Backup of Edge Devices; Cloud Backup

W. Curtis Preston and Scott Grenier
Mobile workers and edge devices are more exposed than ever.
Join us and learn:
-Why this is a concern for all companies
-Challenges unique to mobile workers
-How to minimize these exposures
Jun 13 2012
62 mins
Backup of Edge Devices; Cloud Backup
edge data laptop backup
Join us for this summit:
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  • Big Data projects do not always require new storage. In fact, the best Big Data projects can leverage existing storage solutions. This presentation will look at how you can make your existing storage work for Big Data.
  • The Operations Bridge is “the” solution for IT Operations to effectively address the challenges they face when it comes to managing the new style of IT: complex composite applications, virtualized environments, cloud-based services, big data, and a variety of management solutions from different vendors. In this session, you will learn how the HP Operations Bridge solution allows you to take up those challenges and consolidate all your existing IT monitoring solutions, providing a unique solution to maximize efficiency and improve runtime and performance of your IT services.
  • Join backup and recovery experts to find out how to build your backup and recovery requirements checklist. By the end of this session, you’ll learn how you can:

    -Cut storage requirements by up to 80%
    -Save on storage costs and performance hits to your network.
    -Leverage near-instant recovery technology for protected virtual machines or servers.
    -Automate application-aware backups and testing for data corruption.
  • Deploying and managing network security at remote locations can be time consuming and expensive. McAfee Next Generation Firewalls give your organization a simple solution for centrally deploying, managing and updating remote locations. No technical skills are required to install at remote locations, freeing your skilled staff to focus on more important security management.

    Join us for an in-depth look at how plug-and-play deployment and remote management can reduce manual effort, reduce costs, and improve your network service. Steve Smith, Senior Technical Manager at McAfee, will review how the McAfee NGFW can be installed and up and running in a matter of minutes using our cloud-based installation server. He will also review how the McAfee NGFW Security Management Center gives you remote management and enterprise-wide situational awareness.
  • This Analyst Briefing will cover key findings from Frost & Sullivan’s suite of video technology research for 2013, as well as the Digital Media research team’s impressions and conclusions from the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, taking place April 5-10, 2014 in Las Vegas.

    Reasons to Attend:

    •Understand key technical trends in content delivery and monetization, and their impact on video encoding/transcoding offerings
    •Gain insight into worldwide market growth opportunities
    •Receive highlights related to the competitive landscape
    •Identify customer perceptions and requirements when choosing vendors and solutions
  • Openstack has been gaining momentum in the IaaS space for some time now. It is a great example of Open Source collaboration and many contributors (more than 15,000!) coming together to make new technology.

    Often, large vendors and the organisations that represent them are seen as incompatible with the Open Source model, particularly in the storage arena. Big Tin is not required.

    In this presentation Glyn Bowden will show what SNIA can offer the Open Source community, the importance of standards and where SNIA are already contributing.
  • As most IT Pros are aware, as of April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will stop releasing security patches for Windows XP. Unfortunately, most folks will not be able to migrate all Windows XP machines by that deadline. How will you limit the security risks posed by these now vulnerable assets? Join us for this webinar outlining practical strategies to help you cover your assets.
    In this session we'll cover:
    The primary attack vectors you need to consider
    Immediate actions you can take to limit the exposure of your XP assets
    Warning signs to watch out for that could signal an attack
    How to closely monitor your vulnerable assets with AlienVault USM
  • In this 1-hour webcast, Cray customer Mississippi State University will share best practices in maximizing datacenter energy efficiency and explain why they chose the Cray® CS300-LC™ cluster solution based on Intel® Xeon® processors and Xeon Phi™ coprocessors. Topics will include architecture and facility considerations such as site selection, risk factors and issues impacting TCO. Attendees will learn about key benefits of the CS300-LC’s innovative design—which uses warm water heat exchangers instead of chillers to efficiently cool the system and maximize performance—as well as remote monitoring and cooling system management.

    A Q&A session will be held following speaker presentations. Sign up today and join the conversation!

    Join the webcast to learn about:
    1. Key factors to consider when choosing a cluster architecture with liquid cooling
    2. Achieving significant power savings, reliability and performance scalability with managed cooling control.
    3. Optimizing power efficiency and system performance using Intel® Xeon® processors and Xeon Phi™ coprocessors

    About Cray
    Cray is a global supercomputing leader with a comprehensive portfolio of compute, storage and Big Data analytics solutions. Cray’s expertise enables fast application results and real-time discovery in technical and scientific computing.

    About Mississippi State University
    The High Performance Computing Collaboratory at Mississippi State University is a coalition dedicated to advancing computational science and engineering using high performance computing. Mississippi State consistently ranks among the nation's fastest academic computing sites on the TOP500 list.
  • Take a rule book, throw it away and write a better one.
    In typically disruptive fashion, Dell are Redefining the Economics of Enterprise Storage and you can benefit.

    In this webinar Paul Harrison, UK Storage Sales Director for Dell, will discuss Dell’s storage design philosophy and how our modern storage architectures are helping customers around the world to be more flexible and agile as well as breaking the traditional cycles of rip and replace.
    With our key design tenets around ease of use, full virtualisation, intelligent tiering, high scalability, elimination of forklift upgrades and innovative perpetual licencing models, Dell’s storage solutions are delivering real world benefits to thousands of users around the world and was the platform of choice for the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow2014.

    Join us and learn how Dell’s storage strategy differs from that of others and how it can help you to:
    •Acquire, deploy, and grow Storage on demand
    •Adapt more seamlessly to changing business needs
    •Intelligently manage data assuring business continuity
    •Reliably automate more processes, releasing time to focus on more strategic tasks
    •Strike the perfect balance between performance, capacity and price all while delivering a rich feature set.
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  • Enterprise Laptop Backups Recorded: Jun 28 2012 61 mins
    Research shows that more data resides at the edge than in the data center.
    Join us to learn:
    -Trends in mobility and mobile worker demands
    -Pros and cons of various approaches
    -How to meet the needs of today's mobile enterprise
  • Backing up Virtualized Environments Recorded: Jun 26 2012 62 mins
    Join us and learn:
    -Challenges of backing up virtual environments
    -The pros and cons of the various available options
  • Backup of Edge Devices; Cloud Backup Recorded: Jun 13 2012 62 mins
    Mobile workers and edge devices are more exposed than ever.
    Join us and learn:
    -Why this is a concern for all companies
    -Challenges unique to mobile workers
    -How to minimize these exposures
  • Do SMB's Need Archive? Recorded: Jun 13 2012 62 mins
    Do Small to Medium Sized Businesses even need archiving, or is it something only for large enterprises? W. Curtis Preston seems to believe pretty strongly that almost any company needs archiving, and he'll explain why in this webinar.
  • Experts Unplugged: Storage for Virtual Servers Recorded: Jun 6 2012 12 mins
    In this Experts Unplugged episode, Stephen Foskett of, discusses things to consider when implementing storage for virtual environments. Watch and learn what an I/O blender is.
  • Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Technical Overview Recorded: Jun 5 2012 68 mins
    In this webinar, Scott Baker, Product Manager for Backup Exec, does a deep dive into the new features of Backup Exec 2012.
  • Experts Unplugged: Deduplication Recorded: May 21 2012 20 mins
    In this Experts Unplugged episode, W. Curtis Preston discusses the importance of deduplication in backup systems.
  • Experts Unplugged: Cloud Storage Gateways Recorded: May 21 2012 10 mins
    In this Experts Unplugged episode, W. Curtis Preston discusses the advantages of using a cloud gateway in your environment.
  • In the Hotseat: Nexenta Recorded: Apr 24 2012 22 mins
    In this episode of In the Hotseat, Stephen Foskett of interviews Sakthi Chandra, Sr. Director Product Marketing for Nexenta.
  • Battle of the Bloggers: Virtual Machine Management Recorded: Jan 5 2012 16 mins
    In this episode of Battle of the Bloggers, 14 bloggers, at Tech Field Day 7, discuss the challenges of managing a virtual environment.
  • Battle of the Bloggers: Virtualize Everything? Recorded: Dec 22 2011 21 mins
    In this episode of Battle of the Bloggers, 14 bloggers, at Tech Field Day 7, debate whether or not one should virtualize everything.
  • Enhancing Recovery in Remote/Branch Offices through Global Deduplication Recorded: Dec 8 2011 60 mins
    The more business you do, the more data spreads throughout your branch and remote offices, increasing the risk of data loss. IT teams need to be prepared with a proactive disaster recovery (DR) strategy. Today, that means incorporating data deduplication for capacity optimization and faster recovery.
    Join us to learn how global deduplication and high availability (HA) streamline and enhance recovery in multiple location infrastructures. This webinar will feature renowned storage expert/blogger W. Curtis Preston and FalconStor's Director of Product Marketing, Mike DiMeglio.

    Topics of discussion will include:
    -The connection between data deduplication and business continuity
    -Choosing the right deduplication solution
    -Capacity optimization as the foundation of multi-tier recovery
    -How to centrally manage DR and deduplication across your IT infrastructure
    -Benefits of global deduplication, including extended data retention, faster local restore, easier archiving, and a smoother transition to cloud-based storage and DR
  • Extreme Virtualization Performance in a Fraction of the Footprint Recorded: Dec 7 2011 59 mins
    Learn about the latest trends in high performance, scalable storage for virtualization from independent IT analyst, Stephen Foskett, and hear how Fusion-io technology combined with the award-winning Nutanix converged compute + storage architecture is enabling virtualization without a SAN for greater simplicity with 10x price/performance of traditional server and storage architectures.


    Stephen Foskett, Independent IT Analyst and Principal Consultant at Gestalt IT
    Tiffany To, Director of Product Marketing, Nutanix
  • Experts Unplugged: Disk vs Tape Recorded: Dec 1 2011 12 mins
    In this Experts Unplugged episode, W. Curtis Preston discusses the merits of both disk and tape in backup design.

    You will learn:
    -Areas where tape continues to do better than disk
    -The realistic role that tape plays in today's data centers
    -Why it is important to use disk in your backup design
  • Experts Unplugged: Backup vs Archive Recorded: Dec 1 2011 10 mins
    In this Experts Unplugged episode, W. Curtis Preston discusses why it is important to distinguish between backups and archiving.

    Approximately 25% of companies have infinite retention policies and over 50% of companies still rely on their backup software to perform e-discovery requests.

    Watch this video and learn:
    -What e-discovery requests look like
    -Why backups don't fulfill archive requirements
    -Why companies need to stop using backups as archives
  • Battle of the Bloggers: @#!& Raid Recorded: Nov 22 2011 11 mins
    In this episode of Battle of the Bloggers, Robin Harris, Tony Bourke, Bill Hill and W. Curtis Preston discuss the future of RAID. This event was recorded at Tech Field Day 8 in San Jose, CA.

    Are rumors of the imminent death of RAID premature? Why is RAID a problem? What options are there?
  • Experts Unplugged: VM Backups Recorded: Nov 22 2011 15 mins
    In this Experts Unplugged episode, W. Curtis Preston discusses the challenges and solutions for backing up virtual servers.

    Learn the challenges of backing up and recovering virtual servers.

    Learn the methods that do and don't work to solve this problem.
  • Server Virtualization: Changing the Pace of Backup & Restore Recorded: Nov 16 2011 62 mins
    The spread of high-performance virtualization platforms has leveraged data center infrastructure like never before, but how do you back it all up? How can you quickly recover a virtual environment when disaster strikes? Which backup tools will best meet your needs?

    Join this exclusive webcast to hear from W. Curtis Preston, an expert in backup & recovery technology, and hear from Marc Crespi of ExaGrid Systems. Presenters will discuss the latest virtualization platforms and data deduplication techniques, and attendees will learn:

    -How to pick tools for backup and recovery in todays virtualized data center.
    -How data deduplication impacts the virtualized data center.
    -How Continuous data protection (CDP) can help in virtualized environments.
    -How to leverage the latest technologies for VM High Availability and rapid VM restore capabilities.
  • In the Hotseat: Exagrid Recorded: Nov 15 2011 43 mins
    W. Curtis Preston interviews Marc Crespi, VP of Product Management at Exagrid, and asks him some direct questions, including why they architected things the way they did and how they can claim to beat tape on cost.
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