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Data and Analytics

  • Using Analytics to Protect At-Risk Children
    Using Analytics to Protect At-Risk Children Beena Tharakan, Ernst & Young and Greg Henderson, SAS Recorded: Dec 15 2017 64 mins
    One of the paramount responsibilities of government is the protection of the welfare of youths and children. Study after study has demonstrated the correlation between contact and interaction with child protective services and later quality-of-life outcomes. And on too many occasions, at-risk youth become tragic statistics before they reach adulthood.

    In the on-demand webinar Using Advanced Analytics to Protect At-Risk Children, hosted by Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) Chief Executive Officer Robert Taylor, experts from SAS Institute and Ernst & Young discuss the challenges facing child welfare professionals, how data from disparate sources can flag high-risk situations, and how an evidence-based approach, focused on outcomes for at-risk children, can be driven through the operation, from policy-makers to program managers to front-line workers and improve outcomes.
  • The Dreamforce Dialogues: Applying the Best of DF17 to your 2018 Event Strategy
    The Dreamforce Dialogues: Applying the Best of DF17 to your 2018 Event Strategy Angelina Elhassan, James Huddleston, & Lillian Bui Recorded: Dec 14 2017 57 mins
    Join Certain, Demandbase, and Radius as we discuss the ins and outs of our events strategy in a live webcast on Thursday, December 14th at 1pm. From the planning timeline to key successes and challenges, we’re taking a look behind the curtain.

    You’ll walk away knowing how to:
    -Strategize your presence at conferences & tradeshows to make the most impact
    -Measure leading indicators of success and KPIs post event
    -Allocate your budget in the best way possible
  • The Last Mile: Implementing Your Data Strategy
    The Last Mile: Implementing Your Data Strategy Jen Underwood, Founder & Principal Consultant of Impact Analytix & Peter Sprague, VP of Product Management, Pyramid Analytics Recorded: Dec 14 2017 49 mins
    Data leaders face a daunting challenge: implementing enterprise-wide data strategies that deliver tangible wins without sacrificing security, agility, and transparency. To successfully implement their strategies, they must approach this by deploying a solution that leverages existing investments while meeting changing organizational needs. We will discuss best practices for taking their data strategies through the last mile and how an Analytics OS makes it possible.

    Key Takeaways:
    * Understanding of the need for an analytics strategy
    * Best practices around implementing an analytics strategy
    * How the needs of an analytics strategy tie in to the design of an analytics operating system
  • 5 Ways to Fuel Your Big Data Analytics in 2018
    5 Ways to Fuel Your Big Data Analytics in 2018 John Morrell, Senior Director Product Marketing, Datameer Recorded: Dec 14 2017 49 mins
    The big data analytics market has undergone continuous transformation since its’ inception and continued in 2017 with new innovations and a strong move to the cloud. But from the view of a customer, the world should be getting simpler, not more complex, and they expect products to make deployments faster and easier.

    Instead of complex, “piece together your own architecture” approaches, 2018 will be a year in which customers can really focus on what’s important – the data and analytics – and not the underlying technologies that support them, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

    In this session, John will explore five ways in which modern big data platforms will enable to you:

    -Accelerate your big data initiatives
    -Get more value from your data lakes
    -Drive faster, more innovative analytics
  • Real World Use Cases for AI
    Real World Use Cases for AI Nick Patience (451 Research) and Mark Gamble (OpenText) Recorded: Dec 14 2017 54 mins
    The key to your enterprise's success lies in leveraging data, AI and analytics to improve processes and optimize your business. But what technologies and techniques should you use and what sorts of problems can AI solve for you? Join us to hear Nick Patience, Principal Analyst at 451 Research, discuss AI and explore how machine learning-based analytics benefits organizations across a variety of use cases. The session will include an overview of Magellan - OpenText's new AI and analytics platform - and will feature live demos and a customer case study. Attend to learn how Magellan can provide a powerful, cost effective, flexible option for implementing AI in your organization.
  • RIDE Containerized Data Science IDE server For Enterprise
    RIDE Containerized Data Science IDE server For Enterprise Ali Marami, Data Science Advisor at R-Brain Recorded: Dec 14 2017 45 mins
    RIDE is an all-in-one, multi-user, multi-tenant, secure and scalable platform for developing and sharing Data Science and Analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in R, Python and SQL.

    RIDE supports developing in notebooks, editor, RMarkdown, shiny app, Bokeh and other frameworks. Supported by R-Brain’s optimized kernels, R and Python 3 have full language support, IntelliSense, debugger and data view. Autocomplete and content assistant are available for SQL and Python 2 kernels. Spark (standalone) and Tesnsorflow images are also provided.

    Using Docker in managing workspaces, this platform provides an enhanced secure and stable development environment for users with a powerful admin control for controlling resources and level of access including memory usage, CPU usage, and Idle time.

    The latest stable version of IDE is always available for all users without any need of upgrading or additional DevOps work. R-Brain also delivers customized development environment for organizations who are able to set up their own Docker registry to use their customized images.

    The RIDE Platform is a turnkey solution that increases efficiency in your data science projects by enabling data science teams to work collaboratively without a need to switch between tools. Explore and visualize data, share analyses, all in one IDE with root access, connection to git repositories and databases.
  • AR and VR by the Numbers: A Data First Approach to the Technology and Market
    AR and VR by the Numbers: A Data First Approach to the Technology and Market Nicolas Nadeau, President and Exostatic; Andrew Mayer, VR/AR Consultant Recorded: Dec 13 2017 46 mins
    With AR and VR technologies, it’s the first time that data collection has been part of the front-end strategy vs back-end process. As companies compete to create new, interactive experiences, data is the tool of choice to measure all aspects of player engagement and marketing effectiveness. In this webinar, two industry experts, Nicolas Nadeau and Andrew Mayer, will talk about the trends driving AR and VR markets today, and what data-driven approaches companies need to think about to compete in these markets tomorrow.

    Nicolas Nadeau - President, Exostatic

    Multidisciplinary entrepreneur who has been working in the gaming industry for more than 15 years, Nicolas produced video games for Ubisoft, Disney and Gameloft with his first company in 1999. He then joined the ranks of EA followed by Ubisoft as an economic designer and producer. He founded exostatic.com 5 years ago and worked with major clients such as Microsoft (US), BBC (UK), Hoplon (Brazil) & Warner Brothers. Amongst others, Exostatic is notably in charge of the complete app data pipeline for Mattel as well as analytics for one of the leading VR game developers, Survios.

    Andrew Mayer, VR/AR Consultant

    His unique insights on gameplay, platform, and player interaction have translated into highly successful projects in a variety of mediums, from tabletop to television (and everything in-between). During that time Andrew has worked with numerous companies including Sony, Time Warner, EA/Bioware, and Telepictures Productions. He has integrated interactive experiences with major intellectual properties, including Batman, Tonka Toys, Reader Rabbit, The Ellen Show, and much more.

    Andrew currently works as a consultant and teacher, helping students and companies create more powerful interactive experiences through the effective integration of play, content, engagement, and monetization across numerous platforms, including mobile, VR, and AR.
  • How B2C Marketers are Sharpening Their Targeting with Professional Data
    How B2C Marketers are Sharpening Their Targeting with Professional Data Meredith Berninger, Senior Account Director, Data Partnerships at LiveRamp and Orlando Perez, Sr Director, Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Dec 13 2017 33 mins
    Truth: Your customers’ professional attributes are just as important as their non-professional attributes. Career paths speak to who a person is - to their values and interests. When you know what someone does for a living or the company they work for, you have a better idea of their intentions and life trajectory. But these consumer insights are often forgotten when the marketing campaign is built and executed, which leaves money on the table.

    If you’re a data-driven marketer who is already using Household Income for targeting or a marketing leader who is ready to uplevel your targeting strategy, join LiveRamp and Dun & Bradstreet in a 30-minute webinar where you’ll learn:

    *How to marry personal and professional-level data for precision targeting
    *How professional-level data empowers better brand experience and campaign performance through examples
    *Is Professional-Level data right for your targeting strategy?: 3 Easy Questions
  • Using Augmented Analytics to Gain a Competitive Business Advantage
    Using Augmented Analytics to Gain a Competitive Business Advantage AnswerRocket: Pete Reilly and Mike Finley; Dayton Freight: Ryan Cronin Recorded: Dec 12 2017 45 mins
    Today’s companies need approaches to analytics that are both faster and smarter than ever before. Faster, because business users can no longer afford to wait days or weeks to get questions answered by overloaded technical analysts. And smarter, because it’s no longer sufficient to only report what happened when. Augmented analytics help users understand why activities are occurring, and how to make the right adjustments moving forward.

    In this webinar, we’ll share how augmented analytics is transforming business intelligence and analytics. Hear how leading transportation company Dayton Freight reduced their analytics process from hours to seconds and gained valuable insights that weren’t evident through traditional BI methods.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - How consumer-friendly paradigms such as natural language and search allow business users to quickly create their own analytics
    - How machine learning can quickly interpret sophisticated concepts and metrics specific to your company
    - How artificial intelligence can proactively alert users to business trends and outliers
  • Driving Value with Data Science
    Driving Value with Data Science Thomas W. Dinsmore, Director of Product Marketing, Cloudera Data Science Recorded: Dec 12 2017 46 mins
    This is the age of data science. We have more data, computing power and software packages than ever before, and we’re driving real value with data science. But challenges remain: fragmented and dirty data, collaboration issues, and long project cycle times.

    Keys to success: a ‘data-first’ approach, enabling collaboration, and a focus on prediction. Cloudera Data Science delivers the unified platform you need for rapid time to value with the most advanced machine learning techniques, including deep learning.
  • Shift Left: How testing early and often is best for the business and customer
    Shift Left: How testing early and often is best for the business and customer Nancy Gohring 451 Research and Steve Feloney CA Technologies Recorded: Dec 12 2017 50 mins
    Organizations in most any industry are feeling increasing pressure to move fast. But at what cost? Some have learned the hard way that skipping crucial processes, like testing, damages performance and impacts customer sentiments on your brand. In this case, the fast time to market becomes meaningless.

    Smart businesses are adapting to a shift left strategy. These teams are learning how to incorporate testing early and often in the release cycle, supporting business requirements to move fast while ensuring high-performing products and quality. But getting there isn’t easy. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    •Testing tools: tool choice is important. Not all tools have been designed to support this new paradigm.
    •Integrations: to be effective, testing tools must integrate easily with the tools and processes modern teams use, including CI/CD and APM products. Further, these tools must be very easy to use, specifically for developers.
    •Organizational models: shifting left requires changes to traditional organizations and culture. We’ll share insight into the successful models we’ve seen.
  • Delivering a Stickier Product with Embedded Analytics
    Delivering a Stickier Product with Embedded Analytics Jeanne Ngo, Senior Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Dec 12 2017 32 mins
    Analytics on your roadmap? Join this webinar to learn how product managers have benefitted with analytics embedded as a feature within their product. We will walk you through the common mistakes organizations make when implementing analytics, best practices to get to market faster and more effectively, as well as other tips gained from hundreds of embedded analytics implementations.

    Join this webcast to discuss:
    -The tricky “should you build or buy dilemma”
    -Steps to embedding analytics including vendor evaluation criteria
    -Overlooked challenges when embedding analytics into products
    -Pentaho customer examples and recognized ROI
  • GDPHuh? A Data-Driven Marketer's Guide to GDPR
    GDPHuh? A Data-Driven Marketer's Guide to GDPR Ed King, Founder & CEO, Openprise, and Maggie Taylor Aherne, Director of Operations, KickFire Recorded: Dec 12 2017 49 mins
    Just what every marketer needs—yet another alphabet soup regulation to deal with that takes time away from your most exciting initiatives.

    No need to panic, though. We’ll boil it down to what you need to know as a marketer. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in May 2018. In this webcast, speakers from Openprise and KickFire team up to share:

    - What GDPR is and why it matters
    - Concrete steps you need to take as a marketer to gain compliance
    - The top misconceptions you’re likely to hear around the water cooler
    - Case studies about the approach leading marketing teams are taking

    We’ll save you from dozens of 10-point font legalise and focus on the practical considerations. Don’t forget to bring your questions!
  • The Path to Digital Transformation: Adapting to a New Digital Economy
    The Path to Digital Transformation: Adapting to a New Digital Economy Gerry Campbell, CTO, Beachbody Recorded: Dec 12 2017 27 mins
    What if the music industry had created Napster before their industry was turned upside down? Or if Blockbuster acquired Netflix and became the streaming powerhouse? What would these businesses look like today if they had more readily responded to a changing market? Recently, wellness and fitness company, Beachbody, found themselves faced with a customer base whose needs and behaviors were drastically shifting. Instead of maintaining status quo, Beachbody forged a new, transformative path and set goals to serve more people, get them more engaged and serve the company.

    Join Beachbody CTO, Gerry Campbell, at the Digital Velocity conference, as he shares a true story of digital transformation and walks us through how the organization laid out goals and plans to holistically transform their digital business to adapt to the changing expectations of customers.
  • D&B DataVision: Unlock your growth potential
    D&B DataVision: Unlock your growth potential Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Dec 12 2017 7 mins
    The roles of B2B sales and marketing are colliding. And data is at the core of successfully bringing these functions together in a way that unlocks growth for your company.

    Find out how D&B DataVision can help you centralise and update multiple customer and prospect data sources for deeper insight and more accurate targeting to help you deliver higher quality leads that match your ideal target segments.
  • Become a Force in Customer Engagement
    Become a Force in Customer Engagement Ari Weil, Sr. Director, Industry Marketing, Akamai Recorded: Dec 7 2017 45 mins
    Digital disruption is creating opportunities and very real challenges for businesses large and small. Industry leaders understand that connecting with customers through the best digital experiences is key to competing in today’s marketplace. And laying the foundations for how those connections will evolve is even more critical to creating opportunities tomorrow. Hear from Akamai about the disruptive trends and digital innovations that will make you a customer engagement Jedi master.
  • In Search of the Golden Leads: A Discussion with Samantha Chow and LexisNexis
    In Search of the Golden Leads: A Discussion with Samantha Chow and LexisNexis Samantha Chow - Senior Analyst Aite Group and Stephen Guerra, Director Acquisition & Retention LexisNexis Risk Solutions Recorded: Dec 7 2017 56 mins
    Reaching the right insurance prospects, at the right time should be easier than ever before. However, this is not necessarily the reality. Despite increased data resources and analytic capabilities, insurance marketers continue to struggle to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to lead quality. This was just one of the findings in a recent Aite Group industry report titled ‘Lead Generation in Insurance: In Search of the Golden Leads,’ authored by Senior Analyst Samantha Chow. During this webinar Chow will uncover the findings of her report with LexisNexis Risk Solutions and discuss some of the innovative solutions available today for insurance carriers.
  • Analytics and Machine Learning Drives ITOA 2.0 for Better App Performance
    Analytics and Machine Learning Drives ITOA 2.0 for Better App Performance Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst at 451 Research and Kalyan Ramanathan, VP Product Marketing at Sumo Logic Recorded: Dec 7 2017 50 mins
    Today’s leading enterprises are striving to deliver high performance, highly scalable and always-on digital services. Built using a host of modern tools including microservices, multiple cloud platforms, containers and DevOps practices, these apps present new challenges for operations teams when it comes to understanding and driving performance.

    Although IT operations analytics (ITOA) tools bring visibility to IT teams, they don’t operate well in today’s complex and heterogeneous environments. A new breed of ITOA solutions (ITOA 2.0), driven by advancements in machine learning and big-data technologies are poised to better respond to the needs of IT pros responsible for the modern complex applications.

    In this webinar, we will discuss:

    •The driving factors behind the evolution of ITOA to ITOA 2.0
    •How machine learning and analytics play a central role
    •Why correlation of logs and metrics is becoming critical for monitoring tools
    •How organizations can leverage ITOA 2.0 technologies to reduce mean time to identify the source of problems and repair them
  • Baselines & Benchmarks –Making Open Source Big Data Analytics Easy
    Baselines & Benchmarks –Making Open Source Big Data Analytics Easy Arjuna Chala, Sr. Director of Special Projects for the HPCC Systems Recorded: Dec 7 2017 48 mins
    Bringing heterogeneous data into a homogenous data warehouse environment is one of the most daunting aspects of any big data implementation.

    Even though Apache Spark and HPCC Systems Thor can be thought of as complementary, there is interest in comparing their performance with data analytics-related benchmarks, specifically transformation, cleaning, normalization, and aggregation. Join us to hear how HPCC Systems Thor's performance compares to Apache Spark utilizing standard benchmarking methodologies.

    Learn how these benchmarks and HPCC Systems can help you establish new baselines that:
    •Improve the speed and accuracy of the transformation, cleaning, normalization, and aggregation processes
    •Enable efficient use of developer resources and development budgets
    •Facilitate the use of standard hardware, operating systems, and protocols
  • How Facebook Advertising Can Drive Calls and Real-World Engagement
    How Facebook Advertising Can Drive Calls and Real-World Engagement Juan Venegas, Director of Marketing, Telmetrics & Janet Janzen, Digital Marketing Specialist, Telmetrics Recorded: Dec 6 2017 32 mins
    In recent years, social media advertising has evolved from generating mere clicks to websites to generating leads with a high probability to buy. The latest development in this evolution has been to promote calls and messages as a way to engage with ads. In this summit, we’ll cover why calls and texts should be an important part of your social strategy and why call tracking technology is a must for Facebook Ads that drive calls. Expect to learn about strategies to get the most out of social calls and messages, call tracking tactics you can use today and some surprising data on calls and social.

    Presenter Info:

    Juan Venegas, Director of Marketing
    With 12-years of experience in marketing, Juan has a deep understanding of digital marketing strategy as well as a proven track record in creating successful performance-driven online marketing programs for consumer and business markets.

    Janet Janzen, Digital Marketing Specialist
    Janet Janzen is knowledgeable in all aspects of digital marketing from SEO, paid advertising, call tracking and analytics, as well as CRM management.
  • Procurement Integrity: Fraud, Waste and Abuse
    Procurement Integrity: Fraud, Waste and Abuse Jen Dunham, SAS Principal Solutions Architect and Yolande Byrd, Director, FACTS Consulting Recorded: Dec 6 2017 19 mins
    Procurement fraud is prevalent. How can you thwart an attack? How can you prevent some of the most common themes like collusion and false claims?

    Listen to our experts as they take a high-level approach to explaining the disruption to global businesses and how all industries are susceptible. You’ll learn about specific problems and how analytics provides answers.
  • Stop losing game revenue and players to cyber attacks
    Stop losing game revenue and players to cyber attacks Ryan Safarian, VP of Engineering, JumpRamp Games Recorded: Dec 6 2017 61 mins
    Cyberattacks cost companies over $1 million per day and the video game industry is being targeted more than ever. The global audience is huge and growing across demographics. The number of platforms, from personal computers, consoles and hand-helds to smartphones and tablets, makes a smorgasbord of vulnerable users.

    And then the bad guys get to work. Accounts are hacked to rip off virtual items your users have invested time and money on, and real-world identification and financial information is harvested for sale. All told, DoS attacks piss off users and drop game income, and more.

    Game publishers and developers are the ones who end up shouldering the blame, taking massive financial and reputational hits. But there are increasingly sophisticated ways to lock out the hackers, keep your users safe, and your intellectual property secure.

    Join this VB Live event to learn from digital security experts about the four key perimeters of defense, how to proactively secure your environment, and protect against the increasing number of hacks, DDoS attacks, and more.

    Register here for free.

    You’ll learn about:
    * How to prevent data breaches, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, remote file inclusion, and other cyberattacks.
    * Integrating cloud and on-premises solutions
    * How to handle larger, Internet-scale attacks
    * Preventing the reputation hit that hacked accounts or downed sites bring

    * Ryan Safarian, VP Engineering, JumpRamp Games
    * Arash S.Haghighi, Manager of Infrastructure, Smilegate West
    * Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat, VentureBeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Akamai
  • How Open Sourced Big Data is Helping to Fuel World Sustainability
    How Open Sourced Big Data is Helping to Fuel World Sustainability Jeff Bradshaw, Group CTO, Adaptris within Proagrica & Flavio Villanustre, Vice President of Technology, HPCC Systems Recorded: Dec 6 2017 48 mins
    As farmers grapple with how they will feed an increasing global population, the need to harness data and analytics has become more critical. Changing diets, demand for healthier food options, and decreasing water availability are just some of the challenges that face agriculture today. Combine that with global market volatility and rising input costs such as water, chemicals, seeds, and more and it is harder than ever for farmers to be profitable and sustainable.

    As Proagrica searched for ways to help the agriculture industry use data-driven decision making for crops and livestock production, they decided to adopt HPCC Systems® as their big data partner. HPCC Systems not only delivered a scalable, resilient and secure platform, but it also met their projected future expansion needs.

    Join Jeff Bradshaw, Group CTO for Adaptris within Proagrica and Flavio Villanustre, Vice President of Technology for HPCC Systems, as they discuss how they implemented HPCC Systems and the Adaptris enterprise service bus to incorporate massive, diverse data sets from within complex, secure environments. Jeff and Flavio will share insights on best implementation practices to deliver clean/quality data, provide data security, and deliver the real-time analytics their customers demanded.

    In this webcast, Proagrica will share their mission and their experiences with:

    · The open source, end to end big data processing platform, HPCC Systems
    · Rapid development with a growing set of real time data sources
    · Seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure to simplify deployment and management capabilities
    · Real-time data ingestion and flexible stream processing from massively diverse data sets
    · Enabling real-time analytics while providing for data security
  • D&B Hoovers – A Powerful Sales Intelligence Solution
    D&B Hoovers – A Powerful Sales Intelligence Solution Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Dec 6 2017 3 mins
    The new D&B Hoovers is a sales acceleration solution that helps you close business faster by leveraging data and analytics.
  • Why automation is key in accelerating due diligence
    Why automation is key in accelerating due diligence Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Dec 5 2017 2 mins
    Compliance as a practice is often seen as burden, and automation is one answer to reducing the burden. Organisations are at different levels of maturity in adopting automation in their compliance processes. However, most companies are trying to improve consistency, reduce subjectivity and use some level of tools (software, data and managed services). Best-in class organisations have automated their compliance programs to reduce the burden and cost of compliance and then re-invest those saving into further innovations.
  • 30min Demo Webinar: Lightning-Fast Insights w/Periscope's Unified Data Platform
    30min Demo Webinar: Lightning-Fast Insights w/Periscope's Unified Data Platform Brett Li, Senior Product Marketing Manager Dec 19 2017 5:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    In this 30-minute demo webinar, you will learn about how Periscope Data’s Unified Data Platform can help you:

    • Unify your teams — from business, analysts, and engineers under a single end-to-end platform

    • Accelerate your analytics — by connecting directly to your data sources, blending them, and delivering actionable charts and dashboards, no modeling required

    • Uncover true insights — by enabling powerful and flexible ad hoc analysis with a single solution

    • Share your insights anytime, anywhere — with live dashboards, reports, or embedded charts

    • Know your data is secure and up-to-date with our best-in-class security and 99.9% uptime.
  • Providing a Seamless Customer Onboarding Experience in 2018
    Providing a Seamless Customer Onboarding Experience in 2018 Sean Naismith, Head of Analytics Services at Enova Decisions Jan 10 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Many of the challenges businesses across industries will face in 2018 impact customer onboarding. In this webinar, Sean Naismith, Head of Analytics Services at Enova Decisions, with guest speaker Eddie Glenn, Product Marketing Manager at Iovation, discuss these challenges and explore how machine learning and digital decisioning can enable businesses to overcome these challenges to deliver a seamless customer onboarding experience.

    Key Takeaways:
    •What are major customer onboarding challenges?
    •What is machine learning and digital decisioning?
    •How can machine learning and digital decisioning address customer onboarding challenges?

    Industries: Financial Services, Telecommunications, Communications, Insurance
    Titles: Manager, Director, VP, CEO/CFO/COO/CIO/CTO
    Roles: Product Owner, Risk, Analytics, Finance
  • The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 10
    The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 10 HPCC Systems Jan 18 2018 4:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Join us as we continue this series of webinars specifically designed for the community by the community with the goal to share knowledge, spark innovation and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community.

    Episode 10 will kick off our first Tech Talk in 2018 and includes 15 minute Tech Talks featuring speakers from the community:

    1) Chris Gropp, PhD candidate, Clemson University - Asking the Right Questions with Machine Learning

    The HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library contains a number of powerful tools, but it is important to use them properly. Chris will discuss how to ask the right questions by taking a step backwards from the methods themselves and examining the requirements defined by the applications.

    2) Rodrigo Pastrana, Software Architect, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - Creating Front-facing Web Services to Deliver your HPCC Systems Query Data

    The HPCC Systems platform provides everything you need to easily create production grade web services to deliver your query data. Rodrigo will discuss the tools and frameworks provided by the HPCC Systems platform and walk through the end-to-end creation of a sample web service.

    3) Richard Taylor, Chief Trainer, HPCC Systems, LexisNexis Risk Solutions – ECL Tips and Cool Tricks

    Join Richard for the latest tips and tricks with using ECL!
  • Artificial Intelligence in Financial Crimes
    Artificial Intelligence in Financial Crimes David Stewart, SAS; Carl Suplee, SAS; Kerem Muezzinoglu, SAS Jan 18 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Financial institutions are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to automate manual processes, emulate human decisions, and improve the accuracy of surveillance strategies. Given the sophistication of fraud attacks and ever increasing regulatory scrutiny, firms are implementing advanced analytical approaches to be more agile, effective, and efficient.
  • What Will You Gain From The GDPR Changes?
    What Will You Gain From The GDPR Changes? Peter Wright, Managing Director, Digital Law UK & Lindsay McEwan, VP & Managing Director, Tealium EMEA Jan 25 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) give customers control of their data. Discover the opportunities for you and your business in becoming GDPR compliant.

    During this webinar we will explore the key topics within these legislative changes and the advantages each one presents, including:

    - What is GDPR?
    - Penalties
    - Specific Informed Consent under GDPR
    - Breach Notification
    - Subject Access Requests
    - The Right to be Forgotten
    - A Consumer's Right to Data Portability
    - Privacy by Design
    - We’re in this Together
  • The Advantages of Open Source for Enterprise
    The Advantages of Open Source for Enterprise Ben Bromhead, CTO and Co-Founder, Instaclustr Feb 5 2018 6:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    Our bi-weekly webinar series will each focus on a few of the key benefits of open source software for enterprise.

    Adoption of open source software (OSS) at the enterprise level has flourished, as more businesses discover the considerable advantages that open source solutions hold over their proprietary counterparts, and as the enterprise mentality around open source continues to shift.

    In this three part series you will discover:
    - How to make smart use of open source software
    - Why Cassandra is a smart business decision
    - How to ensure your applications run smoothly on Cassandra
    - Why open source is the new norm
    - How to leverage the power of the open source community