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CxO Strategy

  • Trust, Transparency, and the Opportunity of Artificial Intelligence
    Trust, Transparency, and the Opportunity of Artificial Intelligence
    Richard Tibbetts - Product Manager, AI, Tableau | Kris Skrinak - Machine Learning Lead, AWS Live 57 mins
    The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is that machines will help humans make better decisions. In some cases decisions are automated away; in other cases humans collaborate with AI to make the best decisions. In all cases, people need to understand what machines are doing, to avoid mistakes, to make ethical decisions, and to understand their data.

    Gartner research indicates “85% of CIOs will be piloting artificial intelligence programs through a combination of buy, build, and outsource efforts.” But as organisations become more reliant on AI and machine learning models, how can humans be sure they are receiving trustworthy answers to the right questions?

    Attend this webinar to hear directly from the developers at Tableau who lead our investments in AI and learn about our plans to partner with AWS.
  • Delivering an Effective Cyber Security Exercise: Enhanced Breach Response
    Delivering an Effective Cyber Security Exercise: Enhanced Breach Response
    Daniel Norman, Research Analyst, ISF Live 45 mins
    Organisations are constantly under threat with over two-thirds of them experiencing data breaches in 2018. As a result, preparedness and resiliency are paramount to protecting an organisation’s information from cyber attacks.

    Business leaders and their security teams can improve their ability to handle cyber attacks by running cyber security exercises. These exercises should help the organisation identify areas of improvement in people, process and technology, reducing the impact should a real cyber attack occur.

    In this webinar Daniel Norman, Research Analyst, ISF will share how organisations should approach running internal cyber security exercises to support breach identification, prevention and response.
  • Leveraging Your SIEM to Implement Security Best Practices
    Leveraging Your SIEM to Implement Security Best Practices
    Rohit Chettiar, Detection & Response Solutions Engineer, Rapid7 Recorded: Feb 19 2019 28 mins
    The biggest challenge that security analytics addresses is the volume and diversity of information that can be analyzed at a given point to assist security professionals in detecting, responding to and mitigating cyber threats. But how do you leverage that data to implement security best practices?

    InsightIDR is a single solution that provides visibility across your traditional on-premise environment, but also extends monitoring to your remote endpoints and cloud services. Join us to learn how InsightIDR provides visibility into your network and highlight useful metrics to implement security best practices.

    In this webcast, we will discuss:

    1. How to make security analytics more consumable
    2. The data sources you need to collect and analyze
    3. How InsightIDR leverages pre-built analytics to detect top attack vectors
  • 2019 Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends
    2019 Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends
    Andrew Beers - CTO, Tableau. Andy Cotgreave - Technical Evangelist - Tableau. Ellie Fields - VP of Product Marketing, Tableau Recorded: Feb 19 2019 61 mins
    Keeping up with the rapid pace of change in the BI ecosystem gets more challenging every year. To identify the 10 most influential BI trends for 2019 we interviewed a variety of customers, Tableau staff, and data experts.

    Join this fascinating webinar to get an overview of all 10 trends:

    *The rise of explainable AI.
    *Natural language humanises your data.
    *Actionable analytics put data in context.
    *Data collaborative's amplify social good impact.
    *Codes of ethics catch up to data.
    *Data management converges with modern BI platforms.
    *Data storytelling is the new language of corporations.
    *Enterprises get smarter about analytics adoption.
    *Data democracy elevates the data scientist.
    *Accelerated cloud data migration fuels modern BI adoption.
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Retention - A Retailer's Guide
    Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Retention - A Retailer's Guide
    Sankar Rajan, Senior Software Engineer, Aspire Systems Recorded: Feb 18 2019 7 mins
    This video will help retailers analyze their customers' shopping trends and create personalized offers based on their history of past purchases. Customer satisfaction and retention statistics will enable retailers to up-sell their products.

    Customers expect to be treated as valued individuals along their shopping journey. Retailers must focus on treating their customers’ right and showering them with personalized offers so that they walk out of the store satisfied. Satisfied customers tend to come back. Thus, this also improves Customer Retention. Watch the video to understand the Tableau dashboard to measure Customer Satisfaction and Retention.
  • Ten Reasons Why Netezza Professionals Should Consider Greenplum
    Ten Reasons Why Netezza Professionals Should Consider Greenplum
    Jacque Istok, Head of Data, Pivotal and Kelly Carrigan, Principal Consultant, EON Collective Recorded: Feb 13 2019 59 mins
    This webinar is for IT professionals who have devoted considerable time and effort growing their careers in and around the Netezza platform.

    We’ll explore the architectural similarities and technical specifics of what makes the open source Greenplum Database a logical next step for those IT professionals wishing to leverage their MPP experience with a PostgreSQL-based database.

    As the Netezza DBMS faces a significant end-of-support milestone, leveraging an open source, infrastructure-agnostic replacement that has a similar architecture will help avoid a costly migration to either a different architecture or another proprietary alternative.

    Pivotal Privacy Statement:

    This webinar:
  • State of the Market: Global IT Spending Review and Outlook
    State of the Market: Global IT Spending Review and Outlook
    Stephen Minton Recorded: Feb 13 2019 62 mins
    In this IDC web conference, Stephen Minton will review the latest ICT spending data and leading economic indicators for ICT budget trends and new 3rd Platform technologies, alongside updated market sizing and forecasts from the IDC Worldwide Black Book, answering questions such as:

    • How did the technology market perform in 2018, and how have forecasts for 2019-2022 changed as a result?
    • What impact will the US-China trade war and tariffs have on IT spending over the next 12 months, and and which other economic wild cards are starting to impact IT budgets?
    • Which new technologies are experiencing the fastest growth in emerging markets, and which geographies are set to emerge as global leaders beyond 2020?
    • How quickly are tech budgets moving from traditional IT deployments to the 3rd Platform of cloud, mobile and new technologies such as IoT and robotics?
    • What are the key vertical industry trends which are driving IT spending patterns and vendor revenues?
  • Checkmate: A Lesson in Vulnerability Management Strategy
    Checkmate: A Lesson in Vulnerability Management Strategy
    Nadean Tanner, Lead Technical Education Specialist, Rapid7 Recorded: Feb 12 2019 54 mins
    The game of Chess originated in India around the 6th century AD. The purpose was believed to be for developing battle strategies, which is exactly what we do in cyber security. Chess helps improve mental abilities such as problem solving, critical thinking, pattern recognition, planning ahead, focus and concentration. This is the same mindset we strive for as IT professionals, specifically in vulnerability management. The vulnerability management goal is easy. It’s the surrounding problems, patterns and planning that makes it difficult.

    In this webinar, we will discuss thinking strategically of your vulnerability management program as a chess game. Our expert speaker, Nadean Tanner, will share actionable advice for building your vulnerability management program.
  • ISM Webinar: 5 LinkedIn Hacks that Reveal where Your Ideal Prospects are Hiding
    ISM Webinar: 5 LinkedIn Hacks that Reveal where Your Ideal Prospects are Hiding
    Sarah Hughes ,”The LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert” and Founder of Boost Business Growth Recorded: Feb 12 2019 36 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    I show you LIVE inside my LinkedIn account so you can use the same techniques to predictably fill your sales pipeline too.

    Here are a further 3 valid reasons to attend:

    1.You’d love to get the inside track on what I do so that you and your teams can do it too
    2.I show you the 23 filters within LinkedIn to instantly pinpoint your prospects with laser precision
    3.You’ve been itching to conquer LinkedIn or social selling and want to create a flow of leads.

    Key Takeaways

    •2 phrases in your sales team LinkedIn profiles that kill prospect conversations stone dead
    •1 action that alerts you to new prospects, even without a fresh database of leads
    •2 approaches to credibly grow your audience of prospects and referrers
    •1 Power Play that attracts, rather than repels, your prospects.
  • ‘Crawl, Walk, Run’ to Personalisation Success
    ‘Crawl, Walk, Run’ to Personalisation Success
    Eric Fullerton, Product Marketing Manager @ Acquia and Gemma Singleton, EMEA Digital Experience Consultant Recorded: Feb 12 2019 44 mins
    Personalisation requires technology, people, data, and strategy. Learn the steps you can take and technology you can leverage to deliver data-driven experiences to your customer, no matter where you are in your digital journey.
  • Defining the Principles, Habits, and Practices of a Site Reliability Engineer
    Defining the Principles, Habits, and Practices of a Site Reliability Engineer
    Beth Long Recorded: Feb 12 2019 40 mins
    No matter how you define it, the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) role is clearly expanding into more and more companies. To be effective in this new role, SREs must possess a depth of understanding of how different systems work together, how they fail, how they can be improved, and how they can best be designed and monitored.
  • Linking CX Metrics to Share of Wallet
    Linking CX Metrics to Share of Wallet
    Luke Williams Recorded: Feb 7 2019 25 mins
    Join NY Times Bestselling author, Luke Williams, and learn simple tricks about linking customer experience metrics to share of wallet. You'll learn:

    5 customer experience metrics you should be tracking: The traditional metrics we track are important, but we have to broaden our metric set to accommodate our new measurements and the financial metrics they predict.

    The progress and the problem with customer experience metrics: The customer experience movement has come a long, long way. We understand customers better than ever before, but we still struggle with linking data to predictable outcomes at scale.

    The discovery of the Wallet Allocation Rule and what it means: A simple mathematical discovery has unlocked the formulaic connection between traditional customer experience metrics and real financial outcomes with just simple adjustments to how we measure and think about customer experience.
  • Strategies to Unlock the Value of Enterprise Analytics
    Strategies to Unlock the Value of Enterprise Analytics
    Prashanth Southekal,PhD Managing Principal, DBP-Institute Recorded: Feb 7 2019 49 mins
    The Economist magazine says the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Today, enterprises across the globe are looking at Data Analytics to derive insights and make good business decisions. Companies understand the value of data and analytics, but still don’t realize its full potential and how it can be used optimally to grow their business.

    Prashanth will be discussing the four key building blocks to unlocking the value of enterprise analytics.

    This topic is valuable to specialists, managers, and executives from IT and business functions, looking to get a holistic view on how to leverage data analytics for their business.
  • Protecting Your Business from eCommerce Fraud
    Protecting Your Business from eCommerce Fraud
    Emilie Grunzweig Recorded: Feb 7 2019 44 mins
    Originally presented to the members of the Federation of Credit, this webinar covers the background of eCommerce fraud, its impact, and provides some tips for protecting your business.
  • What are top trends in European retail for 2019?
    What are top trends in European retail for 2019?
    Andrea Sangalli, Giulio Raffaele, Ornella Urso, IDC Retail Insights Recorded: Feb 7 2019 42 mins
    IDC sees advancement in terms of digital transformation maturity for European retailers. Customer experience personalization is the trigger, and the commerce platform is an essential enabler, of retail innovation. In order to explore this broad and complex reality of European retail, in this IDC FutureScape presentation, the IDC European Retail team discusses the key predictions that will impact line-of-business executives and IT professionals in the European region over the next one to five years.
    In particular, during the 2019 version of the Webinar, IDC Retail Insights will address the following questions:
    •What will be the main differences, across European countries and retail segments, in terms of business priorities and investment plans?
    •What drives innovation and digital transformation in the European retail industry?
    •What will happen in the adoption of the retail commerce platform in Europe, compared to the global peers?
    •How do retailers plan to differentiate customer experience personalization?
    •How are retailer organizations using innovation accelerators i.e. IoT, Artificial Intelligence, 3D, Robotics, VR/AR, and Blockchain?
  • Using tax relief to fund innovation in your business
    Using tax relief to fund innovation in your business
    Nigel Holmes FCA CTA (Senior Tax Specialist) and Paul O’Kell (Channel Partner Manager) Recorded: Feb 6 2019 41 mins
    Introduction into Catax’s three services; Research & Development, Capital Allowances and the Patent Box tax reliefs, and explaining how they can help businesses provide new revenue streams for investing in innovation.


    Introduction to Catax & our partners
    R&D explained
    Capital Allowances explained
    The Patent Box explained
    The Catax process
  • The Power of Employer Brand for Hiring and Retention
    The Power of Employer Brand for Hiring and Retention
    Bart Macdonald - Sapling, Christina Luconi - Rapid7, Craig Forman - Culture Amp, Jamie Hitchens - Glassdoor Recorded: Feb 5 2019 61 mins
    When it comes to hiring and retention, your employer brand is huge. It’s your company’s value proposition combined with overall reputation that prospective and current employees use to evaluate whether or not your company is the right place to work. Employers need to meet high expectations and find innovative ways to communicate their culture to these audiences.

    In this panel webinar, HR leaders from Glassdoor, Sapling, Rapid7, and Culture Amp, will discuss how to leverage your employer brand to attract and retain top talent. Expert panelists from high-performance, hyper-growth organizations will answer your questions and share their practical experience, starting with how to ensure that your company values act as a rallying force for each team member in your company.

    The conversation will also cover these key aspects of building a powerful employer brand:

    - The best employee perks to boost your employer brand
    - How to define and showcase your employer value proposition
    - How to use your organization’s core beliefs as a rallying force for attracting and retaining your top talent
  • Detect, Analyze & Respond to Advanced Malware Using Orchestration & Automation
    Detect, Analyze & Respond to Advanced Malware Using Orchestration & Automation
    John Moran, Senior Product Manager, DFLabs Mark Mastrangeli, Lead Architect, McAfee, Security Innovation Alliance Recorded: Feb 5 2019 48 mins
    Detect, Analyze and Respond to Advanced Malware Using Security Orchestration and Automation: A DFLabs and McAfee Use Case

    As malware attacks continue, attackers are going to great lengths to obfuscate both the intent and capabilities of their malicious payloads to evade detection and analysis. In addition, the rate at which new malware is being developed has reached staggering new levels. Zero-day malware is increasingly common in all environments and signature analysis is becoming less effective.

    As a result, malware has become increasingly difficult to detect using more traditional detection mechanisms. Once detection occurs, it is often difficult to successfully analyze the malicious file to determine the potential impact and extract indicators. To successfully respond to a potential malware incident to contain the threat and block malicious traffic to minimize the impact, early detection and analysis are critical.

    In this webinar we will discuss how a security operations team can detect, analyze and respond to advanced, evasive malware by using DFLabs’ IncMan SOAR platform integrated with McAfee’s suite of tools including Advanced Threat Defense (ATD), Web Gateway and ePO for malware detection, while further being able to share critical security information using McAfee OpenDXL.

    Key Takeaways:

    Learn how McAfee’s suite of security products combined with IncMan SOAR from DFLabs can automatically detect and respond to malware threats to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your security program by:

    - Performing advanced malware analysis
    - Enriching alert data
    - Immediately blocking threats
    - Sharing critical threat intelligence

    Your registration information will be shared with McAfee who may contact you in follow-up to your registration and/or attendance of this webinar.
  • 2019 Global Economic Outlook
    2019 Global Economic Outlook
    Aroop Zutshi, Global President & Managing Partner; Craig Parker, Research Director; and Neha Anna Thomas, Senior Economist Recorded: Feb 5 2019 62 mins
    The world economy is expected to enter a period of slowdown in 2019 amidst pressures from trade wars, higher interest rates, and emerging market capital outflows. Business in the US and China are expected to continue to face pressures from trade wars and are expected to deal with higher import costs by passing costs to consumers, relocating production, or pursuing layoffs.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Identify and learn more about the top 2019 global economic predictions
    • Learn more about the 2019 GDP growth trajectory for key advanced and emerging economies.
    • Understand the key economic risks shaping the regions in which you operate.
    • Engage in an interactive Q&A session with Frost & Sullivan experts.
  • ISM Webinar: How to Write an Effective Sales Email
    ISM Webinar: How to Write an Effective Sales Email
    ISM Fellow - Phil Dickenson Recorded: Feb 5 2019 25 mins
    Key Takeaways:

    How to write an email which gets a better chance of being opened and getting a response. This will increase your chances of hitting your sales target for the month, quarter and year.

    Reasons to Attend:

    Email is the most common form of communication in business. Most sales emails don't get replied to because they're not good enough.

    So how do you improve your email? How do you communicate to a customer and increase the likelihood of them replying?

    Face to face is important. Social media is important. Email is the most common form of communication in business and if you don't get it right, you will lose out.
  • Tendencias Digital Experiece
    Tendencias Digital Experiece
    Ignacio Cobisa Recorded: Feb 5 2019 26 mins
    Digital Experience
  • Who’s Behind the Orders You’re Declining?
    Who’s Behind the Orders You’re Declining?
    Emilie Grunzweig, Ephy Rinsky Recorded: Feb 4 2019 54 mins
    In 2017, merchants had roughly 1.5% of their revenue consumed by false declines - legitimate orders that are rejected by merchants who either have strict rules in place, or are uncomfortable with one or more data points. So who are the people behind these false declines, and how can merchants start accepting more of their orders?
  • Insights for Effective Global Expansion
    Insights for Effective Global Expansion
    Emilie Grunzwig, Ephy Rinsky Recorded: Feb 4 2019 39 mins
    This webinar will you help grow your revenue safely, find the most suitable markets, and protect yourself from fraud while expanding your business across borders.
  • Fighting ATO Attacks: Protect Your Brand and Customers
    Fighting ATO Attacks: Protect Your Brand and Customers
    Alon Shem Tov, Ephy Rinsky Recorded: Feb 4 2019 39 mins
    The webinar explains how to balance customer verification measures with defending against attacks that can compromise customer data.

    Watch this session for tips on seeing through common account takeover (ATO) tricks to improve fraud detection efficiency.
  • Critical Actions to Prevent a Data Breach in 2019 and Beyond [Recording]
    Critical Actions to Prevent a Data Breach in 2019 and Beyond [Recording]
    Panelists: Nick Hayes, Forrester; Idan Shoham, Hitachi-ID; Jason Bonds, Ping Identity; Perry Carpenter, KnowBe4 Feb 20 2019 6:00 pm UTC 76 mins
    * This is a recording so CPE credit is unavailable.

    Today’s organizations face a cybersecurity landscape more difficult to navigate than ever before. When it comes to data breaches, the risk for organizations is high, from the easily calculable costs of notification and business loss to the less tangible effects on a company's brand and customer loyalty. With large-scale data breaches continuing to make the headlines in 2018, organizations must be proactive, not reactive, in the face of looming cyber threats. Proactive threat intelligence can enable organizations to prevent breaches or compromises before they occur.

    On this webinar our panel of experts will discuss some critical actions organisations can consider to prevent a data breach, and attendees will learn:

    - Strategies you can implement now to help you protect against a breach.
    - Best practices for gathering the intelligence to predict and prevent attacks.
    - How to use threat intelligence to improve your organization’s security posture and reduce the risk of an attack.
    - Steps to fortify your last line of defense.
  • 3 Ways to Tell Your CX Program Needs an Update
    3 Ways to Tell Your CX Program Needs an Update
    Luke Williams, Head of CX Strategy @ Qualtrics & Troy Powell, VP of Customer Solutions @ Walker Feb 20 2019 6:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    One of the main reasons customer experience (CX) programs fail is because they were not designed with change and innovation in mind. In order for your CX program to successfully drive new value, periodically upgrading your program is essential.

    In this webinar, Luke Williams (Qualtrics) and special guest Dr. Troy Powell (Walker's VP of Customer Solutions) share their tips and tricks on bringing evolution to the CX Management lifecycle.

    What you'll learn from this webinar:
    * How to tell when your CX program needs an update
    * General frameworks you can use to execute your upgrade
    * Common obstacles you'll face on the road to a more effective CX program
  • Threat Intelligence Driven Incident Response
    Threat Intelligence Driven Incident Response
    Tim Stiller, Senior Incident Response Consultant Feb 20 2019 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Threat intelligence is a core component of any Incident Response engagement or SOC investigation. While threat intel comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes—when used properly—it adds critical context that enables quick and accurate investigation decisions. If you understand the different types of threat intelligence used across your organization, your team can respond quickly to threats, and prioritize a detection strategy to stop future attackers.

    In this session, Tim will share:
    1. Key types of threat intelligence
    2. How each type should be used effectively
    3. Recycling: translating investigations into detections
  • Top Security Considerations and Priorities in 2019
    Top Security Considerations and Priorities in 2019
    Nick Savvides, Chief Technology Officer, APAC Feb 21 2019 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    2019 is poised to be a year of disruption. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is entering the cyber battlefield, with increased regulatory activities and many other developments for enterprises to further their digital transformation efforts. These are but some of the many things that CISOs must keep up with.

    What should be the key areas of focus and considerations for CISOs in developing their organisations’ security posture? What should be top in their list of priorities for this year and beyond?

    Join Nick Savvides, Symantec Chief Technology Officer for Asia Pacific, as he shares the top considerations and priorities that CISOs need to focus on.

    - 2019 Threat Landscape in Asia Pacific
    - Key security considerations for 2019
    - Steps to stay ahead in cybersecurity
  • ISM Webinar: Social Selling In The Real World
    ISM Webinar: Social Selling In The Real World
    ISM Fellow - Ian Moyse Feb 21 2019 11:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Key Takeaways:

    •What it is
    •What it isn’t
    •Turning Social into real engagements
    •Is it just LinkedIn
    •Receive a Personal Action Plan

    Reasons to attend

    Social Selling is the new sales skill in your toolbag to help you open doors, build your own reputation & have stronger engagement with prospects. Ian Moyse, is a respected authority on Sales Leadership and the new methodology of Social Selling, sitting as a non-exec on Digital Leadership Execs, a leading Social Selling firm. He has spoken widely on Social Selling. Ian is a judge on many Sales Awards and has interviewed hundreds of Salespeople and can share in today’s market a valuable skill that can help set you apart
  • The future of big data: ethics, data management and governance
    The future of big data: ethics, data management and governance
    Kyle Gupton - Director, Product Management, Tableau | Vaidy Krishnan - Product Manager, Tableau Feb 21 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As data privacy has risen in prominence, consumers are more cautious than ever about sharing data. This, in turn, affects how businesses approach data monetisation, collection, and sharing. And with new regulations like GDPR, organisations are faced with crucial questions around data ethics and privacy in the context of their day-to-day business practices.

    Attend this webinar where we’ll delve into these 3 key areas:

    *Data ethics
    *Data privacy
    *Data management and processes around data
  • The Best Way to Assess Incident Response Preparedness
    The Best Way to Assess Incident Response Preparedness
    Jeff Laskowski, Security Consulting Director, FireEye Mandiant Feb 21 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Many breached organizations—of all sizes—believed they had effective security programs and incident response plans. Reality proved otherwise.
    Now, executive leaders are far more concerned with incident preparedness. When the Board asks, ‘How ready are we, really?’ your security team must have a defensible response.

    In this webinar, Jeff Laskowski, Security Consulting Director of FireEye Mandiant, explains how to achieve effective preparation:

    • Test your team’s detection and response capabilities to protect key assets against real-world targeted attacks—without the consequences of a real incident
    • Assess your organization’s crisis management capabilities through the lens of an executive team
    • Improve your team’s detection and response capabilities in accordance with the latest attacker tactics, techniques, and motivations

    Join this webinar today to learn what it takes for your team to know how they would perform under a real threat, before they actually have to.
  • Achieve Global Marketing Excellence with a Digital Factory
    Achieve Global Marketing Excellence with a Digital Factory
    Lynne Capozzi, CMO @ Acquia, Geneviève Gourichon, Digital Project Manager @ Solvay, Sebastien Debon, Director @ Mirum Feb 25 2019 10:00 am UTC 52 mins
    In this digital-first world, organisations must be customer-first.

    No matter the brand or enterprise, the new rules require you to engage individuals and deliver personalised experiences at every point in the customer journey.

    The complexity is only growing as CMOs, customer experience (CX) pros and tech leaders grapple with digital sprawl – wrestling with greater marketing demands, higher customer expectations, and rising complexity across martech, data and touchpoints.

    Join this webinar to learn more about achieving global marketing excellence with a digital factory.
  • Geöffnet. Geklickt. Gehackt.
    Geöffnet. Geklickt. Gehackt.
    Christian Husemeyer, Senior Sales Engineer Feb 26 2019 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Seien Sie E-Mail-Angriffen einen Schritt voraus

    Der größte Teil des eingehenden Datenverkehrs erreicht Unternehmen per E-Mail und bietet damit ein beliebtes Einfallstor für Hacker. Unter den 269 Milliarden täglich versendeter E-Mails verbergen sich heute mehr Versuche von Identitätsdiebstahl als je zuvor. Spear-Phishing und Ransomware Attacken nehmen gleichermaßen zu.

    Erfahren Sie in unserem Webinar wie Sie mit einer effektiven Email Sicherheit verdächtige Emails erkennen und blockieren. Wir geben Ihnen einen Überblick zu folgenden Themen:
    - Moderne URL-Sicherheitsfunktionen
    - Erkennung von falschen Identitäten
    - Reduzierte Anzahl der Warnmeldungen und Fehlalarmen
  • Your Game Plan For A Quick, Peaceful and Successful Cloud Migration
    Your Game Plan For A Quick, Peaceful and Successful Cloud Migration
    Eveline Oehrlich Feb 26 2019 10:00 am UTC 48 mins
    Will your game plan make you a winner in your cloud migration project? Ensure your tactics and team are in the best position possible.

    With all the organisational decision-making required, companies can end up struggling—and spending way too much time and money—on their Cloud migration projects.
  • The Future of Marketing Emerging from Technology of Today: 3 things to watch
    The Future of Marketing Emerging from Technology of Today: 3 things to watch
    Yana Lapitskaya - Managing Director, Yay!Starter Marketing; James Mclaughlin - Regional Account Manager, Intro Feb 26 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Artificial intelligence has been around for a while and is already shaping the digital marketing – even if you haven’t noticed it. Every time you work with Google Ads – you are feeding in the data that informs Google’s AI enabling them to serve you with keyword suggestions, additional ad options and much more. Imagine this happening around the clock on a global scale! No wonder Google knows everything.

    Neuroscience has uncovered the decision-making process happening in our brain that advertisers knew very little about.

    Making advertisers understand how system 1 and system 2 brain works as well as their differences is like giving a video camera to someone used to drawing primitive pictures to capture and interpret the reality… It is changing the game forever – the TV, print and digital advertising will never be the same again! We are perhaps witnessing the biggest revolution in marketing since the launch of social media advertising.

    Blockchain is the newest kid on the block, and we are yet to see it manifesting itself in marketing but even now we can say it will go far beyond the cryptocurrency world, tokenizing and decentralizing the digital economy further.

    What does it all mean for you and your company?

    Sign up to our webinar ‘The Future of Marketing Emerging from Technology of Today: 3 things to watch closely’ to learn more about Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience and Blockchain shaping the new marketing reality.
  • Automation as a Force Multiplier in Cyber Incident Response
    Automation as a Force Multiplier in Cyber Incident Response
    Mike Fowler, CISSP - VP of Professional Services, DFLabs Feb 26 2019 4:00 pm UTC 15 mins
    Security analysts are subjected to such a volume and frequency of alerts that over time they can become desensitized to the information they are analyzing, resulting in critical alerts potentially being disregarded or missed.

    When responding to tens of thousands of security alerts a month, how can you reliably distinguish what's important from what's just a noise in the background?

    Join our new webinar to learn how a Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution can help your overwhelmed cyber response team to "SOAR" above the noise when detecting, responding to and remediating a potential security incident. Our VP of Professional Services, Mike Fowler, will present proven best practices to reduce and avoid alert fatigue.

    Key Takeaways:

    ● What is “Alert/Alarm Fatigue” and why should you care?
    ● What is the impact of alert fatigue on Security Operations and Incident Response?
    ● How you can cultivate a state of continuous alertness by applying the SOC Analyst Sanity Saver
    ● How to reinforce the front line
    ● How to leverage SOAR capabilities that act as a Force Multiplier in Incident Response

    Want to learn more on the topic ahead of the webinar? Download our white paper "Automation as a Force Multiplier in Cyber Incident Response" here: https://bit.ly/2SKN9pL
  • Best Practices For Building The Right ICS Security Rulesets
    Best Practices For Building The Right ICS Security Rulesets
    Ran Rayn & Michael Rothschild Feb 26 2019 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    A confluence of factors has put OT networks online and more susceptible to cyber attacks. Without addressing threats targeting the OT network, any manufacturing facility, industrial operation or critical infrastructure can be ground zero to a devastating attack. When tasked with creating the rule sets that are optimized for ICS environments, security experts must take into consideration a number of key areas.
  • Are the Bots Coming for Your Market Research Job?
    Are the Bots Coming for Your Market Research Job?
    Justin Ethington, Thought Leadership Market Research @ Qualtrics Feb 26 2019 6:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    At Qualtrics, we noticed slim search results on how AI is beginning to affect market researchers, so we asked 250 research decision makers how they believe AI will impact the industry. Do they think machine learning in market research means that humans with knowledge are no longer useful, or will better tools accelerate the industry?

    What You Will Learn From This Webinar:

    * Which tasks are most and least likely to be absorbed by AI
    * Which job functions are most and least likely to be absorbed by AI
    * The outlook that market research professionals have regarding AI and its impact on the industry
    * Projections of how the industry will change as a result of machine learning
  • Inside HR Trends in 2019: Transform Your HR Service Delivery with ServiceNow
    Inside HR Trends in 2019: Transform Your HR Service Delivery with ServiceNow
    John Huckle, Josh Scott, Stacey Prezel, Bradford Shelley, Meghan Lockwood Feb 26 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Learn what trends HR leaders are talking about in 2019 with results from Business Forward's Annual HR Leadership Survey - then be a pioneer of those strategic initiative trends.

    Business Forward and Acorio executives will walk you through going beyond the "imagination" and show you how to make real changes with the power of ServiceNow's HR Service Delivery platform.
  • The relation between CX and MDM
    The relation between CX and MDM
    Henrik Gabs Liliendahl, Co-Founder and CTO at Product Data Lake Feb 28 2019 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Customer experience (CX) and Master Data Management (MDM) must go hand in hand. Both of these themes involves multiple business units and digital environments within your enterprise and in the wider business ecosystem, where your enterprise operates. To be successful within customer experience in the digital era you need classic master data outcomes as a 360-degree view of customers as well as complete and consistent product information. You also need to combine your customer data and your product data to get to the right level of personalization. Furthermore, you need to able to make sense of internal and external big data sources and relate those to your prospective and existing customers and the products they have an interest in.
  • Sourcing and Vendor Management – A Critical Component of Digital Strategy
    Sourcing and Vendor Management – A Critical Component of Digital Strategy
    Aaron Polikaitis, VP, Vendor Sourcing & Management, IDC's IT Executive Program Feb 28 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    CIOs, CPOs and business unit leaders overwhelmingly agree that technology sourcing and procurement is critical for digital transformation and legacy system modernization. Nevertheless, recent IDC research confirms that technology sourcing and procurement organizations are challenged to deliver what their businesses require. IT and line of business executives report of their procurement organizations that:
    • 54% do not understand business needs
    • 62% are undermined by shadow procurement
    • Only 10% work effectively within cross-functional teams

    Procurement organizations have a choice of transforming themselves or watching other enterprise organizations assume the responsibility for sourcing the technology that supports key business initiatives. In this IDC web conference, we will identify the top challenges identified by Procurement, IT, and LOB executives, and discuss strategies for transforming procurement organizations from tactical administrative centers to strategic sourcing partners for the enterprise.
  • Digital First Strategy: Modernize your legacy integration platform
    Digital First Strategy: Modernize your legacy integration platform
    Hariharan Ganesh - Head of Enterprise Integration, Aspire Systems Feb 28 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Does your traditional middleware platform hold back your enterprises’ digital goals? Well, you can’t blame it as it wasn’t really built to support today’s hybrid IT environment. To survive in the fast-paced data-driven economy, businesses should modernize their integration platform to be fast, flexible and cost-effective for delivering seamless customer experience, improving collaboration and innovation.

    In this webinar, we will help to prepare a digital strategy that would drive a systematic path of modernizing your integrations as API driven.

    • Digital Transformation - a journey to a new world
    • Why connected business is the core to digital journey
    • Role of API integration in digital transformation
    • Strategy to move from legacy to modern API world
    • Cloud integration platform for digital API integration
  • Top 5 Cloud Security Myths Debunked
    Top 5 Cloud Security Myths Debunked
    Martin Holste, CTO, FireEye Feb 28 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures are predicted to be the customer’s fault (Gartner). But change how you think about cloud security, and you can be a success story.

    Our webinar on Thursday, February 28, helps debunk several common myths that jeopardize your fast, secure, migration to the cloud:

    • The cloud is unsafe
    • My organization doesn’t use the cloud
    • My cloud provider will keep me secure
    • The cloud is just someone else’s computer
    • Advanced adversaries aren’t attacking the cloud

    You’ll also learn how to identify a trusted advisor for cloud migration so you can confidently take advantage of cloud advancements.

    Presented by: Martin Holste, Cloud CTO at FireEye
  • How to Drive More Value From Innovation Initiatives
    How to Drive More Value From Innovation Initiatives
    Lauren Gilchrist, Director, Pivotal Labs and Paul Choi, Sr. Director, Pivotal Labs Feb 28 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Speed to value is critical for businesses to outpace their competition. Learn how your team or organization can leverage proven, modern product development best practices to win in today’s market.

    Join Lauren Gilchrist and Paul Choi to gain insights on how to deliver more value to customers and better partner with your IT organization. We’ll share software development best practices and methodologies that have been used to help organizations adapt and thrive in today's digital markets.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:
    ● How Fortune 2000 companies can compete with startups and build more desirable and usable products
    ● How to realize value faster and more sustainably
    ● How to decrease risk and reduce waste in building your application
  • Measurement While Drilling—Patenting and Technology Development Trends
    Measurement While Drilling—Patenting and Technology Development Trends
    Isaac Premsingh, Industry Analyst, Manmohan Singh, Senior Consultant, TechVision Mar 6 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Concerns about continued crude price volatility and decline in consumption due to slowing economic growth across regions indicate more problems for oil companies as they scramble to maintain profits. As with any industry, when margins are affected, service providers take the hit and are forced to cut contract prices. To stay relevant and sustain growth, the oilfield OEMs and service providers have disrupted themselves by adopting broadly minded approaches to eliminate inefficiencies in operations and unlock new opportunities for operating companies.

    Frost & Sullivan invites you to join Isaac Premsingh, Industry Analyst, and Manmohan Singh, Senior Consultant, to gain expert insight on patent filing trends and top assignees in the measurement while drilling (MWD) technology landscape and technology trends, followed by an interactive, live question-and-answer session.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Learn how digital technologies can impact MWD and the initiatives that have laid the foundation for automated directional drilling.
    • What are the drilling efficiency improvements?
    • Hear about key ways to reduce the cost of service delivery.
    • Explore technology from sensors to software platforms that enable the digital transformation in MWD operations.
  • How to meet the Growing Challenges of Med Device Regulatory Compliance
    How to meet the Growing Challenges of Med Device Regulatory Compliance
    Volker Zeinar - B Braun, Grant Hodgkins - Smith & Nephew,Jenny James - Innovit, Mar 6 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Seven years ago when the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) announced its Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations, there were no off-the-shelf solutions for submitting regulatory data to the Global UDI Database (GUDID).

    Now these options exist, so how will this influence your approach to Medical Device Regulations (MDR)? How would you do things differently for MDR and UDI, specifically European Databank on Medical Devices (EUDAMED)? Our panel of experts will weigh‑in on:
    - How this is a key priority for global medical device manufacturers.
    - Whether this is it just the structured master data or more?
    - What about forms and documents like: post-market vigilance and surveillance, clinical investigations and performance studies, actor registration, notified bodies & certificates?…
  • Revitalizing Access Control Programs: Intelligent Automation
    Revitalizing Access Control Programs: Intelligent Automation
    Colin Whitaker, Informed Risk Decisions; Phil Shomura, Senior Product Manager, ACL Mar 7 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    No organization’s suite of business applications is static, especially for businesses that have committed to non-stop innovation. It is not uncommon for businesses to integrate only their high-impact applications with their existing identity and access management (IAM) systems. This can cause a huge surge in manual work, and oftentimes enterprises dedicate hundreds of human agents to manage accounts, adding more as new business applications are added. Enterprises can sidestep significant costs, increase efficiency, manage risk and deliver undiscovered value, by properly leveraging automation technologies across IAM systems.

    Robotic process automation (RPA) is a powerful technology that harmonizes different systems across an organization’s environment, reduces human errors, provides 24/7 operations, and relieves employees from repetitive tasks so they can focus on more valuable activities. For example, data quality management in the risk and compliance processs has been a traditional pain area for many institutions, as it is very time consuming and manual. However, a cognitive RPA solution which combines machine learning capabilities can enable fast automated remediation of data quality issues, and the system can learn from the final decisions taken by the data analyst as well. Attend this CPE webinar for insights on:

    - Getting started with an access management program.
    - Evaluating the right configuration and system-based tools to automate processes at a task level, and align to your process automation strategy.
    - Leveraging advanced analytics in risk management, compliance, and continuous monitoring programs.
    - Embedding governance, risk management, and controls into your enterprise’s mobilization and deployment of RPA, so you can catch issues before they arise.
  • What is the Future of Identity Authentication and Key Trends
    What is the Future of Identity Authentication and Key Trends
    Thomas French, Industry Consultant, SAS Mar 7 2019 11:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Join Thomas French, Industry Consultant, SAS for a live Q&A interview at RSA Conference 2019 to learn more about the key trends in digital identity and authentication, specifically in the Financial Services industry.

    Discussion topics will include:
    - Tends in payments fraud
    - Ways this data is being monetized today
    - Emerging cybersecurity and fraud trends that have resulted from the adoption of faster payments
    - How financial institutions manage their risk postures with increasing security and fraud challenges
    - How the concept of digital identity is changing in financial institutions
  • Setting SLOs and SLIs in the Real World
    Setting SLOs and SLIs in the Real World
    Elisa Binette Mar 12 2019 10:00 am UTC 40 mins
    Clearly defined and well-measured Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and Service Level Indicators (SLIs) are a key pillar of any reliability program. SLOs allow organizations and teams to make smart, data-driven decisions about risk and the right balance of investment between reliability and product velocity.