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Cloud Computing

  • Office 365 and SaaS Optimization with SD-WAN Office 365 and SaaS Optimization with SD-WAN Ramesh Prabagaran, VP Product Management & Lloyd Noronha, Head of Global Marketing, Viptela Recorded: Jan 16 2017 47 mins
    Gartner’s recent research revealed that 78% of organization are using or plan to use Office 365, and by 2019 half of the global deployments will face network related problems. Limited WAN optimization capability further complicate the problems and presents a major performance and productivity challenge for Office 365 and all SaaS applications.

    SD-WAN provides an essential set of features that solves the networking issues related to Office 365 and SaaS applications. This webinar will cover the following major topics:

    - How traditional networks impair O365 performance, and why?
    - Why enterprises overlook the importance of strategically placing cloud gateways
    - Understanding tradeoffs among reliability, performance and user-experience when architecting the WAN for your cloud
    - Best practice architectures for different kinds of SaaS applications
  • Analyst Keynote: Research Insights on the Next Generation WAN (EMA Research) Analyst Keynote: Research Insights on the Next Generation WAN (EMA Research) Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst, EMA Research Recorded: Jan 16 2017 40 mins
    Join Analyst Shamus McGillicuddy (EMA Research) as he provides insight from the research of 200 networking professionals into how enterprises are utilizing Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and transforming their business connectivity.

    Going in detail on the survey results, Shamus will walk you through the key trends in SDN and SD-WAN across major enterprises. These include the major application performance issues, operational challenges, cloud migration hurdles and reasons for rapid SD-WAN adoption.

    Some of the key discussion topics will include:
    - What percentage are transitioning from MPLS to Hybrid, and why?
    - How pervasive is 4G/LTE in the WAN?
    - How Cloud migration affects WAN infrastructure teams?
    - What are the major drivers for NFV services?
    - How important is WAN optimization?
    - What are the characteristics of major organizations deploying SD-WAN?
    - What are the major tools to monitor and manage SD-WAN?

    Preview of some of the results:

    - 96% of enterprises say they use wireless as the primary network connectivity in at least some of their sites (4G/LTE is the most common wireless technology, followed by carrier/municipal Wi-Fi)
    - Only 52% of enterprises monitor their WAN provider’s service-level agreements (SLAs)
    - 30% say their service providers have violated an SLA in the past year

    The wide area network (WAN) is the essential infrastructure component to driving global communication, collaboration and data access across enterprise networks. Enterprises have been deploying traditional architectures but with increased cloud adoption and high bandwidth demands, a new architecture of connectivity is needed. IT organizations across the globe have begun adopting SD-WAN to address their new connectivity requirements.
  • Voice of the Customer: First American SD-WAN Transformation Voice of the Customer: First American SD-WAN Transformation CJ Metz, Senior IT Manager Network Engineering, First American & Archish Dalal, Senior Systems Engineer, Viptela Recorded: Jan 16 2017 48 mins
    Learn how one of the largest title insurance companies in the US is deploying Viptela SD-WAN to eliminate the word “backup” from their vocabulary.

    In this session, CJ Metz of First American will discuss how their transformative strategy for the Wide Area Network (WAN) simplifies compliance and enables resiliency for their enterprise. He will cover the business drivers and demonstrate the viability of broadband usage for critical enterprise applications.

    First American is able to reduce long term costs while boosting availability and performance at their branches; making them more resilient for business continuity in any economy.
  • Empowering Employee Productivity in the Digital Age Empowering Employee Productivity in the Digital Age Michal Gideoni, Director Product Marketing | Kyle Minar, Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Jan 16 2017 43 mins
    The 4th industrial revolution is upon us. Digital transformation is quickly becoming the most important factor of a company’s ability to compete in the fastest and most disruptive period in our history. It’s time to start asking the tough questions. How do I implement tools to enable our employees to achieve more together? How do I make sure we are optimizing mobile teams and networks without opening ourselves up to security, compliance and privacy risks? How do I get the information I need quickly to make decisions that will shape the future of my business? In this session you will learn how Microsoft is bridging the gap between people and technology with Office 365, Skype for Business, and Intelligent productivity tools, all with the built-in security, privacy and compliance you’ve come to expect.
  • Digital Transformation and the Modern Tech Leader Digital Transformation and the Modern Tech Leader David Gemoll, Cloud Transformation Executive Recorded: Jan 16 2017 25 mins
    As a Tech Leader you are doing amazing things in the face of a complex and competitive digital world. We know that however advanced our technology may be, it’s only useful if it helps your organization engage customers, optimize operations, transform your products and empower your employees. Using customer case studies, this session illustrates how technology leaders from across the globe are using Microsoft solutions to fuel their digital transformation; delivering new value to their stakeholders, while developing new business models. To be a modern tech leader you must be prepared to respond to the digital-first business imperative, we’ll show you how Microsoft can empower you and your organization to do just that.
  • Protect, Detect, Respond: How Cybersecurity Enables Digital Transformation Protect, Detect, Respond: How Cybersecurity Enables Digital Transformation David Gemoll, Cloud Transformation Executive Recorded: Jan 16 2017 18 mins
    Security is key to enable successful digital transformation. Microsoft’s unique approach to security spans the platform, intelligence and partners that organizations need as they encounter more risk and cyber threats than ever before. Microsoft attacks threats with a proven posture: Protect, Detect, Respond. This session will showcase how Microsoft’s investments in a Security platform are giving organizations the resources they need to manage security across a growing number of end-points that span evolving businesses.
  • Drive Customer Growth and Business Success with Cloud Business Applications Drive Customer Growth and Business Success with Cloud Business Applications Eanna Sarah, Tom Yang Recorded: Jan 16 2017 28 mins
    Hear how we’re delivering a new approach to business applications, through a single cloud service of purpose-built apps that will help you manage specific business functions.
    Turn your customers in to fans by reinventing your Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Field Service, Operations, Marketing and Project Service Automation processes. This completely integrated platform includes Productivity and Reporting tools, Internet of Things, and is also extensible through its own easy to use graphical development and workflow tools, allowing IT professionals to implement, build and deploy a new level of functionality for a wide range of business processes, using world-class technology.
  • Empowering Digital Transformation with Cloud Empowering Digital Transformation with Cloud Neha Bajwa, Director Product Management C&E Recorded: Jan 16 2017 55 mins
    Microsoft aligns with your business strategy! We support the diverse needs of your business – from core infrastructure to cloud and data platform services, as well as tools for building intelligent applications for any device. We’re relentless about technologies that enable your organization, employees and customers with the best experiences while digitally transforming your business. With the proliferation of data and devices, visionary organizations are looking to leverage unique solutions that disrupt the competition and transform business using our cloud solutions. At Microsoft, we’ve thought about every layer of the stack (Applications, Data and Infrastructure) and developed solutions that harness the full power of the cloud to transform your business.
  • Transforming Connected Field Service Through IoT Transforming Connected Field Service Through IoT Jim Hare, Global Sales Director for FieldOne Microsoft Recorded: Jan 13 2017 31 mins
    Like everything else in the digital world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved.

    It’s no longer just a futuristic-sounding catchphrase. It’s become something businesses need to start planning for, particularly when it comes to field service. The reason? Field service management and IoT are deeply intertwined. Businesses need flexible cloud-based solutions that add, extend, and integrate technologies, with the agility to adapt and innovate.

    Azure is a large, flexible, public cloud station that opens up powerful opportunities and delivers the broad range of benefits needed for businesses requiring complex global IoT and/or distributed resources. You can also empower your people and drive service excellence by leveraging the advanced capabilities of IoT, machine learning, and the connected field services platform from Microsoft.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    •Significantly reduce costs of exceptional service delivery
    •Identify new revenue streams
    •Delight customers with proactive service
    •Get started with step-by-step guidance, after seeing several examples of real usage of IoT and Connected Field Service
  • Data Protection Everywhere Data Protection Everywhere Paul St. Vil and David Lombardi Recorded: Jan 12 2017 52 mins
    In this session learn how Dell EMC's most recent technical developments can enable you to solve the most difficult data protection challenges of today while laying the foundation to address the challenges of tomorrow. Our discussion topics will span protecting mission critical applications, virtualized environments, and next-gen apps. Additionally, we’ll discuss our capabilities when protecting workloads ‘Born in the Cloud’ or ‘Living in the Cloud’.
  • Evolving your Java Applications to Benefit from DevOps, Cloud & Containers Evolving your Java Applications to Benefit from DevOps, Cloud & Containers Bilge Ozpeynirci Senior product manager, Red Hat James Falkner JBoss technology evangelist, Red Hat Recorded: Jan 12 2017 67 mins
    You want to evolve your application development strategies to benefit from DevOps processes, cloud and container platforms, and microservices architectures. However, if you've built your core application infrastructure around traditional Java™ EE development approaches, the path forward might not be so clear.

    Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 7 allows you to re-imagine your Java applications and take full advantage of these new application approaches.

    In this webcast you’ll learn:

    • Trends and priorities in application development today
    • What’s new with JBoss EAP 7
    • How to move your Java EE applications into the cloud with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • IT Operations and Real-Time Performance Monitoring: Keys to Efficient Healthcare IT Operations and Real-Time Performance Monitoring: Keys to Efficient Healthcare John Smith, Principle Solutions Architect from ExtraHop, Darren Carr, Sr. Technology Architect, from Cerner Recorded: Jan 12 2017 49 mins
    Modern Healthcare IT infrastructures are a complex blend of technologies, from mission-critical Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications to the security solutions protecting patient data from ransomware and other threats. Overseeing an entire healthcare system's networks and infrastructure, as well as managing patient data in a private cloud, can be time consuming, costly and pose potential cybersecurity threats and data breaches. That’s why fast, reliable IT is crucial to every step of the patient’s journey through your organization—and why you need a new approach to IT operations and monitoring.

    Learn where your visibility gaps lie, and how closing those gaps with real-time performance monitoring will dramatically improve the quality of care and IT security that your organization provides.
  • How To Design High Performance, Cost Effective Splunk Storage How To Design High Performance, Cost Effective Splunk Storage George Crump, Storage Switzerland Recorded: Jan 12 2017 57 mins
    Splunk does an excellent job of managing data, moving data between tiers which it calls buckets. But assigning Splunk to data management tasks takes compute power away from the primary objective — rapid data analysis. In this live webinar Storage Switzerland and Tegile will discuss how the default Splunk architecture works today, what the challenges with that architecture are and how to design a storage architecture for Splunk that is both high performance and cost effective.
  • Apache® Spark™ - The Unified Engine for All Workloads Apache® Spark™ - The Unified Engine for All Workloads Tony Baer, Principal Analyst at Ovum Recorded: Jan 12 2017 63 mins
    The Apache® Spark™ compute engine has gone viral – not only is it the most active Apache big data open source project, but it is also the fastest growing big data analytics workload, on and off Hadoop. The major reason behind Spark’s popularity with developers and enterprises is its flexibility to support a wide range of workloads including SQL query, machine learning, streaming, and graph analysis.

    This webinar features Ovum analyst Tony Baer, who will explain the real-world benefits to practitioners and enterprises when they build a technology stack based on a unified approach with Apache Spark.

    This webinar will cover:
    Findings around the growth of Spark and diverse applications using machine learning and streaming.
    The advantages of using Spark to unify all workloads, rather than stitching together many specialized engines like Presto, Storm, MapReduce, Pig, and others.
    Use case examples that illustrate the flexibility of Spark in supporting various workloads.
  • CA Briefings Part 5: Annual Trends/Predictions CA Briefings Part 5: Annual Trends/Predictions Nick Nikols, Senior VP and Cybersecurity Business CTO, CA; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator Recorded: Jan 12 2017 58 mins
    2016 was a blockbuster year for cybersecurity -- from a hacker influenced national election to a landmark breach into the Internet of Things that caused the largest botnet attacks in history. What’s in store for 2017? On January 12, join CA Technologies’ Nick Nickols, Security CTO, as he examines the evidence and trends that predict what you can expect in 2017. In this webcast, Nick will discuss:
    ·Key areas to focus your attention and investment - from access governance to threat analytics to IDaaS
    ·The changing landscape of regulations and consumer behavior
    ·Technology transformations and new innovations that will influence the way you prepare for 2017
  • Why? Where? What? How to Apply an Open Source Strategy Why? Where? What? How to Apply an Open Source Strategy Nithya Ruff, Director, Open Source Strategy Office, Western Digital Recorded: Jan 12 2017 43 mins
    Gone are the days when proprietary hardware was our only option in the data center. As companies seek technologies that would make use of their existing infrastructure, Open Source quickly became the staple solution for innovation and flexibility within the data center. If you’re looking ways to explore an open source strategy for the first time, or to take your existing strategy to the next level, this webinar is for you!

    Join Nithya Ruff, Director of Open Source Office and board member at the Linux Foundation, as she shares why you need an open source strategy, and how you can grow your own. We look forward to collaborating with you!
  • 2017 Trends in Information Security 2017 Trends in Information Security Scott Crawford, Research Director, Information Security Recorded: Jan 12 2017 57 mins
    Security is changing. New innovations are making defenses such as anti-malware more of a reality than ever before, while yesterday’s incumbents are being remade through new acquisitions as well as selloffs of their legacy security businesses. So what’s next for security? For one thing, the scale of IoT security risk has finally been revealed – while the threat of ransom may provide attackers an alternative if malware becomes less viable. Will security’s innovations be ready enough, soon enough to protect enterprises from today’s emerging threats?

    Join this session with Scott Crawford, Research Director for Information Security, to find out why 451 Research has rated all 6 of 2017’s key security trends as “high impact.”
  • Why Agile Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time - 1 PMI PMP PDU Credit Why Agile Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time - 1 PMI PMP PDU Credit Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com Recorded: Jan 12 2017 60 mins
    Organizations are frequently tempted to modify and adapt their Agile approaches as they become more experienced.  As they then try and expand Agile use into other areas, or as they look for ways to integrate Agile and traditional project execution approaches they realize they are facing some unintended consequences.  Join Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com as he discusses how best to look at options for enhancing or modifying Agile at your organization and how to ensure you aren’t causing future problems.

    This session is approved for 1 Project Management Institute (PMI) PMP Credit.
  • Network Challenges that Stand in the Way of Success Network Challenges that Stand in the Way of Success Christian Gilby, Director, Aruba & Vince DiStasi, VP of IT, Grove City College Recorded: Jan 11 2017 42 mins
    For some, the network is only a subject of conversation when there's a problem. For you, the network is a mark of success. If the network is performing well, you’re doing well; if it's not, not much is going right.

    Grove City College will also join us and review the steps they took to:
    •Improve Wi-Fi security and coverage
    •Increase Wi-Fi performance by 50%
    •Streamline operations

    Join us to learn about current challenges for your network, and to discuss ways to meet these new demands and performance standards
  • How Process Automation Helps CA Technologies Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy How Process Automation Helps CA Technologies Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy Jeremy Axmacher, Platform Engineer Recorded: Jan 11 2017 40 mins
    When disaster strikes, your number one priority is fast recovery. But trying to determine the root cause of the problem can be a time consuming, manual process. Join this webinar with CA Technologies’ internal IT team, as they discuss how automation has helped them save time with disaster recovery through consistent, predicable processes – and enabled them to get up and running again seamlessly.

    You will learn:
    How to save money and time from outages – even when the worst happens
    •How to shift your focus from manual problem solving to fast recovery through automation and repeatable processes
    •How keeping an audit trail prevented the team from making the same mistakes in the future
  • Encryption for the Now Generation - Build Your 2017 Strategic Roadmap Encryption for the Now Generation - Build Your 2017 Strategic Roadmap Aaron McIntosh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, WinMagic Recorded: Jan 11 2017 34 mins
    The landscape of the traditional work environment has changed and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. And while organizations are reaping the productivity rewards of an increasingly mobile workforce, data loss becomes a growing concern. Businesses need to secure their data without slowing down their employees. Spend 45 minutes with WinMagic’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Aaron McIntosh, and learn how to be secure when embracing workforce mobility and productivity.

    Key Learnings:
    1. How you can support a multi-OS or BYOD environment with an consistent security policy
    2. How you can increase security awareness and adoption using an employee-centric mindset
    3. Discover how to build your 2017 strategic roadmap for PCs, tablets and other managed endpoints
  • Edge Analytics in Internet of Things Edge Analytics in Internet of Things Soila Kavulya, Research Scientist, Analytics & AI Solutions Group at Intel Recorded: Jan 11 2017 29 mins
    The unprecedented growth in the number of connected devices has spurred new opportunities for analytics ranging from consumer devices that monitor health to self-driving cars. The Internet of Things has also led to new computing paradigms which leverage both cloud and edge technologies to push analytics closer to users who need real-time access. This webinar explores implications of the growth of IoT on analytics, and the distributed architectures needed to support the vast amounts of data generated by these devices.
  • Evaluation to Implementation: Coca-Cola's Cloud Migration Strategy Made Easy Evaluation to Implementation: Coca-Cola's Cloud Migration Strategy Made Easy Danny Eng, Enterprise Integration Architect, The Coca-Cola Company Jag Ramaswamy, Enterprise Integration Lead, The Coca-Cola Recorded: Jan 10 2017 38 mins
    Just a few years ago, The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) was completely on-premises, looking for a way to move toward their cloud-first strategy. Watch TCCC’s presentation from MuleSoft’s Atlanta Summit to learn Coke’s journey with MuleSoft starting from evaluation to how they are currently taking an API-led approach to integration. With this, Coke is now creating great customer experiences and enabling their sales force to continue to lead through innovation.

    Attendees will learn how TCCC is using MuleSoft to:

    Implement a microservices architecture
    Automate release management to accelerate time to production
    Move from a COE to a Center for Enablement (C4E) to maximize reuse
  • 2017 Trends in Datacenters 2017 Trends in Datacenters Andy Lawrence, Research Vice President - Datacenters Recorded: Jan 10 2017 48 mins
    Datacenters are at the core of the Digital Transformation revolution. Operators are increasingly adopting new technologies and techniques to ensure they remain relevant and competitive in the new world of IT. Pacesetters are driving efficiency, agility and connectivity, while automation, rackscale architectures, cloud-based analytics and distributed resiliency are also evolving rapidly.

    Join Andy Lawrence, Research Vice President for Datacenters, to examine how these evolving datacenter technologies will shape the market and competitive landscape in 2017.
  • 2017 Trends in Mobility 2017 Trends in Mobility Brian Partridge, Research Vice President - Mobility Jan 17 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mobility in 2017 is all about 5G, which is not just another “G” – its scope is far larger. Previous G’s focused on increasing bandwidth and latency to support Mobile Internet consumption patterns accelerated by universal adoption of smart devices. The revolutionary attributes of 5G converge the latest innovations in network, cloud, and devices in a way that has never been done before. 5G’s impact will be far reaching across industries generating massive value not possible in previous technology shifts. Ultra-broadband communication and computing power will combine and extend across networks and devices such that information and computing power will be instantaneously available.

    Join Brian Partridge, Research Vice President for Mobility, as he explores how this will catalyze a wave of innovation in applications, services and functions built to run on the new 5G infrastructure.
  • When the Ceph Hits the Fan When the Ceph Hits the Fan Wolfgang Schulze, Director of Storage Consulting, Red Hat Jan 17 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With the advent of data workloads that can be optimized for clustered architectures, scale-out storage is now a very attractive option for storage professionals across multiple industries. Software-defined storage solutions have become especially popular because of the power and flexibility they can provide, however deployment is not a trivial exercise and needs careful preparation and planning.

    One of the leading software-defined storage solutions is Ceph, a distributed, massively scalable platform with unified support for object, block, and file data. Ceph has its roots in the open source community, however there are now countless examples of companies who have deployed Ceph successfully across multiple petabyte installations worldwide. Dr. Wolfgang Schulze, Red Hat’s director of storage consulting, will share some of his experiences from many years of working with IT organizations that deploy Ceph-based storage solutions.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - Typical misconceptions while deploying Ceph
    - Understanding and avoiding common issues that often arise during deployment
    - Best practices for configuring and getting the most out of Ceph
  • Packet Pushers Open Mic: Real SD-WAN Challenges Live Q&A Packet Pushers Open Mic: Real SD-WAN Challenges Live Q&A Ethan Banks & Greg Ferro, Analysts and Co-Hosts of Packet Pushers Jan 17 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    What is the reality of deploying an SD-WAN? Does it really work? What are the traps, tricks, and stumbles that you need to look for?

    Ethan and Greg from the Packet Pushers will be hosting engineers who have deployed Viptela SD-WAN solutions and will be taking questions from a live audience.

    Analysts Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks, on their show “Three Real-World SD-WAN Deployments”, have interviewed many network engineers who have executed large SD-WAN projects in retail, financials, healthcare, and energy. These include companies like Kindred Healthcare, Freedom Pay, Gap, Visa, Bloomberg, Seventy Seven Energy, Greenhill, and more. They will share some of their learnings on this Live session and then open a lively discussion of everything SD-WAN.
  • A Deep Dive into StorNext 5.4 A Deep Dive into StorNext 5.4 Dave Frederick, Sr. Director of Product Marketing - Quantum and Nick Elvester, Sr. Product Manager Jan 17 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Quantum's StorNext 5.4 brings new levels of performance, efficiency, flexibility and compatibility to media storage and data management. Enhancements include more tiering options, support for integrated applications, and even faster network connectivity.
  • Learn How the NIST CSF Benefits Small and Medium Businesses Learn How the NIST CSF Benefits Small and Medium Businesses Ken Durbin, CISSP Strategist: CRM & Threat Intel, Symantec Jan 17 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Small Businesses are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. With precious few resources, how can Small Businesses defend against Ransomware, Data Breach, Insider Threat plus more issues.

    Join this webcast to learn how the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) can be an important resource to help Small Businesses defend against cyber-attacks. We’ll walk you through the recently released NIST Publication “Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals” and it’s relation to the NIST CSF.

    - A basic understanding of the Cybersecurity Framework.

    -The purpose and scope of the recently released NIST Small Business Information Security Publication.

    -A review of the alignment of Symantec solutions to the Cybersecurity Framework.

    Join this webcast for a review of the latest NIST guidance and how to apply it to assess and manage Cybersecurity Risks to your business.
  • Too Big to Store? How Ovation Data Broke their Storage Barriers Too Big to Store? How Ovation Data Broke their Storage Barriers Gary Lyng, Sr Dir Marketing, Western Digital; Bo Kennedy & Gregory Servos, OvationData; Bruce Gilpin, Versity Software Jan 17 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    With no room for data loss, how do you scale business without scaling costs?

    Please join us for an interactive panel discussion with our customers and partners. Together we will explore ways organizations, like cloud service provider OvationData, are solving Big Data challenges with an innovative mix of technologies and scalable infrastructures that deliver needed results.

    In this webinar we will discuss:
    - How to break the economic barriers of storage
    - How companies should evaluate new storage technologies
    - Advice on how to fight PB growth challenges
    - Plus more!

    You will hear real-word examples and ideas from flash to object storage, with scalable performance, high data durability and boundless capacity, all at breakthrough costs.
  • Analyst Keynote: Building the SD-WAN Business Case (Nemertes Research) Analyst Keynote: Building the SD-WAN Business Case (Nemertes Research) John Burke, Principal Analyst and CIO at Nemertes Research Jan 17 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    SD-WAN’s transformational potential is not enough. IT teams have to build a compelling business case for making the transition. Savings from MPLS is not the only avenue by which SD-WAN can drive ROI. By providing cheaper and more transparent and automatic failover when WAN links fail, SD-WAN can reduce branch WAN outages and troubleshooting costs by 90%.

    By working with multiple vendors and enterprises, Nemertes has developed and validated an SD-WAN cost model that enables enterprise users to build that business case base on multiple key factors.

    Join Principal Research Analyst and CIO John Burke of Nemertes Research as he presents his latest research findings. These include:

    - The cost-model applied to three real SD-WAN use cases
    - The process for identifying locations that could benefit from higher bandwidth, lower rates, increased reliability, or all three
    - The cost components of connectivity, capex, troubleshooting and more.
    - The comparison between Overlay SD-WAN and In-Net WAN
  • Hot topics in containers, OpenStack, and Hadoop Hot topics in containers, OpenStack, and Hadoop Krishna Mayuram, Duane DeCapite Jan 17 2017 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Containers, OpenStack, and Hadoop are three of the most talked about topics in the industry today. This session will highlight some of the hot topics related to the convergence of containers and OpenStack including projects Magnum, Kolla and Calico. Join us and learn about new communities and products including Open Container Initiative (OCI), Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Cisco NFVI and Mantl/Shipped. This session will also feature a deep-dive on how Hadoop can be deployed on OpenStack with the Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) Cisco Validated Designs (CVD).
  • Voice of the Customer: Kindred Healthcare SD-WAN Transformation Voice of the Customer: Kindred Healthcare SD-WAN Transformation Eyvonne Sharp, Network Engineer, Kindred Healthcare Jan 17 2017 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Healthcare IT teams have sophisticated needs for SD-WAN, specifically for reliability, security and agility in M&A integration. In this webinar, Kindred Healthcare will reveal their evaluation criteria, process of migration to SD-WAN, and the results.

    Jointly presenting with Palo Alto Networks and Viptela, Kindred will explain in detail the plans and deployment experiences across hospitals, nursing centers, and contract rehabilitation in the US. Kindred is the largest diversified post-acute healthcare provider in the US, and has doubled in the last four years.

    Key Results:
    - Application performance improvement from 4x to 10x at Nursing facilities and Home clinics
    - 700% bandwidth increase
    - Estimated 5-year ROI in Millions
    - Solving complex requirements of M&A and new services in efficient and simple way

    SD-WAN Feature Requirements for Healthcare:
    - Policy based, application-aware routing over multiple, diverse connections
    - Intelligent routing based on network health & application requirements
    - Network segmentation & isolation (Multi tenant/Security)
    - Centralized policy administration & device management
    - Ability to selectively route specific traffic through security appliances (Service Chaining)
    - Application aware traffic shaping
    - Centralized provisioning feature, or zero touch methodology
    - Multiple Ethernet, MPLS or LTE connectivity options
  • How to Fine-Tune a Microservice Architecture with API Management How to Fine-Tune a Microservice Architecture with API Management Keith Babo Product Manager, Red Hat Manfred Bortenschlager Director, API Marketing Development, Red Hat Jan 17 2017 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With the increased speed of business and the transitory nature of apps and services, agility is paramount. To meet this need, successful organizations have turned to DevOps philosophies and solutions based on microservices architectures (MSAs).

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) are crucial in every MSA (Microservice Architecture) to link the various microservices. Solutions based on MSAs and DevOps are effective, but bring some challenges. While microservices allow flexible, agile deployments, they can be harder to manage and can create complex scenarios.

    Watch and learn:
    • How to establish effective continuous integration and delivery pipelines using Red Hat® OpenShift, Docker, and Kubernetes.
    • How to get security, control, and visibility of the microservice APIs using the 3scale by Red Hat API management platform and the 3scale nginx-based API gateway running on Docker.
  • How Process Automation Works Within the NOC & Infrastructure How Process Automation Works Within the NOC & Infrastructure Jeremy Axmacher, Platform Engineer Jan 17 2017 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    To cope with business demand, servers must be built – which is a highly manual process that often lacks standardization. Join this webinar with CA Technologies’ internal IT team, as they discuss how CA Process Automation enables them to automation core infrastructure tasks, including server deployment, maintenance and retirement – and saved their team 20 hours a day of manual work.

    You will learn:
    How CA Technologies’ internal IT team saves time automating triage and remediation
    How workflows can be easily adapted to detect issues quickly
    How new servers are now deployed within a matter of minutes with standardized builds and security protocols
  • VMware: A Virtual Edge Solution for Managed Branch Services VMware: A Virtual Edge Solution for Managed Branch Services Vanessa Little, Sr. Manager Global NFV EcoSystem Architecture, VMware & Ariful Huq, Product Management, Viptela Jan 17 2017 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    vCloud NFV is an open, carrier-grade NFVI platform. It delivers a tightly integrated solution with virtual compute, storage and networking resources coupled with intelligent operations and management capability.

    Viptela SD-WAN has achieved VMware Ready Status for NFV. SD-WAN solutions, on vCloud NFV, enable service providers to deliver elastic bandwidth, advanced services and greater flexibility in terms of cost and QoS. The Viptela SD-WAN platform opens up new opportunities for service providers by unifying WAN connection management (MPLS, Internet and 4G/LTE), segmenting traffic, providing zero touch provisioning and supporting application aware routing for enterprise customers.

    This webinar will highlight the key elements of vCloud NFV and SD-WAN in providing a fully packaged solution for Service Providers including:

    - How to accelerate and automate instantiating, provisioning and managing of virtual network services (including SD-WAN)
    - Deliver carrier-grade network availability and multi-tenancy
    - Provide advanced networking and security VNFs including switching, routing, QoS and monitoring
    - Enable single pane of glass visibility, monitoring and policy based automation
  • IDC CloudView Survey Says: Accelerate & Enhance your Cloud Competencies IDC CloudView Survey Says: Accelerate & Enhance your Cloud Competencies Scott Emigh, CTO of Corporate Accounts & Jonathan Swartz, Azure National Solution Director Jan 17 2017 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    According to IDC's CloudView 2016 survey, 58% of organizations have embraced the cloud for more than one or two workloads, but only 5% believe they have an optimized cloud strategy.

    When beginning your journey to the cloud, the first step is often the most challenging. Poor guidance, complex technologies, security questions, and regulatory concerns, plus the ever-increasing pressures to innovate while managing costs, lead to indecision for many business and IT leaders.

    To give customers the tools they need for cloud success, Microsoft gathered insights from thousands of customer engagements to create the Cloud Accelerator Program—a structured, targeted series of lessons and resources for quickly achieving measurable cloud results.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Learn from the success of others. Get the skills, tools, and approaches to solving business problems enabled by the power of the Azure platform.
    - Discover the breadth of the Azure platform. Find new ways to help solve your company’s most critical business problems.
    - Experience all that the Azure platform can bring to your business. Use hands-on content and real solutions running in your environment to create real business value.
    - Implement the insights gained from thousands of customers in your own environment with the help of Microsoft and our partners.
  • The Role of IT: Change or Die The Role of IT: Change or Die Kevin Linsell, Director of Strategy & Architecture, Adapt Jan 18 2017 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Social Media - the pillars to our new digital society and a springboard for innovation by businesses of all shapes and sizes. But so what? It’s all just hype, right? Should you be starting to do things differently? Join us for this webinar if you want a reality check...

    Duration: 30 mins + Q&A
  • Key Strategies and Best Practices To Proactively Protect Digital Assets and Apps Key Strategies and Best Practices To Proactively Protect Digital Assets and Apps Charlie Kraus,Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Limelight Networks & Kerrion Burton-Evans,Solutions Engineer, Limelight Networks Jan 18 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In the last few months we have seen cyber attacks on corporations as diverse as Deutsche Telekom and Tesco. From the boardroom to the backroom there is an increasing awareness of complex cyber-security attacks. Businesses need a proactive solution that not only protects digital content and properties but also keeps one step ahead of these evolving threats.

    Join us on 18th January for a live webinar with Limelight's digital security experts, who will share specific use cases to illustrate key strategies and best practices for a cloud-based security solution.
  • 2017 Trends in Services 2017 Trends in Services Kelly Morgan, Research Vice President - Services Jan 18 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The next wave of cloud computing is coming, and it is going to take the shape of serving distinct enterprise needs in an on-demand fashion. It is normal for enterprise IT departments to provision or procure IaaS, PaaS or SaaS services now. That in turn means that a larger galaxy of business needs and operational complexities will be tackled as the next way to monetize cloud infrastructure. The trickle of specialized providers doing boutique services such as disaster recovery as a service, compliance as a service and database as a service could well become a flood.

    Join Kelly Morgan, Research Vice President for Services as she uncovers what service providers will need to change in order to gain a competitive advantage in 2017, and what the sources of demand for multi-tenant datacenters will be in the coming year.
  • What’s Next In Securing Identities? Key Identity & Access Management Trends What’s Next In Securing Identities? Key Identity & Access Management Trends Danna Bethlehem Jan 18 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Over the past year, we have seen data breaches shift towards identity-based breaches, targeting personal information of either employees or consumers. The access to the information is used to craft and construct highly organized attacks on enterprises and is a growing contributor to identity theft. The problem is compounded by the convergence of personal and work place identities, ultimately creating major security challenges for companies.

    Our 2016 Authentication and Access Management survey found 90% of enterprise IT professionals are concerned that employee reuse of personal credentials for work purposes could compromise security. During the webinar, we’ll be discussing this and other trends in the strong authentication and access management market, including:

    -The status of the two-factor authentication market and what we can expect in the years to come
    -The enterprise risk issues of using social media credentials to access to corporate resources
    -The role the cloud is playing in the enterprise especially as it relates to single sign on and application management and access
    -The ongoing challenges enterprises cite as barriers to mass adoption of a mobile workforce
  • Live Demo: Top Deployed SD-WAN Use Cases Live Demo: Top Deployed SD-WAN Use Cases David Klebanov, Director of Technical Marketing, Viptela Jan 18 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    This live demo will cover the major use cases of SD-WAN that are applicable to both large and small enterprise scenarios. These include:

    - Brownfield deployment: Inserting SD-WAN into an existing MPLS WAN (i.e. creating an overlay over MPLS and Broadband)
    - Enabling segmentation, service insertion and extranet policies for a business partner network
    - Extending the WAN to the Cloud (AWS/Azure)
    - Enabling on-prem security with Palo Alto Networks (service chaining)
    - Defining Application-Aware policies for guaranteed SLA (real-time traffic steering with QoS)
    - Enabling cloud-security capabilities with Zscaler (service chaining)
    - Defining policies for predictable access to Office 365 and other SaaS applications

    The foundational technology elements of SD-WAN that will be covered include:

    - Single overlay over MPLS, Broadband and LTE
    - Overlay routing with OSPF, BGP, VRRP and IGMP
    - Deep packet inspection (DPI) policies
    - Authentication, encryption, PKI
    - Zero-touch provisioning
    - Segmentation and per-segment topologies
    - Service insertion and service chaining
    - Virtualized elements for Cloud (IaaS+PaaS)
    - Cloud-security and on-prem security integration
    - Integrated Management and third-party management with SNMP, NetConf, and RESTful interfaces
    - Internet gateways (DIA, Regional Exit, Centralized exits)
  • Verizon: Banking, Manufacturing, and Healthcare Case Studies in Managed SD-WAN Verizon: Banking, Manufacturing, and Healthcare Case Studies in Managed SD-WAN Mark Hollman, Managed and Professional Services, Verizon & Lloyd Noronha, Head of Global Marketing, Viptela Jan 18 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Verizon has some of the largest global SD-WAN deployments based on Viptela technology. We investigate the lessons learned and best practices employed in some SD-WAN deployments in the banking, healthcare and manufacturing verticals.
  • CA Technologies: Advanced Monitoring and Management of SD-WAN CA Technologies: Advanced Monitoring and Management of SD-WAN Tim Diep, Director of Product Management, CA Technologies & Jeremy Rossbach, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies Jan 18 2017 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    How does SD-WAN shift the status quo for the Operations teams? SD-WAN technology possesses sophisticated, in-built capability for operations and management, and advanced automation to address network problems in real-time. However, the Operations teams needs to seamlessly integrate this network and health status intelligence from their new SD-WAN infrastructure into their existing monitoring and management infrastructure.

    Additionally, monitoring solutions must provide visibility across all network architectures including highly dynamic and complex hybrid clouds and other SDN elements.

    This session covers the integration of CA Virtual Network Assurance and CA Performance Management with Viptela SD-WAN. The key topics that will be discussed include:

    - Eliminating visibility gaps between traditional networks and SD-WAN providing administrators with insights to optimize and transform their large hybrid networks
    - Providing relationship mapping of major IT events
    - Visualizing physical and logical dependencies in applications and service chains
    - Extending visibility for operators with network performance monitoring across cloud, SDN and SD-WAN networks (including service chains)
    - Enabling operational insight into how all elements of traditional and overlay networks affect service integrity
  • Escaping the Storage Licensing Money Pit Escaping the Storage Licensing Money Pit Dave Wright - Vice President & General Manager, NetApp SolidFire and Tim Stammers - Senior Storage Analyst, 451 Research Jan 18 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The tables have been stacked against storage buyers for decades, but a change is coming. Forget the endless refresh treadmill of monolithic storage systems, and licensing models that are not just inflexible, but also force you to pay again and again for the same technology. Join this webinar to learn how to liberate your storage budget, and pay for storage the way that suits your business rather than the vendors, with 451 Research senior analyst Tim Stammers, and NetApp SolidFire’s Vice President & General Manager, Dave Wright.
  • Your 2017 Cloud Security Action Plan Your 2017 Cloud Security Action Plan Maxim Integrated - Matt Hollcraft, CISO & Dave Ruedger, Chief Security Architect; Bitglass - Rich Campagna, SVP Products Jan 18 2017 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    We are now three plus years into widespread adoption across industries of public SaaS apps like Office 365. Despite this momentum, security and compliance remain top challenges. This webinar, featuring Matt Hollcraft, CISO for Maxim Integrated, Dave Ruedger, Chief Security Architect for Maxim Integrated, and Rich Campagna, SVP of Products for Bitglass, will help you build a 2017 action plan to embrace public cloud without sacrificing security and compliance.

    While offering practical, actionable advice for major apps like Office 365, Matt, Dave and Rich will address your top concerns, such as unmanaged device access, external sharing, and mitigating controls. They also will provide real world examples of how other organizations have securely navigated the public cloud.
  • Solving Today's Mobile and IoT Security Challenges Solving Today's Mobile and IoT Security Challenges Jon Garside, Product Marketing Manager & Rich Boyer, CIO, NTT i3 Jan 18 2017 9:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    IoT devices are on your network. Do you know how what to do with them?
    Join this presentation to learn the latest cyber threat insights and the security challenges surrounding IoT.

    Learn more about:

    •Misconceptions in the security model for wired vs. wireless networks
    •Managing policies for IoT in the enterprise using contextual data
    •The value of device roles and real-time enforcement for IoT
  • Helping flydubai Takeoff with APIs and Digital Transformation Integration Helping flydubai Takeoff with APIs and Digital Transformation Integration Mohammed Ahteshamuddin, Vice President IT, flydubai & Paul Crerand, Director Solution Consulting, MuleSoft Jan 18 2017 10:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    IATA estimates that by 2034 there will be 7.3 billion air passengers globally, which is twice more than what we have today. Alongside economic forces and passenger demands, pressure on the aviation and travel industry remains as intense as ever.

    Since launching in 2009, flydubai has strived to remove barriers to travel and enhance connectivity between different cultures. With 90 destinations in 44 countries, flydubai has embarked on a digital transformation journey to help enhance business agility, flexibility and the customer experience. Connecting and integrating your SaaS platforms, APIs and application networks is critical in today's digital world, regardless of industry.

    Join Mohammed Ahteshamuddin, Vice President IT – Customer Experience & Passenger Services System, flydubai, and Paul Crerand, Director Solution Consulting, MuleSoft, on Thursday, December 8 at 10am (GMT) for a live webinar as they share their story and best practices.