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Data Center Management

  • AOC/DAC Cable Testing in Data Centers
    AOC/DAC Cable Testing in Data Centers Guylain Barlow, Viavi Recorded: Nov 20 2017 60 mins
    Data Centers vary widely in nature and can be roughly classified as hyperscale, multi-tenant, and private. A critical and common component in the operation of such data centers is the installation and maintenance of the physical cabling infrastructure. A fundamental change taking place is the evolution from cables using classic connectors on copper (RJ-45) or fiber optics (LC) to cables terminated by pluggables such as SFP or QSFP. This represents a new challenge as these cables, called Active Optical Cable (AOC) or Direct Attach Copper (DAC), are not easily validated and tested.

    Attendees will earn 1 BICSI CEC for attending.
  • Virtualizing Media Broadcast: TV Transformed
    Virtualizing Media Broadcast: TV Transformed Steve Reynolds - Imagine Communications, Limor Schafman - TIA Recorded: Nov 17 2017 46 mins
    Broadcast media is undergoing wholesale change due to demands from consumers, competitors, and creative opportunity for new types of content. Virtualization at multiple points of the distribution and delivery network is recognized as the only way to meet these demands. This webcast will review in detail the technologies involved in the virtualization of broadcast media, from network, to master control centers, to edge device delivery.

    Steve Reynolds, CTO, Imagine Communications

    Steve Reynolds is Chief Technology Officer at Imagine Communications and responsible for the technical strategy and roadmap of the company, as well as managing business development, partner relationships, and M&A activity. Reynolds brings 20 years of technology leadership in the cable industry to Imagine Communications. At Comcast, he served as Senior Vice President of Premises Technology overseeing the strategy, roadmap and development of all technologies employed in service delivery to the customer premises. Prior to Comcast, Reynolds was Senior Vice President of Technology at OpenTV Incorporated, a world leader in digital and interactive television technology.

    Host: Limor Schafman, Content Development Director, TIA

    NOT BICSI accredited.
  • How to Eliminate Inefficiencies in Your IT Organization with DevOps
    How to Eliminate Inefficiencies in Your IT Organization with DevOps Gary Gruver, Francesco Colavita, Syed Husain, Ron Franklin Recorded: Nov 17 2017 62 mins
    This webinar is brought to you by the Vivit DevOps Special Interest Group.

    Businesses need to be more responsive to market changes and meeting customer demand for improved services and better user experiences. In order to meet such high expectations and be competitive in your market, it requires great flexibility and speed throughout the organization. DevOps enables your software development, infrastructure and operations teams to identify and eliminate inefficiencies through communication, collaboration, and automation.

    Join us for this webinar to learn:

    •How you can build a culture of DevOps
    •Accelerate time-to-market
  • The Breakthrough of Container Adoption & Persistent Storage in the Cloud
    The Breakthrough of Container Adoption & Persistent Storage in the Cloud Martin Buhr, Google and Ashok Rajagopalan, Datera Recorded: Nov 16 2017 44 mins
    Join Google and Datera to learn how you can reap the benefits of the cloud without losing performance as Containers become the new paradigm using Datera Elastic Fabric Storage System and Kubernetes for Container Orchestration.

    Containers are rapidly maturing. As container adoption continues to grow beyond stateless applications to stateful workloads such as MySQL, Kafka, Cassandra, and Couchbase, the need for persistent storage is foundational. To make business workloads adoption grow on container platforms, it is imperative to simplify persistent storage provisioning and consumption.

    In this webinar, Google Product Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Google Cloud Platform Martin Buhr joins Datera’s Head of Product Ashok Rajagopalan to discuss:

    - How stateful applications can be automated to scale
    - New storage solutions and deployment models that provide agility, and
    - Flexibility - the benefits of deploying and using persistent storage
  • “Under the Hood” of Vertica: Using Apache Kafka with Vertica
    “Under the Hood” of Vertica: Using Apache Kafka with Vertica Serge Bonte, Customer Experience Engineer, Vertica Recorded: Nov 16 2017 45 mins
    Are you making the most of streaming data, providing timely value to your business, and keeping ahead of the competition?

    Join us for this next session of “Under the Hood” of Vertica as we take a deep dive into Vertica’s integration with Apache Kafka, Hadoop, and other open source solutions to ease data integration challenges and enable continuous, real-time processing and transformation of data streams.

    Learn how Vertica works with Kafka to stream data into and out of Vertica for actionable insight.
  • AI and the Scientific Method for Cyber Investigation Automation
    AI and the Scientific Method for Cyber Investigation Automation Shawn Riley, Chief Data Officer | Cybersecurity Scientist at DarkLight Recorded: Nov 16 2017 48 mins
    "Artificial Intelligence" is arguably one of the most over-used terms in cybersecurity today and despite the potential, most organizations are in the dark about how best to apply it -- and more importantly, how to explain the results it produces. We will discuss how encoding expert tradecraft using scientific methods and common knowledge / data models - can produce AI with explainable results for improved investigation and an active cyber defense.
  • Why you need to stop copying data forever.
    Why you need to stop copying data forever. Marc Keating, Director of Technology & Alliance Strategy; Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance Recorded: Nov 16 2017 56 mins
    Whether you keep your enterprise data in the cloud, on-prem or in a hybrid environment, chances are, you’re making more copies than you’d like to.
    Of course, you must meet data protection requirements. Unfortunately, what sounds like a two-step process – store the data and back it up – often multiplies into many more steps with many more copies. And every time you duplicate your data, you increase your costs.

    In this webcast, we’ll look at why this is and what your options are to stop copying data and start accessing it.
  • NVMe & Oracle Database: Making Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing Possible
    NVMe & Oracle Database: Making Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing Possible Ganesh Balabharathi, Principal Database Architect Recorded: Nov 16 2017 38 mins
    Hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) refers to capabilities to perform OLAP (online analytical processing) and OLTP (online transaction processing) at the same time on a same database system. Oracle Database has always held the edge in HTAP because its version-based concurrency model means that analytical workloads do not block transactional workloads. In this webcast, we will examine how Vexata Scalable Storage Systems utilize technologies such as NVMe Flash and Intel Optane (3D XPoint) can be used to take HTAP to the next level. This webcast will include a demonstration of HTAP running on Oracle 12c with the Vexata VX-100 Scalable Storage System.

    You will learn about:
    - Detailed explanation of Hybrid transactional/analytic environments
    - Best practices for architecting Oracle Hybrid database systems
    - How Vexata maximizes transactional and analytic workloads
  • Taking the Path to Real Time Big Data Analytics
    Taking the Path to Real Time Big Data Analytics Paul Krein, Red River; Joe Paiva, Commerce; Linda Powell, Protection Bureau; Ashok Sankar, Splunk; Nick Psak, Pure Storage Recorded: Nov 16 2017 64 mins
    The shift to the cloud is modernizing government IT, but are agencies' storage models keeping up with that transition? When it comes to big data, the proper system is necessary to avoid major data bottlenecks and accessibility challenges, allowing agencies to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Flash storage is the latest technology that improves scale, speed, and efficiency of data storage. Join us for a panel discussion on the challenge of scale, increased demand for user-focused data management tools, and security and risk reduction with sensitive data.

    Featured Speakers:

    - Paul Krein, Chief Technology Officer, Red River
    - Joe Paiva, Chief Information Officer, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
    - Linda Powell, Chief Data Officer, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    - Ashok Sankar, Director, Solutions Strategy, Public Sector and Education, Splunk
    - Nick Psaki, Principal, Office of the CTO, Pure Storage
  • vCPE and vPE: Gateway to Service Agility and Virtualization
    vCPE and vPE: Gateway to Service Agility and Virtualization Shaji Nathan, VP, Product Marketing, IP Infusion and Srikanth Krishnamohan, Director, Business Development, IP Infusion Recorded: Nov 16 2017 39 mins
    This webinar will provide attendees an overview of capabilities of VirNOS virtual network function (VNF) and the use cases. We will cover virtualizing services at the customer edge and how service providers can enable services such as VPN and IPSec to their end customers at lower OPEX. The presenter will also discuss vPE/vRouter running at the data center or cloud providing MPLS WAN services.
  • New Storage Loyalty Program & All-Flash Arrays from Dell EMC
    New Storage Loyalty Program & All-Flash Arrays from Dell EMC Joe Catalanotti Recorded: Nov 16 2017 50 mins
    Tune in on November 16th to hear about new Dell EMC Midrange All Flash Arrays, new Dell EMC Unity features, and how you can Future Proof your Midrange Storage with the industry’s strongest Customer Loyalty Program helping you create peace of mind with your new technology purchases.
  • Unite InfoSec and DevOps and Still Achieve Enterprise-wide Security
    Unite InfoSec and DevOps and Still Achieve Enterprise-wide Security Gary Southwell, General Manager, CSPi Recorded: Nov 16 2017 46 mins
    As organizations move to an agile DevOps model, they are confronted with one major question: How can they manage existing information-security processes to ensure data privacy?

    Since data breaches are not going to go away, organizations really need to focus on how to make breaches irrelevant so that in the event of a breach the data either will not be accessed, or if it is it won’t be in usable form.

    In this webinar, created for application developers and data security resources, CSPi will not only review best practices but also present a software framework to show how organizations can achieve uncompromised enterprise-wide security. Created for application developers and data-security resources, this webinar will also show you how this new approach complements established InfoSec security requirements and maintains the agile benefits of DevOps – all while providing the automated protection of critical data under any use.

    Don’t miss this webinar! Register today.

    Webinar highlights:
    Join us for this valuable webinar to learn how you can:
    1.Uniformly and automatically apply security policies across the enterprise, including containers and VMs as they spawn.
    2.Offload core-intensive security functions while improving application performance.
    3.Secure critical assets in all cases – in motion, at rest, and in use.
  • Adaptive Thinking: How Capital One Combats Fraud
    Adaptive Thinking: How Capital One Combats Fraud Dave Laramy, Director of Fraud Strategy, Capitol One & Hannah Preston, Solution Strategist, Payment Security, CA Recorded: Nov 16 2017 40 mins
    Capital One is a Top 10 credit card issuer in the UK and is recognized as an award winner for its exceptional customer experience. The team's philosophy to continually try new things, allows them to successfully balance tighter fraud prevention and increased customer satisfaction. In fact, Capital One readily adopted the CA Payment Security Suite to help ensure that balance.

    Join Dave Laramy, Director of Fraud Strategy at Capital One and Hannah Preston, Solution Strategist, Payment Security at CA as they share tactics to eliminate legacy fraud controls and embrace more efficient ways to battle the bad guys with intelligent data and authentication.

    Tune in and explore how to:
    • Implement best practices and strategies for leveraging data and authentication
    • Improve fraud prevention and the checkout experience with 3DS 2.0
    • Prepare for regulatory changes, scheme mandates, and future transformations
  • How Prometheus 2.0 adds serious muscle for monitoring millions of containers
    How Prometheus 2.0 adds serious muscle for monitoring millions of containers Chris Ricci and Frederic Branczyk Recorded: Nov 16 2017 41 mins
    Prometheus has long been a darling of the open source container monitoring space. Prometheus is built-in and preconfigured with CoreOS Tectonic, helping make it the most advanced enterprise ready Kubernetes distribution on the market. With the release of Prometheus 2.0, we're seeing new features which simultaneously simplify, speed up, and improve the scalability of the solution.

    Tune in for an overview and Q&A with lead Prometheus developer, Frederic Branczyk. We'll be discussing what the major advancements in the Prometheus storage layer mean to you, migrating to Prometheus 2.0, and more.
  • Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Jump Back into the Cyber Pool...
    Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Jump Back into the Cyber Pool... Simon Bryden, Consulting Systems Engineer Recorded: Nov 16 2017 45 mins
    If nothing else, the last 12 months have proved that we can never overestimate what can happen when you combine poor security hygiene with politics, human ingenuity and human error - if we can believe the latest headlines.

    Wannacry, NotPetya and Equifax have dominated headlines but it’s not hard to compile a much larger list if you look a little bit deeper. And while past results are no guarantee for future performance, it is that time of the year to look ahead to see what might be in store for 2018. However, looking ahead without taking the past into account can only give a partial perspective.

    This Fortinet “Threats on the Horizon” summit presentation will summarize what we have seen so far in 2017 and present our perspective for what we can expect in 2018.
  • Are APAC organisations response-ready to a data breach?
    Are APAC organisations response-ready to a data breach? Rob van der Ende, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan Mandiant Consulting Services | FireEye Recorded: Nov 16 2017 45 mins
    Major security breaches have become part of everyone's daily news feed, from the front page of the newspaper to the top of every security blog, you can’t miss the steady flood of new breaches impacting the world today. In today’s every changing world of business and technology, breaches are inevitable, you must be prepared before they happen.

    Mandiant, a FireEye Company, is the world leader in Incident Response Management; no other company is involved in more of today's largest breaches.

    Join us for a discussion on the importance of being breach ready, and how being proactive in your incident preparedness is essential and could save you from devastating cost.
  • How the Internet is Changing the Enterprise Network
    How the Internet is Changing the Enterprise Network Forrester's Andre Kindness & Kentik's Avi Freedman Recorded: Nov 15 2017 62 mins
    Cloud, SaaS, APIs, WAN, CDNs, customers, and users ㄧ enterprises increasingly rely on the internet to supply and deliver their business ㄧ and the internet is subsequently adding new complexities to enterprise networks. While managing each internet dependency can be difficult, the greater challenge is making sense of the breadth and depth of data these dependencies collectively produce. Fortunately, network traffic data can provide complete visibility into how your business is performing ㄧ across the internet, and overall.

    Many of today’s fastest-growing enterprises are already using network data to achieve digital transformation, boost customer retention, and enhance network performance to gain an edge over their competition. In this webinar, guest speaker and Forrester analyst Andre Kindness and Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman will reveal:

    - Top myths enterprises believe about the internet
    - The impact of internet-connected things on the business
    - How to use network analytics and monitoring for business visibility
    - Real-world examples of organizations who leverage their network data to drive business results
  • Enterprise Grade Cloud Native IT Service Operations and Management
    Enterprise Grade Cloud Native IT Service Operations and Management Greenlight Group Recorded: Nov 15 2017 62 mins
    Micro Focus Product Management and Greenlight group will dive into the details of Micro Focus’ Enterprise Grade IT Service Management Automation and Operations Bridge product suites - showcasing the most recent advances that ease bringing cloud native capabilities to the mainstream IT Operations organizations.
  • Multi-cloud Primary Storage: Avoid lock-in while shifting apps to the cloud
    Multi-cloud Primary Storage: Avoid lock-in while shifting apps to the cloud Senior Analysts Jeff Kato and Jeff Byrne Recorded: Nov 15 2017 54 mins
    As the result of extensive primary end-user and multi-vendor research, including responses from 700+ IT decision makers, Taneja Group has learned that an increasing number of organizations are more motivated than ever before to move their applications in the cloud. However, they prefer to easily move those applications between on-premises and multiple clouds without having to modify the underlying storage infrastructure.

    Join us as we unpack this emerging market category along with SoftNAS, one of the vendors at the forefront of this trend.

    In this webinar we’ll cover:

    • How multi-cloud primary storage can span multiple cloud environments and mitigate the risk of moving to the public cloud

    • Lifting and shifting applications to a single public cloud or multiple public clouds without re-engineering the applications

    • Why the SoftNAS Cloud Data Platform enables enterprise on-premises file services to be collocated in public clouds

    About your hosts:
    Taneja Group’s Senior Analysts Jeff Kato and Jeff Byrne will discuss the research behind the Taneja Group’s Multi-Cloud Primary Storage market category. They will be joined by Rick Braddy, Founder, CEO and CTO at SoftNAS, who will describe how the SoftNAS Cloud Data Platform provides the best pathway to shift applications among on-premises, AWS, and Azure clouds.
  • New Product Release: LTO-8—The New Enterprise Tape Drive
    New Product Release: LTO-8—The New Enterprise Tape Drive Kieran Maloney, Solutions Marketing Manager; Ryan Duffy, Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Nov 15 2017 35 mins
    Kieran Maloney and Ryan Duffy share the six reasons LTO tape has risen to the top as the best enterprise option with its latest eighth generation release: capacity, performance, error rate, material, cost of ownership, and diversification.

    LTO advancements complement Quantum’s Scalar® libraries, further extending their position as an efficiency leader, making them the best solution to address today’s big data challenges and replace end-of-life proprietary tape systems.

    Learn about the features of the latest LTO technology release, specific cost of ownership comparisons versus proprietary tape, and the future roadmap for development.
  • Tiered Hadoop for Analytics at Extreme Scale
    Tiered Hadoop for Analytics at Extreme Scale Sai Devulapalli & Boni Bruno, Dell EMC and Jeff Schmitt, Hortonworks Recorded: Nov 15 2017 50 mins
    Enterprises realize that data is the fuel that data science teams crave but data is growing at an explosive rate, with COLD data growing at a much faster rate than HOT. As these data volumes grow beyond 75 TB, continuing to scale HDFS clusters using compute with local storage (DAS) gets very expensive and complex to manage. At some point you’re forced to start archiving, or worse purging, COLD data making it difficult to access and potentially throwing away valuable insights.
    Dell EMC understands this problem and we’ve developed a new HDFS tiering capability with Hortonworks which effectively adds a “capacity-centric” data overlay on top of Hadoop DAS infrastructure. This integrated tier enables enterprises to continue to use existing applications such as Hive, Spark, Map-reduce, and others, while offering a more cost effective, simple, and efficient way to scale data lakes from the 100 of TB range up into the PB’s. The tiered solution enables the business to access to ALL of their data, both HOT and COLD, for analytics from business intelligence to machine learning. And most importantly, it allows the specific business use cases to define the tiering rules for performance and scale.
    In this webcast, we will discuss some of the challenges that enterprises encounter when the data volumes in their analytics platforms are no longer manageable and the impact this causes on the business. We’ll detail:
    1. How the Dell EMC Isilon tiered storage solution delivers the best cost-capacity-performance tradeoff for Hadoop deployments
    2. How the solution works from a technical perspective
    3. How customers can easily integrate the solution into their existing environment to derive more value from their data, drive deeper customer insights, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate time to market.
  • Amazon re:Invent for Storage Professionals - Three Capabilities to Look For
    Amazon re:Invent for Storage Professionals - Three Capabilities to Look For George Crump (Storage Switzerland), Mark Eastman (Avere Systems), Erik Pounds (Swiftstack) Recorded: Nov 15 2017 64 mins
    The sixth year of Amazon RE:Invent is almost upon us (November 27 to December 1 in Las Vegas). In this webinar join Storage Switzerland, Avere Systems and SwiftStack for a storage professional’s guide to the event.

    Learn about:
    - The different tiers of the Amazon storage offering
    - How to create hybrid cloud storage combining private and public offerings
    - Learn how to interconnect multiple cloud providers
  • Accelerating Big Data Insights with Dell EMC & Hortonworks
    Accelerating Big Data Insights with Dell EMC & Hortonworks Armando Acosta, Dell EMC & Saptak Sen, Hortonworks Recorded: Nov 15 2017 52 mins
    Hadoop’s data analytics capabilities offer tremendous potential for deriving new and differentiated business insights. But, many organizations get bogged down with the DIY infrastructure decisions and fail to keep up with the evolving needs of their business. Dell EMC and Hortonworks can help organizations get past this challenge with proven and certified architectures which allow them to confidently deploy high performance, scalable analytics enabling solutions in just days. Together, Dell EMC and Hortonworks can support organizations looking to get more value from their existing installations or quickly deliver new high value solutions for ETL offload, Single View, or the Internet of Things.

    Join Dell EMC and Hortonworks as we discuss how to help organizations get past the challenges of keeping up with new and differentiated business insights by using proven and certified architectures that will allow organizations to deploy high performance and scalable analytics.
  • Redefine Hybrid with Google Cloud and Nutanix
    Redefine Hybrid with Google Cloud and Nutanix Gil Haberman, Director of Product Marketing, Nutanix and Manvinder Singh, Strategic Partnerships Lead, Google Cloud Recorded: Nov 15 2017 29 mins
    Blending public and private clouds is a strategic goal for many organizations. Join us in this unique session describing how Google and Nutanix join forces to bring this objective to fruition. We will preview how Nutanix customers can natively and instantly extend their environment to cloud services delivered from Google datacenters. We will also discuss how customers can benefit from bleeding-edge technologies like Kubernetes in their on-prem infrastructure
  • Secure your data with IBM Cloud to simplify GDPR Readiness
    Secure your data with IBM Cloud to simplify GDPR Readiness Richard Hogg and Heather Hinton Nov 21 2017 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The clock is ticking and it’s time to act as Europe’s most demanding and far reaching Data Security regulation to date has been published. This webinar from IBM Cloud will examine the key requirements of GDPR, and look at how we can IBM's Cloud and Data security capabilities to simplify your GDPR Readiness journey.

    What You Will Learn
    The impact of the Regulation and its key principles
    What data protection by design and by default means for organisations
    The foundational principles of data protection
    Practical application of data protection by design and by default in the Cloud - Data security, encryption capabilities, data breach notification, Multi Cloud SaaS offerings, IBM Cloud services and our Technical and Operational Measures.
    What does signing of 24 IBM Cloud infrastructure and PaaS services means in terms of data protection adherence under GDPR.
  • How GoDaddy Uses AIOps to Automate Incident Response
    How GoDaddy Uses AIOps to Automate Incident Response Tom Duran, Site Reliability Manager, GoDaddy Nov 21 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Throughout rapid expansion, globalization and going public, GoDaddy was challenged to scale operational and incident response framework in new ways.

    In this detailed talk, join Tom Duran, Site Reliability Manager at GoDaddy, as he takes you through the transformation from a largely manual incident process to a fully automated lights-out incident response model.
  • Preparing for Converged Future: Virtualizing Your fixed & Mobile Access Network
    Preparing for Converged Future: Virtualizing Your fixed & Mobile Access Network Robin Ku, CableLabs and Gibson Ang, Casa Systems and Eric Heaton, Intel Nov 21 2017 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In our future 5G world, your users will not only need to be connected all the time, they will also require access to fast, agile services. The question is: Will your network be ready to support multiple best-in-class wired and wireless access technologies?

    “Technology Convergence: Support Multiple Wired and Wireless Access Technologies” explores how virtualization allows for a converged access platform that simplifies management of your access network and lowers your overall system total cost of ownership. The webinar walks you through a working proof of concept developed by Intel, Casa Systems, and Kyrio that brings together vCCAP, vWAG, vEPC, and other VNFs running within an open-source NFVI. Addressed as well is how this solution can be expanded for other operator needs through flexible and generalized SDN/NFV principles.
  • Are you Ready for Australia's Privacy Act? A Gemalto Case Study
    Are you Ready for Australia's Privacy Act? A Gemalto Case Study Jean -Pierre Mistral, Legal Counsel for Data Privacy and Graeme Pyper, Regional Director of Enterprise and Cybersecurity Nov 22 2017 12:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Join us for part two of our webinar series focused on helping companies prepare for the upcoming Australian Privacy Act and global government regulations, like European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    Data sovereignty, especially for cloud first companies, is becoming an important part of any security strategy as these data breach regulations go into effect next year. Being able to demonstrate best efforts to protect the privacy of an individual’s data will be a requirement and non-compliance will have hefty monetary ramifications.

    This follow up webinar will walk attendees through what Gemalto has already done and is doing to prepare for data privacy regulations from product management to sales operations and more. Our legal counsel for global data privacy, Jean-Pierre Mistral, will share how and what we have done, takeaways and timelines and Graeme Pyper, Regional Director for New Zealand and Australia, will cover the different technologies companies can use to mitigate the risk of non-compliance and what this means for business operations globally.

    Join us to hear more about:
    •The Mandatory Data Breaches scheme
    •Case Study: A look at how Gemalto is preparing for Australia’s NDB & GDPR
    •The implications for local businesses and technologies that can help mitigate risk around complying with data privacy regulations
  • Bringing Next Generation Hyper Converged Infrastructure to the Enterprise
    Bringing Next Generation Hyper Converged Infrastructure to the Enterprise Archana Venkatraman, European Datacenter Research Mgr, IDC & James Laurence, Alliance & Solutions Marketing Mgr, NetApp Nov 22 2017 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join IDC and NetApp for a lively discussion and presentation about breaking free from the limits of today’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions. Hear IDC’s views on how and where this HCI market is developing and how you can take advantage of the next phase of HCI - Enterprise Scale.

    Transform your IT infrastructure with the enterprise-scale NetApp HCI to deliver guaranteed performance, increased agility, and easy automation for high speed deployment, management, consolidation and control of business critical enterprise business applications.

    Are you ready for next ? – to change how it has been done – into how fast and simply it can be done.
  • Intel's Data Center Game Changer
    Intel's Data Center Game Changer Ofer Lior BDM, Intel Data Center Management Solutions - Dror Shenkar, Chief Architect, Intel Data Center Management Solutions Nov 23 2017 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    A rapid rate of change complicates every facet of datacenter management, and server-centric compute models are too cumbersome for today’s highly variable workloads. Is it possible to optimize resources and operations in such dynamic environments? In this presentation, learn how to replace manual, hardware-defined application provisioning and management with a highly automated, software-defined resource model and orchestration layer that enables flexibility, simplified on-demand capital efficiency, and lower TCO. Find out how to compose more agile pools of datacenter resources, and simultaneously drive up IT efficiency, optimize energy requirements, increase datacenter resilience, and strengthen disaster recovery plans.
  • Flexible Consumption Models for HCI Transition
    Flexible Consumption Models for HCI Transition Kevin Green, EMEA BD Manager Open Scale Payment Solutions at Dell Financial Services Nov 23 2017 10:30 am UTC 45 mins
    When asked about the challenges of HCI adoption, IDC found that 25% of customers were concerned about cost or were unsure regarding the projected ROI. Dell Financial Services developed the Cloud Flex for HCI program with that in mind. The primary goal is to allow you to move to hyperconverged infrastructure without making a long term commitment.
    Join us for this webinar to learn how companies across many verticals are using Dell financial services to help them in their HC.I transition
  • Machine Learning & Geolocation data analytics:  Enrich, Visualise and Predict
    Machine Learning & Geolocation data analytics: Enrich, Visualise and Predict Francesco Gianferrari Pini, Founder, Quantyca Italy and Carlo Arioli, EMEA Marketing Manager, Micro Focus Nov 23 2017 4:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join us for this Webinar to see a live demo – powered by the Vertica 9 Advanced Analytics Platform – that combines in-database geospatial functions with Machine Learning algorithms to increase the efficacy of business analytics for Retail and B2B Marketing.

    By following our complete data science workflow, learn how you can extract new key insights by applying predictive analytics to a blend of classical business-rich data from a corporate data warehouse with new detailed localization data gathered from mobile applications and from IoT sensors.

    In this session, Quantyca will show you:
    • A live demo of predictive analytics on a real, complex GPS data set, containing all the taxi rides in the city of Oporto
    • An end-to-end data science workflow, from the business problem statement to model synthesis of and their accuracy evaluation
    • The development of temporal and geospatial analytics on classical logistics and marketing problems
    • An understanding of the underlying business due to graphical visualizations of the model results and the integration of Vertica in-database analytics with self-service BI tools
  • Dell|EMC Presents: Quest Microsoft platform management
    Dell|EMC Presents: Quest Microsoft platform management Mike Dowling, Quest Software Nov 24 2017 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Managing and securing Microsoft platforms – such as Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business, Azure AD and Office 365 – can be expensive and time-consuming. In fact, organizations typically spend 75 percent of their budget maintaining legacy infrastructure.

    It’s time to optimize your environment and secure your Microsoft infrastructure to prepare for what’s next. Our award-winning solutions help you migrate, manage and secure your data across on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid platforms. Stop worrying about maintaining systems, and start focusing on innovation. See for yourself why our tools have been used to migrate, secure and manage more than 180 million users.
  • Les 5  conseils essentiels sur la restauration des données du cloud
    Les 5 conseils essentiels sur la restauration des données du cloud Bruno Gauthier Nov 28 2017 8:30 am UTC 45 mins
    « Votre cloud a un problème ! » : c’est l’appel que redoute tout service informatique, qu’est-ce que vous pouvez faire, quand est-ce qu’il sera de nouveau disponible ?
    De ce fait, vous avez absolument besoin d’une protection et d’un plan de reprise de vos données dans le cloud, car chaque indisponibilité se traduit par une baisse de votre activité et/ou de votre chiffre d’affaire. La majorité des organisations ont mis en place des politiques de sauvegarde efficaces on-premises, mais la plupart n’étendent pas ces politiques au cloud.
    Que vous ayez des données critiques à travers différents clouds ou seulement quelques informations, il est essentiel pour un service informatique de comprendre les mécanismes de récupération des données du cloud.
    Participez au webinaire Commvault présentant les 5 conseils essentiels sur la restauration du cloud, pour vous permettre de mieux contrôler la disponibilité de vos données depuis les environnements clouds et on-premises.
  • Flying into Edge Cloud
    Flying into Edge Cloud Eric van Villet, Platform Application Engineer & Paul Stevens, Marketing Director, Network & Communication Group, Advantech Nov 28 2017 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    5G will bring several groundbreaking new technologies into play with its new air interface and Radio Access Network (RAN) architecture extensions. It will also need an emerging software defined infrastructure, one that provides greater topology flexibility, essential to deliver on the promises of high availability, high coverage, low latency and high bandwidth connections that will open up new parallel industry opportunities.

    Edge Cloud unlocks many new doors and one of the keys to its enablement lies in the elasticity and flexibility of the underlying infrastructure. This webinar will discuss several use cases for edge computing along the road to 5G including VR/AR, autonomous cars and IoT, and how Multi-Access Edge Computing solutions allows testing and trials of solutions today.
  • Batch + Real-time Analytics Convergence
    Batch + Real-time Analytics Convergence Ross Porter (Systems Engineering Director EMEA) Dell EMC, & Venkatesh Sellappa (Solutions Engineer EMEA) Hortonworks Nov 29 2017 9:30 am UTC 60 mins
    A high-level walk through of the landscape of Analytics with use-cases, moving from Past or Batch Analytics to the present and future or Predictive Analytics. We will talk about the industry trends that are fueling this change with the backdrop of the technological challenges and innovations that are rising up to meet these trends.

    And where does Hortonworks & Dell EMC sit in this continuum and how we can work jointly to enable our customers.
  • Network Teams, Need A Wingman? Why ExtraHop Addy won the EMA Innovator’s Award
    Network Teams, Need A Wingman? Why ExtraHop Addy won the EMA Innovator’s Award Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst at EMA Research and Isaac Roybal, Product Director at ExtraHop Networks Nov 29 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Network administrators and engineers function as “human middleware” for their monitoring tools, according to Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst at EMA Research. Skilled humans still need to do much of the heavy lifting in terms of analyzing data.

    That’s the problem holding back many network operations teams from achieving greater productivity. But there’s hope! EMA recently bestowed its Innovator’s Award on ExtraHop’s Addy machine learning offering for its ability to remove much of the burden from human operators. Join this webinar to learn how machine learning can help under-resourced network teams do more with less.
  • Rethinking Application Delivery in the Cloud Era
    Rethinking Application Delivery in the Cloud Era Brad Casemore, Research Director, Datacenter Networks, IDC & George McGregor, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Citrix Nov 30 2017 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today, multi-cloud is the new norm for cloud adopting organizations. The organizations that thrive will be those that can adapt their multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud architecture to simply and reliably deliver applications. According to IDC, 94% of organizations are already reassessing, modifying, or overhauling their network to facilitate app delivery for a cloud-first world. Wanting to dive deeper, Citrix commissioned IDC to conduct a custom survey of 900 organizations to uncover how enterprises were meeting the network requirements for cloud adaptation.

    Join guest speaker Brad Casemore, IDC’s Research Director, Datacenter Networks and George McGregor, Citrix Senior Director of Product Marketing, as we present the results of this unique survey, which delves into the infrastructure required to deliver applications and what changes are needed from the traditional datacenter approach as apps move to the cloud.

    Attend this on-demand webinar and discover: 

    •How your peers adapt application delivery network and infrastructure for cloud
    •Data to support what’s working and not working
    •The top concerns preventing successful cloud adoption
  • The Foundation of Cloud Security
    The Foundation of Cloud Security Garrett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst at 451 Research & Richard Walters, Chief Security Strategist at CensorNet Nov 30 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cybercrime damages are predicted to cost organizations $6 trillion by the year 2021, doubling from $3 trillion in recent years,1 and some say this astronomical figure may be an underestimation. As more organizations shift their infrastructure to the cloud, the number of attack vectors grows fueling an exponential increase in cybercriminal activity – and it’s not expected to slow down any time soon.

    Lack of visibility is one of the greatest vulnerabilities posed by the move away from on-premises, firewall-protected systems and apps to the cloud. Ultimately, it is near impossible to protect what you can’t see, and gaining insight into cloud properties owned and managed by external vendors can be a challenge. Yet, building strong cyber defenses depends on having a view into every corner of your environment to identify single risk factors as well as anomalies across your network.
    In this webinar, 451 Research and CensorNet share how organizations can implement a comprehensive security solution that delivers visibility throughout your environment. We’ll cover:

    •An overview of the cloud security market and current trends
    •The four most common attack vectors and how to secure them
    •Why a unified approach to security is imperative to identifying threats
    •Why avoiding complex security solutions helps improve visibility
    •How to expand your visibility beyond single points of vulnerability to catch cloaked attacks
    •And more

    Register now to save your spot!
  • 5 Questions your CIO must Face: The New “Normal” in Modern Enterprise Operations
    5 Questions your CIO must Face: The New “Normal” in Modern Enterprise Operations Marty Jackson, Director, Product Evangelist, xMatters & Sahil Khanna, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Moogsoft Nov 30 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    IT Ops and DevOps for the modern enterprise offers many benefits — increased agility and productivity, leaner operations, and hybridized hosting options — but digital transformation isn’t easy, especially if you’re not asking the right questions, addressing the right issues.

    Creating a culture that embraces modern operations is still a challenge, especially when maintaining reliability and security is a paramount requirement for decentralized business IT models. Not to mention justifying the costs of transformation to your CIO.

    Dive into the “new normal” for enterprise Modern Ops with this informative Moogsoft / xMatters webinar event, and find out the 5 questions that every CIO needs to ask in 2018.
  • Campus & Data Centers Why Ribbon Technology Works for You
    Campus & Data Centers Why Ribbon Technology Works for You Loren Rapp Nov 30 2017 4:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    This webinar will review the advantages that ultra high fiber count ribbon cables can bring to data centers and campuses. Also covered will be splicing and connectivity options.

    This webinar is approved by BICSI for one CEC.
  • Reaping the Benefits of Software Defined Industrial Control Systems
    Reaping the Benefits of Software Defined Industrial Control Systems Mike Meyer, Product Manager, Artesyn Embedded Computing and Charlie Ashton, Senior Director, Business Development, Wind River Nov 30 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Over the past thirty years, not much has changed in the architecture of industrial control systems. During this time, however, there have been fundamental transformations in the world of Information Technology (IT). In this webinar, we explain the business benefits that can be derived by implementing software defined industrial control systems that leverage software-based techniques from the IT industry. We describe a straightforward process for transitioning to this new architecture, managing the risks and reaping the benefits.
  • CISO Perspective: How using the NIST Cyber Security Framework improves security
    CISO Perspective: How using the NIST Cyber Security Framework improves security John McLeod, CISO, AlienVault Nov 30 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework (CSF) is widely recognized as an effective roadmap for improving threat detection and compliance. However, many smaller IT security teams with limited resources have trouble implementing and maintaining the recommended security controls and processes. That's where AlienVault can help.

    In this webcast, AlienVault CISO John McLeod will provide insights into how AlienVault approached implementation of NIST CSF and accelerated the process using their own Unified Security Management (USM) platform.

    Join this webcast for:
    - An overview of security controls recommended by NIST CSF
    - Best practices for approaching adoption of NIST CSF
    - How a unified security toolset can greatly simplify this process
    - A demo of the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) platform
  • What does it mean to be hybrid and multi-cloud in 2018?
    What does it mean to be hybrid and multi-cloud in 2018? Marc Keating, Director of Technology & Alliance Strategy; Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance Nov 30 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As 2018 approaches, the era of multi-cloud has arrived. With virtually all the tech leaders and innovators offering robust cloud solutions, there have never been more options for organizations looking to move workloads to the cloud. That makes it easier than ever for companies to avoid vendor lock-in and provision the exact services they want, from whomever they want.

    In this webcast, we’ll discuss how application concerns, cost savings and security will make 2018 the year of multi-cloud and what it will mean for enterprises.
  • Leading through adversity and burnout to create a high performing security team
    Leading through adversity and burnout to create a high performing security team Sharon Smith, CISSP ITPG Secure Compliance VP, Cybersecurity Strategy and Advisory Services Nov 30 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Security professionals are constantly in a state of adversity, always trying to battle the unseen advisory with little resources and lack of understanding from leadership. Often there is little to no recognition of a job well done, because no one can see the results of a good security team, no breach. It is only when there is an issue that the lights shine on the security team and that is when everyone asks why is it going wrong? This makes leadership within security that much harder, how do you help a team that is up against constant adversity from burning out and leaving. In this webinar, Sharon Smith will discuss the Five Pillars of a high performance security team and how you as a leader can tap into these to help your team achieve more and get better results.
  • Ultimate Guide for Apple Management
    Ultimate Guide for Apple Management Nick Thompson, Product Manager, Jamf Nov 30 2017 8:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mac and iOS devices are popping up everywhere, including your organization. Why? Executives and creative groups are demanding to use Mac at work. Interns are asking how to get email on their iPhones. What’s an IT admin to do?

    In our webinar, Ultimate Guide for Apple Management, we’ll put your mind at ease and show you how to develop and apply a simple, yet successful strategy for managing Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV devices in your organization.

    You’ll learn:

    * Deployment and provisioning tactics for Apple devices
    * Configuration management options and software delivery methods
    * Security considerations for Apple and ways to empower end users
  • How digital transformation acts and evolves with the rest of the organisation
    How digital transformation acts and evolves with the rest of the organisation Anders W. Tell, CEO of WorkEm Toolsmiths. Innovator of strategy development, design, transformation, and architecting. Dec 5 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    You have taken the time and passion to risk you and resources on Digital Transformation.

    Then there is the expectation that this will incrementally, evolutionary or revolutionary boost you, your organisation and its values.

    But how do you avoid the well known problems of transferring innovation, new ways of working, digitals assets and change into …

    … the market, services, internal business units, management and operating systems, culture, skills, mobilisation of management and employees, etc.?

    This talk introduce the Interweave Thinking and Interweaving practice. The practice enables you to uniquely untangle and simplify interlinkage, co-dependencies, co-creation, and complexities.

    Btw: We will cover the “The dirty little capability secret …”.
  • Tame the “Wicked Problem” of Never Events
    Tame the “Wicked Problem” of Never Events Jason Uppal, Chief Architect, Million Innovators Group Dec 5 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Enterprise Architecture is more than just drawing boxes and arrows in isolation. It all depends on you the Enterprise Architect. In this webinar, Jason Uppal, Chief Architect from Million Innovators Group will share their seven-year journey to tackle the wicked problem of "Never Events" during healthcare delivery in hospitals.

    Webinar Takeaways
    - How to use leading EA framework – TOGAF® to create an Enterprise Architecture, Innovation, Design and Change life cycle.
    - Application of this life cycle to develop necessary capabilities to manage Episodic Care and tame the wicked problem of “Never Events” that cost our public healthcare (North America) system nearly 20 billion dollars per year and infinite unnecessary human suffering
    - Discuss how we created a Fail Forward culture for the Program Team
    - Discovery of Challenges and Solutions along our 7-year journey so far (job is far from complete)
    - Application of Life Cycle to other Challenges – where does your journey start?

    Bio – Major Jason Uppal, P.Eng.

    Mr. Uppal is a Professional Engineer registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. He is a certified Chief Architect by The Open Group at Open CA Level 3. Currently, he leads innovations teams (from idea to adoption) for Million Innovators Group. He is a frequent speaker and a blogger on the topic of Innovation for Social Good.
  • Re-imagining Networks - NFWare’s High-Performance Virtual Networking Solutions
    Re-imagining Networks - NFWare’s High-Performance Virtual Networking Solutions Vyacheslav Morozov, CTO, NFWare; Alexandra Yartseva, CMO, NFWare Dec 5 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    One of the main aims of the NFV-concept is to replace dedicated proprietary network hardware with flexible and scalable software-based solutions. However, all but one of today’s VNF solutions demonstrate benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability, but not the levels of performance that the industry demands.

    NFWare, an innovative network software vendor, has risen to meet the challenge by developing virtual networking products to provide hardware-like performance alongside all the benefits of a virtual solutions. NFWare’s product line includes three products: vCGNAT (up to 200 Gbps per VM), vADC (up to 40M CPS per VM) and vURL-Filtering (up to 20M CPS and 100M concurrent sessions per VM).

    At the webinar, NFWare will tell more about technologies that allowed to achieve outstanding performance levels, as well as discussing what this new technology means for an industry that is always in search of faster, better ways of working.