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Data Center Management

  • Bridge to Cloud: Using Apache Kafka to Migrate to AWS
    Bridge to Cloud: Using Apache Kafka to Migrate to AWS
    Priya Shivakumar (Confluent) + Konstantine Karantasis (Confluent) + Rohit Pujari (AWS) Recorded: Nov 14 2018 58 mins
    Speakers: Priya Shivakumar, Director of Product, Confluent + Konstantine Karantasis, Software Engineer, Confluent + Rohit Pujari, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

    Most companies start their cloud journey with a new use case, or a new application. Sometimes these applications can run independently in the cloud, but often times they need data from the on premises datacenter. Existing applications will slowly migrate, but will need a strategy and the technology to enable a multi-year migration.

    In this session, we will share how companies around the world are using Confluent Cloud, a fully managed Apache Kafka service, to migrate to AWS. By implementing a central-pipeline architecture using Apache Kafka to sync on-prem and cloud deployments, companies can accelerate migration times and reduce costs.

    In this online talk we will cover:
    •How to take the first step in migrating to AWS
    •How to reliably sync your on premises applications using a persistent bridge to cloud
    •Learn how Confluent Cloud can make this daunting task simple, reliable and performant
    •See a demo of the hybrid-cloud and multi-region deployment of Apache Kafka
  • One Dashboard to Rule Them All: The Technical Evolution
    One Dashboard to Rule Them All: The Technical Evolution
    Christine Quan and Caitlan Yu, solutions engineers at Periscope Data Recorded: Nov 13 2018 16 mins
    In a more aggressive competitive landscape than ever, data analysis is proving to be the key differentiator between winners and losers. But simply collecting information is not enough to get ahead; companies have to be able to blend data and build effective visualizations in order to optimize their business intelligence.

    To create a dashboard that can be used as single source of truth, there are many steps that need to be taken. Join Christine Quan and Caitlan Yu, two solutions engineers at Periscope Data, as they discuss the process to create this common data resource, such as:

    - Nurturing cross-team partnerships between chart creators and consumers
    - Sharing knowledge of data sources and connecting them to business value
    - Choosing the right chart type for an insight
    - Building advanced charts in R and Python

    This is part one of a two-part “One Dashboard to Rule Them All” webinar series. Make sure you keep an eye out for the companion webinar, “One Dashboard to Rule Them All: The Business Impact,” presented by Greg Strickland, COO at Periscope Data.
  • Keeping Costs Under Control When Processing Big Data in the Cloud
    Keeping Costs Under Control When Processing Big Data in the Cloud
    Amit Duvedi and Balaji Mohanam, Qubole Recorded: Nov 13 2018 48 mins
    The biggest mistake businesses make when spending on data processing services in the cloud is in assuming that cloud will lower their overall cost. While the cloud has the potential to offer better economics both in the short and long-term, the bursty nature of big data processing requires following cloud engineering best practices, such as upscaling and downscaling infrastructure and leveraging the spot market for best pricing, to realize such economics.

    Businesses also fail to appreciate the potential of runaway costs in a 100% variable cost environment, something they rarely have to worry about in a fixed cost on-premise environment. In the absence of financial governance, companies leave themselves vulnerable to cost overruns where even a single rogue query can result in tens of thousands of dollars in unbudgeted spend.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

    - Identify areas of cost optimization to drive maximum performance for the lowest TCO
    - Monitor total costs at the application, user, and account level
    - Provide admins the ability to control and design the infrastructure spend
    - Automatically optimize clusters for lower infrastructure spend based on custom-defined parameters
  • Future-Proofing the Performance and Reliability of the Content Delivery Network
    Future-Proofing the Performance and Reliability of the Content Delivery Network
    Jeff Geiser, VP, Solutions Engineering & Colin Rasor, Director, Technical Management, Verizon Digital Media Services Recorded: Nov 13 2018 46 mins
    Ensuring the success of a website is a critical task for employees throughout an organization. With over 200 million active websites online today, even the slightest issue with speed, reliability or uptime can have a negative impact on sales, viewership, customer engagement, and brand loyalty. Many organizations now utilize a content delivery network (CDN) to help maximize site performance and reliability. However, as the web landscape continues to quickly evolve, these organizations will need to constantly assess site metrics to remain competitive and keep site visitors satisfied and engaged.

    Attendees of this webinar will learn the following:
    •Key metrics and what to look for when evaluating CDN providers
    •Internet trends: mobile vs. desktop and the proliferation of video
    •Common use cases around improving page load performance, scaling globally while keeping costs low, and API protection and acceleration
  • Is Software Asset Management the Tonic to your Cloud Headache?
    Is Software Asset Management the Tonic to your Cloud Headache?
    Antony Attfield, Rhys Williams and Mark Lillywhite Recorded: Nov 13 2018 46 mins
    According to Gartner’s latest research (cited in August 2018*) 20% of the IT budget is now being spent on cloud-based services. An upward trend that is being driven by more organisations moving workloads to the cloud and increasing adoption of SaaS applications.

    Many of these organisations, however, are experiencing significant cloud overspend due to a lack of visibility and effective monitoring across single and multiple cloud providers. And cloud sprawl and overspend is exacerbated by shadow IT with undetected or unauthorised purchases from cloud vendors.

    So how big is this problem of cloud overspend and how do you address it? Join experienced consultants from SoftwareONE, Antony Attfield and Rhys Williams and Mark Lillywhite from Snow to understand how to gain control reduce your cloud spend.


    -The challenges of monitoring usage and spend of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
    -The disconnect between IT and Lines of Business and C-Level
    -Gaining visibility and control of your cloud estate
    -A demonstration of Snow’s SaaS detection and management capabilities
    -A demonstration of SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud for IaaS and PaaS cloud spend management
    -Best practice governance for budget management and chargeback

    *Source: http://www.cloudpro.co.uk/iaas/7603/cloud-spending-now-swallows-20-of-it-budgets
  • Ask the expert: Cloud Adoption & Procurement in UK Public Sector
    Ask the expert: Cloud Adoption & Procurement in UK Public Sector
    Nicky Stewart Recorded: Nov 13 2018 14 mins
    After presenting your business case it's time to think about procurement - but how do you choose between the government's G-Cloud framework or TS2?

    This session will be presented by our Commercial Director Nicky Stewart who will be answering the most frequently asked questions surrounding procurement

    What you'll learn
    - The main differences between TS2 & G-Cloud
    - The Pros & Cons of using TS2 vs G-Cloud
    - Top Tips for making a succesful bid through either framework

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  • Enterprise Data Protection Across Private and Public Clouds
    Enterprise Data Protection Across Private and Public Clouds
    Radha Manga Sr. Director Customer Solutions at Pure Storage & Pratik Chava,Technical Sales leader, Cohesity Recorded: Nov 13 2018 41 mins
    Its no secret that data quantities are increasing relentlessly, well expectations for fast performance are making Flash memory more prevalent than ever. At the same time, organizations of all sizes are relying on coming to the cloud to augment their IT Infrastructure. In this challenging environment, data protection technologies have never been more important

    Experts from Pure Storage and Cohesity will discuss the industry’s first all-flash, scale-out file storage, purpose-built for high-performance and immediate access to mission critical file and object data.

    Pure Storage FlashBlade provides unparalleled performance across a broad range of environments. Cohesity, the leader of hyperconverged secondary storage makes your data work for you by consolidating secondary storage silos onto a web-scale data platform that spans both private and public clouds.
  • Control Complex Digital Infrastructure at Scale with Intelligent IT Automation
    Control Complex Digital Infrastructure at Scale with Intelligent IT Automation
    Alex Peay, SaltStack VP of Product, and Kendall Lovett, SaltStack Head of Product Marketing Recorded: Nov 8 2018 32 mins
    This webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of the new SaltStack Enterprise 5.5 product and explore how it is used by enterprise IT teams to intelligently orchestrate, manage, and secure hybrid IT environments. For the first time ever, see how you can manage and orchestrate every SaltStack job through a single, unified command and control console.

    IT operators today are tasked with controlling and securing complexity at a scale never experienced before. Hybrid cloud infrastructures, heterogeneous application stacks, and sprawling software-defined networks have become the new normal.

    SaltStack is unique in delivering intelligent, event-driven IT automation. Attend this webinar to witness the combined power of SaltStack orchestration, automation, and configuration at scale for use cases like autonomous control of system configuration drift, or for automating pesky NOC maintenance tasks.

    Learn how truly intelligent IT automation can make your IT ops team more effective and your digital business more competitive.
  • Security Analytics: How to Identify True Risks to Your Data
    Security Analytics: How to Identify True Risks to Your Data
    Sara Pan, Product Marketing, Imperva, and Shelly Hershkovitz, Product Management, Imperva Recorded: Nov 8 2018 38 mins
    The exponential growth of users, apps, and data has led to an increase in legitimate data access, complicating the task of determining whether data access is appropriate. Traditional security approaches tend to lock things down and limit data usage by deploying broad sets of security policies.

    Companies that take this approach, however, are still suffering from data breaches. In the meantime, security teams are often overwhelmed with a significant amount of alerts that don’t provide actionable insights.

    Join this webinar to learn how security analytics can help:

    • Pinpoint real threats to your apps and data
    • Prioritize the most critical incidents
    • Interpret risk in plain language
    • Provide actionable insights to contain a potential breach
  • Strengthen Security While Ensuring Network Uptime
    Strengthen Security While Ensuring Network Uptime
    Sam Kumarsamy, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon Recorded: Nov 8 2018 38 mins
    Your financial services network is critical to operations and that makes it a juicy target for cyberthreats like ransomware and data breaches. What can you do? Inline security tools can be an effective solution, but represent multiple points of possible failure, particularly as network speeds increase because they simply can’t keep up. But if they go down, so can your network. And the difference of a nanosecond can severely impact currency, stock trading, and critical financial transactions.

    To provide pervasive visibility into data in motion and maintain compliance in high-speed networks, many financial services companies have turned to Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers (NGNPB), which offer flexible inline bypass protection. This feature automates access to traffic, scales and optimizes existing monitoring infrastructure, and simplifies rollout of new technology. NGNPB also:

    • Delivers complete network-wide visibility across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
    • Scales metadata extraction for improved forensics.
    • Isolates applications for targeted inspection.
    • Gives you visibility into encrypted traffic for threat detection.

    See how you can strengthen security while ensuring network uptime and reducing costs. Learn how a simplified, resilient, and scalable architecture can:

    • Maximize tool efficiency by providing the right data to the right tools and by offloading processor-intensive tasks such as SSL decryption.
    • Scale to speed of the network without “rip and replace” by load balancing across tool groups.
    • Remove single points of failure and increase availability of both the tools and the network.
    • Give you operational agility to seamlessly add, remove, and upgrade tools, and instantly change between detection and prevention modes.

    Find out how both network and security teams can operate faster and safer in a swiftly evolving cybersecurity landscape within regulated industries such as financial services–register today!
  • Over or Under Capacity? No Multi-Platform Plan? Lessons From the Industry
    Over or Under Capacity? No Multi-Platform Plan? Lessons From the Industry
    Denny Yost, Enterprise Systems Media; Gary Henderson, ASG Recorded: Nov 8 2018 26 mins
    Are you over-provisioning server capacity, experiencing unplanned capital expenditures or just lacking the necessary capacity planning information to help you make critical decisions? If you answered “YES!”, you are not alone. In a recent independent study conducted by Enterprise Systems Media, more than 50% of respondents acknowledged that they do not have a single, consistent multi-platform solution that provides information to managers, internal buyers, or end-users about performance and capacity across their enterprise. Additionally, close to 30% responded that they did not know if this capability even exists within their organizations.

    Join Enterprise Systems Media’s Denny Yost and ASG’s Gary Henderson on Thursday, November 8th to learn how your organization compares.

    During this presentation, the results of the survey will be reviewed and you’ll discover strategies for tackling challenges in enterprise capacity planning such as:
    -Accurate Tracking
    -Optimization of Resource Use
    -Controlling Costs
    -Improving Service Availability across all Platforms

    Don’t miss your opportunity to find out more - Register Now!
  • Data Centre Modernisation: Unlock Capabilities, Reduce Costs & Improve Security
    Data Centre Modernisation: Unlock Capabilities, Reduce Costs & Improve Security
    Andy Webb Recorded: Nov 8 2018 29 mins
    80% of spend in IT is used just "keeping the lights on". In our upcoming webinar we'll show you how to reduce the total cost of operations, enabling you to reallocate resources, directly driving growth and enabling real innovation and transformation.

    Our presenter for the session will be UKCloud's Head of Products Andy Webb, Who leads a team of product managers, product marketers and technical authors to define, develop and deliver UKCloud's latest products and services that delight our customers.

    From this session you'll leave with an comprehensive understanding of how you can reclaim wasted time & money you can reinvest in frontline services

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  • Data Center Challenges, Solutions, and Evolution
    Data Center Challenges, Solutions, and Evolution
    Zeus Kerravala Recorded: Nov 7 2018 60 mins
    Data centers have experienced several significant transformations over the last 30 years. From the monolithic, oversubscribed data centers of the 1990s to the software defined, containerized data centers of the last five years. There are a new set of growing challenges that data center IT teams are facing as a result of massive digital transformation, cloud adoption, mobility proliferation, advanced applications, pervasive IoT, and end user demands. These challenges are driving the next major data center transformation.

    To address this growing set of demands, data center IT teams are planning, designing, and deploying Intent-Based Data Centers.

    Watch this webinar featuring Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, to understand trends in data center requirements, the growing challenges data center IT teams are facing today and in the future, and the solutions necessary to address these challenges.

    By attending this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - Major trends impacting data center transformation
    - How to address the growing set of data center challenges
    - Techniques for mitigating threats, exposure, and vulnerabilities created by Shadow IT
    - How to incorporate the cloud into your private data center strategy
  • Create a Smarter and More Economic Cloud Storage Architecture
    Create a Smarter and More Economic Cloud Storage Architecture
    Michelle Tidwell, IBM; Eric Lakin, University of Michigan; Mike Jochimsen, Kaminario; Alex McDonald, NetApp Recorded: Nov 7 2018 55 mins
    Building a cloud storage architecture requires both storage vendors, cloud service providers and large enterprises to consider new technical and economic paradigms in order to enable a flexible and cost efficient architecture.

    Cloud infrastructure is often procured by service providers and large enterprises in the traditional way – prepay for expected future storage needs and over provision for unexpected changes in demand. This requires large capital expenditures with slow cost recovery based on fluctuating customer adoption. Giving these cloud service providers flexibility in the procurement model for their storage allows them to more closely align the expenditure on infrastructure resources with the cost recovery from customers, optimizing the use of both CapEx and OpEx budgets.

    Clouds inherently require often unpredictable scalability – both up and down. Building a storage architecture with the ability to rapidly allocate resources for a specific customer need and reallocate resources based on changing customer requirements allows the cloud service provider to optimize storage capacity and performance pools in their data center without compromising the responsiveness to the change in needs. Such architecture should also align to the datacenter level orchestration system to allow for even higher level of resource optimization and flexibility.

    In this webcast, you will learn:
    •How modern storage technology allows you to build this infrastructure
    •The role of software defined storage
    •Accounting principles
    •How to model cloud costs of new applications and or re-engineering existing applications
    •Performance considerations
  • Blockchain and eDiscovery (Part One): Basics of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
    Blockchain and eDiscovery (Part One): Basics of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
    John Wilson, ACE, AME, CBE Recorded: Nov 7 2018 56 mins
    With the increasing importance of privacy and security in today's business world coupled with the advancement and acceptance of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium, today's legal professional is behind the proverbial power curve if they do not have a basic understanding of emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. As these emerging technologies are rapidly moving from proof of concept projects to formal systems of record, it is only a matter of time until almost anyone involved in the business of law or the law of business is confronted with a situation involving these highly publicized technologies.

    This expert presentation led by one of eDiscovery's foremost digital forensics experts, John Wilson, will highlight both blockchains and cryptocurrencies to arm attendees with essential information that will help them understand these technologies that are changing the landscape of business and law.

    Key Presentation Topics Include:

    + Understanding Cryptocurrencies
    + Why Cryptocurrencies Have Value
    + How Cryptocurrencies Work
    + Understanding Blockchain
    + Why Blockchain Is A Foundational Technology
    + How Blockchain Works
    + Use Cases for Blockchain as a Legal Technology
    + eDiscovery Considerations for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

    Presenting Expert: John Wilson, ACE, AME, CBE

    As President of Forensics at HaystackID, John provides consulting and forensic services to help companies address various matters related to electronic discovery and computer forensics including leading forensic investigations, cryptocurrency investigations, ensuring proper preservation of evidence items and chain of custody. He develops forensic workflows and processes for clients including major financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, AmLaw 100 law firms as well as many other organizations.
  • Stop the Nightmare IT War Room
    Stop the Nightmare IT War Room
    Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst, at 451 Research, Ryan Perkowski, Sr. Director Product Management, Virtual Instruments Recorded: Nov 7 2018 60 mins
    Today's demand for high-speed everything brings potential unforeseen challenges to your infrastructure environments. A single rogue failure or a noisy neighbor can result in a loss in customer satisfaction or confidence. Plus, when your virtualized applications delivery infrastructure are siloed, small problems can turn into big situations. This all quickly leads to the all too familiar IT war room scenarios.

    Does your enterprise experience application outages and/or application slowdowns? For those who have experienced these problems, you also have experienced the IT war room, which conjures memories of extreme inefficiencies - from tedious conference calls, to blame storms, with each person ready to be the first to prove their innocence, rather than contribute to solving the problem at hand. How did we get here?

    Join 451 Research and Virtual Instruments as we discuss:

    - Technology trends that led to the nightmare war room scenario
    - Siloed monitoring tools and organizational models that exacerbate the problem
    - Options for improving – or even eliminating – the war room
    - Benefits you can expect to realize by solving inefficient war rooms
  • Making Multi-Cloud Management Invisible
    Making Multi-Cloud Management Invisible
    Gil Haberman, Sahil Bansal & Chris Brown - Nutanix Product Marketing Team Recorded: Nov 7 2018 17 mins
    Businesses seek to adopt multi-cloud architecture to foster better agility and enable more rapid innovation. However, the complexity of adopting a variety of services across multiple clouds with varying pricing models leads to lack of cloud interoperability, limited visibility and uncontrolled spend. The result is a combination of business and operational challenges for multi-cloud management.

    In this live in-studio webinar we will host several industry experts to discuss how to make Multi-Cloud Management Invisible. Join to for product demonstration and customer stories covering the following topics:

    Multi-Cloud Governance - how to drive towards optimal resource consumption across clouds with adequate level of security compliance?

    Harmonizing Private and Public - How to standardize operations across private & public clouds, driving operational consistency for all applications?

    Self-service for Any App, Any Cloud – what’s the best path to empowering end-users with one-click self-service that is also cloud agnostic?
  • Digital Transformation: The Art of Aligning Technology and Business
    Digital Transformation: The Art of Aligning Technology and Business
    Steven Hill, 451 Research & Vinny Lee, EchoStor Recorded: Nov 7 2018 60 mins
    With so many new options available to IT professionals, it can be easy to lose track of the ultimate goal of technology; which is to serve the needs of business by providing insight, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and targeting new markets. Today, most everyone is in a digital transformation mode of some sort; but we believe there is a better chance for long-term success if based on a comprehensive digital strategy that can serve as a roadmap for making intelligent choices that will fit seamlessly together over time. Advanced technologies such as hybrid cloud, software-defined infrastructure, AI/ML-based analytics, and evolved data management are powerful tools that are now available to companies of every size; but getting their full value for your business requires planning, foresight and communication.

    You are cordially invited to join Steven Hill, Senior Analyst, Applied Infrastructure at 451 Research and Vinny Lee, Chief Strategist at EchoStor Technologies for a roundtable discussion on creating a digital strategy that can leverage the evolving nature of IT infrastructure and data management in an increasingly hybrid IT world.
  • Commvault SPLA
    Commvault SPLA
    Дмитрий Ильин, эксперт по программам лицензирования для SP Recorded: Nov 7 2018 55 mins
    Рады пригласить вас принять участие в вебинаре, посвященном обзору программы Partner Advantage Service Provider Program (SPLA).

    Курс предназначен для BDM, менеджеров по продажам, руководителей проектов, руководителей продаж.

    Основные темы:
    •Сервис как бизнес-модель
    •Программа Partner Advantage Service Provider Program (SPLA)
    •Как стать SP партнером
    •Лицензирование и цены
  • Evolving security strategies:  It’s time for a people-centric approach
    Evolving security strategies: It’s time for a people-centric approach
    Robin Manke-Cassidy, Dir. Product Marketing, Citrix; Akhilesh Dhawan, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Citrix Recorded: Nov 6 2018 59 mins
    Attackers aren’t storming the walls of your DMZ or planning a full-scale assault on your firewall. They’re stealing information by targeting your employees and sneaking in under the radar. How do you combat that? By evolving your strategy from an attack-centric to a people-centric approach. Use a secure digital perimeter to surround users, apps and data with defenses to securely deliver digital workspaces that are centered around the people that use them—whether those resources are virtual, SaaS, hybrid or cloud.

    Attend this webinar and we’ll show you how you can:
    • Get visibility to mitigate growing security threats resulting from multi-cloud environments
    • Protect apps, data and network resources while maximizing user experience
    • Get insights into user behavior with rich analytics
  • Breaking Out of the Perimeter without Breaking Security
    Breaking Out of the Perimeter without Breaking Security
    Yonatan Klein, Director of Product Management Recorded: Nov 6 2018 49 mins
    The traditional network is bursting at the seams. Good old perimeter security, enforced by traditional firewall protection, is being joined by distributed firewalls, public clouds and a shared-responsibility security model.
    But as they adopt the new model, enterprises are challenged to stretch their tried-and-true security policies to their extended deployments. They lack visibility across the growing estate, they need integrated security policy management solutions for hybrid-cloud environments. They can’t keep up with DevOps, and they are unable to analyze risk.

    In this webinar, Yonatan Klein, Director of Product Management at AlgoSec, shows you how you can use a single, comprehensive Network Security Policy Management solution to extend security posture with one map and point of control for on-prem, cloud and virtual deployments.

    Attend this breakthrough webinar to learn how you can:
    •Take advantage of all the benefits of cloud and virtual deployments while maintaining your security current fundamentals
    •Obtain complete visibility across subnets and instances, including: security groups, network security groups and NACLs
    •Manage, provision and monitor application connectivity, and change reporting that takes all rules into account
    •Maintain an application-centric view across the different networks and security domains
    •Review vulnerabilities and risks, and detect misconfigurations automatically
    •Obtain a cross-network-estate risk analysis along with automatic compliance reports
  • New Era of Data Protection for Hyper-V Environments
    New Era of Data Protection for Hyper-V Environments
    Seyi Verma, Director of Product Marketing, Druva Recorded: Nov 6 2018 43 mins
    Please join us for this live interactive webinar, where we will discuss:
    - A cloud-native solution that helps organizations dramatically reduce complexity, while slashing costs by up to 60%
    - How to streamline data protection for Microsoft Hyper-V environments
    - How to ensure availability, workload mobility, recoverability, and long-term data archiving
    - Achieving centralized data management with a one unified pane of glass
  • The Future of Data Centres and Cloud in a Virtualized World
    The Future of Data Centres and Cloud in a Virtualized World
    Curtis W.Preston, Eran Brown, Lee James, Tim Lawrence, Jonathan Delicata Recorded: Nov 6 2018 53 mins
    Join this live panel discussion with experts at VMworld Europe to learn what the future holds for data centers and hybrid cloud management.

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world-renowned Data Center, Cloud, Virtualization, Storage experts as they discuss the following:

    - How to develop an integrated IT strategy for a modernized data center
    - Trends in virtualized infrastructure, applications, hyper-converged and more
    - How technologies like HCI, software-defined and automation are shifting the data center landscape, and what IT leaders can do to prepare
    - How to navigate through the cloud-native journey with containers, microservices, Kubernetes, and PaaS

    This live panel will be streamed directly from VMworld Europe in Barcelona! Join us for live Q&A from the comfort of your desk.

    Lee James, CTO, Rackspace
    Eran Brown, CTO, EMEA, Infinidat
    Tim Lawrence, Head of Pre Sales and Services, UKCloud
    Curtis W. Preston (aka “Mr. Backup”), Chief Technologist, Druva
    Jonathan Delicata, Senior Enterprise Cloud Architect, Nationwide
  • Innovation Through Digital Transformation
    Innovation Through Digital Transformation
    Dave Welch, Christine McMonigal, Oliver Linder, Jay Hibbin Recorded: Nov 6 2018 51 mins
    Join this live panel discussion with experts at VMworld Europe for up-to-date trends on what's disrupting the market and how to take your business to the next level.

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world renowned IT and business leaders while they discuss the following:

    - How to declutter and take on today's most pressing IT priorities
    - The latest technologies, methodologies and best practices for IT leaders
    - How to ensure your organization is primed for 21st century trends from both a business and tech perspective

    This live panel will be streamed directly from VMworld Europe! Join us for live Q&A from the comfort of your desk.

    Dave Welch, CTO, House of Brick Technologies
    Oliver Lindner, Head of Business Line DCIM, FNT Software
    Jay Hibbin, Sales Director, Financial Services, CenturyLink EMEA
    Christine McMonigal, Director of Hyperconverged Marketing, Intel Corporation
  • Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center Monthly Intelligence Briefing
    Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center Monthly Intelligence Briefing
    John Grim, David Kennedy, Ashish Thapar, Simon Ezard, Sean Dickinson Nov 14 2018 3:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Join us—the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center – for our Monthly Intelligence Briefing (MIB) to discuss the current cybersecurity threat landscape.

    Our Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center presenters will be:

    •John Grim, Senior Manager, Investigative Response – Americas
    •David Kennedy, Managing Principal, Open Source Intelligence
    •Ashish Thapar, Managing Principal, Investigative Response – APAC
    •Simon Ezard, Senior Security Specialist, Investigative Response – APAC
    •Sean Dickinson, Senior Security Consultant, Dark Web Threat Hunting

    This webinar will cover:

    •Current Intelligence Overview
    •Attacks and Threat Indicators
    •Latest Malware Trends
    •Significant Vulnerabilities

    If you have any questions related to social attacks and data breaches that you'd like us to cover on the call, please send them to the following email address prior to November 9, 2018:


    Then tune in for an information-packed session brought to you by our very own Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center investigators, analysts, assessors, and researchers!
  • Leading with Threat Intelligence – How to Select the Right Security Provider
    Leading with Threat Intelligence – How to Select the Right Security Provider
    Nicholas Flores, Security Consulting Director, FireEye Mandiant Nov 14 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today’s sophisticated attackers often hide within the noise of abundant alerts generated by a myriad of security products. Limited budgets, a shortage of skilled security staff, and rigid regulatory requirements make it difficult for organizations to effectively identify and understand these threats—negatively affecting risk-based decision making and asset protection.

    Effective cyber security requires an understanding of who is likely to target you, and how they operate.

    As security leaders and executives turn to service providers to evaluate their security maturity, manage business risks and build sustainable security programs, they often ask ‘how do I select the right security partner for my organization?’

    Join Nick Flores, Security Consulting Director at FireEye Mandiant, as he shares insights and expertise on:

    • Selecting the right service provider for your organization
    • Realizing limitations of providers who apply traditional and compliance-focused approaches
    • Working with providers who intimately monitor attackers across the evolving threat landscape
    • Understanding the role of cyber threat intelligence in effective cyber security services
    • Asking the right questions of your security providers to enable critical business decisions
  • IoT Series [Ep.1]: Foundations -- Architecture and Framework
    IoT Series [Ep.1]: Foundations -- Architecture and Framework
    Johna Till Johnson, CEO & Founder, Nemertes Research Nov 14 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Everyone talks about IoT, and many organizations are implementing it and reaping the business benefits. But even those who have had IoT projects deployed for years may not have a comprehensive architecture and framework in place to help guide technology decisions and streamline operations.

    Join Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson as she reviews the IoT architecture and framework and shares guidance gleaned from leading-edge clients and research study participants.
  • Accelerate Oracle Performance with Vexata and Database Smart Flash Cache
    Accelerate Oracle Performance with Vexata and Database Smart Flash Cache
    Venky Nagapudi Nov 14 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Oracle database administrators looking to get more performance against larger data volumes can utilize the Oracle feature called “Database Smart Flash Cache” to accelerate Oracle without. This webcast will detail how to take full advantage of this very useful but sometimes overlooked feature to demonstrate how admins with high query rate databases with large tables and huge volumes can get immediate Oracle performance acceleration using Smart Flash Cache along with the Vexata Scalable Flash Array. In this webcast, you will learn how to:

    •Architect Oracle Infrastructure that maintains existing primary storage using the Vexata VX-100 as the Smart Flash Cache Tier
    •Boost Oracle Database performance by 6X or more without the need to replace existing host servers or primary storage array.
    •Demonstrate these dramatic performance gains in your own Oracle environment along with technical documentation and resources to deploy Smart Flash Cache with no risk.

    Venky Nagapudi, VP of Product Management
  • Networking Requirements for Scale-Out Storage
    Networking Requirements for Scale-Out Storage
    John Kim, Mellanox; Saqib Jang, Chelsio; Fred Zhang, Intel Nov 14 2018 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Scale-out storage is increasingly popular for cloud, high-performance computing, machine learning, and certain enterprise applications. It offers the ability to grow both capacity and performance at the same time and to distribute I/O workloads across multiple machines.

    But unlike traditional local or scale-up storage, scale-out storage imposes different and more intense workloads on the network. Clients often access multiple storage servers simultaneously; data typically replicates or migrates from one storage node to another; and metadata or management servers must stay in sync with each other as well as communicating with clients. Due to these demands, traditional network architectures and speeds may not work well for scale-out storage, especially when it’s based on flash. Join this webinar to learn:

    •Scale-out storage solutions and what workloads they can address
    •How your network may need to evolve to support scale-out storage
    •Network considerations to ensure performance for demanding workloads
    •Key considerations for all flash
  • Pepperdata Helps Clearsense Ensure 99.999% Uptime and Maximize Life-Saving Apps
    Pepperdata Helps Clearsense Ensure 99.999% Uptime and Maximize Life-Saving Apps
    Charles Boicey, Clearsense Chief Innovation Officer Nov 14 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Clearsense is a healthcare technology company that helps its customers realize measurable value from data with real-time analytics. Clearsense collects patient information — from monitors, ventilators and other biomedical devices — and provides real-time views of patient conditions and changes for early detection and prevention. With no room for downtime, Clearsense relies on Pepperdata to help them ensure uptime and optimize application performance.

    Join Pepperdata and Clearsense Chief Innovation Officer Charles Boicey for this informative webinar.

    - Learn how Clearsense relies on Pepperdata to:
    - Ensure 99.999% uptime for life-saving applications
    - Enable clinicians to better monitor and alert on health issues and avoid catastrophic events
    - Provide customers with fast and reliable access to data and analytics
    - Run applications at maximum efficiency
    - Plan accurately for growth
    - And more

    We have no tolerance for downtime, which is why we use Pepperdata.”
    ~ Clearsense Chief Innovation Officer Charles Boicey
  • Protecting Your Business with Always on Smart Authentication
    Protecting Your Business with Always on Smart Authentication
    Garrett Bekker, 451 Research & Jeff Broberg and Joranna Ng, OneLogin Nov 14 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cybercriminals never stop, so obviously the notion of a static username and password won't suffice. Authenticating based on items the user has and biometrics provides a greater security, but hackers keep getting smarter and so must your user authentication methods. In this webinar, we'll discuss the evolution of risks and how authentication technology has adapted for the future. The right MFA solution implemented correctly in your organization can quickly and significantly increase security. It’s the fastest way to easily secure all your users on all their devices at all times.
  • APT38: Un-usual Suspects
    APT38: Un-usual Suspects
    FireEye Nov 15 2018 1:00 am UTC 60 mins
    APT38 is a newly identified cyber-crime organization that has attempted to steal over $1.1 billion by attacking more than 16 financial organizations in 13 different countries – many of them located in the Asia Pacific region. This North Korean regime-backed group is careful in its planning and often lives in a compromised victim environment for months before initiating their fraudulent banking transactions.

    Please join the FireEye experts for a detailed discussion on the tactics, techniques and procedures used by APT38 and what you can do to defend your organization.
  • 人工智能和未來的網絡衝突
    蕭松瀛, Nicholas Hsiao, FireEye 技術顧問 Nov 15 2018 2:00 am UTC 60 mins
    在網絡世界中攻擊者使用人工智能(AI)將導致攻擊更具針對性,影響更多人,並造成更大傷害。 資安專業人員必須了解這沖突對未來攻擊有什麼含意。
    Nicholas Hsiao 北亞技術顧問在人工智能系列的最終回講解以下議題:
  • Live DDoS Attack: How to Mitigate the Threat and Avoid Downtime
    Live DDoS Attack: How to Mitigate the Threat and Avoid Downtime
    Andy Shoemaker, founder of DDoS testing company NimbusDDOS Nov 15 2018 4:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    Are you relying on manual DDoS mitigation methods? How can waiting minutes to mitigate a DDoS attack impact your business? Watch as Andy Shoemaker, founder of DDoS testing company NimbusDDOS, gives you a look behind the curtains of a live DDoS attack. Then see first-hand how Imperva Incapsula automatically blocks the threat without impacting the user experience.

    In this webinar you will:
    • Learn why automatic mitigation is crucial to keeping your business up and running
    • Understand the power and importance of the Incapsula 10-second DDoS SLA
    • Participate in a live Q&A with DDoS experts
  • Using advanced analytics to help farmers optimize resources and maximize yield
    Using advanced analytics to help farmers optimize resources and maximize yield
    Erich Hochmuth, Big Data Architect, The Climate Corporation and Ben Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Vertica Nov 15 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The Climate Corporation aims to help the world's farmers sustainably increase their productivity with digital tools. The integrated Climate FieldView™ digital agriculture platform provides farmers with one comprehensive, connected suite of digital tools to help them optimize resources and maximize yield. Building the digital tools to support this mission requires processing and analyzing petabytes of diverse datasets. Everything from satellite imagery and weather data, to sensor data from on-farm equipment and clickstream data must be ingested and made available for analytics.

    Join us on the latest Data Disruptors webcast featuring Erich Hochmuth, Big Data Architect at The Climate Corporation, to hear how Climate’s fit for purpose, best in class analytics platform FieldView™ brings together Vertica, Spark, Kettle, Looker, and other tools in a cloud deployment on AWS that democratizes access to data and enables a data driven culture. Learn about Vertica’s role in this ecosystem and how the advanced analytics platform has enabled Climate to achieve:
    • 100% automation
    • Minimal maintenance overhead
    • A highly available redundant deployment in the cloud
  • The Future of Hybrid: Optimize Performance and Reduce Alert Noise for DevOps
    The Future of Hybrid: Optimize Performance and Reduce Alert Noise for DevOps
    Sarah Terry, Senior Product Manager, LogicMonitor Nov 15 2018 4:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    How do you maintain visibility into the performance of containerized applications as containers come and go? The layering of dynamic, ephemeral resources onto service-oriented architectures presents a challenge for optimization and complicates the understanding of true aggregate performance.

    Are you and/or your hybrid and IT Operations teams tired of being woken up in the middle of the night for non-critical alerts? We’ll show you how to use hybrid monitoring to more effectively track the performance of dynamic services and more quickly identify impacted services for a given alert to optimize service availability and performance.

    Join this webinar and learn how to:

    -Gain complete visibility into the performance and availability of services in hybrid IT infrastructure
    -Ensure that alerts reflect overall service impact for distributed and clustered resources
    -Leverage dashboards and performance insights in order to reduce time spent troubleshooting
  • Walking on Clouds. Distributed File Services Made Easy
    Walking on Clouds. Distributed File Services Made Easy
    Paul Nashawaty - Product & Solution Marketing at HYCU | Devon Helms - Marketing Strategist at Nutanix Nov 15 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Scaling out your file-based data storage just got easier. Never again do you have to sacrifice protection of an on-premise deployment with a seamless public cloud experience.

    Your Enterprise Cloud brings a common software layer to eliminate the complexity of deploying and managing separate infrastructures.
    Join this webinar and learn how to increase capacity dynamically while enhancing the protection and recovery of files and scaling on-demand.

    Throughout the webinar we will walk you through:

    -Recovery leveraging snapshots for impact-free backups
    -Reduction of incremental backups by up to 90% with Change File Tracking (CFT)
    -Protection of your files with agentless backup and recovery

    Did we mention no overlapping technology?
  • Geek Out: Data Automation in the Modern Software Defined Data Center Explained
    Geek Out: Data Automation in the Modern Software Defined Data Center Explained
    Charles Milo, Nic Bellinger, Narasimha Valiveti, Bill Borsari, Sailesh Mital Nov 15 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Have questions on how to automate your data environment at scale and want answers? No presentations, no scripts, no marketing gimmicks, just your questions answered straight up without intervention by corporate hacks. Special guest, Charles Milo, Senior Solutions Architect at Intel joins our senior team of geeks from Datera to answer your questions on how to massively scale and automate a high-performance data environment using applied machine learning to achieve a software defined data infrastructure. You'll learn about what works and doesn't work with a 100% software-driven infrastructure used to power cloud-native applications, get the most out of new technologies like new flash drives and NVMe and not just what Datera does, but why we built the system the way we did and how it operates to powers your data.

    Bring your questions, and challenge Nic Bellinger, Chief Architect, Bill Borsari, Field Technical Leader, Shailesh Mittal, Senior Software Architect, and Narasimha Valiveti, our Head of Engineering and Charlie will sit down, geek out with you and get all your questions answered on data today.
  • Take the WAN superhighway to the cloud with SD-WAN
    Take the WAN superhighway to the cloud with SD-WAN
    Valerie DiMartino Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sony Kogin Principle Product Marketing, Managed Service Provider Nov 15 2018 7:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    Azure or adopting Office 365, it’s time to look at SD-WAN to securely connect branch users and deliver and optimized experience that’s eases cloud and SaaS migration. This webinar will explain the advantages that Citrix SD-WAN brings to your Microsoft deployment including tools such as Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN and Office 365 performance.

    In this session, you will learn how Citrix SD-WAN helps:

    • Securely connect branches to the cloud, SaaS, and the Internet
    • Optimize Office 365 connectivity and performance
    • Simplify and automate large-scale branch connectivity with Azure Virtual WAN
  • How To Take Your DDoS Protection To The Next Level
    How To Take Your DDoS Protection To The Next Level
    Timothy Fong, Security Product Expert at Cloudflare | John Esterline, Solutions Engineer at Cloudflare Nov 19 2018 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    As the web application security landscape evolves, companies are facing increased pressures to strengthen their security posture. Recently, the world’s largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) recorded attacked GitHub at 1.35 Tbps. While the big attacks get all the headlines, at Cloudflare we have learned about other forms of attacks that can unexpectedly bring your site down.

    Join this webinar to learn about:

    - How small DDoS attacks can still bring your site down
    - A little known way attackers can bypass traditional DDoS protections
    - Why TCP services may make you vulnerable to a DDoS attack
    - Pros and cons of multiple solutions: BGP, MPLS, and building your own
    - How to augment Cloudflare’s unmetered DDoS solution with Spectrum, Rate Limiting, and Argo Tunnel
  • Have it All: Achieving Agility and Security with Automation
    Have it All: Achieving Agility and Security with Automation
    Yoni Geva, Product Manager Nov 19 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Are you still implementing firewall changes manually? Are you still trying to keep track of all the changes and their ramifications with spreadsheets?
    Network security policy automation gives you quick, accurate change management across even the most complex hybrid networks, avoiding security holes, compliance issues and costly outages. With automation, you don’t have to choose between agility and security. You can have both.
    In this webinar, Yoni Geva, Product Manager at AlgoSec, explains how security policies can be updated automatically and accurately.
    Join our webinar to learn how to take advantage of:
    •Automated security policy automation with zero touch
    •Security policy management that keeps up with business requirements
    •Automatic identification of risk
    •Enhanced compliance with quick audit reports on demand
  • Application of FPGA vs. GPU in Artificial Intelligence
    Application of FPGA vs. GPU in Artificial Intelligence
    Milan Pasek, CEO, Quantasoft Nov 20 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Importance and application of A.I. is growing across all industries. GPU vendors have aggressively positioned their hardware as the most efficient platform for this new era, However, FPGAs have shown a great improvement in both power consumption and performance in Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) applications, which offer high accuracy for important image classification tasks and are therefore becoming more and more popular. The webinar gives you unique external perspective from partners that have both HW and SW experience with both solution approaches.
  • VxBlock 1000: Redefining Converged Infrastructure with Dell EMC Unity support
    VxBlock 1000: Redefining Converged Infrastructure with Dell EMC Unity support
    Joe Catalanotti, Dell EMC; Eric Sheppard, IDC; Mark Geel, Dell EMC Nov 20 2018 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    With its flexible architecture, simplified IT operations and a path to delivering cloud services, the VxBlock 1000 is changing the way you think of CI. Learn what sets Dell EMC Unity apart from other storage options, hear what a leading analyst has to say about converged systems, and see why you should consider a VxBlock 1000 for your next IT infrastructure purchase.
  • The Next Phase of Git and Periscope Data
    The Next Phase of Git and Periscope Data
    Mike Kimelblat, Senior Product Manager Periscope Data Nov 20 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With the release of our Git integration, teams using Periscope Data will have complete control over their analytics environment. This integration gives data teams a sophisticated version control system, release management workflows and file-level access to all user-generated content.

    What makes this integration unique is that data teams will be able to sync all user-generated content (including charts, dashboards, views and snippets), as well as edit, create and delete content through Git. It also works with any Git repository that your team uses as part of your workflow, including your own internal Git server. However your team creates, reviews and deploys code, this integration supercharges your analytics workflow.

    In this webinar, Periscope Data’s senior product manager Mike Kimelblat will discuss the use cases for Periscope's Git integration and explain how data teams can benefit from it.. He’ll even demo how a team can sync and edit Periscope Data’s charts and dashboards from your Git repository.
  • Women In Cloud: The Shared Experience of Female Tech Entrepreneurship
    Women In Cloud: The Shared Experience of Female Tech Entrepreneurship
    Jacquie Touma, Chaitra Vedullapalli, Terri Stephan Nov 20 2018 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    We live in a truly amazing time. Technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives at breathtaking speed. Advances in medicine, education, communication, and productivity have increased life expectancy around the globe and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.

    The ability to connect to people and information instantly is so commonplace that many take it for granted and now, we’ve arrived at the beginning of an era of even more profound transformation, all centered on the cloud. We’re excited to bring more opportunities through cloud computing to address issues in healthcare, the environment, cybersecurity, and underserved communities. And we’ve seen the incredible good that can come from the cloud, but with it also come challenges. For women in technology, there are increased challenges in a cloud-based world.

    Women in Cloud initiative is designed to empower female tech entrepreneurs by providing Access, Acceleration, and Actions so women entrepreneurs can take Actions every day to achieve their business goals!

    In this webinar, we will share experiences and tips for female tech entrepreneurs in building their cloud B2B with enterprise companies in a simple and predictable way. This is going to be a panel discussion with great conversation with female tech entrepreneurs in driving customer traction.

    Also, learn how you can participate in the next cohort of women in cloud accelerator to build your business with enterprise brands!
  • DNS for a DevOps Future
    DNS for a DevOps Future
    Jonathan Lewis, VP of Product Marketing Nov 21 2018 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Advancements in DNS (Domain Name Systems), including the ability to communicate via APIs and the power to couple real-time telemetry with automation capabilities, give this often overlooked but foundational component of the application delivery stack a critical role in a DevOps-driven world.

    Leading-edge enterprises have stopped viewing DNS as just a "phone book" and are now leveraging next-generation DNS to better manage their infrastructure, improve application performance and lower costs.

    In this webinar we'll focus on 3 case study examples of next-generation DNS in action:

    - How a gaming company integrated and automated multiple CDNs to cut content delivery costs in half
    - How an ad delivery platform delivers impressions 70% faster using a multi-cloud strategy managed by DNS
    - How a security SaaS organization used DNS to improve performance and reduce help desk calls