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Data and Analytics

  • Ruths.ai: See Your Data For The First Time
    Ruths.ai: See Your Data For The First Time Kyle LaMotta, Analytics Director at Ruths.ai Recorded: Oct 16 2018 28 mins
    It’s an exciting moment when you see your data in a visualized graphic for the first time! In this webinar, we’ll talk about how data exploration for a small company led them to a surprising conclusion about one of their business units.

    This is the first step in our four-part webinar series called Everyday Analytics. In this series, we will be sharing stories of tough problems that clients have faced, and how TIBCO Spotfire® analytics was a part of that solution. It’s the human side of data analytics, and how Spotfire has helped businesses small to large.

    Join Kyle LaMotta, Analytics Director at Ruths.ai, who will show you how to easily find trends and insights in your data through visualization.

    In this webinar, Kyle will present:

    Exploring data in Spotfire for the first time, the best tips!
    Converting quick insights into dashboards in less than five minutes.
    Using the Spotfire Recommendation engine to quickly visualize data.
    Watch now to begin your visual analytics journey!
  • Analyzing global discussions with Exasol, Alteryx and the Twitter API
    Analyzing global discussions with Exasol, Alteryx and the Twitter API Natasha Kurakina, The Data School; William Guicheney, The Data School; Eva Murray, Exasol Recorded: Oct 16 2018 57 mins
    A small team of data experts collaborated to collect, analyze and visualize Twitter data from the UN General Assembly. In this webinar we will take you through the data collection, preparation, transformation and loading process and show a live demo of the Alteryx workflow that was used.
    Join us, ask questions during the webinar and see how you could easily build a data pipeline to collect information about a specific event or initiative.
    This webinar is targeted at any level of expertise, we will explain concepts, processes and individual steps taken with the different tools.
  • How Identity Resolution Maximizes the Value of MDM
    How Identity Resolution Maximizes the Value of MDM Lesley Hanly, Sr Director, Product Management, Prash Chandramohan, Director, Product Marketing Recorded: Oct 11 2018 60 mins
    Enterprises seeking growth and competitive advantage turn to master data management (MDM). MDM provides the trusted foundation for delivering successful business outcomes from data-driven insights to mergers and acquisitions, governance and compliance, and customer experience programs.

    When identity resolution is at the heart of an MDM solution, it ensures the anticipated value of your most strategic business initiatives. Identity resolution enables you to search and analyze disparate data sets to find a match and create unique identities from multiple records. But not all identity resolution methodologies are created equal. In this webinar, Informatica experts will examine:
    •The common challenges associated with identity resolution
    •The various approaches to matching identities across applications, and where some methodologies fall short
    •How to evaluate your data matching tactics
    •The algorithms behind the most advanced data matching engine, only from Informatica

    Informatica’s innovative approach to identity resolution allows maximum impact from your MDM investment. Join the experts with more than a decade focused on applying the best techniques to ensure the success of your MDM journey.
  • How to Empower Yourself to Empower Others
    How to Empower Yourself to Empower Others Sheree Atcheson, Board-Appointed Global Ambassador, Women Who Code Recorded: Oct 10 2018 62 mins
    This webinar will focus on understanding your own value and how you can use that to become an influential person in your industry.

    Listed as one of the UK's Top Most Influential Women in Tech & an international multi-award winner for her services to Diversity & Inclusion in the Tech industry, Sheree (@nirushika) is a Consultant, Deloitte; Founder, I Am Lanka; Board-Appointed Global Ambassador, Women Who Code; Forbes, Contributor.

    Sheree is a global tech outreach leader and the aim of her career is ensuring people are aware of the fantastic opportunities the tech industry has to offer & make certain that people (regardless of gender, race, social stature) are able to benefit from these & reach their full career potential.
  • 12 Ways to Turbocharge TIBCO Analytics with TIBCO Data Virtualization
    12 Ways to Turbocharge TIBCO Analytics with TIBCO Data Virtualization Shawn Rogers, Bob Eve, Steve Archut Recorded: Oct 9 2018 51 mins
    In this webinar, we will explore today's analytics data challenges from both the analytics and data engineering leaders perspectives so you can learn about:

    -The 12 analytic data challenges faced by data scientists, business analysts, BI developers, and other analytics users
    -How data engineers can use TIBCO Data Virtualization to overcome these challenges
    -Best practices for implementation success
  • How to Make Third-Party Risk Management Less Painful
    How to Make Third-Party Risk Management Less Painful Amy Hayenhjelm and Neil Isherwood Recorded: Oct 8 2018 52 mins
    Managing a compliance program can be extremely disruptive to an organisation. Firms must not only run checks on potential customers, but also ensure that third-party risk is a key part of their comprehensive compliance program, to avoid exposure to bribery and corruption and the associated reputational ramifications.

    Dun & Bradstreet’s Amy Hayenhjelm and Neil Isherwood discuss “How to make third-party risk management less painful”, in this latest webinar, as part of the International Compliance Assocation's (ICA) #BigCompConvo webinar series. Watch this video to hear practical recommendations for faster & efficient onboarding and the successful management of third party compliance.
  • The Data-Driven CMO: Master Marketing Attribution With Search-Driven Analytics
    The Data-Driven CMO: Master Marketing Attribution With Search-Driven Analytics Scott Holden, Chief Marketing Officer, ThoughtSpot Recorded: Oct 4 2018 60 mins
    Join CMO, Scott Holden, in a live webinar to learn how his team has mastered marketing attribution with ThoughtSpot’s search-driven analytics. Using ThoughtSpot, Scott’s entire marketing team can now analyze all their marketing data in one place without waiting weeks.
    We'll cover:
    - Top data sources and key metrics to include when building out your marketing analytics program
    - Best practices for transform your team into a data-driven marketing masters
    - How search-driven analytics is enabling the entire marketing team to analyze attribution without a team of data scientists
  • Sirius Decisions Insights:  How Data Quality impacts the Demand Waterfall
    Sirius Decisions Insights: How Data Quality impacts the Demand Waterfall John Donlon, Senior Research Director, Marketing Operations Strategies, Sirius Decisions, Chris Lynde CEO, at SaleScout Recorded: Oct 4 2018 60 mins
    How much $ are you really losing from “bad” data in your demand gen campaigns?

    Given that the average B2B organization sees contact data double every 12-18 months, the sheer quantity of this data and its fluidity makes it very difficult for most companies to keep up. Sirius Decisions’ research shows that 10-25 percent of contact records include critical data errors that impact the day to day operations of marketing and sales teams.

    Join John Donlon, industry expert at Sirius Decisions, and Chris Lynde, CEO at SaleScout Data Solutions, for a one-hour webinar to discover:

    • Sirius Decisions insights on data quality, marketing operations, and the demand waterfall
    • How to estimate the impact of “bad” data on your company
    • Best practices in data quality processes that increase conversion rates and accelerate revenue
    • Case studies that demonstrate the revenue impact of improved data quality for companies like RingCentral, WeWork, and CenturyLink

    About the presenters:

    John Donlon is a dynamic, results-driven leader who thrives on helping organizations accelerate the maturity of their business operations. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing operations implementing large-scale, enterprise-wide technology solutions for companies like Staples, Capital One, Wells Fargo and GE Capital to drive sustainable gains. John earned an MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia.

    Chris Lynde is a veteran of the big data industry. Under his leadership, SaleScout has become a B2B sales and marketing solutions provider recognized for data verification and accuracy, and the preferred partner for CRM hygiene, contact optimization and targeted leads. Chris is a serial entrepreneur with 35 years of experience leading startups and large database marketing divisions within public companies, including Equifax, Experian, MDC Partners and EDS/Neodata.
  • How to Use Your Data to Drive Sales Leads and Conversions
    How to Use Your Data to Drive Sales Leads and Conversions Danny Moschke, Digital Strategist, Tealium EMEA & Korbinian Spann, Data Management Industry Expert Recorded: Oct 4 2018 55 mins
    Data should not be underestimated as it is a company's greatest asset. The ability to collect customer data from multiple sources of interaction and act on it in a unified way is key to generating leads, increasing conversions and improving customer experiences.

    Join this interactive discussion to learn:

    - The relationship between data and revenue

    - How data sources can be used and the insights garnered

    - What are common problems and how to solve them

    - The role of data across your sales cycle

    - 5 Steps you can take to start driving sales leads and conversions from your data
  • Marketing Analytics: How a Data Company Manages Marketing Data
    Marketing Analytics: How a Data Company Manages Marketing Data Fraser Harris, Head of Product at Fivetran, Ryan Segar, Head of Sales Engineering & Brenna Robinson, Head of Growth Marketing Recorded: Oct 3 2018 30 mins
    Marketing is increasingly becoming a data-driven function — tracking more activity than ever before — but how can you make sense of it all? What tools do you need? What roles do the marketer and the analyst or technical partner play?

    Follow along with Head of Product at Fivetran, and Periscope Data’s Head of Growth Marketing and Head of Sales Engineering to get a full picture of how a data company handles marketing metrics — from the perspective of both the data analyst and the marketing professional.

    This webinar will cover:
    - Setting objectives and goals for marketing analytics
    - Tying together disparate marketing data sources
    - Some best practice dashboards Periscope uses
    - How analytics and marketing should work together — and how analysts can enable marketers to explore their own datasets
  • So You’ve Got a Data Catalog...Now What?
    So You’ve Got a Data Catalog...Now What? Scott Gidley, Vice President of Product Recorded: Oct 3 2018 41 mins
    Achieving actionable insights from data is the goal of any organization. To help in this regard, data catalogs are being deployed to build an inventory of data assets that provides both business and IT users a way to discover, organize and describe enterprise data assets. This is a good first step that helps all types of users easily find relevant data to extract insights from.

    Increasingly, end users want to take the next step in provisioning or procuring this data into a sandbox or analytics environment for further use. Attend this session to see how organizations are looking to build actionable data catalogs via a data marketplace, that allow self-service access to data without sacrificing data governance and security policies.

    Learn how to provide governed access and visibility to the data lake while still staying on track and within budget. Join Scott Gidley, Zaloni’s Vice President of Product, as he discusses:
    - Architecting your data lake to support next-gen data catalogs
    - Rightsizing governance for self-service data
    - Where a data catalog falls short and how to address
    - Success use cases
  • How to Engage Buyers & Sellers in Your Digital Marketplace
    How to Engage Buyers & Sellers in Your Digital Marketplace Jeff Nolan, CMO, Kahuna and Sigrid Zeuthen, Marketing Manager, Besedo Recorded: Oct 3 2018 53 mins
    A whopping 94% of companies see higher engagement and conversion rates (Econsultancy) when they commit to optimizing the customer experience.

    In today’s competitive landscape, where buyers and sellers have numerous sites to choose from, marketplaces must do whatever they can to stand apart from others. It’s easy to be competitive on price and inventory, but delivering an effective and memorable customer experience to create a loyal user base is a whole different ball game. Customer experience is the deal-maker (or deal-breaker) for marketplaces.

    To ensure your platform will create committed, engaged buyers and sellers for the long-term, you must meet their expectations for a high quality and highly personalized experience throughout the customer journey. This means going beyond sending emails with a “Hello [First Name]” greeting; it means personalizing and polishing every component of the user’s interaction with the platform and with each other. The result? An increase in engagement, conversion, and retention.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:
    -How to create an engaging onboarding experience that fosters buyer and seller stickiness
    -How to optimize for engagement at every buyer/seller touchpoint across your site
    -How to further encourage buyer and seller engagement post-transaction
    -How to incorporate personalization into every aspect of your user flow and deliver an unmatched customer experience as a result
  • Location data: The secret to really knowing your customer
    Location data: The secret to really knowing your customer David Bairstow, SVP Product Management, Skyhook Recorded: Oct 3 2018 60 mins
    Where are your target customers going, and how are they spending their time and, more importantly, their dollars? Location data and intelligence – not just on how consumers are interacting with your brand but also with your competitors – is key to crafting a killer consumer experience and reaching them when and where their hearts and minds (and wallets) are ready to be captured.

    From foot traffic patterns and location visits to frequency analysis, custom venue visit analysis offers powerful, actionable insights to companies looking for a competitive edge in a crowded field. Learn how to capture new customer interest, keep older customers coming back, and boost your market share when you join this VB Live event!

    Register for free now!

    During this webinar you’ll learn how to:
    * Boost engagement with location-based consumer insights and competitive intelligence
    * Gain insight into the behavioral patterns of customers and prospects
    * Apply the best use of location data for your business

    * David Bairstow, SVP Product Management, Skyhook
    * Sheryl Jacobson, Principal Consulting Strategy and Analytics, Deloitte Consulting LLP
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst at Large, VentureBeat (Moderator)

    Sponsored by Skyhook
    SISCIN | FILE ANALYSIS, ARCHIVING AND FILE SEARCHING SOLUTION Waterford Technologies Recorded: Oct 3 2018 4 mins
    SISCIN from Waterford Technologies allows the creation of policies based on data profile for retention, deduplication or archiving, enabling full control in managing your file data. With flexible storage control to archive directly to the Cloud or locally. Giving organisations the performance and scalability of the Cloud with their existing server infrastructure.
  • Can your data infrastructure support AI marketing?
    Can your data infrastructure support AI marketing? Rolf Schromgens, CEO, Trivago Recorded: Oct 3 2018 62 mins
    Are you AI-ready? You need to be. Artificial intelligence marketing applications are delivering on their promise to source new insights to grow your business fast, AI technology is becoming available to any company looking for a competitive edge, and now’s the time to move, if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

    But the challenge is not just in defining an AI strategy; it requires developing the infrastructure to support it.

    Should you be developing in-house, or look to available technology and collaborate with outside experts? Keep deployment on-premise, or reach for the cloud? Can your current infrastructure, from server performance to processing power, stand up to the demands of increasingly complex AI applications?

    Get ready to level up your marketing strategy with AI, advance your technological capabilities in smart, strategic ways, learn how to make sure your next infrastructure move helps you exploit the AI advantage and more when you join this VB Live event!

    Register for free!

    Attend this webinar and learn:
    * How to tell if your marketing and IT departments are AI-ready
    * The fundamentals of an AI-driven infrastructure
    * The role of clean, definable data goals in successful AI implementation
    * How to scale the AI workload

    * Andrew Malinow, PhD., Principal Data Scientist, Zylotech
    * Rolf Schromgens, CEO, Trivago
    * Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer, TGI Friday's
    * Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst, Forrester
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Zylotech
  • The Impact of CRM in the Relationship Era
    The Impact of CRM in the Relationship Era Director of Demand Generation, ProsperWorks - Harvey Rañola Recorded: Oct 1 2018 29 mins
    If you’ve ever wondered about the return on your CRM investment, this webinar is for you. We’re taking a deep dive into the results from a recent survey and crunched the numbers to see how using a CRM has helped:

    • Reduce the number of hours spent on data entry per week
    • Improve team collaboration on closing deals
    • Decrease the time it takes to follow up with prospects and customers
    • Increase business revenue
    • And more...

    Watch the on demand webinar today and see how your business stacks up!
    MailMeter solves multiple business problems for organisations that need to retain and retrieve email records, are suffering from overwhelming email volumes, or that recognise the importance of email as a critical asset and source of business intelligence.

    We provide both on-premise and fully hosted solutions.
  • Fischen im Data Lake
    Fischen im Data Lake Thomas Niewel, Technical Sales Director, Denodo Recorded: Sep 28 2018 44 mins
    Data Lakes sind zentrale Datenspeicher, in denen sämtliche Daten gespeichert werden, die von Data Scientiest benötigt werden. Man kann sagen, ein One-Stop-Shop für Data Scientiests.

    Die Architektur eines traditionellen Data Lakes hat jedoch zwei gravierende Nachteile:

    1) Big Data Projekte, die zu groß sind um sie in eine zentrale Umgebung zu kopieren
    2) Die eingeschränkte Nutzung

    Was ist die Lösung? Ein multi-funktionaler Data Lake!

    Was Sie in diesem Webinar lernen:

    •Was Sie vermeiden sollten um das Potenzial Ihres Data Lake nicht zu schwächen
    •Welche Funktionalitäten der Data Lake haben sollte, um Erkenntnisse daraus zu gewinnen
    •Warum ein multifunktional genutzter Data Lake für ein universelles Data Delivery Systems unerlässlich ist
    •Wie Sie einen logischen Mehrzweck-Data Lake mit Datenvirtualisierung aufbauen
  • Turning real time customer activity into real time revenue through Big Data
    Turning real time customer activity into real time revenue through Big Data Louis Polycarpou, Presales Manager Big Data Specialists and Rasmus Skov Knudsen, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting Recorded: Sep 28 2018 44 mins
    Advancements in data management technology are enabling retailers to reinvent themselves to rapidly respond to changing customer expectations. In this session we will look at how Big data and streaming analytics allows retailers to derive insights from data generated by new technology deployed instore and online to offer unique and compelling customer experiences across all channels.

    Louis Polycarpou shares his knowledge of how big data management and streaming technologies are being used within the retail sector to better engage consumers and boost profits.
  • How to Expand Your Marketplace or Classifieds Business in Latin America
    How to Expand Your Marketplace or Classifieds Business in Latin America Sameer Patel, CEO, Kahuna Recorded: Sep 27 2018 34 mins
    Expanding your marketplace or classifieds platform into new markets across Latin America is a tempting idea, considering that by 2019, 155.5 million people in Latin America will buy goods & services online, accounting for 1 in 4 people in the population.

    But, expansion carries risks that you will need to manage. The geography is vast with culture and language differences along with different tax and regulatory structures. How do you know when it’s the right time to expand, where to expand to, or whether to expand at all?

    Listen to our short but impactful 30-minute webinar to hear from Kahuna along with Restorando, Latin America’s #1 restaurant bookings site, and UltraCasas.com, Bolivia’s #1 property portal, as we discuss driving growth in your digital marketplace and expanding into new markets.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    -The playbook to successful expansion in Latin America, including both the internal and external signals indicating that expansion is the right decision
    -Mistakes, pitfalls, and wrong assumptions to be cautious about when expanding into new regions
    -How to expand into regions where there is already a dominant competitor
    -How Restorando and Ultracasas.com have approached this issue…and found success
  • Citizen Data Science Webinar Series - How To Do Data Right
    Citizen Data Science Webinar Series - How To Do Data Right Kyle Dempsey, Sr. Professional Services Engineer at Periscope Data Recorded: Sep 27 2018 26 mins
    This is the second webinar in our “Citizen Data Science” series. Our first webinar, “Getting Started with Citizen Data Scientists,” covered the importance of citizen data scientists, how to get them enabled and how to empower them.

    To some citizen data scientists, data is a new language that they’re unfamiliar with translating into insights. For others, they’re eager to dive in and curious to explore, but reluctant to communicate their findings because they don’t have experience translating data into tactical operations.

    These new business-focused analysts need to be confident that they’re utilizing data properly. To empower these new data dives, Kyle Dempsey, senior professional services engineer at Periscope Data pulled together a collection of tips to make sure first-time analysts are doing data right.

    Join Kyle on September 27th, 2018 at 10 a.m. PDT as he walks through how to:
    - Define your analysis and outcomes
    - Understand what data is available and know how to ask for more
    - Ask questions in a way that allows data to answer them
    - Use data to inform decisions
    - Enable collaboration between technical and nontechnical teams
  • From Homegrown to Commercial PIM: Transition Strategies for Success
    From Homegrown to Commercial PIM: Transition Strategies for Success Alison Tran, Client Partner, EIS; Chantal Schweizer, Principal Consultant, EIS Recorded: Sep 27 2018 54 mins
    As your business and product data complexity grows, so too may your need for an enhanced PIM system that accounts for numerous operating units, separate companies, global operations, and more.

    How do you judge whether you are ready to jump from your homegrown solution? And if you’re ready to make the jump, what is the best path to ensure that you transition from one system to another successfully?

    In this session you will learn:

    * The milestones that signal your readiness to take on a commercial PIM
    * Best practices when making the transition to a commercial PIM
    * How to align your PIM strategy to a logical data model

    Alison Tran, EIS, Client Partner, brings over 14 years of business and technology consulting experience in technology adoption, software implementation, organizational redesign, change management and process reengineering.
    Chantal Schweizer, EIS, Principal Consultant, a senior information organization professional with over 10 years experience in product information and taxonomy design.
  • Cloud y virtualización de datos en menos de 3 minutos
    Cloud y virtualización de datos en menos de 3 minutos Denodo Recorded: Sep 27 2018 3 mins
    Cómo migrar fácilmente a la nube con virtualización de datos.

    Para que el proceso de migración en la nube sea lo más transparente posible, las empresas necesitan una arquitectura de datos moderna que les permita integrar sus datos fácilmente.

    En este vídeo te explicamos cómo la virtualización de datos puede facilitar este proceso, al permitir a los usuarios de negocio acceder fácilmente a las fuentes de los datos y con las convenciones de nombres correctas al migrar a los sistemas en la nube.

    Ahora puedes probar Denodo gratis con un test drive: http://bit.ly/2OOR5zv
  • Choosing the Optimal Processing Framework for an AWS Data Lake
    Choosing the Optimal Processing Framework for an AWS Data Lake Raj Rana, Senior Solution Architect Recorded: Sep 26 2018 63 mins
    As more organizations migrate to the cloud to take advantage of the cost efficiency, resiliency, scalability and flexibility that comes along with it; they’re finding the number of data processing options are staggering. Should they choose Spark over Presto? How about Redshift Spectrum over Athena?

    Each have their own unique capabilities and might not be suitable for every scenario. Choosing the correct one can have a direct impact on an organization's bottom line.

    Join Raj Rana, a Senior Solution Architect at Zaloni, as he discusses what it takes to successfully deploy the optimal AWS processing frameworks for a variety of situations.

    Topics covered include:
    - Current offerings in AWS
    - Pricing models of each service
    - What fits where? - considerations when choosing a processing framework
  • AI for BI: The Future of Self-Service Analytics
    AI for BI: The Future of Self-Service Analytics Amit Prakash, Co-founder & CTO, ThoughtSpot Recorded: Sep 26 2018 60 mins
    Artificial intelligence stands to make the most significant impact on the global economy of any technology in the last century, adding $15.7 trillion to the economy. In analytics alone, AI is expected to create nearly $6 trillion in revenue.

    But that raises some serious questions. How exactly is AI going to change BI? What do data professionals need to know to stay ahead of the curve? What will the economy look like in world powered by AI-driven analytics?

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    * Why now is the time for enterprise companies to capitalize on AI
    * Why trust is a key pillar for AI adoption in BI
    * How Search makes SpotIQ, ThoughtSpot’s AI-Driven analytics possible
    * Real-life customer use cases and SpotIQ live demo
  • How AI-Powered Consumer Messaging Can Help You Engage & Retain More Customers
    How AI-Powered Consumer Messaging Can Help You Engage & Retain More Customers Sameer Patel Oct 17 2018 6:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    91% of consumers unsubscribe from emails. 60% of consumers opt out of push notifications. $280 billion is abandoned in digital shopping carts every year. Only 32% of customers make a second purchase with a brand within the same year.
    What do these startling facts about consumer habits tell us as marketers? Consumers’ attention and loyalty are not guaranteed. In fact, it’s an uphill battle for brands to stand out from the noise and compel consumers to not only listen to them but to buy from them, too.

    The great news is that AI technology is helping modern e-commerce brands take this challenge head-on by understanding the consumer at the individual level and then only sending them messages that are relevant, contextual, and timely, all in real time. As a result, consumers develop a deep connection to the brand as the brand starts meeting their expectations of a highly personalized experience time and time again. The brand starts to see an improvement in message engagement and conversion…and the rest is history.

    If an e-commerce marketer is struggling with one of the following problems, this webinar is for them:

    -Stagnant or decreasing marketing metrics: acquisition, engagement, conversion, revenue, and retention
    -Relying too heavily on demographic segmentation methods to “understand” the audience
    -Not having campaigns that are differentiated enough from competitors’
    -Trying to figure out how to survive and stand out amid the dominance of Amazon
  • More Than Just a Query: Using R/Python to Get More Out of SQL Outputs
    More Than Just a Query: Using R/Python to Get More Out of SQL Outputs Neha Kumar, Customer Solutions Engineer at Periscope Data Oct 17 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As companies become more data driven, it’s not enough to deliver the same standard SQL queries. Instead, data teams today are transforming SQL results into models to deliver more value to their businesses. But making that jump is tough, it’s hard to determine where to get started in the complex field of modeling and regression analysis.

    The Periscope Data community has been buzzing with requests to demystify Python and R modeling so data professionals can boost their skill set. Get started by creating a linear regression model with Neha Kumar, a customer solutions engineer at Periscope Data, and start bringing new analytics value to your business immediately.

    Join Neha on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 at 11 a.m. PDT as she walks through:
    - What a linear regression is and when to use it
    - Setting up the framework for a linear regression
    - Step-by-step creation of a linear regression model in Python and R
    - Contextualizing a model for other business teams

    Link to the raw data file - https://community.periscopedata.com/t/h42dp1
  • Kmart Australia: A Digital Journey From Bricks and Mortar to Multichannel Retail
    Kmart Australia: A Digital Journey From Bricks and Mortar to Multichannel Retail Emma Toop, Online Strategic Initiatives Manager, Kmart Australia - Antonia Renner, Solutions Marketing, Informatica Oct 18 2018 6:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Kmart, an Australian chain of discount department stores, transformed from struggling to maintain 12% of the range online to where the entire product catalogue is digitized with ease.

    At Kmart product data paves the way for innovative digital initiatives and the foundation for their new retail strategies.

    Join this webinar to learn how a product information management (PIM) solution that Kmart implemented in 4.5 months only, helped the retailer achieve their goals and business requirements, such as
    -Enhance online customer experience as quickly as possible
    -Grow the business by opening digital channels and moving the full product catalog online
    -Launch products 4 x faster across all channels, in both B2C and B2B environments
    -Enable a small team to be 3 x more efficient while reducing 80% of data quality issues
  • Cassandra, Spark, Kafka: The Benefits of the Managed Platform
    Cassandra, Spark, Kafka: The Benefits of the Managed Platform Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer, Instaclustr Oct 18 2018 9:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Instaclustr’s Managed Platform simplifies and accelerates the delivery of reliability at scale through open source solutions. By providing Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark and other leading open source technologies through single environment, Instaclustr make it easy to deliver applications at any scale and, most importantly, operate them at the highest levels of reliability. Instaclustr provides the benefits of open source without the risk and costs of learning to manage it yourself.

    This webinar will
    - walk through the key features of Instaclustr’s platform and offering;
    - illustrate specific features and value-adds for each of the open source technologies offered; and
    - provide insight into Instaclustr’s product roadmap for future enhancements.
  • La Data Virtualization au service de la BI self-service
    La Data Virtualization au service de la BI self-service Sihem Merah, Denodo Sales Engineer Oct 23 2018 9:00 am UTC 75 mins
    La Data Virtualization au service de la BI self-service
    Comment livrer les données aux métiers de manière agile sans compromettre sécurité, gouvernance et performance.

    Comment combler le fossé entre l'IT et le métier pour livrer les données aux utilisateurs qui en ont vraiment besoin sans compromettre la sécurité et la protection des informations?

    Grâce à la BI self-service, les utilisateurs métier peuvent générer leurs propres rapports, exécuter leurs requêtes et effectuer leurs analyses sans toujours dépendre du département IT. Résultat: le temps d'obtention des rapports est plus court et les métiers peuvent prendre de meilleures décisions plus rapidement.

    Cependant, lorsque l'accès aux données est démocratisé, il faut une plateforme intégrant des informations provenant de sources multiples afin d'éviter l'anarchie des données; quel Data Analyst n'a pas été confronté aux problèmes d'accès aux sources de données pertinentes, à devoir effectuer diverses opérations de transformations et de calculs sur les données qui ne pourront être réutilisés par d'autres, à ne pas pouvoir trouver tous les jeux de données qu'il pourrait utiliser comme il le ferait dans un catalogue?

    Dans ce webinar en français d'1 heure, vous verrez comment la Data Virtualization permet de satisfaire aussi bien les besoins des métiers que ceux de l'IT, en accélérant et en améliorant les initiatives de libre-service, en offrant aux utilisateurs une vue globale de toutes les données à sa disposition et en assurant une vue cohérente dans les différents domaines de l'entreprise :

    - Abstraction / création de vues

    - Pour les utilisateurs métiers : le Data Catalog, aspects abstraction et connectivité (gains de temps pour les analystes)

    - Pour l'IT : suivi / monitoring, sécurité/gouvernance

    - Machine Learning MPP
  • [Ep.1] What's Big in BI: An Ethical Foundation for the AI-Driven Future
    [Ep.1] What's Big in BI: An Ethical Foundation for the AI-Driven Future Harry Glaser, Co-founder and CEO of Periscope Data and Erin Junio, Content Manager at BrightTALK Oct 23 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's What's Big in BI series.

    What is the moral responsibility of a data team today? As artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies become part of our everyday life and as data and big data insights become accessible to everyone, CDOs and data teams are taking on a very important moral role as the conscience of the corporation.

    In this episode of What's Big in BI, Harry Glaser highlights the risks companies will face if they don't empower data teams to lead the way for ethical data use across a variety of functions including business intelligence, analytics, big data initiatives and more.

    Harry founded Periscope Data in 2012 with co-founder Tom O’Neill. The two have grown Periscope Data to serve more than 1000 customers. Glaser was previously at Google, and graduated from the University of Rochester with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • Five Ways to Prepare for AI in Sales, Marketing and Beyond
    Five Ways to Prepare for AI in Sales, Marketing and Beyond Nathan Decker, Director of eCommerce, evo Oct 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Enterprise preparation for AI has centered almost exclusively on data prep and data science talent. While without data there would be no AI, enterprises that fail to ready the broader organization, chiefly people, process, and principles, don’t just stunt their capacity for good AI, they risk sunk investment, jeopardize employee trust, brand backlash, or worse.

    Ensuring sustainable deployment starts with assessing enterprise data strategy, aligning myriad stakeholders, technological feasibility assessment, and a coordinated approach to ethics.

    Join VentureBeat and industry analyst and founding partner of Kaleido Insights, Jessica Groopman for discussion on the five fundamentals of AI readiness at our upcoming VB Live event!

    Attend this webinar and learn:
    * What you need to do to prepare for AI-- beyond the data science team
    * Real-world examples and research findings
    * Top 5 best practices for strategic AI implementation

    * Nathan Decker, Director of eCommerce, evo
    * Ken Natori, President, Natori Company
    * Jessica Groopman, Industry analyst and founding partner of Kaleido Insights
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • The Business Value and Bottom Line Impact of Taxonomy
    The Business Value and Bottom Line Impact of Taxonomy Carla Pealer, Consultant, Earley Information Science Oct 24 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Business agility rests upon a well-architected environment of business processes, workflows, and communications.

    So how does taxonomy fit in? It’s everywhere - taxonomy is the foundational building block that improves efficiencies, collaboration, and cost reductions across the enterprise. And the more agile you are, the better opportunity you have to compete and win.

    In this webcat you will learn:

    • Industry-agnostic best practices to boost your bottom line and beat your competition through taxonomy design and semantic integration
    • How taxonomy design enables customer acquisition, search relevancy, structured data, faster time to market, asset reuse, and more.

    Speaker: Carla Pealer, Consultant, Earley Information Science
  • The B2B Data Activation Priority: Learn how to turn your data into opportunities
    The B2B Data Activation Priority: Learn how to turn your data into opportunities Sean Crowley - Leader, Integrated Marketing of D&B and Cinny Little - Senior Business Insights Analyst at Forrester Oct 25 2018 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The increased use of data and analytics to guide business decisions has become a critical priority for B2B sales and marketing executives. Unfortunately, the silos of data across technologies, and the lack of a consistent data structure to link systems, make it difficult for teams to activate campaigns in a scalable way and achieve the performance they desire.

    Join Forrester’s Cinny Little and Dun & Bradstreet’s Sean Crowley to learn how to overcome the obstacles of data activation and drive stronger sales & marketing results.

    They will share findings from Forrester’s Data Activation Survey of over 500 B2B data strategy and management decision makers, along with real-world case studies on B2B organizations that have driven higher performing go-to-market strategies through strategic use of data.

    Attendees will learn about:

    - 5 tactics for data activation that high performing firms do best
    - The key gaps where lagging organizations need to improve
    - How advanced analytics can help you meet rising customer expectations
    - Real-world examples of how data activation drove improved business performance
  • A Tactical Approach to Debugging Queries
    A Tactical Approach to Debugging Queries Charlotte Campbell, Senior Customer Solutions Engineer Oct 25 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    For some people, learning a new coding language is easy. For others, the process involves stumbling through a series of individual error messages. When that language has at least 7 major dialects with unique error messaging formats, things get even more confusing. The ability to break down code, understand errors, read documentation and re-write queries are valuable skills all coders and analysts should have. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks to make it easier.

    To enhance the learning process, Charlotte Campbell, senior customer solutions engineer and resident debugger at Periscope Data, has put together a collection of advice to help first-time coders write SQL that runs smoothly.

    Join Charlotte on October 25th, 2018 at 10 a.m. PDT as she walks through how to:
    - Understand differences in SQL database syntax
    - Interpret error messages properly
    - Format your code for easy reading and debugging
    - Trace through long code to locate an error without error line numbers
  • Cloud Modernization with Data Virtualization - A Case Study by TransAlta
    Cloud Modernization with Data Virtualization - A Case Study by TransAlta Paul Moxon, VP Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist, Denodo and Alejandro Ocando, System Analyst , TransAlta Oct 25 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    TransAlta is an electric power generator company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. TransAlta developed a Energy Trading and Risk Management System (ETRM) for hourly energy pricing, but business users needed the ETRM data to be blended with many other sources of data in near real-time. At the same time TransAlta's IT department wanted to move their entire data layer to the cloud for flexibility, agility and lower TCO. Data virtualization technology played a central role in TransAlta's real-time data integration, while helping them move to the cloud with zero down-time. Attend this webinar to learn:

    * Who is TransAlta and why data driven insight is critical for their energy trading system
    * Why Data Virtualization played a critical role in TransAlta's cloud modernization effort
    * How Data Virtualization offers a faster and better data integration over legacy systems
  • Implementing a governance framework
    Implementing a governance framework Kevin Taylor, Sales Consultant & Michael Hetrick, Senior Product marketing Manager, Tableau Oct 30 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    When exploring self-service analytics at enterprise scale, governance is likely one of your top considerations. Combining people, process, and technology, the Tableau Governance Framework creates accountability and enables access to secure and trusted data and for all skill levels in your organization.

    In this webcast you'll learn:

    - The benefits of when the business and IT strike a balance between agility and control of data
    - Considerations when designing your own data governance processes
    - Features of Tableau Server that are critical to implementing a successful governance strategy
  • Citizen Data Science Series - Selecting the Right Chart for What You Are Showing
    Citizen Data Science Series - Selecting the Right Chart for What You Are Showing Britton Stamper, Sales Engineer at Periscope Data Oct 30 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Once you’ve done analysis and found insights in your data, determining the right visualization is crucial to telling the right story. Even if you’ve done the work of selecting the right dataset, asking the right initial question, following up with the right additional queries and using your personal expertise to pinpoint valuable information, all of that analytical work loses value if the charting process is not done correctly.

    Choosing the right chart doesn’t need to be intimidating. Similar to data exploration, you just need to ask a series of straightforward questions.

    Join Britton Stamper, sales engineer at Periscope Data, when he addresses:
    - The first question to ask when building a data visualization
    - The different types of data relationships
    - When to use each type of chart
    - What variables to be aware of when building your chart

    This is the third webinar in our “Citizen Data Science Empowerment” series. The first webinar “Getting Started with Citizen Data Scientists” covered the importance of citizen data scientists, how to get them enabled and how to empower them. The second webinar, “How to Do Data Right,” covered the importance of making sure that you are doing your due diligence when evaluating the data to visualize.
  • Target Your Best Prospects: Prescreen is the Key
    Target Your Best Prospects: Prescreen is the Key Patrice Nolan, VP Research Services, Competiscan and Denise Conner, Director, A&R Solutions LexisNexis Risk Solutions Oct 30 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join Patrice Nolan, VP of Research at Competiscan and Denise Conner, Director of Acquisition & Retention Solutions at LexisNexis for a deep dive into the world of prescreen marketing for more effective insurance acquisition. During this session, Patrice Nolan will share Competiscan's bird's eye view of the industry reporting on prescreen trends by line of business as well as a comparison to non-prescreen campaigns. Denise Conner will walk through how LexisNexis Insurance Prescreen can help you better align your customer acquisition efforts with your underwriting goals.
  • Women In Cloud: The Shared Experience of Female Tech Entrepreneurship
    Women In Cloud: The Shared Experience of Female Tech Entrepreneurship Jacquie Touma, Chaitra Vedullapalli, Terri Stephan Oct 30 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    We live in a truly amazing time. Technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives at breathtaking speed. Advances in medicine, education, communication, and productivity have increased life expectancy around the globe and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.

    The ability to connect to people and information instantly is so commonplace that many take it for granted and now, we’ve arrived at the beginning of an era of even more profound transformation, all centered on the cloud. We’re excited to bring more opportunities through cloud computing to address issues in healthcare, the environment, cybersecurity, and underserved communities. And we’ve seen the incredible good that can come from the cloud, but with it also come challenges. For women in technology, there are increased challenges in a cloud-based world.

    Women in Cloud initiative is designed to empower female tech entrepreneurs by providing Access, Acceleration, and Actions so women entrepreneurs can take Actions every day to achieve their business goals!

    In this webinar, we will share experiences and tips for female tech entrepreneurs in building their cloud B2B with enterprise companies in a simple and predictable way. This is going to be a panel discussion with great conversation with female tech entrepreneurs in driving customer traction.

    Also, learn how you can participate in the next cohort of women in cloud accelerator to build your business with enterprise brands!
  • Marketing Dashboards: The Do's and Don'ts
    Marketing Dashboards: The Do's and Don'ts Saskia van Daal - Product Marketing Manager at Tableau Oct 31 2018 1:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Want to build dashboards that answer all of your marketing questions and are easy to understand?

    With a mass of data, marketers—especially CMOs—rely on analytics dashboards to get a complete view of their customers, campaigns, and marketing channels. A great dashboard will help you see how much revenue was attributed to paid search, which online channels are generating high quality leads, and what's happening at each stage of the customer journey, plus much more!

    But how do you build a great marketing dashboard? In this webinar, learn the four key characteristics of a great marketing dashboard so you can generate more insights from your data.

    You'll learn how to...

    *Choose the right marketing metrics for your dashboards.
    *Make your dashboards easier to understand by leveraging visual best practises.
    *Maximise the impact of your dashboards by making them easily accessible to the business.
    *Combine data from multiple marketing channels to get a full picture.
  • How to Increase Facebook Reach with a Customer Data Platform
    How to Increase Facebook Reach with a Customer Data Platform Amit Erande - Director of Solution Engineering, Arm Treasure Data Oct 31 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Digital marketers who use Facebook ads have noticed a drop in organic and paid reach due to the algorithm changes. This has resulted in ad costs rising and overall reach decreasing, a bad situation for any digital marketer.

    Join our Director of Solutions Engineering as he demonstrates how using a Customer Data Platform (and the first party data you already have) with Facebook custom audiences can increase your reach and decrease your costs.
  • How Data-Driven is Your Marketing Organisation?
    How Data-Driven is Your Marketing Organisation? Louis Archer - Product Marketing Manager, Tableau Nov 1 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Do you want to evolve your marketing analytics strategy so that it's built for long-term success?

    With new data-rich marketing channels and technologies emerging all the time, marketers must evolve their analytics strategy to make better and faster decisions with data.

    In this webinar, learn where your own marketing analytics strategy ranks on the analytical spectrum, before discovering the next steps you can take towards superior data-driven marketing. Whether your team is at the beginning of its data journey or further along, you'll discover what people, skills, and data solutions you need to advance your marketing analytics.

    Join this webinar to learn how to...

    *Advance your marketing analytics strategy along the analytical spectrum.
    *Empower your entire team with data and analytics.
    *Combine data from all of your marketing channels and technologies.
    *Identify new marketing opportunities and cost-savings.
  • Service Provider Differentiation Strategies and Vendor Partner Preferences
    Service Provider Differentiation Strategies and Vendor Partner Preferences Al Sadowski, Research Vice President of Voice of the Service Provider Nov 1 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Service Providers are no longer just purveyors of compute and storage; they are now seen as partners for services beyond basic infrastructure and key allies in hybrid architectures. As such, vendors are now paying more attention to this increasingly important buying center.

    451 Research launched Voice of the Service Provider to both qualify and quantify buying behaviors, business drivers and strategic priorities for the expanding universe of public cloud providers, hosters, MSPs, Telcos, Systems Integrators, SaaS companies, and Colos.

    Join 451 Research’s Al Sadowski, Research Vice President for Voice of the Service Provider, to see highlights from the Voice of the Service Provider Q2 2018 survey – Differentiation & Vendor Selection, and learn:

    •Competitive differentiation approaches
    •Top verticals currently served and where growth is expected
    •The role of the Hyperscaler as supplier, strategic partner, AND foe
    •Preferred vendor attributes for compute, storage, colocation
    •Service provider’s top reasons for joining hardware and software vendor partner programs
    •Procurement and sparing strategies
  • Can you deliver the personalization your customers demand?
    Can you deliver the personalization your customers demand? David Hardtke, Director of Advertising Science, Pandora Nov 6 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Consumers often trust influencers more than they trust you.They’re savvy, those consumers – they can smell “targeted advertising” from a mile away, and they’re really not interested in it. But they’ll listen to recommendations from their peers, and they trust brands that demonstrate authenticity.

    In a world where consumers are smarter, live streaming makes TV ads irrelevant, and ad blockers are de rigueur, personalization– when you do it right – means making meaningful connections, building trust, and securing loyalty.

    What does “right” mean? Don’t miss this VB Live event where you’ll learn how personalization and harnessing the right kind of data can improve your brand reputation, while helping establish authentic relationships with customers, influencers, and identify the mistakes to avoid at all costs.

    Register now for free!

    Attend this webinar and learn:
    * How customers drive brand reputation and how they differ.
    * The relationship between personalization and better balance sheets
    * Real-world tactics used by brands to overcome PR nightmares
    * How to create a marketing plan that retains authenticity and believability
    * How real brands think about personalization as a strategy to strengthen their bottom line

    * David Hardtke, Director of Advertising Science, Pandora
    * Deep Varma, VP of Engineering Trulia
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Cvent
  • Dirty data is costing you: 4 ways to tackle common data prep issues
    Dirty data is costing you: 4 ways to tackle common data prep issues Andy Cotgreave, Technical Evangelism Director & Jason Harmer, Data Analytics & Visualisation Consultant, Tableau Nov 8 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Anyone who's ever analyzed data knows the pain of digging in only to find that it is poorly structured, full of inaccuracies, or just plain incomplete. But "dirty data" isn't just a pain point for analysts; it can have a major financial and cultural impact on an organization.

    Attend this live webinar to learn four actionable ways to overcome common data preparation issues including how to establish a company standard for "clean data" and how to democratize data prep across your organization.
  • Cost cutting data strategies
    Cost cutting data strategies Eugene Hillery and Marcel Bickert - Head of International Operations at Tableau, EMEA Nov 8 2018 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    How to cut business costs with data
    A recent Deloitte survey of senior finance executives found that cost reduction has become a global imperative, with 86% of global respondents saying their companies are likely to undertake cost reduction initiatives over the next 25 months.

    In this webinar, Tableau’s Director of International Operations Eugene Hillery and team will show you strategies your business can use to reduce your business’s costs. And you’ll come away with an understanding of how analytics can be used to achieve your goals. They’ll cover:

    *Best practices for reducing your business’s flight and hotel costs
    *How to ensure compliance with your employee expense policies
    *Strategies to track your suppliers and service level agreements
    *How to spot the vendors you should talk to about pricing discounts
    ENABLE INSTANT ANALYTICS ON AWS DATA LAKES Florent Voignier, Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Indexima Nov 8 2018 4:00 pm UTC 22 mins
    Every day, your business is producing new data, regardless of how many employees you have or what industry you work in. That data is full of valuable information that can help you better serve your customers, discover new opportunities, and take your business to the next level.
    But to realize that business value, you need the proper tools to transform that data into actionable insight.

    Best Practices to learn:
    1. Reduce query cost and increase your BI performance.
    2. Key factors to succeed with BI on the cloud.
    3. Get more from your existing data cluster.

    Set Up of Indexima on AWS
  • Reap the Rewards of Digital Transformation with AI-Driven Analytics
    Reap the Rewards of Digital Transformation with AI-Driven Analytics Sean Zinsmeister, Head of Product Marketing, ThoughtSpot & Angela Hooper, Dir, Solutions Engineering, ThoughtSpot Nov 8 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today every industry is feeling the effects of the Digital Transformation brought about by disruptive technologies like the AI, Cloud, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Microservices. While some enterprises are already benefiting from these new technologies, many are overwhelmed and struggle to transform all of these new digital signals into business value.

    Join us to learn how to:
    * Embrace digital transformation while defending against digital native competition
    * Monetize your data and enhance the customer experience with Search & AI
    * Increase data access and data fluency across your organization
    * Reduce decision latency and accelerate response times