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Demand Generation

  • Before every company executive sits down to write a blog, pull together a slideshow, or provide data for an infographic, marketers must come up with an overarching strategy for their content marketing initiative.

    Without this, consumers will see a scattershot approach that doesn't fit with your organization's messaging – and they'll miss out on the opportunity to learn more about your business. Do it well and you'll have forged the foundation for real connections between the faces of your org and your customers, separating yourself from competitors and producing a return on your content marketing investment.

    Given that so many companies today use content marketing, how can you rise over your competitors? How can your content sparkle, capturing consumers' eyes (or ears), versus the virtual noise of paid and unpaid content filling the Internet and mobile devices?

    This VentureBeat webinar stars some of the top experts in content marketing. When it concludes you'll know:

    • How to design a content marketing program that complements your marketing initiatives
    • The way to find your voice – and how to adhere to it across media and platforms
    • Which internal professionals to target for particular platforms (and how to get them to agree to do it)
    • The benefits of content marketing, such as lead generation, expanded social presence, cementing brand recognition, and building individual executives' brands
    • How to determine the ROI of content marketing, plus the tools and metrics to use.

    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VB Insight
    * Corey Weiner, COO, Jun Group
    * Chase Hooley, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, MapR Technologies
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

    This webinar will be based on Stewart Rogers' VB Insight report, which will be published in February, 2016.

    Check out VB Insight to access the latest research on Marketing Technology: http://insight.venturebeat.com

    Sponsored by Searchmetrics, Inc.
  • When marketers advanced into 2015, headlines announced that it would be the year of customer analytics and intelligence—a year when CMOs would be shedding the fear of “analysis paralysis” and turning the threat of big data into big opportunities with customers. Yet in survey after survey and study after study, CMO Council members agreed that while the desire to achieve dynamic customer experiences was there, the reality of using data to create these experiences was a difficult task, especially when the customer was demanding personalization beyond the confines of marketing-only data.

    So how are best-of-breed brands truly forging ahead with data? What are the new buzz-worthy opportunities that will make headlines (and possibly headaches) for marketers in 2016? Will the Internet of things truly be the opportunity that analysts are predicting, or will it be yet another far-off dream that only the richest brands can afford? Where will the customer expect brands to meet them next? And who is already on the path to meet these rising demands?

    To kick off 2016 and begin to circulate some new ideas, the CMO Council is partnering with Teradata to host a one-hour webcast to discuss the big trends of 2015 and where the new year will take us. Among the key topics to be discussed:

    • New expectations for data: From aggregating data from new sources to managing and cleansing the data we have, what are the new requirements for the data-driven business?
    • The Internet of everything: Beyond smart cars and connected homes, the Internet of things will tell us more about our customers while demanding new intelligent engagements…are we ready?
    • Anonymous no more: The difference between crossing the creepy line and thrilling a customer with relevance is a thin one that demands that marketers connect the dots between a single user’s known and unknown behavior online…but how?
  • The BrightTALK channel makes it easier for your team to create, distribute and host all of your webinar and video content - both on your site and in relevant communities on BrightTALK.
  • Trying to break through the noisy marketplace to identify leads who want your solutions? With the rise of predictive analytics, intent data has become a key way to identify those high-quality leads (HQLs).

    Find out how BrightTALK provides you the insights to understand the best prospects to follow-up with as well as what their needs are before contacting them.
  • What's driving demand generation investments in 2016?

    BrightTALK weighs in on the latest trends for best-in-class B2B companies.
  • Companies around the globe are leveraging online presentations to attract, connect and engage professionals to convert followers into customers. However, mediocre presentations can drive prospects the other way. With over 50,000 webinars and videos on BrightTALK, BrightTALK's VP of Audience shares what it means to present an extraordinary webinar.
  • Webinars are continuously ranked as one of the most effective marketing tactics for B2B companies. Whether you're leveraging webinars for thought leadership, product demos or customer testimonials here's what it takes to have a stellar presentation that accelerates your business forward.
  • With more team members being involved in the decision-making process, creating a content to engage with everyone from newbies to the c-suite can be complex. Marketing teams must be agile in order to have their message heard by enough of the right people. BrightTALK's Content Marketing Manager shares some quick tips to create and repurpose content to keep your pipeline full.
  • Today's business professionals leverage online content to advance their careers and solve their daily business problems. BrightTALK can help you strategically target your ideal audience throughout the buyer's journey.
  • Learn how BrightTALK can help you find and nurture your target audience through webinars and videos. Accelerate your pipeline success today.
  • S-E-who? S-E-what? Today is the day to seize control of your promotional strategy and push it to the limits. It may not be easy. Some days you may feel like giving up. But your SEO & SEM trainers are here to make sure you taste that sweet, sweet success.

    Have you ever wondered how we tackle SEO and SEM here at Salesforce Pardot? Hear from expert trainers, Katie Blair and Bob Dinsmore - Salesforce Online Marketing, on how we approach SEO and SEM to drive leads and pipeline. Our trainers will also be joined by Christina Rohde, Online Sales Account Manager at Google, who will share her expert perspective on goal-crushing, gold-medal-earning, ninja-warrior-level SEM promotional plan ideas for 2016.
  • B2B buying is becoming increasingly complex. The number of influencers, decision makers and stakeholders involved in the process is one driver of this. It’s further compounded by today’s multiplicity of marketing communications channels.

    How can you master these challenges to deliver real and continuous pipeline for your products and solutions?

    The secret is to align your approach to various channels, touchpoints and moments in time. Each interaction with your audience – be it customer, prospect or influencer - should be based on insight, tailored to the individual and deliver an impact.

    This is ‘smarter demand generation’. It’s an approach that integrates data, technology, people and tactics. It leverages insight to improve targeting and messaging, and it’s optimised to deliver real, measurable impact to your pipeline.

    This webinar will outline practical tips on achieving smarter demand generation. It will enable you to:

    •Gain insights into the changing approach of B2B organisations when buying products/solutions
    •Learn how to design and execute demand generation that delivers results in this new buying paradigm
    •Encompass both digital and human interactions, aligning demand generation to the way buyers educate themselves, learn about solutions and ultimately select their vendors
    •Understand the pitfalls to avoid
    •Plan the steps needed to improve your own marketing and sales for smarter demand generation
  • In 2016, it's time to revamp your mobile app strategy.

    It’s no longer enough to target mobile customers based on bare-bones demographics. Now you need to understand who your customers are by segmenting them based on in-app behaviors. This includes their interests, activities, and even the times of day they’re most likely to interact with your business.

    To kick off new year, we’re laying down the law in The State of Mobile 2016. Alongside top mobile brands, we will analyze key learnings from the past year — the strategies that succeeded and the surprises that didn't. Next, our speakers share their biggest mobile secrets, including predictions and plans for the rest of the year.

    These real-life case studies will help inform your 2016 mobile marketing strategy.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Optimize your user onboarding to improve lifelong retention
    * Learn about tools you didn’t know existed for driving deeper personalization
    * Triple mobile push notification opt-ins through new tactics that are proven success factors

    Fabian Seelbach, GM International, Lumosity
    Tim Annan, Product Manager, Slice
    Momchil Kyurkchiev, Co-founder & CEO, Leanplum

    Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Get the inside scoop on leading mobile marketing automation strategies, with insights on from the biggest brands on driving maximum growth all year long. Register today!

    Sponsored by Leanplum
  • Will 2016 be a year of disruption or innovation? For some businesses, disruption will come in the form of new businesses and new business models challenging the very behavior of how, when and where customers engage with brands. Digital transformation is increasingly influenced by new digital business models, which have played an increasingly visible role in the digital marketplace, with subscription brands like (like Netflix, Apple Music, Birchbox and the Dollar Shave Club) and pay-to-access business models (including Airbnb and Zipcar). The Internet of things (IoT) promises to open the disruptive floodgates, with unsuspecting industries seeing the model take hold in unlikely places.

    Consider new business models within healthcare, where providers no longer need to heavily invest in equipment, instead paying incremental fees for as-used services of X-ray equipment and advanced monitoring systems. What was once a traditional business model of equipment as the end product has now given way to multiple business models powered by connected devices.

    The new normal is that customers across both B2B and B2C industries can now choose to buy in the exact way that suits their convenience. These new pricing innovations can forever disrupt an industry—or forever ruin the customer experience if executed poorly.

    Can we envision a world in which our products are free but our revenue is derived from incremental service sales? Can we see a revenue stream waiting in a recurring revenue model that leverages sensors and the IoT to optimize services, from directions to automotive services?

    Join the CMO Council and our partners at Aria Systems as we gather experts in driving this disruption to discuss new ideas, new opportunities and the role marketing must play in ensuring that the customer experience is managed and optimized, from the point of engagement through loyalty
  • Tapping into people’s growing awareness of apps, many brands and retailers are using mobile apps to boost sales by offering convenient 24/7 shopping, while also keeping their brands prominently in front of customers. But are they really getting the most out of their apps?
    To investigate this, we conducted an international study to learn how the top retailers use their apps to engage their customers. In this presentation we will reveal the surprising results and discuss our recommendations on how to leverage your mobile app to build long-term relationships with your customers. We will discuss:

    •Why personalisation is important and how you can personalise the experience for your users
    •How to boost sales with the right type of offers at the right time
    •how to leverage your mobile app to build long-term relationships with your customers
  • The inbound marketing methodology for lead generation and lead nurturing is increasingly popular year over year in B2B industries. Yet many business don’t fully understand what it takes to transition to a content driven and automated form of marketing via the internet.

    Everyone wants to experience success as quickly as possible, but not every company is in a position to execute inbound marketing for many reasons. It’s a big change for businesses who are use to event based campaigning, advertising, or cold calling.

    The goal of this presentation is to help you assess - for those who want to transition to inbound marketing - how ready you are to start campaigning. Or perhaps you’ve invested in a marketing automation platform but not getting the traction you’d like to see. In either case, after this presentation you’ll have a precise understanding of what to tackle operationally to make your company's inbound machine roar to life.

    Here are just a few of the issues we’ll address:

    •How ready is your marketing leader and inbound advocate?
    •How ready is your email list?
    •What should your first marketing goals be?
    •What services will you outsource?
    •Appropriate document management for security and version control
    •Is the needed social media protocol in place?
    •Roles of team members

    The presenter, Marguerite Inscoe had a 12 year career in workplace learning and performance before transitioning to inbound marketing 5 years ago. She is a blogger, social media marketer, email marketer, and certified with Hubspot as a partner. This fits around her other full time job as mom, wife, choir member, and a martial arts practitioner.

    Marguerite’s full service agency, ReLaunchU, specializes in internet marketing for B2B companies - particularly those in the consulting and training industries.
  • LET’S GET READY TO… REPORT! Every marketer wants (and needs) to know how effective marketing campaigns are. Have you ever wondered how we know where to invest our marketing dollars here at Salesforce Pardot? Our own reporting drill sergeant, Isaac Payne, will bring the pain (just kidding!), revealing reporting plays we use here at Pardot to make more informed marketing decisions.

    To help you really refine your reporting strategy, we’re also bringing in a special guest sensei with black belt reporting know-how to inspire you to go the extra mile in 2016. They may not be able to catch a fly with chopsticks, but they can run KPIs with their eyes closed. And now you can, too.
  • If you’re already using Act-On, then you know that Marketing Automation is an indispensable tool for executing on your modern marketing strategy. But the majority of modern marketers still feel that they’re not using the technology to its full potential.

    In this presentation, Act-On expert Chris Dennen of Schneider Electric reveals various hacks for getting better results out of your Act-On software.
  • Businesses spend a huge amount of time and money profiling their customers to predict behaviour based on historic information, such as where they live and what they’ve previously purchased. The problem with this approach is that it assumes we fit certain stereotypes. It also only allows you to profile those customers who have provided you with their personal details, excluding the masses who may walk into your shop or visit you online and never leave their details. At Triggar, we believe that the best predictors of behaviour are what we’re doing or how we’re feeling from moment to moment.

    Discover how we use predictive analytics to help us analyse, predict and improve online and offline experience, turning more prospects into customers and more customers into brand advocates.
  • Are you a B2B marketer who wants to crack the "webinar code“ or increase the revenue generated from your current webinars? Webinars are amongst the most effective B2B channels for successful lead generation and can be used effectively by startups as well as established brands.

    In this webinar, Clemens Deimann, Associate Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, will share his A to Z strategy of successful webinar execution that results in a positive ROI (return of investment):

    - Identify your strongest buying persona to ensure lead conversion
    - Leverage on the audience and expertise of professional networks to drive registrations
    - Identify the right professional networks to reach decision makers
    - Find a thought leading speaker and topic relevant to your target audience
    - Choosing the right webinar technology setup to ensure flawless execution
    - Involve the sales department to design an optimal follow up
    - Measure the ROI success of your webinar to optimise and scale
  • Be honest - are you currently fully leveraging the data you already have? If you are like most marketers, the answer is likely 'No.'

    Today's consumers take full advantage of their ability to share their perceptions of, experiences with, and feelings toward a brand – whether brand-driven (e.g., CSAT surveys or brand perception studies) or consumer-generated (e.g., social commentary or product reviews). Yet many marketers aren’t making the most of all of this valuable information flowing into their dashboards, CRMs, and survey platforms. The energy seems to be placed on the capturing of the data rather than its utilization.

    You are likely already sitting on a gold mine of insights. The question is - how can you transform the customer feedback you already have into the actionable intelligence your brand(s) need to succeed?

    Join Adam Rossow, CMO of iModerate, for this informative, actionable, and free webinar where you will learn:

    • What types of data marketers are neglecting instead of harnessing

    • How to derive meaningful insight from these info streams without waiting weeks or breaking the bank

    • Additional opportunities to collect and leverage consumer feedback through pre-existing platforms
  • Across the globe B2B marketers leverage the power of in-person events to drive demand and bookings. But after all that bandwidth and budget spent, are marketers really maximizing their opportunities? Video and rich media need to be integrated into all phases of event marketing to make the most of the investment.

    Join the BrightTALK Academy to learn how to turn a live event into a long-tail, lead acquisition engine that drives engagement long after the brick and mortar doors close.

    This session will cover:
    - Leveraging rich media to increase engagement
    - Best practices for live streaming, video production and social media to drive buzz and engagement during an event
    - How to repurpose content from a live event to maximize exposure
  • Every second, 800 apps are downloaded from the App Store, but 20% of those apps will only be used once. Listen in as we discuss the two most powerful ways you can keep users engaged with your app: push and in-app messaging.

    During this webinar, designed for mobile marketers, you'll learn:

    • What mobile engagement is and how to improve this critical app metric
    • How push and in-app messaging differ, and when to use each
    • The best practices of push and in-app messaging campaigns to set you up for success
    • What great app marketing campaigns look like with industry specific examples

    Plus: Get the inside scoop on what's next in this space to help you stay ahead of the curve!
  • In the past 12 months, consumer expectations of email marketing have rapidly increased. Broad messages to mass audiences are achieving limited results, with 54% of consumers saying they would end a relationship with a brand if they were sent irrelevant content.

    To be successful in 2016 and beyond, email marketing campaigns need to be hyper-personalized to each recipient, leveraging demographic, behavioral and real-time contextual data to create a compelling email experience.

    In this webinar, Katrina McEwan, UK/EMEA Marketing Manager at Movable Ink will discuss the current email marketing landscape and the trends that will make an impact in 2016. In addition, she will share how leading brands are using personalization and contextualization to create high-performing campaigns with results to match.
  • According to Wikipedia, email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses e-mail to send commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. Or as Entrepreneur.com says: Marketing via e-mail, usually through the use of sales letters or customer newsletters. In this webinar we will interactively discuss the role of email marketing within an Omnichannel strategy.

    Keynote speaker: information will follow soon

    Email marketing is no longer more the sending of just the ordinairy weekly e-newsletter. In 60 minutes EURObizz and BrightTALK will take you on a journey in the world of email marketing and the 2016 trends on this area.

    Recommended sites:
    EURObizz: http://www.eurobizz.eu
    BrightTALK: www.brighttalk.com
  • Purpose, value, trust - these words that are the foundation of the new world of B2B marketing. Incredibly telling, they provide critical clues to the 2016 buyer. Your buyer’s expectations, discovery paths, and mindset are all quite different from just a few years ago. But, how and why are they different?

    Unlocking these mysteries holds the key to discovering our new roles as marketers, success in marketing and sales, pipeline, lifecycle for 2016 and beyond. Join Mathew Sweezey, Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce, as he shares with us valuable information on the ever-evolving B2B marketing world. You will:

    - Explore how today’s buyer is different, and why identifying these differences is crucial to a B2B marketer’s success
    - Discover how and why a CMO’s understanding of the new B2B marketing landscape and technology can spell success (or otherwise) for both marketing teams and buyers
    - Learn why the future of demand is undeniably now the new “middle” and how this effort is fueling new marketing roles and relationships

    Fair Warning: Be prepared to be inspired!
  • According to the newly released study, “Predicting Routes to Revenue,” marketers intend to look directly at personalization as a key strategy to maximize customer value in 2016. In fact, according to the insights from more than 150 senior marketing decision makers, 58 percent will be adding more personalized experiences that are directly based on customer data. However, only 16 percent of marketers in the same study admitted they are delivering a customer-centric experience that fulfills brand promises and value at every step of the experience.

    In fact:

    -44 percent of marketers admit they do not have good visibility into customer lifetime value and retention rates
    -36 percent feel that the current market environment is cluttered and confused, with a mass of online and offline communications adding to the noise and making it more challenging to engage with customers

    So where will marketers need to invest, innovate and advance in order to reach their goal of delivering on the power of personalization? With an ever-growing list of marketing priorities, what personalization priorities exist? How do we ensure that the investments in talent and technology are moving the revenue needle? How do we finally put an end to “random acts of marketing” and, once and for all, create a connected, multi-channel experience that is in the context of the brand and the customer? What does the must-do punch list for prioritization look like for the entire customer-engaging organization?

    Join the CMO Council as we gather a roundtable panel of guests to discuss the key marketing priorities that will make personalization a priority in the coming year. This will be an hour-long roundtable discussion of the needs, issues, challenges and big wins that marketers can achieve in the coming year. Joining the CMO Council on the panel will be experts from Pegasystems, who will be providing industry best practices and insights from leading brands.
  • How to overtake competitors and gain insights into your market by getting one step closer to your customers.

    Let’s face it, your acquisition strategy isn’t considerably different to anyone else in your space, even incumbents seem to be catching up with the new methodologies. But there are always ways to outpace your competitors.

    Let me introduce you to marketing’s new weapon, the demand generation rep, a new breed of marketeer/salesperson who isn’t afraid to jump on the phone when he needs to but is also great at delivering value via content, social media and running e-mail campaigns.
  • In-person events are consistently regarded as one of the most effective channels among B2B marketers. Not only do they build brand awareness and generate massive demand, they also accelerate the sales process and empower customer advocacy.

    In order for B2B marketers to reap the benefits of events, they need to adapt a new mindset that incorporates engagement into their overall event strategy. With this approach, they'll be able to continue to foster the sense of community that is built at events and meet their marketing goals.

    Join Justin Gonzalez, Senior Marketing Manager at DoubleDutch, and Hana Abaza, VP Marketing at Uberflip, for a webinar that will provide expert insight on how engagement is a key piece to increasing your ROI at B2B marketing events.

    You’ll learn:
    How to define your event marketing goals and measure progress
    How to reimagine your event experience to engage attendees
    How to demonstrate the value of events to your leadership team
  • While demand generation professionals have struggled to balance their pipeline with quality vs. quantity of leads, across the board marketers are tipping the scale strongly towards quality. A key factor in attracting and re-engaging your best buyers boils down to having your message where they are.

    BrightTALK is becoming a must-have paid media buy for B2B companies to connect and close new business. This session will highlight how BrightTALK connects you to your best buyers and simplifies your demand gen efforts to fill your funnel. Join us to learn how our content marketing platform can:
    - Highlight your solutions to our audience of 4+ million professionals with over $7 billion in annual budgets
    - Drive traffic to your upcoming and on-demand content through smart recommendation engines to attract your best leads
    - Target buyers in your industry with 81 specialized professional communities
    - Refine your strategy with insights on the hottest trending topics within your market
  • While demand generation professionals have struggled to balance their pipeline with quality vs. quantity of leads, across the board marketers are tipping the scale strongly towards quality. A key factor in attracting and re-engaging your best buyers boils down to having your message where they are.

    BrightTALK is becoming a must-have paid media buy for B2B companies to connect and close new business.

    This session will highlight how BrightTALK connects you to your best buyers and simplifies your demand gen efforts to fill your funnel. Join us to learn how our content marketing platform can:
    - Highlight your solutions to our audience of 4+ million professionals with over $7 billion in annual budgets
    - Drive traffic to your upcoming and on-demand content through smart recommendation engines to attract your best leads
    - Target your ideal audience in one of our 81 specialized professional communities
    - Refine your strategy with insights on the hottest trending topics within your market
  • In today’s age of big data and analytics, marketers are looking to redefine how data and insights can be gathered to drive the business forward. Core to this is how organizations are getting smarter about opportunities to more strategically target the prospects that are most likely to yield profit and success. Marketers have embraced their role as the orchestrators of the customer experience, but there is still a real need to remain in the driver’s seat in steering bottom-line growth and enabling sales engagements.

    Join the CMO Council as we explore the new secret sauce of the smartest CMOs—predictive intelligence. With the right predictive tools, all of this insight can be derived from data already collected across the organization and can be supercharged with third-party intelligence to pinpoint and predict just where organizational resources can be deployed for maximum effect.
  • In its annual Tech Heads study, Octopus Group spoke to over 400 UK directors to explore trends in content consumption and buyer behaviours for B2B businesses.

    The findings reveal a paradox: attention spans are shortening, but decision making time is extending (an average of 16.5 weeks currently according to respondents).

    Octopus Group calls this challenge the ‘Content Pinch Point’, and it’s a big problem for marketers. It means that it’s never been harder to connect with and subsequently convert prospects.

    Marketers now face a difficult task: catching prospects’ attention quickly through bold, creative, differentiating campaigns that are short on words and big on impact; yet once sales teams are engaged with prospects, marketing needs to suddenly become considered, consultative and big on substance to help their sales colleagues get over the finishing line.

    Two very different styles of content marketing, which are incredibly difficult to integrate without appearing to have a bi-polar brand.

    But there’s a huge opportunity for marketers who do manage to get it right, as their brand will give prospects a truly elevated and differentiated experience, which will tell in the pipeline they generate.

    This webinar aims to help marketers capitalise on the opportunity and Billy Hamilton-Stent, Octopus Group’s client strategy director, will cover:

    How the content ‘pinch point’ is adversely affecting marketing departments.
    The tell-tale signs that reveal the pinch in your campaigns.
    Strategies to rectify the problem and turn results around.
    Practical ways marketers can support sales in the journey from interested lead to high value customer.
  • This year is going to be THE year of Instagram marketing. In the last quarter of 2015, Instagram rolled out paid programs for select partners and ad-tech companies.

    In this Marketing Week webinar in association with AdRoll; Alan Fitzgerald, Solutions Specialist EMEA AdRoll, and Sarah Cunningham, Growth Marketing Manager EMEA AdRoll, break down just how businesses can make the most of Instagram from organic, paid, and partner campaigns.

    • Why Instagram might just be the best channel for social media marketing
    • Prime examples of how to build effective Instagram content
    • How to build great partner marketing campaigns
    • How paid ads on Instagram work & what companies can do to make them the most effective
  • When it comes to advancing the pipeline, B2B marketers face a common problem: audiences are rarely want to be sold, but you have to generate new opportunities for sales. Webinars are amongst the best formats to engage with prospects, but how do we resolve the tension of not being sales-y while still generating revenue?

    The good news is that research has analyzed how the brain wants to consume information when your intent is to persuade. The end result? Influencing decision makers with integrity to successfully increase marketing-influenced pipeline.

    Join Roger Courville, CSP, author of The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook and connectorship expert for a lively session on how to:
    - Get inside your prospect's brain so that it hears your message
    - Create a sound story foundation that works for both webinar invitations and presentations
    - Incite action through this simple process for creating webinar presentations
    - 4 techniques for non-salesy persuasion in your webinar presentation

    Bonus: Two attendees at the live presentation will receive a signed copy of Roger’s not-even-on-the-market-yet book, The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook.
  • This talk is aimed at startups or companies that are seeking to expand internationally for the first time. In this talk, Dr. Roturier will use two Web application examples to review multiple internationalization and localization tasks in the light of recent advances in the field.

    • Presentation of the conceptual framework introduced in “Localizing Apps”

    • Focus on the ACCEPT Portal, an open-source demonstration and experimentation Web application that was created during the FP7 ACCEPT project and partly localized using the Transifex platform

    • Review a small mobile-ready Web application to illustrate a different set of localization challenges
  • Implementing marketing automation: breaking through the bottleneck

    More than 60 per cent of marketers use mass email blasts to stay in touch with customers, however only 13 per cent are using automation software. There are many reasons why the majoirty of companies are yet to embrace marketing automation, but, in most cases, it’s either down to a lack of time and resource; too many internal processes and stakeholder hurdles; or the inability to build a business case to gain financial backing.

    What many people don’t realise is that after the initial setup, marketing automation can increase productivity, allow marcomms to become more personalised and frequent, and deliver on ROI in a matter of weeks, if not days.

    This guide will help you to overcome the challenges of implementing marketing automation within your business, including:

    The three most common business bottlenecks.
    Why you should automate your marketing.
    What can you automate? Including examples of marketing outputs you can automate.
    Building a business case (ROI, calculating time savings, relevant content – hot topic for 2016).
    The right tool for the job – choosing your software.
  • While the appointment of a CMO sends the right signal, the credentials, character and capability of this emerging C-level executive member are of critical importance to internal acceptance and permanency. Combined with title inflation in the C-suite with multiplying turfs and sub-divisions of responsibility, including “chiefs” of revenue, digital, data, customer experience, relationships, insights and innovation, chief marketing officers are constantly being challenged to fortify their positions, expand authority and assert ownership of critical leadership roles in their organizations.

    Along with trying to establish themselves in the C-Suite, global marketers are also facing an increasingly complex, distributed and digitally driven marketing ecosystem. With unmeasured pressure to better integrate and manage data, best of breed solutions, creative resources, brand assets and go-to-market functions, they are also called on to collaborate on an unprecedented level with CFOs, CIOs and COOs as well.

    A true CMO must be the CEO-in-waiting, groomed in all aspects of the business and a true leader and value-setter for the organization. Many CMOs aspire to this role, but few make it to the corner office and even less serve on corporate boards. As the realities and requirements for a CMO are reflected in the selection and appointment process, this is likely to transform.

    To get an inside look into the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council’s upcoming CMO Summit in Singapore, please register for our exciting webcast that will explore key Summit topics and how the role of the CMO must be reshaped in order for the CMO to rise as a true business leader.

    Some of the broad areas we will explore include:

    ● The biggest shifts in the CMO role during the past five years
    ● What has most impacted the CMO role: talent, technology or transformation of the business and the customer?

    Further webcast details will be announced shortly.
  • In this webinar Kim Ludlow, UK MD of my Supermarket will discuss:

    - Managing personalisation to make broad sites more relevant to customers
    - Focussing on the customer profile instead of the customer journey
    - Joining data across all marketing channels to create a seamless - and relevant - experience
    - Serving the right messages at the right time to influence to purchase
  • Ecommerce has come a long way in the past decades. Think about guest blogging, ecommerce stores, new techniques and facilities that make online business a whole new experience.

    Keynote speaker: information will follow soon

    According to Statista global B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach 1.92 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016 and according to internetretailer.com, B2B e-commerce sales will top $1.13 trillion by 2020.

    Ecommerce Marketing & Technology is now or never. In 60 minutes EURObizz and BrightTALK will take you on a journey in the world of Ecommerce Marketing & Technology and the 2016 trends on this area.

    Recommended sites:
    EURObizz: http://www.eurobizz.eu
    BrightTALK: www.brighttalk.com
  • There is little doubt that marketers have made a commitment to customer experience, from developing roadmaps to an uncompromising customer journey to the development of data-rich personalized engagements. Yet far too often, the best customer experience strategies are derailed by unintentional disconnects or organizational data silos that have proven difficult to integrate. Without intentional and strategic digital transformation, customer experience strategies prove to be a more difficult task.

    Over the course of the first half of 2015, the CMO Council, in partnership with SDL—a leader in customer experience management solutions—hosted a series of dinner dialogue events focused on the advancement of the customer journey through deeply contextual customer experience strategies. Marketers from Seattle to St. Louis to New York City all agreed that crafting a multi-channel experience that was robust, personalized, measurable and whose results tied to revenue was paramount to their own (and their brand’s) success. But the constant evolution of digital across people, process and technology has proven to be a formidable challenge.

    To review the insights gathered through these recent 2015 roundtables and to hear best practices from marketers who have already made significant headway in advancing their digital transformation, the CMO Council will host a one-hour interactive webcast. Some of the key conversations to be shared in this webcast include:

    • Aligning the customer journey with the digital landscape: Are all of the bases covered?
    • Leveraging data to better inform decision making and experience alignment
    • Developing an engine to drive consistency across all channels—and having the talent to fuel the machine
    • Marketing to tomorrow’s customer by creating nimble strategies that can support their ever-changing needs, wants and expectations
  • Is Marketing Disruption in the IoT really disruptive? According to a White Paper publish by Machina Research, ‘Enterprise IoT will disrupt your industry’! So the question is not if it will happen, but when. Are you and your business ready for that?

    Keynote speaker: information will follow soon

    Enterprise IoT embraces the merging of information technology and operational technology. It's about an irreversible process where IT will become an integrated and intrinsic part of today's and tomorrows products and services.

    In 60 minutes EURObizz and BrightTALK will take you on a journey in the world of Marketing Disruption in the IoT and the 2016 trends on this area.

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  • In 1996 Bill Gates (Microsoft) made his famous statement with his article titled 'Content is King'. And how right was he with this statement. Content marketing is more important than ever before. In this webinar we will look at a case of Exact Software.

    We will interactively discuss things like the culture of content and how Exact Software was able to triple their business of Exact Online in the past few years! A spectacular result that, of course, is not just a matter of course. This resulted in a takeover by the private equity company Apex and made Exact into an American company.

    Our Keynote speaker is nobody less than Mark Appel, Global Marketing Director of Exact Software (operational in 6 countries). He talks about his experiences in setting up a content marketing and demand generation strategy for Exact Software.
    His informal way of speaking and his seniority will definitely inspire you.

    In 60 minutes EURObizz and BrightTALK will showcase you on the journey of Exact Software and what the lessons you can distillate from that. This is something you don't want to miss.

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    LinkedIn profile Mark Appel: www.linkedin.com/in/markappel