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Customer Reference: HP ProLiant DL980 Servers in Retail

HP ProLiant Technology for Retailers
HP ProLiant Technology for Retailers
Recorded Nov 1 2012
6 mins
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Presentation preview: Customer Reference: HP ProLiant DL980 Servers in Retail
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  • Cloud on your terms: make the most of your infrastructure investments Cloud on your terms: make the most of your infrastructure investments Tyler Cooper Technology Architect; Albert Wolchesky Senior Technology Architect, Microsoft Corporation Recorded: May 27 2016 32 mins
    Why choose between your datacenter and the cloud? A hybrid cloud solution gives you both.

    You have already invested in server products that are on premises. You believe that Cloud is the future and the power of the Cloud can open up countless opportunities for people to do more and achieve more. But how can you leverage the Cloud given your current infrastructure?

    Join this webcast to learn Hybrid Cloud options as well as how to extract value from your existing investments by:

    - Expanding your options without adding complexity
    - Easily moving workloads from your datacenter
    - Building hybrid applications that leverage both on-premises and cloud resources
    - Taking advantage of storage, backup, and recovery options with increased efficiency and reduced cost.
  • Protecting Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Protecting Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Tony Barbagallo, VP of Product Recorded: May 26 2016 39 mins
    The protection needs for Healthcare and Life Sciences data evolve over time. The span of protection needs ranges from average for files that are easily reproduced to critical for files that need to be available for surgery or lifesaving research or that need to comply with regulations or be used in litigation. In this webinar, learn about some of the current protection methods, their pros and cons, and how to architect a storage solution that can evolve with your ever-changing protection needs.
  • Better Tools for a Better Life: The best editor and debugger tools for your job Better Tools for a Better Life: The best editor and debugger tools for your job Franklin Webber, Training and Technical Content Lead Recorded: May 26 2016 61 mins
    The infrastructure you manage with Chef is a complex machine. This complexity is mirrored in the cookbooks you develop and the data stored in your Chef server. It is an ongoing effort to keep track of the state of that machine and to keep up with all the functionality included in your (many) cookbooks. However, the right tools can help. With them, you can develop code faster, maintain cleaner code, and better understand your existing code.

    In this webinar, Franklin Webber, Training and Technical Content Lead at Chef, will demonstrate how better editor and debugger tools can improve your work life. He’ll show you how the right text editor can make it easier to write code. Next, he’ll demonstrate how tools like Rake and Guard can consolidate tasks and automate tests. Finally, he’ll show you how Pry can help you to debug your recipes.
  • Webinar: Introducción a Virtual Gateway – Gestionar la Salud de su Centro de Dat Webinar: Introducción a Virtual Gateway – Gestionar la Salud de su Centro de Dat Roger Garcia Villajuana Intel Data Center Solutions BDM - George Clement Intel Data Center Solutions Sr. Application Engineer Recorded: May 26 2016 60 mins
    Gestionar la salud en el centro de datos tiene 4 pilares principales: Monitoreo, Análisis, Diagnóstico y Resolución.

    En esta sesión estaremos cubriendo estos 4 pilares y por qué son importantes. In this session we will cover these main pillars and why they are important. Les enseñaremos como podemos usar sensores embebidos en el silicio disponible a través de interfaces estandarizadas en sus servidores, ayudando a los profesionales de TI a comenzar a agregar estos pilares en su entorno ya que ayudarán a maximizar con la reducción del tiempo medio de reparación (MTTR) para evitar interrupciones. En el caso de los servidores actuales, vamos a explicar la forma de acceder a ellos de manera remota y solucionar sus problemas con Intel Virtual Gateway.

    Aspectos Importantes de los 4 Pilares:
    •Monitoreo: Monitoreo automatizado de la salud de los servidores, alertas de fallas, Tablero de visualización y más.
    •Análisis: Causa raíz con los detalles de la salud de los servidores, reporte de fallas de dispositivos con indicador de severidad, historial de comportamiento.
    •Diagnóstico: Acceso Remoto a través de vKVM, acceso “in-band” integrado, detalles de la salud a nivel componente.
    •Resolución: Encendido y apagado remoto, vMedia remoto.
  • Storage on Your Terms: Nexenta Software-Defined Storage with Intel Storage on Your Terms: Nexenta Software-Defined Storage with Intel Michael Letschin, Field Chief Technology Officer at Nexenta; Shawna Meyer-Ravelli, Product Marketing Engineer at Intel Recorded: May 26 2016 34 mins
    Today’s technology leaders need to tackle the big trends—cloud, big data, the Internet of Things, mobility, social media—while lowering IT spend year over year. That’s a tall order. Storage cost projections are becoming unsustainable, and organizations need new, more cost-effective ways of delivering storage. Nexenta provides a software-only storage solution that includes a rich feature set across all block, file, and object storage needs. This enables you to deliver software- defined infrastructure for legacy and next-generation enterprise applications, virtual workloads, file service applications, and more—all while maintaining the freedom to choose which platform to run on.

    In this session you will learn more about the main kinds of software-defined storage technology landscape you’ll likely deploy:

    • Scale-up
    • Scale-out
    • Containerized

    Each solution is easy to support with Nexenta software and commercial off-the-shelf Intel-based hardware.
  • Intel & F5: Enabling Highly Agile, Fast and Secure Network Transformation Intel & F5: Enabling Highly Agile, Fast and Secure Network Transformation Benito Lopez, Senior Business Development Manager, and Ryan Davis, Senior Solution Architect Recorded: May 26 2016 48 mins
    Innovation continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace. Smart cities, Connected Vehicles, smart sensors and devices are driving the transformation of networks such as 5G. New types of service providers need to support smart infrastructure and applications that drive more throughput, enhanced network intelligence and an evolving security landscape. F5 Networks is collaborating with Intel to deliver a network infrastructure design to scale and secure the Gi-LAN using the F5 BIG-IP platform and Intel® Architecture.

    The need for a secure, extremely agile, fast, scalable, and standardized architecture to support new usage models, new services with low latency and error apps is vital in a 5G world. Together we provide the flexibility and capability to ensure that services and apps run smoothly, reliably and securely. Intel and F5 are working together to realize the vision of 5G by transforming networks and service models.

    In this seminar, attendees will learn how F5’s Carrier class security and traffic steering platforms are helping SP’s transform their network around innovative around new services and F5’s virtualized platforms enable SP’s deploy, highly agile, secure and fast networks.
  • CA ARD: efficienza ed ottimizzazione dei test tramite un approccio Model-Driven CA ARD: efficienza ed ottimizzazione dei test tramite un approccio Model-Driven Domenico Maracci - CA Technologies Recorded: May 26 2016 28 mins
    In un momento in cui le iniziative IT corrono di pari passo col business, l’abilità di comunicare i requisiti di business in un modo che sia direttamente comprensibile all’IT diventa un imperativo. CA ARD utilizza l’approccio Model Driven Testing per eliminare ambiguità nei requisiti, ottimizzando i cicli di test garantendo totale test coverage.
  • NSX, Next-Generation Firewall and the Software-Defined Data Center NSX, Next-Generation Firewall and the Software-Defined Data Center Mariano Maluf, VMUG | Blake Wofford, Fuel | Kausum Kumar, VMware | Sai Balabhadr, Palo Alto Networks | John Spiegel, Customer Recorded: May 25 2016 59 mins
    Many organizations are implementing server virtualization to reap the business benefits of simplifying operations, speeding up provisioning, and adapting to rapidly changing infrastructure needs, but this creates a new set of security challenges as network professionals race to keep up with the changes. To really take advantage of software-defined data architecture requires a partnership between a centralized management platform, easily integrated next-gen firewall solution, and an adaptive, simplified virtual environment. Enter VMware and Palo Alto Networks.

    In this webinar, experts from Palo Alto Networks and VMware, along with members of their user communities Fuel and VMUG will provide an technical overview of the advantages of pairing Palo Alto Networks’ VM-series next-generation firewall and Panorama centralized management tools with VMware’s NSX network virtualization platform. With real-world customer examples and advice on the best way to protect your organization across on-prem and online environments, you’ll leave this webinar with an action plan for realizing the full opportunities of SDDC infrastructure.

    Build a fundamentally more agile, efficient and secure application environment with VMware NSX network virtualization on powerful industry standard infrastructure featuring Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Ethernet 10GB/40GB Converged Network Adapters.
  • The Future of Solid State The Future of Solid State Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist and Analyst, Evaluator Group Recorded: May 25 2016 45 mins
    The movement away from electro-mechanical devices for primary storage to solid state technology continues. Flash technology has been immensely successful and continues to advance with greater density and less cost. It is also driving changes in the interfaces and protocols for storage from disk-based to memory-based. Additional solid state technology is entering the market and will create a hierarchy of different performance and cost storage. This presentation will discuss some of these changes and their potential impacts.
  • Alternatives to RSA Data Protection Manager for Centralized Key Management Alternatives to RSA Data Protection Manager for Centralized Key Management Steve Kingston, Product Manager - Gemalto Recorded: May 25 2016 27 mins
    RSA’s Data Protection Manager (DPM), BSAFE and tokenization products are quickly approaching EOL/EOPS, presenting RSA customers with an opportunity to reassess their encryption key management architecture and needs. With so many technologies available today that seemingly offer the same capabilities, how do you select the vendor and solution that is right for you?
    Join Stephen Kingston, Product Manager for SafeNet KeySecure, Gemalto, where you will learn how you can:

    • Benefit from proven, successful RSA to Gemalto migration use cases, including Healthcare, PII Protection and Retail PoS applications
    • Easily migrate with the same one-to-one functionality offered by SafeNet KeySecure and SafeNet Data Protection Connectors
    • Avoid encryption silos with a centralized key manager whether on-premises, virtual, or in the cloud
    • Painlessly expand your encryption solution as your future needs grow, be it files, databases, applications, or tokenization
    • Quickly get started with our 5 easy migration steps

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