and regulations
    - How you can federate, migrate and manage records in one place
    - New ways to identify, classify and dispose of records
    - Why it’s critical to have a records management solution that has a repository of records that is auditable and defendable
  • Creating compelling customer experiences through MDM with Stibo Systems
    Creating compelling customer experiences through MDM with Stibo Systems
    Rob Long, Head of IoT & Senior Director Applied Technology at Stibo & Vishnu Samavedula, Senior Solution Engineer at MuleSoft Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    Did you know that each retail customer transaction takes an average of 39 different backend systems to complete? Overlapping systems, complex backend integrations, and constant maintenance needs are crippling IT teams as they work to drive the innovation necessary to meet growing consumer expectations.

    This webinar examines how retailers are leveraging MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and Stibo Systems Master Data Management platform to bridge online and offline channels, resulting in deeper customer insights, simplified operations, and exceptional customer experiences. Retailers leveraging this approach are seeing an average of a 6% increase in profitability and a 6x increase in customer retention

    In this webinar, you will learn how to:
    - Streamline product lifecycle management processes with your eCommerce systems.
    - Leverage Master Data Management to gain visibility across inventory and customer data.
    - Deliver personalized customer experiences based on past behaviors and purchases.
  • 2019: How Your Network Can Help Build Better Customer Relationships
    2019: How Your Network Can Help Build Better Customer Relationships
    Cherie Martin, Sr. Solutions Marketing Mgr (Aruba), Josh Jaster, Systems Engineer (Aruba) Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    Is attracting new customers and increasing sales at the top of your business’s priority list for 2019? You’re not alone. In fact, roughly 70% of SMBs are investing or planning to invest over the next 1-2 years in technology to personalize and improve customer experience.

    Join us as Cherie Martin, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, and Josh Jaster, System Engineer, review two core features your network must have to gain insight to your customer base and take engagement to the next level.

    Attend and you could qualify for a FREE Access Point and a 90-day trial of Aruba's network cloud-management solution, Aruba Central.
  • How to Migrate Applications Off a Mainframe
    How to Migrate Applications Off a Mainframe
    Rohit Kelapure, Consulting Practice Lead, Pivotal Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ah, the mainframe. Peel back many transactional business applications at any enterprise and you’ll find a mainframe application under there. It’s often where the crown jewels of the business’ data and core transactions are processed. The tooling for these applications is dated and new code is infrequent, but moving off is seen as risky. No one. Wants. To. Touch. Mainframes.

    But mainframe applications don’t have to be the electric third rail. Modernizing, even pieces of those mainframe workloads into modern frameworks on modern platforms, has huge payoffs. Developers can gain all the productivity benefits of modern tooling. Not to mention the scaling, security, and cost benefits.

    So, how do you get started modernizing applications off a mainframe? Join Rohit Kelapure, Consulting Practice Lead at Pivotal, as he shares lessons from projects with enterprises to move workloads off of mainframes. You’ll learn:

    ● How to decide what to modernize first by looking at business requirements AND the existing codebase
    ● How to take a test-driven approach to minimize risks in decomposing the mainframe application
    ● What to use as a replacement or evolution of mainframe schedulers
    ● How to include COBOL and other mainframe developers in the process to retain institutional knowledge and defuse project detractors
    ● How to replatform mainframe applications to the cloud leveraging a spectrum of techniques

    We look forward to you joining us.
  • The Rise of Privacy in the Cloud Era
    The Rise of Privacy in the Cloud Era
    Neil Thacker, CISO, Netskope Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In a globally connected world where the number of cloud applications consumed by organisations rises daily, the challenges associated with protecting data and individual’s privacy are therefore also on the rise.

    In this webcast we will look at some of the challenges associated with privacy including:
    - Understanding contractual obligations
    - Managing the geolocation of data
    - Applying data transfers mechanisms and controls
  • Managing Multi-Cloud and On-Premises with Microsoft Azure
    Managing Multi-Cloud and On-Premises with Microsoft Azure
    Roger Maddron, 2nd Watch Senior Cloud Consultant Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Learn how to harness Azure Log Analytics to enable management, patching, and reporting on all types of workloads. In this session we will discuss what Azure Log Analytics and Azure Automation are and how they are related, how and when to use them, and what these solutions enable for an organization from an operations perspective once they are implemented.