Change Impact Analysis and CMDBs

David Cuthbertson, Robert Cowham
This webcast covers different ways to communicate complex risk and dependencies using impact forms and Visio visualisation amongst others. A key reason to implement a CMDB is to support improved impact and risk analysis for changes and incidents. In practice, many people find that lots of asset data doesn't help and a more focused CMDB and set of outputs is required.
Jul 27 2012
42 mins
Change Impact Analysis and CMDBs
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  • Best Practices In Delivering Physical Layer Services Recorded: Oct 18 2013 46 mins
    A well planned IT infrastructure is often compromised as soon as equipment in installed and connected up. Wiring looks like tangled spaghetti, performance is affected by damage, it takes ages to make changes and the only person who knows has left. But if you implemented best practice it could all be different! Bob Camerino from ITS is our guest speaker on what those best practices are. and how you move forward with a legacy infrastructure
  • IT documentation requirements in pharmaceutical / life science GMP environments Recorded: Sep 6 2013 44 mins
    The regulatory needs of GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) require documentation covering all aspects of manufacturing – including IT systems and infrastructure such as networks, servers, software, etc. Accurate, maintained IT documentation is a common weak point because of the complexity, but auditors don’t care when it comes to signing off compliance. In this webcast Bob Camerino of ITS will cover the typical scope and types of information covered by CDM (Compliance Documentation Management) and efficient methods of maintenance.
  • Mapping Networks For Day 3 Management Recorded: Jul 17 2013 47 mins
    Management techniques and processes are still lagging behind the technology, while network infrastructure is constantly evolving to meet increasing data volumes and mission criticality. It is no surprise that many companies see inconsistent performance, unplanned disruption and increasing project lead times – as increasing complexity often means longer planning cycles.

    For efficient day 3 operational management, the practical steps we will cover on infrastructure mapping techniques will help ensure there are no weak links (or wet string) in the data path from user to application.
  • Network and Applications - Understanding the Infrastructure Dependencies Recorded: Jan 17 2013 47 mins
    As networks, servers and applications all increase in complexity, how do you make it simpler and less costly to manage changes and improve performance? We’ll cover practical steps needed to develop the knowledge sets needed to support major transformation projects, as well as improving end to end IT management processes. Ideal for anyone who has found that mapping their IT infrastructure dependencies needs more than one white board!
  • Reducing Costs and Improving Service Delivery For the Physical Layer Recorded: Nov 30 2012 47 mins
    Nadeem Mohammed (Deffinity) and David Cuthbertson (Square Mile) will cover how a combination of workflow management and infrastructure documentation systems can dramatically impact the costs of managing changes at the physical layer. If you find the management of cabling and hardware changes requires an excessive amount of administration effort, site surveys and last minute coordination then you’ll find our webcast very useful. We’ll cover issues like supplier/outsource/team interfaces, project and services workflow, capacity management and improving agility to business changes. For data centres, offices, campus, branches, etc.
  • CCRM Techniques for Data Centres and Networks Recorded: Nov 14 2012 47 mins
    End user experience of IT systems depends on good change, configuration and release management (CCRM) techniques to be in place. But data centers, networks and physical infrastructure have CCRM issues just like application software development so what overlap is there? And how can new techniques like DevOps be applied beyond software development? Robert Cowham and David Cuthbertson will explain all.
  • How To Document Campus Infrastructure - Offices, Hospitals, Universities Recorded: Oct 19 2012 48 mins
    This webinar shows how you can efficiently document IT infrastructure spanning multiple buildings - such as hospitals, universities, offices, airports, factories, ports, etc. We will cover the initial data capture process and then the ongoing maintenance of cabling, rack, network and other documentation presentation formats. Ideal for those who recognise that accurate IT documentation reduces project times, change costs and service disruption.
  • Making Data Center Migration and Consolidation Projects Easier To Manage Recorded: Oct 2 2012 46 mins
    Reducing the data center footprint and cost efficiently implementing such projects is not simple, especially when dealing with the most critical IT components. Andre Belisle has planned and managed such projects in Canada with telco, finance and utilities and will highlight good practices that he has found work well. David Cuthbertson will cover how to get a baseline from which to manage the change activities.
  • Transforming Management Practices To Keep Pace With Data Center Technology Recorded: Aug 16 2012 42 mins
    IT technologies are changing faster than the process and practices – so expectations of improved services and cost reductions are often not realized. This presentation will cover some of the most common problems faced by organizations (both supplier and end user) and how to overcome them.
  • Change Impact Analysis and CMDBs Recorded: Jul 27 2012 42 mins
    This webcast covers different ways to communicate complex risk and dependencies using impact forms and Visio visualisation amongst others. A key reason to implement a CMDB is to support improved impact and risk analysis for changes and incidents. In practice, many people find that lots of asset data doesn't help and a more focused CMDB and set of outputs is required.
  • Improving Your Data Centre Management Techniques Recorded: Apr 26 2012 48 mins
    Without changing the way you manage the data centre, you won’t get the benefit of DCIM toolsets. So which comes first? tools, process changes or the people changes? This talk covers the issues that affect the efficient running of data centres beyond DCIM toolsets.
  • Automating Visio Diagrams For Enterprise Infrastructures Recorded: Dec 16 2011 44 mins
    Maintaining large numbers of Visio diagrams of complex IT environments is now possible using new automation techniques. We'll cover how to have overnight updates of racks, floor plans, networks, applciation service maps, etc. from an infrastructure configuration database.

    Maintaining an infrastructure documentation portal has suddenly become easier for mutli-site, enterprise environments.
  • Practical Implementation of Software Asset Management (SAM) Recorded: Dec 6 2011 47 mins
    Join this software asset management (SAM) and service management webinar presented by the BCS Configuration Management Specialist Group. This session will cover the following key topics:

    •An understanding of the principles of SAM
    •How does SAM fit into Service Management
    •How to assess the starting point in your company.
    •How to move forward

    Your Presenters:
    Ian Preskett has many years of experience in IT. In the last 10 years Ian has specialized in SAM Process consultancy and, until recently, he was the SAM Process and Maturity Practice Manager for a large reseller of software. Ian’s philosophy is to ensure that SAM processes integrate with the service management processes to deliver highly effective SAM and reduce risk by maintaining software license compliance. Ian is keen to promote the value of SAM to the market place, and is a committee member of the BCS CMSG (Configuration Management Specialist Group).

    David Cuthbertson is Managing Director at Square Mile Systems. David has been focused for many years on developing and applying configuration management techniques to technical and service infrastructure. More recently he has been developing techniques and toolsets that link service management CMDBs to data centers, networks, storage and other environments. He is a regular speaker for both the BCS and ITSMF covering all aspects of configuration management from strategic to tactical implementations.
  • Core Infrastructure Build and Configuration Management Recorded: Jan 14 2011 46 mins
    This webcast looks at practical techniques to document complex host and network devices such as blades, Unix, network switches, etc. Automated deployment tools can help with the logical configuration, but much of the hardware build and planning is still done in spreadsheets, powerpoint and Visio.
  • Infrastructure Configuration Management - An Introduction Recorded: Dec 17 2010 47 mins
    As infrastructure complexity continues to increase, the risks and potential for disruption increase. This webcast looks at the emerging discipline of infrastructure configuration management.
  • Reducing Spreadsheet Chaos in Infrastructure Documentation Recorded: Sep 13 2010 46 mins
    Excel will always be used by IT teams to document their systems and environments, but it's flexibility also causes maintenance chaos. In this webcast we assess the benefits and drawbacks when compared to specialist infrastructure documentation toolsets.
  • Documenting Power Connectivity and Capacity In Data Centres Recorded: Aug 6 2010 47 mins
    Understanding power distribution in the data centre is becoming more difficult with the increasing complexity of server feeds. We will look at techniques needed for mission critical computing, that cover capacity and connectivity from the external feeds down to every IT component .
  • The Easy Way To Build a CMDB Recorded: Jun 7 2010 47 mins
    How to build a CMDB quickly from defining CIs, capturing data and then communicating dependencies to users. Examples covering business to IT component mapping, virtualisation and creation of Visio diagrams.
  • Integrating Excel, Visio with Data Center Management Toolsets Recorded: Apr 26 2010 48 mins
    How to link specialist data center management toolsets with Excel and Visio. Combining the flexibility of MS office tools with the accuracy and depth of data center management systems.
  • Data Center Capacity Management Recorded: Mar 26 2010 48 mins
    Techniques to manage and optimise data center resources, with examples of process and presentation. Covering space, power, cabling, connectivity and resource management.
IT Infrastructure Management and Documentation Techniques
How to implement improved practices and systems for enterprise environments covering data centres, networks, services etc.
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  • Title: Change Impact Analysis and CMDBs
  • Live at: Jul 27 2012 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: David Cuthbertson, Robert Cowham
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