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CxO Strategy

  • Great Customer Data: The Foundation to Successful Customer Engagement
    Great Customer Data: The Foundation to Successful Customer Engagement Salema Rice, Chief Data Officer, Allegis Group & Donal Dunne, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Informatica Recorded: Aug 17 2017 19 mins
    Trusted customer data is the difference maker between happy customers and getting blasted on social media. By using our contact data verification tools, you can quickly clean your customer contact data so that it can be relied upon for success. Whether the end goal is improved customer relationships or another data-driven digital transformation objective, clean contact data enables you to engage with your customers more effectively.

    During this webinar, you’ll hear from Salema Rice, Chief Data Officer of Allegis Group, on how great customer data has improved her customers' experience. You’ll discover the positive effects right from a CDO and learn about how you can get started in creating better customer outcomes.
  • Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP)
    Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) Anandh Rajappa(Head, Supply Chain Consulting, TCS), Erik Bush(CEO, DDTECH) & Lakshmi Subbaraya(Material Management, TCS) Recorded: Aug 17 2017 49 mins
    Companies around the world have adopted the Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) methodology and experienced substantial improvements in customer service, reduced lead times and lower inventories. Introduced to the market in 2011, the DDMRP methodology is experiencing rapid adoption around the globe as companies from a wide range of segments are finding it unlocks substantial improvements in their Supply Chain Performance.

    Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), together with Demand Driven Technologies will host a webcast that will introduce you to the core concepts of DDMRP and highlight implementation case studies. We’ll also include a short demonstration of Replenishment+, the world’s leading DDMRP compliant software solution.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    1. Why outdated systems like MRP are inappropriate for today’s highly variable and uncertain landscape
    2. The five key components of the Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP)
    3. Recent DDMRP case studies from across globe and industry segments
  • Symantec and Deloitte discuss “Trust” and Data Privacy in Australia
    Symantec and Deloitte discuss “Trust” and Data Privacy in Australia Brian Fletcher, Director, Government Affairs, Symantec; Marta Ganko, National Privacy and Data Lead, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Recorded: Aug 17 2017 60 mins
    With the advent of Big Data comes not only new ways to optimise business and marketing processes, but also new concerns over the control and privacy of personal data.

    These have given rise to local and regional data protection laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a modernisation of data protection laws in the European Union, and the Australian data breach notification law, an amendment to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) which introduces a mandatory scheme for eligible organisations and federal agencies to report data breaches.

    Data breach notifications give individuals greater control over their personal data and promote transparency over information handling practices, fostering consumer trust in businesses. The law requires businesses to prepare and assess risks to maintain brand confidence even if an incident becomes the next data breach headline.

    Join this webinar to learn about:

    - New challenges introduced by the Australian mandatory data breach notification law
    - Key steps in the journey towards data privacy compliance
    - How to monitor insider threats
    - How to leverage these regulations to gain trust and ensure great customer experiences

    We look forward to your participation in this free webinar.
  • What’s behind the “1-2 punch” of continuous testing
    What’s behind the “1-2 punch” of continuous testing Rick Bansal, Principal Consultant, CA Technologies Recorded: Aug 16 2017 45 mins
    Learn the “1-2 punch” of continuous testing by simulating needed test environments and running multi-layer testing across 100’s of protocols even before the UI is complete.With organization’s DevOps efforts testing maturity becomes a key differentiator in organization’s ability to deliver innovation to market. The benefit Agile practices gave development teams to speed up their sprints also left QA and testing professionals having to play catch-up due to slow and inadequate testing practices at the time.

    This session covers how DevTest solutions from CA allows development and testing teams to virtualize critical components, environments and 3rd party systems that might have cost or access restrictions, and then automate functional, regression, API, Web UI and performance tests across all application layers by invoking and verifying the behavior of each component.
  • The Imminent Smart Device Mutiny
    The Imminent Smart Device Mutiny Amar Singh & Chris Payne Recorded: Aug 16 2017 59 mins
    Are we filling our homes and carrying around in our pockets, our biggest cybersecurity vulnerabilities? Join us in a lively debate where we will discuss the increase in IoT and smart devices, some of the lesser talked about threats and what steps are being taken to reduce the risk to the imminent smart device mutiny of future.
  • [Talk] op 10 Barriers to DevOps - and how to overcome them
    [Talk] op 10 Barriers to DevOps - and how to overcome them Shashi Kiran, CMO, Quali Recorded: Aug 15 2017 52 mins
    his presentation will share key insights from a survey Quali conducted of 2045 professionals to gauge the state of DevOps and Cloud adoption. It reviews the top 10 barriers to DevOps adoption as well as best practices that can help overcome these barriers. This is an informative session for DevOps and Cloud architects, application owners, technologists as well as IT infrastructure professionals that are responsible for planning and deployment of DevOps tools and processes.
  • [Webinar] The Holy Grail of Automated Labs: Self Service with L1 Switching
    [Webinar] The Holy Grail of Automated Labs: Self Service with L1 Switching Shlomo Gurfinkel, CEO, CGS Tower Networks, Alona Getzler, Technical Product Manager, Quali Recorded: Aug 14 2017 39 mins
    Are these challenges familiar to you?

    Complex labs which are hard to control
    Error prone manual cabling
    Difficult to share resources
    Laborious and repetitive setups
    Pressing deadlines
    In this webinar we will review a solution which will allow you to overcome these challenges and be able to:

    Automate connectivity with L1 switching matrix
    Turn your lab into a service
    Automate L1 connectivity
    Have a web-based self-service catalog
    Have a reservation system – effective sharing
    Have an automatic setup and teardown
  • Achieving True Cloud-First Digital Agility
    Achieving True Cloud-First Digital Agility Metavine Recorded: Aug 14 2017 3 mins
    Metavine powers your business to be ready for the future and achieve true cloud-first digital agility today. Learn more at www.metavine.com.
  • Digital Customer Communications with eSignatures & Microsoft Dynamics 365
    Digital Customer Communications with eSignatures & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Eric Batangan, Channel Manager – Xpertdoc & Pragni Sanghvi, Product Marketing Manager – eSignLive by VASCO Recorded: Aug 10 2017 45 mins
    Organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 are seeking to better engage customers and improve operations. But that goal often remains out of reach when a signature is required on a contract or document. Being able to automatically generate and e-sign dynamic documents from within your CRM is the final step away from paper-based processes and, as a result, allows you to interact with your clients in a more engaging way. Employing modern document generation and e-signature tools can help your business to digitize and speed up processes like quoting or contracting, while making it easier and more convenient for your customers to do business with you.

    In this on-demand webinar, experts from eSignLive and Xpertdoc share best practices for using e-signatures and creating an end-to-end digital customer experience. Learn how to create, deliver, and sign contracts, NDAs, quotes, invoices, and documents of any kind anywhere, any time and on any device.

    This webinar will highlight:
    - The top use cases for e-signatures in MS Dynamics 365/CRM
    - Common customer engagement challenges faced by organizations today
    - How to personalize omni-channel customer communications
    - A live demonstration of how it all works

    In less than 60 minutes you’ll learn how you can quickly leverage your Microsoft Dynamics CRM obtain secure, legal and compliant e-signatures while leveraging document generation customer communications management (CCM) solution.


    Eric Batangan, Channel Manager – Xpertdoc
    Pragni Sanghvi, Product Marketing Manager – eSignLive by VASCO
  • Building Advanced Analytics Applications with R and Python Integration
    Building Advanced Analytics Applications with R and Python Integration Bora Beran, Product Manager at Tableau Recorded: Aug 10 2017 48 mins
    At Tableau we help people see and understand data. Seven words that drive everything we do. And they’ve never been more relevant. Tableau is all about making your analytics faster, smarter, and more powerful, so that everyone can get the answers they need. Helping people gain insight into their data to solve unexpected problems is what drives us.

    Tableau is a visual analytics and reporting solution that connects directly to R, Python, and more. It’s designed for you, the domain expert who understands the data. Its drag-and-drop interface allows you effortlessly connect to libraries and packages, import saved models, or write new ones directly into calculations, visualizing them in seconds.

    In this webinar, we will explore how various analytics partners are leveraged in Tableau, and how to take advantage of these integrations to move your analysis to the next level. Whether you work with R, Python, or other statistical or data mining environments, Tableau allows you to take advantage of your existing investments and knowledge to compose impactful data stories.
  • Security Orchestration In Action: Integrate – Automate –Manage
    Security Orchestration In Action: Integrate – Automate –Manage Silvio Pappalardo & Alex Ruhl, FireEye Recorded: Aug 10 2017 53 mins
    Simplify & Accelerate Security Operations through integration and automation

    Join us to hear how Security Orchestration from FireEye can:

    Unify your security assets into a homogeneous platform and remove the operational silos that have bogged down security personnel for years. Improve operational efficiency and streamline processes with automation.
    Save time and resources & Improve your overall ROI

    Give your team an edge on attackers with deployment, design, and pre-built playbooks from our team of experts.
    Leverage our real-world, frontline Mandiant investigation experience & get access to class leading content, best practice playbooks and a global services breadth to assist clients anywhere in the world they need support.

    Eliminate errors through standardised process and automation while reducing time demands on already stretched SOC teams.
    Minimise error prone manual processes while maintaining response and process consistency &
    Automate repeatable tasks enabling you to re-allocate staff to higher value tasks such as proactive hunting.

    Towards the end of the session we will be delivering a LIVE demo of FireEye Security Orchestrator.
  • Webcast: Transform Client Interactions with Digital Onboarding & eSignatures
    Webcast: Transform Client Interactions with Digital Onboarding & eSignatures Glenn Bolstad – Appway, Amruta Dongre – Appway & Mary Ellen Power - eSignLive Recorded: Aug 9 2017 60 mins
    Clients today demand a seamless digital onboarding experience that is high-quality, multi-channel and tailored to meet their needs.

    Customers want simplified and unified interactions, but many advisors are still not interacting digitally. As organizations move to improve automation and eliminate the inherent inefficiencies in manual and paper processes, IT and business leaders are working to remove obstacles from the environment to deliver better onboarding processes and increased client satisfaction.

    Join eSignLive and Appway for this 60 minute webinar on how technologies like e-signature and digital onboarding facilitate seamless client interactions, to empower employees and better serve customers.
  • Do You Have Enough Test Data to Complete Your Two-Week Sprint?
    Do You Have Enough Test Data to Complete Your Two-Week Sprint? Wilfred Mathanaraj, Principal Product Owner, CA Technologies Recorded: Aug 9 2017 34 mins
    Agile development teams are working in two-week sprints. Accomplishing a two-week sprint means having access to the right test data quickly. This is where synthetic data generation comes to the rescue. With CA Test Data Manager companies can generate the right test data when they need it.

    View this session to learn how:
    - Test data can be built from scratch to meet your two-week sprints
    - Your test teams can save time using an automated data creation solution
  • Orchestrating Effective IT Risk Management Across the Lines of Defense
    Orchestrating Effective IT Risk Management Across the Lines of Defense Kelley Vick, IT GRC Forum; Cameron Jackson, Riskonnect; Weston Nelson, Moss Adams Advisory Services Recorded: Aug 8 2017 65 mins
    Today’s IT risk environment is more threatened than ever thanks to the growth in sophisticated cyber attacks and security vulnerabilities. Now, complex, hard-to-detect attacks could bring down not just a single institution but also large parts of the internet and the financial markets. Organizations need an intelligent approach when it comes to assessing IT risk and managing compliance.

    Staying safe is no longer just about deflecting attackers. It’s about staying ahead of attackers who are already inside the organization, and banks are doing this through structured lines of defense that enhance security capabilities, involve IT risk managers in operations, and expand internal audits mandate so they can cover business disruption. On this webinar presentation we will address some ways how organizations can as a part of an Integrated Risk Management initiative orchestrate effective IT risk management across the lines of defense.
  • Introducing Mobile Threat Defense for the Cloud Generation
    Introducing Mobile Threat Defense for the Cloud Generation Sri Sundaralingam, Head of Product Marketing, Enterprise Security Products, Symantec and Varun Kohli, VP Marketing, Skycure Recorded: Aug 3 2017 61 mins
    Learn how you can protect both BYOD and corporate managed mobile devices from ransomware and advanced threats.

    Malware targeting mobile devices are growing at an alarming rate. According to Symantec ISTR 22 report, mobile malware detections doubled in 2016 to a total of 18.4 million and there were 606 new mobile vulnerabilities found in 2016 on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

    This has increased the risks to BYOD and corporate managed mobile devices to malware attacks, suspicious wireless networks and man-in-the-middle attacks. Existing management tools like Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) are not able to defend users against these types of threats.

    Enterprises need advanced mobile security with high efficacy with easier deployment options as they continue to expand Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and corporate managed mobility initiatives.
  • How the BOTS Act Impacts Premium Onsales and the Ticketing Industry Ecosystem
    How the BOTS Act Impacts Premium Onsales and the Ticketing Industry Ecosystem Distil Networks Recorded: Aug 2 2017 62 mins
    “Bots” first entered popular consciousness last year with the passing of the BOTS Act, and the proliferation of messaging bots. However, those of us in the ticketing industry have been dealing with bots for years.

    Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks, and Niels Sodemann, CEO of Queue-it enage in a lively conversation on the evolution of good and bad bots, their impact on the ticketing ecosystem, current and pending legislation, and innovative onsale bot mitigation strategies.
  • High Scale, High Stakes: Adjusting Focus and Investment at the Network Gateway
    High Scale, High Stakes: Adjusting Focus and Investment at the Network Gateway Dan Cummins, Senior Analyst with 451 Research and Tim Chiu, Senior Director of Product Marketing with Symantec Recorded: Aug 2 2017 50 mins
    As cloud continues to erase the network perimeter, it’s more important than ever to align IT infrastructure to track more closely to the businesses it serves.

    As a result, gateway technology choices and investments need to fit the cloud model and fit in terms of security use case, value, and real-world business requirements.

    Join Dan Cummins, analyst with 451 Research and Tim Chiu, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Symantec, for an informative webinar on August 2 to hear a discussion of network security today.


    - Discussion on the increased dependence on HTTP and HTTPS

    - The limitations of Firewalls in the web and cloud world

    The increasing critical need for web gateways, both on premise and in the cloud, for achieving:

    - Access governance for users and devices

    - Verifiable protection against advanced attack methods

    - Agile risk management and measurable return on investment.

    Important opportunities are at hand right now to integrate network and cloud-based approaches to achieve coordinated and robust anti-malware, privacy, policy and connectivity capabilities, while continuing on a path to flexible, software-defined infrastructure.

    Register Today
  • Five Pitfalls When Operationalizing Data Science and a Strategy for Success
    Five Pitfalls When Operationalizing Data Science and a Strategy for Success Guest Speaker Mike Gualtieri, Forrester, Dormain Drewitz and Jeff Kelly, Pivotal Recorded: Aug 2 2017 64 mins
    Enterprise executives and IT teams alike know that data science is not optional, but struggle to benefit from it because the process takes too long and operationalizing models in applications can be hairy.

    Join guest speaker, Forrester Research’s Mike Gualtieri and Pivotal’s Jeff Kelly and Dormain Drewitz for an interactive discussion about operationalizing data science in your business. In this webinar, the first of a two-part series, you will learn:

    - The essential value of data science and the concept of perishable insights.
    - Five common pitfalls of data science teams.
    - How to dramatically increase the productivity of data scientists.
    - The smooth hand-off steps required to operationalize data science models in enterprise applications.
  • Webinar: Product Content Drives Brand Loyalty
    Webinar: Product Content Drives Brand Loyalty Featuring Guest Speaker George Lawrie, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Recorded: Aug 2 2017 39 mins
    Retailers and brands today face more challenges than ever before in terms of collecting, normalizing, editing and syndicating consistent product content across channels and partners. The penalties for inaccurate or inconsistent content are severe.

    The webinar will discuss best practices for using connectors to deliver product content consistency across a network of partners and to drive customer satisfaction and long term profitability. We will examine some of the challenges of synchronizing content with partners and at the connectors from GS1 to product data feeds that help ensure a consistent rich experience for customers across channels.
  • Fiction, Fantasy and Failure
    Fiction, Fantasy and Failure Michael Lock, CEO and Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools Recorded: Aug 1 2017 49 mins
    Nancy Nardin and Michael Lock discuss top myths that derail modern sales organizations.
  • Webcast: Next Step in the Customer Journey: Expand E-Signature to Multi-Channels
    Webcast: Next Step in the Customer Journey: Expand E-Signature to Multi-Channels Nicole Sturgill, Principal Executive Advisor, Retail Banking – CEB & Rahim Kaba, Director of Product Marketing – eSignLive Recorded: Aug 1 2017 57 mins
    Paper-related processes pose a significant cost to banks and are an inefficient use of employee time. E-signature solutions boost automation for banks, reducing errors and the costs incurred by these paper-dependent processes. Fifty-one percent of retail banking executives expect spending on electronic signature technology to increase over the next two years. Since nearly a quarter of banks that had digital technology in 2016 adopted it in the last two years, lessons can be learned from those that have already made the transition.*

    However, it is not about the bottom line, in a recent study 42% of global customers preferred digital channels however 30% of customers opening an account online had to go to the branch to sign paperwork. Enabling digital account opening for customers with electronic signatures allows for a true end-to-end process. As consumers continue to incorporate digital interactions into their daily activities, retail banking executives have the opportunity to streamline their own processes to improve the customer journey across all delivery channels, including online, mobile, call center and modernizing the in-branch experience.

    Watch this on-demand webinar with industry experts Nicole Sturgill of CEB and Rahim Kaba of eSignLive to uncover:
    - Valuable insights gleaned from CEB’s latest retail banking report
    - How consumers are banking now, including their preferred journeys for account opening and receiving customer support
    - Features, capabilities, and requirements of best-in-class e-signature solutions
    - Examples of how leading banks are incorporating e-signature across their branch, call center, online and mobile channels

    *CEB 2017 Financial Services Technology Survey

    -> Nicole Sturgill, Principal Executive Advisor, Retail Banking – CEB
    -> Rahim Kaba, Director of Product Marketing – eSignLive by VASCO
  • Data-Driven Digital Transformation - The Key to Effective Marketing & Analytics
    Data-Driven Digital Transformation - The Key to Effective Marketing & Analytics Don Nanneman, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Informatica Recorded: Aug 1 2017 29 mins
    Advances in marketing technologies, programs and processes have exploded over the past few years. To take better advantage of these innovations, you need to fuel them with trusted, governed, relevant and authoritative data. The results are deeper customer insights around relationships so that you can unleash differentiated customer engagement and personalized experiences.

    Businesses are drowning in a deluge of data collected from so many sources and in so many formats. To unleash the power of data, information needs to be intelligently shared by multiple applications across the business. However, the quality of the data can't always be guaranteed, resulting in errors and wasted effort. Equally important, analytics using bad data will produce inaccurate results leading to poor decision making. With the right technology and an intelligent data-driven approach, companies can effectively see, understand, and share data insights across their organizations.

    Trusted by over 4,000 Salesforce customers, the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services offers the most complete suite of modular data management services for the Salesforce Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, IoT and Analytics Clouds.

    Attend this informative Informatica session, hosted by TechRepublic, and learn how:

    • Integrating your data and applications provides the foundation for more effective marketing campaigns and information sharing
    • Delivering great data quality will improve marketing ROI, analytics and improved customer experiences
    • Robust master data management, data hubs, and automation can provide more accurate, real-time data across all your business applications
    • Automation and best practices can significantly streamline repetitive and complex workflows reducing errors and saving time

    The key to data-driven marketing is entirely in your control.
  • The Inconvenient Truth About API Security
    The Inconvenient Truth About API Security Rik Turner, IT Security Analyst at Ovum, Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks Recorded: Jul 31 2017 59 mins
    The notion of API management in which enterprise architects, app developers and IT security experts work in harmony is great in theory. The reality, according to new research from Ovum, is much more scattered.

    Watch Ovum IT Security Analyst Rik Turner as he dives into new primary research on how companies are really managing API security. Then watch the lively conversation as Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks, explains why APIs are becoming such an increasingly attractive target for hackers. Lastly, Shane Ward, Senior Director of Technology at GuideStar, will share best practices and pitfalls to avoid when managing both free and paid access to your APIs.

    Key takeaways will include:

    - How to benchmark your organization's API security and internal processes against your peers
    - Why CIO and/or CISO visibility into how API security is managed across the enterprise is so critical
    - How to map your business requirements to your API security strategy
    - A primer on API security controls, including geo/org fencing, token governance, dynamic access control lists and advanced rate limiting
    - Why heavy "application services governance" software suites are the wrong approach
  • [Demo] TQIC Cyber Range: Integrating Security Testing Tools
    [Demo] TQIC Cyber Range: Integrating Security Testing Tools Chuck Reynolds, CTO, TSI Recorded: Jul 31 2017 10 mins
    Getting anxious about cyber attacks?

    You're not alone: there’s hardly a day passing by without news of a security breach. Keeping abreast of the latest cyber threats and applying mitigation strategies to application environments seems to be a losing battle. In this video, we will go over a solution to rapidly construct and deconstruct your applications environments, integrate security testing tools, and harden these environments while assessing vulnerabilities before releasing to production, using a combination of award winning platforms: Quali’s CloudShell, CypherPath SDI cloud and Ixia’s Breaking Point.
  • Millennial Banking - Can chatbot  be their 2am buddy?
    Millennial Banking - Can chatbot be their 2am buddy? Raghu Raghavan, Marketing Director, Aspire Systems & Vishwas Anand- Head of thought leadership, Aspire Systems Recorded: Jul 29 2017 11 mins
    Conversational UIs are a great way to simplify banking experiences. But can chatbot interactions come close to a human interaction? Watch this video to learn the state of chatbots adoption in banking amidst all the hype.
  • The Millennial Banking Technology Framework
    The Millennial Banking Technology Framework Mythili Madhav, BFS Delivery Manager & Vishwas Anand, Head of Thought Leadership Aug 23 2017 9:30 am UTC 15 mins
    In an open banking ecosystem, 92% of millennials are going to choose a bank for its digital services. Banks need to have a robust framework they can go by to develop new business models, services and data for radical transformation of millennial engagement. In this webinar you will realize:
    •The needs and MOTs of millennials in the digital age for a customer-centric approach
    •How the Millennial Banking Framework can be used by banks to transform millennial interactions
    •Value delivered through Aspire’s Millennial Banking Offering
    •Millennial engagement success stories
  • Moving towards XaaS: Could the Public versus Private Cloud debate be over?
    Moving towards XaaS: Could the Public versus Private Cloud debate be over? Rory Duncan, Research Director at 451 Research; Dan Havens, SVP, WorldWide Sales at Ormuco Aug 23 2017 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The cloud promises to enable organisations to be more flexible, agile and responsive to the needs of their business and the demands of customer and partners. As physical infrastructure has become invisible to end-users, the role of service providers and channel partners has changed. Faced with public and private options, many firms are taking a XaaS approach, embracing the best of both private and public worlds - implementing hybrid architectures to deliver on-demand access to compute resources, capacity, and services, while also providing greater levels of control, security, and visibility of data and applications. In this webinar, Rory Duncan, Research Director with 451 Research will outline the opportunities for Service Providers and channel partners delivering cloud services, examining topics such as support, managed services, data protection and data sovereignty for facilitating cloud consumption.
  • Subscriptions & the Continuous Customer: 6 Accelerators to Recurring Revenue
    Subscriptions & the Continuous Customer: 6 Accelerators to Recurring Revenue Jeff Wissink, Managing Director and Stephen Terry, Director of Subscription Services, Navint Partners Aug 24 2017 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The cornerstone of any successful business is the ability to attract and retain customers. This is nothing new. What has changed is the digital nature of the ‘always on’ customer and the expectations they have when engaging with your business.

    This webinar covers the new Continuous Customer™ dynamic and the 6 accelerators for transitioning to recurring revenue business.
  • The Next Frontier for Cloud Security
    The Next Frontier for Cloud Security Mr Rehan Jalil, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Symantec Aug 29 2017 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Welcome to the Cloud Generation – where critical data, applications and infrastructure are shifting to the cloud for increased operational efficiency.

    Employees today are accessing everything from everywhere, sensitive data is constantly on the move, and critical workloads are running on a cloud server, somewhere in the world. How do you manage and contain the huge increase in vulnerabilities caused by moving beyond traditional IT controls?

    In our upcoming ‘The Next Frontier for Cloud Security’ webinar, we discuss how to:

    • Govern access to data, apps, and systems that may reside in the cloud
    • Secure information no matter where it sits or goes
    • Protect against advanced threats in this new environment
    • Minimise risk and ensure compliance as workloads move to the cloud

    Join our webinar and discover how Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform protects your users, information, and workloads in the Cloud Generation.
  • A Tactical Guide to Reducing Your Data Breach Risk
    A Tactical Guide to Reducing Your Data Breach Risk Dr. Branden Williams; Farshad Ghazi, HPE; Yo Delmar, MetricStream; Jordan Rogers, Rapid7; and Billy Sokol, MarkLogic Aug 29 2017 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Over 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last few years. Accompanying this rapid growth in data comes exponential risks, as witnessed by the spike in cyber attacks of which no organization seems immune. The financial rewards gained by the perpetuators of cyber attacks is blatant, and this is driving continued attacks on companies containing massive amounts of consumer data. For these companies securing data is only half the battle. The risks can be greater when data is transmitted externally, hence it is critical that organizations know where sensitive data is going, how it is being transmitted, and how it is being handled and stored.

    On this webinar our panel of experts will discuss some of the best practices organizations can consider to reduce the risk of suffering from a data breach, and to proactively prepare for any subsequent breach that could happen.
  • Hybrid Cloud Management using ServiceNow
    Hybrid Cloud Management using ServiceNow Ravi Rajamani - Principal Consultant, Aspire Systems Aug 29 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Are you on a public/private or hybrid cloud? It’s doesn’t matter anymore, managing cloud is easier than ever. Join this 40-min Webinar session on hybrid cloud management to learn how ServiceNow eliminates your cloud management challenges and allows you to easily manage your cloud infrastructure.

    Aspire Systems is a registered solution partner of ServiceNow. We consult, implement and enhance ServiceNow for our customers across the globe. Our ServiceNow certified consultants help organizations seamlessly customize their ServiceNow instance according to their requirements in a quick turn-around time.

    Key topics covered in the session:
    • ServiceNow for ITSM and beyond
    • Cloud adoption rate, trend and pain points
    • ServiceNow for hybrid cloud management
    • Use case demo on AWS and Azure cloud management life cycle

    Takeaway: Webinar participants will be eligible to receive the hybrid cloud management research paper published and launched by Aspire Systems in LimitlessIT Summit 2017, Singapore.
  • Nepal's Economic Transformation- Seizing Investment Opportunities
    Nepal's Economic Transformation- Seizing Investment Opportunities Prerna Mohan-F&S,Shiba Raj Shrestha-Nepal Rastra Bank,Anuj Agrawal-Vishal Group,Dipendra Nath Sharma-Ministry of Urban Dev. Aug 30 2017 6:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Nepal is undergoing significant economic transformation, uncovering investment opportunities across a wide array of sectors. The Government of Nepal intends to achieve GDP growth of 7.2% in 2017-18 and aims to do so through increased momentum in post-earthquake reconstruction and significant spending on infrastructure projects. The current budget has allocated $600 million for the execution of National Pride Projects, which include key large infrastructure projects such as the Gautam Buddha International Airport and the 456MW Upper Tamakoshi hydropower project. Infrastructure investment will be lucrative for private sector investment given the government focus on adopting the public-private partnership (PPP) model for large projects, including hydropower, smart cities, new towns, railways and roadways.

    Why You Must Attend:

    •Learn more about economic growth trends, domestic policy changes and associated implications for industry and investments.
    •Gain an understanding of key trends influencing major industries such as energy, infrastructure, and iron and steel, and identify related engagement opportunities.
    •Develop growth ideas and actionable insights from the information shared by market leaders and policymakers.
    •Engage in a live Q&A session with the panel of presenters.
  • The Results Are In!  Workforce Mobility Benchmark Report - Vehicle Edition 2017
    The Results Are In! Workforce Mobility Benchmark Report - Vehicle Edition 2017 Jake Ernest - General Manager and Ken Robinson - Research Analyst Aug 30 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join us to review and gain insights on what your industry peers are doing in relation to their vehicle reimbursement programs. This webinar will help you understand areas of risk, compliance gaps, financial costs and overall fairness to employees for each program approach.
  • Intelligent assistants vs. chatbots: Which is best for your biz?
    Intelligent assistants vs. chatbots: Which is best for your biz? Amir Shevat, Director of Developer Relations, Slack Aug 30 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    AI is changing everything — and you know you have to get on the bandwagon. But you may not be as clear about the differences between chatbots and intelligent assistants. What do customers actually expect from one or the other? And are they a passing customer engagement fad, or does this trend have legs?

    Our latest interactive VB Live event brings together a panel of developers who have long-term, hands-on experience in chatbot and intelligent assistant tools. They’ll discuss everything from the platforms they use, the metrics they keep tabs on, the data they collect, and all the other wisdom they’ve gathered on the ground, deep in chatbot and AI territory.

    Register now to find out which solution fits your own digital customer engagement plan, how to plan a strategy, and how to get in on the game now.

    In this webinar, you'll:
    Understand the messaging platforms of the future
    Learn which platforms people are using — and why
    Measure the success of your chatbot through best-practice KPIs
    Create personalized interaction between your organization and your customers

    * Amir Shevat, Director of Developer Relations, Slack
    * Darrius Jones, AVP, USAA Lab
    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • Have Your Cake and Eat It Too With R, Python + SAS®
    Have Your Cake and Eat It Too With R, Python + SAS® Wendy McHenry, SAS; Rachel Hawley, SAS; Jesse Luebbert, SAS Aug 30 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    R and Python are used by many data scientists, often bringing together teams with varied backgrounds and experiences to solve complex problems in new ways. But R and Python often lack the scalability, governance and support needed for enterprise analytics deployment. In this webinar, you'll see a demo on how SAS integrates with R and Python to increase productivity, value, maturity, and scalability of your data science efforts. Key takeaways:

    • How to use R and Python with SAS while meeting statistical analysis requirements within your organization and with external regulatory agencies.
    • How SAS offers the scalability, governance and support organizations require for production and operational analytics.
    • When and how SAS is used with R and Python.
  • Introducing CDL - The First Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity
    Introducing CDL - The First Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity Mark Schreiber, CDL General Manager Ron Miller, CDL CTO Sep 5 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    An introduction to CDL, the world's first neural system of intelligence for cybersecurity. Developed with Intel and leading data center, cloud and security vendors, CDL is designed to democratize security analytics at scale, unlock the potential of today’s siloed security solutions, and provide a converged security analytic platform for enhancing and extending SIEM, EDR, IDS/IPS and other traditional systems as well as powering User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Machine Learning (ML), Advanced Analytics (AA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. CDL enables enterprises to win the war against today’s top digital business threats including malware, ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), Data Leak Protection (DLP), insider threats, denial of service, botnets and nation state attacks.
  • Developing Risk Appetite Statements
    Developing Risk Appetite Statements Ian Beale Sep 6 2017 10:00 am UTC 75 mins
    In today's increasingly global work environment, more employees than ever before are making material decisions on behalf of the organization, and these decisions don't always adequately account for risks to the enterprise.

    This webinar will provide an overview of how to define your organisation’s level of ‘risk appetite’, helping you to determine the most relevant approach for drafting your organization’s risk appetite statements, assess stakeholders’ preferred risk-taking posture and write impactful risk appetite statements.
  • Cloud Integration Hub Salesforce Accelerator Deep Dive and Demo Webinar
    Cloud Integration Hub Salesforce Accelerator Deep Dive and Demo Webinar Scott Hedrick, Director Product Marketing, Etty Afriat, Director Product Management, Amit Vaswani, Product Specialist Leader Sep 6 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Are you starting to build up difficult to manage data integration spaghetti as your cloud data integrations proliferate? Organize and simplify multi-point cloud data integrations with Cloud Integration Hub, the modern publish/subscribe solution for efficiency and productivity. Reduce data transfer and API charges by removing redundant Cloud synchronizations with Informatica’s Hub for data. Jumpstart your use of the Cloud Integration Hub with the new Salesforce Accelerator. Existing Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Premium and Advanced customers can get started right way with the one year of basic Cloud Integration Hub with their subscriptions.

    In this webinar we will:

    •Provide a technical overview of the key capabilities and value of Cloud Integration Hub by Informatica experts
    •Demo the latest version of Cloud Integration Hub including the new Salesforce Accelerator
    •Show how existing Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services customers can get started with the one year of basic Cloud Integration Hub included in their subscriptions.
  • Hybrid & Multi-cloud environments: Strategies for migration & app modernization
    Hybrid & Multi-cloud environments: Strategies for migration & app modernization Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, 451 Research with Shashi Kiran, CMO, Quali Sep 6 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Hybrid clouds are important for enterprises having on-premise deployments as well as legacy applications. Likewise, multi-cloud scenarios appeal to organizations that want the flexibility to move between different clouds and not get locked-in into either one public or private clouds architecture. While over 70% of enterprises have expressed a need to deploy hybrid and/or multi-cloud architectures, as they modernize their application architectures the rollouts are complex and time consuming causing budget overruns and delays. The complexity is largely associated with the lack of common tooling, mismatched cloud architectures and expertise. These can be significantly overcome by providing access to on-demand, self-service IT environments (on-premise as well as public cloud, or a combination thereof), that would allow for more predictable application performance and security, thereby allowing for faster cloud migration and rollout, with reduced cost and risk.

    Join this webinar with 451 research and Quali to learn:
    •Current trends in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments and enterprise requirements
    •How incorporating sandboxes and self-service environments in the workflow can smoothen cloud migration, hybrid deployments and the flexibility of multi-cloud deployment. Demo included.
    •Sample case study of an enterprise undergoing cloud migration with best practice recommendations
  • Kyvos 4.0 – Delivering the fastest enterprise-ready BI on Big Data
    Kyvos 4.0 – Delivering the fastest enterprise-ready BI on Big Data Ajay Anand, Vice President of Products & Marketing, Kyvos Insights Sep 7 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With breakthrough technology that delivers self-service, interactive BI at massive scale with response times 100x faster than other SQL on Hadoop solutions, Kyvos is transforming the way leading enterprises are getting insights from Big Data.

    In this webinar, we will describe how Kyvos 4.0 sets new levels of scalability and performance for enterprise-wide deployments and delivers seamless connectivity to even more BI tools with enhanced support for SQL as well as MDX. We will also look at examples of deployments at Fortune 500 companies to solve some of the most challenging Big Data BI use cases, an enhanced scale out architecture delivering the highest levels of concurrent access, support for elastic deployments both on-premises and in the cloud, and uncompromised security and fine-grained access control across the enterprise.
  • Agile Way of Building Connected Business
    Agile Way of Building Connected Business Hariharan Ganesh - Head of Enterprise Integration, Aspire Systems Sep 7 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With the rise of competitive pressure, organizations are urged to enhance their productivity, improve customer experience and innovate faster to grow their market share.

    Most of the organizations have already invested in technologies like ERP systems, CRM software, Mobile Apps, Digital Portals, Servers, etc. But these systems & applications often fail to communicate with each other and end up working in silos; making it difficult for organizations to retain their position in the market.

    Register for this webinar and learn how you can create a connected business environment by integrating your systems, applications, processes, and data across the organization.
  • The Future of Blockchain and Its Impact on Enterprise Computing Solutions
    The Future of Blockchain and Its Impact on Enterprise Computing Solutions Craig Sproule, CEO Sep 12 2017 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Are you wondering how blockchain will impact enterprise computing solutions? Gartner has named blockchain as one of its top 10 strategic technologies for 2017. But does blockchain make sense for your organization?

    This webinar will help you learn the basics of blockchain and explore its value to enterprise organizations. We will:

    • explore the fundamentals of blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum
    • describe an approach for you to evaluate blockchain for your own needs
    • discuss the ground-shifting implications of blockchain for business models and the new enterprise solutions that will be required to support them
    • provide a roadmap to move from today’s enterprise development model to tomorrow’s blockchain-based model.

    No prior knowledge of blockchain or Ethereum is required.
  • New Insights into Iranian Cyber Espionage Group
    New Insights into Iranian Cyber Espionage Group Stuart Davis, Director, Mandiant Sep 13 2017 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Recent investigations by FireEye’s Mandiant incident response consultants combined with FireEye iSIGHT Threat Intelligence analysis have given us a more complete picture of a suspected Iranian threat group, that we believe has been operating since at least 2013. 
    Join us in a live webinar as we discuss this threat group whom we asses to be involved in a long-term, resource intensive cyber espionage operation motivated by the prospect of collecting strategic intelligence, including information related to the aviation and energy industries, which would ultimately benefit a nation-state or military sponsor.
    Register today to gain deeper insights into this threat group!
  • A Language for Visual Analytics
    A Language for Visual Analytics Jock Mackinlay, VP of Research and Design at Tableau Sep 14 2017 3:15 pm UTC 45 mins
    Hear from Jock Mackinlay, VP of Research and Design at Tableau, as he describes how he used a linguistic approach inspired by the work of Jacques Bertin to influence the development of visual analysis. He will share the journey from his days at Stanford while studying for his PhD, continuing right up to present day with his current work as the VP of Research and Design at Tableau Software. Jock will share his thoughts about the future of visual analysis.
  • Mastering the Key Elements of Cloud-based Development for SaaS Applications
    Mastering the Key Elements of Cloud-based Development for SaaS Applications Jothi Rengarajan- Principal SaaS Architect, Sridhar Prabhakar- Senior Technical Consultant Software Engineering Sep 14 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    We all know that SaaS is a volume business. To be cost effective SaaS companies need agility in every aspect right from development till operations. Cloud is the obvious choice because of its agility and rich set of platform capabilities.

    In this webinar we you will learn,

    •Important concepts of cloud which strengthens the overall architecture of a SaaS product making it more scalable, secure and monitor-able.
    •Continuous Delivery options in the cloud helping in faster releases
    •ROI for a SaaS application in moving to cloud
  • Cultivating Your Strategic and Creative Thinking
    Cultivating Your Strategic and Creative Thinking Dr. Ted Marra Sep 20 2017 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Join our guest, Dr. Ted Marra as he introduces his new leadership course in Global Risk Academy.

    During the webinar we will cover:

    How does a truly strategic organization think? What is strategic thinking versus strategic planning? What are the vital few factors that will determine your organisation’s long-term success or failure and are they on your radar screen?

    Who should attend.

    People with 10 years management experience minimum up to and including C-Level in all disciplines responsible for strategic decisions or large scale operational issues - so they have large budget and many people reporting to them.

    Managers and senior management from all areas of the organisation having responsibility for planning and achievement of key business objectives.

    Why you should attend.

    - Reflect on how you got where you are as an organisation;

    - What factors were critical to your success? What factors were the basis for your success?

    - What held you back – prevented you from being even more successful?
    - What could you have done differently

    Understand what are the most critical factors that will better ensure your organisation is a “winner” in the future (e.g., next 3-5 years).

    Find out which ones you may be missing and what to do about it before it’s too late and you become just an “average or good” organisation when, with a little effort and the right strategic thinking and creativity, you could take the organisation to the next level of performance and move toward “greatness”.

    How to build exceptional stakeholder relationships and why doing this is critical in especially in turbulent times.
  • Digital Transformation: how Europe will turn disruption into differentiation
    Digital Transformation: how Europe will turn disruption into differentiation Nick Patience 451 Research, Matt Leonard CenturyLink Sep 20 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join 451 Research and CenturyLink on the 20th September at 3:00pm UK time, 4:00pm CET, to discuss how enterprises are choosing and deploying digital transformation initiatives for business gain. This webinar will focus on the strategies and actions impacting the European market.

    Organisations of all sizes and in every sector are busy redefining their IT priorities for a digital future, identifying the goals of enhanced customer experience, operational efficiency, business agility and improved risk management as four key pillars for their digital transformation strategies.

    Digital transformation can play out differently depending on a company’s maturity, the vertical sector in which it operates, its employees, its infrastructure, and its ability to innovate. Knowing where to start, and how to maintain momentum is critical.

    Join 451 Research and CenturyLink to learn how European enterprises are making assured first steps, and discover the following:

    - Understand how companies with more progressive digital transformation strategies are prioritising their efforts for competitive differentiation, changing the nature of their business with innovative technologies, and making service provider choices to accelerate results.

    - Gain insights and recommendations from a major survey of the IT priorities of enterprises in Europe.

    - Identify the key shifts in business context that will continue to shape digitisation efforts, and how these need to be reflected in a digital transformation roadmap for IT organisations.
  • Don’t just move data. Improve data management on your Journey to Cloud
    Don’t just move data. Improve data management on your Journey to Cloud Anthony Smith, EMEA Head of Technology, JLL and Forbes Analyst Joe McKendrick, McKendrick Research Sep 20 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The journey to cloud is an evolution not a revolution Data management issues get amplified in the cloud because of a complex landscape across cloud and on-premise applications. When you are moving data around, data security, data governance and data quality should be a top priority. Join Joe McKendrick from Forbes and Anthony Smith, Head of Technology Solutions at JLL to discover:
    •How to get the architecture right and understand what data goes to cloud and what stays on-premises, and what data management brings to the table around data quality, data security, and data governance.
    •Best practices on embracing both cloud and on-premises to scale flexibly and innovate faster to meet with accessible, secure and relevant data
    •How JLL is embracing both cloud and on-premise worlds for flexibility and faster development of best of breed solutions irrespective of where they are hosted. Hybrid is about digital innovations at JLL helping us scale flexibly and innovate faster to meet our customers’ needs with innovative solutions.
  • Hyper-personalization: Marketing to a Segment of One
    Hyper-personalization: Marketing to a Segment of One Samantha Goldman, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Lyft Sep 21 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Consumers aren’t actually impressed by just a Hi, . And as deluged by content as they are, they know they have the luxury of simply ignoring you. To catch their interest, you need to demonstrate that you know what they want, and you can deliver it.

    In other words, hyperpersonalization. Innovations in marketing tech, like AI, machine learning, and shopping bots, enable you to microsegment all the way down to a customer’s purchase and interest patterns to develop messaging that triggers powerful interest, creates deep engagement, and drives sales.

    Learn more about the tech you need, the strategies that win, and how how to deliver the “you know me” satisfaction that keeps customers coming back for more when you join this VB Live event!

    Don’t miss out!

    You’ll learn:
    * Why broad segmentation is no longer enough
    * How shopping bots, AI + more enable one-to-one marketing
    * How psychographics, lifecycle data, and multi-channel behavior can build customer profiles
    * How engagement, experience and retention improves one-to-one marketing
    * The importance of not being creepy
    * Trends and future of hyper-personalization

    * Samantha Goldman, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Lyft
    * Stewart Rogers, Direct of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • Marketing Data Quality: Four Roles, One Goal
    Marketing Data Quality: Four Roles, One Goal John Donlon, Senior Research Director, SiriusDecisions Sep 21 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The marketing team’s goal is to acquire new customers and grow existing customer spend. To do this, they must have customer data that is relevant, timely and trusted. Data-driven marketers don’t just manage their new marketing applications; they actively manage their data as a strategic asset. And, as with all strategic assets, that means putting in place rigorous systems of governance to define key dimensions and the metrics to control the data that defines them.

    In this session, John Donlon, Senior Research Director, at SiriusDecisions discusses a seven-stop process required within the marketing department for auditing, cleansing and managing data that is sustainable and delivers tangible results.