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Data Center Management

  • Kubernetes 1.7 AMA
    Kubernetes 1.7 AMA CoreOS Recorded: Jul 25 2017 34 mins
    CoreOS is hosting a Kubernetes v1.7 “AMA” panel discussion to review major highlights and changes from the latest release.

    We will get started with a quick 1.7 release roundtable discussion and a bit of context for folks who are new to Kubernetes, before opening the discussion to include questions from the audience.

    Tune in live to join the conversation!
  • Making the Case for Modern Infrastructure
    Making the Case for Modern Infrastructure Michael Haag, Product Line Manager, VMware and Alan Hsia, Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware Recorded: Jul 25 2017 44 mins
    In today’s digital economy, a modern infrastructure can help IT keep up with rapid changes, making it possible to deliver apps and services more reliably, provision without hassle, and scale quickly. You’ll learn about the limitations of traditional architectures, the characteristics of a modern infrastructure, the VMware approach, and customer success stories.
  • Workloads, Data Centers & Cloud Strategy: Market & Technology Trends
    Workloads, Data Centers & Cloud Strategy: Market & Technology Trends Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst with 451 Research, and Don Davis, Technology Director for Iron Mountain’s Data Center busines Recorded: Jul 25 2017 58 mins
    IT planners have far more options as to where to run their workloads than ever before. On-premises data centers, co-location facilities and managed services providers are now joined by hybrid multi-clouds – a combination of Software-, Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service (SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS) execution venues. All have unique operational, performance and economic characteristics that need to be considered when deploying workloads.

    In this Webinar Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst with 451 Research, and Don Davis, Technology Director for Iron Mountain’s Data Center business will discuss how industry leading enterprises determine the best execution venues for their workloads by addressing:

    •The market and technology trends that influence workload, data center and cloud strategy
    •How to evaluate the characteristics of various workloads and execution venues
    •How to manage workloads across on-premises and off-premises ecosystems
    Attendees will learn how to formulate an IT strategy that can be used to guide the decision criteria needed for placing workloads on their best execution venues, and enable the migration and ongoing management of workloads across a hybrid multi-cloud enterprise architecture.
  • Building Highly Scalable ADC Clusters with Equal-cost Multi-Path Routing
    Building Highly Scalable ADC Clusters with Equal-cost Multi-Path Routing Nenad Merdanovic, Product Manager, HAProxy Technologies Recorded: Jul 25 2017 52 mins
    Application delivery infrastructure resources are increasingly strained. The new features in modern Application Delivery Controllers along with the demands for SSL to comply with search engine ranking algorithms are major contributors to the problem. It means organizations have to find ways to scale their ADCs. But do they scale up? Or scale out? And how?.
    Join us for this live webinar to discover:
    oThe drivers for the requirement of scalable application delivery infrastructure like SSL adoption and expanding ADC feature sets
    oThe pitfalls and limits of vertically scaling your ADC
    oHow you can use equal-cost multi-path (ECMP) routing to horizontally (and nearly infinitely) scale your ADC
    oHow to use Route Health Injection (RHI) to ensure availability of your ADC cluster
    oExamples of organizations who have accomplished this with HAProxy
  • The State of Cloud Security
    The State of Cloud Security Eric Hibbard, Hitachi Data Systems, Mark Carlson, Co-Chair SNIA Tech Council, Toshiba Recorded: Jul 20 2017 63 mins
    Standards organizations like SNIA are in the vanguard of describing cloud concepts and usage, and (as you might expect) are leading on how and where security fits in this new world of dispersed and publicly stored and managed data. In this webcast, SNIA experts Eric Hibbard and Mark Carlson will take us through a discussion of existing cloud and emerging technologies (such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics & Big Data, and so on) – and explain how we’re describing and solving the significant security concerns these technologies are creating. They will discuss emerging ISO/IEC standards, SLA frameworks and security and privacy certifications. This webcast will be of interest to managers and acquirers of cloud storage (whether internal or external), and developers of private and public cloud solutions who want to know more about security and privacy in the cloud.

    Topics covered will include:

    Summary of the standards developing organization (SDO) activities:
    - Work on cloud concepts, CDMI, an SLA framework, and cloud security & privacy
    Securing the Cloud Supply Chain:
    - Outsourcing and cloud security; Cloud Certifications (FedRAMP, CSA STAR)
    Emerging & Related Technologies:
    - Virtualization/Containers, Federation, Big Data/Analytics in the Cloud, IoT and the Cloud
  • Supermicro Launches New X11 Family of Server and Storage Solutions
    Supermicro Launches New X11 Family of Server and Storage Solutions Ray Pang, Director of Technical Solutions; Supermicro Recorded: Jul 20 2017 39 mins
    Supermicro has released a comprehensive line of new X11 generation server and storage solutions featuring the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family with the strongest support for NVMe storage and 100G/25G Ethernet in the industry.

    Supermicro’s new X11 generation solutions are engineered to unleash the full performance and rich feature sets on the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family, supporting more cores and higher TDP envelopes of 205 watts and higher, increased to six memory channels with higher bandwidth, and more PCI-E 3.0 lanes with up to 100G/40G/25G/10G Ethernet, 100G EDR InfiniBand and integrated Intel® Omni-Path Architecture networking fabrics. The elevated compute performance, density, I/O capacity, and efficiency are coupled with industry’s most comprehensive support for NVMe NAND Flash to deliver up to 16 million IOPS for unprecedented application responsiveness and agility. Customers can select the Server, Storage, Blade, Network, or Workstation systems optimized for their applications, as well as the performance, memory, storage, and I/O profiles that are optimally matched to their workloads, at attractive price points.

    Register for this webinar to hear about Supermicro’s latest and broadest portfolio of new Ultra, BigTwinTM, SuperBlade®, and SuperStorage products optimized for today’s latest technology innovations. We will also be sharing critical insights on how Supermicro workload optimized server solutions deliver the highest performance, efficiency, and scalability in demanding customer environments from cloud to big data and hyper-converged solutions, and efficiently power mission-critical Enterprise workloads.
  • Multi-cloud is the new normal and hybrid cloud is inevitable.
    Multi-cloud is the new normal and hybrid cloud is inevitable. Marc Keating, Director of Technology & Alliance Strategy; Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance Recorded: Jul 20 2017 45 mins
    As you’re developing your cloud strategy, two trends have risen to the top of enterprise data access and management. 1) Multi-cloud is the new normal because no one wants to be locked into one vendor and 2) hybrid cloud transformation is tough, messy and entirely necessary. In this webinar, we’ll discuss these trends are well as others you should be thinking about for cloud transformation.
  • Securing Your Public Cloud Infrastructure
    Securing Your Public Cloud Infrastructure Mark Butler Chief Information Security Officer, Qualys and Hari Srinivasan Director, Product Management, Cloud and Virtualiza Recorded: Jul 20 2017 54 mins
    Public cloud providers operate on a shared responsibility model, which places the onus on the customer to define and secure the data and applications that are hosted within cloud infrastructure. To that end, it is critical that organizations accurately and selectively pinpoint which cloud workloads and virtual IT assets must be monitored, updated and patched based on developing threats to customer data and applications.

    In this webcast, Mark Butler, Chief Information Security Officer at Qualys, and Hari Srinivasan, Director of Product Management for Qualys Cloud and Virtualization Security will detail how you can gain complete visibility of your organization’s entire cloud asset inventory and security posture to help you keep up with shared security responsibility models across public cloud infrastructure.

    The presentation will cover:

    > Challenges surrounding increased migration to public clouds
    > Using automation for secure DevOps
    > How to ensure effective and efficient operations

    This webcast will include a Q&A session, as well as a live demonstration of how to deploy Qualys seamlessly and deeply into public cloud environments with new features.
  • How to Identify and Address Congestion in All-Flash SAN with Connectrix
    How to Identify and Address Congestion in All-Flash SAN with Connectrix Alan Rajapa and Paresh Gupta Recorded: Jul 20 2017 59 mins
    Today’s storage area networks (SANs) face tremendous pressure from the phenomenal growth of digital information and the need to access it quickly and efficiently. It’s little wonder that storage administrators rank SAN congestion (Slow Drain) issues as their number-one concern. If not addressed in a timely fashion, these can have a domino effect, even degrading the performance of totally unrelated applications. Find out how the Dell EMC Connectrix MDS products have simplified the detection, troubleshooting and automatic recovery from SAN congestion.
  • The Economics of Serverless Computing
    The Economics of Serverless Computing Owen Rogers Recorded: Jul 20 2017 32 mins
    Serverless is more than just hype; it has the potential to revolutionize the way we develop, build and operate applications in the cloud. Understanding the economics of serverless technology is vital to understanding its role in the world and its longer-term potential to disrupt the industry. In this webinar, we review these economics, pit the TCO of serverless against traditional virtual machines and containers, and compare pricing across the big four providers, namely AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft.
  • Maximum Availability Architecture for Oracle BDA and BDCS
    Maximum Availability Architecture for Oracle BDA and BDCS Paul Scott-Murphy, Product Management, WANdisco,Jean-Pierre Dijcks, Product Manager, Oracle, Nick Collins, Analyst, Accenture Recorded: Jul 20 2017 55 mins
    Join this discussion with expert panel Paul Scott-Murphy of WANdisco, Jean-Pierre Dijcks from Oracle, and Nick Collins of Accenture, to learn how to:

    - Deploy Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA) and Big Data Cloud Service (BDCS) in environments running any mix of HCFS compatible distributions with a path for full cluster migration with no downtime and no data loss.
    - Meet enterprise SLAs with Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture.
    - Replicate selected data among multiple big data systems and verify that they remain consistent regardless of where they are ingested or changed.
    - Replicate data at any geographic distance with signficantly low RPO and RTO.
    - Complete data transfer in approximately half the time of DistCp rgardless of the load imposed on the cluster.
    - Overcome the limitations of traditional approaches that leverage DistCp or dual-ingest methods.

    About the Presenters:

    Paul Scott-Murphy VP of Product Management at WANdisco. Paul Scott-Murphy has overall responsibility for the definition and management of WANdisco's product strategy, the delivery of product to market and its success. This includes direction of the product management team, product strategy, requirements definitions, feature management and prioritization, roadmaps, coordination of product releases with customer and partner requirements, user testing and feedback.

    Jean-Pierre Dijcks, Master Product Manager at Oracle. Highly experienced product manager with 15 years of experience in enterprise software and enterprise data. Currently responsible for all product management aspects (technology, GTM, Enablement etc.) of Oracle BDA and BDCS.

    Nick Collins, Principal Applications Systems Analyst at Accenture. Nicholas Collins is a Principal Applications Systems Analyst at MD Anderson Cancer Center, where he serves as the chair over architecture for the Department of Clinical Analytics and Informatics. He has worked with Oracle technologies for over ten years and is a Master Level CDMP.
  • Are You Ready to Respond?
    Are You Ready to Respond? Troy Scavella, FireEye Principal Consultant and Ahmet Rifki, Sr. Consultant Recorded: Jul 20 2017 59 mins
    “In our current state of cyber security, security breaches are inevitable.” -- Kevin Mandia, CEO, FireEye

    In 2016 there were 1,093 publicized cyber security breaches. That’s a 40% increase from 2015. Given this era’s up surge in breach activity, it’s no longer about whether you’ll be breached. It’s how you’ll respond when you are breached. Organizations with a well-designed response capability are better off.

    Join Troy Scavella, FireEye Principal Consultant and Ahmet Rifki, Sr. Consultant, for our webinar on July 20. They will cover several topics including:

    •Six primary areas of focus for an effective response plan
    •Best practices for each of those areas
    •Examples of how deficiencies in any area reduce an organization’s ability to effectively detect and respond to a cyber security incident, whether targeted or opportunistic
  • Law Enforcement Data On the Move: Don’t make CJI a Crime
    Law Enforcement Data On the Move: Don’t make CJI a Crime Stan Mesceda, Encryption Expert at Gemalto Recorded: Jul 20 2017 57 mins
    Law enforcement and defense organizations need secure access to sensitive data, and to provide services and to collaborate with others, while protecting the public, and any confidential information. Faced with these challenges, meeting compliance regulations such as Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy (CJIS-SP) , is a priority for most organizations, especially as audits draw near.
    Did you know that the Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy (CJIS-SP) requires that data be encrypted when it is transmitted outside a secure facility, even within the same agency
    “When CJI is transmitted outside the boundary of the physically secure location, the data shall be immediately protected via cryptographic mechanisms (encryption)”

    Join us for an informative webinar where you will learn how to secure your data in transit as it moves across your internal and external network, to help ensure compliance with the FBI mandate.
    Attendee takeaways:
    •Overview of CJIS-SP mandate
    Network vulnerabilities and how Ethernet encryption can help secure data in motion
    •Use cases – hear how various agencies have successfully deployed network encryption to secure their data and meet audit requirements
    •Mapping solutions to the needs of your organization

    For more information on dealing with multi-factor authentication in the CJIS audit, check our part one in the series: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/2037/258091
  • Dell EMC Webinar: Accelerate Innovation with IT transformation
    Dell EMC Webinar: Accelerate Innovation with IT transformation Sebastien Verger: CTO Dell EMC France, and Denis Montillet: Infrastructure Solutions Marketing EMEA Recorded: Jul 20 2017 37 mins
    To be competitive in today’s increasingly digital economy requires creating seamless, frictionless customer experiences and changing the way organizations serve and interact with their end users. But when and where to start?
    Join us and discover, based on an ESG survey, why IT transformation is key to unlocking opportunities by helping organizations gain better control of the costs and complexities of operating IT resources. You will understand where our organization stand on the ESG IT Transformation Maturity Index we have created and Discover the 3-phases transformation process of your IT.
  • Tame your Unstructured Data with Next Generation Scale-Out Storage
    Tame your Unstructured Data with Next Generation Scale-Out Storage Dr Stefan Radtke, EMEA CTO, Unstructured Data and Analytics Recorded: Jul 20 2017 49 mins
    How We Improved the #1 Scale-Out NAS Platform

    Dell EMC Isilon, the #1 Scale-Out NAS platform, continues to transform the way organizations are deploying, protecting and managing their fast growing unstructured data. Dell EMC will introduce attendees to the new generation of Isilon Scale-Out NAS family. Also covered will be a deep dive into the new Isilon architecture and a closer look at the six new Isilon systems – powered by the new OneFS 8.1 – which were announced at Dell EMC World in May. Attend this session to learn how Isilon’s latest enhancements can revolutionize your business.
  • [Demo] CloudShell Cloud Sandboxing Overview
    [Demo] CloudShell Cloud Sandboxing Overview Hans Ashlock, Director of Technical Marketing, Quali Recorded: Jul 19 2017 4 mins
    Quali’s Cloud Sandbox Software allows you to create and publish sandboxes that are replicas of infrastructure and application configurations and use them for development, testing, demos, training and support. Model, orchestrate, and deploy on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments and accelerate DevOps Automation.
  • Advanced SD-WAN: Powering the Cloud-Connected Enterprise
    Advanced SD-WAN: Powering the Cloud-Connected Enterprise Brad Casemore, IDC and Derek Granath with Rolf Muralt from Silver Peak Recorded: Jul 19 2017 57 mins
    Today’s cloud-connected enterprise demands a new WAN architecture, an SD-WAN, to meet the performance and security requirements for SaaS and IaaS. As SD-WAN technology evolves, new levels of automation, security and architectural simplification have emerged. First-packet application classification is an advanced capability that automatically steers trusted SaaS and web traffic directly to the internet and unknown or suspicious traffic to a next-generation firewall for additional security inspection.

    Further advancements harness machine learning and AI to enable adaptive, application-centric traffic handling and pervasive security. With automation, machine learning, and AI, the Self-Driving WAN can be realized.
  • Next-Gen Application Security at the Speed of Modern Business
    Next-Gen Application Security at the Speed of Modern Business Christopher Campbell, Director, Solutions Product Marketing, Security, VMware Recorded: Jul 19 2017 27 mins
    Applications drive modern business—and keeping them safe is a big priority for organizations across every industry. But as the digital economy continues to change the way applications are run and managed, IT teams must juggle traditional, virtual, and next-gen apps on a variety of platforms and environments. Perimeter-centric security simply can’t keep up with the diverse demands and threats. It’s time for a transformation that enables granular security that follows applications whether they’re on- or off-premises.

    In the webcast, we’ll explore:
    - How digital transformation is putting pressure on IT
    - Why abstraction is the solution
    - How abstraction delivers many benefits
  • Are You Ready for What’s Next in Hyper Converged Infrastructure?
    Are You Ready for What’s Next in Hyper Converged Infrastructure? Gabe Chapman: Sr. Manager, NetApp HCI GTM and Cindy Goodell: Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NetApp HCI Recorded: Jul 19 2017 39 mins
    Initial versions of HCI solutions were designed to reduce the complexity of deploying storage and compute resources. To achieve simplicity, vendors had to make trade-offs that created performance, flexibility and consolidation limitations that affected how and where HCI could be utilized in your enterprise datacenter. NetApp HCI is the first enterprise-scale hyper converged infrastructure to be designed specifically to solve for these first-generation challenges.

    Join us for this webinar to learn how NetApp HCI enables you to confidently deploy a hyper converged infrastructure in the core of you most demanding datacenters by:
    •Delivering unique Quality of Service limits that allow the granular control of every application.
    •Scaling compute and storage resources independently so you only buy what you use.
    •Integrates into the NetApp Data Fabric for enhanced data portability, visibility and protection.
  • Register Now! 3 Reasons Why Flash is Changing Back-Up and Recovery
    Register Now! 3 Reasons Why Flash is Changing Back-Up and Recovery Jack Hogan, CTO and General Manager, Lifescript Brian Reagan, CMO, Actifio, Vaughn Stewart, VP of Technology, Pure Storage Recorded: Jul 18 2017 1 min
    Attend this webinar to find out why and how Lifescript, one of the world's largest women's health care websites serving 10 million customers and a half billion emails monthly have transformed their data centers with AppFlash from Actifio and Pure Storage.

    Register here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/14517/269419
  • Data Flood Warning: How to Simplify Data Lake Environments
    Data Flood Warning: How to Simplify Data Lake Environments Matt Aslett, Research Director at 451 Research, Lucio Daza, Technical Product Marketing Director at AtScale Recorded: Jul 18 2017 58 mins
    With storage costs declining over 20% in the last year, keeping your data is cheaper than throwing it away. Are you making the most effective use of your growing data lake? Depending on where you sit in your organization, the answer might be ‘no’, since every BI tool has its own requirements, and moving data to satisfy unique BI needs, takes more effort than just a file transfer.

    Join this webcast to learn why adding business logic to its architecture, Big Data environments can increase their simplicity regardless of the ingestion method.

    BI and Big Data veterans Matt Aslett, Research Director at 451 Research and Lucio Daza, Director of Technical Product Marketing at AtScale will deliver this session covering current industry trends, real use case scenarios and answering questions from the audience.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    - The ongoing challenges of data growth and how to manage it easily
    - How business logic adds value and simplicity to your Big Data environment.
    - The differences between traditional and emerging data-to-insight approaches.
  • Creatively Visualizing Spark Data
    Creatively Visualizing Spark Data Christina Holland Recorded: Jul 18 2017 26 mins
    Pepperdata tech talk by Pepperdata software engineer, Christina Holland on creatively visualizing spark data and designing new ways to see new pipelines.
  • Stop Malware in its Tracks with Security Orchestration
    Stop Malware in its Tracks with Security Orchestration Sacha Dawes, Principal Product Marketing Manager, AlienVault Recorded: Jul 18 2017 60 mins
    Security professionals are locked in a vicious cycle, with malicious actors spinning out new threats daily and security teams racing to keep up. Reducing the time to detect and defend against malware is critical. What if you could identify and block threats earlier? With the security orchestration capabilities in AlienVault USM Anywhere, you can.

    USM Anywhere is a security monitoring platform that unifies security visibility across your cloud and on-premises assets. New AlienApps™ extend the capabilities of USM Anywhere by interacting with other IT security and IT operations products like Cisco Umbrella, Palo Alto Networks and Service Now to centralize the orchestration of incident response activities.

    Join us for this webcast to learn:

    -What security orchestration means, and why it has become essential for fast, efficient incident response
    -How USM Anywhere can automate incident response activities, saving valuable time
    -How AlienApps help you reduce the friction of integrating and orchestrating across your security point solutions

    Hosted By
    Sacha Dawes
    Principal Product Marketing Manager
    Sacha joined AlienVault in Feb 2017, where he is responsible for the technical marketing of the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) family of solutions. He brings multiple years of experience from product management, product marketing and business management roles at Microsoft, NetIQ, Gemalto and Schlumberger where he has delivered both SaaS-delivered and boxed-product solutions that address the IT security, identity and management space. Originally from the UK, Sacha is based in Austin, TX.
  • Deep Dive into What's New in vSAN 6.6: Better Data Center Security & Performance
    Deep Dive into What's New in vSAN 6.6: Better Data Center Security & Performance Jase McCarty, Staff Technical Marketing Architect Recorded: Jul 18 2017 65 mins
    Come learn the technical details of the latest, innovative features in VMware vSAN 6.6 that are helping customers accelerate their path to a modern, secure infrastructure.

    In this session, learn how vSAN will help your digital transformation to a fully software-defined data center for 2017 and beyond. We’ll take a deep dive into the brand-new features of just-released vSAN 6.6 which include:

    - The first native HCI security, enhanced stretched clusters with local protection
    - Intelligent operations
    - 30% higher performance

    We’ll also share the insight gained from our recently concluded vSAN beta program where the VMware IT user community tested out features and capabilities around the themes of security, protection, and management. Plus, learn how to better secure your data center, a top IT priority, and how you can accelerate your deployment of cutting edge flash technology.
  • Colocation Connectivity Management
    Colocation Connectivity Management Andy Lawrence, Research VP at 451 Research & Ulrich Schälling, Head of Business Line Networks at FNT Software Jul 26 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The competitive advantage of MTDC and hosting providers will be determined by their ability to become a provider of services - not just iron. As space and power have been commoditized, being able to differentiate with new business and financial models and new products will mean the difference between success and failure. To succeed in this market, these companies need to provide the right prod-ucts and services to their customers. To compete effectively in today’s hyper-competitive market, they must offer customers new and innovative network connections and connectivity services. To support this strategy the infrastructure management team and network operations managers need to emphasize on standardized infrastructures, efficient change processes and secure maintenance and operation
  • Picking the Right Cloud for your Application
    Picking the Right Cloud for your Application Nikita Maheshwari, Nutanix, Eric Shepard, IDC, and Adam Japhet, Scholastic Corporation Jul 26 2017 4:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    Which cloud—private or public—will provide the right profile of application performance, availability and cost for your business? What about security, workload lifespan and scaling? These are some of the pressing questions facing IT leaders. This in-depth strategy session, headlined by IDC analyst Eric Sheppard, will explore the breadth of business and technical considerations for choosing the right cloud environment. Get a proven methodology to plan public, private and hybrid cloud architectures.
  • Oracle and Nutanix: How to Architect an Efficient Environment
    Oracle and Nutanix: How to Architect an Efficient Environment Michael Webster & Murali Sriram, Nutanix & Darryl Maraj, GA Telesis, LLC Jul 26 2017 5:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    Oracle apps and databases power an organization’s most critical workloads. There is a time to be conservative, but not when it means sacrificing the performance, availability and economics of your Oracle infrastructure. Come listen to veteran enterprise IT managers running Oracle on Nutanix, and loving it. Go home with details about architecting an efficient environment for Oracle eBusiness Suite, deploying test/dev environments and running core Oracle databases in production, and at scale.
  • Elasticsearch and Object Storage
    Elasticsearch and Object Storage Jamshid Afshar, Engineer & Tony Barbagallo, VP of Product Jul 26 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine that can be used with object storage to enhance searchability of metadata searching operations. Join Caringo VP of Product Tony Barbagallo and Caringo Engineer Jamshid Afshar as they take an in-depth look at best practices for using Elasticsearch with object storage and demonstrate use of Elasticsearch with Caringo Swarm Object Storage.
  • End the IT Blame Game
    End the IT Blame Game Moderator: Isaac Roybal, Presenter: Matt Cauthorn Jul 26 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Network engineers and system administrators can spend a great deal of time responding to user complaints and troubleshooting slow performance issues that are difficult to diagnose or replicate. Resolving those issues can be especially problematic if those applications are provided by a third-party vendor or hosted by third parties, such as SaaS EMR applications, claims processing applications, and practice management applications. Often, IT teams do not have enough visibility to determine root causes or to counter claims from third-party vendors and managed service providers that host applications. With real-time insight into end-user experience for these hosted applications, including application-level transaction details, IT teams can hold vendors accountable and identify root causes faster.

    Learn how ExtraHop helps you identify the root cause of your IT problems, avoiding unnecessary friction among your IT teams and ransomware by providing full, real-time visibility into which devices are accessing network share and what type of behavior they are exhibiting, backed by machine learning for immediate anomaly detection.
  • The Network:  Cerebro for the Growing IT Enterprise
    The Network: Cerebro for the Growing IT Enterprise Chris Abella and Eric Thomas, ExtraHop Jul 26 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    IT environments are becoming larger and more complex through organic growth as well as acquisition. Accompanying initiatives—like datacenter migrations, for example—are expensive. Done well, these moves cost $1,200 to $6,000 per server. But when things go wrong? A poorly optimized load balancer could mean downtime for critical application servers – a price that could skyrocket to more than $25,000 per server.

    What if IT teams could be guided through the process? What if they had a way to map the plan and troubleshoot issues before they became outages?

    In this webinar, we'll share a story from an ExtraHop customer who underwent a large datacenter migration after it acquired a new business. Not only did their IT team undergo a successful migration, they also decreased troubleshooting time and cost to the company by 85 percent – freeing them to move beyond reactive firefighting to proactive solution building for the business.

    Join us to learn how they did it.
  • Citrix VDI and Nutanix - Everything You Want to Know
    Citrix VDI and Nutanix - Everything You Want to Know Tomas Griger & Matt Slotten, Nutanix & David Leclair, Innovations Healthcare, & Calvin Hsu, Citrix Jul 26 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Infrastructure can make or break a VDI project. Successful Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp deployments require efficient, high performance and scalable IT infrastructure to deliver a great user experience. Hear from actual VDI project owners about what it takes to make Citrix VDI successful, and get a sneak peek into where Citrix + Nutanix integration is headed next.
  • Machine Learning for the Masses
    Machine Learning for the Masses Satyam Vaghani, VP of Technology, Nutanix & Sameer Singh, Asst. Professor, Computer Science University of California, Irvine Jul 26 2017 9:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    Machine learning and machine intelligence have moved into the corporate datacenter. Along with seeing live demos of machine learning in action, attendees will learn how advanced algorithms can rapidly analyze large data sets to find relevant patterns, and employ inferential learning to make real-time adjustments to datacenter processes.
  • Data Protection Made Easy: App Availability and Robust Data Protection
    Data Protection Made Easy: App Availability and Robust Data Protection Marc Lucas, Systems Engineer, Commvault Jul 27 2017 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    In this webinar, produced in conjunction with Commvault EMEA Platinum Partner of the Year COOLSPIRiT, learn how Commvault's scalable, powerful and simple solutions ensure Application Availability and Robust Data Protection across your entire infrastructure.

    Presented by Marc Lucas, Commvault Systems Engineer, find out how to:

    * Simplify the move to the Cloud
    * Utilise award-winning BaaS, DraaS and SaaS Data Protection
    * Obtain greater insight with software defined storage
    * Ensure data availability for business-critical applications
    * Minimize system downtime with an innovative and scalable solution

    COOLSPIRiT provides in-depth knowledge and expertise across the solutions portfolio. Their highly-skilled accredited experts can analyse and review your existing IT infrastructure to recommend and deliver the best value for your business. With proven best practice and multiple use cases, COOLSPIRiT Solutions Architects can help to design, configure and implement a robust IT strategy for data availability, compliance and disaster recovery.
  • CDCP (Certified Data Centre Professional) Course Sneak Peek
    CDCP (Certified Data Centre Professional) Course Sneak Peek Marco van Gink Jul 27 2017 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Find out why the CDCP is the most attended course by data centre professionals from all over the world. The CDCP is a must-have for anyone working in and around the data centre industry, whether a vendor/supplier, designer/builder, data centre owner/operator, those involved in daily operations of a data centre or a data centre user/customer. CDCP provides you with the knowledge of all aspects of the data centre and will enable you to talk confidently about the data centre with your colleagues, vendors, customers or your superiors. CDCP certification is a must have for your career in the growing data centre industry.
  • Multiple Virtualized Workloads with Dell EMC
    Multiple Virtualized Workloads with Dell EMC Dell EMC Jul 27 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Learn how Dell EMC helps customers simplify how they deploy and manage their server virtualization, private cloud, and desktop and application virtualization solutions.
  • Security a Revenue Center: How Security Can Drive Your Business
    Security a Revenue Center: How Security Can Drive Your Business Joe DiPietro Jul 27 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Traditionally Security was viewed as necessary cost center or an insurance policy you hoped you’d never have to cash in. Yet by automating security policy management you can actually save your organization both time and money and even enable and support the revenue generation processes.

    Presented by Joe DiPietro, SE Director, this technical webinar will provide an overview of how automated security policy management goes beyond providing ROI and cost savings, to directly impacting business productivity and agility.

    This webinar will:

    * Highlight the security policy processes that can be automated, including challenges, benefits, planning and prioritization considerations.
    * Provide an overview of the security management maturity model and highlight opportunities for automation and optimization for each stage of the model.
    * Dissect and assess cost saving and revenue generation opportunities for specific key challenges including security change management, risk management, application migration, and auditing and compliance.
  • 5 Myths of Modern Infrastructure... Busted!
    5 Myths of Modern Infrastructure... Busted! Saif Gunja, Product Marketing Manager Jul 27 2017 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    In this session, we will discuss – and debunk – common misconceptions that you may encounter when planning to modernize your infrastructure. We’ll examine whether ‘build-it-yourself’ modernization deliver the same results as integrated solutions, if a modern infrastructure impacts the role of IT admins, how it effects the ROI of your existing infrastructure, the readiness of a simple, modern infrastructure for enterprise workloads, and whether or not infrastructure modernization leads to vendor lock-in.
  • Going Hybrid with Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes
    Going Hybrid with Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes Allan Naim, Global Product Lead for Google Cloud Platform, Google Jul 27 2017 4:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    It’s not news to anyone in IT that container technology has become one of the fastest growing areas of innovation. We’re excited about this trend and are continuously enhancing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to make it a great place to run containers. Join us to learn more about how to get started with GCP and why it is the “container-optimized” cloud.
  • Time for Banks to Reassess Their Risk of DDoS Attacks
    Time for Banks to Reassess Their Risk of DDoS Attacks Tom Bienkowski, Director of DDoS Product Marketing, Arbor Networks Jul 27 2017 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    A study by McKinsey suggests the increased operational risk of digital innovation threatens 6% of the net profit for a retail bank. Renowned hactivist group Anonymous’ OpIcarus; a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack siege on the world’s banking infrastructure and other well publicized successful attacks have exposed just how vulnerable banks are to such threats. The reality is modern day DDoS attacks are getting more frequent, more sophisticated, and are commonly used as a distraction during the data exfiltration stage of advanced threat campaigns. The unfortunately reality is that in many cases, these attacks succeed because the targets were simply inadequately prepared to stop them.

    Join this webcast to learn:
    •The latest trends in DDoS attacks.
    •Commonly overlooked costs due to DDoS attacks.
    •And best practices in DDoS attack defense.
  • Containers and Persistent Memory
    Containers and Persistent Memory Arthur Sainio, SNIA NVDIMM SIG Co-chair, SMART Modular, Chad Thibodeau, Veritas, Alex McDonald, NetApp Jul 27 2017 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Containers can make it easier for developers to know that their software will run, no matter where it is deployed. This webcast, presented by the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative and the SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative, will discuss how persistent memory is a revolutionary technology, which will boost the performance of next-generation packaging of applications and libraries into containers.

    You’ll learn:
    •What SNIA is doing to advance persistent memory
    •What the ecosystem enablement efforts are around persistent memory solutions
    •How NVDIMMs are paving the way for plug-n-play adoption into containers environments

    Join SNIA experts, Arthur Sainio, SNIA NVDIMM SIG Co-chair, Chad Thibodeau, SNIA Cloud Storage member and Alex McDonald Co-chair of SNIA Solid State Storage and SNIA Cloud Storage Initiatives to find out what customers, storage developers, and the industry want to see to fully unlock the potential of persistent memory in a container environment.
  • A Closer Look at Micro-Segmentation & Secure Application Infrastructures
    A Closer Look at Micro-Segmentation & Secure Application Infrastructures Geoff Wilmington, Sr. Systems Engineer, NSX Healthcare, VMware Jul 27 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In today’s complicated security landscape, perimeter firewalls don’t provide adequate protection for agile applications, diverse environments, and rapidly multiplying users. To defend against sophisticated and costly attacks, IT needs to take a transformative approach to security. Micro-segmentation enabled by network virtualization provides the persistence, ubiquity, and extensibility needed to build a strong defense.

    In the webcast, we’ll discuss:
    - The top security challenges IT is facing today
    - Why a secure application infrastructure is an absolute must
    - The definition of micro-segmentation
    - How micro-segmentation keeps apps and users safe
  • Running Spark on Kubernetes
    Running Spark on Kubernetes Eddie Esquivel, Solutions Engineer Jul 27 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Apache Spark has established itself as a powerful distributed compute framework. Capable of performing SQL, machine learning, streaming analytics and batch processing all via a unified API. At the same time Kubernetes is gaining traction as an efficient way to manage and orchestrate containers for stand alone applications and more complicated distributed applications like Apache Spark.

    In this webinar we'll go through spinning up an Apache Spark cluster on Kubernetes and analyzing various patterns to interact with the Apache Spark cluster. We'll also discuss work that is happening in the open source community to make Apache Spark on Kubernetes a first class citizen.
  • Lenovo and Intel discuss how to make your data center more efficient
    Lenovo and Intel discuss how to make your data center more efficient Jeff Klaus General Manager, Intel Data Center Solutions - Chuck Weber Product Manager, Lenovo Enterprise Business Group Jul 27 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Lenovo XClarityTM Energy Manager helps you reduce the cost of powering your data center. XClarity Energy Manager is an easy to use application that analyzes and controls power consumption and temperature for groups of servers. By analyzing power and temperature data, XClarity Energy Manager helps data center administrators establish policy-based control over data center energy optimization goals which can improve business continuity and energy efficiency. Join us to see how this this application improves operation processes by:

    •Monitoring energy consumption, estimating the power demand, and reallocating power to servers as needed.
    •Monitoring the temperature and cooling capacity of servers and datacenter spaces.
    •Sending notifications when certain events occur or when thresholds are exceeded.
    •Limiting the amount of energy that an endpoint or a group consumes using policies.
    •Optimizing energy efficiency by monitoring real-time inlet temperatures, identifying low-usage servers based on out-of-band power data, measuring power ranges for different server models, and evaluating how servers accommodate new workloads based on the availability of resources.
    •Reducing the power consumption to a minimum level to prolong service time during an emergency power event (such as a data-center power failure).

    Jeff Klaus
    General Manager, Intel Data Center Solutions
    Chuck Weber
    Product Manager, Lenovo Data Center Group
    George Clement
    Senior Application Engineer, Intel Data Center Solutions
  • The traditional data center is dead: How to win with hybrid DR
    The traditional data center is dead: How to win with hybrid DR Marc Keating, Director of Technology & Alliance Strategy; Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance Jul 27 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today, with hybrid cloud, collocation sites and managed service options, you can build a robust disaster recovery environment without physically building data centers. Saving money and time. In this webinar you’ll hear best practices to leverage new technologies for an optimal hybrid DR solution.
  • AHV - Virtualization You Always Wanted
    AHV - Virtualization You Always Wanted Mike Wronski, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix Jeff Renard, System Architect, Nutanix Jul 27 2017 8:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Chances are you’re spending way too much time managing your virtualization stack, and paying far too much for what you’re getting. In the cloud era, the hypervisor should be invisible, built-in and license free.

    Come learn from Nutanix engineers proven AHV strategies for running nearly any virtual workload, see live demonstrations and take full advantage of advanced AHV capabilities, such as VM mobility, resource scheduling and native networking features.
  • Hyperconverged Management Made Easy
    Hyperconverged Management Made Easy Tarak Parekh & Melina McLarty, Nutanix; Sree Pentela, Valeant/Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceuticals; Christian Pedersen, Zentura Jul 27 2017 9:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    Learn how to incorporate consumer-grade design principles to radically simplify datacenter operations and management—saving IT administrators time, reducing overall TCO and increasing end-to-end infrastructure efficiency.

    Speakers include:
    - Tarak Parekh, Principal Product Manager, Nutanix
    - Melina McLarty, Staff Designer, Nutanix,
    - Sree Pentela, Director, IT Architecture & Engineering, Valeant/Bausch and Lomb Pharmaceuticals
    - Christian Pedersen, CEO, Zentura
  • All Workloads on Nutanix. Stupid or Smart
    All Workloads on Nutanix. Stupid or Smart Sachin Chheeda, Priyadarshi Prasad, Robert Edwards, Alton Levesque, and Rob Catterton Jul 27 2017 10:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Fact #1: The majority of Nutanix deployments are running multiple different workloads. Fact #2: More than 50% of new workloads deployed on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud are enterprise applications, including business-critical Oracle and SQL Server databases, SAP applications servers, big data apps including MongoDB, and tier one applications. Learn from technology and product experts why Nutanix is the smart choice for running all of your workloads in a single environment.






  • Centro de Datos. Agilidad y Control de TI
    Centro de Datos. Agilidad y Control de TI Roger Garcia Villajuana Gerente de Ventas SW Intel LAR Aug 1 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Una rápida evolución de la tecnología complica cada aspecto de la gestión del centro de datos y los modelos de cómputo basados en el servidor son demasiado complejos para las cargas de trabajo altamente variables de hoy en día.

    ¿Es posible optimizar recursos y operaciones en entornos dinámicos?

    En esta presentación, aprenda cómo reemplazar el aprovisionamiento y la gestión de aplicaciones manuales y definidas por hardware con un modelo de recursos y una capa de orquestación altamente automatizados y definidos por software que permiten flexibilidad, hacer más eficiente el uso de capital en un esquema bajo demanda y un menor TCO. Descubra cómo agrupar de manera más ágil los recursos de centro de datos, y a la vez, aumentar la eficiencia de TI, optimizar los requerimientos de energía, aumentar la flexibilidad del centro de datos y fortalecer los planes de recuperación de desastres.
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage-Turquoise: Where Does My Data Go
    Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage-Turquoise: Where Does My Data Go Rob Peglar, Symbolic IO, Scott Shadley, Micron, J Metz, Cisco, Chad Hintz, Cisco Aug 1 2017 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    In this, the seventh entry in the “Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage But Were Too Proud To Ask,” popular webcast series we look into the mysticism and magic of what happens when you send your data off into the wilderness. Once you click “save,” for example, where does it actually go?

    When we start to dig deeper beyond the application layer, we often don’t understand what happens behind the scenes. It’s important to understand multiple aspects of the type of storage our data goes to along with their associated benefits and drawbacks as well as some of the protocols used to transport it.

    In this webcast we will show you more about the following:

    •Volatile v Non-Volatile v Persistent Memory
    •NVDIMM v RAM v DRAM v SLC v MLC v TLC v NAND v 3D NAND v Flash v SSDs v NVMe
    •NVMe (the protocol)

    Many people get nervous when they see that many acronyms, but all too often they come up in conversation, and you’re expected to know all of them? Worse, you’re expected to know the differences between them, and the consequences of using them? Even worse, you’re expected to know what happens when you use the wrong one?

    We’re here to help.

    It’s an ambitious project, but these terms and concepts are at the heart of where compute, networking and storage intersect. Having a good grasp of these concepts ties in with which type of storage networking to use, and how data is actually stored behind the scenes.

    Please join us on August 1st for another edition of the “Too Proud To Ask” series, as we work towards making you feel more comfortable in the strange, mystical world of storage.