Cross-Enterprise Mainframe Management

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Best practices on modernizing and optimizing mainframe technology

Examine how leveraging mainframe technology is crucial to an effective business IT strategy. You’ll learn best practices for modernizing and optimizing your mainframe to help you reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, empower the next-generation of mainframers and increase business agility through integrations and innovations.

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Unlock Your Mainframe Data for Big Data Solutions Sanjai Marimadaiah, VP of Product Management at CA Technologies Big Data environments are no longer an option; they are business-critical for any corporation today. Cost effectively analyzing all types of data, they generate results to allow informed decisions about such priorities as product direction, sales strategy, and financial planning. With new, innovative technologies, your company can easily take advantage of its mainframe’s mission critical data. By securely streaming it to a Big Data environment, you can make confident decisions based on all essential data.
Learn how the right Big Data strategy can unlock your mainframe data and open up maximum insight to critical business decisions.
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Jun 25 2015
46 mins
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