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Frost & Sullivan Analyst Briefing Series

Frost & Sullivan's Information & Communication Technologies practice provides global industry analysis, growth consulting (strategy consulting), market forecasts, and insights into emerging technologies that are designed to help your company address current trends and challenges, identify new technologies, and take advantage of opportunities for growth. Our global teams of industry experts, consultants, and market analysts continuously monitor enterprise communications, communication services, conferencing & collaboration, mobile & wireless, space & communications, IT applications & services, network security, contact centers, and kiosks & retail systems markets.

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Security and Privacy in Big Data: Problem or Manageable Concern? Michael Suby, VP of Stratecast; Mike Jude, Research Manager; and Sandy Borthick, Industry Analyst Data breaches of all sorts, affecting credit card providers, retailers and health care providers, suggest that such breaches will continue and grow as a major risk to all organizations and their IT, security, and compliance departments. At the same time, Big Data solutions are gradually becoming more prevalent, connecting many new sources of data and thus potentially increasing both the vulnerability and the magnitude of a data breach. It is no wonder that Stratecast survey data suggest that one of IT managers’ primary concerns with Big Data is security, yet the advantages of Big Data in enabling revenue creation make it very attractive to the business. This panel discussion will explore the security issues around Big Data.

In particular, the panel will discuss:
•Whether Big Data necessarily increases the risk of a security breach
•How to assess the risks associated with different types of Big Data solutions
•How to avoid data breaches in a Big Data environment
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Apr 30 2015 5:00 pm
60 mins
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