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Cloud Computing

  • Work at Full Speed with Dell Client Solutions & Windows 10
    Work at Full Speed with Dell Client Solutions & Windows 10
    Grant Duke - NA Commercial Lead | Microsoft and Rob Furrow - Field Marketing Manager | Dell Technologies Live 40 mins
    The way we work and the anticipated experience from our end users is rapidly changing. Dell has solutions in market today to address these challenges, and a plan for what the future hold.
    In this webinar we will explore the best in class productivity solutions from Microsoft and Dell. We will review how Dell PC’s work best with Windows 10 Pro and Office 365 to deliver client solutions that IT trusts and end users love.

    Presented by:
    Robert Furrow | Dell
    Robert has over 13 Years with Dell as a Sales Leader, Trainer, Customer & Product Consultant. Currently, Rob is a field marketing manager helping support our Commercial and Medium Business sales teams.

    Grant Duke | Microsoft Corporation
    Grant has nearly 20 years of experience in mobile computing with Microsoft and other technology leaders. In his current role with Microsoft he leads Commercial Sales with Dell North America by aligning the combined strategies of Dell’s Workforce Transformation and the Microsoft Modern Workplace.
  • Il predatore: la mia conversazione di 2 settimane con un gruppo ransomware
    Il predatore: la mia conversazione di 2 settimane con un gruppo ransomware
    Antonio Cancellara, Sales Engineer, SonicWall Recorded: Jan 24 2020 60 mins
    Venite ad ascoltare l’esperto di sicurezza Antonio Cancellara di SonicWall, che vi farà conoscere il lato umano di un moderno gruppo ransomware, i suoi consigli su come impedire ad esso di infiltrarsi nella vostra organizzazione, crittografare gli endpoint e diffondersi ad altre unità e segmenti della rete.
  • SUSE Enterprise Storage und Nextcloud Kollaborationsplattform
    SUSE Enterprise Storage und Nextcloud Kollaborationsplattform
    Björn Schießle, Sales Engineer Nextcloud und Thomas Grätz, Sales Engineer SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH Recorded: Jan 24 2020 53 mins
    Digitale Unabhängigkeit und Datensouveränität werden im öffentlichen Sektor und in der freien Wirtschaft immer wichtiger. Daher erfreut sich Nextcloud als komplette Open-Source und On-Premise Lösung immer größerer Beliebtheit. In Deutschland setzen alle Bundesministerien im Rahmen der "Bundescloud" auf Nextcloud. SUSE und ihr Partner, die Nextcloud GmbH stellen Ihnen beide Lösungen vor und zeigen, wie daraus eine leistungsfähige europäische Open-Source On-Premises Lösung entstehen kann. Die Nextcloud Kollaborationsplattform lässt sich nahtlos mit der SUSE Storage Software Lösung kombinieren. SUSE mit 28 Jahren Open-Source Expertise und Nextcloud schreiben digitale Souveränität groß und sprechen mit ihrer Lösung den öffentlichen Sektor und auch Unternehmen in der freien Wirtschaft an. Seien Sie dabei, wenn Thomas Grätz/Robert Grosschopff, Sales Engineer bei SUSE und Björn Schießle, Sales Engineer bei Nextcloud in Deutschland zeigen, wie man einfach mit der SUSE und Nextcloud Lösung starten kann.
    •Vorstellung Nextcloud GmbH und ihre vollständige, 100% Open-Source und On-Premise Kollaborationsplattform
    •Vorstellung SUSE Enterprise Storage 6.0 - Thomas Grätz
    •Kombination SUSE Enterprise Storage 6.0 und Nextcloud – eine sichere Lösung aus der Perspektive von digitaler Autonomie
    Wir hoffen, Sie sind dabei! Melden Sie sich am besten noch heute an.
  • SkyStem: From Caterpillar to Butterfly
    SkyStem: From Caterpillar to Butterfly
    Nancy Wu, Sales and Customer Support, SkyStem Recorded: Jan 23 2020 58 mins
    [Live Recording] Metamorphosis describes the process of transformation from a child form to a mature form in two or more distinct stages. Within your organization, some of the key finance processes have worked the same way for decades, and could probably benefit from a transformation of sorts. Join us in this webinar where we explore common technologies that can be easy incorporated into your current processes to modernize the traditional workplace. We'll cover everything from time and expense reporting, to accounts payable, to budgeting as well as financial close automation.

    Please note: CPE credit not available for this playback
  • Data Privacy Simplified – Using Data-Centric Protection to Secure Your Data
    Data Privacy Simplified – Using Data-Centric Protection to Secure Your Data
    Harold Byun, VP Products, Baffle Recorded: Jan 23 2020 54 mins
    As concerns over data privacy and data theft continue to mount, companies are searching for solutions to help secure their customers' data and mitigate the risk of data theft, all without breaking business processes. The more recent data privacy regulations will significantly increase the cost of non-compliance and have the potential to stifle business intelligence and big data efforts as well.

    The challenge that companies face is implementing the appropriate data level security without adversely impacting the business while still facilitating ways to leverage and monetize information. Historically, achieving this type of balance was impossible and methods to appropriately secure data often broke applications or made data useless for analytics.

    Modern approaches to privacy preserving analytics are now available to easily protect your data for compliance, yet still allow for data processing on information without ever violating data privacy. Attend this webinar to learn how you can perform analytics and share data while still ensuring the appropriate level of data security and privacy.

    This session will provide a review of various data-centric protection methods (data masking, tokenization, BYOK, field and record level encryption) including privacy preserving analytics and how they can be easily implemented to protect information in the cloud and on-premise.

    Join this webinar and learn about the following:

    - Key requirements of recent data privacy regulations and compliance strategies
    - Common threat models that unknowingly leave data exposed to data theft
    - Various data-centric protection methods that can help mitigate data security risks
    - Privacy preserving analytics use cases that can
  • Deliver a great employee experience and take the first step toward the future of
    Deliver a great employee experience and take the first step toward the future of
    Peter Prose, VP Product Marketing & Ana Ruiz, Technical Marketing Architect, Kevin Binder,Principal Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Jan 23 2020 44 mins
    With Citrix Workspace with intelligence and microapps you can create a better experience so employees become more productive and engaged.

    A great employee experience is everything. It drives higher productivity and engagement, and ultimately, higher revenues and better customer satisfaction. Tune in to this one-hour webinar to learn the best way to get there – with Citrix Workspace with intelligence and microapps. This technology can be added to an existing Citrix infrastructure or newly-deployed. Citrix Workspace makes life easier for employees by enabling them to cut through the clutter and actually get work done. And for IT, managing digital workspaces from a single console is easy and effective.

    Learn about:
    - the simple process of building and deploying microapp workflows using the Citrix Workspace Microapp service
    - the Microapp Builder interface with built-in SaaS integrations
    - details that relate to your particular IT environment -- product experts will be on hand who can answer questions during the webinar.
  • Deep dive with network connection plugins
    Deep dive with network connection plugins
    Ganesh Nalawade, Red Hat, and Nathaniel Case, Red Hat Recorded: Jan 23 2020 41 mins
    In Ansible 2.6 release we added network_cli/httpapi/netconf as first-class connection plugins within Ansible. Most of the network platforms supported by the community still continue to use the local connection type.

    This talk will cover how to identify which connection plugin to use for a given network platform and do a deep dive into how to port existing modules from local connection to either nework_cli or httpapi or netconf for a particular network OS.
  • Will Your Hybrid Integration Platform Support Emerging Technologies?
    Will Your Hybrid Integration Platform Support Emerging Technologies?
    Kevin Larsen, Product Marketing, TIBCO Software Recorded: Jan 23 2020 33 mins
    An API-led Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) is the foundation of digital business.

    Join this session to understand whether your HIP will support new application architectures. We will explore how you can evolve your application development and integration strategy to support:

    - Microservices, cloud-native, serverless, and APIs
    - Event-driven applications
    - Stream processing and Apache Kafka
  • Designing Storage Infrastructures for AI Workloads
    Designing Storage Infrastructures for AI Workloads
    Storage Switzerland and Panasas Recorded: Jan 23 2020 43 mins
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) workloads are fundamentally different from any other workload. These workloads deal in data sets measured in dozens of petabytes of capacity, and large percentages of it can go from dormant to active at any moment. The high storage requirement and highly active data set make using all-flash arrays or even large flash caches impractical.

    IT planners need to rethink their designs to create infrastructures that are highly parallel and leverage high capacity hard disk drives to strike the right balance of performance and capacity. These infrastructures also need metadata efficiency, since AI and ML workloads are metadata heavy.

    Join us to learn:
    * Why all organizations need to prepare for AI and ML
    * The challenges of AI/ML at scale
    * Why current storage infrastructures can’t meet the AI/ML at scale challenge
    * Requirements of an At-Scale AI/ML Storage Infrastructure
  • SD-WAN Cautionary Tale: Retailer Replaces Cisco
    SD-WAN Cautionary Tale: Retailer Replaces Cisco
    Mike Korembaum, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer Manager at CloudGenix Recorded: Jan 23 2020 44 mins
    A large national retailer headquartered in Georgia USA recently deployed an SD-WAN solution in order to deploy Internet broadband, migrate to AWS and Azure cloud, migrate voice to UCaaS and enable new customer experiences at the retail stores.

    Unfortunately, after deploying an SD-WAN solution from their legacy vendor, the customer faced numerous challenges that threatened to erase the multiple benefits of an SD-WAN deployment and negatively affect their overall performance. The team faced issues with VPN scalability challenges, LTE, poor availability of key business applications, visibility and troubleshooting; as well as a very complex integration of cloud-security solutions.

    However, all was not lost! Learn the 4 crucial decisions the customer made to overcome their SD-WAN challenges, set their project back on track, and deliver tangible results to their business.
  • Combat Phishing in 2020: How to Turn Links Into Read Only
    Combat Phishing in 2020: How to Turn Links Into Read Only
    Jonathan Lee, Sr. Product Manager - Menlo Security Recorded: Jan 23 2020 53 mins
    99% of security breaches are initiated through email and webmail attacks. Thus, proving prevention obviously fails, and detection and response are far from guaranteed. So why try the same old failed security approaches?

    It’s time to try something that’s transforming email security—isolation. Isolation doesn’t block threats—it eliminates.

    In this webcast, attendees will learn:
    -How to combat users who are re-offenders when it comes to clicking unsafe email links and attachments
    -Need an additional layer other than a sandbox waiting for patient zero
    -The ease of deploying isolation without interfering with user experience in 10 minutes

    Save your seat to see how Isolation can help you eliminate malware and improve productivity of your employees.
  • App Modernization with .NET Core: a Journey from Mainframe to Microservices
    App Modernization with .NET Core: a Journey from Mainframe to Microservices
    Viraj Naik, Lead Solutions Architect at Travelers Insurance & Rohit Kelapure, Principal Solution Architect at Pivotal Recorded: Jan 23 2020 64 mins
    At Travelers Insurance, a decade old rating engine was still on the mainframe, making it difficult to scale, expensive to run, and reliant on a shrinking pool of skilled engineers. Rating engines are fundamental to the insurance quoting process, and at the very heart of the business. It was time to modernize and take advantage of the scalability, stability, automation and fast iteration cycles made possible by cloud-native architecture.

    In this webinar, Viraj Naik of Travelers Insurance and Rohit Kelapure of Pivotal will take us on their journey from mainframe to microservices. Viraj and Rohit will describe how they built a distributed, event-driven rating engine with .NET Core on Pivotal Platform using Steeltoe, running on Linux stem cells. The new rating engine exceeded SLAs and reduced time to production to under 60 minutes.

    You’ll learn the keys to a successful mainframe rewrite-based modernization, including:

    ● A pragmatic, domain-driven approach and phased delivery, including implementing a strangler pattern and anti-corruption layers.
    ● How to port business objects and business rules from mainframe to .NET.
    ● New innovations developed and delivered during the migration process.

    Viraj Naik, Lead Solutions Architect at Travelers Insurance
    Rohit Kelapure, Principal Solution Architect at Pivotal
  • SD-WAN “Ask me Anything:” Answers to Your Burning SD-WAN Questions
    SD-WAN “Ask me Anything:” Answers to Your Burning SD-WAN Questions
    Craig Connors, Chief Architect at VeloCloud, now part of VMware Recorded: Jan 23 2020 59 mins
    Craig Connors, Chief Architect for VeloCloud,now part of VMware hosted an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit about SD-WAN. Craig has been in the SD-WAN space since joining the initial engineering team at Talari Networks in 2007, has spent time in Cisco Advanced Development and have been with VeloCloud and now VMware since 2013 and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about SD-WAN throughout his career. The questions that came through were so juicy that we can't help but share. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an SD-WAN expert, hear what’s top of mind for your peers and ask your own questions.
    Join us for this webinar to hear answers to the questions from the AMA including:
    • How would you compare your solution to the competition, both ISP/vendor managed solutions, and customer managed solutions?
    • From an engineer’s standpoint, what makes you guys stand out versus the others?
    • There are some issues with utilizing QoS on MPLS; what are the details of the problem and when will it be fixed?
    • Where do you see SD-WAN in five years given that vendor proprietary protocols become obsolete once an open standard is agreed upon?

    We'll reserve the last 15 minutes to take live questions from the audience.
  • Anatomy of a Cloud Data Breach
    Anatomy of a Cloud Data Breach
    Bob Gilbert; Chief Evangelist, Netskope Recorded: Jan 23 2020 49 mins
    Cloud adoption is exploding with nearly 1,300 cloud apps in use in an average enterprise. From suites like Office 365 to collaboration tools like Slack, the cloud has enabled new levels of productivity resulting in enterprises gaining strategic advantages. Enterprises are not the only
    ones benefitting from cloud adoption. Bad actors are using the cloud to bypass legacy defense mechanisms and harvest credentials, deliver malicious payloads, and steal data. Join this informative session to learn about a couple of recent cloud data breaches and dissect how these breaches occurred and best practices to reduce the chance it will happen to your organization. You will learn:

    • About new attack scenarios that involve using the cloud to bypass traditional security tools
    • How the cloud-enabled kill chain forces a rethinking of how to defend against threats such as Clouphishing and data exfiltration
    • 5 steps to protect against cloud threats
  • Live Demo - Proofpoint CASB New Features & Capabilities
    Live Demo - Proofpoint CASB New Features & Capabilities
    Amish Kohli, Cloud Security Solutions Architect Recorded: Jan 23 2020 39 mins
    Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker(CASB) is a cloud security platform that helps accelerate migration to the cloud. Proofpoint keeps improving our CASB and tightening our cross-platform integrations to help you gain visibility to cloud security and compliance risks, automate response faster, and simplify deployment and operations.

    Join us to see how Proofpoint cloud security adds value to and benefits from existing email security when organizations migrate their email and other core apps to the cloud. Through a live demonstration, you'll see first-hand how our innovative approach sees cloud threats and risks other security solutions miss.

    - Correlate email threats such as phishing to cloud account compromise
    - Detect and investigate threats using more granular policy rules and forensics capabilities
    - Find out which apps are being accessed during a risky session via Okta integration
    - Drill deeper into Shadow IT and third-party apps forensics
    - Prevent risky file activity in the cloud using browser isolation
  • Security Investigation: Restoring Calm from Chaos
    Security Investigation: Restoring Calm from Chaos
    Jae Lee Director, Product Marketing Splunk Inc. Recorded: Jan 23 2020 66 mins
    Security teams are underfunded, understaffed and overwhelmed by constantly putting out fires. They struggle to deal with threats and attacks, while having to answer hard questions from management. Everyone is demanding detailed, accurate answers about cyberthreats and risk and compliance – and they all need answers NOW.

    So, how useful is it to know that you’re not alone, since others are in the same boat? The answer is “not useful at all.” What IS useful, is knowing how to work smarter and get answers faster.

    Join us in this one-hour technical deep dive and demo to learn:
    - How to analyze events from three common data sources to look for malicious activity
    - How to get more efficient at discovery, triage and the investigation of potential security incidents
    - How to leverage automation methods to accelerate investigations and get answers faster
  • Why SD-WAN Will Play an Even Bigger Role in Enterprise Network Security
    Why SD-WAN Will Play an Even Bigger Role in Enterprise Network Security
    Sean Kaine, Apcela VP of Marketing and Sales, and Kunal Thakkar, Head of Engineering Recorded: Jan 23 2020 30 mins
    SD-WAN has quickly moved from a nice-to-have to an enterprise roadmap imperative. Join us we explore why and how SD-WAN will play an even more expansive role in the enterprise network security architecture over the next 3 years.
  • Actian Avalanche Live TechTALK
    Actian Avalanche Live TechTALK
    Pradeep Bhanot - Director of Product Marketing at Actian Recorded: Jan 23 2020 30 mins
    Pradeep Bhanot, who has worked with databases for more than three decades, will present a short overview of Actian Avalanche Data Warehouse service. This live webinar will include a demo of setting up the data warehouse and connecting Looker. It will include a live Q&A.
  • Migrating the Unmigratable to Azure: Easily Move Complex File Workloads
    Migrating the Unmigratable to Azure: Easily Move Complex File Workloads
    Geert van Teylingen, Microsoft & Kirk Ryan, NetApp Recorded: Jan 23 2020 52 mins
    The 65% of enterprise workloads that continue to be on-premises are looking to adopt cloud methodologies but don’t want to sacrifice performance, reliability, and enterprise data management capabilities. Plus, no one wants to refactor or rearchitect their on-prem systems, applications, or processes!

    Watch this joint webinar from Microsoft and NetApp to learn how to easily migrate complex file workloads and applications that are typically hard to run in the cloud–including SAP HANA, Oracle databases, and HPC workloads–to get to the cloud faster today and achieve more tomorrow.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover:
    • How organizations can make the move from on-prem environments. Hear tips for transitioning enterprise workloads to the cloud easily to reduce risk, resources spent, and time investment
    • Microsoft and NetApp’s solution for migrating the unmigratable, Azure NetApp Files. See a demo of the fastest-growing Azure service and hear customer use case examples.
  • Proofpoint Live Demo: Prevent Phishing Attacks with Security Awareness Training
    Proofpoint Live Demo: Prevent Phishing Attacks with Security Awareness Training
    Sean Walker, Enterprise Account Executive Recorded: Jan 23 2020 38 mins
    99% of the phishing attacks Proofpoint observed in 2019 require human interaction to succeed, resulting in malware installation, wire fraud, unwitting data disclosures, and more. Educate your staff and limit cyber attacks through Proofpoint’s industry-leading security awareness training. Backed by threat intelligence, Proofpoint’s Security Awareness Training ensures you are delivering the right training, to the right people, and at the right time.

    Join our live demo to learn how to:

    - Assess your users’ susceptibility to phishing attacks as well as other cyber threats
    - Deliver customized training to your end users that will drive behavior change, making them a stronger last line of defense
    - Enable your employees to report suspicious messages with a single mouse click
  • 3 CASB use cases for securing data and maintaining compliance in ServiceNow
    3 CASB use cases for securing data and maintaining compliance in ServiceNow
    Salah Nassar, VP of Marketing at CipherCloud and Mahesh Rachakonda, VP of Product & Solution Engineering at CipherCloud Recorded: Jan 23 2020 55 mins
    ServiceNow is a great tool for increasing workflow efficiency across your business, however, there are risks that are inherited with all cloud apps, specifically around data.

    CipherCloud has partnered with ServiceNow to address these risks. While ServiceNow has taken great measures to protect your data within the service, CipherCloud CASB+ provides additional visibility and control over sensitive information being downloaded and shared, and protecting against unwanted access by risky users and devices.

    Join us on January, 23 for an informative session on how organizations can secure ServiceNow with a data-centric approach while preserving user features and automated processes. The webcast will cover the following topics:
    - Useful insights into CipherCloud’s data-centric approach for ServiceNow.
    - Protecting sensitive data as it is being shared outside of ServiceNow.
    - Continuous assessment, detection and mitigation of user risks in ServiceNow using Adaptive Access Controls and UEBA.
    - Customer success stories review from a variety of regulated industries and more.
  • 5 Ways to Slash your On-Premise Hadoop Platform Costs
    5 Ways to Slash your On-Premise Hadoop Platform Costs
    Chris Santiago, Solution Engineering Director, Unravel Data Recorded: Jan 23 2020 59 mins
    Make your on-premise Hadoop platform faster, better & cheaper with Unravel by joining Chris Santiago, Solution Engineering Manager to learn how to reduce the time troubleshooting and the costs involved in operating your data platform. During this webinar we will demonstrate how Unravel complements and extends your existing on-premise data platform to:

    Instantly understand why technologies such as Spark applications, Kafka jobs, and Impala underperform or even fail!
    Define and meet enterprise service levels through proactive reporting and alerting.
    Reduce the overall cost of Cloudera/MapR/Apache Hadoop/Spark through better cluster utilisation resulting to an immediate reduction in MTTI and MTTR
  • Deutsch - Meraki für Bildungseinrichtungen
    Deutsch - Meraki für Bildungseinrichtungen
    Stefan Mollnau | Cisco Meraki Recorded: Jan 23 2020 63 mins
    Das Arbeiten mit digitalen Inhalten, im Internet und mit mobilen Endgeräten ist zum zentralen Thema für modernen, zukunftsorientierten Unterricht und Vorlesungen geworden. Wie schaffen Sie es, trotz knapper Ressourcen, ein verlässliches und sicheres IT-Grundgerüst für digitales Lernen einzurichten? Lernen Sie im Webinar mehr über Herausforderungen, Trends, und Lösungswege für Bildungseinrichtungen der Zukunft.
    Erfahren Sie, wie Sie Cloud Managed IT dabei sicher in die Zukunft begleitet und eine Technologie bietet, die einfach funktioniert.
  • Driving Transformation in the Age of Digital Disruption
    Driving Transformation in the Age of Digital Disruption
    Myles Suer, CIO Chat Facilitator, CIO.com Columnist, Dell Boomi Enterprise Recorded: Jan 23 2020 74 mins
    According to Jeanne Ross, from MIT-CISR, only 28% of businesses have successfully digitized their business. The remaining 72% are locked in silos or significantly limited by dated, brittle architecture consisting, in the words of CIOs, of duct tape and layered band aids
  • Mainframe 2020 and beyond: Major market trends and opportunities
    Mainframe 2020 and beyond: Major market trends and opportunities
    Oliver Presland Ensono, Mark Anzani IBM, Matthew Roseblade IBM and Bryan Glick ComputerWeekly Recorded: Jan 23 2020 26 mins
    The tried-and-true mainframe is still alive and kicking in data centres across the world, just as it has been for decades. The difference is that in today’s technology landscape mainframes have new integral functions as key components within hybrid cloud architectures, and even as new foundations for mainframe as-a-service delivery models.

    Suffice it to say, mainframes are here for the long term, and they’re continuing to evolve.

    Tune into this webcast to hear ComputerWeekly’s editor-in-chief Bryan Glick curate a discussion between leading mainframe experts from Ensono and IBM about the role of mainframes in today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape – and hear their predictions about the evolution of mainframes beyond 2020.
  • Network Security Management: Insights from the Field
    Network Security Management: Insights from the Field
    Yitzy Tannenbaum, Product Marketing Manager (AlgoSec) and Kyle Wickert, Worldwide Solution Architect (AlgoSec) Jan 26 2020 4:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    Every organization manages security differently and changes at a different pace. But how does your organization compare to others? Are there practices from other organizations that you can adopt?
    Join the conversation with Yitzy Tannenbaum, Product Marketing Manager, and Kyle Wickert, Worldwide Strategic Architect, as Kyle shares his insights from visiting hundreds of companies in the field.
    Learn about:
    •Managing multi-vendors and multi-technologies within large enterprise hybrid networks.
    •Accelerating troubleshooting and cumbersome processes, such as rule recertification and application connectivity.
    •Ensuring continuous compliance while adopting new regulations.
    •Utilizing a network security management to achieve Zero Trust.
    •Understanding business applications and the potential related security risks
    •How organizations are handing internal struggles between teams and stakeholders in a complex hybrid environment.
    Join us for an insightful webcast.
  • Optimization and Management of AWS, Azure, Google and Private Cloud Environments
    Optimization and Management of AWS, Azure, Google and Private Cloud Environments
    Steve Wilson, VP, Product for Cloud and IoT, Citrix and Robin Manke-Cassidy, Director, Product Marketing, Citrix Jan 27 2020 2:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    While the cloud does provide businesses greater agility, migrating to the cloud and then managing the cloud is a different story.

    Learn how Citrix simplifies your cloud journey by easily migrating workloads, provides choice through partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon and Google and other cloud ecosystems, improves the cloud experience for your users and reduces IT management and security complexity for IT.

    Join us and learn how to:

    - Seamlessly migrate workloads to the cloud private or public including Azure, AWS, Google
    - Enhance cloud reliability, speed up load times, reduce network latency
    - Improve cloud worker experience
    - Reduce cloud based security threats with user-centric analytics
    - Simplify cloud management including apps, data, device and network through a single console
  • Modernizing your Data Centers to Provide a Cloud Experience
    Modernizing your Data Centers to Provide a Cloud Experience
    Sujay Sundaram, Senior Director, IT Infrastructure and Cloud Engineering at a Fortune 500 company Jan 27 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Is the Public Cloud environment making Data Centers obsolete? Does a cloud experience also involve on-premises infrastructure and Data Centers? Join us on this webinar to explore how one can transform the Data Center practice to provide a Cloud Experience in the modern world where a hybrid-cloud approach is almost mandatory for most enterprises.

    Key areas that will be covered:

    - What drives the need to modernize Data Centers (DCs)?
    - Key areas to modernize in a DC
    - Modern Network practices: spine-leaf networks, Software Defined Network, and SD-WAN (Software defined WAN)
    - Software Defined Data Center practices (SDDC)
    - Enabling better security with SDDC
    - Supporting modern application and development practices with the SDDC approach

    Given that the Data Center is the foundation for any IT practice, and to drive digital transformation, it is key to use modern DC practices to enable a shorter time-to-market for digital undertakings.
  • The Next Wave of Digital Automation
    The Next Wave of Digital Automation
    Jesse McHargue and Stowe Boyd Jan 28 2020 12:00 am UTC 59 mins
    Between paper-based processes, manual approvals over emails, and excel sheets being passed around things get lost, missed or bottlenecks are created. Automating these processes eliminates that. It’s time to adopt a modern framework of digital processes and forms.

    Join GigaOm Research and expert in digital transformation analyst Stowe Boyd and special guest from Nintex, Jesse McHargue.

    Learn a step-by-step approach to transitioning through process mapping and information capture, to process automation, data management and process intelligence.

    Watch the webinar to learn:
    - The six pitfalls of paper
    - Six degrees of digital transformation
    - Best practices for digital processes and forms
  • Building an Effective Security Awareness Program
    Building an Effective Security Awareness Program
    Dale Zabriskie CISSP, CCSK, Security Awareness Training Evangelist Jan 28 2020 10:00 am UTC 57 mins
    Implementing and sustaining a successful security awareness program can be a daunting task. Without formal policies and frameworks, many organizations are shooting in the dark when it comes to determining how often to phish and train while managing stakeholder expectations. So what can you do to help your end users better protect themselves?

    Join our webinar as we examine what it means to have and how to build an effective security awareness program. In this session, we'll discuss:

    - Proven best practices for increasing the effectiveness of cybersecurity education
    - How to build a culture of security within your organization
    - Actionable guidance on executing security awareness & training initiatives that deliver measurable results
  • Virtual Workshop: Best Practices for Data Protection for the Cloud Era
    Virtual Workshop: Best Practices for Data Protection for the Cloud Era
    Anwesa Chatterjee - Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Druva and Max Lindauer Sales Engineer, Cloud Solutions, Druva Jan 28 2020 10:00 am UTC 33 mins
    Do you want to be great at legacy data protection or do you want to follow best practices for modern data protection for the cloud era?

    Find a more efficient way. Druva offers a 100% SaaS data protection solution that requires 0% infrastructure and offers infinite scalability, complete autonomy, and global accessibility. Plus, Druva data protection solution can deliver up to 50% cost savings while reducing complexity, and eliminate the need for hardware, software or skilled resources.

    Join this virtual workshop with our solutions expert to learn how you can:

    • Manage and protect your data and enterprise workloads with Druva’s differentiated cloud-first approach

    •Reduce TCO for your organization, with a flexible consumption-based pricing

    •Eliminate complexity with an automated, single-click disaster recovery across cloud, hybrid and on-premises workloads

    • Reduce business impact in case of ransomware attacks
  • PowerProtect for Kubernetes Workloads
    PowerProtect for Kubernetes Workloads
    Luc Esprit –- EMEA DPS Sales Vice - President & Mark Stockham - Global Architect - VMware Data Protection Solutions EMEA Jan 28 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    We invite you to attend the webcast showcasing the latest enhancements to PowerProtect Software.
    Hear from Luc Esprit and Mark Stockham how Dell EMC in collaboration with Project Velero is providing an enterprise grade solution that allows you to place your production workloads in Kubernetes environment.
    Learn how PowerProtect for Kubernetes protects them, and focused on app consistent backups and restores that are always available and durable in a Kubernetes workload or DR situation.
  • The New World of Intelligent Content Services
    The New World of Intelligent Content Services
    Paul Hampton, Alfresco Jan 28 2020 4:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    As digital information continues to grow at a staggering pace, a new generation of content services are revolutionizing how businesses approach ECM. Today's organizations are teeming with diverse types of content and different types of users, use cases and requirements. Through automation, integration and AI, content services are building upon the foundation of ECM systems to facilitate better information access, sharing and collaboration. This revolution is not only about new technologies, but new ways of thinking about information management. The traditional approach to EMC is no longer enough.

    Join us to learn how you can take your content management to the next level.
  • Does Digital Transformation Only Work in the Cloud?
    Does Digital Transformation Only Work in the Cloud?
    Alex Hilton, ClF I Tony Clement, HPE | Justin Day, Cloud Gateway | Ricardo Casanovas, Linke Jan 28 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    For many, Digital Transformation has become synonymous with the cloud. But can Digital Transformation work outside of the cloud?

    In episode 4 of Digital Transformation in Action, we bring together experts to discuss how flexible Digital Transformation is, and explore whether - as cloud computing matures - cloud can be a help or a hindrance.

    Join this panel debate to understand cloud’s contributions in the wider context of the business, and see where it fits into your Digital Transformation strategy.

    Continue the conversation in our LinkedIn Groups:
    Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Cloud Group : https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1120997/
    The Virtualization and Cloud Computing Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/57400/
  • Brick by Brick: Building the Foundation for Engineering Excellence
    Brick by Brick: Building the Foundation for Engineering Excellence
    Cargill’s Sr. Architecting Engineer, Jason Walker and Lead API Engineer, Colin Schaub. Jan 28 2020 5:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    Building any good structure requires starting at the foundation, and architecting for engineering success is no different. Cargill’s Sr. Architecting Engineer, Jason Walker and Lead API Engineer, Colin Schaub discuss how to build a model for engineering success from the ground up. This session covers the goals for building a strong engineering culture, incorporating lean concepts into engineering processes, establishing core principles that empower decision making, generating self-service oriented delivery patterns, and more.
  • How NDR Powers Event-Driven Security in the Cloud
    How NDR Powers Event-Driven Security in the Cloud
    Ryan Davis, Senior Manager, Cloud Product Marketing & Vince Stross, Principal Security SE at ExtraHop Jan 28 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    For public cloud customers, event-driven security isn’t just practical—it’s expected. Although organizations still rely on perimeter-focused technologies, they’re moving away from a strictly protect-and-prevent mindset to one that includes detect-and-respond capabilities.

    In this webinar, we’ll dig into how network detection and response (NDR) can power event-driven security in the cloud. Topics will include:
    - How virtual taps enable agentless NDR in the public cloud
    - How NDR completes Gartner’s SOC Visibility Triad in the cloud
    - How NDR can be used for response automation
  • Step-by-step Integration with Microsoft Azure - Adobe's cloud journey
    Step-by-step Integration with Microsoft Azure - Adobe's cloud journey
    Ashish Shah, Sr. Director, Product Management Jan 28 2020 6:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    The Microsoft Azure Cloud is the cloud platform of choice for many enterprises in their digital transformation journey. Migrating applications to the public cloud require strategic considerations for application networking services, like load balancing, visibility, and performance monitoring. Register for this webinar to learn how Avi’s Intent-Based Application Services Platform helps Adobe deliver its digital experiences on Azure.

    Topics include:
    - Confidently migrating applications to the cloud
    - Best practices for application networking in the cloud
    - How to elastically scale applications
    - Ways to optimize deployments across hybrid clouds
  • A Guide to How Content Federation Empowers Digital Work
    A Guide to How Content Federation Empowers Digital Work
    Geoff Bock, Principal, Bock & Company and Erin McCart, Director, Product Marketing and Management, ASG Technologies Jan 28 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In today’s digitally driven economy, companies struggle to streamline organizational practices and operational activities. Many are saddled with inefficient business processes and outdated content management capabilities. Savvy firms, however, are relying on innovative ways to unlock the business value of information maintained within legacy silos and repositories.

    This webinar examines how content federation empowers digital work while leveraging existing IT investments and information resources across the enterprise. Integrating through the web and the cloud, content federation provides a consistent way to:

    • Access and view content stored within disparate repositories
    • Enable a unified search experience
    • Produce actionable results for business process automation

    Noted industry analyst Geoffrey Bock, Principal at Bock & Company, and Erin McCart, Director, Product Management and Marketing at ASG Technologies will discuss why content federation transforms digital work. They will describe how organizations can leverage existing content resources, explain how Mobius Content Services from ASG Technologies enables organizations to cost-effectively federate access to different repositories, and identify three essential steps to harness the business value of enterprise information.
  • Gigamon #1: Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3: A New Private World
    Gigamon #1: Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3: A New Private World
    Ricardo Font, Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator Jan 28 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Network traffic encryption is the pillar on which the Internet, as we know it today, rests on. E-commerce, banking transactions, private and sensitive communications…all occur based on the implicit assumption that our communications are secured. However, ubiquity also means targetable, and Transport Layer Security (TLS) has undergone changes in an effort to stay ahead of the security game. Join (ISC)2 and Gigamon on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 1:00PM Eastern as we dive into TLS 1.3, the newest version of the TLS encryption protocol. Areas covered include an overview of statistics associated with encrypted traffic, what changes are introduced in TLS 1.3, and the advantages and challenges associated with them, implementation caveats and gotchas and best practice deployment strategies.
  • Managing Model Complexity in the Fight Against Fraud
    Managing Model Complexity in the Fight Against Fraud
    Ajay Andrews, Ekata VP of Product Management and Trevor Anderson, Ekata Director of Solutions Architecture Jan 28 2020 6:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    Fighting fraud is a complex business. As new trends emerge across different regions and product lines, it can be a challenge to manage the large amounts of data required to build effective fraud models.

    Instead of spending time cleansing and normalizing data from various sources, join our webinar and learn how to optimize your models by:

    -Leveraging robust data sets that improve performance
    -Avoiding the time suck of endless feature engineering and overfitting
    -Consolidating data vendors to focus your horsepower on sophisticated algorithms
  • 2020 Cyber Threat Landscape – A 20/20 Look into Cybersecurity Predictions
    2020 Cyber Threat Landscape – A 20/20 Look into Cybersecurity Predictions
    Chris Dawson, Threat Intelligence Publications Lead Jan 28 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Every year, Proofpoint’s threat research team examines trends from the prior year and predicts changes in the threat landscape for the year to come. For 2020, some of the top concerns include a significant evolution in impostor attacks and increasingly sophisticated attacks on cloud applications.

    Join us for a deep dive into the biggest trends that we’re predicting for the next 12 months, and how you can prepare and protect your most valuable assets: your people and your data.

    You’ll learn:

    - Predictions for the 2020 cyber threat landscape
    - Key actions you can take to prepare your organization
    - Top resources to help support your security efforts

    *This session is eligible for CPE credits with ISC(2). To submit for CPE credits, visit https://go.proofpoint.com/webinars-submit-cpe-credit.
  • The Common Services Data Model: What it is & Why You Should Care
    The Common Services Data Model: What it is & Why You Should Care
    Mary Vanatta, Larry Youngquist, Janeen Osselborn, Meghan Lockwood Jan 28 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    On Tuesday, January 28th, our ServiceNow ITOM and ITBM experts will share what ServiceNow's Common Services Data Model (1.0 and 2.0) is all about and why you should care, including: 

    - Standard terms and definitions
    - Best practice for CMDB Data
    - Modeling and Data Management
    - Guidance on service modeling
    - Recommended mappings

    If you can't make it on the 28th but want to learn about the topic, you can still register now and we'll send you the on-demand recording to watch in your free time. 
  • Unlocking DevOps Security with PKI Automation
    Unlocking DevOps Security with PKI Automation
    Keyfactor's Senior Solution Engineer, Shian Sung and Thales Senior Solutions Architect, Matthew Armstrong Jan 28 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today, DevOps teams are focused on getting new features out faster, yet they need digital certificates for critical tasks in the build and release process - things like signing code, spinning up containers, and using SSL/TLS certificates for load balancers and web servers.

    Maintaining an optimized development and release cycle requires frictionless, automatic PKI processes to provide timely, valid certificates while maintaining the visibility and control security teams need to ensure compliance and prevent delays.

    How do you unlock DevOps security with PKI Automation?

    Join Keyfactor and Thales to discuss how enterprises can automate and securely integrate PKI into continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline and the DevOps toolchain – including Jenkins, Kubernetes, and HashiCorp Vault.
  • Citrix Workspace: a Better, More Intelligent Way to Work
    Citrix Workspace: a Better, More Intelligent Way to Work
    Calvin Hsu, VP Product Marketing Jan 28 2020 7:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    At Synergy 2019, Citrix unveiled new Citrix Workspace intelligent features, including advancements in Citrix Networking and Citrix Analytics to help maximize the employee experience.

    Today, work is more complicated than ever. We rely on a plethora of complicated apps, causing us to spend too much time searching for information. What should have been simple tasks, is suddenly time consuming and difficult. Meanwhile, transitioning to the cloud increases the problem by adding network complexity and security challenges. The result? Most employees aren’t engaged in the work they’re doing. That means they aren’t productive.

    In this webinar:

    •Discover how Citrix Workspace helps organize, guide and automate work
    •View a demo of new intelligent workspace capabilities, including personalized notifications and automated workflows
    •Understand how Citrix Networking improves the user experience with unified control, performance and security for every user, location and cloud

    Learn how Citrix Analytics delivers a single view of actionable insights and offers proactive resolutions for security, performance and productivity issues
  • Analyst TEI study: Build And Scale Your Apps
    Analyst TEI study: Build And Scale Your Apps
    Veronica Iles, Consultant, Forrester and Shawn Purtell, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat Jan 28 2020 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Red Hat® OpenShift® Dedicated helps organizations focus on building and scaling their business with a private Kubernetes cluster fully-managed by Red Hat. Red Hat recently commissioned Forrester to conduct a total economic impact (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize using Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated.

    Join this webinar to hear Red Hat and Veronica Iles, TEI consultant from Forrester Consulting, share the TEI of OpenShift Dedicated and provide you with a framework to evaluate the financial impact—benefits, costs, risk, and flexibility—of the investment.

    Veronica will:
    • Take you through the Forrester TEI methodology and the OpenShift Dedicated customer journey.
    • Help your organization understand the potential ROI of an investment in Red Hat.
  • A Modern Approach to Application Development Driven by Digital Transformation
    A Modern Approach to Application Development Driven by Digital Transformation
    Steve Moritz, Chief Digital Officer; Ashok Yarlagadda, Chief Information Officer Jan 28 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Application development used to be relatively simple. You built one application to solve one problem that users accessed through one type of interface on one type of device. Requirements, data types, and formats were all pretty static. Development was linear and predictable. Skill sets/expertise of developers and user expectations were well-defined, not too diverse, and stable.

    Today, organizational innovation as fueled by digital transformation has completely changed this model. A tremendous variety of users (internal and external) demand an experience that delivers flexible functionality accessible across a number of interfaces, using a plethora of access pathways (cloud, mobile devices and apps, wearables, digital assistants, browsers). Their needs/expectations are fluid and the applications built must accommodate a much wider spectrum of requirements.

    For organizations to service their customers effectively in this new environment, many are turning outside app dev services to augment their in-house capabilities. These services are turning the traditional model on its head and providing valuable capabilities and capacity to deliver business agility.

    Attend this webinar and learn how to use this innovative model to deliver transformative technology and accelerate innovation.

    - What is appdev outsourcing and what are the characteristics of organizations that should leverage it?
    - What are the typical business benefits of these services?
    - How should an organization get started and determine the optimum service solution and provider?
    - What’s the future for appdev services?

    When: January 28, 2020, 11 am PST
    - Steven Moritz, Chief Digital Officer, System Soft Technologies
    - Ashok Yarlagadda, CIO, System Soft Technologies
  • Shoring up your defenses with Web Application Security
    Shoring up your defenses with Web Application Security
    Karthik Mohan, Technical Account Manager, Akamai Jan 28 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Most organizations know that they need application security, but not all organizations have the time, money, or experience to maintain the highly sophisticated and customized rules provided by traditional application security tools.

    Organizations today need a product that is simple enough to bring application security to them that might otherwise leave their applications exposed. Akamai’s Web Application Protector solves that problem, by providing an intuitive administrator interface, pre-configured rule groupings, automatic rule updates, and self-serve configuration.

    In this webinar we are going to cover Akamai’s Web Application Protector by demonstrating how easy it is to configure and tune the firewall by looking into analytics that is captured by the platform. We will go look at the use-cases to help you understand if our WAP is the best fit for your business.


    •Akamai’s Threat Landscape - SOTI Report, Industry Specific Data Trends
    •Architectural Overview – Akamai’s Platform & WAP
    •Use CasesCase Studies
    •Overview of the WAP Solution
    •Using WAP Interactive Demo
    •Setting up a WAP configuration - New UI
    •Monitoring WAP Reports - WSA
    •Tuning your WAP configuration based on the information in the reports