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CxO Strategy

  • Commercial Drones and Energy Harvesting Technologies Reshaping Industries Commercial Drones and Energy Harvesting Technologies Reshaping Industries Gopal R. Global Vice President, Transportation & Logistics and Sitanshu Shastri, Research Analyst, TechVision Recorded: Feb 14 2017 54 mins
    Sensor technologies are already signaling transformation across different applications and are expected to bring changes more significantly in the future. Innovative sensor technology is expected to disrupt existing business models and applications. Industries are continuously intermingling with one another to develop innovative products and services to satisfy the discerning needs of consumers. Regulations play a vital role in the adoption of technology, especially drone and energy-harvesting technologies. Therefore, it’s imperative that companies review their portfolio and build their innovation pipeline of sensor technologies and customized products to be ready for the future in line with regulations, and consumer and business demands.
  • Building a Unified Security Issues Management Process - Using RSA Archer Building a Unified Security Issues Management Process - Using RSA Archer Jayesh Kamat, VP and Practice Head - Risk Advisory Services @Aujas, Vikram Sharma, Global Lead, GRC @Aujas Recorded: Feb 9 2017 36 mins
    In this webinar, we will cover how to develop a centralized issue management solution leveraging RSA Archer to integrate, manage and visualize overall risk postures of applications, systems and devices.

    Given the threat landscape reality, it is hard to find organizations that have not been doing anything about it, but are you doing the "right" things?

    Management of security issues in a large enterprise usually translates to dealing with several different tools like baseline control testers, vulnerability scanners, and SAST/DAST (Static/Dynamic Application Security Testing) tools. These tools are typically operated by various independent teams that churn out a deluge of reports on a periodic basis. These could be overwhelming to the system administrators.

    Multitudes of systems and multitudes of fixes have to compete with lack of time, lack of resources, compatibility issues and lack of visibility. It is very difficult for the application owners and security teams to get an overall sense of risk exposure, and what to prioritize from a risk mitigation perspective.

    We will be sharing some of the best practices in the industry gained by working with some of the best security-first organizations in the world.
  • Effective Patch Strategies for Windows 10 and Office 365 Effective Patch Strategies for Windows 10 and Office 365 Damon Covey, Director of Product Management, Symantec Recorded: Feb 9 2017 50 mins
    Are you aware of the changes Microsoft introduced for providing updates to Windows 10 and Office 365? These changes for feature and cumulative updates and roll-ups have caused confusion and additional complexity for many enterprises.

    Join our webinar to learn:
    - What these changes are
    - How these changes can impact managing your environment, especially for patch management
    - How IT Management Suite will simplify keeping Windows 10 and Office 365 up to date
  • Better Together - A Partnership for Mitigating Bad Bots Better Together - A Partnership for Mitigating Bad Bots Tin Zaw, Dir., Sec. Solutions, Verizon, Elias Terman, VP Marketing, Edward Roberts, Dir., Product Marketing Distil Networks Recorded: Feb 8 2017 49 mins
    Malicious bots, or what OWASP calls Automated Threats, are more sophisticated than ever and fast becoming the biggest threat to web application security. Join Tin Zaw, Director of Security Solutions at Verizon Digital Media Services and Edward Roberts, Director of Product Marketing at Distil Networks, for a lively conversation about the new automated threat and how enterprises can protect themselves with a proactive and layered approach to web application security and performance.

    About the Presenters:

    Tin Zaw, Director of Security Solutions, Verizon Digital Media Services
    Elias Terman, VP of Marketing, Distil Networks
    Edward Roberts, Director of Product Marketing, Distil Networks
  • 2017 Tech M&A Outlook 2017 Tech M&A Outlook Brenon Daly, Research Director - M&A Recorded: Feb 7 2017 61 mins
    With tech acquirers having spent a record $1 trillion over the past two year, what’s the outlook for M&A activity in 2017? Where will buyers be looking and what do they expect to have to spend? Drawing on data and insight from across 451 Research, our annual Tech M&A Outlook webinar will highlight specific trends in key enterprise IT markets – including information security, software, mobility and IoT -- that will shape dealflow and valuations in the coming year.

    Join Brenon Daly, 451 Research’s Director of Financials, for a look at where the tech M&A market is headed after its recent record run.
  • Securing Industrial Control System (ICS) - What you need to know Securing Industrial Control System (ICS) - What you need to know Rob Caldwell, Manager, Mandiant Consulting Recorded: Feb 6 2017 45 mins
    Our Mandiant Industrial Control Systems (ICS) practice will discuss findings which have been captured over recent ICS security engagements which highlight critical security areas for customers. The discussion will focus on the Mandiant methodology that is used in ICS related engagements and examples of findings which are relevant to ICS customers; with specific focus on the relevant security challenges facing these ICS customers. At the end of this discussion, the Mandiant practice will open up for Q&A on the topic.
  • Top Deployed SD-WAN Use Cases (Part Two) Top Deployed SD-WAN Use Cases (Part Two) David Klebanov, Director Technical Product, Viptela Recorded: Feb 2 2017 40 mins
    This live demo will cover the major use cases of SD-WAN that are applicable to both large and small enterprise scenarios.
    These include:
    - Distributed media streaming with multicast
    - Enabling cloud-security capabilities with Zscaler
    - Segmentation and per-segment topologies
    - Service insertion and service chaining
    - Virtualized elements for Cloud (IaaS+PaaS)
    - Zero touch provisioning
  • Contract Management Maturity - A Tool, an App or a Platform? Contract Management Maturity - A Tool, an App or a Platform? Andrew Bartels, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Samir Bodas, Co-founder and CEO, Icertis Recorded: Feb 1 2017 61 mins
    It's time to re-evaluate your contract management strategy. Today's digital business world demands the latest contract management software, automation, and integration in the cloud. Contracts are the foundation of commerce touching every department and function across the enterprise. Contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems help firms create, execute and manage the contracts that define their relationships with their customers and suppliers.

    There are a number of options that companies can choose to get the most out of their current and future CLM implementations.

    In this webinar: Icertis CEO Samir Bodas and Andrew Bartels, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester will discuss the pros and cons of the various approaches to meet your contract-related business goals.
  • The State of Online Video: The Consumer Is in Control The State of Online Video: The Consumer Is in Control Michael Milligan, Senior Director Product & Solution Marketing & Charlie Kraus, Senior Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Jan 31 2017 55 mins
    Since 2015, Limelight has surveyed thousands of consumers about their online video viewing habits and expectations, but findings from our latest report reveal some interesting changes. Bottom line – the consumer has taken control of the online video experience. They not only want, but also expect, to be able to choose what they watch and when they watch it.

    What does this mean for broadcasters and content distributors trying to satisfy consumer demand while also maximizing revenue?

    Join us for this free webinar on Tuesday, January 31st as our video delivery experts share recent findings from the latest State of Online Video report. We will discuss strategies organizations can implement in 2017 to deliver compelling online video experiences to their audiences that will keep them coming back for more.

    Some of the topics that will be covered, include:
    · Which aspects of the online video experience matters most to consumers;
    · Demographic differences in online video viewing behaviors and expectations;
    · Shifting consumer attitudes about online video advertising and paying for content; and
    · Tips for optimizing the online video viewing experience.

    All webinar attendees will receive the complete December 2016 State of Online Video report.
  • TD Ameritrade's Journey from Data Warehouses to Data Lakes TD Ameritrade's Journey from Data Warehouses to Data Lakes Krishna Sarma, Director, TD Ameritrade, David Lyle, VP, Informatica, & Amit Kara, Technical Marketing Manager, Informatica Recorded: Jan 31 2017 62 mins
    Organizations worldwide are looking to compete on data and analytics, and this increasingly means moving beyond the data warehouse. In this webinar, Krishna Sarma, Director of Data Development at TD Ameritrade, will talk about their experience, best practices, and lessons learned while augmenting their data warehouse with a new data lake for innovation. He will also describe their data management approaches for this new hybrid architecture.

    Along with data experts at Informatica, the webinar will also cover:

    • The relative strengths and weaknesses of data warehouses and data lakes
    • When to use what for the task at hand
    • Best data management practices for an increasingly hybrid data architecture
    • How to deliver data faster and better in the face of increasing data complexity and technology changes
  • Why GRC Programs Fail Why GRC Programs Fail Philip Aldrich (Dell / EMC) and Jennifer Anderson (Verterim) Recorded: Jan 31 2017 61 mins
    Learn the top 8 reasons why GRC programs fail - no matter the size of the program. We will share what you can do to: identify red flags to side-step failure, turn failures into successes, create the path to GRC success The session will incorporate the use of GRC tools as well as company / organizational tips.
  • How to personalize commerce experiences How to personalize commerce experiences Simon Crawley, Project Manager, Vanson Bourne Recorded: Jan 31 2017 59 mins
    The fight for market share is online. Does your organization have the strategy and technology in place to win customer experiences?

    Register today to hear analyst Simon Crawley from Vanson Bourne provide best practices, based on results from a new commerce experience survey, for optimizing analytics to create an engaging customer journey.

    Key Takeaways:
    - Understand where businesses struggle most in creating personalized commerce experiences
    - How to avoid departmental silos and bad lines of communication
    - Why, and how, a contextualized experience must go beyond the point of purchase

    Inspire your organization to deliver the personalized, contextualized commerce experience your customers expect. Register for this free webinar today!
  • New DevOps Trends With Microservices New DevOps Trends With Microservices Donnie Berkholz, Research Director at 451 Research; Sinclair Schuller, CEO, Apprenda Recorded: Jan 27 2017 54 mins
    Join Donnie Berkholz, Research Director for 451 Research, and Sinclair Schuller, CEO of Apprenda, for a presentation on the trends in software development lifecycle at a time when containers are leading to Cambrian explosion of application development. Berkholz will present research from 451 on how organizations are currently using containers and container management. Schuller joins the discussion to add insights from working with many Fortune 500 through their transformation to using containers for rapid delivery and efficient management of applications.

    To Be Discussed:

    • Are organizations running docker containers in production?
    • How has software development lifecycle changed with advent of
    microservices and containers?
    • Where are your peers concentrating their microservices efforts?
    • How container platforms change development lifecycle?
  • HP/ISSA Jan 2017 Webinar - 2016 Security Review & Predictions for 2017 HP/ISSA Jan 2017 Webinar - 2016 Security Review & Predictions for 2017 Ronald Chestang, Worldwide Senior Security Consultant for HP Inc., et al Recorded: Jan 27 2017 105 mins
    ISSA has assembled a panel of experts to discuss insight and make predictions for the 2017 InfoSec challenges. 2016 was a monumental year in cyber security, with major news stories surfacing nearly every month. From email hacking impacting the United States political world to the October DNS attacks and the ongoing rise of Ransomware and IoT concerns, “Cyber” is huge right now. How will this growing spotlight on security translate in terms of media and regulatory attention? And what kinds of threats will dominate the 2017 landscape?
  • Marketing Analytics: Using Analytics to Become a Data-Driven Marketer Marketing Analytics: Using Analytics to Become a Data-Driven Marketer Susan Graeme - EMEA Marketing Director at Tableau Recorded: Jan 26 2017 56 mins
    Marketers deal with data every day in every channel. Need to segment leads by job title for an email campaign? We’ve got data for that. Want to prove which programs generate higher quality leads than others? Go ask the data.

    In this webinar, we’ll show you exactly how a data company uses analytics in its marketing efforts. Susan Graeme, Marketing Director at Tableau, will show you examples of real marketing dashboards that we at Tableau use internally to drive world class marketing programs.
  • Enhance Vulnerability Management with Analytics (+) Vulnerability Intelligence Enhance Vulnerability Management with Analytics (+) Vulnerability Intelligence Sameer Shelke, CTO and Co-Founder, Aujas Recorded: Jan 25 2017 55 mins
    Vulnerability Management is one of the first chapters in security, yet something that most of us still struggle with.

    Our favorite is this one liner from the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report. "Vulnerability management has been a Sisyphean endeavor for decades" (as per Greek mythology - Sisyphean was a king who was cursed to roll a large boulder up a hill, only to watch it come back to hit him, repeating this action for eternity.)

    Unlike in the Greek times, today there is lot of data that can help. In-fact there is an overwhelming quantity of vulnerability and threat information available. The challenge is what to do with it in order to help mitigate risk better.
    How do you pick the ones that are relevant to your specific case, How you action upon it and How you manage your remediation cycle before the next one hits you.

    It is a game where the odds are always stacked up against you and you are always running to catch-up, to be repeated again in the next cycle.

    How to change this ?

    In this webinar we talk about Vulnerability Intelligence, and why and how it can help make Analytics really work in managing your vulnerability management cycles better.
  • Are Hybrid Clouds in tune with future business growth? Are Hybrid Clouds in tune with future business growth? Agatha Poon 451 Research, TJ Akhtar Tata Communications Recorded: Jan 25 2017 54 mins
    Advancements in infrastructure and platform technologies with growing availability of innovative business models has inclined the focus on user-centric service delivery mechanisms by redefining the very nature of IT strategy within a business organization. Companies that wish to pave the way for a successful digital transformation journey must shed conventional thinking and embrace towards an agile approach to IT operations and have a reliable and intelligent Ecosystem. So, to start with, we ask ourselves How and What should we look for in a partner?
  • 7 Questions To Consider When Looking For An Effective Endpoint Security Solution 7 Questions To Consider When Looking For An Effective Endpoint Security Solution Josh Goldfarb, VP, CTO - Emerging Technologies, FireEye, Inc. Recorded: Jan 25 2017 31 mins
    The endpoint market is one that everyone seems to be talking about these days. With all that hype and buzz comes a confusing vendor landscape filled with nearly identical marketing speak from each and every vendor. How can the security professional make sense of all this noise? While certainly not an exhaustive list, here are seven questions to get you started.
  • Advancing Business Performance: Align IT Vendor Risk to ERM Advancing Business Performance: Align IT Vendor Risk to ERM Scott Roller 3WP; Yo Delmar, MetricStream, Albert Biketi, HPE Security -Data Security, Russell McGuire, Riskonnect Recorded: Jan 24 2017 61 mins
    Growing exposure to IT risks has made organizations across industries volatile. Recent IT vendor incidents like data and security beaches, violation of privacy guidelines, which caused substantial fines, penalties, brand value, highlight that IT vendor risks are business risks and require focus from the leadership. An immature ITVRM programs limits the insights which are necessary for strengthening vendor relationships and building a robust ERM program. Rather than treating each risk in isolation, organizations need to have an integrated approach to manage risks holistically and in line with their business operations and objectives. With the growing dependency on IT and IT vendors, organizations need to align enterprise and IT VRM objectives to build a resilient framework suitable for today’s environment.

    During the session, panelists will discuss how organizations can strengthen vendor management in the current landscape and improve business performance.

    - Causes of Vendor Risks incidents and the impact on the enterprise
    - Best approach to align IT vendor risk to enterprise risk
    - Building mature VRM Program
    - Role of technology in integrating Vendor risk to Enterprise risk management
  • ATM Threats to the Financial Sector ATM Threats to the Financial Sector Noel Cheok, Strategy & Security Practice Leader, Cyber Security Services, Asia Pacific & Japan Recorded: Jan 24 2017 54 mins
    There’s a new threat in town – Jackpotting. It utilises malware directly infected onto ATMs, requiring no card skimmers that can be easily detected, no time needed to steal credentials, and grants access to every single dollar held in the machine.

    ATM machines may not follow the strict patch management regimes that corporate machines do, leaving their operating system potentially much more vulnerable to malware attacks. Beyond the monetary loss, being Jackpotted can also negatively impact the brand, and expose the bank to regulatory action from lack of due diligence in risk management.

    Hear how Symantec Cyber Security Services can help deliver a solution for these types of attacks. Through the combination of Data Center Security (DCS) and Managed Security Services (MSS) monitoring, you will receive prompt validated detection of both pre and post compromise attempts in near real-time, allowing faster responses and remediation.
  • What To Ask Your Vendor on Enterprise SD-WAN Capabilities What To Ask Your Vendor on Enterprise SD-WAN Capabilities Ramesh Prabagaran, VP Product Management, Viptela Recorded: Jan 20 2017 46 mins
    What are the absolute essential requirements in an SD-WAN solution? Although Gartner has defined the four key requirements for SD-WAN (see below), there are some more critical features required to meet the enterprise-grade capabilities. For example, network segmentation for different kinds of applications is a widely deployed feature across all major industries, primarily to isolate critical applications and to reduce the attack surface during vulnerabilities.

    This webinar will more broadly cover the essential enterprise SD-WAN features and how they translate to common deployment scenarios in different industries. These features include:

    - Overlay capability over MPLS, Broadband and LTE
    - Unified and centralized management of all WAN infrastructure
    - Network segmentation with per-segment topologies
    - Predictable Application SLA with centralized policies and real-time traffic steering
    - Mature routing capabilities with BGP, OSPF, VRRP, and IGMP
    - Unified and centralized management of all WAN infrastructure
    - Robust-zero trust WAN security including authentication, encryptions, segmentation and service chaining

    As a background, here are Gartner’s four key requirements for SD-WAN:
    - SD-WAN solutions provide a lightweight replacement for traditional WAN routers, and are agnostic to WAN transport technologies (that is, they support MPLS, Internet, Long Term Evolution [LTE], etc.).
    - Based on business and/or application policies, SD-WAN solutions allow for load sharing of traffic across multiple WAN connections in an efficient and dynamic fashion.
    - SD-WAN solutions dramatically simplify the complexity associated with management, configuration and orchestration of WANs.
    - SD-WAN solutions must provide secure VPNs, and have the ability to integrate additional network services and offload Internet-destined traffic closer to the edge of the network.
  • LiveAction: Gaining Deep Visibility Into The WAN Overlay LiveAction: Gaining Deep Visibility Into The WAN Overlay David Izumo, Principal Engineer, Technical Marketing, LiveAction & Manan Shah, Director of Product Management, Viptela Recorded: Jan 20 2017 38 mins
    Operation teams need to detect and correlate application problems with the real-time events happening on, both, the overlay and underlay networks. They also need capability for retrospective visualization into such problems. SD-WAN introduces new requirements for such advanced monitoring capabilities.

    LiveAction’s LiveNX™ is a robust visualization and analytics engine that integrates the network-generated metadata from Viptela SD-WAN technology to monitor application traffic on an end-to-end basis in real time. The retrospective visualization capability complements the intelligence provided by Viptela’s management solution and thus simplifies SD-WAN planning, monitoring and troubleshooting.

    This webinar will cover the major integration capabilities between LiveAction’s LiveNX and Viptela’s SD-WAN and share existing best practices to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of an SD-WAN deployment. These include:

    • Planning: Selecting pilot sites when planning SD-WAN deployments, identifying unsanctioned applications and end users, and establishing network utilization baselines which are used for right-sizing
    • Deployment: Using LiveNX real-time visualization to verify Viptela SD-WAN policies and assure services are not impacted in the event of brownouts or abnormal events
    • Management: Monitoring bandwidth and visualizing path control so network administrators can ensure application performance and mitigate problems before they affect users. Reporting on business applications to manage and optimize voice and video communications
  • Tech FIeld Day: Network Engineer Roundtable on Deploying SD-WAN Tech FIeld Day: Network Engineer Roundtable on Deploying SD-WAN Panel of 8 Network Architects, moderated by Tech Field Day Recorded: Jan 20 2017 51 mins
    Ten seasoned network engineers will debate on their views and experiences with SD-WAN. This roundtable discussion moderated by Tech Field Day focuses on how network professionals are analyzing and adopting SD-WAN technology, and integrating it into existing network architectures.

    SD-WAN has been the most rapidly deployed SDN technology. But major concerns remain on which features are the most fundamental and differentiating, and the maturity of the technology for large scale deployments. The major discussion topics will include:

    - Maturity of SD-WAN for prime-time deployment
    - Relative importance of features like routing, security, segmentation, vCPE, multi-tenancy, Application steering, SaaS, and Cloud.
    - ROI and the Before/After picture
    - Most typical use-cases across industries
    - Best practices in deploying SD-WAN based on personal experiences
  • Anuta: Network Orchestration for Managed Branch Services Anuta: Network Orchestration for Managed Branch Services Kiran Sirupa, Director of Marketing & Praveen Vengalam, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering, Anuta Networks Recorded: Jan 19 2017 36 mins
    SD-WAN presents a transformational opportunity for Telcos and MSPs to offer value added services. Anuta NCX orchestrator bridges the multi-vendor legacy and SD-WAN infrastructure for a smoother transition. Join us live to learn about Anuta's SD-WAN and vCPE customer deployments at global Tier-1 MSPs.
  • Zscaler: Cloud Security with SD-WAN, Case Studies and Best Practices Zscaler: Cloud Security with SD-WAN, Case Studies and Best Practices Sri Subramanian, Sr. Director of Product Management, Zscaler & David Klebanov, Director of Technical Marketing, Viptela Recorded: Jan 19 2017 47 mins
    Gartner estimates that by the end of 2019, 30% of enterprises will use SD-WAN technology in all their branches, up from less than 1% today. And as of Nov 2016, Gartner has estimated about 50,000 production SD-WAN deployments. SD-WAN is a transformational approach to simplifying branch office networking.

    However, security is a critical factor for SD-WAN adoption, especially for cloud and Internet applications. With Zscaler and Viptela you can now secure all Internet traffic without having to backhaul it to centralized DMZs. Customers have seen more than 50% WAN cost-savings while keeping their branch offices and employees protected.

    Join Viptela and Zscaler to discuss the best practices for securing your distributed enterprise with cloud security and SD-WAN. They will also cover:

    - Common use case scenarios for SD-WAN and cloud security
    - Real world deployment examples
    - Best practices for improving your security posture with cloud security
    - Zscaler and Viptela technical integration elements