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Learn how Application Automation provides your organization standardized, stable, and repeatable integrations to any new application,
database, or tool that is introduced.

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Best Practices in Automating SAP and Non-SAP Processes Ralf Paschen, Sr. Product Manager at UC4 Managing the SAP portion of your IT infrastructure has become a major challenge for many IT groups. SAP users struggle with manual interactions and custom scripts when trying to integrate SAP applications with other applications in their enterprise.

Join Ralf Paschen, Sr. Product Manager at UC4, as he discuss how UC4’s One Automation for SAP solutions provides process-oriented integration of all SAP and non-SAP applications throughout the enterprise. Scale your business operations without adding additional staff.

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- How you can handle aggressive growth and manage an ever increasing workload without additional staff
- How to run multiple SAP instances and processes in sequence and in parallel, reducing job execution times.
- Save thousands of dollars per year in licensing fees, maintenance, administrative costs, invoicing and IT time savings
- Increase measurable ROI for all mass data processes by up to 80%.
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Nov 1 2012
34 mins
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