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Customer Experience

  • Skype for Business: What's Next?
    Skype for Business: What's Next? John Hand, IR | Bob Nash, Microsoft Recorded: May 25 2017 61 mins
    This session, co-hosted with Microsoft, will look at:
    - Why Skype for Business? Where does Skype for Business fit in to the competitive landscape.
    - How to leverage Skype for Business in your existing UC environment to maximize performance and investment.
    - What next? What's coming and how to make sure your organization can get a 'first mover' advantage.
  • Effective Territory Management
    Effective Territory Management Michael Griego Recorded: May 25 2017 43 mins
    As a sales rep or sales manager, are you effectively managing territory? Are you focused, systematic, productive, and thorough in your approach while still being nuanced and flexible? Are you working the right deals, at the right level, at the right time, in the right way? Let's nail this down.
  • Sales Call Intros that Work
    Sales Call Intros that Work Lauren Bailey Recorded: May 24 2017 32 mins
    Coffee is NOT for closers. . . it’s for openers! Especially in phone sales, it’s harder and harder to get and keep prospects’ attention. So you’re most critical tool isn’t your close, it’s your opening! Reps and Sales Managers, learn top mistakes & how to rewrite your own opening!
  • Bigger, better, faster subscription commerce growth
    Bigger, better, faster subscription commerce growth Emma Clark, Senior Product Manager, Recurly Recorded: May 24 2017 60 mins
    Better, stronger, faster subscription commerce growth

    The value of a subscription business model is its consistency: predictable revenue to lifetime customer value, you've got a solid foundation to start seeing incredible growth—and that comes directly from becoming the 6 million dollar man of customer acquisition.

    That's where the subscription model delivers another distinct advantage: The capability to identify your most profitable customers, and the technology—a wealth of key data about marketing, customer and billing events—right at your fingertips.

    Now how do you turn that data into insights to optimize subscriber acquisition and accelerate your business growth up to 60 mph or more? Join this interactive VB Live event to learn how, plus tap into the latest research and benchmarks on key subscriber acquisition metrics.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Identify the most effective subscription plans and promotions
    * Compare your trial program performance against industry benchmarks
    * Use best practices to create a frictionless subscription experience
    * Capture the key metrics for measuring acquisition performance--plan performance, MRR, LTV and more.


    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat
    * Emma Clark, Sr Product Manager, Recurly

    Sponsored by Recurly
  • Cross-Device and Mobile Consumers: Who Are They and Where Do They Spend Time?
    Cross-Device and Mobile Consumers: Who Are They and Where Do They Spend Time? Connie Hwong, Global Content Marketing Director, Gautam Moktan, Data Analyst Recorded: May 24 2017 31 mins
    Attention brands, publishers, and advertisers: Wondering how and when to capture consumer attention? Attend this webinar to get a review of our latest data and insights about the U.S. cross-device and mobile consumer. 

    We'll cover: 
    - How are consumers using various devices over the course of a week, and which demographic segments are the most cross-device? 
    - Which social and content apps rank high and for whom? 
    - A focused look at three types of consumers who play games, shop, and listen to music
  • Bizagi  - The Digital Business Platform Demonstration
    Bizagi - The Digital Business Platform Demonstration Laurie Sinnett, Senior Consultant, Bizagi Recorded: May 24 2017 61 mins
    Watch a demonstration of an end to end loan application built with Bizagi. The demonstration will show you how you can deliver a customer experience across multiple channels both from the perspective of the customers and the employees. Also, walk you through the process model for this application, designed in the Bizagi Modeler.

    Bizagi is a digital business platform that wraps around existing legacy systems to transform organizations into agile, engaging and connected digital businesses. The platform comprises of Bizagi Modeler to design the process models, Bizagi Studio to turn process models into running applications and Bizagi Engine to run the applications enterprise-wide.

    Headquartered in the UK with customers across the world, Bizagi is a global leader in digital business platforms. With a global user community of over 650,000 process pioneers, Bizagi has helped over 500 enterprises in 50 countries to survive and thrive in the digital age.

    For more information, please visit www.bizagi.com
  • Poor Sales Leads, And Six Other Revenue Disasters!
    Poor Sales Leads, And Six Other Revenue Disasters! Peter Strohkorb, Smarketing Expert, Author, Speaker, Business Coach Recorded: May 23 2017 42 mins
    "The Top 7 Sales Growth Challenges, And How To Solve Them."

    Working with our clients we come across many challenges to sales growth, but there are seven of these that we encounter all the time. They do not need to remain a challenge for your business as we have already solved them in our clients' organizations. Now you can benefit from our experience, too.
  • Boost Your Online Revenue in Real-Time
    Boost Your Online Revenue in Real-Time Iris Lieuw, SOASTA Data Science Team Lead & Mat Ball, Marketing Manager, SOASTA Data Science Recorded: May 23 2017 25 mins
    For companies operating online, web speed and performance always impact business outcome. As Cyber-Monday approaches companies are looking to maximize conversion and revenue. Part two of SOASTA’s “Easy Data Science” series illustrates how data science provides a real-time competitive advantage. We’ll show you “how.”

    The talk will showcase SOASTA’s data science capabilities for the following outcomes:
    - Alerting for campaigns or heightened periods of traffic, modeled from your entire user-event history
    - Real-time visibility into user session paths, allowing marketing and development teams to quickly identify and remediate slow loading pages critical to campaign revenue
    - Remedy poor user engagement, site slowdowns, and capitalize on revenue opportunities with total visibility across all of your dimensions (OS, Browser, Device, Geo, etc.)
  • Data Virtualization: An Introduction (Packed Lunch Webinars)
    Data Virtualization: An Introduction (Packed Lunch Webinars) Paul Moxon, VP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist, Denodo Recorded: May 18 2017 56 mins
    According to Gartner, “By 2018, organizations with data virtualization capabilities will spend 40% less on building and managing data integration processes for connecting distributed data assets.” This solidifies Data Virtualization as a critical piece of technology for any flexible and agile modern data architecture.

    This session will:

    Introduce data virtualization and explain how it differs from traditional data integration approaches
    Discuss key patterns and use cases of Data Virtualization
    Set the scene for subsequent sessions in the Packed Lunch Webinar Series, which will take a deeper dive into various challenges solved by data virtualization.

    Introduction & benefits of DV
    Summary & Next Steps
  • Digital Transformation: 5 Key Capabilities for Your Technology Platform
    Digital Transformation: 5 Key Capabilities for Your Technology Platform Neil Simpson - Innovelocity Founder, Jeff Klotz - Bizagi Solutions Consultant, Steve Tassell - Bizagi Product Marketing Recorded: May 18 2017 62 mins
    Organizations in every industry face the increasing threat of disruption from new business models and so they must transform to thrive in a digital economy. Leaders tasked with bringing about change, need to invest in technology that will accelerate an organization’s journey to becoming a digital business

    Join Bizagi and Innovelocity as we discuss the essential characteristics of a digital business platform.

    Register now and join in the discussion covering:

    - The role of technology in transforming a business
    - What is a digital business platform?
    - The five essential characteristics of a digital business platform
    - How does a digital business platform accelerate your transformation journey?

    Who should attend: Digital Technology Leaders, Application Development Leaders, IT and Business Process Professionals.
  • Training Non-Traditional Sellers to Drive Revenue
    Training Non-Traditional Sellers to Drive Revenue Jane Gentry Recorded: May 17 2017 49 mins
    Account managers, lawyers, consultants – these are examples of client facing individuals were hired for a specific skill set. They don’t see themselves as salespeople and they definitely don’t want to be called salespeople; but, at the end of the day they must drive revenue. This webinar will give you some actionable strategies for helping non-sellers build relationships, leverage existing relationships and grow their business.
  • A Survival Guide for the First Time (or really anytime) Sales Manager to Never M
    A Survival Guide for the First Time (or really anytime) Sales Manager to Never M Alice Kemper Recorded: May 16 2017 47 mins
    Finally the 3 real simple survival tips to guarantee any sales manager - time deprived or not – to lead a team who crushes their numbers consistently. Once you know the CRT Survival Formula your team will always be #1 on the leaderboard and you will be indispensable to your company.
  • What is a Call Storm and How Do We Prevent one?
    What is a Call Storm and How Do We Prevent one? Vincent Geffray and Roy Atkinson Recorded: May 16 2017 62 mins
    What’s going on? How long will this last? What should we be doing about it? If you’ve ever had a major incident impact users throughout your organization, chances are you’ve heard those questions before. Your IT team may already be trying to diagnose and correct the issue, but the questions just keep coming…

    Customers and end users just want to make sure you’re aware of the issue. But when hundreds—even thousands—try to contact the service desk, it’s referred to as a call storm. And the inability to properly weather it increases the urgency end users feel.

    HDI’s Roy Atkinson and Everbridge’s Vincent Geffray have successfully navigated through their fair share of call storms. In this interview-style webinar, they’ll show you how you can too—and even share ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

    What you’ll learn:
    - What creates a call storm
    - Ways to rapidly communicate to all users
    - How to optimize incident management to reduce MTTR and mitigate call storms
    - Using technologies to target and verify communications
    - Preventing future call storms

    Who should attend:
    - Support center managers who need to know how to handle major incidents and outages
    - IT directors who want to better understand available means of communication, even in an outage
    - Anyone in IT service and support wanting to improve the performance of their support center when outages happen
  • Easy Data Science: Gaining Competitive Advantage in Online Retail & Media
    Easy Data Science: Gaining Competitive Advantage in Online Retail & Media Iris Lieuw, SOASTA Data Science Team Lead & Mat Ball, Marketing Manager, SOASTA Data Science Recorded: May 16 2017 23 mins
    For online retailers and media players, performance means business. Using Data Science helps companies gain a competitive edge with respect to customer experience, IT performance, and business outcome. The question is, “how?”

    Join Mat Ball and Iris Lieuw for a tech talk on how SOASTA data science can give your company a competitive advantage in your market.

    The talk will showcase SOASTA’s data science capabilities, but will also provide a glimpse into how e-commerce and media players are using data science for the following:
    – Biz-Ops, combining marketing and performance analytics to maximize marketing campaigns in real-time
    – Efficient webpage prioritization for IT workloads and Senior Management Visibility
    – Getting the most accurate alerting based on your entire user event history
  • Hiring Sales Super Stars
    Hiring Sales Super Stars Steven Rosen Recorded: May 11 2017 31 mins

    In Hiring Sales Super Stars, you will learn how to effectively select top-performing salespeople. Steven will teach you a three-step, systematic process to identify better reps who can deliver improved team performance and sales results.
  • How to Keep the Pipeline Full When There’s No Time to Cold Call
    How to Keep the Pipeline Full When There’s No Time to Cold Call Kendra Lee Recorded: May 11 2017 45 mins
    When your prospecting time is jammed, but the sales pipeline isn’t, it’s time to switch up your approach. Discover 3 marketing strategies (yup, marketing strategies!) that you can use as a sales rep to widen your net and reach more prospects. Mix up your prospecting and fill your pipeline!
  • How to Run a TOP Opportunity War Room and Get $$$ Results
    How to Run a TOP Opportunity War Room and Get $$$ Results Lisa Magnuson, Founder & CEO, Top Line Sales Recorded: May 10 2017 48 mins
    Senior Sales Leaders, Sales Managers and Account Managers will all learn about:

    How to spot a TOP opportunity
    Why a War Room approach works and delivers top $$$’s
    What you need to know about War Room strategy
    Three big roadblocks and how to avoid
    Key points to ensure ongoing success with account based selling
  • Mobile commerce + AI: Not just a nice-to-have
    Mobile commerce + AI: Not just a nice-to-have Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat Recorded: May 9 2017 61 mins
    AI ain't a maybe anymore. New payments and mobile commerce conversion strategies are erupting, all in the wake of the impact that AI and bots are having. More than 2.5 billion people worldwide use instant messaging services, and you need to be where your customers are – it's where AI and commerce meet.

    Indeed, messaging platforms are revving up to let businesses dive face-first into the buffet of expanded commerce opportunities, letting businesses leverage customized communications like receipts, shipping notifications, and even direct conversations with customer service.

    In this interactive VB Live event, we'll dive deep into the latest Bot Insight consumer study to show you why you need to get on board, and take you on a deep dive into how to take a running start, with full C-suite support.

    Don't miss out!

    In this webinar you'll:
    * Dive into the current AI landscape, from free tools to enterprise-class options
    * Learn how conversational UI and AI will transform your mobile commerce
    * Understand which new platforms are right for your own commerce strategy
    * Get the key points to convince your CEO and CFO to put these master class tools in your hands

    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Jonathan Jarvis, CEO, Token
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • The Connected Marketer | What It Is and Why You Must Become One
    The Connected Marketer | What It Is and Why You Must Become One Michael Becker Co-founder, mCordis, Inc. & The Connected Marketer & Alison Murdock, SVP Marketing, Verto Analytics Recorded: Apr 27 2017 30 mins
    Status Quo Marketers hold on to a bygone era of advertising by flooding the market with cross-channel promotions and messaging in the hopes of grabbing an individual’s attention. They struggle to absorb, and maybe, ignore critical facts about how consumer behavior has changed. Connected Marketers, on the other hand, understand that grabbing a person's attention involves a value exchange. These marketers use insights and data to learn when and where to reach the individual and how to meet her needs, on her terms.

    In this live Q&A, we’ll discuss what it means to be a Connected Marketer and why it’s critical to make that shift now. We’ll explore:

    - Attributes of the Connected Individual and the Connected Marketer
    - How marketers use data and insights to engage with consumers
    - Shining examples of companies who embrace connected marketing
    - How to make the shift now
  • Skype for Business: Monitoring Performance
    Skype for Business: Monitoring Performance David Branscome, Microsoft | John Hand, IR | Dave Bottomley, IR Recorded: Apr 27 2017 63 mins
    Skype for Business deployments can be complex, particularly in a multi-vendor environment. This session will look at how organizations can best monitor the performance of a Skype for Business deployment, what the out-of-the-box solution can manage and how it works in with Prognosis. Co-hosted with Microsoft, this promises to be a fantastic session.
  • Wealth Management in the Digital Age
    Wealth Management in the Digital Age Kendra Thompson, Accenture | Rohit Mahna, Salesforce | David Adler, Financial Planning Recorded: Apr 27 2017 55 mins
    Wealth management is in the midst of a digital revolution. One-to-one, product-driven advice is being displaced more and more by hybrid advice, which offers a blend of digital capabilities and access to advisors as needed.

    Accenture has explored investors’ preferences for managing their wealth using digital tools and how this is changing the operating models for wealth management firms.

    Likewise, Salesforce has identified powerful technology solutions tailored for wealth managers to help deliver advice digitally, in addition to traditional methods, via the advisor relationship.

    Listen in to get fresh insights from Accenture’s latest research and Salesforce’s new solutions to help you successfully navigate the changing landscape in wealth management and understand the future of investing.

    View on Financial Planning:
  • The 5 Planks of Door Opening Success
    The 5 Planks of Door Opening Success Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener Recorded: Apr 27 2017 38 mins
    The first step in closing a sale is the initial meeting. Do you want more of those? Learn:

    -What motivates the right decision makers
    -How to find the ideal prospects
    -The secret to creating compelling messaging
    -Objection responses which work
    -Secrets to hiring the right hunter
    -Techniques for creating urgency
  • API Integration - The Key Accelerator for Digital Transformation
    API Integration - The Key Accelerator for Digital Transformation Hariharan Ganesh - Head of Enterprise Integration, Aspire Systems & Sid Lasley - Global Director, Dell Boomi Recorded: Apr 26 2017 59 mins
    There is a growing realization that to succeed today and going forward, the stakes to remain competitive are directly related to the ability to be a digital business. As organizations move to modernize IT in order to become digitalized businesses for better customer experience, they realize that their traditional architecture aren’t built to support rapid change & innovation in this new digital business environment.

    Join the webinar and learn how Dell Boomi platform and Aspire's Unified Reference Architecture Solution (AURAS - Cloud) can help enterprises to accelerate business agility & achieve digital transformation.

    During the webinar you'll learn about:

    - Why Digital Transformation is challenging and time consuming
    - How API & Integration plays major role in Digital Transformation program
    - Capabilities of Dell Boomi Platform to drive Digital Transformation
    - Role of AURAS in the Digital Transformation initiative
    - How AURAS & Dell Boomi combination helps to accelerate Digital Transformation
    - Success Story of Dell Boomi and AURAS
  • What Makes a Kick Ass Sales Strategy?
    What Makes a Kick Ass Sales Strategy? Liz Heiman Recorded: Apr 26 2017 34 mins
    What is a Kick-Ass Sales Strategy?
    Help your Sales team Build a Kick-Ass Sales Strategy that will help them hit their revenue goals.

    10-Key elements of an effective Sales Strategy
    Using Strategy to support your sales team
    Using positioning statements and value prop to strengthen your strategy