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Data Center Management

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The data center management community focuses on the holistic management and optimization of the data center. From technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing to data center design, colocation, energy efficiency and monitoring, the BrightTALK data center management community provides the most up-to-date and engaging content from industry experts to better your infrastructure and operations. Engage with a community of your peers and industry experts by asking questions, rating presentations and participating in polls during webinars, all while you gain insight that will help you transform your infrastructure into a next generation data center.
    • Data Center Transformation

    • Live Apr 21 2015
    • IT infrastructure is constantly changing, but the data center can get left behind. As more and more data is created and more and more functions rely on the data center - from virtualization, storage, software-defined and applications - data center transformation is becoming essential, but where do you start? Join experts from around the world as they discuss how to transform the data center through virtualization, convergence, efficiency, sustainability and security in the Data Center Transformation Summit.
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    • Solid-State Storage

    • Recorded: Apr 21 2015
    • Solid State is changing everything in the IT data center. The promise of speed and efficiency, along with total cost of ownership, requires IT’s view of storage to adapt. Insights into how Solid State works, how to evaluate performance, and what is coming next is required in any IT adoption strategy. Join industry experts as they discuss what is here today, what is coming with future technology, and how to best determine your storage strategy.
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    • Virtualization Management

    • Recorded: Feb 17 2015
    • Virtualization can effectively increase hardware efficiency and capacity, and it also functions as a base layer for new technologies like software-defined storage, networks and data centers. As such virtualization is becoming one of the most flexible, usable and essential assets in the enterprise’s arsenal, but keeping track of every virtualized function while deciding what to virtualize and when can be a massive challenge. So join virtualization experts as they discuss the ins and outs of Virtualization, CDI, NFV, Software-Defined and more and answer all your questions about the now ubiquitous technology layer.
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    • Efficient Data Center

    • Recorded: Jan 21 2015
    • From Google’s multi-colored pipes to Facebook’s arctic wind tunnel, data centers came into the foreground of the IT industry in 2014, but concerns came with them. Energy, efficiency and sustainability are on everybody’s lips and the power hungry, costly and mysterious data center is an easy target. So what is an efficient data center? From design, security, regulations, cloud and software defined, to hardware, wiring, cooling and power, attend the Efficient Data Center Summit to hear industry experts discuss everything about the future of data center efficiency in 2015.
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    • Software-Defined Data Center

    • Recorded: Nov 11 2014
    • Many consider the software-defined data center (SDDC) as the final evolution of virtualization. By having a virtual data center, you create ultimate reliability by abstracting applications from the data center infrastructure — easily transitioning application workloads from one data center to another from a single dashboard. But is this a reality today? How is it being used? And how do you transition from physical to all virtual without disrupting service? Join this summit as experts from around the world discuss the final step of virtualization, where the technology is today, where it could be tomorrow and how you can begin to develop your own software-defined data center.
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    • Data Center Design

    • Recorded: Oct 20 2014
    • Efficiency. Sustainability. Security. These are the three key facets when it comes to designing a data center but these shift with your priorities, the priorities of your business and the needs of your users. So how should you design yours? At the same time radical data center designs are a massive trend, but are they truly innovative, or glorified PR moves? Attend this summit to discover the answer to these questions and learn about how you should be designing the data center for efficiency, sustainability, and security.
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    • Data Center Convergence

    • Recorded: Sep 16 2014
    • The data center is increasingly at the center of your organization. As we move further towards the cloud and add virtual layers to our infrastructure the data center has had to deal with further and further pressures. The technology and business is constantly evolving and improving; converging on continual solutions to address the growing need for efficient, reliable and sustainable processes. Join data center experts from around the world and discover how you and your data center can rise to the challenges of tomorrow.
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    • Advanced Threat & Malware Detection

    • Recorded: Jun 25 2014
    • Attackers can be amazingly resourceful and persistent, changing tactics often to bypass IT security countermeasures. They have a clear advantage: they choose when to attack, how to attack, and are capable of surprising any prevention technology deployed. As a result, constant monitoring is required to detect and remediate malware. Tune in for this webinar series from AlienVault to learn about some of the latest threats, and how to detect them anywhere in your network.
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    • Data Center Infrastructure Management

    • Recorded: Jun 25 2014
    • DCIM has been a talking point of the data center industry for a long time. It seems like every year is heralded as "the" year of DCIM, but it struggles to compete with the software-defined and big data buzz word revolutions. But DCIM is as relevant today as ever and getting it right can be one of the biggest challenges, and greatest rewards for your data center. So get all the information you need with at the DCIM Summit.
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